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average income for dropshipping

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

$0 To $1000/DAY PROFIT In 13 Days Dropshipping - (FULL REVEAL) - Shopify

yo what's going on guys welcome to new,video in which i'm gonna be doing,something i haven't done before which i,always say but uh i mean i've only done,like,nine or ten videos so far so you know i,haven't done a lot of things so in this,video i'll be showing you guys how i,took a product from zero to more than,one k day profit,in less than two weeks and i think,that's going to be really good for you,guys who are like beginners or learning,about stuff so yeah i think it's going,to be probably the most educational,video on my channel apart from like the,seven day challenge so right so the,point of this video is just to show you,guys like what's possible how i did the,facebook ads how i found the product,everything like that i'm not gonna be,showing you guys the exact product and,the reason for that is if i show you,guys the exact product that i was using,everyone's just gonna copy it and it's,just gonna stop working so there's,really no point in that if you guys,wanna see other winning products just go,to any product research tool and just,search up like,previous winning products and you'll see,what kind of products work and then you,can base your,research off of that let's go straight,into it all right so the first thing,that comes into getting a product to 1k,a day,is actually finding the product now this,can be done in many different ways now,i'm going to be showing you guys the,main way i find products personally but,you guys can do,anything else like you can find products,literally in real life and then,like see if someone's advertising them,or something but yeah you can like,search aliexpress you can use any tool,but i personally,always use drop a spy and i just go to,filters last seen winning products and i,scroll through now this,is the crucial part of the process it's,literally the hardest part but,you just want to keep scrolling and,searching for something that makes sense,that like has a decent margin,that you can see yourself um selling so,yeah,like you can literally spend like hours,upon hours just scrolling drop us by,messing around with the filters like,entering some keywords here and there,and the text search so if you want to do,like a fishing product you want to do,like fishing or,something related to fishing like lore,or whatever and here we go now we're,seeing like fishing products and then,you want to keep scrolling here as well,checking out the website so for example,this product right here we always want,to check the site,so you can see their ad the exact time,that's working and you click on shop now,and here we are we're on the site so,now you can analyze and see if there's,anything you can improve and uh if it's,worth running,always pay attention to the margin and,this product's pretty cheap so,cheap products work as well but i,personally go for like higher margin,products,and i mean this is literally how i found,the product so i was just scrolling here,adding some keywords,doing stuff like that and i ran into a,product i saw the margin was there i saw,their site wasn't good so i improved the,site i got some ads from top notch ads,which,you know is always linked to the,description and i ran the ads which,you're going to see,soon basically want to see proof of,concept that someone's been running,successfully and then you just want to,make everything better and run it,yourself so that's literally what i did,and the next step once you find the,product is obviously like validating,that you're going to be running it so,you want to see the margin everything,like that and once you find a product,that checks all your criteria,what i like doing personally is using,saturation inspector so i just go to,aliexpress find the listing,and then for example this watch there's,only 12 stores that are selling this,watch at the moment,it's not too competitive it's not,saturated but it is a watch so i,wouldn't sell it and they recently had,an update with the software so now it,also works with cj dropshipping and,alibaba in case your product's not on,aliexpress so if i click the extension,and we wait for it to load it says,there's 15 stores that are selling this,product currently um which is not too,many so this product is also good and,even if we go to alibaba we can also see,that like this products being sold by 12,people so,it's pretty untapped as well and yeah i,really like the update so if you guys,want to use the software yourself,there's a link in the description so,check it out that's all good,you want to start building the product,page or the store now i personally,mostly run general stores i do have like,one,one product store but uh yeah mostly,around general stores and the reason is,they're like the most time efficient and,i've tested it there's not really much,of a difference,if you take a bad product and you test,it on one product store and in a general,store,it's not gonna work on either one and if,you take a good product and you test it,on both,it's usually gonna work on both so don't,stress that too much and yeah so i,always recommend general stores for,beginners and the store itself was,pretty simple just like the beautify,theme and i wrote out a pretty decent,description for the product,nothing too fancy but just like answers,pretty much all the questions that,someone would have a quick word from,this video sponsor,cinder so if you guys are doing drop,shipping or doing like amazon fba,any sort of e-commerce whatever you're,doing you're gonna have to do accounting,and that sucks so bad like there's,something i don't like doing it's like,accounting and those like business,related obligations that everyone has to,do or you go to jail,so luckily there are apps like cinder,that help you like track at everything,totally automatikally so you don't have,to worry about it it integrates with so,many things like i don't have time to go,over everything on the video so it also,integrates with like paypal and stripes,so you can track all of those like,transactions there as well and it also,integrates with like quickbooks and,similar software like xero and stuff so,you can automatikally like keep track of,all your purchases and sends all the,data and everything you really don't,have to worry about anything and you're,also able to import like historical data,so in case you haven't done any,bookkeeping before and you're like,screwed you can just connect it and it's,going to automatikally like sync all,your past,orders and stuff like that and if you,guys want to see a live demo i'll also,have that linked in the description,so yeah i mean if you guys are doing any,volume this is a must-have click the,link in the description check it out and,let's go back to the video i toked a,lot about like uh how to do it but like,let's go straight into the store itself,so i'm just gonna take you guys like day,by day because i know i would have loved,to see this uh when i was starting so,hopefully you guys do too i only ran,this product to like the british market,this is in the british currency june the,6th i launched the ads and i'll show you,guys how i launched them now what i've,done for the ads for the first day,is as i always do in my challenges and,everything like that seven ad sets at,like 10,a day one interest per ad set if you,guys want to see like more in depth,i think i went over in my 70 challenge,videos so check it out there but uh,yeah the cpms were pretty low um the ads,from the top notch has,been amazing the ctr was 2.31 and we,had like two purchases tracked on,facebook which like the tracking on,facebook has been pretty bad lately like,it varies from day to day sometimes it,like tracks a lot of purchases,sometimes it like miss tracks like 70 of,them so it is what it is you just got to,deal with it but uh here's my profit,loss,sheet the first date i made 72 uh we had,five purchases so facebook didn't track,three of them and i calculated,everything in uh,dollars just because that's what i,understand i want to know how much it,was worth in dollars i

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic,route meaning posting content on tik,tok and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tiktok does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tiktok,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tiktok feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and you guys can pretty,much see that they're posting videos,consistently honestly and it looks like,they're getting consistent likes and,comments on every single video that they,post so let's go ahead and check out,their store and it looks like it's a,general store that they turned into a,one product store from the name of it,they're selling it for forty dollars and,they have some pretty nice images here,some gifs and description the size,overall really nice and they have some,reviews so this might be a potential,product and i'm actually really excited,to test this product out the views are,outrageous and they post really,consistently and it looks like it's not,too old so you guys can see their first,video was on the 19th which is insane so,this is a product that could potentially,get us our lambo okay so right away i,went ahead and searched the product on,amazon hoping i could find it it was the,fourth option and went ahead and,purchased it for 38 and then i also went,on aliexpress to see how much i could,source this product for which came to be,around 21 and i could always get this,lower once i start getting more orders,but since we're selling it for 40,dollars and we're getting it for 21 we,have a profit margin of 19. so out of,our 100 budget we spent 38 of that to,order the product which leaves us with a,total of 62 left to spend but anyway now,that we have to wait for the product to,arrive i'm going to go ahead and use,this time to actually create the store,for this product porta speaker a speaker,that is portable and you could pretty,much stik anywhere and amplify the,noise well hey i think we got ourselves,a brand name porta speaker sounds pretty,nice and pretty easy to remember now,since we are on a budget of 100 i'm,gonna be going ahead and making the logo,myself i'm gonna be using a 30 day,shopify free trial which if you guys,want to do the same you can use the link,below so we're pretty much not gonna,have to pay for shopify for the first 30,days so i'm gonna get to work create the,store and then hopefully we get the,amazon product so that we can start,filming some content posting the tik,toks and just start driving traffic to,the store to see if anyone would,actually buy from this store but anyway,let's go ahead and start the store build,okay so our dropify shoplifting store is,finally complete and now it's time to,review it ladies and gentlemen i present,to you,porta speaker.us,what,okay so here is the product page where,pretty much all of our customers are,going to be redirected to you guys can,see we have a few images right here so,you can just scroll through we have the,name of the product with a few reviews,under it and you can see we have free,shipping and 50 off right under the,price and then going into the,description we have a headline with a,description under it along with a few,gifs i'm going to be changing these gifs,once i actually get the product and i'm,going to pretty much record custom gifs,so that they're a little more,personalized and people who come to our,site get a more personalized experience,but for now i just have these temporary,gifs that i have just as a placeholder,we have another headline and description,another gif another headline description,and a gif and then we have a faq section,for customers who have any questions or,doubts about the product and you can see,how this works it's pretty much a drop,down menu scrolling down into the,reviews we have all these reviews,reviews are very important and you could,pretty much just take these from the,supplier that you're sourcing the,product from because it's pretty much,the same exact product and that,concludes our presentation for the porta,speaker website so we found the winning,product we have our site built out now,the last step is actually to get the,product and create a tiktok page for,it and then just start posting loads of,custom content for the products that we,can potentially get on the for you page,of different potential customers that,will potentially be the holder of the,one and only porta speaker,[Music],okay so the product has finally arrived,from bezos's hands into my possession,and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox,this right in front of you guys so let's,go ahead and see what we got,i present to you the porta speaker,wow it honestly looks pretty solid,okay so i'm gonna go ahead and set this,up and see what we can actually do with,this thing and if it actually even works,as expected all right so i just set it,up so i'm gonna go ahead and play some,non-copyrighted music so that susan,doesn't cut my paycheck for the month,but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,how this works it's honestly pretty cool,all right so i have my music ready to go,i'm gonna move my mic actually so you,guys can pretty much hear everything,that's happening and i'm gonna go ahead,and click play without this on the table,and watch what happens once i actually,put it on the table,[Music],that actually works believe it or not,we're actually almost pr

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This Is How Much Money You Should Make Dropshipping

what's up everybody anton crowley here,from dropship lifestyle.com and on,monday of this week i had posted a video,sharing what it takes in ad costs to,generate 50 000 a month in sales now,that video is doing very well on the,channel has a lot of likes a lot of,great comments so first of all thank you,for that but it also had a few people,that said it's a lot easier to do 50 000,in sales than 50 000 in take-home profit,which obviously is true so what we're,going to tok about in this video is,drop shipping profit margins and more,importantly how to increase them so with,the goal of making this as simple as,possible i actually made a profit,calculator template that you can use on,your own computer all you need to do is,click the link below this video to open,it in google drive then click file and,then it will say make a copy and if you,click that it'll copy this into your own,google drive account and you can follow,along and do the same thing yourself so,for everybody watching this on youtube,or as a spotify video podcast which are,now available i think thanks to joe,rogan you'll be able to see me going,through this if you're just listening to,the audio though on apple podcasts or,anywhere else again if you want to,follow along click the link in the,description so what i'm gonna do is take,you through the profit calculator and,show you different examples that you,should do yourself before you even make,your first sale because this is a big,problem not just with drop shipping but,with business in general for new,entrepreneurs i'm guilty of it myself,when i first started you get into,business and you just think i want to do,more sales i want to do more sales i,want to do more sales and then maybe a,week goes by or a month or a year and,you realize that either you're operating,at break even maybe you're operating at,a loss even and going into debt and the,reason this happens is completely,avoidable it's simply because people,don't pay attention to this stuff they,don't know their numbers and they let,this happen time and time again and it,compounds on itself until people are in,trouble so what you want to do is do,this again before you even get a sale to,know how much money you can be making,and where your numbers need to be for,you to make that money so the way this,works it's very simple starting at the,top is sale price now this would be the,price that you sold a product for on,your store what your customer pays you,so let's just say we were selling a,stand-up desk because i'm at one right,now and the price for it was we'll call,it twelve hundred dollars okay so your,customer goes to your store the price,for this product is twelve hundred,dollars boom customer pays that with,their credit card their debit card,whatever now you'll see the second row,in this calculator are merchant fees now,these are calculated automatikally here,because for most new store owners these,are fixed it's a variable cost in the,sense that it'll change because it's a,percentage of the sale but the,percentage rate is pretty much fixed for,new store owners that go with a standard,shopify plan and this expense is 2.9 of,the transaction plus 30 cents so flat,fee of 30 cents then 2.9 of the,transaction for a 1200 sale if we use,shopify payments on a standard plan we,didn't have history to negotiate this,price then we would pay 35 and 10 cents,in merchant fees okay so first thing,comes off top line right away now the,next thing and this should be by far the,biggest expense for every order that,comes in is product cost this is what,are you paying your supplier for this,specific product what is your cost of,goods sold now probably know this if,you're a member of dropship lifestyle or,if you've watched any of my videos on,pricing but you want your product cost,to be no more than half of what you sell,it for so in this scenario we sell the,product for 1200 that would mean the,most we want our product cost to be is,600,now i'm going to take you through these,numbers kind of just stok right then,we're going to tok about how even,though that might seem like a fixed,expense because that's what your,supplier gives you on the price list,when you get approved to sell for them,all of these things can be negotiated,and that's why knowing your numbers is,so important but again we'll get to that,so next cost is shipping so we offer,free shipping on all of our stores,because pretty much the entire industry,does and has for the past decade and,that's free standard shipping right,there's upgraded shipping options that,can cost more but for standard free,shipping that means the customer pays,zero and we pay for that so how do you,know what shipping costs are because,again this is a variable expense let's,say the warehouse that stores these,stand-up desks is in new york well if it,ships from new york to new jersey it's,going to be a lot less money than if it,goes from new york to california now,from new york to california we might get,one quote for that shipment and it might,be 300,well with freight shipments shipments,for large and heavy objects you should,actually get quotes from different,shipping carriers and from different,brokers because what i found and learn,this the hard way again is that freight,shipping costs vary greatly and this is,one of the easiest places to save money,and to protect and increase your profit,margin so one quick way you could do,that is go to a website called,freightcenter.com,and when you go there you'll see it says,calculate freight rates if you click,that you can enter the pickup,information which would be your,supplier's warehouse right wherever that,may be then you can enter the shipment,information how big is the package your,supplier provides you with this,information and then for delivery,information you would enter different,addresses maybe one again in california,one in new york one in florida one in,texas and you can get an average cost so,in the beginning when you're trying to,figure out your potential margin you can,at least have the average to stik in to,this calculator so let's just say we did,the math and the average we found was,150,okay boom we'll put that there now our,next cost and this one again people,overlook it i don't know why and this is,one where people can really run away,with their spending as well but this is,your ad costs your ad cost for a order,another way to refer to this is cac cac,stands for customer acquisition cost so,for this hypothetikal 1200 stand-up desk,what do we pay to get that sale now you,might know this as well if you're a,member of the drop ship blueprint you,know all of this plus a whole lot more,so speaking to the choir here but for,everybody that's watching that for some,reason isn't a member of dropship,lifestyle yet i still have no idea why,you wouldn't be but if you're not just,know that the most we're willing to,spend in ads is up to 10 of the sale,price because we want a 10x return on ad,spend at a minimum what does that mean,it means to sell a 1200 item i would be,willing to spend up to 120,to get that sale 10 of the sale price,now you'll see that i entered all these,numbers in it added up my total expenses,in this hypothetikal my total expenses,for this 1200 sale were 905 dollars and,10 cents that left me with a dollar,profit amount of 295 dollars and a net,profit expressed as a percentage of 24.5,so basically 25 net margin and 295 again,that we get to keep for selling this,1200 product now the reason i'm giving,you this calculator again make a copy of,it in your own google drive account with,the link below this video is so you can,plug in first of all your actual numbers,and then also your potential numbers,because what you might find is sometimes,your potential profit margins or actual,profit margins are way higher than this,and sometimes you're gonna find out,they're way lower so if they're way,higher then good for you you know all as,well keep running business as per usual,keep making more money but if you're

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$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

this is exactly how i made sixteen,thousand dollars my first month online,i'm gonna be going over exactly how i,was making thousands of dollars in my,first month online as a total beginner,through a method you might know of which,is shopify drop shipping so make sure,you guys leave a like and subscribe to,this channel and let's get into how i,did it so if you have no idea what,shopify drop shipping is you essentially,create an online website you add,products to your store and then,advertise your store and eventually make,tons of money in the process and so,during this time i was 17 years old and,i was scrolling on tiktok i found out,people were literally posting tiktoks,about their products and they were,getting millions of views which would,end up getting them thousands of dollars,in sales and honestly after seeing so,many people get rich off of tiktok,drop shipping i knew i had to hop on the,wave i stumbled across this tiktok,page called my soul lift and this guy's,second video on tiktok got 36 million,views and pretty much what he was,selling were these soul lifts that you,put in your shoes to make you look,taller and me being five eight i'm a lot,shorter than most of my friends that are,six foot six foot three and you know if,you're short like five five or five six,compared to other guys you're going to,feel insecure so i knew there was a,market for this product a lot of shorter,guys would want this product especially,if they're gonna go on dates go to prom,or whatever it is i see a lot of short,people actually buying this product and,i knew i had to do the same exact thing,he was doing because clearly he was,getting a lot of views and he was,getting a lot of followers during this,tiktok now this guy was selling this,product for 20 but i knew there was drop,shipping suppliers like zen dropper,alibaba and i knew i could get this,product for way cheaper from those,platforms and since i knew i could get,this product for way cheaper it was time,to create my own website and start,selling this product so i could start,making some money now the first thing,you want to do once you found your,product is you want to go on shopify.com,and create your 14 day free trial and,once you created your free trial you can,use either xendrop or oberlo to import,the products you found for way cheaper,and start customizing your store now my,number one advice for every single,person that's creating a shopify store,is take inspiration from people that are,already selling your product and in my,case this guy's soul lift website is,very very simple you do not want to over,complicate your website you want to have,no more than three main colors as this,example he's using red black and white,nothing else you don't want to have 10,different colors on your website makes,it really hard for a customer to,concentrate on what your brand is really,about you don't want to have long,descriptions you want to have videos and,gifts in your product descriptions,customers are not there to read,descriptions they're there to look at,what the product is doing and you don't,want to bore them out with long,descriptions and paragraphs because at,the end of the day you want them to,check out you don't want them to keep,reading and get bored of your website,and if you guys are looking for a,complete tutorial on how to start a drop,shipping store and create a website from,scratch i'll go ahead and link up a,really good tutorial up here so make,sure you guys watch that if you don't,know what you're doing and now let's get,into the part on where we advertise this,product so when it comes to marketing,the product you want to go ahead and,make two social media pages and the most,important platforms in my opinion when,you start off are tik-tok and,instagram other platforms like facebook,pinterest and youtube come later after,you start making some money but,definitely focus on those two in the,beginning if we go ahead and look at,this guy's instagram page it's very very,simple you know you don't want to go,crazy and buy a lot of followers on,instagram you can honestly buy 500,followers on buzzoid it's a very cheap,website to buy instagram followers just,to give you some credibility on tiktok,you do not want to buy followers because,it is going to affect the algorithm but,instagram go ahead and buy 500 followers,just for that boost of credibility and,when it comes to building the website,when it comes to creating the social,media pages just want to take,inspiration from your competitors and,people who are already making money and,getting views from your product and see,how the descriptions are how their,profile picture is and just take,inspiration because you want to do,what's already working and that's the,best way you're going to start making,money especially when it comes to drop,shipping so once you found your product,you created the website you started your,social media pages it's now time to,order the product so you can actually,start making tiktoks off of it tik,tok icon they,say what are the what are the numbers,now the one thing i do recommend is,order your product from amazon you can,literally look up the same exact product,you can get an unbranded one with no,logo on amazon so you can actually start,making videos off of it and amazon prime,it so it comes in one to two days so,once your product arrives you can,finally start making tiktoks finally,and the way you want to do it is,recreate their viral tiktoks and you,want to keep doing it every single day,and be consistent no it doesn't matter,if you post three of the same videos,that went viral because with tiktok,it's all about making sure you know,you're doing something that's already,working and that's already went viral,don't try to make original ideas and,make your own tiktoks for the first,few weeks of testing a product want to,recreate viral videos exactly how they,work the only thing you have to do when,recreating a viral video is try to have,better lighting try to have better,quality but other than that recreate the,video exactly how you saw it because if,it got millions of views you don't want,to change up anything whether it was the,background or anything like that you,want to recreate the video exactly how,you saw it so once you start posting on,tiktok i recommend posting three,times a day every single day the times,that work for me around 3 p.m to 5 p.m,eastern obviously everyone is different,you have to test out different times,those are what worked for me do not miss,a single day of posting because if you,miss a day you can really screw up the,algorithm so definitely i don't,recommend doing that now if you're in a,different country you're not in the u.s,you know if you're in europe or italy or,anywhere like that try to recreate those,tiktoks but just do them in your own,language because you don't have to try,and get to a u.s algorithm you can,literally try and get in your country's,algorithm and trying to see if that,works but once you're making those tik,toks you know you're testing the,product repost everything on instagram,reels and be consistent on instagram and,be consistent on tiktok and you have,to make sure you're doing this every,single day to see if the product is,gonna make you a lot of money now,remember you can't have a link in the,bio of your tiktok page until you,have a thousand followers so that first,week you have to be trying to get a,viral video and push out your content,and that will eventually get you a,thousand followers if the first few,weeks you can't get a thousand followers,then you have to look at your product or,the content you're making because one of,the things you're doing wrong and,getting a thousand followers is not that,hard if you have a good product and if,you're recreating viral content and guys,this is truly the five step process on,how i was able to make thousands of,dollars my first month online without,spending any money on ads in terms of,drop shipping this is very very doable,especially i

My Shopify Dropshipping NET PROFIT (April 2022)

look i don't know about you but to me it,seems like most people try to hide how,much net profit their ecommerce or drop,shipping store is actually making so in,this video i'm going to break down,exactly what my profit margin was go,through every single expense and show,you what i'm doing to improve it because,if i'm being honest this number's not,perfect it's not where i wanted it to be,but it's also not too far off so i'm,going to give you a full breakdown of,the net profit and also give you an,update on the hacker that hacked into my,tiktok ad account and stole over,forty thousand dollars,so that being said make sure to like,subscribe and comment that'll get you,automatikally entered into our giveaway,we give away a free course access as,well as a free custom built shopify,store in every video so the gross,revenue on this store in the last 30,days this is through april 2022 was a,hundred and sixty nine thousand four,hundred forty five dollars it was really,interesting if you look at this graph,i'll throw up a screenshot of it of the,analytiks it was a very consistent build,it was not something that started off at,five thousand a day and stayed there it,started at two and it ended at about 12,000 a day so it's moving into the next,month very nicely a consistent scale,total orders was over 4100 the average,order value on there was 41.20 this is a,huge number a lot of people kind of,downplay how important the aov is but it,was huge this one used to be like 38,and then eventually it was 39 and,finally got it above 40 which is where i,always wanted to be so it was like a,very slow climb to get that average,order value up which was huge really,helped with the advertising on the front,end now the total ad spend for the month,of april 2022 was eighty-five thousand,three hundred and forty six dollars,which pins it right about it two row as,which is very good i'm very happy with,that especially while scaling,aggressively going from 2000 a day to a,little over 12 000 every single day in a,30-day window that means you're gonna,have a lot of stuff you're launching,that doesn't work right you're trying to,scale up so you have to launch a lot of,new things some of that's not gonna work,so there was probably ten thousand,dollars of inefficient ad spend on there,in terms of things that like completely,flopped other stuff that did so so maybe,break even so that number more optimized,for this sales volume would probably be,like 70 000 maybe 75 now one quick point,i want to mention about the hacker that,got into the ad account the problem is,resolved in total the ad account,tiknically spent a hundred and twenty,eight thousand dollars remember they,went on there they launched a ton of ads,at a hundred thousand dollars a day,budget it only spent about forty three,thousand dollars before i caught it,which is,i i don't even want to say like only,because that's a lot of money right but,nonetheless i was able to get that,credited back obviously i wasn't too,worried about that but still wanted to,figure out the problem so that's where,we got the total spend number from now,cost of goods i am very happy with this,number 38,449,super super solid the fulfillment has,been on point been working really hard,this product's custom based so we have,to order the base product and then still,do some manufacturing on top of it to,actually finish the product and that,makes it a little more difficult to get,it out the door really quickly so we,have a three-day processing time to,actually get the order done that used to,be six so down from six to three and,then shipping can be anywhere from seven,to twelve days depending on where it's,going so the fulfillment time has been,pretty good and i can't complain and if,i'm being honest the customers haven't,really been complaining at all i mean,we're getting like a 0.1 chargeback rate,like super super healthy next to no,refund or return request absolutely,solid there i'm super super happy with,that it's been really solid and by the,way if you want to track all your,analytiks and see more stuff like where,i'm getting this breakdown go use be,profit it's linked below i have a little,discount code as well they've been,helping us out giving a discounted,access to you guys here as well as,inside of the ecommerce courses which,you can find it linked below as well but,they let you break down all the,analytiks it helps with taxes just,knowing your numbers but this is what,their dashboard looks like so far into,may just in the first couple days a,little over ten thousand dollars in net,profit on this same exact store,unfortunately because of the hack the ad,account went down and it's still down as,of when i filmed this it'll be posted a,few weeks later but it went down for a,couple days because they were verifying,the suspicious activity to figure out,what was going on so that's why the,numbers are a little bit lower than,expected but nonetheless definitely,check out be profit and now on to the,next expense which is the va team 750,bucks a month for support that is a,full-time support team of two people,that work in rotations so really really,solid there it's like probably almost,full-time but i mean you know norman,that number is going to come out to,about a thousand once we're a little bit,higher and eventually we'll have to add,more people it just depends on how far,we scale now new content you know me i,always like to be investing back into,the business this month it really wasn't,a very large amount the month before it,was about three thousand this month was,a thousand bucks we ordered five new,videos really really solid custom,content to five separate influencers,that are making videos for the product,now email marketing is huge this did a,little bit over 17 000 in sales i,brought on one of my good friends who,has a large email marketing agency he,always crushes it for my stores paying,them 2000 a month as of right now for,the first couple months and then we'll,kind of work out probably a,performance-based structure which is,what we do but two thousand bucks a,month they brought back over 17 that's,through email so there's no ad spend,really helping out the the extra stuff,on top of that and building out good,campaigns and flows now there's some,other expenses a lot of people just,never seem to factor in there's hosting,fees there's payment processing fees,there's a lot of stuff that goes into it,fun fact i spent 273 000 just in payment,processing fees during the entire year,of 2020 so it's a very large expense,that you have to pay attention to and,the total for all of that included was,six thousand five hundred and forty five,dollars okay so had fifty eight hundred,dollars in fees okay just processing,fees crazy but that's about three,percent and another seven hundred,dollars in refunds now if you look at,that rate seven hundred bucks in refunds,compared to 170 000 in sales that's,really really good that's unheard of and,we also have a policy where for us it's,not worth having an upset customer or,somebody with a bad taste in their mouth,about my brand if i can just refund,their order or replace it or do,something like that so we'll do,replacements we definitely refund as,well sometimes we do both right we just,want to put the customer first to make,sure they're happy because trust me it's,not worth the problem and by the way all,these things we cover inside of our,ecommerce program linked below we just,opened up the tiktok add course you,can check that out super epic on the,advertising side which is where 100 of,these ads are being run and doing really,well so definitely check that out we,also tok about the business framework,and everything like that now that leaves,me after all these expenses with a total,of 35,354 dollars which if we scroll down here,is a 20.8 percent margin it's a little,bit low due to the scaling we had some,inefficiencies there it started at about,two thousand dollars a day ended at 12.,it's normally like a 25 margin that's,

Can You Still Make a Full Time Income Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace?

can you still make a full-time income,drop shipping on facebook marketplace,we're going to answer that question here,today now just about every week and this,happens every single month just about,every week i see somebody in a facebook,group or someone comments on a video and,says something along the lines of you,know sales are down and usually there's,some attribution to this mysterious,boogeyman whatever that boogeyman is,right that doesn't really exist,sometimes it's the economy sometimes,it's you know competition and now these,products and and drop shipping on this,marketplace are super saturated right,and this is not specific to facebook,marketplace this has been going on since,you know the days that e-commerce,started and really every single business,not just e-commerce but the thing you,have to understand about that is a i'm,not saying these things don't exist,right i'm not saying that you know,obviously inflation isn't having a,specific effect on the way people are,spending their money maybe they're,conserving a little bit more i'm not,saying any of those things specifically,what i am arguing is that having that,mentality subscribing to that belief is,only doing you a disservice because it's,handcuffing you and what happens is,whether you're the person saying that or,you're the person that's seeing that and,thinking yeah you're right like my sales,are down maybe it is because there's,inflation maybe it is because there's,over saturation maybe it is because x y,or z fill in whatever you want there all,that does is handicap you because it,gives you a reason it gives you a,built-in excuse so that you think like,yeah sales are down and that's just the,way it is right i should expect that,rather than,doubling down,learning more working harder,and making sure you get results okay so,today we're going to answer the question,of you know can you still make a,full-time income on facebook marketplace,and the answer is without a doubt yes,i'm going to cover a uh you know a,revenue report profit report whatever,you want to call it,for the month of june here you guys said,that you wanted to see more of these you,appreciate the transparency in them and,so i'm gonna give you all the nuggets,here all the transparency on two,different marketplaces two different,personal marketplaces i have three the,other one doesn't really count it's only,like a few hundred dollars in profit and,i only really keep it as like a backup,in case one of my other ones goes down,uh and then two shops uh two primary,shops here um so i have my main one that,actually got suspended a while back uh,if you watched the last video which i'll,link at the bottom of the description it,was like forty thousand dollars profit,in 40 days um that was the one that i,toked about getting suspended in that,video because i was traveling and i,guess i i don't know if it was the ip or,whatever it was that got suspended for,that shop that shop is back up and,running now so i'm very excited about,that but it only has been back up for,about a week and a half now so very,excited about seeing the numbers for,july going forward with that shop with,my new shop obviously uh and then the,other two marketplaces and then the,other shop specifically was one that uh,kind of you know,the the numbers don't get me wrong,numbers are i'll take them but they're,nowhere great to like where i would,expect them to be they're a little bit,down on that shop this month,specifically one of the reasons,specifically that they're down is,because i did take a a week vacation i,went to the shore with my family and my,wife so i wasn't here for a week so this,is really only three months profit for,the entire month right or three months,it's only three weeks profit of the,entire month it's not the full four,weeks so take whatever i say here,extrapolate that you know,obviously for a fourth week and that's,realistikally what the numbers you would,expect them to be for the first main,marketplace account total earned in the,uh in the month of june and keep in mind,like i said this is only three weeks,because i was away i was on vacation,mode for about a week of this total earn,was forty one thousand and eighty eight,dollars and thirty four cents total,spent was thirty thousand one hundred,fifty nine dollars and ninety seven,cents the total profit on that was 10,199 and 31 cents for an average margin,of 34 okay and that was across 559,transactions so if you want to average,out you know what the margin is average,on each sale if you want to average out,like the average profit you can,obviously do that math yourself so,that's the main marketplace account so,anybody that says first and foremost,that you can't make a full-time income,drop shipping on facebook marketplace,is wrong,you still can uh granted these numbers,are not my best numbers ever but if you,look at like the trend of you know both,my marketplaces and my shops over the,past four to five months i'm doing,better now than i was doing even in q4,of last year granted the numbers are,very close and q4 you know you see that,exponential spike because everybody's,ordering more you're getting more sales,and and you know obviously e-commerce,does extremely well in q4 but i'm still,doing like,like arguably equally and better across,multiple shops and multiple marketplaces,so it's still very possible,the the you know the excuse of inflation,or the excuse of you know it's over,saturation or whatever it doesn't exist,okay whether or not those are actually,real or not you can still make great,money doing this okay also the argument,that marketplace like personal,marketplace is dead,false completely false right my personal,marketplaces do arguably well this one,specifically does the best obviously my,one shot before it got shut down was,doing the best like that was my best,earner but since it just came back we'll,see how it goes this month going forward,but right now this marketplace account,is my best earner at a little bit over,10k profit and keep in mind that's,profit right that's not revenue that's,profit so you can make a full-time,income on marketplace just one personal,marketplace you don't need to shop okay,so that's the first marketplace account,now the backup marketplace account that,i use that's like my secondary,marketplace account uh this is 157,transactions on this one total earned,over the month was uh and again these,are all three weeks in the month not,four weeks uh eleven thousand two,hundred and twenty dollars and twenty,nine cents total spent there was eight,thousand one hundred sixty two dollars,and forty nine cents for a total profit,of three thousand fifty seven dollars,and eighty cents again like i said,across 157 transactions okay so pretty,solid numbers there again that's my,secondary marketplace account um we just,started scaling that,probably three four months ago maybe uh,and so i'm very excited about that see,you know where i can actually take that,going forward um and you know all these,all these tips here they're all on this,channel like there's no secrets here if,you want some strategies or you want to,figure out like exactly what i'm doing,to actually hit these numbers like i'm,not keeping anything like close to the,like under the vest like i'm not hiding,anything all the strategies all the tips,that i do myself are on this channel for,free if you're interested check it out,it's all there,so that's the second personal,marketplace account uh for the month of,june again three weeks now let's go back,to the main shop that i actually just,got back so i'm very excited the numbers,here aren't that great,for this main shop but this was the shop,that was completely crushing it like not,last month not the month before when it,actually got shut down but like for the,original i guess it was like four or,five months in um,2012 this shop was absolutely crushing,it was my best earner so the fact that,it got shut down i was completely bummed,but it's back up and running now uh i