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argus leader black friday ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

In an exhilarating race, the Steward proves to be the standout performer, leaving the competition in its dust. From the very beginning, the Steward's speed and determination are evident as it takes an early lead. The other contenders, such as Taboo Beach Boy and Book of Invasions, trail behind but manage to hold their own. As the race progresses, the Steward's dominance becomes even more apparent, leaving no doubt about its victory. The Steward's extraordinary performance leaves spectators in awe and proves that it is a force to be reckoned with.

Race Analysis:

- The Steward starts off strong, bolting past the other runners on its way to the start.

- Taboo Beach Boy and Book of Invasions follow closely behind, battling for second place.

- Spin the Coin and Swaffan Bulbeck are not far behind, with Titus Bolton and Hunting Percival in pursuit.

- The pack negotiates the turn, with Set in Stone and Herd's Garden trailing behind.

- Romeo Brown and Zama Khan bring up the rear, keeping each other company.

- The Steward maintains its lead, racing freely and displaying its unrivaled speed.

- Taboo Beach Boy and Book of Invasions hold onto their positions, with Spin the Coin and Swaffan Bulbeck not far behind.

- Titus Bolton and Hunting Percival continue to chase the frontrunners.

- Set in Stone makes a move, while Herd's Garden and Lost and Found lag behind.

- Romeo Brown and Zama Khan remain at the back of the pack.

The Steward's Dominance:

- The Steward continues to extend its lead, leaving the other contenders in its wake.

- Taboo Beach Boy and Book of Invasions maintain their positions, but the gap between them and the Steward widens.

- Spin the Coin and Swaffan Bulbeck battle for position, followed by Titus Bolton and Hunting Percival.

- Lost and Found trails behind, while Set in Stone tries to make up ground.

- Romeo Brown and Zama Khan remain at the back of the pack.

The Final Stretch:

- The Steward reaches the halfway mark with a substantial lead, leaving spectators in awe.

- Taboo Beach Boy trails behind in second place, followed by Book of Invasions and Spin the Coin.

- Swaffan Bulbeck and Titus Bolton continue their pursuit.

- Herd's Garden and Lost and Found struggle to catch up, while Set in Stone shows signs of improvement.

- Romeo Brown and Zama Khan remain at the back of the pack.

The Home Run:

- The Steward maintains its lead, leaving no doubt about its victory.

- Taboo Beach Boy holds onto second place, while Swap and Bulbeck make a move from the outside.

- The Steward approaches the final quarter of a mile with a comfortable lead.

- Swaffan Bulbeck and Taboo Beach Boy battle for second place, with Titus Bolton and Spin the Coin not far behind.

- Romeo Brown starts to gain ground, while Zama Khan stays close to the inside.

The Finish Line:

- The Steward continues its dominant performance, widening its lead even further.

- Swaffan Bulbeck and Taboo Beach Boy compete for second place.

- The Steward crosses the finish line, securing a remarkable victory.

- Zama Khan makes a late surge to claim second place, followed by Romeo Brown.

- Swap and Bulbeck round out the top finishers.

In a race filled with excitement and suspense, the Steward proves to be unstoppable. From the moment the race began, its speed and determination set it apart from the competition. The Steward's commanding lead left the other contenders in awe, as it effortlessly dominated the track. This extraordinary performance by the Steward showcases its immense talent and solidifies its place as a true champion.

5APR1995 "Eye on KELO Land"

In this article, we will introduce a young hero named Kelly Olivier, who at the age of 10 faced a life-threatening battle with cancer. Despite the challenges he faced, Kelly's determination and strength have made him an inspiration to others. Along with Kelly's story, we will also highlight the courageous journey of a woman from Rapid City. Tune in to KELOLAND tomorrow night to watch the cancer special profiles and survival, where these incredible stories will be shared.

Kelly's Journey:

- Kelly Olivier, a 14-year-old from Chamberlain, South Dakota, is a hero in the fight against cancer.

- At the age of 10, Kelly went to the dentist for a routine checkup, but what was initially thought to be a bruise turned out to be cancer.

- Part of the roof of Kelly's mouth had to be removed, leaving him with difficulties in eating, speaking, and singing.

- Despite the challenges, Kelly found solace in singing and music, using it as a way to express himself during his recovery.

- Kelly's mother played a crucial role in supporting him through his battle with cancer, even in the toughest moments.

- The thought of death crossed their minds, but their faith in the Lord and their confidence in Kelly's strength kept them hopeful.

- Kelly now wears an obturator, a device that helps him eat, speak, and sing.

- He participated in a school play and believes that if he could overcome cancer once, he can overcome any challenge that comes his way.

The Power of Hope:

- Kelly's story reminds us that even in the darkest times, hope can be found within ourselves.

- Through his perseverance, he continues to inspire others facing similar battles with cancer.

- Kelly lives by the words of a song he sings, reminding himself and others to find strength and truth within when hope seems lost.

- His story is a testament to the power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Join us tomorrow night on KELOLAND TV for the cancer special profiles and survival, where Kelly's courageous story and the journey of a Rapid City woman will be showcased. These stories serve as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the power of hope in overcoming life's greatest challenges. Don't miss this inspiring broadcast!

Chilling footage of Uber Driver's final moments

Hi Tanaya, how's it going? I just wanted to give you a heads up that the footage I'm about to share with you is quite difficult to watch. It's the last moments of Christy Spakusa, and it's really hard to stomach. But I think it's important to share because I've made multiple videos about the lack of protection for Uber drivers and how little Uber does to address that.

Before I play the video, there are two things I want to point out. First, notice how the soon-to-be murderer gets a chance to cover his face. This is all thanks to the thoughtless policies from Uber and Lyft that require riders to wear masks. As a driver, you have no idea if the rider is covering their face because they're following the rules or if they have malicious intentions. I know most people are not out to harm anyone, but as you can see here, it only takes one time.

The second thing that really frustrates me about this video is that at one point, you'll hear a little ding. That's Christy getting a request for another ride. She's being sent another job by the company she's making money for. Now, I know it's just a coincidence, but by not accepting that trip, I guarantee you Uber would have bombarded her with messages and reminders to accept every trip or face penalties. Evidence shows that Christy was forced to drive for at least another hour before the tragedy occurred. And I can almost guarantee you that the Uber app noticed she wasn't accepting trips and signed her out. It bothers me because it shows how Uber will do anything to make sure their drivers keep driving. But this company has been around for so many years, and they still can't take basic steps to protect their drivers.

So, back to the video. Christy had asked the suspect if the ride was for Tanaya because he had his girlfriend call the Uber for him so that he wouldn't be connected to the ride. The full 20-minute video hasn't been released yet since the trial is still ongoing, but I've pieced together the most important clips I could find online.

Another important point to note is that Uber drivers have no idea where riders are going until the trip starts. And even then, all they get is an address. In this case, the destination was an abandoned house, which should have raised a huge red flag.

Ten minutes into the ride, Christy kindly asked the suspect where they were going. He mumbled an answer, and she said, That's good. Fifteen minutes into the ride, you can see Christy checking to see if there's anyone behind her. And then, at the 18-minute mark, she had no idea that she was heading towards an abandoned house, and that's when the worst-case scenario began to unfold.

At this point, I can't believe what I'm seeing. The suspect tells Christy to keep driving, and she pleads with him, asking what he's doing. She tries to reason with him, saying that she has a family. But he insists that she keeps driving. It's absolutely horrifying.

He eventually steals her cell phone, ripping it out of her hand while she was trying to empty her cash apps. And then, he notices the dash camera, rips it down, and throws it out of the window. It's just unbelievable.

Christy was later found in a wooded area with a single gunshot wound to the back of her head. She was only 38 years old and leaves behind four kids and a fiance. If you want to see how Uber directly contributed to this tragedy, I've included a link to a video in the description below. There's also a GoFundMe for her family.

In conclusion, this footage is truly heart-wrenching, and it highlights the need for better safety measures for Uber drivers. Uber and Lyft must do more to protect their drivers and ensure their well-being. No one should have to go through what Christy did. It's a tragedy that could have been prevented with proper safety protocols in place.

Does a Logo Really Help Your Business to Stand Out?

Welcome to this edition of the Marketing Happy Hour! In today's episode, we will be discussing logos and whether or not they are necessary for businesses to stand out in the crowded digital world. I am Dr. Christopher Vogelman, co-founder of Maximize Your Media and Epic Win Agency, joined by John Paduck, co-founder of Simplify Zone. Let's dive into the topic!

Sub-heading: The Evolution of Logos

- Coca Cola: From black and white to color, the font has remained consistent since 1905.

- Nike: Blue Ribbon Sports transformed into Nike with the iconic swoosh logo.

- Starbucks: Over time, Starbucks simplified their logo to just the image, no words necessary.

- Amazon: The smiley face logo is recognized worldwide.

- Duncan: The new logo, established in 2018, represents the different cup sizes.

Sub-heading: The Power of Logos

- Logos help differentiate your brand from the competition.

- Small logo adjustments can have a significant impact on brand recognition.

- Recognizable logos, like Coca Cola and Nike, have become worth billions of dollars.

- Simplified logos, like Starbucks and Amazon, demonstrate the power of simplicity in branding.

Sub-heading: The Importance of Trademarks

- Establishing and enforcing trademarks is crucial for protecting logo designs.

- Some brands, like Nike and Starbucks, have trademarked specific elements of their logos.

- Trademarks help prevent others from copying or using similar logos.

Sub-heading: Conclusion

- Logos are essential for businesses to stand out in the digital world.

- The evolution and simplicity of logos, like Coca Cola, Nike, and Starbucks, demonstrate the power of effective branding.

- Trademarks play a crucial role in protecting and enforcing logo designs.

In conclusion, having a well-designed logo can help businesses differentiate themselves in a crowded market. The evolution of logos, such as Coca Cola and Nike, showcases the power of branding and adaptability. Simplified logos, like Starbucks and Amazon, demonstrate the impact of simplicity in design. Trademarks are essential for protecting and enforcing logo designs. So, if you want your business to stand out, investing in a logo is a worthwhile endeavor. Cheers to successful branding!

I am so full right now!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Fantastic Turkey Evening. I'm Nubs and I hope you all had a great turkey day filled with delicious food and desserts. Today, we're going to talk about our plans for the evening, including playing War Zone 2.0 and some retail World of Warcraft with my brother. We'll also give a shoutout to our friends Peg and Necro, who do Facebook streams. So, let's get started!

Plans for the Evening:

- Play War Zone 2.0

- Play retail World of Warcraft with my brother

Shoutout to Friends:

- Peg and Necro from Facebook streams

- Check out Pig City Gaming and Necro44s on Facebook

Engaging with Viewers:

- Smack that like button, ladies and gentlemen

- How was your turkey day?

- Tomorrow is sub day, so join us then

- How are you all doing today?

- Let's hop into the game

Playing War Zone 2.0:

- First game of the day

- No one else in the world has played today

- Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

- I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner

- Did you take a dab hit and not tell anyone?

- Let's get the show started

Playing Retail World of Warcraft:

- Chatting with viewers while playing

- Following my brother in the game

- Having a great time playing with my brother

Gameplay Highlights:

- Taking down enemies and completing missions

- Reviving teammates and getting back in the game

- Buying back teammates and working as a squad

- Wiping out enemy teams and winning fights

- Engaging in intense battles and taking out enemies

Thank you all for joining me on this Fantastic Turkey Evening. I hope you enjoyed the games and the stream. Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Stay tuned for more exciting streams in the future. Have a great day, everyone!

The Fate of Retail Real Estate

The retail real estate industry has been facing challenges for several years, with the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon. The events of 2020, including the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, have further accelerated this trend. In this article, we will explore the implications of these changes for retail real estate investors heading into 2021.

Retail Shift to E-commerce:

E-commerce sales have been steadily increasing over the past decade, and the events of 2020 have only accelerated this trend. In the second quarter of 2020, online sales accounted for almost 16.5% of all retail sales, a significant increase from previous years. With a potential second wave of lockdowns on the horizon, it is crucial for retail real estate investors to understand the impact of this shift.

Impact on Retail Real Estate:

The closure of physical retail locations has been a major trend in 2020, with estimates of 20,000 to 25,000 stores permanently closing by the end of the year. This includes both small businesses and major retail giants. As a result, the retail sector is experiencing negative net absorption, posing challenges for retail property owners. However, there are some positive signs in terms of rent collections and overall retail sales growth.

Opportunities for Retail Real Estate Investors:

Despite the challenges, there are opportunities for retail real estate investors. The changing profile of retail tenants presents opportunities for repositioning retail sites. Vacant retail spaces can be leased to new concepts, such as medical and wellness users, grocery stores, and quick-service restaurants. Additionally, there is a massive opportunity for well-capitalized investors to convert failing regional malls into in-demand product types like industrial or multi-family projects.

Shift in Lease Terms:

Lease terms in the retail space are shifting, favoring retailers in the current market. Landlords are more willing to offer rent concessions and shorter lease terms to provide flexibility to tenants in uncertain times. Percentage rent clauses are becoming more prevalent, allowing landlords to participate in a percentage of tenant sales. This creates more alignment between tenants and landlords and incentivizes the success of the tenant's operation.

The retail real estate industry is facing significant challenges due to the rise of e-commerce and the events of 2020. However, there are opportunities for retail real estate investors to adapt and thrive. By understanding the changing landscape and considering repositioning strategies, investors can navigate the current market and set themselves up for success in 2021 and beyond.

[5 - 9 - 2022] 🔴 It's a new week and I don't know what to put here! - MrJordilicious

Music Music Music Music Applause Music so Music Applause Music hmm Music soso Music streamers that you can see already but do not talk yet Music Music so Music Music Music Music Music so Music what s the thing what you think about but when you re born into a fight but let them burn let them burn it out Music they tell us lies Music Music listen up listen up now the brains are bigger than the doubt we ve been thinking for ourselves never let the truth fade away this is bigger than ourselves Music Music Applause Music Applause Music we were Music Music mistakes Music hello hello hello hello hello i was trying to uh to get into uh you know in in the middle of the song at the end of the song i was trying to already come in but then i i lowered the volume i was doing two too many things at the same time and it didn t work out so that s what you get for trying something well not necessarily new but trying something different i guess um anyway though except anyway welcome in hello hello it is good to have all of you on this uh on this monday it is a brand new week the weekend has come and gone it s been a busy day for me i m not gonna lie it s been a somewhat of a busy day for me but uh we re gonna talk about that in a little bit before we do that of course um i m gonna we re gonna listen to what um what what uh steve jobs has to say so let s let s wait for that because i m not sure what he s gonna well i don t know what he s gonna say but you know what i ve seen the pretty streamer yeah yeah yeah i know okay well let s start the countdown then because steve jobs wants to see me i guess papa omega hello how are you doing hello hello hello and everyone else of course as well hello to you guys welcome in good to have all of you welcome welcome on this brand new week this brand new monday uh in which i m going to say the following which is good evening everyone good evening good times doing to all of you how is everyone doing today my name is mr delicious welcome to the stream on this monday september 5th 2022 hello hello uh also annoy x uh i hope i pronounced that properly a welcome to stream and thanks much for the follow welcome to the delicious people how are you doing today hello hello hot hot it is kind of hot yeah it s 27 degrees out so it is kind of hot yeah i know i know i m good how are you i m doing good as well papa maker i m doing good as well thank you so much for asking and good to hear that you are doing good as well um so yeah wait we got more bits hang on hang on i m gonna i m gonna wait for for those you are oh i am oh okay i didn t get that i didn t get that thank you for the bids though thank you for the wins i was just kidding i totally knew that i just wanted to get more bit i m joking i m joking i i didn t i didn t want to get more i mean i always liked bits but you know i wasn t trying to necessarily get anymore so so yeah um dragon ball how are you doing welcome in hello hello dude we just caught a free vintage painting oh nice i also scored something free today but we re gonna talk about that in in in in a little second i guess first worked after the whole day today oh hopefully it went well uh dragon or hopefully it was it was okay uh that s always tricky um when uh you know like when you had you like your holiday and you you didn t have to work for a while and then you have to go back that s always there s always like this moment where it s like oh i need to go back but i don t want to but i have to but i don t want to you know like that feeling or were you excited to go back i mean sometimes people are very excited to go back to their jobs of course which is also an option um so yeah happy national be late for something today hello martin i mean you re not necessarily late if you were trying to say that i m too late for the account yeah you are too late for the countdown that is true the countdown has already been uh but you are not necessarily too late for the stream because we we well we literally just begun um it s only just begun um someone coming in hello how s everyone doing today chad how is everyone doing hopefully you guys had a nice weekend um a nice saturday and sunday uh and hopefully all of you that you know that live in a bit of a similar time zone for me i hope you had a nice monday as well i mean some of you maybe your monday is just beginning uh so then i hope you gonna have a nice monday uh but for all of you that are like you know in a bit of a time somewhere it s already evening or like late afternoon or something like that i hope you had a nice monday uh like i said before my monday was pretty um busy i had a pretty uh one i mean i don t want to say it was a hectic um i don t want to say it was like a hectic day it was just like a busy day like an unexpected unexpectedly busy day let s just leave it at that um i was i was doing a lot of things um so so let s let s let s catch up on that i might have to get to work soon as well i want to earn money for driving lessons by doing freelance work oh nice hopefully that s going to go well i hope that s gonna go uh that s gonna go well yeah driving lessons i mean i have no idea how things are these days because when i took my driving lessons that was Music many many years ago i don t even know how many how many years ago it was how long i ve had my my driver s license for yet but when i did it it was already kind of expensive uh and you know with the state of the world as we are in right now i m sure that it only has become more expensive um like not just with like covet and with you know the economics and inflation and and all those kind of things but i you know like with the years i m sure that it has become um you know more expensive as well so hopefully that s gonna go well for you that s how you did a bike ride today yes so i started my day today kind of in an active way i m not gonna lie um i went for a bike ride which was nice because i haven t rode my my bike i mean i did ride my bike but not like my my you know my road cycling bike i haven t rode that in a while um so today was like the first time in like several months i think that i ve i ve rode on that um but it was really nice you know i didn t go too far because i was like let s you know ease into it again but you know the weather was nice and it was like nice outside it was a little bit warm so i was kind of getting sweaty um but other than that it was it was really nice it was nice to be back out on the bike again so i might do that again uh you know when when the weather is still this nice i kind of want to go out more often because it s it s also good for my for my body of course i wanted to go for a run but my knee has been acting up the last couple of days again uh which i am not very happy with because i was kind of like it was kind of like over that to be honest um and now it s sort of seemingly coming back like the issues that i had in my my left knee so um i didn t go for a run because i didn t feel that would be a good idea like you know running and landing on my knee and then it bouncing together the entire time i was like yeah that s probably not a good idea when it s already acting up so i m for a bike ride because my physical therapist back in the day also when he was you know looking at money he was like uh riding bikes is like perfect um for for like you know the inquiry that you have because you know it s not really you re not like putting a lot of stress on like your your muscles or your joints or anything like that um so it s perfect so that s why i opted to go for my for a bike ride today instead of a run but hopefully i can run soon again because i really do miss it like i always love running and it s such like a it s such a good feeling to be able to go out for a run so i hope that soon i will be able to do that again um so that i can enjoy the freedom of running once more i hope Laughter um so yeah that was that was my morning i went at like 10 45 ish i think like 11 ish something like that at 11 a m i went for my bike ride which was uh it was kind of nice because it wasn t too warm just yet it was like a nice temperature um so yeah it s going to be an uphill battle but i want to own a motorcycle and become a free daddy so i actually wanted to i always wanted to own a motorcycle myself as well and get motorcycle lessons uh i don t think it will ever happen anymore because like you know my age and like um you know like it s like i said it s not very cheap but i ve always wanted to be able to ride a motorcycle because i always think it looks so cool a friend of mine actually got her motorcycle driving motors motorcycledriving driver s license there we go um and she actually got that a couple of years ago uh and whenever she s like i m gonna go out with my with my “

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