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Baby Formula Shortage & Ebay sellers causing OUTRAGE

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

The shortage of baby formula has caused outrage among parents across the country. Many have resorted to buying formula from eBay sellers, but this has led to even more frustration and anger.

Sub-heading 1: The Baby Formula Shortage

- The shortage of baby formula has been an ongoing issue for several months.

- Parents have struggled to find formula on store shelves.

- Some stores have limited the number of cans each customer can purchase.

Sub-heading 2: eBay Sellers Exploiting the Situation

- Many parents have turned to eBay to purchase formula.

- Some eBay sellers have taken advantage of the situation by selling formula at exorbitant prices.

- The prices for formula on eBay have been as much as three times the regular retail price.

Sub-heading 3: Parent Outrage

- Parents have expressed their anger and frustration on social media.

- Many feel that eBay sellers are exploiting a vulnerable population.

- Some have called for action to be taken against these sellers.

Sub-heading 4: Consequences for Babies

- Some parents have reported that the formula they received from eBay sellers was expired or near expiration.

- Using expired or near-expired formula can be harmful to babies.

- Babies who are not getting the proper nutrition can experience health problems.

The shortage of baby formula has caused distress for parents across the country. While some have turned to eBay to purchase formula, the high prices and expired products have caused even more frustration. It is important that action is taken to ensure that all babies have access to safe and affordable formula.

Baby Formula Shortage & Ebay sellers causing OUTRAGE

Selling Baby Formula on eBay: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Selling baby formula on eBay has become a topic of discussion, especially with the current shortage of formula in the market. However, is it a good idea to sell baby formula on eBay? In this article, we will explore eBay's restricted food policy and discuss the potential risks and benefits of selling baby formula on eBay.

eBay's Restricted Food Policy:

- Certain food products are not allowed on eBay

- Listings for food items that are allowed must follow eBay's policy

- The following food items are not allowed: unpasteurized dairy products, unpasteurized fruit or vegetable juice, wild mushrooms (except for morel and shiitake mushrooms), aki fruit or seeds, expired food, and government assistance benefits that can be used for food like WIC

- When listing allowed food items, sellers must ensure food items are properly packaged and stored safely, clearly state the expiration date in the item description, state how perishable items will be delivered, and ensure they're delivered to the buyer before the expiration date

Potential Risks and Benefits of Selling Baby Formula on eBay:

- eBay technically allows the selling of baby formula that is not expired

- However, eBay may still deem it as price gouging or violating their policies and take down the seller's account

- Selling baby formula may provide a quick profit, but it is not a sustainable business model

- There is currently a shortage of baby formula in the market, and reselling formula may be seen as taking advantage of the situation

- It is not worth risking one's account on reselling formula

Selling baby formula on eBay may seem like a quick way to make a profit, but it comes with potential risks and ethical concerns. While eBay technically allows the selling of non-expired formula, it is not worth risking one's account on reselling formula, especially during a shortage. It is best to avoid selling baby formula on eBay and focus on sustainable business models.

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