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amazon rainforest plots facebook marketplace ads

Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

Sections of Brazil's Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook Marketplace, with chunks of rainforest as large as a thousand football pitches on offer. This article explores how this is happening and what it means for the Amazon rainforest.


- Started investigation by typing words like forest on Facebook

- Hundreds of ads were found selling chunks of rainforest as perfect for timber harvesting and cattle farming

- Many of the ads were coming from the state of Rondonia, known as the wild west of Brazil

- Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is at a ten-year high in Rondonia

- Protected areas are almost all that's left

- Went to find the person behind a Facebook ad selling a plot of rainforest inside a protected indigenous territory

- Undercover operative posed as a lawyer representing wealthy investors from Sao Paulo

- Met with a seller named Auvin Alvis, who doesn't own the land he's selling

- Sellers and buyers rely on authorities doing nothing and the culture of impunity in the Brazilian Amazon

- Invaders have started lobbying pro-agriculture politicians to grant them stolen lands

- Brazil's illegal land market is thriving, and Facebook is allowing invaders to reach millions of buyers around the world

- Facebook says they require compliance with laws and regulations and are ready to work with local authorities

- Destruction of the Amazon rainforest is not slowing down, it's speeding up

Facebook is making it easier than ever for sellers to find buyers, revealing the relentless push for development in the Amazon. The illegal land market is thriving, and the destruction of the rainforest is accelerating. It's time for action to protect the Amazon rainforest and prevent its illegal sale.

Facebook Ads for Amazon Traffic [Beginner Tutorial]

Hey guys, I'm Scott Vindickson, an advertising manager at My Amazon Guy. Today, I'm going to guide you on how to set up Facebook ads for your business. Whether you want to direct traffic to your Shopify or Amazon store, you can do both. Here's how you can do it and some things to keep in mind while setting up your ads.

- Setting up Facebook ads for your business

Setting up Facebook Ads:

- Facebook Campaign Manager

- Campaign Objective

- Traffic and Conversions

- Store Traffic, Catalog Sales, Messages, Lead Generation, Video Views, App Installs, Engagement, Brand Awareness, and Reach

- Campaign, Ad Set, and Ads

- Special Categories

- A/B Testing

- Campaign Budget Optimization

- Audience Selection

- Demographics and Interests

- Narrowing Down Your Audience

- Saving Your Audience

- A/B Testing

- Facebook ads are an effective way to direct traffic to your business

- Narrowing down your audience helps improve your ad targeting

Facebook Marketplace feedback crackdown, Amazon buys America, Biden fixes logistics, eBay loves NTF

Hello everyone, this is Daniel with the latest e-commerce news update for June 23, 2022. In this update, we will discuss some interesting developments in the e-commerce world, including:

- Amazon expands its network of warehouses

- Redesign of Amazon's MCF program

- Walmart investing in their WFS program

- Shopify's purchase of DeliverFree

Bullet Points:

- Ocean Shipping Reform Act

- eBay acquires Known Origin

- Facebook Marketplace's new policy for cracking down on fake reviews

- eBay's move to expand into the NFT space is an interesting development.

- Facebook Marketplace's new policy aims to ensure a quality marketplace with proper feedback policies.

- It's exciting to see the e-commerce industry continue to evolve and grow.

You'll Delete Facebook After This

In this article, we will be discussing the various aspects of Facebook, including its relevance in today's world and its downsides.

Facebook's Relevance:

- Facebook was once a popular social media platform, but has now lost its charm.

- It was used to post throwbacks, send friend requests, and chat with people.

- However, it has now become a breeding ground for catfish accounts and Candy Crush invites.

The Downside of Facebook:

- People who once nagged about using phones now play games like Candy Crush.

- Facebook has become an anti-national app and a breeding ground for bad bots.

- It is now a platform where people make absurd videos, click pictures, and make TikToks.

- The content on Facebook is often cringe-worthy and lacks talent.

In conclusion, Facebook has lost its relevance in today's world and has become a breeding ground for bad bots and cringe-worthy content. People should focus on learning new skills instead of wasting time on social media platforms.

Gumball | Darwin's Potato Diet | The Potato | Cartoon Network

The article revolves around a conversation between two friends about one of them having an obsession with potatoes and needing help to overcome it.


- The Potato Obsession

- Sensitivity towards others

- The First Step to Recovery

- Clearing out the Lockers

- Coping with Cravings

- Hypnotism and Aversion Therapy

- Mr. Small's Group Therapy

The Potato Obsession:

One of the friends has a potato obsession, which the other friend finds insensitive, especially when he is eating potatoes in front of someone named Idaho.

Sensitivity towards others:

The friend with the potato obsession realizes how insensitive he has been towards others and decides to avoid potatoes altogether.

The First Step to Recovery:

The friend with the potato obsession acknowledges that he has a problem and needs help to overcome it.

Clearing out the Lockers:

The friends go on a mission to clear out all the places where potatoes might be hidden to help their friend overcome his obsession.

Coping with Cravings:

The friends suggest doing something with hands to help take the friend's mind off the cravings. They try origami, but it doesn't work.

Hypnotism and Aversion Therapy:

The friends try hypnosis and aversion therapy to help their friend overcome his potato obsession, but it doesn't work.

Mr. Small's Group Therapy:

The friends suggest attending Mr. Small's group therapy, which has been successful in curing their friend's obsessive personality in the past.

The article highlights the importance of acknowledging and seeking help for obsessive behavior and the various methods that can be used to overcome it.

Market Your Books Without Amazon or Facebook Ads: Can You Promote Your Books Without These?

Are you struggling to see results from Amazon or Facebook ads for your book? Don't worry, there are other options for book marketing! In this article, we'll explore in-person, online, and creative book outreach steps to help you reach a wider audience.

If you've tried Amazon or Facebook ads for your book and haven't seen the results you hoped for, don't despair. There are other book marketing options available that can help you reach a wider audience. In this article, we'll explore in-person, online, and creative book outreach steps that can help you promote your book successfully.

In-Person Book Promotion:


- You get to meet your readers and do market research

- You can create a sense of community with other authors and artists


- In-person events can be time-consuming and expensive

- They can be tiring for introverts


- Book fairs, writers conferences, and literary events

- Book clubs (fiction and non-fiction)

- Libraries (presentations, educational seminars, book clubs)

- Book signings and launch parties

- Art and craft shows

- Holiday-themed events (Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.)

Online Book Promotion:


- Simple process

- Can be done from home

- Wide range of platforms available


- Learning different platforms can take time

- Keeping track of different promotions can be confusing

- Many online book promotions require an investment


- Book promotion sites (e.g., BookBub, Bargain Booksie, The Fussy Librarian, Book Doggy)

- Newsletter swaps and group book promotions on Story Origin

- Your newsletter list (treat subscribers well, offer goodies, be consistent)

Creative Book Outreach:


- Podcast interviews

- Guest blog posts

- Book trailers

- Social media challenges

- Book-themed merchandise

If you're looking for book marketing options beyond Amazon and Facebook ads, there are plenty of in-person, online, and creative options available. Whether you're meeting readers at book fairs or promoting your book through a podcast interview, there are many ways to reach a wider audience and get your book the attention it deserves.

VERY PROFITABLE Facebook Marketplace FIND to Sell on Ebay and Amazon FBA

Hey guys, it's Thrift School here and I just bought two boxes of Wii U console and games off of someone on Facebook Marketplace. In this article, I'll be sharing with you the details of my purchase and how much profit I can make by selling them on Amazon.

Details of the Purchase:

- I negotiated with the seller to bring down the price from $200 to $150.

- I had to drive 35 minutes to pick up the console and games.

- The items include the Wii U console, gamepad screen, power brick, HDMI cord, sensor bar, and gamepad charger.

- The console is the 32GB black set with model number WUP 101.

- The games include Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Wii Sports, Zelda Twilight Princess HD, and Lego Star Wars.

Checking Prices on Amazon:

- I used the Amazon seller app to check the prices of the items.

- The Wii U console can be sold for around $125 after fees.

- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be sold for around $23 after fees.

- Mario Kart 8 can be sold for around $12 after fees.

- Wii Sports can be sold for around $7.50 after fees.

- Zelda Twilight Princess HD can be sold for around $63 after fees.

- Lego Star Wars has not been checked yet.

Profit and Conclusion:

- I broke even with the purchase after selling Wii Sports.

- The total profit from selling the remaining items could be around $105.

- The bolo game, Zelda Twilight Princess HD, can be sold for a profit of $63.

- Prices may go up during Christmas, so holding onto the items could result in higher profits.

- Overall, this was a good deal and I can make a decent profit by selling the items on Amazon.

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