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archerytalk classified ads

Published on: January 8 2023 by pipiads

Buying a used bow online can be a great way to save money, but it also comes with some risks. In this article, we will discuss some tips, advice, and warning signs to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used bow online.


1. Find a bow that fits your specifications: Look for a bow that meets your requirements in terms of poundage and draw length.

2. Request additional photos: Ask the seller for more photos of the bow, especially of the cams and limbs. Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

3. Consider adjustability: Look for a bow that has some adjustability, such as a rotating draw length module, to accommodate different shooting preferences.

4. Replace the strings and cables: When buying a used bow, it's a good idea to plan on replacing the strings and cables to ensure safety and performance.

5. Check the seller's reputation: Look for sellers with a high satisfaction rating and transaction history on online classifieds, such as Archery Talk or Facebook groups.


1. Be cautious of buying drawing-specific cams: Unless you're certain of your draw length, avoid buying a bow with drawing-specific cams as it can be expensive to replace them.

2. Look for a bow completely set up: Consider purchasing a bow that is already set up with everything ready to shoot, especially if you're a beginner.

Warning signs:

1. Damage to the limbs: Look for signs of deep scratches, flaking of the carbon, or gouges on the limbs. Damaged limbs can be costly to replace and compromise safety.

2. Sellers with a low satisfaction rating: Avoid buying from sellers with a low satisfaction rating or no transaction history, unless you can meet them in person.

Buying a used bow online can be a great way to save money, but it's important to do your research and make an informed decision. By following these tips and advice, and watching out for warning signs, you can find a used bow that meets your needs and budget while ensuring safety and performance.

Stan JetBlack Hinge Release Aid Review

- Lucas here, reviewing my new favorite release, the Stan Jet Black.

- This is a three finger hinge style release from the Stanislavski series.

- I've been using it for a few months and it's been a treat to shoot with.


- The release comes with a smooth seer and a six thousand seer.

- Found the six thousand to be too quick and switched to a ten thousand seer.

- The release aid is super comfortable and fits my hand perfectly.

- Thumb post is great and doesn't bend like on some other releases.

- One screw adjustability makes it easy to change angle and hot/cold.

- Trainer lock pin is a cool feature for practicing with a hinge release.


- Using the trainer lock pin can help with timing and prevent accidents.

- The release is highly adjustable to fit individual preferences.

- Hinge releases are all more or less the same, but this one just fits me perfectly.

- It gives me more confidence in my shooting and makes me a slightly more comfortable shooter.

- The Stan Jet Black release is my go-to for now and I highly recommend it.

- Head over to the Stan website to check out the variety of options they offer.

- Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more archery tok reviews!

Demolition Ranch vs. ArcheryTalk (Gun vs. Bow)

In this article, we will be discussing an archery versus gun accuracy competition between Lucas Kooning from archery tokOM and Matt from demolition ranch. The competition will involve shooting at different distances and targets to see who has better accuracy.


Lucas Kooning will be shooting a fully kitted out target rig and an iron sighted 44 Magnum to make it even. The competition will start at 20 yards shooting a red and Delicious apple. They will then move to 50 yards shooting small watermelons, and it will be windy. At 70 yards, they will shoot at a large watermelon, and things will start to get squirrely. Finally, at 100 yards, Lucas will give three shots, and Matt will have the same courtesy. If Lucas doesn't make it, and Matt wins, he wins the competition.

The competition didn't really prove anything except that Matt could beat Lucas with an iron sighted gun. However, it was a fun and exciting competition, and they both learned a lot from each other. In the end, it's not about who wins or loses, but about the experience and the fun they had.

Hoyt VE+ bow tour

I'm a beginner in archery and I wanted to share my experience in putting together my first bow. I purchased a 2011 Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus from Archery Tok and almost all of the other equipment on it was bought used from classified ads on the site. I've had great luck with the sellers on the forum and I'm excited to show you my new bow.

Equipment on my Bow:

- 29.5 inch draw length GTX cams

- Custom string built by Archery Tok forum member Big LB

- Specialty Archery peep sight

- Custom sling built by Archery Tok member Mr. Chaos 102

- XL AX 2000 sight with a Viper scope and green 10,000th of an inch pin

- Limb Driver Pro drop away rest

- 36 inch B Stinger Premier Plus stabilizer bar

- Scott Black Hole four finger release with a hinge

- Gold Tip XXX Pro shaft arrows with 4 inch parabolic feathers

Features of My Bow:

- String not fully adjusted

- Peep sight height still being played with

- Site does not have a lens yet

- No weights for stabilizer bar yet

- Using Larry Wise's Back Tension Core Archery DVD to improve form

My bow shoots way better than I do, but I'm learning and having fun with good equipment. I hope you enjoyed the tour and feel free to ask any questions. Other forum members or people on YouTube may also be able to provide additional insights. Thank you for watching.

How A Hinge Release Saved Archery For Me

- Lucas discusses why he only uses a hinge style release when shooting archery.

- He explains that it all comes down to a case of target panic he experienced years ago.

- Lucas shares his journey with different releases and how he found comfort with the hinge release.

Why the Hinge Release Works for Lucas:

- Lucas started with a wrist strap release but had trouble using it properly.

- He then tried a thumb button release but target panic set in.

- A fellow club member gave Lucas a hinge release to try.

- It took some time to get used to, but Lucas found that the hinge release prevented him from ruining shots with target panic.

- He saw improvement with the hinge release and now uses it for all forms of archery.

- He wishes he could use other releases in high-pressure situations, but the hinge is what he's most comfortable with.

Benefits of the Hinge Release:

- The hinge release helped Lucas overcome target panic.

- He feels comfortable and confident using it for all forms of archery.

- He's had success with the hinge release in hunting situations.

- The hinge release may be a good option for those struggling with target panic.

- Lucas only uses a hinge style release when shooting archery due to his experience with target panic.

- He found comfort and success with the hinge release and recommends it for those struggling with target panic.

- While he wishes he could use other releases in certain situations, he sticks with the hinge release because it's what works for him.

How to Buy & Sell Archery Equipment Online

Where to Buy and Sell Used Archery Equipment Online

Are you looking to buy or sell used archery equipment online? Look no further than Archery Tok, the best website for buying and selling used equipment. In this article, we'll show you how to navigate the site, buy and sell products, and provide helpful tips for successful transactions.

Buying Used Equipment:

- Head to the Archery Tok Discussion Forum

- Use the search bar to find the specific product you're looking for

- Click on the post and scroll down to ask questions or make an offer

- Private message the seller to arrange payment and shipping

Selling Used Equipment:

- Go to the Feta Classifieds forum for Olympic-style recurve equipment

- Click on Post New Thread and choose For Sale prefix

- Create a descriptive title and include details about the product

- Add pictures and tags to increase visibility

- Respond promptly to inquiries and negotiate the sale

Tips for Successful Transactions:

- Be honest about the condition and history of the equipment

- Set a fair price for both buyer and seller

- Use secure payment methods such as PayPal

- Package and ship items carefully to avoid damage

- Provide feedback and ratings for the buyer/seller to help future transactions

With Archery Tok, buying and selling used archery equipment online has never been easier. Follow these tips for successful transactions and join the community of archers finding great deals on quality equipment. Happy shooting!

Martin MAX-33 and AXON-40 Unboxing

Unboxing Martin Archery Bows: A Look at the Max 33 and Axon 40

In this article, we will be unboxing and taking a closer look at two new Martin Archery bows, the Max 33 and Axon 40.

Max 33:

- 33.5 inch axel to axel

- Dual sink cams

- Brace height of 6.56 inches

- IBO of 333 feet per second

- 70 pound limbs

- Rotating IVE cam

- Wooden inlays on grip

- RR AD weight distribution system

Axon 40:

- 40 inch axel to axel

- Brace height of 7.07 inches

- IBO of 328 feet per second

- Long draw cams

- Textured white riser

- Cable slide and string stop

- RR AD weight distribution system

These new Martin Archery bows offer impressive features and performance for their price point. The wooden inlays on the grip and RR AD weight distribution system are unique touches that set these bows apart. Stay tuned for testing videos and head to head comparisons with other bows. Thanks for watching!

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