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amazon sold marketplace ads

Published on: February 12 2023 by pipiads

7 Ways to Grow your Amazon Marketplace Sales

In this video, we will discuss seven strategies to increase your Amazon sales.

1. Amazon SEO:

Include high volume keywords in your listings to appear in more searches and increase impressions, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

- Use tools like Sellics Sonar to find relevant keywords.

- Add keywords to the title and description, and use the back-end keyword field for additional keywords.

2. High-Quality Listing:

Provide comprehensive product information to increase conversion rate and decrease advertising costs.

- Use keyword-rich and descriptive titles.

- Include multiple high-quality images, bullet points, attributes, and A+ content.

- Consider adding a video to your listing.

3. Build Sales History:

New listings with more sales and reviews will rank higher in search results.

- Encourage customers to leave reviews by emailing them.

- Use advertising to drive traffic to new listings.

4. Promotions:

Use Amazon's promotional tools to generate sales and increase search performance.

5. Cross-Border Sales:

Expand your sales by listing your products in different countries.

- Use Amazon's self-service platform to manage international listings.

- Use Google Translate for translations.

6. Advertising:

Drive traffic to your products with Amazon ads, but be aware of the cost.

- Manage ads from the dedicated portal in Seller Central.

- Remember to manage ads separately for each country.

7. Pricing:

Optimize your prices to win the Buy Box and compete with other sellers.

- Use automated pricing tools to adjust prices in real-time.

- Monitor competitor prices and adjust accordingly.

By following these seven strategies, you can increase your Amazon sales and grow your business. Remember to focus on high-quality listings, build your sales history, and optimize your pricing to stay competitive.

How to Fulfill Orders on Facebook Marketplace w/Amazon Step-by-Step Guide

In this video, Daniel teaches how to fulfill Drop Shipping orders on Amazon.com. He covers the process of order fulfillment, keeping track of listings, handling TBA tracking issues, and avoiding prime listings by relying on third-party sellers.

- Daniel introduces himself and his channel, which focuses on starting a Facebook Marketplace Drop Shipping business.

Order Fulfillment Process:

- Daniel uses an example of an item that recently sold on his personal Facebook Marketplace to walk through the fulfillment process using Amazon as the supplier.

- To fulfill an order, one needs to create an account on Amazon.com. Daniel shows how to do it and recommends using a credit card to separate business and personal purchases.

- To keep track of listings, Daniel uses a Google Sheet that lists the SKU (or ASIN), product, and other details.

- Once the ASIN is identified, one can search for the product on Amazon.com and proceed to checkout.

- Daniel emphasizes the importance of record keeping and recommends using Google Sheets.

- He also notes that separating business and personal purchases is a good practice.

How Amazon Makes Money

Amazon's Profits in 2018: Understanding the Major Growth Drivers

Amazon reported record profits in 2018, earning $10.1 billion in net income compared to just $3 billion in 2017. This represents a significant growth for the company, which had hardly any annual profit until 2016.

Major Growth Drivers:

1. AWS: Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has generated the majority of the company's operating income since 2016. AWS is Amazon's cloud computing division that provides processing and storage solutions for companies, government agencies, and individuals. In 2018, AWS brought in $7.3 billion in operating income and $25.7 billion in revenue. AWS is doing something like 30 percent operating margins, making it a highly profitable business by Amazon's standards.

2. Advertising: The fastest growing division of Amazon is its advertising business, which grew 95 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018 and brought in $10.1 billion in revenue for the year overall. As Amazon has become the center of commerce for many businesses, it's becoming a huge advertising play as well. If advertising continues to grow at this rate, it may be more profitable than AWS by 2021.

3. Third Party Marketplace: Amazon generates significantly less revenue from third-party merchants than from products it sells, but margins are much higher, making it more profitable than the traditional model. Sales of third-party seller services rose 34 percent in 2018 to $42.7 billion.

Other Growth Drivers:

1. Alexa: Amazon's smart speakers are installed in over 100 million households. As the number of voice-activated devices grows, Amazon is moving into two places: the pantry and the refrigerator.

2. Traditional E-commerce: Though Amazon's e-commerce division isn't even profitable internationally, it still dominates the US e-commerce market.

While AWS remains the profit driver for the overall company, other areas, such as advertising and third-party marketplace, are seeing major growth. Amazon's smart speakers and traditional e-commerce continue to be strong performers. As the company's size exceeds $200 billion in annual revenue, investors are reevaluating how to value Amazon in light of its slowing growth but high profitability.

How to use Facebook Marketplace to Sell on Amazon

In this article, we will be discussing the experience of a book reseller who came across a great deal on Facebook Marketplace. The reseller found a book that was restricted on Amazon but was selling for a high price on eBay. We will be exploring the reseller's strategy for finding books on Facebook Marketplace and how this experience highlights the potential for making money through book reselling.

Facebook Marketplace Strategy:

- The reseller uses Facebook Marketplace to source textbooks and other books for free or at a low cost.

- Living close to a university, the reseller finds that there are many textbooks available for free or at a low cost due to students wanting to get rid of them after the semester.

- The reseller quickly scans the books on Amazon to get an idea of their potential value.

- The reseller looks for books that have a high rank on Amazon, indicating that they are in demand.

- The reseller also looks for books that are restricted on Amazon, as they may still have value on other marketplaces like eBay.

The Great Deal:

- The reseller found a book on Facebook Marketplace that was ranked 917 on Amazon but was restricted for resale on the platform.

- The reseller checked eBay and found that the book was selling for a high price.

- The reseller bought the book for $1 on Facebook Marketplace and later sold it on eBay for a profit.

This experience highlights the potential for making money through book reselling, especially by using Facebook Marketplace to source books for free or at a low cost. The reseller's strategy of scanning books on Amazon for their potential value and looking for books that are restricted on Amazon can lead to finding great deals. With some research and a little bit of luck, anyone can turn book reselling into a profitable side hustle.

I Spent $10,000 On STRANGEST Facebook Marketplace Ads

In this article, we will discuss a unique and exciting experience of Mr Beast and his team, where they spent $10,000 on Facebook Marketplace.


- Mr Beast had made a video a year ago where he spent $1,000 on Facebook Marketplace and promised to do it again with 10 times the amount if they get 70,000 likes.

- They got 70,000 likes, and Mr Beast kept his promise and spent $10,000 on Facebook Marketplace.

- The team had to survive on Facebook Marketplace with the clothes on their backs.

- They started at a yard sale to buy some clothes and did not tell the owner that they were showing up naked.

- They also needed formal attire for a secret plan of preparing Fidelius Padillas for his wedding.

- They spent five times the amount of money they had on custom grills and rented a limo for transportation.

- Mr Beast spent $2,000 on hot girl summer experiences, including waxing, lip fillers, and a celebrity trainer.

- They ended the day by giving a guitar as a birthday present to Carlos, but he had to destroy it in front of them to get it.

Mr Beast and his team had an unforgettable and adventurous experience on Facebook Marketplace, and they spent their money in unique and exciting ways. They had fun and made memories while creating content for their YouTube channel.

I Tried Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace for One Week (Does it Work?)!

tried to focus on listing more products and fulfilling orders as they came in. I did notice that sales started to slow down a bit towards the end of the week, but I still ended up with a total profit of $370 after just one week of drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace.

Overall, here are some highs and lows I experienced during my one week of drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace:


- Made my first sale after just one hour of listing items

- Overwhelmed by the amount of orders coming in and the potential for scaling up

- Total profit of $370 after one week


- Had some trouble setting up automation software

- Sales slowed down towards the end of the week

- Had to deal with some out-of-stock items and lost money on those sales

In conclusion, drop shipping on Facebook Marketplace can be a viable option for making money online. While there were some challenges and setbacks during my one week trial, there were also plenty of successes and potential for growth. It may not be the easiest or most scalable method of drop shipping, but it is definitely worth considering for those looking to diversify their income streams.

Why Amazon Sellers Need To Expand and Sell on the Walmart Marketplace with Helium 10's Carrie Miller

Amazon PPC may seem complex, but it doesn't have to be. In this article, we'll be discussing expanding into the Walmart marketplace and whether it's a good move for Amazon sellers. We'll be covering why you should consider selling on Walmart, the perks of selling on Walmart, and how to optimize your Walmart listings using Helium 10's tools.

Why Consider Selling on Walmart:

- Walmart has 120 million unique visitors per month and is growing, compared to 200 million on Amazon.

- Only about 100,000 sellers on Walmart compared to 1.9 million on Amazon, meaning less competition.

- A great opportunity to get more eyes on your listing and potentially earn better results in competitive niches.

- No need to start out with a ton of products, just start with small batches and see how it goes.

Perks of Selling on Walmart:

- An additional source of traffic that gives more exposure for your brand.

- Pay per click advertising costs are much lower and less competitive.

- Potential to be invited to Walmart's brick and mortar store.

How to Optimize Your Walmart Listings:

- Use Helium 10's tools to optimize listings, find keywords, and create great images and content.

- Adapt to the different structure of the Walmart platform, which is not difficult to learn.

Expanding into the Walmart marketplace can be a great move for Amazon sellers with revenue over $25,000 per month. With less competition and lower advertising costs, it's a great opportunity to get more exposure for your brand and potentially earn better results in competitive niches. Using Helium 10's tools can help optimize your Walmart listings and adapt to the different structure of the platform. Overall, it's a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to consider expanding their business.

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