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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



p Paul King human here listen up it's
King human King human here and I'm here
with a buddy mind this is rodney the
chimp and rodney is here he's gonna be
making a guest appearance here I'm glad
to have him today on the king human
channel uh Rodney rocks and Rodney's
gonna be here answering your questions
giving advice and what's up Rodney yo yo
would it be what it was what it will
begin people anyway Rodney uh we have a
question our first question comes to us
from Jared night calm and let's let's
take a look and see what Jared night has
to say when monkeys are in domestik
situations such as a bed or in the house
they have forced to wear diapers I
wanted to know and one does too that is
that in any way degrading or humiliating
to the monkey community I mean do you
guys say hey why are you making me wear
diapers were the zoo I don't have to
does it make sense that they need the
cleanliness of the human there's the
monkey just really humiliated about that
okay Rodney you heard it right from
jared's mouth there you go i'm gonna
yield the floor you take it away okay
well first of all this is a fucked-up
question oh hey language language well
son of a [ __ ] what a human centric
piece of [ __ ] question this is god damn
it okay first of all I'm not a monkey
I'm a name you don't know the difference
do you son of a [ __ ] all right I can't
educate you but let me get to your
goddamn question okay first of all I
don't wear diapers I wear pants nice
woods they're probably better than yours
so shut the [ __ ] up secondly monkeys
might wear diapers I don't know I mean I
don't hang around with monkeys I'm a
name okay but have a monkey wore diapers
I really couldn't answer for him would
it embarrass them my answer is it deep
pins all right fool I hope that answers
your question
okay makes sense anyway alright Jared
night I hope that answers your question
Rodney thank you for that insightful bit
of wisdom and a finer piece of chimp
logic I can't find anywhere I'm sure
anyway there you have it people if you
have a question from Rodney contact me
King human and I'll get ahold of Rodney
and see if we can't get him back on the
King human chin all right people for now
it's goodbye for me all right you damn
dirty humans adios be cool sayonara say
it next time goodbye

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