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An Extra $400 A Month Side Hustle You Can Do With NO WORK!

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

An Extra $400 A Month Side Hustle You Can Do With NO WORK!

The above is a brief introduction to An Extra $400 A Month Side Hustle You Can Do With NO WORK!.

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An Extra $400 A Month Side Hustle You Can Do With NO WORK!

hello everybody thinks we come into my
child today my name is Grace I'm also
known as little mama and I'm from the
blog working anywhere now calm in this
video today I'm going to show you how to
make it extra $400 a month but do it no
work guys okay and this side also is
know it pretty easy so let us get
started right now
alright guys before I get started
showing you the first site I once won
mention that if these methods don't work
for you check out the second link in
video description because that's going
to be a more worldwide solution for you
plus you can earn a lot more using that
type of training and business model it's
a business model I've been using since
2016 so it also can create you a passive
online income so that you are not
trading time for money and actually in
this method today in this method today
you are going to be earning some passive
income and doing it this way so let me
get started with the first site for the
first one you could do it's called free
car media so you just type in free car
media and you get this search result
coming up and you could just click on
this first link so there are
opportunities out there guys if you own
a car and you have good driving record
you could be advertising for companies
and brand it and then making money for
it so basically they want to put some
stikers on your car and you could get
paid anywhere from $50 to $400 a month
literally okay for this partikular one
this way you could get up to $400 a
month with this one and there's gonna be
other ones I'm going to show you as well
this is kind of a new way of advertising
and so there may not be like huge
amounts of company going to these places
to advertise on cars so let's go to how
it works free car Mediacom support but
its advertisers so right now they're
saying that most of our advertisement
opportunities are for rear window
advertisements that you apply yourself
with the help of our how-to instructions
and so what you're doing here is if
you're just getting like a rear window
graphic here's how to install it it's
not very hard okay it's just you just
basically put a you're putting like
basically a stiker on your car right so
it's not that hard to figure out but
what you can earn with something like
that so for this partikular one you can
earn fifty dollars per month
more so I think I saw on another site is
that fifty two hundred dollars per month
depending on which company that's one
allow this or want to advertise like
this but then if your entire car is
wrapped then you get to earn up to four
hundred dollars a month and you need to
apply so that they have you on their
register because you may not get a
campaign to do for yourself
until somebody advertise but it also
depends on where you live and so forth
so you sometimes you could get a
campaign right away within like your
first week or it may take you know a
month or two to get something so it just
depends on what they get or who's
advertising with them and this
partikular one I'm starting with this
site because this is not the best one to
use but it is a legit one to use okay so
what you can do is sign up with all
three different ones I'm showing you
plus I'm gonna also show you some other
ways to earn with your car so don't
don't go away cuz there's going more
than these three sites okay so this next
one I wanted to show you is called
ratify comm and this one is gonna be a
little bit better than the other one
because this was more popular and this
one probably has more business as well
so you can have a better chance of you
getting a campaign for your car and
actually earn okay so this one is called
rapa Phi at rep fi comm and then you
just go to the right here for drivers
click on that you can earn hundreds per
month no upfront costs fast simple and
easy and by the way if anybody asks for
upfront cost for this type of thing it's
a scam okay
so just be aware of that a lot of these
ones that are legitimate do not ask for
upfront costs and they all verify that
so I've done that research for you okay
so they have the apps for your phone if
you want to manage it there as well so
how much can I make
so this is the how you can figure out so
if for this partikular one if you do a
full rap like what you see up here then
you could earn between 264 to 452
if you do partial I don't know how
that's okay so partial it's like no roof
and no front I guess you could earn I
guess 200 to 300 basically a month and
then you could do even later like that
just doors and the back and that's still
like to earn up to 280 uh per month I
mean that's pretty good guys just the
back point notike don't earn you a
pretty penny even on the low end so this
is really worth checking out guys cuz in
the other one it says a small deck hole
on your back window was fifty dollars a
month so maybe this is a little bit
bigger than the other one that they're
toking about they're $50 per month rear
window graphic deco may not be as big as
this one right here that you see so but
these guys rates are way better than the
other guys so is I think this one is
more better to use if you want to just
pick one or like I was saying you don't
need to pick one if you use all three to
maximize your you know the amount of
campaigns you get for these so the first
step is pretty easy just got down on the
app and sign up as a driver step 2 is
just driving with an app so you just it
needs to know where you drive and how
you drive or how much you drive so drive
your normal commute to start qualifying
for campaigns and receiving offers and
then step 3 you're gonna be able to sign
up for a campaign start making money
while you drive here's another video of
actual drivers that you can see their
testimony is if you want how to become a
driver so get the app you sign up for
the F to become a driver cruise through
or a few steps to complete your
onboarding process then when campaigns
become available for your target area
then you'll be able to see them in the
app basically so this one you need to be
21 you need to have a clean driving
record and criminal record and your car
needs to be
2008 or newer and you can't have your
car cannot be one of these because I
guess it's hard to wrap these types of
cars and whereas available it is in
these ten city
only right now okay for the other side I
showed you it doesn't list any city so I
couldn't get an answer and I researched
it a lot for that one already here is
Carver ties here's the this is the third
site I was going to show you and this
come works the same so you go to drivers
you get paid to drive with Carver ties
see this is a new concept this is not
that long ago this kind of started so
how many can do two depends on how many
advertisers they have so how does this
one work you have a driver application
and then your gonna be matched with a
brand that likes your driving habits
okay so drive and earn we wrap your car
and pay you every month through direct
deposit we take the ad off at the end of
the campaign so they do everything for
you guys so that's why this is like no
work you are just gonna get paid to get
advertisements plastered on your car so
anything if you have a choice of how you
want it plastered you have a little bit
if you have it just on the side or
whatever okay so this is another option
that you have guys and this should not
ya see this is legitimate because it's
free cuz they should be afraid to join
like I was saying earlier if it's not
then it's a scam this is the scam that
they're toking about so this is a
warning to you guys to not go for these
things because that is a scam do not
fall for it how much money will I make
here our standard rate is a hundred to
two hundred a month but more likely
you're on the lower end but you do this
for a boat anywhere from two to six
months of campaigns so each campaign
could basically bring in like twelve
hundred dollars you know for doing
nothing so that's pretty good and
there's this other thing that you can do
here this is weird because I couldn't
find anything else opponent but he
perhaps to tok to you after you apply
but it says here that drivers have also
the ability to make additional passive
income through parking their cars in
certain places at certain times and you
can't get paid typically thirty dollars
an hour for that I mean that
super-good for just parking your car
somewhere so this is awesome so this is
a pretty good site to try as well so
again you got combine all these methods
guys okay to make it work faster for you
so more ways to earn with your car is of
course drive other people around so lift
is one of those companies if you haven't
heard and uber is another one those
companies and you can actually earn a
decent map from driving other people
around when you drive other people
around with these companies you earn
tips as well and you earn like you can
pretty much earn a good-sized house low
income with us even if you're just doing
on the weekend many people do this and
another way to earn with your car is
through delivery like door - is one that
is open to US Canada and Australia okay
so you could be delivering food for
people and you don't even need a car for
this one okay for door - you can use any
car scooter or bicycles so you don't
even need to have a car you can pick you
have to be 18 or over and have a
driver's license if you have a car so
social if you're in US and a background
check is what you need how to sign up
you submit application choose driver
orientation complete sign up and they
get the app and go and Ford or - for
something like this guys you could
actually earn quite a decent amount of
money here on the website door -
advertise that you could earn between
fifteen to twenty five dollars an hour
most drivers who post videos on YouTube
claim that they're earning between seven
and ten dollars per delivery and they
are averaging two to three deliveries
per hour so that's pretty decent money
that you can earn for delivering food
guys okay so that's Thor - and post
makes is another one of those companies
that dilute you that you can use that
you can sign up to deliver food okay
it's free to sign up and fast if you get
started there are no fees or time
commitments so you take home
set of what you earn every time you
complete a delivery earn on your own
schedule deliver with ease know where
you're going and then and when you get
to there or more with weekly guarantees
and cute 100% of tips clean earnings
instant deposit so you earn very quickly
you get free weekly deposits and cash
out instantly and anytime you want what
you can earn with post mates I've found
this blog that toks about it
and for here post most drivers can
expect you or 8 to 15 dollars per hour
in most markets so those are the
different ways I want to show you how
you can earn with your car so you can
earn with your car with no work or with
work so those are the options that you
have and it's just crazy that you can
earn this way but if you don't want or
like that or you want to earn much more
then check out the second link in my
video description below this video
because that's secondly it's going to
show you a way to earn a lot more it's a
business model that I've been using
since 2016 and it's a way for you to
develop a passive online income stream
so I hope you check it out and follow my
path and make some bigger money
definitely bigger money then what you
can do with your car ok so I hope you
like this video today if you did please
give me a big thumbs up underneath this
video if you haven't already please
subscribe to my channel so you can learn
more ways to make money online guys and
don't forget to hit that notification
bells you can see when my next video
comes up I hope I see you in the next
one ok guys bye

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