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AUGUST LIVE PRODUCT RESEARCH With Naz | Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 7 2022 by NAZERATI

AUGUST LIVE PRODUCT RESEARCH With Naz | Shopify Dropshipping

AUGUST LIVE PRODUCT RESEARCH With Naz | Shopify Dropshipping

methods you don't really want to mess
with them
uh can you ask everyone to make
themselves yes so I can't hear anyone
for whatever reason I think it's also my
computer I can't hear anything I guess
someone sounds like Brian
there we go everybody okay there we go
now I can't hear people too
let me mute everyone I can mute
everybody no worries
there we go
so everybody should be fine is everybody
everybody good can you hear me
yes okay cool
all right so first of all if a lot of
people are consistently asking you if
consistently changing their methods
doing different things uh I don't want
to mess with them my consistency is the
um if you're cons you know like if
someone is if someone's doing something
and it's working for them usually that's
you know they're gonna be doing the same
thing over and over again just so you
kind of get an idea
like for example yesterday was our slow
day Mondays are usually the worst day
but at about four thousand five thousand
dollars and then the day before was
twelve thousand let me go if you see
actually I would say
I gotta go to analytiks and the day
before was eleven thousand so like we're
average about 10 to 12 000 in kind of a
unless like uh you know Mondays are
always the worst day so Mondays are
usually the worst day that doesn't work
so if you look at here and if you can
see twelve thousand the day before that
eleven thousand day before that was
about seven eight nine thousand
I don't know if you guys can see it
again and this is like about 20 to 30
um profits so how did you go from 12 to
4K Mondays are the worst days for me um
so I don't know if you are running
successful you know Drop Shipping or not
parsa uh usually Mondays and Tuesdays my
sales look completely just like crash
and then honestly I've toked to a lot
of other people they say it's the same
exact thing like we do like we get to 20
000 sometimes on a weekend and then
Monday just go two thousand twenty two
thousand but then again Tuesday
Wednesday comes back to uh normal Monday
is always good that's funny I guess
every every Market is different because
whoever I tok to they say Monday
literally like even on Facebook we
Monday it just crashes completely it
just does not do well because of that I
kind of like cut down most of the ads uh
sometimes we wake up on Monday and she's
like an absolutely negative so we don't
really mess with Mondays Tuesdays like
slowly come back to life
um so that's just how it's been so I
don't really mess with Mondays as much I
even tell people if you're you're
testing Try to test your product on uh
on the weekends or at least not Monday
and Tuesdays Monday and Tuesday in the
US people just don't buy I don't know
people just don't like to buy
uh so funny thing yeah in Europe it's
funny because German markets Mondays
it's interesting how different Market is
different honestly like a lot of people
say like they there's certain products
that they sell in Germany or like
Germany I actually heard really great
things about Germany
um I say things that absolutely would
not work for in the US or the type of
products they start testing or selling
whatever uh every Market is different so
this is specifically for us and Canada
um U.S and Canada for whatever reason
Monday and Tuesdays are just that it's
been like that honestly since I remember
with Facebook since 2016 Monday and
Tuesday's always been live kind of not
not good unless the holiday or something
I don't know people go back to work and
they forget about buying stuff online
Okay cool so what we're going to do I'm
just going to show you how I find my
products a lot of times I tok about the
same you know methods and people always
are like oh is there a new method is
there a new method not really do you see
the same product over and over again
everywhere so it doesn't really there's
no such a thing as finding like
something some secret right it's so much
about your creative first of all just so
you know so I'm gonna share my screen
I'm gonna find find products with you uh
I'll tok about PP ads uh multiple times
before just mute yourself okay I'll tok
about PP ads multiple times before and
it's not and I know like I'm not telling
you to go I'm not a fan of all these
product research tools because a lot of
them you go try to find products and
people find saturated products in there
right it's not about going there and
trying to find products that other
people's are scaling we're gonna go
there's three methods I use okay I'm
gonna show you how I do it either is
like first of all for people that are
absolutely beginner I'm going to share
my screen I'm going to show you so
there's three things I like to do okay
uh first of all do you guys see my
just let me know if you see my screen so
I'm not just
uh yep yeah okay cool
um okay so if you see my screen there's
different methods that I use on PPS
again I'm not a fan of I'm not a huge
fan of all these tools it's not
necessarily to find you know winning
products definitely but it's definitely
a great tool if you're getting started
if you're absolutely a beginner you
never had a winning product you don't
know how the ads work especially for
tiktok a lot of people don't know how
to make content uh number one thing is
coming to spy on Winner's store and one
way to do it is going to winning
products okay this is all the winning
products none of these products we're
gonna test okay none of this product we
don't we're not testing any of these
products do not test other people's
winning product especially in US and
Canada Market I know I've heard with
some of the people that are my friends
that are in Europe like actually one of
my students in Italy he was scaling
something that is super saturated in the
US so that might work but this is
specifically Just For Us in Canada okay
if you're not muted mute yourself please
okay so one way to do that is you can
come here and what I like to do I just
open bunch of these okay and first of
all if you're absolute beginner I want
you to look at the ads and see why
they're performing okay and one way to
know also like you know like
just why there there's a tool if you're
using PP ads there's a tool called
Shopify tool if you don't have creepy
ads if you want to give you don't have
to necessarily get it there's a trial or
whatever if not I have it on there all
my YouTube videos the link that you can
go use
um you don't necessarily need it but I
like using it because it's a tool to
make it easier to find products and see
how they're doing especially if you're a
complete beginner this is a great method
to learn about how successful ads are
most people struggle with it I had
people coming from Facebook making
millions of Facebook and then struggling
with tiktok because they don't know
how to make content they're bringing the
same kind of content idea from Facebook
to tiktok with tiktok you can't
look like you're the ad is an ad you
know what I mean like the ads supposed
to not look like an act the more you
just see the more uh original it is it
looked like someone's just reviewing the
product someone's just showing the
product the better they perform if that
makes sense so one of the there's four
methods that are that you use for our
ads that do really well one of them is
Texas speech one of them is voice over
just like casually you know reviewing a
product like toking about the product
and just recording your voice review
Style videos really do really really
well like unboxing and reviewing your
product also reacting stitching method
is like reacting to another video so you
have an original video a girl is like oh
my God this product is doing this and
the second person is like oh I just
ordered it just to see if it works or
not uh and then kind of reviewing it
like that
and then green screen and green screen
backdrop I think that's what it's called
background whatever so basically you're
again reacting to another video those
videos do really well so tiknically you
gotta go on tiktok and then see
what's trending and what's doing really
really well uh as a ugc and then most of
the time
ugc Style videos that go viral they also
do well as an ad does that make sense so
a lot of people that are going viral
organically let's say you just see
organically if you run you know if you
make a video similar to that video and
then run it as an ad that's how you go
viral on um on
uh on the ads as well uh and then
obviously if you're making your own
videos make sure you have good lighting
uh how many products would I test when
beginning if you have 2K a month for ads
if there's no there's no rules for how
many products someone asked like how
many products do I test here's the thing
it takes about 50 to 100 to test the
product in my opinion
um the faster you test the faster you
get results if you're not muted please
mute yourself if the faster you test the
faster you get results but also I might
say that but then I see people like
throwing out like really bad content or
like ripping every single product is
ripped content
um you can react to other people's
products and stuff but like don't rip
the whole thing
um you know that they usually don't do
well so it can take I had people find
winning products in three products
because they're really really good at
making content they're like they're they
know tiktok platform and I know
people that are struggling because
they're not used to the platform they're
not they don't know anything about it
and they think it can take them 40 50
products so it really depends on how
fast you want to test and how good you
are in making the creatives and like
learning tiktok platform
okay so back to product research if
you're just getting started I want you
guys to just look at how the video Why
the videos are performing right so
you're in a winner section and then you
look at why the products are performing
actually I've seen this one so I'm just
going to open this one and let's just
take a look at this product okay this
thing is so cool so this is the flash
drive for your phone will you be copy
and transfer things like photos videos
and files and then move them right to
your laptop iPad and even other people's
phones and you can even record videos
and take photos directly under the
memory stik via the app so you don't
have any storage on your phone it has
256 gigs of storage so that's 124 000
photos or 40 hours of HD so as you guys
see honestly the content is I can tell
it's you know ripped from someone else
or maybe Alex first or whatever but the
voiceover that's what makes it right it
makes it look like a review type of
videos and um
please mute yourself if you're not muted
hold on who's not muted
okay I just muted everybody okay cool
um so it's kind of a review style right
these kind of ugc kind of contents do
the best someone asked if I just do us I
do US Canada and UK UK recently started
becoming profitable uh probably last two
three months last year I messed around
with UK no matter what I would do it
just would not get profitable so the
last two or three months actually been
pretty good so highly recommend testing
in the UK I think UK is just like maybe
the app you know they're easing up to
the app recently you know what I mean so
one of the things that I want to do uh
there are a couple tools that I highly
recommend you guys using these are free
Commerce inspector and Ali Hunter so
there's a paid version of it that is
Shopify tool that is also through
um three through PPS or if you're
already paying for PP ads definitely go
download Shopify tool what it does
uh what it does it tells you if that
store is getting sales or not so it kind
of get you an idea of if you know that
what that story is doing like if they
know what they're doing so the best way
we find winning products is just we have
a bunch of stores saved up so what we do
like for example here let's say I know
the store knows what they're doing this
is an example okay I'm not highly I'm
not saying that they know what oh
actually this might not be Drop Shipping
okay let's open another one of that
okay so let's say this store looks like
they know what they're doing and how we
know that's how they're doing what we
know what they're doing uh there are a
couple ways to kind of find out if
they're using I like to use Commerce
inspector is this app that shows you
whenever this opens oh
show you so you go to Commerce inspector
I don't know why it's so slow
okay let's open another one
and I don't know why this is glitching
oh did I open the same one
what is happening
if it's a glitch or is it my browser
okay I have no idea why this is doing
okay I don't know why this is not
let me copy paste it to see if it makes
any difference
weird Okay so let's say when you get
Shopify tool it looks like something
like this right it looks so it shows you
all the live sales so it looks like they
they still scaling so one thing is it
shows your Lifestyles but it doesn't
show you for how long they're being
selling it so you have to keep this keep
this open and then come back and check
on them to see you know if they're still
selling that product so one thing to
keep in mind I don't like to go for
whatever they already scaling what I
like to do if the store looks like what
they're they know what they're doing I
save this right so I go here and then
kind of save it in my
whatever sheet that I have like let's
say I go here and save it here and then
what I like to do let's I have like 50
of these sometimes you see in my videos
on YouTube that I say I have 50 you know
products that I've saved here and I like
to like I go and spy on them so what
does that mean when I Spy on them so I
go here and I go to Commerce inspector
and I can see what products they're
adding to their store so the chances are
if they consistently get winning
products they also know how to find
winning products right so scrolling down
there's another way to you can kind of
check if you go through the apps and
they look like they have a lot of apps
that they pay for for example looks they
have to pay for Lucky orange they pay
um they look like they know what they're
doing you know I kind of like to save
those stores and then you can spy on
them to see if you know they're what how
often they're testing a product so if
you go here
um it looks like they created it's the
newest product right created nine hours
ago period not nine hours ago so let's
take a look and in my head I have couple
rules okay this is a cool product
actually to test I haven't seen it on
tik that would actually be cool a
couple rules that or questions that I
ask myself if this product is problem
solving is this product
um passionate product is this product uh
problem solving passionate uh it has to
be unique it has to be something that
people consistently like are not buying
you know what I mean it's something very
unique at least in the US and UK US and
Canada Market you don't want to be
um you know uh you don't want to be
you want to be looking for stuff that uh
people is unique people don't go and
just buy
and then I I'll go through the questions
after guys sorry if I see if you see
that I'll answer because I'm I'm going
to be doing this and then I'll go
through the questions after so like for
example I would be like okay this is a
product that I might test
um I go and like first of all I save it
uh there's another tool you can use
um uh it's called Ali seek
um it's free these are all free search
Alex first by image so whatever product
that you find you can also find it on
AliExpress it goes on AliExpress and
search it for you so here I can take a
look okay thirty dollars let me see how
many another thing I like to do I don't
like to go after products that have a
lot of orders on AliExpress if they have
ten thousand fifteen thousand
consistently that means like there might
be if people are scaling it through
AliExpress just imagine how many people
are not stealing it through AliExpress
you know what I mean like they have
their own suppliers so let's say for
example with this product I would
test it so I put it in here and I do
more research on it right so I put the
link I kind of just put it put it all
together it's kind of a
tutorial I gave my also my the age to do
so literally they all follow this method
and they do it with different uh product
research tools so it doesn't have to be
necessarily PPS we also use
um income hunts income hunters for
Facebook that's why I like it so I can
find products that haven't been scaled
on tiktok but they've been on
Facebook because in the beginning two
years ago when we you know kind of
started like messing around with tik
tok and stuff uh we've been advertising
on Facebook on since 2016 but since we
started messing around with tik we
brought out a lot of our past winning
products from Facebook and put it on
tiktok and they would perform right
we just had to change up the content
make it super like tik-tok ish you
know looking so that's why I like to
also look for products that are people
might be scaling on Facebook but they're
not on tiktok and I see if anybody
ever scale that if not then that's a
good product to go and like try to
uh make contents for now okay so let's
say this is one of them if that makes
sense so that was what I'm toking about
and winning products if you're absolute
beginner I want you to watch the videos
and just get an idea of why these videos
are performing right why is this and
winning creative right so let's take a
look at this Apple seven million dollars
offer I have two months to sell it for
13 before Apple sells it for 99. so
crazy part this is like a little
confusing right uh I notike if you make
your ad a little just a little confusing
that people have to watch it over and
over and over again and the algorithm
think that people like it right and that
that has to do with a lot of also
organic uh organic stuff organic post
I've seen like I I studied I like I'm on
tiktok I'm thinking my brain is
consistently thinking why are these
people getting a lot of views right why
is it that this has million views why is
it that you know these people are
growing so fast and then
um you see it's a little bit of like
curiosity you have to create not too
much that people are absolutely like
shut down they're like what what is it
like I have no idea but a little bit
they're like oh what does that mean I
want to watch it again to see why people
are you know doing it again and again
okay if you just joined please uh mute
your there we go okay
okay so this is tiknically all I do
like we go open like bunch of these so
let's say all of these because these
winning products already probably a
bunch of people are on it and like you
know trying to scale and all that stuff
especially people that don't know what
they're doing they go after other
people's winning product right and then
at least in the US UK whatever market
right people go out and try to test
those and you don't want to be that
person but another way that I like to do
it is you go to product Research Now
product research is a whole different
story on PP ads these are people that
are just sending out their ads right so
you can go and choose UK and I'm sorry
us UK and Canada
okay so like I said either I go after
products that people are just adding to
their store that means they're about to
test that product so there's no you know
20 billion competition against you or
products that people are just testing so
this is a part
um I like to go so let's see last scene
today so you want to find products that
people are just testing so I would say
three four days is like a sweet spot so
you know that people are just testing
that product right so those are also
products I would go after now this could
be tricky because people also duplicate
there's also people that don't know what
they're doing there's people that are
also duplicating other people's products
all that stuff but the more you do this
they're real like for example I know
this is saturated I would never go after
this product I know this is saturated
the more you do this the more you know
what's saturated and what doesn't work
anymore now your product is 30 of the
process of your success I would say 60
is your creative so if you come up with
a like a semi-saturated product and you
come with a completely brand new angle
and brand new like uh creative then
that's a whole different story right now
people also confuse about
um okay so now I have like for example
this is saturated unless like they've
been scaling it for a while or like you
know I wouldn't probably go after
certain products so
uh let me see like I don't even know if
this is Drop Shipping but let's take a
look because I have to see it this is
probably stature unless like I said if
they're coming out with a brand new
creative right let me see what else is
out there
there's this problem these are all
saturated so I would not go after them
okay so this door thing I haven't seen
it in a while and then now I see it
might be something that is worth it let
me check this out
this is definitely saturated now
like I said The more you do this then
the more you can tell what's like not
really worth
nothing you know what I mean
I haven't seen this one before okay so
let's take a look at these this is
definitely saturated too by the way I
just didn't want to uh
well you know what we can open it to see
maybe they've been scaling it for a
while you know and if they're not at one
product store let's see what else so it
doesn't look like they're scaling it but
let's see if they're adding products to
restore if they look like they know what
they're doing I don't think they know
what they're doing so I'm gonna just
figure it out
uh actually I might have found it on the
owner you know what no worries you just
I just have to dig in to see if you know
if the um a store looks like they know
what they're doing so this is my Shopify
crazy things they probably steal it on
this this crazy thing is like these
people didn't even bother changing it
that's how much your URLs doesn't matter
at all apparently
I'm actually curious to see it oh delete
it okay
uh let's look at these
the one product store now no it's not
never mind let's see if they're getting
lives at 37 minutes ago
so I like to keep this open to see if
they're getting sales remember it
doesn't show you sales all the time it
also gets triggered if people adding the
product to their store but I go to
Commerce inspector let's take a look to
see if they're consistently adding
product to the store if they're
consistently adding product to the store
that's a good sign that they're
consistently testing so 13 days ago I
probably wouldn't you know stress about
it too much let's take a look at this
one so this is from the part that says
product research so these are the
products that people are just testing so
it looks like they just started testing
it right so with this one you can kind
of spot yourself stok Factory or
generally just does not smell good I
literally cannot recommend this product
enough I picked it up the other day and
it's absolutely incredible so all you
got to do is add some water and a few
squirts of your uh favorite cologne
perfume essential oils whatever I have
some Dior Savage in here
okay let's take a look now I'm curious
so they just testing this product one
thing you can do if they're just testing
the product you can keep this door open
right for 24 hours or whatever and then
see if you're getting sales it's kind of
like they're testing it for you for free
that makes sense so let's say I think
that when my wife's side dude doesn't
close the door when he's here therefore
this is a really good way of marketing
because you're creating that like what
the hell like what are you toking about
I read it with my wife side Doom doesn't
close the door when he's here like you
said therefore I bought myself a lazy
real close with things it will still
pays you to install my one can't wait to
try it out when he comes over
that's funny okay that's funny
um let's see if I know let's take a look
at their store and then see if they're
what's going on here
all right it's not even a Shopify store
I guess it didn't work out okay it
doesn't look like they know what they're
doing so the Shopify tool shows you if
they're getting sales or not just for
you know if you just join
uh I've seen this scout multiple times
okay and there you go it doesn't look
like they're getting consistent sales or
they know what they're doing so if that
makes sense what I'm trying to do guys
is that I want to see I wanna there are
a couple ways I find stories they don't
know what they're doing they might be
scaling something but I look at what
products they're adding to their store
because if they're scaling and chances
are they're also picking products that
know like it makes sense to you know
become they they're good at finding
money products right uh once you have
one winning product you're an
intermediate at that point you know so I
already can tell this is a bad ad so I'm
just going to close on a little bit and
the next thing is on PP ads I like to go
to product search so this is the second
method okay to make sense why I went
from winning product to here so these
stores we don't know if they know what
they're doing but they're testing
um that could work so let's see if you
guys have like a warm-up account body
shaping stuff do really well so you
might want to test that if you know your
account is not going to get banned and
stuff because like it's also different
with tiktok accounts and all that
stuff so one thing that I said I'm going
to tok about is like let's say you
found a product you have a couple
products that you found and now you want
to test them right so let's say I don't
know you have
set this open yeah let's say you have
this product and you want to test it so
like I said body shaping stuff actually
do really really well
I know them for a fact I know they're
they're doing really great I I see their
ads all the time on Facebook tiktok
um on Snapchat that just do a bunch they
sell a bunch of body shaping stuff like
I said body shaping stuff can be tricky
um It's Tricky they don't like for you
to show before and after pictures but I
know that I know that they know what
they're doing and like I said if you
have a warm-up account you can these are
all Drop Shipping so by the way like
they they're branded it but it's
everything is in here is Drop Shipping
um so let's say you have a product now
you're like okay now what do I do with
tiktok is confusing right you're like
a lot of people get confused do I test
with ripped content do they work what
happens what do I do now that I have the
product so there are a couple of things
that you need to do is
I highly highly recommend you make your
own videos okay even if like if you want
to use part of other people's videos
it's fine but make sure you make your
own videos and change it up the reason
is like if you find here's what happens
the first method that you can use is you
can find content on the internet direct
content but the chances are there's like
thousands of their drop shippings that
are doing the same thing that they don't
know what they're doing and they're
doing the same thing so now you're
competing against all these people that
trying to do the same thing you know
what I mean
so crazy things you won't believe me I
literally use end shot
um people that know how to edit videos
please excuse my I use insta it's an app
on your Apple Store that is a completely
beginner that the reason I do enjoy just
because I don't want to put it on my
computer go on Adobe edit and get it
back with any shot you can literally cut
the parts you can do voice over you can
do all that stuff then I put it on it's
called end shot so here
and then I I don't feel like putting it
going back and putting it on
um uh you know from my laptop from like
this and then I but then should I edit
it if I want to put part of the video
but the other video and I could do voice
over I could do all that stuff then I
put it on tiktok to use the actual
fonts because I've won the actual font
tiktok fonts I don't want any other
fonts that even similar to it I want the
actual font uh where do you get firmware
so you don't need to you need to order
here's the thing with tiktok the best
performing videos that I've had I've
always ordered the video my I ordered a
product myself and I made the videos
even if it's couple seconds so like for
example I have products that I like I
used couple like
parts of other videos but the first
three to four seconds are my own videos
that I consistently change up and in the
first four or five seconds is the most
important part because that's when
people decide to click on it right and
then if you want to use other people's
video like they can take your thing they
can take you down because you're using
their videos
um I highly recommend not showing any
face any Brands any of that
um I don't use you know Fiverr is the
worst I know I know a lot of people like
use it you have to I tested every single
fiber editor and I probably found one
that was worth like using and it's hard
for an absolute beginner to kind of
completely go the best way to go about
it is you order the product and make the
videos yourself
so someone is asking so I'm from Germany
it takes about one week to arrive park
that's fine and test the rip content but
it's funny but if it takes one week yeah
the thing is you're creative when I say
60 you're creative is what gives you a
winning product from where can we
purchase video as on as the best so um
we're actually putting together an
influencer thing that you could guys I
keep you guys posted okay as of right
now it's good to go find your own
influencers too so if you don't want to
make your videos so this is the thing if
you don't want to make your own videos
you can go I have a list of info some of
the influencers that I use I'm gonna put
it here you guys can go take a look
um you know there it's not oops not that
using him sorry monsters let's copy
there we go so this is some of the
influencers that we've used and some of
them might have grown and like they
charge more but I don't I wouldn't
change I wouldn't pay anything more than
30 to 50
um you can find your own influencers you
can go on tiktok literally search the
uh product name and then you see a bunch
of influencers come up that make videos
for the product you go on their profile
you click on their Instagram and then
you message them on Instagram hey
business inquiries I would like to you
know work together whatever all that
and then
um if you want to work with me you know
like this is how much I pay like all
that stuff and then you can contact them
that's these are the two best ways to go
about it you can go
um you can use influencers you can use
um you can you can do make the videos
yourself ripped content I don't
recommend there's also Ecom edits for
people that have the budget you can uh
you can contact them at stok huh uh
they make good videos again for if you
have the budget it's a little bit uh you
know it's it's worth it though because
it's it's a little bit
I wouldn't say pricier is like you get
whatever you pay for right uh tiktok
or Facebook ads which platform works the
best it both work you just have to like
there's no one that is better than the
other the reason I like tiktok right
now more is because at least I teach
tiktok is because it's very beginner
friendly compared to Facebook Facebook a
lot of people struggle because
they get they open an account and they
just um they get banned they get there's
a lot of issues with people are getting
started you can buy agency accounts they
can be like three four five thousand
dollars so it's I you know for me I know
how to advertise I know how to do this
so it's not a problem to go and pay
three four thousand dollars but like
someone's getting started that they're
not they don't know what they're doing
why would they pay 34 000 to get an
agency account you know with tiktok
you can just open an account and just
kind of do that uh do you have I have I
do have contact for agency accounts if
anybody needs contact for agency
accounts just DM me and my uh Instagram
Ecom Playbook
okay that one and also let me just close
this let's answer some questions okay
we're going to 42 minutes okay so let's
answer some questions guys put your
questions down below
um let's answer some more questions
about anything you guys need I want to
do more of these so we can tok about
different things that you know you guys
want me to tok about
do something
all right let's go through the questions
how do you deal with chargebacks so
first of all you need to have a good and
um uh you need to have a good uh
supplier if you have a good supplier
that sends out things fast they have
tracking number they have everything
you're not going to have a lot of issues
with chargebacks like honestly our
chargeback trading is like less than
half a percent I think way less than
we probably way less than that yeah like
it's really low so if you have a good
you know you want to have a custom good
customer service you want to have fast
shipping uh have it and then once
honestly this is another thing that
people don't know uh once I have a
winning product I don't drop ship
anymore I'm buying books keep them in
the warehouse in China and then send
them out a lot of people don't know that
your suppliers is also a drop shipper
they buy once they get enough orders but
if you are if you know you have a
winning product and it takes them like
three four days to do that if you know
you have a winning product and you
um you tell them to order the products
in advance and they keep it in the
warehouse that saves you another three
four days so you can get literally our
delivery is like sometimes like a week
it gets here and in the UK is like six
days five days which is pretty good so
it's not too bad and that helps a lot
with your chargeback if you have also
like tracking and everything that's
really quick really quick can I give any
tips to find a good product for Facebook
so if it's Facebook is a little bit
different I like I like to be very
what do I say like I absolutely do not
test saturated product with Facebook
Facebook is more competitive to me so I
like to go to after products and nobody
else is selling at all with tiktok I
can't be flexible I can go after
products maybe like with a better
creative do better things but with
Facebook I like to go after products
like nobody else is selling at all
a Shopify payment Works yes because most
people say it's getting better I
literally been scaling with like we're
doing like you know we've done twenty
thousand twenty five thousand dollars
just using Shopify payment and I've been
using the same like
store I guess and Shopify payments like
for years uh I just changed if I need to
change the store I just changed the
store but I use the payment like I don't
like to consistently open new ones
because that's when you have good you're
gonna have issues try to like stik to
one warm it up make sure you don't have
any chargebacks make sure you don't have
any chargebacks make sure you don't do
anything crazy like your you know all
that stuff you're not gonna have any
issues I don't know why people have so
many issues even with PayPal they
haven't had any issues the last couple
years maybe in the beginning when I
didn't know what I was doing when I was
not uh uploading my tracking when I was
not fulfilling fast enough if you
fulfill your orders every day and you
don't have any chargebacks you're not
gonna have any issues with payment
PayPal or stripe which news I well if
you're using I like to use PayPal in all
my Stores
but I go from Shopify payment and strive
you don't compare PayPal to strike it's
strike versus Shopify payment so Shopify
payment stripe I use both is not a big
deal there's also like if you're like
completely like
like you can't use any of them there's
like what is it called There's
um payment cloud or there's a bunch of
kind of Shopify recommend for like you
know high risk businesses but their fees
are really high which I don't like you
start now testing product 4q4 from it uh
I'm all we are always testing there's
not like I don't plan to like just for
Q4 or this or this honestly like I don't
know why people make a huge deal from Q4
if you're always testing and scaling is
always going to be testing and scaling
that doesn't mean that for Q4 you're
gonna have
you know people buy more but there's
also more advertisers so it's not
you know you just always have to be
testing and scaling and doing all that
stuff does that make sense how many
products do you test in a month
currently I don't know sometimes if
we're if you have two or three winning
um you don't test as much but if I don't
I don't know sometimes like five a day
um we do five maybe more five a day it's
probably fine like couple winning
products and then
if we have a winning product sometimes
we get lazy you know I don't feel like
doing much if you have like if you're
um it really depends like it could be
like 100 products in a week it could be
three products in a week so it really
but the faster you test the faster you
find a winning product
um okay
for those of you guys okay so since you
been here now for a little
just a second
okay so if you guys don't know I also
have a mastermind maybe some of you guys
that are in here you also know about it
I have a mastermind we get on calls like
this twice a week if any of you guys are
interested it is paid so just throwing
it out there and you have to have a good
amount of budget for testing so I would
say at least for ads you need to have
two three thousand dollars for testing
you're not gonna be spending it all at
once obviously but this is a good start
I like to be real with people tell them
that you need some upfront money to
start testing so The Mastermind if you
want to join my Mastermind there's calls
just like this where we'll do it twice a
week but it's more I guess intimate
because we tok one-on-one with people
we literally go through their stuff we
go through their stores we look at their
products we see what their stores
looking and then we help people find a
winning product and scale them in our
Mastermind if you guys are interested in
joining I put the link down below to
schedule a 15 minute quick 15 minute
call with my teammate so you can cut
it's free if you have any questions and
all that stuff you can schedule my
um he answered any questions that you
um and then you can get any information
you want about joining our masterminds
um the price so the price is really
different depending on what length of
you know let one length you're one of
being a mastermind and like how long you
want it to be but I would say like I
said at least have
two thousand dollars to
to begin with like I said it's we also
do payment plans but
um it's different or which one which
package you want to go with uh how long
do you do you run the product if you're
first testing so there's it's not about
the days it's so much about the con it's
about how much I'm spending I spent
about fifty dollars a product average
and if the CPC is too high or like my
clicks or my clicks are too expensive uh
my CTR is too low my CPM is too high
then I don't run it anymore you know I I
figure out what is it that is making it
expensive is it the ad is it the product
if I test with multiple creatives still
those that doesn't work then I
completely kill that
um okay so it's been 50 minutes I gotta
get back I gotta go I get to my next
call but like I said guys if you want to
do calls like this I do calls like this
twice a week
um in my Mastermind if you want to see
you know what the price is how you can
join just click on the link down below I
just dropped it I'm just gonna drop it
here again go click on that uh in the
chat and then
um you can ask any questions if you you
have about joining The Mastermind and
can you show your testing strategy I do
lowest costs five ad groups four to ten
ads that's it
it's pretty simple I've been doing this
forever even with Facebook for
everything I do the same thing
well guys I'm going to be posting this
also on YouTube so if you want to go
watch it later on
um you can do that and uh yeah I'll see
you guys I'm gonna do calls more like
this more often so make sure to check
the Facebook group if you're not on the
Facebook group make sure to join the
Facebook group and I'll do calls like
this more often and I'll see you guys
soon bye

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