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anti hillary ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

As Hillary Clinton faces criticism over her handling of the Benghazi attack, a new anti-Clinton ad has been released by a Republican group. The ad questions her actions during the attack and accuses her of lying about the cause. This article discusses the controversy surrounding the ad and the ongoing investigation into the Benghazi attack.

Main Points:

- The new anti-Clinton ad accuses her of ignoring calls for help during the Benghazi attack and lying about the cause.

- Democrats have called for the ad to be pulled, but Republicans defend their First Amendment right to political speech.

- Congress is investigating why the US was not better prepared for the Benghazi attack and why calls for help were not answered.

- Hillary Clinton defends her actions during the attack and argues that she has been exonerated by previous investigations.

- The release of Ambassador Stevens' emails has raised new questions about the government's handling of the attack.

- The controversy surrounding Benghazi continues to be a divisive issue in American politics.

The new anti-Clinton ad highlights the ongoing controversy over the Benghazi attack and raises questions about Hillary Clinton's actions during the crisis. As Congress continues its investigation, the public debate over Benghazi is likely to remain a contentious issue in American politics.

Pro-Clinton Super-PAC Unleashes Anti-Trump Ads

Hillary Clinton's Super PAC, Priorities USA, has released two new TV ads targeting Donald Trump. The ads feature Trump's own words, specifically regarding women's issues and Planned Parenthood. Trump responded on Twitter, defending himself and issuing warnings about attacking his personal life. Clinton's allies believe that Trump is vulnerable on these issues and that the ads will reaffirm concerns about Trump's views on women. However, some experts question why the Clinton team did not focus on national security or the economy instead. The super PAC plans to release more negative ads in the coming months. It remains to be seen if this strategy will be effective in the general election.

Hillary Clinton's New TV Ad Using Conservatives Against Donald Trump | MSNBC

The Clinton campaign has released a new TV ad that highlights conservative voices saying that Donald Trump is not fit to be commander in chief. Meanwhile, Clinton herself has been focusing on her message of the economy while Trump continues to garner negative press coverage.

Bullet Points:

- The Clinton campaign is using subtle ads while letting Trump dig himself deeper.

- Clinton has been out of the news this week while Trump has been in the headlines.

- The ad focuses on Trump's temperament and instability rather than the typical liberal-conservative binary.

- Despite potential problems for Clinton, Trump's actions keep overshadowing her own issues.

- Clinton's message is resonating with white working, white collar, and college-educated voters.

- The campaign must remain vigilant and not get complacent, as Clinton tends to make mistakes when she does.

The Clinton campaign is taking a strategic approach by letting Trump's negative behavior speak for itself while focusing on Clinton's own message. However, they must remain cautious and not let complacency lead to mistakes. Overall, Clinton's message is resonating with key demographics, and the campaign must continue to stay on message and prepare for upcoming debates.

New Anti-Donald Trump Ads: Exclusive Sneak Peek | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA, has decided to start their general election ad campaign against Donald Trump earlier than planned. They will be starting their campaign on June 8th, the day after the California primary, instead of waiting until the Democratic primary is over. They have unveiled two exclusive ads, the first one being more conventional in nature and the second one being quite unusual. Priorities USA has decided to start their campaign earlier as they believe it is important to talk about these issues now as new voters are starting to pay attention. They also believe that they will benefit from the unsuccessful anti-Trump efforts in the Republican primary as they were able to test what messages worked and what didn't. The ads focus on women and what Trump has said about them, but Priorities USA plans to focus on other issues as well, such as Trump's business record and his impact on national security. They also plan to communicate with people who need to turn out in order to build more support for Clinton.

Hillary Ad Attacks Trump's 'Temperament'

Hillary Clinton's campaign has released an ad attacking Donald Trump's temperament, which is a fair criticism. However, the ad is not effective in winning the larger battle against Trump. Democrats need to focus on policy issues that actually disqualify Trump, such as his support for torture and disregard for the Geneva Conventions, his plan to default on the US debt, his desire to use nuclear weapons, and his call to lower wages. These are the real issues that affect people's lives and will resonate with voters. Democrats should not rely on PC outrage-based campaigns and should treat voters with respect by assuming they care more about policy than former Miss America pageant winners or Trump's language. Trump has a flawed character, but attacking his temperament is not enough to defeat him. Democrats need to go further and hammer away on the real meaty issues to win the war.

GOP Testing Anti-Hillary Ads - Focusing on Criticizing Her Wealth

Hillary Clinton's Progressive Economic Agenda: GOP Criticism and Vulnerabilities

Hillary Clinton delivered a policy speech on her progressive economic agenda at the New School in Manhattan. While she criticized the GOP for their policies that favor the rich, the GOP plans to use her words against her. American Crossroads, a super PAC founded by Karl Rove, is holding focus groups to test anti-Hillary ads. Clinton's wealth and her speeches are expected to be points of criticism.


- Republicans argue that cutting taxes and letting big corporations write their own rules will benefit everyone, but Clinton disagrees.

- Republicans plan to use Clinton's words against her in anti-Hillary ads.

- Clinton's wealth and her speeches may be points of criticism.

- Clinton was previously aligned with Wall Street and big money interests, which makes her approach to help the middle class seem hypocritical.

- Clinton wants to make government even more powerful, but this will only benefit those who can afford access.

- Republicans are also designing how the primary process will work, funded by the Koch brothers.

- Clinton reminded people of how good things were during her husband's presidency.

- Clinton is vulnerable on the left with progressives who may not agree with her policies.

- There is not any serious competition for Clinton on the left.

- Clinton is vulnerable to attacks from the right about taking money and access to the wealthy.

- The GOP is often associated with access to the wealthy.

- Small business people in New York face heavy regulatory structures.

Clinton's progressive economic agenda has come under scrutiny from the GOP and even some progressives. Her previous affiliations with Wall Street and her wealth make her approach seem hypocritical, and her speeches are expected to be points of criticism. However, there is not any serious competition for her on the left. The GOP's association with access to the wealthy may also work against them.

Trump releases new attack ad against Clinton

Donald Trump's new ad attacks Hillary Clinton's record, using her own words against her. The ad features a clip of Clinton asking, Why aren't I 50 points ahead? before listing reasons why she may not be ahead, including lying about classified emails and allowing ISIS to spread. The ad also references Clinton's comment about putting half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Fox News hosts Chris Starr, Walton, and Dana Perino discuss the ad, with Perino saying that it is effective to use Clinton's own words against her. The hosts discuss other potential attack ads, such as focusing on Clinton's connection to the Orlando shooter's father or her stance on Obamacare. They also discuss Trump's most effective message, which is his call to change the corrupt and broken system in Washington. The hosts suggest that Trump focus on protectionism and increasing tariffs on imports to bring back manufacturing jobs.

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