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Automate Shopify POS Discounts

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will discuss automatic discounts in Shopify and how to use an app called Stack Discounts to apply multiple discounts simultaneously.

App Features:

- Stack Discounts allows for the creation of simple discounts in the admin page.

- Discount codes are added to the app to apply discounts.

- The app includes options to exclude discounts from being used together.

- Discounts are listed in order of highest to lowest.

- The app automatically combines discounts.

How it Works:

- Simply add products to the cart and the discounts will be applied automatically.

- Stack Discounts solves the issue of discounts not showing in the shopping cart, as they usually only appear in the checkout page.


- Shopify only allows for one automatic discount at a time, but Stack Discounts allows for multiple discounts to be applied simultaneously.

- The app is user-friendly and requires no coding.

- Discounts are automatically applied, making the shopping experience seamless for customers.

Overall, Stack Discounts is a useful app for Shopify store owners who want to offer multiple discounts at once. Its easy-to-use interface and automatic discount application make it a valuable addition to any store.

Multiple Automatic Discount at checkout in Shopify | Shopify Automatic Discount Tutorial

In this video, we will learn how to create multiple automatic discounts in Shopify, which is not supported by default. We have achieved this for a pet shop client who wanted separate discounts for all products and Royal Cannon products.


1. We used a public app and customized it to apply 15% discount for all products and 10% for Royal Cannon products.

2. In the view cart page, we applied the discount code to show the discounted price.

3. In the checkout page, we saw that two discount codes were automatically applied.

4. We used the Discount Campaign app to create multiple automatic discount codes and save them.

5. Finally, we disabled the automatic discount code and used the Discount Campaign app to apply the discounts.

By using a public app and a little customization, we can create multiple automatic discounts in Shopify. We can also use the Discount Campaign app to create and apply multiple discount codes. If you have any questions or need help customizing the app, feel free to contact us.

How To Use Discounts On Shopify Like A Pro (Automatic Discounts & Gifts)

- In this video, Justin Cener talks about discounting and gifting strategies for Shopify stores.

- He introduces a powerful app called Automatic Discounts and Gifts that can help with various discounting strategies.

Three Smart Ways to Discount:

- Justin emphasizes that discounts should have a purpose and be used strategically to generate more sales.

- He shares three smart ways to discount:

1. Buy more, save more: Offering a discount based on the amount spent.

2. Free gifting: Offering a free gift with a purchase, automatically added to the shopping cart.

3. Upselling and cross-selling: Offering smart discounts and offers through these strategies.

Automatic Discounts and Gifts App:

- Justin explains that there is no built-in way to handle these discounting strategies on Shopify and recommends using the Automatic Discounts and Gifts app.

- He highlights the app's features, including its ability to work with any theme, product type, and niche without any technical setup.

- Justin shows how easy it is to install and use the app, including setting up tiered discounts for the buy more, save more strategy.

- He also demonstrates how the app automatically applies discounts in the shopping cart and checkout, leading to increased conversion rates.

- Justin highly recommends the Automatic Discounts and Gifts app for strategic discounting and generating more revenue on Shopify.

- He encourages viewers to check out the app and add it to their stores.

- Justin emphasizes the importance of using discounts strategically to lead to happy customers, positive reviews, and repeat business.

How to use the Shopify POS with Bloom | Applying Discounts

In this training video, we will learn how to give different types of discounts to different types of customers. We will cover order-level discounts, line-item level discounts, and discounts specific to certain types of customers.

Applying an Order-Level Discount:

1. Add items to the cart.

2. Find the Apply Discount tile and tap it.

3. Choose the type of discount (amount, percentage, or discount code) and enter the discount.

4. Save the discount and see it applied to the order.

Applying a Line-Item Level Discount:

1. Clear the order-level discount if necessary.

2. Tap on the product that needs a discount.

3. Choose the type of discount (amount or percentage) and enter the discount.

4. Save the discount and see it applied to the specific item.

Using Specific Discount Tiles:

1. Add the customer to the cart.

2. Find the discount tile specific to the customer type.

3. Choose the discount and see it applied to the order.

Using the Bloom POS App for Member Discounts:

1. Tap on the Members and Benefits tile.

2. Find the customer and see their membership information.

3. Choose the appropriate discount and apply it to the order.

4. Use the save card on file if available.

5. Complete the order and mark it as paid.

By following these steps, you can provide different types of discounts to different types of customers in your Shopify POS system. This allows for more personalized and targeted discounts to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automatic Discounts Shopify app | Post Purchase offer

In this video, we learn about post-purchase upsell offers and how they work. Essentially, post-purchases occur after the payment but before the thank you page, where users are presented with an offer they can accept or decline. If accepted, the offer is automatically added to the order.

To create a post-purchase offer, go to the dashboard and click create and push purchase offer. From there, add the offer name, start and end dates, conditions (such as any item in the cart or specific items), and offer details (such as a discount percentage). You can also enable a timer and set a message for when the offer expires.

When a user goes through the checkout process, the post-purchase offer will be displayed if it applies. The user can then choose to accept or decline the offer, and if accepted, it will be added to the order. To ensure that post-purchase offers work properly, make sure to select the all in one automatic discount option in your settings.

Overall, post-purchase upsell offers can be a great way to increase sales and provide value to your customers.

All In One Automatic Discounts Shopify app | App Configuration Instruction

In this video, the process of installing an application on a theme is explained. The two methods of installation, automatic and manual, are discussed. The steps involved in both methods are explained in detail.

Installation Methods:

1. Automatic Installation:

- Check if your theme is compatible with the application

- Click on the installation button

- Choose the theme you want to install the application on

- Wait for the installation to complete

- Check if the script and class are installed properly

2. Manual Installation:

- Contact customer support for manual installation

- Compare the manual installation code with the automatic installation code

- Find the correct product or template to add the installation code

- Add the installation code manually

AJAX Configuration:

- Locate the state.total_price code in theme.js

- Replace the inner HTML to display the discount with line items

- If theme.js is not available, find root or state_price in your code structure

Line Item Configuration:

- Add a data wrapper with the form

- Use a for loop for the cart item

- Find the original total and add a data cs_price

- Find the original line item price and add a data line_item_price

- Add a data iod_volume_bar under the title to display a message


- Create a volume offer for testing purposes

- Apply the offer to the product and test the discount

- Check if the installation and configuration are working properly

The installation and configuration of an application on a theme can be done automatically or manually. The AJAX and line item configuration can be customized to display discounts with line items and volume offers. Testing the installation and configuration is important to ensure that everything is working properly.

All In One Automatic Discounts Shopify app | Free Gift Offer Shopify

In this video, we will learn how to create free gift offers for customers who make a minimum purchase. This offer can be used to provide a free product as a reward for spending a certain amount. Here are the steps to create a free gift offer:

1. Click on the free gift offer option.

2. Create a name for the offer.

3. Set up the offer based on your requirements.

4. Choose a minimum threshold for the offer to apply.

5. Select between a percentage or fixed discount.

6. Add products to the offer.

7. Set the offer limit and maximum gift.

8. Save the offer.

When a customer meets the minimum threshold, a pop-up will display with the free gift offer. The customer can add the product to their cart from the free gift menu. The offer can be set up to terminate or stack with other offers. If a customer has a card threshold of $100 and the offer is set to terminate, they will only receive one free gift even if they spend $200.

Creating multiple free gift offers based on card subtotal is possible with different behaviors such as terminate or stack. Customers can contact the live chat for any questions or concerns. Thank you.

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