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AMZDFY Honest Review 2021 | 100% Done-For-You Amazon FBA Business |

Published on: December 22 2022 by Get Free With Annie

Are you tired of struggling to start your own Amazon FBA business? Look no further than AMZDFY. This comprehensive program offers a 100% done-for-you solution to take your business to the next level. Read on for an honest review of AMZDFY in 2021.


- AMZDFY provides complete automation for your Amazon FBA business, from product research to listing optimization and more.

- The program offers a personalized approach, tailoring its services to your unique business needs and goals.

- With AMZDFY, you can focus on scaling your business while the team handles the tedious tasks of running an Amazon store.

- The program boasts a high success rate, with many clients seeing significant growth in their businesses after partnering with AMZDFY.


- Save time and resources by outsourcing the most time-consuming tasks of running an Amazon FBA business.

- Receive expert guidance and support from a team with years of experience in the industry.

- Enjoy increased sales and profits as a result of optimized listings and product research.

If you're ready to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level, AMZDFY offers a comprehensive solution to help you succeed. With personalized services and a high success rate, this program is a worthwhile investment for any entrepreneur looking to streamline their business operations and increase profits.

AMZDFY Honest Review 2021 | 100% Done-For-You Amazon FBA Business |

Hi guys, welcome back to Get Free with Annie. My channel is all about ways to get free time and achieve time freedom, which I believe is the most important thing in life. In this article, we'll be reviewing the ANZ DFY program, a done-for-you Amazon FBA business and mentorship program.


- Kevin David, an experienced and well-known online entrepreneur, is one of the creators of this program.

- The ANZ DFY team builds an Amazon FBA business for you and recommends products to sell.

- They negotiate costs, pay Amazon fees, keep inventory, and ship products for you.

- You only need to get traffic, and they get you positive reviews.

- Since Kevin and David get a cut of your profits, they are more likely to help you become successful.


- The program is overpriced, and some reviews seem fake.

- You only get to keep 70% of your profits, and you need to buy the product first, so you're taking all the risk.

- There are no guarantees or refunds.

- Other students are recommended the same products to sell, making the market potentially saturated.

- Amazon FBA is a tough business model in general.

Who is this program for:

- Individual Amazon sellers or small businesses who want a completely done-for-you Amazon business and have a lot of working capital.

- Amazon sellers looking to scale their existing business.

- Anyone who has a lot of capital available to buy an Amazon business in a box.

Who is this program not for:

- Anyone who doesn't have a minimum of $7,000 to invest.

- Anyone who likes being in control of their own business and keeping 100% of the profits.


- Packages start at $5,000 and go all the way up to $40,000.

- You also need working capital to buy the products.

- You have to give them 30% of your profits every month.

Final thoughts:

I do not recommend this course only because of the price. You can buy a good Amazon FBA course for around $500 and spend a couple of thousand on products to get started and do things yourself. If you fail, you're only out maybe $2,500 instead of $5,000 or $40,000. If you have $40,000 lying around, I suggest using it to take multiple courses available on online marketing, becoming an expert in every facet of internet marketing. Then put that money in a high-yield mutual fund or a 401k and go on a long vacation to Tahiti because after a year of learning and spending that much money, you deserve it.

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