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arbys ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Idiots laughing at Arby's ads for almost 9 minutes

arby's has looked far and wide foreign. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. the reason i stopped laughing is because i couldn't hear him over the sounds of my lap. the bacon makes it much heavier. [Laughter]. is there anything else? [Music]. this bacon seems like something you've enjoyed before. uh-huh. but look closer. hmm, is that brown sugar? you see a sweet. and what are those sandwiches? hello buddy, what's the occasion? some sort of sandwich party? go, bacon go. [Music]. i want the pepsi, though we owe a lot to buffalo's pretty pictures in eighth grade history book. a city from new, a zesty sauce for chicken. it's too big, you need more bread. buffalo chicken sandwich. so next time you see a buffalo out there, what is his accent? they're not as nice as you'd hope. this man has made more money than you and i will make a combined visas. put a lot of effort into their new chicken. i'm trying not to laugh. [Music]. who would go to a place that sold only chicken? what an amusing, unrealistik idea. i think. chicken fillet, please. they just freaking. took a pass like kfc. no, it was, it was chick-fil-a. they said that chicken. fully dude. they are dude. that's freaking aggressive. orbeez has no chill, obvious. chicken sandwiches have really let themselves go. they barely fit on the bun anymore. yeah, someone should say something. [Music]- that's an awesome commercial, the ones that just starts with. [Music]- i really want what anyone hear that. no, it's like a beeping. wait a minute, listen, it's faster. now looks like it's time to invest in a diffused, if you like. orbeez, our big eleague fan, you gotta try arby's 13-hour smoke house brisket sandwich stik. the same footage. smokey gouda cheese piled with crispy onions, shot with something called a deagle, slathered with. that's literally just it, but slowed down. it's the same footage. i don't know. you said shot with something called a deagle. ever since arby's partnered with e-league, all our food keeps blowing up, so why should we waste our time describing those cute little seasoned pearls? they're twisty, crispy. you know it's coming. smell what's? have sex with fries. [Music]- this partnership. are these the meats? bobby's italian meatball sub should come with four meatballs. but, if you can, actually looks kind of great, that's a little gift. they overdid it with the tomato. no, it's gonna pour over. [Music]: this is just watching. yes, this is going to make us meatballs. [Music] the italian meatball. the other, loaded with eleven italians, can't close that sandwich aptly named the lord italian. both are, oddly, appropriately named, coming from a place that is something called a jamoka shake. what we have the meat, that's just what's the just left us both confused. that looks good. i want that producing loaded curly fries. now that is a stomachache that is worth it. [Music]. after eating this: bacon pieces and sheds to orbeez. you, tiknically, weren't ever allowed to do that, by the way. what we have? what the meats? if your child ever asked you where do sandwiches come from, tell them the truth. look them straight in the eyes and tell them sandwiches come from orbeez. and if they ask where the loaded italian in its many meats come from, kindly respond: what part of arby's? didn't you understand giuseppe, the new loaded italian sandwich? i think he's. i'm new york. i'm just really glad that we're done with the cinnamon bacon chicken sliders for the first. like three minutes, that's all it was. tv's. what the hell to pick a favorite slider? that's like like asking us to pick which one of our kids we want to eat. orbeez, what the hell. this is usda choice top round angus steak. that's awesome. i hope it ends just there. [Music]. oh, thank god it wasn't the freaking brown sugar bacon. you haven't tried arby's deli style fork tender corned beef. perhaps it's because you're not a corn to be fan. we suggest you rethink your stance. this is not a time. cows are not born with a smoke ring on their brisket. we smoke our brisket for at least thirteen. what is their meat agenda?

Arby's Made a Meat Carrot & More (MARROT)

one for the source, two for orbeez, one for the source, two for orbeez, one for the sauce, two for orbeez, one for the sauce, two for orbeez. barbies, roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, horsey sauce, orbeez sauce and curly fries. yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yep, yes, yes, the new arbinator. arby's, we have the meat. the control of fire led to many things: warmth protection and a method for cooking meat- and eventually it led to buffalo chicken tenders. orbeez, two for five. mix and matches back for a limited time. orbeez, we have the meats. when confronted by all the meats, any sandwich connoisseur would consider putting all of them on one sandwich, but that would be uncivilized. instead, practike self-control and only put almost all the meats on one sandwich and call it what it is: an arby's mega meat stack meat crafted with a heavy hand. arby's, we have the meat. shrimp don't naturally have a bacon crust. if you're wondering, arby's had to do that. nature can be really disappointing sometimes. orbeez, we have the meat. the secret to a good roast beef: po boy gravy. the secret to good gravy. stok- the secret to good stok meat. you've come to the right place, baby. orbeez, we have the meats. [Music]: barrel aged kentucky bourbon. [Music]. is there anything more american? [Music]: yep, new bourbon barbecue sandwiches. orbeez, we have the meats. when deciding to deal in palms, arby's had a choice to make eggplant palm or the new, unconventional chicken pepperoni palm. [Music]. we chose the path with juicy buttermilk chicken and slices of pepperoni, because no offense to eggplant. but what is it? orbeez, we have the meat. if you love life, get your deep-fried turkey sandwiches at orbeez. if you like flirting with death, deep fry your turkey at home and risk blowing it up. two solid options here: orbeez, we have the meat. the beef has to be corned, the kraut's sour and the dressing needs to taste like no less than a thousand islands. orbeez, reuben. orbeez, we have the meat. smoked brisket on texas toast- does it get any more texas than this? okay, that's ridiculous. the new texas brisket. orbeez, we have the meat. arby's takes having the meat seriously. that's why we put buffalo chicken tenders on the two for five mix and match menu. buffalo chicken, that's two meat names. right there, we're done messing around. orbeez, we have the meat. everybody says the arby's logo looks like a fish leafing out of water. ridiculous, orbeez, we have the meat. hmm, will you look at that? it kinda does. okay, you win. arby's nashville hot and crispy fish sandwiches. just two for five dollars. orbeez, we have the meat. this is a filet of fish sandwich. this is arby's crispy fish sandwich and this is arby's fish and cheddar sandwich. ours are two for six. there's his oops, there goes. who cares anyway? orbeez, we have the meat. this is a fillet fish sandwich. these are arby's two for six dollar fish sandwiches. so see you soon then. orbeez, we have the meats. a big announcement is coming. arby's wanted us to see their big announcement. yep, by writing a message on a tiny sesame seed, smaller, smaller. then the seed went to america's largest city. what's it say? a big announcement is coming. this isn't it. what's the announcement? the seed was working. so then they went to these guys to help with the big part. they want to make it. how big? bigger. they want it bigger, and took it to america's smallest town and asked this: woman, you want to put what? where that there? okay, and so, from under 40 microns to nearly five acres, the guinness book of world record for both the world's smallest, or good, and largest ad. later they were finally ready to share their big announcement. what's it say? [Music]. arby's now has coke. they could have just made a tv commercial. instead of bringing bourbon to the party, bring arby's bourbon bacon and brisket sandwich. it's cheaper and it won't make your neighbor jim so handsy. orbeez, we have the meat. bourbon sauce and brown sugar bacon and angus steak and a top bun and a bottom bun. orbeez, we have the meat. if you like bacon, arby's brown sugar bacon is back. if you don't like bacon, yeah right, orbeez, we have the meat. orbeez sells a smaller version of their regular sandwiches for a dollar. they've got the same great meat and cheese. there's just a little less of it on there. that's why they cost less. and can we be honest about something here? if you're getting a regular-sized sandwich for a dollar somewhere, you shouldn't be there. something's up with that sandwich. orbeez, we have the meat. when you're feeling hungry, you don't want to mess around with a quarter pound meat sandwich. instead, eat the new half pound roast beef sandwiches: eight ounces of thinly sliced tender roast beef and if you really want a quarter pound of beef, that's cool. just eat half of one of these. orbeez, we have the meat: chicken slow smoked for four hours, brisket smoked for at least 13 hours. tender smoked pork belly. this doesn't make sense coming from a fast food place. but this is orbeez. we don't make sense. we make sandwiches orbeez. we have the meat. 13-hour smoked brisket from a fast food place doesn't make sense. but this is arby's- we don't make sense. we make sandwiches orbeez. we have the meat. most people think turkey's lean, healthy, eh, boring, unless you fry it in a big pot of oil. that's what obbys does. whenever we come across a boring food, potatoes, fry em. onions- same plain, basic turkey, yep. then slice it thick and stack it high. it's the most exciting thing to happen to turkeys since the invention of the turkey baster orbeez. we have the meat. most people think turkey's lean, healthy, eh boring, unless you fry it in a big pot of oil. that's what obvious does whenever we come across a boring food: potatoes, fry them. onions- same plain, basic turkey, yep. then slice it thick and stack it high. it's the most exciting thing to happen to turkeys since the invention of the turkey baster orbeez. we have the meat. orbeez wouldn't put just any type of meat on a chicken sandwich, so why would we put any type of beer in a beer can chicken sandwich? trick question: we wouldn't orbeez, we have the meat. arby's beer can chicken sandwich is made with chicken, marinated and miller high life and smoked over four hours. don't worry, miller high life, if you ever need to make a sandwich-flavored beer, we've got your back. orbeez, we have the meat. a miami cuban was slow roasted pork loin, slowly smoked brisket with smoky barbecue sauce and a new york reuben with kraut and corned beef. you could travel across the country to try these three legendary sandwiches, but apparently you can't bring your therapy peacock on a plane. so just come to orbeez. orbeez, we have the meats. when you're orbeez, you can do certain things like load roast beef and curly fries onto a sandwich, add horsey sauce, orbeez sauce and cheddar cheese sauce on there, sell them two for six bucks and when you're arby's you can call it the orbinator, because if you aren't, arbiter is a super strange name to just invent. orbeez, we have the meat. what's the secret to getting an authentik barbecue sandwich, curly fries and a small drink for only five dollars? going to orbeez and bringing five dollars, orbeez- we have the meat. orbeez, five dollar smokehouse barbecue meal is as authentik as it gets pulled chicken or pork smoked for hours by real pit masters over real wood, a classic fountain soda and an authentikally reasonable price. oh yeah, in the side of potato salad. orbeez, we have the meat. if the italian flag does not already have a loaded italian sandwich on it, someone get the pope on the phone. orbeez has an idea? orbeez, we have the meat. have you ever tried a wrap that is both light and flavorful? the answer is no, you haven't, because arby's only just started selling them. orbeez, we have the meats. the healthy way to make chicken is to grill it, the yummy way is to fry it. and then there's a new way, the arby's way. it's sous-vide, tricky to say, easy to like. orbeez, we have the meat. okay, time to get another roast out of the look. it's arby's new italian beef and provolone. [Music]: the oven goodness of beef roasted right in the store. so it's juicy, not g.


{YTP} ~ Of or Belonging to Arby

VING RHAMES. So here it is. Arby's YTP: "Contains references to drugs and alcohol. loud sounds: raw meat bees". How would you feel about that? Hm, Hm, Mmm H. JON BENJAMIN, I say what the Greeks would say [howls]. VR. Arby's, We Have The Bees [bees buzzing]. - Arby's only serves roast beef sandwiches. VR. Arby's, We Have The-- - Roast beef sandwiches. This roast beef sandwich looks a lot like a sandwich. This one here looks like a sandwich. [howls and yaps like a puppy]. VR. Any beverage connoisseur will tell you that real Kentucky bourbon has alcohol. Arby's, We Have Alcohol. Now Ruessionnoisseur will tell you that real Kentucky-- BROOKS Bourbon whiskey is made by magic. VR. Arby's, We Have The-- MR BEAN Magic [snorts forward and backward]. Hh-- [long glitchy snort]. Hc-- [snorts several times]. VR. No, there's just no such thing. [♪ Nickelback - Photograph ♪]. VR. Look at this bacon. [goes out of key]. CHAD Laugh ♪ ♪. VR. Starby's, We Have The Mouthfeel. Arby's Italian meatball sub, aptly named. the Italian Italian should come with meatballs. Well, Arby's, messed up. Oops-i. - Maybe it was because the last time you went to Arby's you ate your grandparents Somehow, Because *I* have VR. Goodness, Someone should say something. Arby's, We Have The Mea-- [explosion]. Aagh. [startled breathing]. What, Arby's? We Had The Meats. [high-pitched] - Fersuf-fufufufuf VR Steats - Fer. Now at Arby's you can get four sandwiches. They're two for ninety dollars VR. What are those Sandwiches? [deep]: That's what I'm toking about. Arby's. We Have-- MICHAEL, Nothing, VR. Man Zero out of five. Who would go to a place that sold chicken for just six bucks? Why would we do that? That sucks. [deep], That's not what I'm toking about. [whoosh sound forward and backward]. Wow, This is you. [meat thuds]. [audible meat taps]. [explosion]: WHAT? Arby's just became your new favorite sport. [rapid meat tapping]: Noob. [meat tapping intensifies]. Saucy Kiztatziki Sauce. I want to say that was Some kind of sauce. [gross saucy sounds]. I want to say that was Sawas. Trust Arby's on this one. Arby's, You're Making A Mistake. [funky music] - Honey, you almost ready. [funk note]: Yededdy. [higher funk note]: WIFE. You know I'm only doing this for your--. [gross throat sounds]. VO. It really is a special occasion with Arby's Cajun Chicken. Also try our Chicken Cordon Bleu, Achoo. Also try our Ham And Swiss. Also try our Soda-licious Soda. Also try our Mint Chocolate Squirrel Shake. They'll have you saying "I'm Thinking". RB, For years you've eaten the man the way Angus beef wants you to. Well, now it's time to enjoy Angus beef the way the man wants you to. Oi, RESEARCHER, Extraordinary, Usually they're extraordinary. - I won nowa. - Usually they're Slols and Sluls, especially after eating. - I wonder, wow, rednowa? - Usually they're sluggish, especially after eating slugs. - I wonder what gag toe rednowa? [RB speaking in baby tok forward and reversed] [music hit]. - What Try? Arby's new Shroomish For just $10.59. it's our beef. All beb, lol, bareb, lol, barelylerab, lol. Arby's, It's Foo ♪. DAVE GROHL, AaaaaaAAAAAAGH. RB. Oven roasted, fresh sliced. Yeah right, For years you've eaten Angus beef. Well, now it's time to enjoy a man. [slowed]. Oh yeah, Finally, Arby's, ALL It's Food ♪. It's Food ♪. VO, It really is. - Hmm, Arby's shrooms, I wonder what that's like DEEP VOICE? It's like nothing, you baby. - Mmm Arby's Portable Mushroom and Swiws. I wonder what THAT's like VO. Take it from the oven. It's tender, juicy, beefy and tastes like portable sauce. - Ooh, Ooh - Sauce Whoa sauce - Ooh - Sauce VR. I want to say that was SuS. - Yoy, heeh, yoy, Ohohohoho, ohohohoho, RB. This is Tina. She got in extra early to oven roast Eddie. Hehehehe, yer daddy, This is Eddie. He's the roast beef. This is Kevin. He married the roast beef. [whoosh sound]. You can get just five dollars for only five dollars. Auh, I can get smothered by your mother for only five dollars. Aargh Angynangynangyna. KATHY, Am I an expert on "real"? [scoffs]? Please Listen, I don't know much, MmmMMmmMMMmmm. So Arby's says they have rear beef. Hmmh, It's true, It's the rear deal. VO, Something, something, something. [♪ Toby Fox - Bonetrousle ♪]. CHAD KROEGER, Remember the old Arby's ♪ ♪. Every time I do, it makes me laugh. ♪ ♪. Criminal record says: I broke in twice. ♪ ♪. If I was them, I wouldn't let me in. ♪ ♪. Oh, OwO ♪ ♪. Oh God, AiAi, ♪ ♪. Every memory of looking at the Arby's. ♪ ♪. I have the Arby's sauce spread out on my bedroom floor. ♪ ♪. It's time to say it. time to say it. ♪ ♪, ♪, RB, It's good mood food. ♪ ♪. NIC CAGE- Oh, no, Not the Arby's ♪, Not the Arby's ♪ AaaaaAAAGH-- ♪. VR. Good news. [music stops]. Now you can stop.

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Weird Arby's Guy (Original)

Julie Boniface joins us live. and Julie, what happened out there? well, David Glenda, they just finished boarding up the window pane and part of the wall here. this is a very busy Arby's. it's. it's right here in Woodward, in Royal Oak, near 13 Mile Road, so, as you can imagine, there are quite a few people inside. at the time the big window went pop and there was this glass everywhere. that was the loudest bang I had ever heard, sounded like an explosion. I thought perhaps the end of days was upon us, but it turned out it was just a disoriented old lady in a champagne colored Toyota Avalon crashing into my world like DnB circa 1996. who's got their claws in you, my friend, into your heart, I'll beat again. just before 2 pm, an elderly woman drove into the side of the restaurant while trying to park her car. I turned around- little old lady had stepped on the gas instead of the brake and ran into the restaurant. she hit three people who were sitting down and eating inside. they were thrown eight to ten feet. I saw their bodies tossed skyward like rag dolls thrown into the air by the late great Andre the Giant, I don't know. they appeared to be weightless, hitting zero-g like the fearless prove. I've forgotten Apollo mission, whose only objective was to obtain a beef and cheddar classic, and returned home to Kathleen Quinlan safe before sundown- I don't know. part of me wishes I'd been hit by that car instead. that's what could have gotten out of work early and gone far, far away from Ship Manager Marcia's judging emerald eyes. no, I didn't wash my shirt in between ships, Masha. so what if I smell like roast beef? this whole place smells like roast beef. and tell us that the man and two women were in their 30s and 40s, appear to have non-life-threatening injuries. as for the woman driving the car, a look of elderly bloodlust spread across her wrinkled face, and it made me dare to think. perhaps this was no accident, perchance. she was compelled. compelled to steer her beige battering ram into the house that beef built, driven not by force of this earth but of an earth below, an earth that mirrors ours in almost every way, except the reflections are so much darker that, many miles down, some know the reflected realm to be the nether world. others know what is the abyss. I know it as the shadow zone, a world where the blackness of our sin stares back at us a merely laughs. ha ha, ha, ha. a world where God's law governs no man, a world where there is no literal or figurative mr Belvedere given any authority to teach us right from wrong, a world and where we are loosed and given leathery wings, charred like brisket to soar, high above the judgment of the well pressed, the dryclean shift managing elite, to the world rhyme, elevated to my true pagan animal form, and I take flight, known only as the wing at demon has dead dread more, and I fly high above the puritanical regime anointed by the oil of our beasts. Lord singing, I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal that crashed into me. crash into me. Oh No, Arby's is pretty cool. the fire department tells me that they didn't treat the woman driving the car here on scene, were taken to the hospital, that somebody else drove her home. the royal police department tells me they're still investigating so they can't comment on whether or not they're issuing her a tiket. and, of course, as you can see, this Arby's right here in Woodward closed for the rest of the night. we're live in Royal Oak. Julie Bonaventure 7 Action you.

AD Speaks On His Beef With Arby's

barbies. okay, arby's, i'm gonna do it like c-mag harvey: send them a message. right, barbie? send arby's a message. arby's armies [Laughter] arby's arteries. arby's. now, this [ __ ] started off as, um, necessarily not a joke, but kind of like a joke, because the joke was black people don't eat, orbeez. mm-hmm. they elevated, i started saying i, like arby's and people were so [ __ ] distraught by it and iran started running with this campaign. yeah, you did. you know what i'm saying. i feel like i'm the sole reason tok about it. [ __ ] started actually going to arby's and posting that [ __ ] up and trying that [ __ ] out. for sure in the community i wouldn't say i, i, i wasn't seeing nobody doing that. i ain't seen not one person. yeah, ever go to that [ __ ] establishment. [ __ ] can't even find arby's. no, but i made it a thing because it started becoming a joke with something that i actually liked, that it made it cool for [ __ ] to go to arby's and tag me in the [ __ ] and i'm reposting them. you know what i'm saying? yeah, like i made it cool for [ __ ] to do that. and then i took it a step further and i [ __ ] had them bring that [ __ ] out in the club. now let me show you all some [ __ ]. right, while all this is happening, i didn't have, i didn't have no goal in mind. you made me go [ __ ] eat it for the first year. i made one eating for the first time. it was disgusting, i disgusted. i never, i never, like, had a goal in mind of of what this [ __ ] was. so i just thought it was cool to be. you know, i started becoming the face of that [ __ ] and i'm thinking of ways to play on how i can do that. you know what i'm saying. so when i did that [ __ ] at the club [ __ ] and like, like, look, let me, let me, let me, let me break this [ __ ] down, i did that [ __ ] at the club that actually hit me up, yeah. so when it actually hit me up, i was like, wow, i [ __ ] made these people hit me up and then i'mma show y'all exactly: hold on, that [ __ ] was juiced, i was juice. that [ __ ] was juice. hey p you [ __ ]. orbeez, just damn me. harvey's, just dm me. this is from arby's. they set you up to wet you up. my boy, look at this ad being different and what makes things special? and you lit up the club. we want to send you much love and you got a little something, something from us. being a huge fan. you can't buy this anywhere and it can only be earned. what you'll find in this package. i said: burn that [ __ ]. it's your very own meat sweatsuit. you deserved it and that's not all right. we included a harvey's hat for your son, xyxyz, right? so i was holding on to this [ __ ]. burn that [ __ ]. let's burn it. let me show y'all. let it burn. oh [ __ ] the meat suit. here comes the meat soup pulse. put the hat on, kill. put the hat. okay, put that, all good. [Laughter]. oh, my god, though, what they gave me? damn, this is what they gave me. they tried to play my guy man. look, this is what they gave me. hey, damn, hold up. they gave you the [ __ ]. uh, curious george hat [ __ ]. they gave me this hat, damn, hold up. damn, son, hey, that hat is fired. all right, go live. they had us fire that hat is right, i go live, bro. you gotta probably dis on death to arby's. let's light that [ __ ] up. let's drop that now, now. now, once i got their attention they had me juicing. i'm like it's possible now for me to get some type of endorsement commercial because i've shown how much you know- i'm saying power i had as far as branding and marketing. so somebody from they team seen that and said, hey, let's reach out to that [ __ ]. so now i'm like [ __ ] pun, let's get this [ __ ] cracking. i really want to go crazy with the [ __ ]. let me ask you a question straight up, before you go too deep. let me ask you a question: mm-hmm, do you feel i know you hurt? i know you hurt by it? uh, i just, i feel it, i know, but do you feel that maybe that was just showing like, okay, let us shift our [ __ ] over to hip-hop and let us start with the boom. maybe they still looking at you, bro, but see, this the thing, even even if they're still looking at me, like i don't care when they come down that [ __ ], i hurt you bitter. you a better baby mama right now, let me tell you. let me tell you, they might still be looking at you, dawg. that's cool, and if they looking at me, they know how to. they know how to contact. all right, you know, we're not this arby's. no, no, no, no, no, we're not. we're not. we're not dissing. this is confirmed. we're not dissing them. this is the thing. right when i i'm literally at the [ __ ] airport when this [ __ ] happened, they tested a loyalty, though when the pushing thing, pusha t thing, came out, before i even said anything about this, the fans were upset. when i tell you i had thousands and thousands of hit ups, dms, interactions, of people just so let down because of this [ __ ] happened. then, bro, i didn't even have to say nothing about it. yeah, if it didn't feel like ad got let down, it felt like the people were let down and we were used. you get what i'm saying? that's why that's what it felt like. so people were telling me they're like: oh, i ain't rocking with this, no more until y'all give a d something we not, we're not rocking with that. people were really disappointed and i looked at that and was like: wow, something that i took on as a joke, made people and affected people in so much of a way that they gave a deal to somebody else that they were going to be upset. i took that [ __ ] as a big ass [ __ ] w, super w, because i'm like, damn, i didn't know that i had that offense. that's a good way to look at it, but that's not a w. no, i'm not. no, it's a w for not getting a d. i mean it's an l for not getting a deal. but what i'm saying is it's a w that i had that much interaction with people with this [ __ ] company. they were so [ __ ] mad about that [ __ ] you feel me like. and even when i seen the, the context of it, i was like, let me see the context of it. i didn't know that that doom, doom, doom, we have the meats. it's a pusha t song. i didn't know that. i didn't know that that part. it was pusha t [ __ ] to begin with. so it made total sense when it came down to that. would you be hot if they came out with a commercial with like people in the club and then somebody having bottle service bring out arby's. if they did that, then they'll definitely. i'll definitely be on some tupac [ __ ] again. [Laughter]. well, i'm definitely, i'm definitely making to hit them up. well, they take what you did to make a commercial that'll be [ __ ] up. i'm definitely on some hit them up [ __ ]. oh yeah, you would go crazy. i'm definitely going to the one on sunset and i'm busting some windows. oh wow, i'm doing something up. it's up now. but. but my thing is too, is like i didn't think that this [ __ ] was gonna be as big as it is for even the corporation to hit me up to begin with. right shot, new zealand, you know what i'm saying. so that 80 going to be on tmz. i've been on tmz a gang of times. i'm gonna be back on tmz, though. no, but i didn't. it just showed me. it just showed me how much love i got out there. you know what i'm saying. it was. it was, it was a, it was a real like dope moment for me to be like damn, the people really got my back. you know what i'm saying. you don't get me pulling blacks for wendy's bro. we switching it up, hey, now, now, and then we had other companies. we had other companies reach out to us and say, hey, we like how ad is pushing the orbeez campaign. they said: get rid of arby's emote, no, that's standing for now, no, but. and shout out to: uh, tedriot 47 for resubscribing. appreciate you, god. yes, sir, no. but we had other companies saying, hey, how can we get down to have ad push the line on our stuff? so it's like you were staying loyal to arby's man, brandon, i stay loyal to them. so guess what? if they don't hit me up ever again, they're gonna miss this train because it's gonna get even crazier, and i'm never gonna forget this [ __ ]. but what that did was shout out to my guy, adam 22. he said: hey d, i think you should have your own restaurant and we should put. we should put this. you know, i got business people in mind right now. like, listen, you gave arby's all this [ __ ] hype. maybe you should come up with your o.

Pusha T Bashes McDonald’s In New Arby’s Ad

pusha t all so close, pretty close. i guess he's taking aim at mcdonald's in a new commercial for their competitor, arby's. yep, the rapper calls this a diss track and bashes their filet of fish while promoting the new spicy fish sandwich at arby's. take a look, i'm the reason. the whole world love it. now i gotta crush it for leo fishes. then you should be disgusted. how dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it? a half slice of cheese, mickey d's on a budget. arby's crispy fish is simply it. with lines around the corner, we might need a guest list. exit stage left. the sandwiches taste fresh, a little cuba. fish from a clown is basic, stateless. this argument is baseless. drowning tartar, that filleto fish is tasteless. see arby's only deals in the greatness. i bet the house on it like it's vegas. look, i could sell water to a whale. how could you ever think i fell? yeah, the crispy fish sandwich blazing trails. the mother clown's just too frail. yeah, if you know me, and you know me well, all fish is gonna tip that scale. this is a paid advertisement brought to you by the unrivaled, the unparalleled, arby's. i'm telling you that track is fire, though it is like the beat. i wish somebody dare you sell a square fish. i know too much tartar sauce. uh, that beat it's. it's almost like that song. i wish was an actual song, that was a real song, because i really, really, really like that beat. i still am having a really hard time wrapping my head around what exactly this is like. you don't know the streets if you don't know what this is. i guess not. i guess not a diss track from arby's and pusha t. yes, sir, against. you know mcdonald's and like and, but like nobody's laughing, like if you, i mean like nobody that's doing. it is like giggling, like serious. listen. fast food, chicken sandwiches are a big business. all right, now, it even gets better, carlos. okay, it gets better, okay. so pusha also claims to be a co-writer of justin timberlake's i'm loving it jingle, which, of course, was originally written as the iconic mcdonald's song. in a new interview with rolling stone, pusha insists this: i am solely responsible for the i'm loving it swag and the jingle of that company. that's just real. i'm the reason. yes, now justin timberlake was reportedly paid six million dollars for the mickey d's campaign. according to pusha t, he was paid a one-time fee but received no royalties for what ended up being the chain's longest running advertising campaign. he added of his regrets. i did it at a very young age, at a very young time in my career where i wasn't asking for as much money and ownership. it's something that's always dug at me later in life like damn it, i was a part of this and i should have more steak. yeah, but according to rolling stone, pusha t's role in the writing of that jingle has been disputed by others. well, of course it has. yeah, i'm not saying he didn't do it, but of course people are gonna do. nobody wants to pay up now. he like that was a great jingle, though. i mean you like the moment you see the words, you hear it, you hear it in your head. i know he's. i think that i read: he said he got paid something like like half a million, like a one time thing, or i'm loving it before i'm loving it. yeah, and uh, yeah, that would hurt. like if you, if this was yours, and you didn't realize how long this was gonna play out and nobody advised you, nobody's like listen, this is gonna be the next big thing that you should probably make a different deal here. that would hurt. i could understand why he'd want to make a diss track about the fish. but also i mean- and i i get that. so timberlake made what like 6 million for it- but he was a name then, like timberlake was a star, then half a million for sitting in a studio and writing. you know a bit of unloving it. i don't think that that's bad money. actually, like i don't know now that he's super, but if pusha t didn't push it, nobody's paying him that money. i get it. i get it. i mean like clips at the time, like it was clips at the time of huge. they weren't huge, right? no, i mean, if they weren't timber like huge and all who was jlo, and if dolly parton, um, but yeah, like, if you are at their stage at that age, yeah, um, you're probably looking at that going: this is huge. that's when are we going to get a paycheck this big again? i understand that and i know what he's saying, which is, in hindsight, you look back and you're like: at that time, i thought my worth was this and so i accepted this for that amount of work and at that time, i should have asked for points back end, more royalties, all of this stuff. now, looking at that through 2022 and your younger self. you may have asked for that back then. you wouldn't have got it sure, and even the concept of all of that stuff, like you hear about it happening for other artists. so in 2020 vision you say i could have, i probably could have done that too. yes, um, when in reality it's maybe just wasn't as common. yeah, i don't know. yeah, he wouldn't have got that deal, but anyway, uh, pusha, i love, love, love. the um fillet fish diss track. i think the beat is fire. i hope that you got. i hope you got paid for that. i hope you got. babe, arby's opened up the sandwich, the big cash sandwich, and gave you all those with the royalty dressing man pop pop. that's what i'm saying. i've never had arby's. i had arby's once you did. how was it? it's good, isn't it like beef- beef sandwiches. i was a kid, oh, he was a kid. we had an army drive too. you did. yeah, i got a buddy, though. arby's is jam. it's his jam, really. you ask him about any other place, he's like: no, he probably is like bumping that diss track from his car. like, really, it's that real song that you asked for. yeah, he's like vindication for his choices. wow. well, there you go. a super fan, rb, super fan: harvey's, arby's, arby's, army's, harvey's. there's enough times for you.