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are instagram ads worth it

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

Do Instagram Ads REALLY Work? | Instagram Advertising in 2022

all right. so you clicked this video because you're wondering whether or not Instagram ads are worth it, specifically, if they're worth it for you as a business owner or as a Creator. so I'm here to drop a quick video on you today to tell you exactly why. yes, they are, let's get started. so we recently dropped this video on Instagram. thank you all. if you want comments- and it's very helpful and it's how to add to grab ad. and I wanted to address the question on whether or not you should be running ads anyways, if it makes sense for your business- and I'm gonna say in a lot of cases, the answer is yes. now we've been running ads on Instagram and Facebook for at minimum seven years, probably hitting the eight year mark now- and we have seen so much success, and that is on the Creator side and on the business side. on the business side, we've been able to make investments of 5K to make 100K for our clients, and we've also been able to use ads on the Creator side. so not only do we hire creators for our clients, we also work as creators for other brands and we've been able to actually Sweden the deal the little bit by being individuals who know how to run Instagram ads so we can actually offer further reach to the brands that we're working with. not only has that allowed us to increase our budget when we're doing our asks for deliverables, but that has also just enabled us to have a Competitive Edge against perhaps other creators, if they were to weighing us up against somebody else. now, the first reason why you should be considering Instagram ads, and why they are certainly worth it, is because they take the pressure off your organic strategy. with ads, you aren't limited to your direct following or those are optimizing your posts, for. you're able to break past the algorithm and reach an entirely new audience who is completely custom and targeted to the audience that you want. ads also help you to grow, so with ads, you have the opportunity to reach those new audiences, but use the same conversion tactiks that you're generally using in order to get them to follow. I've actually done a video on how to increase your following using Instagram ads that I'll leave up here as well, and I think I might do an updated video on this too, because there are even new tactiks that we've implored since we've done that video. but all of those work as well, and I do want to say, even though you are running these ads and you're able to break past the organic algorithm a little bit, your content still needs to be good. so it does not mean that you can slide with your content. it just means that you're not only relying on the organic optimization tikniques to get you to where you want to go. you have the opportunity to leverage all the data that meta has on us in order to get your content in front of the right people and get the actions that you want. and when we're toking about getting your content in front of the right people, another very important reason why Instagram ads are worth it is because it allows you to Target your direct audience. so we know that we optimize our posts with hashtags in order to make sure we're getting it from the right people. with ads, though, you are just going into ads manager and you are saying: this is the exact person I want to reach, this is my target audience, that I want you to go out and put the content Runner based on what I know about my audience. so I know that they are women in this age group who like these certain things. you can do that and take the guesswork out of some of the hashtags or competitor analysis that you would be doing, because meta ads allow you to actually specifically Target the individuals that you want. ads are also worth it because they extend the life of your content. so when you think about it, the way that the algorithm works is truly based on recency, with the exception that we see with certain reels and certain pieces of content that continue to perform Well. normally, three days is the shelf life that your content has, but with ads you get to extend the life of the content. you get to save. I'm putting this piece of content out there and I wanted to run from this date to this date and that's how they'll run. so that means when you put work behind a piece of content and you want to extend its shelf life, you can't do that with ads, and we've done that specifically with video content leading up to Brand campaigns or massive launches. we'll do that where we have like teasers that kind of go out and we'll make sure that extends for one week, another extends for another week and kind of have them go in a flow leading up to the big announcement and then we can also extend those announcements as well using ads. so that's a key consideration when we think about the limitations around organic reach and organic length of posts. it's not like YouTube, where things can come up forever. you could be watching this video three years from now, which would be amazing. let me know if you are- but that's the difference between, say, organic Instagram content, organic Facebook content and paid content. ads are also extremely worth it because they allow you to generate leads and drive sales in your business, and isn't that what we're here for- either leads when it comes to Brand Partnerships, or driving sales when it comes to having a business and wanting people to buy our products and services. and the reason that they're able to do this is because you can create ads with clear objectives. so you can create ads that say: I want people to go to my website and I want them to purchase. those are called conversion ads- and you can send traffic to your website. you can also help with increasing your newsletter, so we can run a traffic-based ad for an offer and then leverage that offer to increase our email list, which we have done in the past, and our email list is quite large because of some of the ads that we've run. that's what ads have the power to do. ads are phenomenal because they are backed by tiknology and they will specifically help you in the areas of growth, engagement and revenue. so I feel like I've made the case for why you should be considering running Instagram ads in your business or as a Creator. if I did, I definitely recommend you watch this video next, which will help you with creating your high performing Instagram and or Facebook ad as well. there will also be a checklist in the description box below for you to download as you follow along in that video. so if this video was helpful, let me know in the comments below and let me know any questions you have. I've had a ton of great questions on that other video I just mentioned, so let me know in the comments. thank you so much for watching. if you liked this video, give us a thumbs up, hit subscribe below and hit the notification Bell so you don't miss any other videos from us. you can follow us everywhere at High season Co and we will see you in the next video. bye.


[Music]. hey guys, why shaken balls curls? and today I'm going to tok to you about Instagram promotions. so Instagram actually gave me $20 of credit to use to promote one of my posts. it was actually a really, really random because one of my posts that isn't even doing very well, like I'm used to getting around 400- 500 likes on my posts. this is a post that I got about 300 likes. yeah, Instagram said that it was doing better than 90% of my posts. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the amount of hashtags I used on it. I think I used a little bit less hashtags on that and if you have too many hashtags on your posts, instagrams not gonna give you credit. so if you are interested in receiving Instagram credit, I would recommend using less hashtags than normal, because it's not trapping me twice. now, that is, Europe has offered me credit. speaking on that, if Instagram does give you credit, I would recommend using it very, very soon, because the first post I received credit for I didn't use it and then the second post I used to credit for I did, but I think it only gave me one thing of credit now. so I think I only got $20 credit when realistikally, I got $40,000. sorry, but yeah anyways. it was really weird because that post isn't doing nearly as good as my other post, yet they still gave me the credit for it. however, I am going to act like I wasn't had credit, that I actually could spend $20 on promoting one of my Instagram posts. so I'm actually going to show you guys a little bit of the analytiks on this side right here. but I promoted a post that was already my best doing post. it had 600 flags when I before I promoted it. you know, it's just, it's just a normal snapchat selfie- I usually post those- and it started off with 600 likes and now it has 1570, so it did give me about twice as many likes. actually, it is still being promoted. I think today is the last. oh yeah, I finishes in two hours, so, tiknically, this is the end of it, but yeah, it ended with one point six thousand likes and it has 51 comments. I didn't really get that many comments on it. it's been saved 66 times. what really impressed me was the profile visits. I've gotten about 2,000 profile visits and 88% of those numbers came from the promotion. 24 people visited my website originally was 5, which that's a lot more people, but I mean kind of, I was hoping for a little bit more. I got one email- I have no idea what that's from here's. the thing is that this reached 38,000 people. well, tiknically, 39,000, 88, nope, yeah, eighty percent of that came from the promotion. that's like a ton of people like that's. that's kind of crazy. my most like reached picture originally is like nine thousand, I think, and this gave me 107 follows. so the pros: I did get a lot of likes. I got over a thousand likes, which is my first time ever reaching that. I got a hundred followers from doing this over four days, so that's also pretty sicko and it reached a lot of people. here are the cons. I don't. I don't mean to say this. it's like this is a con, but I'm used to having around. I think like 80% of my audience is female, 20% is male, that's just normal. I post snapchat selfies and random hair, beauty, makeup, stuff, and I'm not saying that guys can't be into that, but usually it's been very woman or it's a woman woman, follow me. the audience for this post was 78% men and 22% woman. that, like that, really weirded me out, right, because I'm not used to that at all. the aim. the age range is around 13 to 17, which is what I would hope for- some 18 and 24 publications. why put in my promotion? I put that I want people from UK. I want Georgia, New York. you know it's really big populated cities and states and stuff like that, but the top location is to Villa C. I am not actually even sure where that is. but yeah, a lot of people tried to. I mean, a lot of people from Tbilisi saw my post and the followers that I got, the followers I've been getting, their creepy men- it's really really really really strange. it's really weirded me out. weirded me out last word, because I chose my audience. you know I created it. I said it was beauty freaks, people who are in a skincare, makeup, all this stuff. probably more than probably 70% of the followers that I got are weird creepy men that have given me lots of weird dm's actually, like here you can see a couple of them. it just weirds me out. I'm not gonna complain because I still got the followers, you know, but I don't know if they're gonna be that loyal. I don't know if they're gonna be that, you know, into what I'm posting. it kind of it kind of just creeped me out. you know, like I'm just getting like a lot of weird weirdo guys following me and you know that's just what happens when you grow: you're gonna have weirdo people follow you. of course, I was just weirded out that the promotion, my promoted picture, mainly gave me weird creepy Beeman and that's like. the other con is that it didn't. it didn't go along with what I wanted. I had my audience, I picked it out, and Instagram promote promotions. they didn't. they didn't follow what I said, they didn't promote it to people, I mean what I know. if they just promoted it to creepy men, you know. so that was a little a little, um, I don't know, does a little odd to me. and then the other thing is that this was a $20 promotion and I only got a hundred followers from it. like, I'm not saying that 100 followers is bad, but usually in about a week I can get around 100 followers, um, and then four days from a promoted picture that was $20, I got a hundred. I just I don't feel like that's well worth the price, even though I didn't pay for it. I'm saying if I did, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be satisfied at all if I had paid 20 bucks or 100 followers. you want to know what else you can buy? or $20 Victoria's Secret perfume and lotion, a fiddly fig, a set of dumbbells, a full-size heart-shaped hip concealer, maybe a tripod with a rim light, a baby leopard gecko? I don't have mine with me, but you can. so what I'm saying? overall not horrible. I wouldn't say that his birthday. honestly, I wouldn't. I wouldn't say that this is worth it. I mean, maybe if you're starting off your account, like this is the first post that could gain you, oh, like your first, like that could boost your account, but I personally would not spend $20 to gain 100 followers. that's just. that's just my opinion. that could be. 100 followers could be a really good number for people. it could be really bad number for me. it was like a on a scale of one to ten. it was playback afford. so I'm glad that I did this, because they did give me the credit for free, and gaining 100 followers for free that's totally sweet. so if you can get Instagram credit, then that's great. you should definitely use it. I would recommend using this because it does help you grow, but if you're paying for it, I I would be careful about that. I would look at other videos on how to best promote your Instagram post, because I probably I probably didn't do it in the best way. I would look that up. I'd look up how to get the most out of Instagram promotions, but you know I'm here right now telling you I wouldn't. I wouldn't waste my money on it. yeah, that's actually it. if you like this video, please give me a thumbs up. if you're new to this channel, I focus on beauty and wellness, so if you are into skincare or haircare like this, or makeup or honestly anything, just check out my channel, see if you're interested. and if you are, it would be amazing if you could subscribe. I would love that. I just reached 700 subscribers today. ah, it's crazy. I'm growing so much. I'm just hahaha. thank you guys. so so freaking much like. I never thought that this would happen. after I did. I was hoping that this would happen. I just didn't think would happen so quickly. I think I've gotten 400 subscribers in the past two weeks. yeah, yeah, and it's from one video that I post that got really like they'd gone to the suggested page and but yeah, thank you so much for watching. I hope that you guys have a good day and I will see you later. bye, [Music].

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I Spent $500 on Instagram Ads to Promote My Song.. this is what happened

there are some people that would argue the best way to advertise your music is through instagram, facebook marketing, typically through a sponsored story post or a sponsored feed post. well, i have an album that i just dropped and it's time to tackle the beast of instagram marketing head-on and shove my album down the throats of instagram users all over the world. water pack. this is your leader, patrick cc, demanding you to drink water while watching this video. or sell, sir, whatever, it's the same thing, it's just spicy water. stay hydrated. one thing i know about instagram marketing: if your ad sucks, nobody's clicking on it. now, in the case that you're advertising your music, please don't just post a screen recording of your song on soundcloud or apple music or spotify or whatever streaming service and sponsor it and try to push it out because it's lazy, it's ineffective, it's not gonna work. nobody's gonna click on it. waste of money. think about the last time you saw an ad that made you stop, at least one that grabbed your attention, or maybe the one that made you buy something. what jumped out at you and how can you implement that into your own ad? the ads that always grab my attention are ones with a real person addressing the camera directly and it feels like they're toking to me or you. i know you've all seen the ads out there that are like: this is how i made 350 000 sitting at my home computer, and i know that sounds kind of silly, but for whatever reason, those ads always grab my attention, probably because it feels a little bit more natural and less like an ad. now, keeping all that in mind, here's the ad that i made: 30 different underrated artists, one album, executive, produced by me. you decide whether it's good or not. really short, direct and to the point. the faster that you can get to the point, the better your ad is gonna be. now this is gonna be an instagram story ad. so the thinking here is they're flipping through people's stories. they're gonna see my face. it's gonna feel pretty natural, right, it's going to feel like something they might see on anybody's story. and then i want to have like this overwhelming or shocking factor with all of the artists popping up on screen along with the noise tiker sound, to sort of go along with it. so, immediately you see my face, you're like okay, and then you're kind of overwhelmed and you're like whoa, what's happening? and once i get past that first two seconds and i have your attention immediately. i drop music. this is my album. let me know what you think. in addition to that, i feel like asking people what they think rather than saying, oh, this album is so great, or trying to get a quote from a blog or trying to oversell it and make it seem like it's this crazy thing that people are missing out on. it's just like try it, check it out. maybe i feel like that's kind of a slept on advertising strategy, but before i do the 500 campaign, we got to do a small one first, a little test campaign. so let's go tok about that now. i definitely recommend that, if you're gonna do a campaign similar to this, that you've got to do like a trial run or a test run before you go all in and spend all of your budget. 25 is the minimum amount that you can spend to run an instagram or a facebook campaign, so let's start with that. first thing you need to do is to connect your instagram account to a facebook account, because all of the ad stuff is done on facebook and you need to have a instagram business account to be able to do that. so do that first. then go to the ads manager to set up your campaign. now i'm not going to go into all of the tiny details and what they mean because there are so many other better youtube videos out there that you could watch. they probably know a lot more, but i'm just going to run through some key ones for my campaign and maybe valuable to yours. our age demographics are going to be from 13 to 30.. they're going to be english-speaking people for me, whatever language your song is in, do that and the interest. some of them are hip-hop, fashion youtubers, alternative hip-hop music. facebook is going to give you a bunch of like recommended ones when you start to kind of type in a lot of data or you type in hip hop, and it'll give you all different sort of variations of that. just think about what ones make the most sense for your campaign and pick them, and pick a lot of them too. don't just do like music or rap or indie or something super vague like. try to get as specific as possible and also you should focus on the genre and the music aspect of it, but think about other things that people may be interested in that would appreciate your music. for example, starbucks. when they're running an ad, they're not just gonna run it against people who like coffee or coffee drinkers. they might target people who like books or bookstores, because people who like reading, they probably also like drinking coffee while they're reading. you know what i mean? think outside the box. our estimated reach is between 2 000 and 6 000- that's how many people are going to potentially see the ad- and the estimated amount of link clicks is about 15 to 30, and this is all for a 28 budget. also, we're only gonna run the ad for 24 hours because that's just, i mean, it's quick, you know also- i forgot to mention this- but the swipe up link. so the thing that actually we want them to do so they can go from the ad to the streaming service is my distrokid like link tree type of thing. so when they see it they're allowed to choose what platform they want. i figured that's probably the best chance of success, because you don't know if people just use spotify or apple music, figure, i give them the option. all right, it's time to do this thing. see you in 24 hours. what up? i know you missed me. the results are in. so after 24 hours we got 76 link clicks with 7 728 people reached, with a .95 result rate. the stats are pretty solid. the average click rate for an instagram story ad is about point 33, so we're at triple that, which is pretty good. of the people that did click, 89 were males. of those males, 43 were ages 13 to 17, 33 were ages 18 to 24 and 13 were ages 25 to 34.. so clearly, the target market is males, age 13 to about 24- 25 years old. however, upon further research, we discovered that the type of campaign that we did, which was a traffic campaign, may not be the best. a traffic campaign only tracks how many people clicked or swiped up on the ad, so it could be bots clicking this or it could be literally 76 people swiped up and then just immediately closed it, so it doesn't tell us if they actually went to spotify or apple music or any of the ones on the link tree, which is pretty much useless to us. but with a conversion campaign, facebook tracks a successful conversion as somebody who swipes up and then clicks one of the links that's in the link tree. and, with that being said, i want to do another 24 hour test campaign, this time tracking conversions. also, i want to switch up a couple other data metrics to see if we can maybe have some more success this time. we're going to simplify the tags and who we're targeting. we're going to target people who are interested in spotify and also interested in hip hop, so they have to match those two specific things. and then, for locations, i did all of the us, canada, australia, germany and the uk, because those are my top five listening locations on spotify. we're also going to test out a feed ad as well as a story ad. so the 28 is essentially going to be divided amongst those two different types of ad copies. so we need another 24 hours. let's see which one's more successful. hey, so it's been a little bit longer than 24 hours because we kind of ran into a few speed bumps. now our intuition and our research was right. the traffic campaign was definitely not the right one to go with. the right one was the conversion campaign. but if you look here at the results, it says that we don't have any, just nothing. it doesn't even say zero, it just says like just not none, nothing. but it also says that we have 181 link clicks. so surely you ha?

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The BEST Instagram Advertising Strategy for 2022: Cheap & it WORKS!

instagram's changed a lot over the past few months and if you want to run ads on it in 2022, you need a brand new strategy that'll help you play into those changes so you get more love from the algorithm and much more profitable ads. so in this video i have got the single best instagram ad strategy for what instagram has evolved into, which is no longer an image sharing app- right, the head of instagram actually came right out and said that video is their focus now, specifically reels. so this strategy is all about using the brand new reels ad placement in a smart sequence that mimics the way people might naturally find you online, gradually getting to know, like and trust you. the sequence just puts it all on hyperdrive, helping quickly move people from never heard of you before all the way through. i am ready, let's do this and, as my friend and facebook ads expert, amanda bond, says, ads just amplify what's already working or not working in your business. so if you've got an offer that you know people want, this is the missing piece that's going to help you scale it way up, and i do have a simple version to start with and a slightly more involved version that you can build to once you're more comfortable and see that everything's working. so we're going to start simple, get a little fancier later on in the video. okay, so here's the big mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to advertising on instagram, or facebook for that matter. they run an ad to a cold audience who doesn't know them yet and they ask for a sale or for their email address. you know they choose a conversions objective, which does seem like the best idea, right. after all, you want instagram to find you people who are most likely to convert into paying customers. but the problem is buying decisions just aren't made that quickly, so you end up paying a lot of money because, let's face it, conversion ads are the most expensive objective ad you can run, and they advertise to people who just aren't worth spending all that money on, because they aren't ready to buy yet. they're not warmed up to you as a business yet. so how can we reach those same people for a lot less money? that's what the sequence is really all about. so we're going to create two levels of real ads, not just a one, and done so, let's just get right into this. so for our first level, you're going to create what i call the magnet ad. and here's the thing. i don't really want you to think of this like an ad at all. right, this reel will never mention your business or your paid services. your single aim here is to simply attract the right people, who would be your perfect customers, and repel all the wrong ones. you know, like magnets do. that's the name here, and the way you're gonna do this is to simply create a really short clip that's closely related to your business niche, that either informs or inspires people on that topic. then anyone who's interested enough to watch it would likely be your perfect customer. so now let's just get into the specifics of what this clip should be, right? so first of all, i want to shake off this myth that reels need to look like this. right, you don't need to dance and point- i'm dancing, i'm pointing to make the point. you don't need to do that, and you certainly don't have to follow the latest trends from tiktok. so if you want to do it that way, you certainly can. right, if that's your thing, do it. but if your reel has good information that's delivered in an engaging way, which can often mean you just speaking directly to camera with a good amount of enthusiasm and energy. uh, the right people will be interested in getting that information. i've honestly never seen one of these, you know, dancing and pointing videos that i think nails the material any better than if they were to just say it. so, not to mention if you get caught up in the trap of following all the trends- and, tik tok, those trends change daily. right, unless you're gonna make advertising on instagram your new full-time job, you don't have time to keep up with all that. and in case you're ever stuck for ideas here, a great all-purpose prompt for your reel would be to think about your ideal customer's biggest problem or stumbling block that's in their way right now. then just make a short video giving them the one piece of advice or the three tips or the truth behind the common myth that's blocking them from getting what they want right. the idea here is you're inspiring them that what they want is possible, and maybe you're even giving them a shortcut or a quick win that they can achieve on their own through your advice. and i know examples help. so you know, let's say you're a wedding photographer, you might want to show three couple poses that nobody else is doing. or if you're a chiropractor, bust the myth that you know they'll need to keep coming in for life once they've gotten started with you, or if you're a life coach, you could share the secret to having the most productive morning ever. so now let's tok logistiks, right? how do you make this? how long should it be? uh, who do you show it to? don't worry, i'm gonna walk you through everything. so, first off, reels are vertikal, so you just pull out your phone. you don't shoot it upright, not sideways, just record yourself within the app. right, the finished video should be no longer than 30 seconds. that is the limit for reals ads as of right now, and i do highly recommend just recording it in the app, like you're making a normal organic reel. that's gonna let you edit it and add music filters if you want all that good stuff that makes it look like a native reel. so just keep in mind, if you do use music here, when it's an ad, you need to use copyright free music. don't try to use the popular stuff. that's just going to get your ad taken down. then you'll preview it and then click the download button on top and this downloaded video is what you'll upload into the facebook ads manager. you'll want to choose manual placements where you'll go down to instagram and choose the reels placement. but here's the thing: you can't just choose reels, at least not yet. so i recommend also choosing stories, because this type of video should also work very well there too. so you can kind of accomplish twice as much. so who exactly are you going to show this magnet add to in the first place? so we've got a few options here. you can target people based on interests or, better yet, on a look-alike audience of previous buyers. but i wouldn't do that unless you have a list of around a thousand people or more to start with and to base that look-alike audience on. so if you don't have that many previous customers, no worries, just do interest targeting. but the trick here is you need to stack enough closely related interests until you get to at least 500 000 people, because facebook and instagram like big audiences now. it really helps their algorithm work its magic. so resist the urge to get too granular here. if you're a business coach, just target something like facebook business page admins, you know. don't layer that with too many other criteria or it's just gonna restrict what facebook is best at. and don't worry, they will find your perfect customers inside of that audience for you, and you can start these level one ads off at as little as five dollars a day, and then you can start scaling them up if you want to, once you see good results. and i do recommend coming up with, you know, three to five different reels here, with completely different angles or hooks, and testing all of them against each other. so if they all work, great, you can keep them all running and then just split your ad budget between them. but more than likely, you're going to start to see that some are performing much better than others, in which case you would just kind of turn off the ones that aren't working as well, so the winners have more budget to work with. so now that our level one magnet ads are running, attracting new prospects to your business, it's time for level two. so i did promise you a simplified as well as a more advanced version here.

Do Instagram Promotions Work? What $50 will get you!

i don't know if that's worth fifty dollars. [Music]. hey guys, nick, and welcome back to another video. today i'm doing something a little bit different to sort of my usual content. i mean, there's no real usual content on this channel, sort of a bit over the place anyway. but i want to tok about instagram for a bit. so for those of you out there that are videographers and photographers, you probably use instagram and you probably sort of use it almost like a business card, business page to showcase your work, and if you do that, you'll probably notike that whenever you post things there's this little blue promote button next to each post and basically when you do that you basically pay a fee to instagram and that'll link through your facebook account and ads and sort of put that post in front of the correct audience. i was sort of curious to sort of like see what you kind of get out of it, whether or not it's worth it. so i have been off social media now for seven days. i know there's a big achievement in of itself these days, and so i did that for two reasons: one, to be of social media for seven days, but also because i thought it'd be a good way to sort of set a baseline for this test. so i have not been active liking photos on instagram now for seven days. i haven't posted in probably over seven days- about 10 days now- and i thought you know what? let's create a new post. so if we have a look here on my phone, we have our new post here: photo of kristen, a model i shot with recently. so we've got our inspirational sort of saying there, which is normally what i do with most of my posts, just so that you've got something nice to read. and then go down. we've got all the tags that i normally use on all my photos and then tag the relevant sort of accounts to that partikular photo and i'm just going to post that one now. so that's going to post and this is going to be put towards the feed of the people that follow me. and if i scroll down here, we can see that blue promote button. we're going to go straight away and hit that promote button, all right, so now we have the destination page. now, just quickly. if you don't have that blue promote buttons, probably because you don't have a business instagram account- uh, there's plenty of videos on youtube. i'm not. that's not what this video is about. so we're going to want to send people to my profile, which is at that modern dude, follow me. i'm going to go next, and for this partikular one, as you can see here, i've done a few promotions in the past, but i've never really properly tracked how it worked. we're just going to do automatik. so what it's going to do is going to look at the people that follow my account and, based off of the photos that they like though, the ones that are double tapping- it's going to sort of push this photo onto their feeds. so we're just going to leave automatik settings there. we're going to go next, and what we're going to do is we're going to do 50, as you can tell by the title of this video. so we're going to go 25 a day and we're going to do it over two days. all right, so 50 australian. so it's going to be a little bit less depending on where you're from, but 50 australian. and it's saying that the estimated reach for that amount of money is going to be between twenty 7620. now, that's not like. so that is estimated reach, but it'll be interesting to see how that translates. so we're gonna go next. there's a bit of an overview here gives you tax spending and you're gonna create promotion. now that's gonna go away for approval. i have never really had anything that denied approval. so that's just going to sit there for a little bit and, um, yeah, we're probably going to check back in a few days and see how that has gone, break down the analytiks and see how many likes we got for 50 tomorrow. so, guys, it's been a few days. i've let the post on instagram sort of sit there, just state breathe a little bit, and i've waited also a few days after- it's been about four days now- and just to make sure all those residual likes and all that sort of stuff coming in is just sort of gone, and so the post is sort of just sort of dead now. and, yeah, let's jump in and just see what's going on, because i'm kind of curious to kind of see, you know, if fifty dollars actually gotta say anything worthwhile. so we're going to jump into instagram here, all right. so this is the post right here, and let's just first off see how many likes we got. so the total likes: 1 1141, so that's pretty good, considering, i think. well, i got 1300 subscribers, so pretty good, i guess. um, let's have a look at a post that i didn't promote- this one here. i know i didn't, all right. so this post got 131 likes, so it's about a 100 increase, i guess. so on this partikular post, let's have a look at the deeper insights. okay, so, 50 over two days, 25 a day. let's see where we're sitting here, all right. so it's saying: here we got 16 comments, 31 favorites, 1100 likes- awesome. we had 571 people click on the promoted post, which is pretty good, and 600 people visited the profile. so, again, not too bad discovery. so this is what's interesting, okay. so so saying, 33 000 people were reached, 49 000 impressions and we got 45 followers from that post. the thing is with instagram, promotions is what they consider an impression. so with a promoted post like that, if you were to come across one on your feed, let's just say: there you go, here's a promoted post, here, sponsored post anyway. um, so by resting your screen on that, i think it's about two to three seconds. so literally you're scrolling down, you hold for a little bit and then you keep going. that is counted as an impression and then people reaches how many people, just how many screens it got into. so i can't remember what we said, what the promotion said it was going to read, but it would have been at the start of the video so you can see we can. i'll put some numbers up see what we actually got compared to what i said we're going to get. and yeah, i mean, at the end of the day we did go. we got exactly what we wanted, right? we got more likes, we got some followers. we've got 45 followers. so almost a dollar a follow, um, is that standard. i'm i don't know, and i guess totally up to you guys whether or not you think that is worth it. i just thought i did this test so you guys don't have to go drop the money if you don't want to, whether or not promoting instagram posts is actually worth it in the long run. so again, we spent 50 over two days and you know we, we got a few likes out of it and a few follows. i don't know if that's worth 50. i think that's quite a bit of money, but maybe two dollars here and there, sure, i mean it just gets gets your constant, gets constant likes on your posts and if you're trying to build like a photography business or a videography business or any fashion whatever, and you sort of use your instagram pages like a business card, then yeah, i can, i don't. i don't see the harm in promoting a couple posts here and there for a dollar here, a dollar there, just to boost those natural, boost that engagement just a little bit so that you're sort of sitting a bit more above average in terms of what you're posting. so there you go, guys. that's what you get for 50 on instagram. yeah, up to you, guys, whether or not you think it's worth it. if you enjoyed the video, make sure you hit the thumbs up button, subscribe for more content like this and yeah, until the next video, guys. you.

I Found the BEST Way to Run Instagram Ads in 2023

if you've ever run Instagram ads and it didn't go so well, it's probably because you were just blending in with every other Advertiser, with no real strategy. before you do that, did you know that there's a better way to run Instagram ads that are going to get you much more profitable long-term results and spend way less of your money? well, I found it, and in this video I'm going to break down my exact strategy so you can get your results from this to this using just one ad type in a very affordable budget. and the reason this ad strategy works so well is because it plays into actual human psychology and known buying Behavior. the big mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to advertising on Instagram is they run an ad to a cold audience who doesn't know them yet, asking for a sale or for their email address. but the problem is buying decisions just aren't made that quickly, so you end up spending a lot to advertise to people who just aren't worth the money because they aren't ready to buy yet. they're not warmed up to you as a business yet. so how can we reach those same people for a lot less money? that's what this video is all about. I call it the omnipresent reels strategy. omnipresent just means showing up over and over again in a smart sequence of ads that consistently put you in front of your target audience more often than your competition, and it mimics the way people might naturally find you online, gradually getting to know, like and trust you. this sequence just puts it all on hyperdrive, helping quickly move people from never heard of you before all the way through. I'm ready to take my money now. Meanwhile, your competition will just fall away into the sea of mediocre Instagram advertisers banging their heads on the propeller of negative Roi, and this strategy works best using the Instagram reels ad placement. it's where the most eyeballs are on the platform right now, since it's what Instagram's pushing the most. they're no longer an image sharing app. they're, in this short form, video business, and they want you to be making reels. so if you give them what they want, they'll reward you with more views for less money. now this is a two-phase strategy, so phase one involves just a single, specific real ad designed to attract your ideal customers, and then phase two involves a specific variety of reels, each created to hit on a different psychological trigger. that all add up to your prospects feeling like they know you and what you can do for them. so this works dramatikally better than just throwing out a single ad asking for a sale and just hoping it hits, because it never does does. so let's jump right into phase one, where we'll create what I call your magnet ad. so this ad shouldn't even remotely resemble an ad. okay, it isn't going to mention your business or your paid services at all. the only goal of this reel is to attract the right people, who would be perfect customers, and get them to watch at least part of your video, and to get everyone else to just swipe on past, and the way you're going to do this is to Simply create a really short clip that's closely related to your business Niche, that either informs or inspires on that topic. then the idea is: anyone who's interested enough to watch it would likely be your perfect customer. so what could this video be about? first of all, you don't need to dance or point, or dance and point or follow any of the latest trends from tiktok. in fact, I would definitely advise against going with anything trendy, because those Trends change all the time, and the beauty of this strategy is, however green it's designed to be, so you should be able to create the sequence just once and have it last you for a year or more. and in case you're stuck for ideas here, a great all-purpose prompt for your reel would be to think of your ideal customer's biggest problem or stumbling block that's in their way right now. then just make a short video giving them the one piece of advice or the three tips or the truth behind the common myth that's standing in their way. the idea is you're inspiring them that what they want is possible, and maybe you're even giving them a shortcut to a quick win that they can achieve on their own. for instance, if you're a window cleaning company, you might start out saying something like: if you can't keep the outsides of your second story windows clean, here's a secret trick you can use. then you'd simply teach them the trick or the three tips or give them the best expert advice on your subject. now this is the part I always get the most questions about in the comments. so come back to me here. you're going to want to choose the engagement objective at the can campaign level. then, when you get to the ad set level, they're going to ask you to set your conversion location. you'll choose on your ad and then, under engagement type, you'll choose video views. then, when it comes to budget, I recommend starting out setting this right around 10 or so. this is going to be enough to start building your custom audience of your best customer matches. so who will you show your phase one magnet ad to? generally speaking, the more wide open you can leave your targeting, the more leeway you're giving Facebook to put its algorithm to good use. and spoiler alert, the Facebook algorithm is smarter than any human brain could ever hope to be, so trust it to work out for itself who your best prospects would be. the only reason you might want to narrow it down is if you're a local business, in which case you'll specify the geographic area you want your ads to show in, or if you're a super Niche business, like if only hair stylists or classic car collectors would be interested in what you have to offer. in that that case, you might want to apply a very basic interest targeting option. but easy does it? here? you definitely don't want to get too granular and restrict that algorithm from doing its thing. we want big audiences for phase one. so now that our phase one magnet ads are running, attracting new prospects to your business every single day. it's time for phase two, and here's where things get really interesting, because phase two involves 10 different reels- ads that each satisfy a specific objective. it'll be shown to your prospects in a repeated rotation, so you show up in front of your audience on a set schedule of two ads per day. now, if that sounds like a lot or if you're confused at all by it, don't worry, I'm about to explain everything. so let's start off with the ads themselves that I recommend you create and keep in mind these should all be very short. they can be up to 90 seconds long, but honestly I'd keep them anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds if you can. so we're not toking about producing 10 big, big long videos here. if they're simple, they're short, and you can do this, I promise okay. so here are the different ad types that you'll need. so first, you should start with two helpful tips or how to style videos. these are all just about delivering even more value to your custom ad audience, so they're pretty much in the same style as your magnet ad. each delivering a quick tip or two orb action steps. it'll help them get a result that they're after, and for extra bonus points here if you happen to have any clips of you delivering these tips from a stage or during a podcast where you were interviewed as an expert guest- anything that puts you in the spotlight as the expert. by all means use that. next, you want to create two advice Style videos, so these are a little different because you're not giving Specific Instructions, you're just giving them your two cents. you know the same kind of advice you'd find yourself giving to your customers or clients all the time. just keep it to one piece of advice in each video to make them super, super simple and really easy to understand. next, you want to create one inspirational video, so this is where you essentially let them know what's possible. like if you're an accountant, you might tok about how structuring your business as an S corp can save you a bunch on taxes.