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AVOID Dropshipping These Products With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

AVOID Dropshipping These Products With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

The above is a brief introduction to AVOID Dropshipping These Products With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial.

Let's move on to the first section of AVOID Dropshipping These Products With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial!

AVOID Dropshipping These Products With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

yo what is going on everybody srikanasa
here so
products to avoid selling with google
now in a lot of my videos i often say
that literally every product in this
world can be sold
to another person even a rock but
unfortunately that saying does not
really apply to google ads and by the
end of this video
you're gonna know exactly why and also
which products to avoid
but in general google ads has a lot of
restrictions when it comes to
the products that you should be selling
not every product will lead you to the
same amount of profits and
some products could even land you in a
lot of trouble but without wasting any
more time let's just find out exactly
which products
you should stay 10 feet away from when
using google ads the first thing you'll
have to do
however in order to really find success
with this video is to just
destroy that like button down below
it'll take just two quick seconds okay
hopefully you have destroyed that like
but let's start by toking about
specifically the old saying one more
time which is
all products can be sold online but not
our products
should be sold online and this really
applies to google ads specifically but
there are several reasons why this
heavily relates to google ads the first
reason is
that a lot of people out there in the
market are trademarked or copyrighted
products and
with google where literally a person can
just type something into the search bar
and literally
see your products up there at the very
top it is a little bit risky to sell
literally any type of product and
a lot of these products as i already
mentioned could be trademarked or
copyrighted so if one of the trademark
or copyright owners
were to just simply search up a keyword
related to that product
and your search listing comes up at the
very top you could potentially be sued
your entire shopify store
could be shut down so that's a big risk
factor when it comes to selling some of
these products online which is why you
have to be a little bit extra careful
when doing product research and when
choosing that product to sell on your
website but in addition to that
a lot of the products out there in the
market go against google's ad policies
and google
continuously updates this policies
especially in 2020
when a lot of people have kind of
transitioned from facebook ads
and these other advertising platforms
onto google ads they're just becoming
more and more strict and they're
extremely difficult to deal with when it
comes to these products and also keeping
your account safe so in order to really
keep your account safe you will have to
know exactly what google ad
allows on their platform what kind of
products you really cannot be selling
because as soon as you go against
google's ad policies you risk getting
your entire google ads account and even
your merchant center account
fully suspended but in addition to that
there are some products out there in the
market where no matter how much
in demand they are and no matter how
much they're selling on facebook ads or
how many people are searching on google
for that
product they just cannot be sold simply
because you can't sell them for a
premium price meaning
any price where you get a minimum of 20
dollar profits i have a big belief where
if i cannot get a simple 20
profit from a product when i'm using
google ads i simply avoided that product
the ad costs when it comes to google ads
will add up and this will lead you to a
very minimal
profit if any profit at all in the end
so you want to always be focusing on
profits and avoiding those products
with google ads which you can't really
sell for a high price in fact
i recommend that you don't really try
selling anything which you can't sell
for more
than 25 with google but these are the
three main things which really
are the biggest issues when it comes to
selling certain products and also
one of the biggest reasons why you want
to be avoiding certain products as a
whole but let's start off
by toking about the first category of
products which you should be avoiding so
what should you avoid in the first place
the first category that you should
definitely avoid
are products which are in the clothing
niche or jewelry items in general this
is simply because
these products first of all are very
very broad meaning if you simply type in
the keyword shirts
you'll see a million different styles
million different designs etc and that
is not
really the best way to go about when it
comes to google ads because
if you start ranking for the keyword
shirts your ad cost is going to go
through the roof and you will not really
be able to sustain that profit so you
want to be avoiding anything general
within the clothing niche because of the
wide variety of products available in
the market but in addition
drop shipping clothing items or jewelry
items from china may not be the best way
to go
simply because of quality issues sizing
issues etc
and these problems just add up and
returns add up in the end which is
something you don't really want to be
dealing with so
simply avoid this specific two
categories however there's
one exclusion to this rule and that is
selling something that is very very
specific in fact
one winning product i had in 2019 which
was a real big winner for me
was the indestructible safety steel toe
shoe set this was one of the most
popular items on facebook because this
was literally
an indestructible shoe nothing could
destroy this shoe and because it was
such a big winner on facebook i decided
to sell it on google
and to my surprise a lot of people were
searching for it on google and this led
to a lot of sales for me personally
but this was a exclusion to this rule of
broad clothing or jewelry items because
this is a very specific item it is
directly the indestructible shoe this is
simply a shoe but rather an
indestructible shoe so whenever you can
find something that is very specific
you can go ahead and try selling that
even if it's in within one of these
prohibited categories but let's move on
to our next
specific list of items and categories
which you should avoid and that is
machinery or big tools now this is kind
of self-explanatory because machinery
from china
may malfunction easily and it may not
even have the standard power
socket sizes for the cords and it may be
simply a product which just does not
work within the united states
because it has specifications which
directly work in the asian country so
this happens often with big machinery
items and big tools as well on
aliexpress which is one big reason why i
just like to stay clear from these
products but in addition to that
you're gonna kind of face high cost per
link clicks because you're dealing with
big competitors big
competitors such as uline.com or big
retail stores like home depot
walmart etc can be big players within
this niche
obviously they have very very big
budgets which you really can't be
competing with so
this can again lead to high cost per
link clicks and just becomes a situation
where the product is just spending money
but not really selling
and if it does sell shipping is a big
hassle because of the size of the
product which is why
i just simply like to stay away from
these kinds of products but the third
list of products which i kind of stay
away from are small tok
specific one big reason why i like to
stay away from toys which are very very
small in size
is simply because kids don't know any
better when they're playing with these
if they accidentally end up swallowing
one of these toys it could lead to a big
lawsuit for you simply because the child
was harmed using one of your products
and this is just a big piece of stress
that you would have to deal with if it
does happen
but in addition it could completely
destroy your drop shipping store
and you may be permanently banned from
using shopify in the first place so
in order to really avoid the hassle just
simply stay away from items which are
very very small
which kids can directly use just because
of the potential health issues that
could arise
from the child using your products but
the next specific list of products which
i avoid are certain
healthcare products now healthcare in
itself is a very very big niche
in fact it is one of the best niches
that i recommend you try selling
within four google ads however there are
certain healthcare products which you
want to stay 10 feet away from some of
these products are those that are edible
products meaning
you can simply eat them maybe it could
be some kind of tablet which
helps with hair growth or with skin
treatment and in addition
those kinds of specific healthcare
products which can directly be applied
to the skin maybe a skin whitening cream
or something like that
these kinds of products are something i
stay 10 feet away from because if
something happens to the user
while using this product they could
again come after you and your entire
store and in my opinion selling these
kinds of products for a few dollars of
is really not worth the hassle and
stress that could come from somebody
getting hurt
while using your product so i simply
stay away from this list of products
and something you should stay away from
when using google ads specifically
not only can your shopify store be put
at risk but your google ads account and
your google merchant center account
can also be damaged in the process in
fact some of these healthcare products
are also
not allowed to be sold via the merchant
centers so if google ads or the merchant
center does find out that you're selling
these kinds of products
you could potentially face an account
suspension before you even sell anything
in the first place so
be sure to steer away from certain
healthcare products but that brings me
to my next list of products which is
safe gear products now
again this is kind of a niche and a
product group where you can kind of
still sell within if you take the safety
precautions but overall this is
kind of the risky list of items to be
selling within assembly because
if a safety accessory arrives broken and
damaged and the user
doesn't know that it's damaged and they
still try to use it they could
potentially get hurt with
life-threatening injuries especially if
it's one of those main safety items such
as a harness
for climbing so in order to again avoid
these kinds of issues when selling
products like these you just want to
stay clear from them or if you do decide
to sell within this niche
make sure to include in the description
for that specific product that you do
not take any responsibility
if any types of accidents do occur due
to this product but of course if the
product does arrive
damage and and it was actually a fault
by your supplier which you were not
aware of and the customer does end up
getting hurt in the process
they could still come after you despite
you having that message at the bottom so
that is why i simply just stay away from
this product despite these kinds of
products having a very very high search
on google ads but this brings me to my
last product list which is
certain electronic products now again a
category where you can kind of sell
within if you take your safety
precaution to give you guys an example
one of my main winning products within
the past year was the portable air
conditioner this was a summer related
and i had several portable air
conditioners on my store doing really
really well the main reason why i
decided to kind of go against
this specific idea of not selling within
certain electronics and still
selling the portable ac is simply
because the portable air conditioners
are very very small
in comparison to how big some of these
other electronics
are and the portable air conditioners
are also easily replaceable in case they
get damaged
or hurt while in transit so keeping this
in mind i did decide to sell these kinds
of air conditioners within my store
and while i did make a lot of profit
selling this product i had to deal with
a lot of disputes and refunds because
like any electronic
and this is one of the main reasons why
i don't sell within electronics but
they could arrive damaged or they could
arrive in non-working order
or they could stop working within five
days and when this happens the customer
is obviously bound to just
come back to you to want to get a refund
and this leads to further
chargebacks disputes etc which is
something i really don't like dealing
which is why i just stay away from
electronics but if you do want to sell
electronics you can simply sell
those lightweight electronics avoid
anything big and heavy
in general because with electronics
something that arrives big and heavy or
is fragile could easily get damaged
while in transit and could lead to a lot
of disputes chargeback etc but to kind
of end up all of these
products lists in one sentence you
simply want to just avoid
all those products with low search
volume or low search keywords in general
because if there is not enough search
volume on google ads for your products
they're not going to sell period and if
you only find
two keywords or three keywords related
to your product even though
there's more than the desired search
volume it could still be hard to sell
that product simply because there's just
a limited amount of keywords out there
in the market and along with you there's
a bunch of other competitors trying to
rank for those keywords so that makes it
a bit too competitive and a bit too
difficult to be selling with but besides
these specific products
everything else is really up for grabs
you can tell whatever you want
just make sure to follow my other
tutorials i have on google ads
so you know exactly what kind of
products work the best and what you
should be looking for
in the product in the first place but if
you found any type of value in this
smash that like button and smash that
subscribe button and i'll see you guys

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