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b2b dropshipping usa

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Don't make these mistakes | Import products from Turkey B2B Dropshipping Export Istanbul #LearnB2B

today we tok about to be careful with your other products from turkey, from china. what you have to check, what you have to do if you want to import products without losing money. let's start sellers shop on bazanicom: t-shirts from one euro, handbags from two euros, bits from five euros, natural soaps from 0.25 euros and much, much more- the best marketplace for products made in turkey. first step is to check the supply. you can check his name in china, in turkey, the supplier need to write in the name what they do. if you want to order, for example, from a wood factory product and you are, you see in the name that he write um, i don't know, food transport company. in this point you need to be careful. sometimes they have also some other businesses, but you should check. it's better for you if you see in the name that he's also a trader or a manufacturer. this is the first point that you can check. another point is check: did this supplier accept different payment methods? so exit paypal. accept bank transfer, accept cash payment. if you accept just money transfer, money gram, western union and all that stuff, it's very dangerous because if you send something by by moneygram or by western union, it's hard to get it back. if you send by bank and you don't don't get the products, you can go to the police. you show them i send money to this bank. everything is much better. another point is checking google the company. write the name in google, check street view. if you order something by a wood production company or something like this and you see in street view there is just one office building or there are many small stores, you need to be careful because this guy have maybe just another company registered and you can lose your money. so you need to be careful about this. the best way what you can do is just visit the supplier, visit the office, visit the wholesaler, stuff like that. this is very important. if you check the supply and you think, okay, this supplier is serious, i can order by him. you need to order a sample. for example, like this: we order like 1, 100, it's not. it's not important how many pieces you want to order, if 100 or 1000, but it's important that you order one sample. if you've got this sample, you need to check everything. you need to check the size, you need to check the weight, you need to check the material. all that stuff you need to check because you need to write everything in the order form. so if you like the sample that the supplier sent to you, you need to take pictures, the size and everything and write them in the order form. many times we do this business for more than 18 years. many times we order samples and after that we tell them: okay, we like the sample. so when we started our business- we don't have any experience in this- we told them: yeah, okay, we just wrote by. uh, by email or something like this: yeah, we like it, please send to me a 100 or 500 pieces. after that we got different products and we don't have any contract or any other form where we wrote to him. we need exactly like the sample and it's not enough to to write. we need to exactly like the sample. you need to write the high. you need to write everything, the material so much as possible that you can write right and put pictures also. for example, you make one picture from this side and right. also in the picture these are six centimeter. all that stuff is important because if he sends something wrong to you, you can show them the order form and tell him: uh, this is not the product i ordered. he need to change this. what you can do is you can order from bazani. we are in contact with more than 1 800 supplier. we don't give them the money directly. for example, you pay, you order 100 pieces, you pay to bazani. we pay between 10 and 30 percent to the supplier. this is what i recommend also to you. if you order something, never pay the full amount. after he produced this product, we go to the factory, or they send us the products. we control them and after we control them, we say, okay, this product is good, we give them the full amount. otherwise, if you pay directly 100 percent, it is hard. you need to go to the lawyer. you need to do this. this is difficult. so these are problems. you know you don't need this problem, so be careful at first. other point is: if you order something without checking samples, without do contract, without have insurance for the transport or any stuff like this, it is possible that you lose your money and you don't want to lose your money. check bazaanicom, check the products we have. they're all supplier that we have online are controlled by us. we go to them, we control them. we never work with suppliers selling, for example, fake products, who selling products that are demand, who don't send anything. so you cannot find one supplier or one product on the website that he cannot send or he's not a producer or is not a good wholesaler, or something like this. it is for us very important that we control all supplier. we control the products we have. we get everyday samples here, every day, every second day, every time we have new samples here that we control. we drive to the supplier. we check what: how big is their warehouse, how many workers they have, children's working there or not. in turkey you can't find children's working in in. so i never seen children's working there in china, you see sometimes. so there are a lot of things that you need to be careful. check the website, connect us. if you can not find any product that you like, you want to order on the website, just connect us by whatsapp, by email, on instagram, wherever you want, and we will find the right product for you, for your retail store, for amazon, for ebay, for your online shop, for anything what you want to sell. that's it, your mic. see you on the next video. subscribe this button, like uh. subscribe this channel, like this video. the next videos will be about how to export the products from turkey. this is also very important- where to sell the products in turkey. there are a lot of places where you can sell products outside of turkey: how you can register a company in turkey. how you can find the apartment in turkey. how you can buy a car in turkey. how you you should be careful about brands if you import brands, because we don't we not only export from turkey, you can also import to turkey and sell products in turkey. there are a lot of stuff, many, many videos that will come on this channel. so subscribe this channel, follow us on instagram, on facebook, everywhere.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video, i'll be revealing exactly how i'm drop shipping with less than 10 day shipping times from china, without using aliexpress, that have allowed me to hit results like this. so, as you can see, i'm right around that 275 000 in sales right around in the last six months. i'm gonna go ahead and refresh my screen because we already know it's no cap. so right around 275 000 in sales, 102 000 store sessions, nine percent customer returning rate and a great conversion rate of around 2.7. so this store's been going absolutely crazy and i would not have been able to accomplish this without the supplier that i'm using today. there's many options out there to speed up the shipping process, so not only will i be showing you what i'm doing to get fast shipping times, but i'll also be giving you some viable options that you can be using today on your store. this is to make sure that your customers aren't waiting decades for their product, like most people who are drop shipping or just officially getting started. so let's get that competitive advantage without further ado. let's go ahead and jump right into it. i need to know everything. who in the world and where. i need everything. what's going on? everyone. my name is ac hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer and coach that teaches people how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure that you have your notebooks ready, because the value in this video is going to be limitless. if you're a part of my supreme family who comes back each and every week for this value, then thank you so much for tuning in and always showing love. now, before we get into exactly how you can be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on your drop shipping store today for cheaper than aliexpress. you all know that each and every week, i hand out an absolute free consulting call to one lucky winner to streamline their success with e-commerce. if you want the chance to win this giveaway and you want to get all of your questions answered, all you have to do is three simple things. the first thing you must do is, in the comment section below, comment the word supplier and what your biggest take away from this video was. the second thing you must do is head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and go ahead and give me a follow. and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to my channel, as i have never missed a single week on this platform. make sure you follow and do all three instructions, as i'll be checking and make sure that they're all done to enter you in the chance to win this free consulting call. but if you are looking for more one-on-one help to help you through starting and scaling up your online brand, make sure you dm me the word mentorship on instagram at ac underscore hampton, so i can reach out to see if you'd be a good fit for the four limited spots that i have for all of january. now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. as i'm sure you all know, aliexpress is not the most sustainable way to scale your online business, especially with the fact that it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to get the product to your customer. in my opinion, one of the only benefits of using aliexpress is when you're testing products. this is because there's a ton of sellers with all kinds of products that you're able to find and add to your store to quickly test and find out if it's going to be a winning product for you or not. but when it comes to finding that winning product and scaling using this platform will not be sustainable for your business at all. there is a couple other things that play into the reason of aliexpress not being the best platform to use for scaling a product outside of just the shipping times. a couple of those reasons is product and quality and communication. there are major variations between the suppliers, shipping times and product quality, so what that basically means is that it is a random game of product quality and how well your supplier is going to do when sourcing and shipping your product, and, as that is not enough of a hassle, it can take days to have a conversation with the suppliers, as they are likely in a different time zone as you, depending on wherever you live. so, with that being said, my one suggestion during this testing phase and using aliexpress is: make sure that you're doing supplier validation heavily. you should be looking for a 98 or a higher store rating, with a 4.7 rating or higher for the communication product as described and the shipping times along with that. you want to make sure that they have a couple hundred reviews and orders and have been in business for at least over a year to know that this is a supplier that you can at least test with and regardless of the fact that it can take days to hear a response. when you find a supplier that has what you're looking for, make sure that you still message them, start communication and make sure that it is someone that wants to help you grow. now i just want to reiterate that aliexpress is used solely for testing, and once you've found a product that is selling well for you, it's time to move on, to get those faster shipping times so that you can continue to grow and scale your business. so, with that being said, i'm going to recommend you two different sites that you can be using today to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your service and you're not getting angry emails and low feedback ratings that can ultimately give you a restriction very quickly. efficiency is everything for your customers today, especially with competing with platforms like amazon and other drop shippers in the space. customers like to have their product in a hurry, and these two suppliers can help you with exactly that. now, the first site that you can be using is cj drop shipping. cj drop shipping is just one of the top picks due to the fact that they have warehouses all around the world to ship to other countries. this is the ideal situation for local and worldwide drop shipping so that you can make sure that those shipping times are competitive and something that your customers are satisfied with. so if you're someone who is currently struggling with chargebacks and refunds because customers are unhappy with the shipping times, then cj dropshipping can really help you with these issues. many of you have heard of cj dropship and you may know their fulfillment center for any products that you might want to be selling, but you may not know all the benefits that can come from using them as a supplier, so let's go ahead and jump right into it. so here we are on cj drop shipping, and you can see they have a lot of products that you can sell and a lot of products that they can fulfill as well, and, honestly, this is just great because, just like aliexpress, they have almost everything that you can think of. so you could even start off with testing products with cj drop shipping and use that same supplier to scale up the products with even faster and better shipping. now, one of my favorite parts about cj drop shipping is that you're able to get faster shipping times at a lower cost. so let me just go ahead and show you an example of this. now i'm just going to pull up a product on aliexpress and, as you guys can see, i went ahead and chose a dog harness. if you guys have been drop shipping for a while, you know that this dog harness has been going absolutely crazy year after year and it's always a product that you can sell on aliexpress. you can see that we're going to get this item for 11.95. this is for the large variant, with free shipping being estimated. delivery of march 5th. now today is january 18. so this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on this product if i go ahead and source it from aliexpress. but if we head over to cj drop shipping and we look for that exact same product, you can see that is three dollars and 81 cents for the large variant as well, with the shipping cost of six dollars and 23 cents, which gives us a total drop shipping price.

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8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video, you're a drop shipper and you're looking for better suppliers to drop ship from. chances are you're already listing on places like ebay, facebook marketplace, amazon or elsewhere, but those are places to list your products on. what are the best sites to drop ship products from? who are the best suppliers to use and why? now, before we break down these specific suppliers and why i recommend them, i want you to understand the importance of using several suppliers right. you don't just want to use one or two and focus solely on one or two, because that's what everybody's doing. chances are, if you look to snipe other people, other people that are listing products on facebook, marketplace or any of these places, they're gonna be using one or two of these suppliers, and so just by using several of them yourself and not building your store solely around one or two, you can diversify your products, obviously increase your margins and prevent yourself from being sniped yourself or at least make it harder for people to do so. the first one is amazon, and amazon's a no-brainer. amazon's the one that the majority of people use when they're first starting and even when they like get more seasoned and they start making sales, they people still list from amazon. okay, there's tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of products or millions of products on amazon. i really don't know. there's a lot. it's a great supplier that obviously is always going to give you refunds, you can rely on their shipping times, that it has relatively fast shipping times and it's just a great overall supplier to use, right? the issue with amazon that's been happening recently is that a lot of people's prime accounts have been suspended, mine included. i actually just got suspended- i think it was like a week and a half ago- and it hadn't happened to me for over 10 000 plus orders and i just got hit with the ban, uh, recently. now i honestly think that that's a good thing. here's why the majority of people use amazon, and so those products actually were pretty saturated and the margins were getting slimmer and slimmer. chances are, if you had a good product on amazon and you actually searched that product into the search bar on facebook marketplace, for example, you would see 30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like yours, with the same exact pictures and relatively the same title, selling for relatively the same price, because everybody is marking up the same and that gives buyers the opportunity to choose from a number of different products obviously decreases the chances that you're gonna make a sale and it's just race to the bottom pricing. but now, since everybody's getting their prime account suspended, it's actually a good thing. it's gonna lower the competition on those products. it's going to increase your margins on those products. obviously, that way you can still use amazon as a supplier. and here's a little secret between you and me: you don't actually need amazon prime to drop ship from amazon. the only products that you specifically need prime to drop ship from amazon are those low priced products where you're solely relying on the fact that amazon's shipping them for free to keep your margins intact. you can still drop ship products that are like 25- i don't know the specific number, but i want to say it's like 25- and get free shipping on amazon- or often sellers will offer free shipping even if you don't have a prime account. so you can sign up for an account, not use prime on it, and still drop ship 95 of amazon products, especially the ones that are over 25, not have to pay the the shipping fee anyway, and then you're- you're still getting relatively fast shipping time. you can still return the products on amazon. you can still list all the products from amazon's catalog. that's a good thing because then you don't ever have to worry about your prime account getting suspended. you really shouldn't be listing those, those cheap products anyway, because the margins aren't that great on those products. if you're marking a 10 product up, uh, with amazon prime, 40 or 50, yeah, you're making 40 percent, but that's forty to fifty percent of ten dollars, whereas if you're listing something for thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a hundred dollars, that percentage is a lot more profit. it's the same margin but it's a lot more profit, money wise in the same exact uh effort on your part for one sale. so that's why you don't necessarily need amazon prime anyway. so even if you're getting suspended, it's totally fine. it's gonna weed out the competition, increase your margins, help you still be able to sell those products as people drop off and start using other suppliers and you can still use them without a prime account. a lot of people are worried about losing, like, their personal prime privileges. but if you get a prime account banned and you sign up for another prime account and you solely use it for personal use, you won't get that, that second account banned. it's only when you sign up for another account, start drop shipping to random addresses, again that they suspend your account. so that's why amazon is still, in my opinion, the number one supplier and the competition for people using it to dropship on facebook, marketplace and sites like ebay is going to significantly go down now that amazon all of a sudden is banning accounts. the second supplier that i recommend is ebay. now, i love ebay. i've been using ebay for probably about a year now as a supplier and it's been phenomenal. you never run into like issues with them, cancelling your orders or issues with them. uh, you know, like suspending accounts, that you're allowed to use your ebay account, the drop ship, just like you're allowed to use an amazon account to drop ship, but not one with amazon prime right. you can still get uh, use ebay and get uh, just like on amazon. you can get tax exempt on ebay as well, so that's also a benefit, although it's a little bit of a slower process in my experience with ebay. um, and there's a lot of great products- practikally all the same products on on amazon are gonna be on ebay- typically not all of them, but a large majority of them for relatively low prices. you can look at all the sold data on ebay. so it's literally going to show you what's selling and what's selling well, and you can list a lot of products like that and literally use the the information that ebay is giving you to find hot products. it's also a very reliable supplier. they're gonna have your back as the buyer. you can always typically return most things in most cases and a lot of sellers on ebay actually drop ship directly from amazon with low margins, which means a lot of the products that you're going to get cheaply on amazon are shipping with the same relative shipping time on ebay at the same relative price and are practikally barely marked up, because the competition on ebay for amazon products is so like neck and neck that the margins are barely there. so you're practikally getting the same products and that that seller is literally drop shipping that product using their own account from amazon. so you're basically ordering an amazon product, amazon prime product, with your ebay account in a lot of ways. so that's the second one. love ebay, use it. the third one is walmart. walmart is a phenomenal supplier for so many reasons. just like amazon and ebay, it has a large amount of products in its catalog that you can obviously use. you can also use, uh, walmart plus, which is basically like amazon prime. the issue with walmart plus is they also do suspend you. now, if you hop into walmart and you start ordering, like you know, thousands of products with your walmart plus account, you're going to lose that account pretty relatively fast. however, i've notiked that if you have several accounts, you can basically use several accounts and just cycle through your pr, like the orders on those accounts, and utilize it that way. so walmart plus is another phenomenal supplier. highly recommend that you use them. and on top of all these, i f

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TOP 5 USA-FAST DROPSHIPPING SUPPLIERS!! Finally Get Faster Shipping Times (Aliexpress Alternatives)

hey, what's up? empire builders, in today's video, we're going to be answering a big, big question that so many people who do aliexpress drop shipping want to know is: what are the best alternative suppliers to aliexpress drop shipping? now, if you don't know, one of the biggest cons with aliexpress is slow shipping times, right. however, it's still one of the best places to get started. get your feet wet with starting to make money with drop shipping. however, once you actually start making that money, you're going to quickly find that you want to find more reliable suppliers, faster shipping, better quality control, right, and that is exactly what we're going to be covering in today's video. [Applause]. now, guys, those are tuning into the ecommerce empire builders for the very first time. i want to give you a huge, huge, warm welcome. every single monday, wednesday, friday, we release content just like this. so if you want to see more of this and stay up to date, make sure that like button, that subscribe button and that notification bell, and don't forget every video. we do a giveaway. today's video giveaway winner is getting a popular ecommerce empire starter pack course completely for free. so if you want to be entered in to win that, just drop a comment down below in today's video and stay tuned to the next video to see if you're that lucky winner. but let's go over the shoulder, guys. right now tok about the five best drop shipping supplier alternatives that you can use for your aliexpress drop shipping business. so the very first one- we're gonna get this one out of the way, since i'm sure a lot of you guys have heard of it, and this is the one we're mainly using um- is cjdropshippingcom. okay, typically for here you're gonna be paying a little bit more, but for that you're gonna get much faster delivery times, okay, uh, so if you head over to cj dropshippingcom, also leave links for all these different suppliers here. guys, it's a very similar layout of what you've seen on aliexpress. anything that you sealed aliexpress, for the most part, you're going to be able to find on cj dropshippingcom. and here's the best part: right, even if you're selling a product right now on aliexpress, right, and you're not able to find it on cj dropshippingcom, go and actually message one of the suppliers on here that sells similar niche products and reach out to them. oftentimes, right, they are going to be able to get that product for you, right, they're just not listing it on their actual store that they have it for sale. so that's the first place. i would look. this is like level two. honestly, if you're just even just getting started with aliexpress- anybody that we're building and launching funnels for in our business in a box program, we're using cj dropshippingcom. if you don't know what that is, essentially we'll build and launch your e-commerce business in the next 30 days, 100 percent for you. so if you want to be interested in that- i know there are some of you that would just want us to actually do all this heavy lifting for you and launching your ecommerce business- we'll leave a link down below in the description of today's video. you can sure you know, watch a short presentation to learn more about it. book a call. no high pressure, nothing like that. make sure it's a good fit for both of us, but this is what we're primarily using. so even if you're just getting started with drop shipping and aliexpress, honestly my recommendation is just go cj dropshippingcom. uh, you're gonna save a ton of headaches down the line for yourself. okay now next one is called salehoo- salehoocom. you guys know i've been recommending salehoocom for a very, very long time. this was actually one of the places that i found one of my drop shipping suppliers. that wasn't that far, actually, from my current location out in pennsylvania, uh, and i actually found them here on salehoocom. now, say was a little bit different again. we'll leave links for all this in the in the in the description of today's video, but it's more so a directory, right. the reason i like these other suppliers is they give you like winning products. they give you some video ads with here. this is what i would say is like: oh, if you're all at the level of wanting to brand your own product source inventory, then i would look at salehoo and like alibaba together, because that's where you're going to be able to customize the products a bit more. now there are drop shippers on here, but some of them might not necessarily understand what dropshipping is. so just to give you an example what this means. so one of the uh supplies that i found right when i was running my fishing business was a uh supplier out here in pennsylvania, um, and i didn't tell him: oh, do you drop ship? right? because i even mentioned that. he's like: what are you toking about? what does that even mean? like, so all i told was like: hey, can i send you orders, right, and you just fulfill them for me and then send the customer out their tracking information. when it gets shipped out, he's like, yeah sure, right to them. a lot of them don't really know what dropshipping is because they're in the business of making fishing lures, of making you know the chips or whatever. their their thing is like fishing rods, whatever niche. it is right, they're not necessarily in the business of dropshipping. however, some of them, if they have the capacity, can be a drop shipper for you. sometimes you just got to think outside the box and solve your own problems. that's how i solved this one, because i didn't want to store inventory, even though i did for a little bit, but for the most part i was able to really offload it and that's what saleh is going to give you. it's more of a direct directory here of suppliers that you're actually going to have to pick up the phone and call. if you're not comfortable with that, just go with somebody on alibaba, okay, which leads us to our third, which is alibabacom. we'll be getting into more traditional dropshipping ones in a minute. you can often find dropshippers here on alibaba as well. guys, a lot of people just don't think outside the box because they think, oh, these are suppliers. i have to order bulk inventory. yes, you might need to order bulk inventory, but a lot of them have the capacity to actually be able to drop ship the products for you. now, all of them won't be able to do that. yes, i get that, but a lot of them can do that for you. remember they? they want your business just as mad as you want their business. you see what i'm saying? uh, so alibaba is a great place to find them. the nice thing about alibaba, guys, is if you type in like, let's say, fishing here, if we type in fishing here, oftentimes on the left-hand side- you'll be able to source your product from certain locations. okay, so let's say, you want your products usa, you know, made only. you can select that and then you'll be able to find the suppliers directly from the usa or wherever it is. a lot of people don't know about that. this is also how i was able to find another supplier for my fishing business. right, just thinking outside the box. it doesn't. if you, if you want to start a brand that's like: only usa made products, only new zealand made products, whatever, you have those opportunities, just think outside the box. some of you guys really won't care about that so much, but i did want to mention that for those of you that maybe will you know, country specific products, uh made all right. next one is spocketco- uh, again, a fantastik place to get products from uh similar. this is i would. i would lump these two together, guys. the other one i recommended, um, and this is number five, is going to be usa drop. i've been featured them on the channel here before, so again, that's spock it dot co and usa drop. very similar, right, very similar kind of place. but the reason i like them is that they both, again, they're very, very similar. but what i really like about them is that they give you like, like, kind of you know how they have these winning product tools and this or that, a lot of these companies right to differentiate them, to give


[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. in this tutorial video, i will be showing you how to process your orders with wholesale 2b. you don't need to manually input orders. new orders will be automatikally imported in your wholesale 2b account, so you won't have to manually input them. all you need to do is click on a few links to pay the wholesale value of each order and our fulfillment team will handle them with the suppliers for you. everything else is done for you so you can fully focus on making profit. we will also update each order with the shipping tracking code as soon as the order is shipped. now, after you make a new sale, you will get notified via email confirming that you received a new order. the next step is to log in to your wholesale 2b account and click on the new orders waiting link in the black box. this box will show you how many new orders you have from your store. on this page, you will see the list of new orders recently imported in your account. these orders may come from shopify, amazon, ebay or any of the other plan you have activated. you can see the order numbers taken from your store, in this case from your shopify store. it will display the date you receive this order, the name of the customer, the amount the customer from your website is paying you, the status and the products tracking code. this is the price you are receiving from your customer and later on you will see how much you need to pay the company when you want to process an order. click on order now. for example, for this order, this is the amount the buyer from my store paid me. click on complete checkout. you will be brought to this page displaying the information of your invoice. you can view the payment information. when you scroll down, you will see the total amount that you will be paying to the company. the difference between the amount your customer paid you and the amount you pay to wholesale 2b will be your profit. in this case, i made a 10 profit. click on continue to proceed. select your payment method. i will be using my account wallet. then you will be brought to this page to confirm the payment. enter the confirmation code. it will display a confirmation status that your order has been created successfully and the order number will also be displayed. after this, the number in the black box will decrease and the number in the blue box will increase. the blue box displays the pending orders being sent to the supplier. this will be sent within 24 hours. you can click on pending in the blue box to see list of pending orders. they will be processed within 24 hours. once the pending order has been processed and sent to the supplier and the supplier has been paid, the number in the yellow box will increase and the number in the blue box will decrease. the yellow box represents orders that have no tracking code yet. this can take between one to three days depending on the supplier. after we get the tracking code from the supplier, the number in the yellow box will decrease and the number in the green box will increase. the green box represents that the order now has a tracking code and this tracking code will be displayed on your store for your customers to see. everything is automated and done for you to make your drop shipping experience better. you will get an email as the order moves from one stage to another. you can click on orders shipped in the green box to view the order's tracking codes. [Music] now. the two red boxes on the right represent the number of orders canceled and the rma, which is the return merchandise authorization. this happens when customers receives an order and wants to return it. the left side of the rma red box means that the request to cancel the order and get a refund is still being processed. the right side of the rma red box means that the order has been completed. this may happen because of a wrong address, defective product or the buyer receive the product and change their mind. i will be making another video on explaining the rma in more detail. as a reminder, you can click on any of the boxes to see list of orders in the different stages. here is to recap: the orders will be imported from your store to your wholesale 2b account automatikally and your store will be updated with the progress of the orders. you only have to click on a few buttons to process the order. everything else is handled by the company. thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe and like this video for future tutorial videos.

Top 16 US Dropshipping Suppliers With Fast Shipping For Shopify Stores 🚀

an increase in online retail shopping means higher profit margins for dropshippers. this increase, then, means that dropshippers should have a reliable supplier. right in today's video, we're going to be covering the top 16 us dropshipping suppliers that you should be using for your shopify store. so stay tuned, hit that subscribe button and let's go. [Music]. many dropshippers opt to work with chinese suppliers due to their low cost. however, there are other important factors that we should take into consideration when choosing a supplier for the us markets, such as higher quality products and faster shipping, both of which are included when working with a us supplier and selling in the us markets. so, without further ado, let's jump straight into our shopify us drop shipping supply list. okay, so our first supplier is ebay. while ebay started as a platform for online auctions, today it is one of the biggest marketplaces. online drop shipping from ebay to shopify opens up a world of trending products to sell. some of the pros for using ebay as a supplier includes millions of products in various categories always means there's something to find on ebay. ebay enforces its sellers to be highly customer oriented and provides both buyer and seller protection, so we'll always get what we order, and on time. it's also really easy to spy on your competition and to see what's trending on ebay. by simply searching for a product or niche, we can see how many sellers are selling it, along with the amount of sales that they've been making. on the downside, however, ebay is an open marketplace, meaning there are thousands of sellers with various shipping and return policies. since the competition is so big, it is more challenging to find trending products from ebay to sell on shopify. so up next we have wayfair. wayfarer specializes in the home goods niche and offers everything a home may need. wayfair offers a large selection of furniture, home appliances, garden necessities and anything else that is home orientated. they also offer fast shipping options due to their domestik warehouses. wayfair also has a my way program. this program is beneficial for dropshippers, as they receive free shipping on any order. they also receive members exclusive products, along with free one-day shipping for eligible products. the best part about using wafer is that you can use paypal for your purchases and take advantage of easy and secure transactions. the only downside to using wayfair is that there is a niche limitation. this is because wayface products belong to the home goods market. our third supplier is aliexpress, so aliexpress is based in china, but they have warehouses that are situated around the us. they also have a large online retail platform offering various product categories for dropshippers, which essentially means that we aren't restricted to any specific niche. we can also change the ship to option to the united states. in the right hand corner, we can then run a search for any product or niche. we can then change the ship from option to the us. now we're able to see all the products that you're able to ship from and to the united states. here are some of the benefits that you'll be able to experience when using aliexpress as your supplier: an unlimited product range, meaning you have a world of opportunities when choosing which products to sell on your shopify drop shipping store, not to mention the low cost and domestik warehouses, which means that we're able to offer fast shipping to our us customers. on the other hand, low cost often comes with lower product quality, so we have to make sure that we check the product reviews diligently. another thing is, although there is fast shipping, there are no bundle options, which means that products are then shipped separately, which can be an inconvenience. lastly, their customer support is not really up to standards in comparison to other suppliers, and this could be because of the language barriers, considering that their main location is china. the drop shipping supplier coming in at number four is cast way. costway has grown to be one of the top tier retailers in north america. one of the most significant benefits of costway is a free standard shipping on all items. not only that, but if our customers have received a damaged item, they are entitled to a guaranteed 90-day exchange or return period, which is all conducted through their excellent customer support team. on the flip side, dropshippers can be at a little bit of a disadvantage when the items are shipped out with the costway logo. there are a few drop shippers who wouldn't like their customers to know where the package came from. classway also offers an appealing vip membership program, but unfortunately it's not compatible with the drop shipping program. our next supplier coming in at number five is banggood. banggood is a china-based supplier with various warehouses situated around the us with low pricing and various product categories. banggood is another great us drop shipping supplier to use for shopify. banggood is dropshipping friendly and in the dropship center you'll have access to product recommendations, cashbacks, images without watermarks and so much more. this supplier also offers dropshippers special programs. this includes professional product videos to optimize from affiliate programs, coupons or a refer a friend incentive. at the same time, banggood's warranty policy is flawed and there's no warranty on certain products. along with this, their return policy is somewhat complicated and there are no free returns. lastly, they have a lengthy repair process for faulty items and it is probably one of the top complaints from customers. coming in at number six on our dropshipping supply list is overstok. so overstok is known for their high quality products and primarily sells products within the home goods and furniture niche. so not only does overstok provide high quality products at a fair pricing range, but they also offer a price match guarantee, which essentially means if you find the same product at a lower cost, then overstok will provide you with that lower price. another benefit that sets overstok apart from other suppliers is their club zero program. this program allows dropshippers to opt for free shipping on all orders, along with a five percent cashback on purchases. along with free shipping, overstok guarantees fast delivery times with a shipping speed of one to two days. your customers will be over the moon and you'll be able to read the rewards. you should consider adding multiple suppliers to your list if you're looking to sell products that are outside of the home goods and furniture niche, although if you're new to drop dropshipping, starting with a specialized niche can help to kick-start your sales. coming in at number seven is cj drop shipping designed by drop shippers for dropshippers. one of the unique things about cj drop shipping is their product sourcing solution. this allows you to put in product requests if you cannot find what you're looking for. cj drop shipping also performs quality control for each item before it is shipped out, ensuring our customers receive only the best quality products. cj dropshipping offers a pod print on demand solution, which allows you to customize certain products and, even better, with their white label branding options, we can package our products with our store logos, which increases our brand awareness while scaling our business to new heights. the downside about cj drop shipping is that their user interface is not as user friendly as other suppliers. also, even with us warehouses, cj drop shipping has very limited shipping carriers, which can cause great concern if we're promising our customers quick delivery times. i've added a youtube video to the pinned comments down in the comments below, and this video entails a full overview of what you can expect when using cj drop shipping as your supplier. next up on our top supply list is walmart, if you're selling to the us market, then you cannot go wrong with c.