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animated social ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, follow along in this tutorial and learn how to create an animated digital ad using Adobe Animate. While this program is often used to create character animations, it's also a super useful tool to design animated ads. In this lesson, I'll go over how to create a half-page ad with several ease-in and out animations, as well as exporting the final project as a GIF or video file. So let's jump right into this lesson and start creating!

1. Introduction

- Adobe Animate is a powerful tool for creating animated digital ads.

- In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a half-page ad with ease-in and out animations.

- We'll also learn how to export the final project as a GIF or video file.

2. Creating a New Document

- Open Adobe Animate and click on Create New to start a new document.

- Choose the Ads preset and select the half-page ad size (300 by 600 pixels).

- Set the frame rate to 30 and the platform type to HTML5 canvas.

- Click on Create to create the new document.

3. Previewing the End Result

- Click on the tab to preview the end result of this tutorial.

- Press play to see all the animations in action.

4. Adding the Background and Assets

- Open the CC library and import the necessary assets (colors, logo, mobile phones).

- Create a new layer for the shape and add a circle shape with a blue color.

- Align the shape to the stage using the alignment tools.

- Create a new layer for the logo and add the logo image.

- Align the logo to the stage.

- Create a new layer for the pattern and add the pattern image.

- Align the pattern to the stage and modify it as needed.

- Convert the pattern to a symbol and adjust the color effects.

- Create a new layer for the mobile devices and add the phone images.

- Align the phones to the stage and resize them if necessary.

5. Adding the Text

- Create a new layer for the main title and add the text Online Banking.

- Align the text to the center of the stage.

- Use the Filson Pro Bold font and make the text white.

- Create another layer for the subheading and add the text Made Simple.

- Align the text to the center and use the same font and color as the main title.

- Create another layer for the download text and add the text Download the App.

- Make the text smaller and use a different font weight and color.

- Align the text to the center and give it some spacing from the main title.

- Create another layer for the button and add a button shape.

- Add text to the button and customize it as needed.

6. Conclusion

- In this tutorial, we learned how to create an animated digital ad using Adobe Animate.

- We created a half-page ad with ease-in and out animations.

- We also learned how to export the final project as a GIF or video file.

Now you have the knowledge to create your own animated digital ads using Adobe Animate. Have fun and get creative!

GIF Animated Display Advertisement (Easy Google Ad Made With Canva)

Are you struggling to create an attention-grabbing display ad? Unsure of how to design and animate a GIF ad? Look no further! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to design, animate, and export your GIF ad in no time using Canva. Let's get started!

1. Introduction:

- Are you stuck creating a display ad but aren't really sure how to go about designing something that will grab your customers' attention?

- In this tutorial, I'll show you how to design, animate, and export your GIF ad in no time with Canva.

2. Creating a New Design:

- Open Canva and create a new design.

- Click on Create a design and select Custom size to choose the size of your display ad.

- For example, I'll be creating a skyscraper banner with dimensions of 160 pixels by 600 pixels.

- Choose a starting template, although they may not work well for a display ad.

3. Designing the Background:

- Click on the background and choose a color.

- You can either choose a color from the options or use the color picker to select your own hex code.

4. Adding Elements:

- If you have existing elements, click on Uploads to upload media.

- Upload your files and they will appear in the media library.

- For example, I'll be creating a display ad for a frozen banana company, so I'll click on the logo and place it in the design.

- Resize and position the logo as desired.

5. Adding Text:

- Click on Text and add a headline.

- Type in the name of the product, for example, SaltedML Awesome.

- Choose a font from the drop-down menu. Canva offers both paid and free options.

- I'll use the font called Cardo and increase the font size and make it bold.

- Change the color of the text to white.

6. Adjusting Spacing:

- If you feel there's too much empty space between the text elements, adjust the spacing.

- Click on Spacing and modify the line height to tighten the spacing.

7. Adding Sub-Headings:

- Add a sub-heading, such as Banana Babies.

- Select a different color for the sub-heading, for example, a darker purple.

- Increase the font size and adjust the positioning until you're satisfied.

8. Adding Icons:

- Upload the icons that are part of the branding for your product.

- Click and drag them into the design and resize as needed.

- Position the icons to complement the overall layout.

9. Adding a Button:

- Canva doesn't have pre-set UI buttons, so we'll create one from scratch.

- Go to Elements and select the rounded box shape.

- Place the button within the safe area and adjust the size and position.

- Choose a color for the button, such as the darker purple used before.

10. Adding a Call-to-Action:

- Add a heading for the button, such as Buy Now.

- Keep the font consistent with the previous text elements.

- Make any final adjustments to the layout and positioning.

11. Conclusion:

- With Canva, you can easily design, animate, and export your GIF ad in no time.

- Follow these steps to create a visually appealing and attention-grabbing display ad that will captivate your customers.

By following these steps, you'll be able to design, animate, and export your GIF ad using Canva. Don't forget to experiment and customize the design to suit your brand and message. Get creative and have fun with it!

How to create Animated social media ad in Microsoft PowerPoint

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sicholi and in this video, I'm going to show you how we can create a social media ad using Microsoft PowerPoint. If you're not aware, you can do anything using Microsoft Office tools, just like this ad I created using PowerPoint. I'll guide you step by step on how you can achieve this. Let's get started.

- In this video, I'll show you how to create a social media ad using Microsoft PowerPoint.

- Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes, including creating professional-looking ads.

- I'll guide you through the process, so even if you're not familiar with PowerPoint, you'll be able to create an ad like a pro.

Step 1: Setting up the slide

- Open PowerPoint and select a blank slide.

- Go to the Design tab and click on Slide Size to customize the dimensions of the slide.

- Adjust the width and height to be the same, for example, 10 inches by 10 inches.

- Click OK to apply the changes.

Step 2: Creating the main shape

- Insert a shape from the Insert tab and choose the Flowchart Delay shape.

- Shift and rotate the shape to make it symmetrical.

- Enlarge the shape and position it in the corner of the slide.

- Remove the shape outline and change the color of the shape to your preference.

Step 3: Adding additional shapes

- Insert another shape, such as an ellipse, and position it in the middle of the slide.

- Create a symmetrical ellipse by holding Shift and Ctrl while enlarging it.

- Change the color of the shape to complement the main shape.

Step 4: Adding text

- Click on the Text Box option and drag it to where you want to place the text.

- Type in your desired text, such as Digital Marketing Agency.

- Format the text by selecting a suitable font and adjusting the size and color.

Step 5: Adding images

- Insert your logo and position it on the slide.

- Add images by clicking on Insert and selecting the desired picture.

- Format and position the images to your liking.

- Use the Send Backward and Bring Forward options to arrange the images.

Step 6: Adding contact information

- Add a text box and type in your telephone number, email address, and website.

- Format the text, adjust the size, and position it on the slide.

- Use a round rectangle shape and fill it with an orange color to highlight the contact information.

- Creating a social media ad using Microsoft PowerPoint is simple and effective.

- With the right tools and a little creativity, you can design professional-looking ads.

- Follow these steps and unleash your creativity to create stunning social media ads using PowerPoint.

In conclusion, by following these steps, you can easily create a social media ad using Microsoft PowerPoint. Don't be afraid to experiment and customize the design to fit your brand. PowerPoint offers a wide range of tools and features to help you create visually appealing and engaging ads. So, go ahead and give it a try!

Create a Shiny Animated Button For Social Media Ads in After Effects

In this video, we will create a shiny animated button and an end card for a social media video. Let's get started!

## Introduction ##

- We will design a button and align things up.

- Adding a gradient and some animation.

- Adding a drop shadow and scaling an image and text.

## Step-by-step Process ##

1. Open After Effects and create a new composition.

2. Use the rounded rectangle tool to create a button shape.

3. Increase the roundness of the edges.

4. Click on the text tool and type Sign up today.

5. Align the text to the center.

6. Use the align tool to position the button and text.

7. Use the pick whip tool to assign the button and text to a null object for easy movement.

8. Add animation to the button by keyframing the size property.

9. Use the graph editor to adjust the speed and smoothness of the animation.

10. Duplicate the shape layer and move it above the text layer.

11. Use track matte to reveal the text with the shape layer.

12. Change the color of the shape layer to a bold pink.

13. Create a mask on the top half of the shape layer.

14. Adjust the fill color and feather the mask for a gradient effect.

15. Add a drop shadow to the text for a 3D effect.

## Conclusion ##

- By following these steps, you can create a shiny animated button and end card for your social media videos.

- Remember to customize the design and colors to fit your branding.

- Have fun and get creative with your animations!

How to Make ANIMATED Facebook Ads in Canva

What's up, guys? Ronnie here. Welcome back to the channel. This is the right place for you to learn anything about Canva. Today, I have a very special tutorial for you. We are going to learn how to design animated Facebook ads. So, ads that are moving and catching your viewers' attention in the Facebook news feed. If you want to learn how to design an ad like this one or this one, I suggest you stick around. And we are starting from the Canva editor right now.

Alright, so this video is going to be segmented into three steps. And if you stick around until the end of the video, I have a very special bonus for you. I'm not gonna say much more, but this is going to help you create your Facebook ads and kind of spy on the competition to discover anything that your competitors are posting in terms of ads on Facebook. I'm going to show you this and this tool at the end of the tutorial, so stick around.

Alright, so let's get started with our ad. So, I'm here on the Canva homepage, and the first thing I want to do is to search for templates. So, I'm going to type in Facebook ads right here. And you can see that you have different things. Here, I'm going to go for Facebook feed static ad. So, 1080 by 1080 is a square format. So, clicking on that, I want to promote my pet food company and the fact that we deliver super fast. So, I really like this ad here, this template of the cat. So, I'm gonna click on this one, and this is going to be our base. So, we are going to work with this cat. He looks a little bit hungry. Where is my food, dude? So, we are going to start with him.

Alright, so a few things I want to show you first. I want to decompose this, so there's a text box which is grouped. You can see two different lines. And I like how the designer who created this like switched the color. So, we have out of in black and then pet food in white. So, it stands out. We know what we are talking about. We're talking about pet food. Obviously, there is a photo of the cat. And then we have these two things here. We have this thing right here, kind of like a shape. I'm gonna put it back where it was because I liked the way it looked. And then we have another one here. It's another shape. All this looks pretty good. So, I don't think I need to reinvent the wheel. I will keep what I like from this template.

Alright, so second step, customize this template that we like. So, what I'm going to do is to just simply add a page. Okay, we keep the cat. So, I'm gonna copy this cat and paste it here. I also want these two things here. I want the two shapes. So, I'm selecting one and then holding my shift button, selecting the other one. I'm gonna group them so they don't move. And again, I'm selecting the group. Now, copy it and I'm gonna paste it command V on this other page. Alright, I also like the text. So, I'm gonna take everything. It's grouped, but I'm just going to copy this. So, for this same thing, command C, going to my other page, click command V. Okay, Out of pet food? We deliver in 60 minutes. Alright, so that's one.

Let's say I want to create a series of different ads. So, let's recreate this. I'm going to copy this, get rid of the cat. Make sure you select the right element before you delete. And let's create one version of this by changing a few things. So, let's say orange color is for the cat because you see this orange color in the cat's eye, which looks nice and consistent with the color here. So, I want something different color for another animal. Let's say a dog. So, the first thing I want to do is change these colors. So, we see we have an orange and then we have like a paler orange. And that gives this cool look when we mix these two shapes together. So, I'm going to continue this idea of having a darker color for this shape, but I want a different color. Let's say I want something in the purplish. So, I'm going to go for this one, maybe this one. Alright, this looks cool as well. I like this combination of color. Of course, at this stage, you can use your brand color. You can use whatever you have already in store for you in terms of colors and your color palettes.

So, continuing with my idea of finding a dog. So, I'm going to go to my elements and search for chihuahua. Scared, and I'm going to filter by photos. So, I have this guy right here. Could work. So, what I want is something that will stop the scroll, right? This cat is definitely gonna stop the scroll because it's funny. Like, his eyes are really funny. So, I need a cute dog, basically. I guess this guy right here is pretty cute, right? So, I can make him bigger. Okay, I can go like this. So, you can see that this photo has a white background. So, I could get rid of the background with the background remover if I have a Canva Pro account, which I do here. And by all means, if you want to try Canva Pro, we will have a link for you in the description to try it for free for 45 days. So, just try it on. If it's for you, then you can continue. I highly recommend Canva Pro. It's a ton of value. And the first one that I can think of is the background remover. So, let me show you how it works. Just click on the photo, click on background remover, and I can see something cool I could be doing with this puppy. Because you can see, we have his snout. Like this, flip him. Okay, I don't want to take too much space of the text right here. So, maybe I can flip this image. I'm going to select the image, go to flip, and flip horizontally. Now, it looks cool like this. And I can make it bigger like so.

Okay, so one thing I'm going to do is also make this thing here slightly bigger so I have more space for the doggy, slightly higher so I leave more room for my text to breathe. Super important to leave room for your text. I can get rid of the first page. Alright, I'm happy with my dog photo, my cat photo. Now, I want to get into the third part of this tutorial, which is adding motion to the ad. Right? So, we get the viewers' attention in the Facebook news feed. We want to stop the scroll. So, first, we stop because this cat is funny and this dog is cute. But also, I want to stop the eye and get people's attention because things are moving. So, I'm gonna add a few things to make this more interactive, more animated.

Alright, the first one. In my elements, I'm gonna search for doodle and I'm going to filter this by animated. Alright, I want something to emphasize the 60-minute here. So, this could work. You see, it's kind of like an underline. I'm gonna take this. It's still too big. Zoom in a bit. I want to emphasize the 60 minutes. Okay, looks good for my cats. And I need another one for the dog. Something similar like this, for example. This will work just fine. Making it smaller and I bring it here. 60 minutes. Okay, so that's the first thing. That's very subtle though. It's not gonna make such a huge difference. But what I can do is to add something here in the background as well.

So, basically what I'm trying to do here is to add a color to the background. But for that, I need the cat to be isolated. So, if you don't have Canva Pro, you won't be able to do that that easily. But you can find other ways to add motion here. You, for example, you could add a sticker on top of it. It won't look as subtle as what I'm trying to achieve. But that's another solution. For me, because I want to take full advantage of the Pro, I'm going to get rid of this background. Okay, so background remover on the cat. There we go. Okay, so now I just need to push this cat forward, backwards. Alright, now it looks great. I have my cat photo here. Center this. So, what I can do now is to add the little subtle color in the background. So, for doing this, I need to click on the background. So, I had to move the cat

How To Create An Animated TikTok Ad For Gen Z | Made With Viddyoze

Speaking to a generation you may or may not be part of can seem daunting, especially when it's on TikTok. But it doesn't have to be! In this video, I'm going to show you how to make an animated TikTok that is perfect for Gen Z and Millennials, all in under five minutes and with no experience necessary. Let's get into it!

- Log into your Videos account and find the template you want. You can either search for something to match your concept or browse through the categories for inspiration.

- Once you have your template, it's time to add in your images. You can either upload your own or choose from the professional imagery available through the Videos platform.

- After adding your images, it's time to add your copy. Each section in the template is titled, so you know exactly where your text will go. You can also leave some sections blank if you prefer.

- Colors are important! Make sure your color choices match the vibe you're going for. You can add your brand color hex codes or use the toggle to pick the perfect shade.

- Don't forget about audio! You can choose a track that fits perfectly with the animation or use your own. If you don't want any audio, simply remove it or add sound effects instead.

- Once everything is set, tap create and you'll have the perfect TikTok or Reels video for Gen Z and Millennials.

- This method isn't just for product ads. It can work for services too, like photography. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

So, don't be intimidated by speaking to a different generation. With Videos, you can create engaging and trendy content in no time. Give it a try and see the results for yourself. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more informative videos like this. See you next time!

How to make video ads (the easy way)

Are you looking to create a great video ad? Look no further! In this article, I'm going to share with you the seven secret ingredients for a successful video ad. But before we dive into that, let's go over some essential considerations you need to make before creating your ad.

1. Know Your Audience:

First and foremost, it's crucial to identify your target audience. Consider factors such as age, gender, income, and interests. This will help you tailor your ad to reach the right people.

2. Define the Problem:

Next, get clear on the problem you're solving with your product or service. Whether it's razor burn or a feeling of not being handsome enough, understand the issue you're addressing. This clarity will resonate with your audience.

3. Choose the Right Platform:

Now, think about where your audience is most likely to be found. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer sophisticated targeting systems for paid ads. For B2B advertising, LinkedIn is a great option. Consider the platform's specifications when creating your video.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet:

When it comes to ad length, shorter is often better. Aim for 30 seconds or less on Facebook, 20 seconds on YouTube, and 30 seconds on LinkedIn. Capture your audience's attention quickly and deliver your message efficiently.

5. The Secret Ingredients for Great Ads:

Now, let's uncover the secret ingredients for a successful video ad. These seven ingredients have proven effective for decades:

- Empathize with the viewer's problem and show how your product or service can solve it, making their life better.

- Focus on the benefits your product offers rather than its features.

- Speak directly to your target audience and address their specific problem and desired emotion.

- Keep your message direct, clear, and factual. Avoid abstract concepts and unnecessary waffle.

- Include a clear call to action at the end of your video, telling viewers what action to take next.

- Make your ad feel native to the platform you're using. Use the right ratio and content that suits the channel.

6. Templates for Easy Creation:

If all of this feels overwhelming, don't worry! Biteable offers templates created by marketing professionals, making the video ad creation process a breeze. Just visit biteable.com/templates and choose the template that suits your needs.

Now that you have all the ingredients for creating the perfect video ad, it's time to get started. Remember to empathize with your audience, focus on benefits, speak directly to your target audience, keep your message clear and factual, include a strong call to action, and make your ad feel native to the platform. And if you need some extra help, Biteable's templates are there for you. Subscribe to our channel for more marketing tips, and happy ad-making!

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