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Analyzing a Competing Drop Shipper with Thai, the 17 Year Old Drop Shipper

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Analyzing a Competing Drop Shipper with Thai, the 17 Year Old Drop Shipper

Analyzing a Competing Drop Shipper with Thai, the 17 Year Old Drop Shipper

okay there's a good test of that
because it was not recorded nice crease
I know it wasn't recording the screen so
I'm going to have to use another we're
still doing it but yeah what time I am
going to do we did a couple videos
together already
but what we're gonna do is we're going
to analyze a drop shippers
account for you guys and I was trying to
record everything with this software I
was using but it doesn't work so I have
to use two different software after you
want to record the Skype call I want to
record the screen and then Nelson edit
all together hopefully we get this video
out today so I'm going to start
recording the screen now alright so this
is something I want to do for a while I
want it like put myself and I figured
out how the dropship from looking at
another drop shipper well yeah and I
figured I'll be interested if we do that
together so I'm going to share my screen
with you let me know if you see yeah do
you see it yeah I can see it yeah right
so the name of this guy is full of this
lunatik Jim right I heard he has 23,000
yes 43,000 our feedback and he's a drop
shipper right yeah I'm running through I
have its exact seals but I ran him
thge money sniping tool and yes 59 I
attempted sold at least four times
well no three times the price 13:59
enacted so he has at least like I get
somehow seal but like this item so 26
hmm and the past 30 days this sold 21
yeah you never saw the issue before did
no I don't think I have I didn't wash
your training videos
wow that's pretty nice yeah when you
look into you looking at UCM and
yeah yeah yeah I can see it okay
Salafi is very easy the most expensive
item is so sold more than a couple of
times is he selling a lot of cheap
because if you look at 27 I need to run
him this is gonna take a while but you
know I'm where anytime is actual numbers
for I want to see how much is selling
I want to Terapeak I don't think
terribly cousin oh yeah did you read the
news eBay is integrating Terapeak into
their platform see you see that right
eBay announced his intention to a
quarter peek oh sure yeah so I don't
know how that's gonna work in the future
but sounds pretty cool to me
all right am i terrific login is saved
on this computer
foxy this is so long avenue certificate
yeah I know do you have terapy oh no no
I doubt I don't even use it I could do
it India she leave I'll take over
oh my god that's a large stuff what's it
a lot of tabs in this Jeannie yeah
because a lot of like anything I
want I was doing manually I just quit
and I work together to automate it yeah
so I can look at the sales for 7 14 and
30 I just do the last 7 hopefully
that'll be faster hopefully by the end
equality will be checked okay alright
reitman is his sales so right he
has item from like 26 min stole I could
also run them on eBay so I can show you
guys what I would do if I did not write
copy advantage choose show completed
listings in the past 15 days what that
does is the ones in green ones in green
soul and one why the does he have
some football ones a green soul and the
ones in black camisole but he had a lot
of so light I see one that's like I saw
and I tell there's like 200 some words
yeah so have you looked at this guy
before time yes I've seen him around a
lot I just I don't they off smack from
him yeah but I've seen him around
yeah because yeah yeah it's awesome
or Amazon yeah yeah yeah the competition
is very tense whatever so what
researches but what came up did you
watch it call that I didn't without was
Tyler yeah
so he does from Amazon also but what
they do is because they have let me see
that's 200 boxes per hour
oh no it's not look at 263 the mice hey
well at the vibes yeah my so look at 263
yeah so do you see myself going through
but let me show you what solo so
this is more so lighter no I think
that's what I offer yeah then nestle
yeah so let's see this is the ax
Cheney if you click the image it doesn't
we could search for the image oh nice oh
she's definitely sourcing for marathon
just $9.99 so original flavor
so what I do is because you have used
the sut I just put the link here that's
it like the supplier link yeah so I
could track the prices and I have seer
what happens on this page it shows you
this is how much she sounded for right
11:49 and it shows you what the profit
margin is eighty four eighty cents right
it closed everything automatikally if I
just beat his price there just 80 cent
but only sixty percent profit seven
percent margin now a lot of these guys
that's that's recently the dropship from
Amazon half are two orders so they're
not gonna automatikally for this item
with the time right what so here you
take it eighty cents
some of the guys charge I think like ten
to forty cents
putting onto order per order so if he's
been getting sent and the cost of forty
cents of water too big forty cents
that's nuts
yeah yeah I don't think it's worth it
like when I started I was I was
listening cheap items and I thought oh
yeah it's gonna be worth it but I'm
doing everything you can make a couple
bucks so but as you can see time when
you go to the next screen the action
automatikally pulls all the images from
his listing and you can just listen Eric
and but yeah but yeah I just want to
look if you were looking at this guy
what would you do how many listings
would you look at to try to figure out
what his deal is I mean I look at him
and I would not smile if I don't I might
like this one this one that you selling
for they saw the 260
yeah so let me so I found a source for
that already right yeah yeah so there's
a tool in da Shaniqua add items I don't
ever use that I hardly ever use that too
because but if I just if I have it with
the item for his length copy his eBay
URL the source URL the supplier price of
one 9999 if I had seer it's also
checking his sales in the past yeah
we're here like 4,000 something listen
so it's taken a while but he's making
six bucks at that price oh my what a 3%
margin if he's getting 5% yeah with the
Amazon credit card I would make sense if
you have a tax exempt Amazon Amazon
account now it also makes some sense if
you get Amazon parrots at discount that
adds a couple like 5% also so yeah so he
is like I wouldn't if I wanted to snipe
them all I would do is come into th uni
what is items by the most expensive and
then try to skip the expensive items I
get fine some sorta margin right okay
like this one
yeah the item it was last 12 to 50 to 85
and it's kind of price at 49 46 so if I
look at that item but tell me if you'll
do something different you just not
sniper it that's me yeah yeah so if I
were to look at his items I know I know
this account for awhile so III wouldn't
knock on this this this account cause
the margins are very low and he this
Heelys we night um's and I wouldn't stop
at this guy
this one yeah because this see it
doesn't seem like he's changing the
title he doesn't change yeah $21.99 but
the good thing about the s Cheney and
again I'm not like we've made this dafuq
and I put a word I think you've made it
to be exactly what I want to do so like
someone like him who has a ton of items
I would order this by price and
then side with us because I would still
be able to find like lemons check $41.99
that's it 3/5
yes you just type in the three no three
is only because it's whatever amateur
this is it like it maybe you enter
Amazon so some of this might be red
black white oh my god you know right
here's margins are still 23% right yeah
that's crazy
now I'm an like if I find
something like this I'll just like some
of the items just in your ass all right
yes so yeah when you're when you're drop
shipping from amazon and you're snapping
these guys their margins are of the cash
backs or comes with a person so most of
these guys are just relying on cash back
and that's where all the money's at
because you want to Rack them you want
to wrap it in a lot of sales so you get
a lot of cash the back and that's gonna
be your main profit essentially cuz it's
very competitive right so this item 21
yeah I want you to fire all right so
okay yeah yeah yes way I wish they'll do
the Nicaragua video

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