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back in stock app shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Never Miss A Sale With Shopify RESTOCK Alerts [TUTORIAL]

hello everyone, christian here. today we're going to go over why restok alerts are so powerful, how they work in our recommended apps to set it up. let's get started. everyone runs into inventory problems from time to time and shopify owners are no strangers to these. running out of products and failing to get rid of those out of stok products can hurt your business. customers want to see the products they want available and, if not, offer them some alternatives. the solution is backing stok notifications or restok notifications. so why should you use restok notification so on shopify? unfortunately, out of stok products are not automatikally hidden. so customers who stumble on those products they may love it and realize it's not available. it will just be incredibly frustrating for them and potentially they could even leave your site, because maybe it happens more than once. right, trust me, i've been there. by using back in stok email or push notifications, you can actually capture that lost revenue for people leaving your store because they're getting frustrated, right. so with restok alerts, visitors or customers, they will realize that actually this product will be back available sometime soon. so word of caution is: do not use any restok alert or anything like that if you're not planning on getting more inventory. so that would be the only copy out here. don't just install this will in italy and pretend that yeah, because again it's just gonna frustrate your customer even more. um, that's gonna be just bad for the whole experience. um, i've actually been trying to get these uh shorts from target for the longest time. i signed up, probably a year ago, for restok notifications, just like this, obviously on the target website, so it works a little bit different. i'm still waiting. before we're moving on, i just want to say, being meninos, my name is christian pinana, one of the co-founders here at bed brandy. we're an e-commerce growth agency that specializes in helping clothing stores grow and scale profitably online. we drop new videos every week, so make sure that you hit that subscribe button, turn on notifications so you don't miss out. so having restok notifications actually benefit you in multiple ways. one, you actually get increased traffic in sales, obviously because you're notified, notifying and emailing and sometimes sending sms messages to your customers and visitors when a new product is being brought back. so they get like, hey, we got your product, come back and purchase it. so you can actually also build a relationship with a customer. it makes them feel important, right? you're actually messaging me whenever something's available. it just takes it to an extra level of care for them, so it just creates a psychological connection with them. another great thing is that it's all automated and just easy to use. as you'll see here in a little bit, we're going to jump in and i'm going to show you how to install one of the apps. i'm gonna recommend a few of them, but it's super easy to to set up. you set it up once and that's it. it automatikally sends those emails to your customers. if you're liking this video so far, please consider clicking on that like button. okay, so let's go over some of the recommended apps. um, this is what you guys came here for. uh, these are absolutely recommend based on, uh, the back in stok notifications. so there's a lot of them out there that have other features sort of built into them. we're just trying to focus on just that, this back in the stok modification feature. uh, and then disclaimer. also, none of these apps are sponsoring or anything like that. um, so first off, number one: it's gonna be restok by hen game. um, good thing about this: one has really good reviews and it integrates with clavio and your contact list, which is really good if you're using clavio, which a lot of you are. and then it's also super simple. i believe it's just kind of like a one click and you're it's installed in your store already. um, it has insightful reports. you can import, export, uh, your email list, which is very important for the future, and they do offer a sort of light plan. so if you test this for more than just a typical, you know, seven day free trial, you can just follow it, fall under that light plan. if you're just starting out and you may not get a lot of these, then they also give you 10 notifications per month. so, again, might be something to look into whenever it has those. you know, those 10 notifications. what you really want to look for here in some of these apps, um, all the ones that we're toking about today are are great, but it's, it's the, the feature set that they have, and if it's actually going to work with some of the other apps that you have installed in your store and with your future plans, right, that you have, we have with your store, you may want something that's a little bit more robust or something more stripped down, right, which we're going to tok about here in a second um, the next one is probably one of the longest running backing stok apps that i found here on the app store. it has probably the most reviews out of all the back in stok or restok alerts- again, super simple, easy setup. something a little bit different from this one is they actually offer the sms or text message alerts as well as the email ones. um, again, all automated um. it's pretty easy to customize. just like the other one, this one integrates with a few more male software, so mailchimp, clavio, constant contact, campaign monitor, so it has a few more in there. and then they also do have a free plan. they do have an extended 14-day free trial on this one. so if you want to test the full feature set for a little bit longer, you can with this. now the free plan um is very, very limited. it only has five email notifications, uh, per month um. and then, yeah, you get the reports, the analytiks and all that kind of stuff. and then the last one is called back in stok by seal apps. this one just caught my attention. it seems like it's pretty new but it's completely free, but it's also super simple. so they just send that one notification. you have the ability to customize it a little bit. and the other thing that caught my attention was that they support the theme 2.0, so you can kind of move that button wherever you want, which we're going to tok about here in a second. i want to show you how to add this app and, like i said, the pricing is just completely free right now. so i think that their sort of strategy is to get people to install the app and have it free for now, and once they start adding maybe more features to the app, then they'll sort, they'll start tearing up, uh, the pricing on that. so just word of caution, right, if you're thinking that this is gonna be free forever, it may not be. just because they're just starting out. they're trying to get some people in to install the app and use it. but i've used it and it's super simple, easy to use and it works just as well as the other ones. so now more than ever, you need to be able to see your blind spots in your business and your opportunities. we found a software called triple- well, you can see the link below. that will literally put all the data points you need to know about your business into one place so that every single day, you can see where your gross profit, net profit, your opportunities are to continue to grow your clothing store. check it out in the description below. all right, so let's install the- this last one that we toked about the back in stok by seal apps. um, i'm very excited to show you this because it's just super simple. all right, so we're going to go to apps. we're going to customize your store and search for [Music] back in stok. then in here i want to look for the company. so seal apps, it's gonna be this one. okay, so after you install your app, all you have to do is step one, which is activate a button. you push that, that's it, and then they do have a quick tutorial on the shopify 2.0 theme, which i highly recommend that you install with your store or upgrade- right, if you have a previous theme that they might have upgraded to the.

How To Use Back In Stock Notifications To Generate Sales In Shopify

hey everybody, justin cener here. in this video, i'm going to teach you how to use back in stok notifications to generate sales on your shopify store. this is a problem that a lot of people face. you do not want to lose sales over inventory issues. i'm going to give you a very easy strategy to fix this. but every single click matters, especially when we're toking about these increasing ad costs. there's nothing worse than sending traffic to an out-of-stok product page. it's literally just the loss of money, loss of ad spend, loss of opportunity. it's basically the worst thing that could happen. right, we don't want to send you. you just can't make a sale. right, you send someone to a page or there's no way for them to purchase it- lost opportunity. so what we need to do is offer the ability for our customers to get instantly notified when items are back in stok. this is going to offset this issue. right, if we have someone that really wants to buy the product, they'll be instantly notified as soon as it's back in stok. but there's no built-in way to do this with shopify. there's no out of stok product notifications or restok notifications built in, so you're going to need to use an app. i'm going to show you the one that i use, and the app needs to work with all different types of products, vendors, fulfillment processes, different niches. it needs to work with basically anything you throw at it and i'm going to show you the app that absolutely does that. it needs to be easy to use, easy to set up, require no prior tiknical experience to operate. you're going to see all this in action as we go over the shoulder and i show you the restok back in stok alerts app on shopify. this is what i use. this is what i highly recommend. i'm recommending it to you in this video. you see the link directly below this video. we're going to go over the shoulder and i'm going to show you just how powerful restok is in fact. here is the app page, right over here again, you see the link directly below this video. first thing, you want to pay attention to the massive amount of five star reviews over here. we can look at review after review after review. five star, five star, five star, five star. why so many five stars? because this app does exactly what i was describing. it sends those back in stok notifications through sms, push and or email. you have the option to have all of these. you could set minimum inventories for the alerts to go off. you're going to have complete customization. i'm going to show you the back end over here as we install this into one of my stores, but this is what's going to look like. you have great reports and analytiks to make sure you know exactly what's working. you can come over here and have the all the full customization: product page, collection page, home page, the request form, customizations, everything that you'd want- and, again, the main thing that this is going to do: automatik alerts: sms, push notification, email automatikally, no coding needed, whenever a product is back in stok. so we're going to go ahead and install this in our store. there's a free plan available. you're also going to get a seven day free trial. all you need to do is press this green add app button. once you install the app, you'll be brought over into your restok alerts dashboard and this is going to be where you'll really be managing everything. you're going to be able to see all of your requests. of course, you'll see the orders that are associated with it, the generated income that you've got by using restok alerts and, first things first, we want to go ahead and view our widget, and this is going to be a button that gets shown automatikally on an out of stok product page so we can click view widget over here as the first step of onboarding, bringing us to one of our sold out products. this happens to be the 4xl royal t-shirt in my cat store and you see the notify me over here, able to enter your email address or your sms, your text message number, and be able to get notified when available, immediately, right right on our site. it's live here for any product that is out of stok. we come over here to test it right. well, all we need to do is it says go to any out of stok product page and it's bringing us to this where we have this variant sold out. notify me is available here. why? because the product is sold out. so restok alerts automatikally in just a couple of clicks, giving you this huge money making asset, this huge functionality that we didn't have before to notify me right over here, for the ability for them to be instantly alerted, email or sms or both, and they'll be able to come right back and finish that purchase. so very, very powerful. i'm going to go ahead and actually sign up for an alert here. so i'll go ahead and put in my email, in this case, and notify when available says: we will notify you when this item is available. so now i'm on the list, right, i'm going to get instant notification. so now we're going to actually test this out. send test message. so i sent a test message and this is exactly what it looks like in my inbox. we got our logo. we have it all customized. of course, we have that exact product with the direct call to actions over here to go ahead and purchase the product now that it's back in stok. a little bit of scarcity and urgency as well: buy it before it goes out of stok- all sent over here. you see the automatik unsubscribe over here, so you're always in good standing in terms of spam and things like that, but very powerful, just comes immediately in there as soon as a product is back in stok. the user is going to get this email based on what they entered in. we could also personalize the widget over here to have all of the different customizations that we could want in terms of the product page. we can come in and click over here. we could literally show it as a float button. we could show it inline- really two different ways in terms of doing it as a notification. i like the float button, you, but you always have the option here and, of course, we could view the product page over here to take a look at exactly what's going on. here is the float button over here and again, full customization. we have collection page. we can show it on the collection page if we want. we could have it on the homepage. we can show it on the homepage if we want. very, very powerful over here. you even have the ability to customize the request form and click personalize over here and you see all the text that's over here is now over here. so how about this? uh, let us tell you when it's back. right, you can literally customize whatever you want. you see it directly inside here. we'll go ahead and save that change. very, very easy, no tiknical skill required to do that. we'll come back over here. message after subscribing. we can go ahead and customize this as well. so we will notify you when the item is available. if they've already subscribed, you can let them know about that as well. you see the updated messaging over here. i'm going to update this to my color scheme, which is a nice dark red over there, so we have the branding ability at all times as well, to make sure everything looks good, and then we can customize the email that i just showed you over here. right, we're going to see the ability to customize that. of course, we're going to be able to customize and we can always send test emails, but we have our simple supply or simplify themes here and we're going to come in and personalize this. you see, get it now before it goes out. of stok. our logo, right. this is literally, pixel for pixel, exactly what you're seeing right over here in that email that i got full customization in terms of text and colors as well, but it's going to pull your logo automatikally when you kind of go through this setup. so, same thing with sms, same thing with push notifications: you're going to be able to customize all of those settings. so that was restok and, as you saw, incredibly powerful over here. get this in your store right now. get this set up fully customized. you saw just how easy it is to install and get everything set up. the

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Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

hey, everyone davey here, welcome to our first video of 2022. today we're going to go through my 10 favorite shopify apps. shopify makes it so easy to install apps. it's one of its super powers. apps can increase conversion rate, increase average order value and make you a ton more money. apps need to come with the warnings, though. if you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table. for those that have been following along in our lemon scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. now it's time to install apps. if you haven't been following on, that's okay. i'm just going to use the lemon scrub as an example in this video. none of these apps have paid me for this video. there are a couple of affiliate links down below, but i'm going to give you lots of alternatives and outline the pricing so you can make the best choice for your business. let's get into it. the first app that we're going to cover today is perfect if your product is low average order value, so basically under 70 or so. with products like that, shipping costs a lot of money compared to the actual revenue that you can bring in per order. the app is called ship scout. it's always difficult to understand when you launch your product whether you should offer free shipping or charge a little bit. free shipping should be more appealing to customers and therefore increase your conversion rate, so the more people that go to your store will actually end up checking out. a lot of brands will actually just add the cost of shipping onto the price of their product, making their product just a little bit more expensive. to cover that cost, what ship scout does is it allows you to actually split test that concept. what this allows you to do is actually test shipping thresholds. for lemon scrub, for example, if we're selling for 40 and we have a free shipping over 50 offer on the header bar, it would entike people to actually purchase two of the product, drastikally increasing our average order value. naturally, with all split tests, if you're trying to raise prices- which in this case you are- for the people that only wanted to buy one lemon scrub because you're going to charge them shipping, you should expect a conversion rate decrease because less people buy, because there's less value. i've been following along on twitter and there's been some really strange results for this app. not only have people been receiving an aov increase with their orders, but a lot of people are actually reporting that conversion rate also increases, which is completely counterintuitive. one theory behind this is users are just thinking they're getting a better deal with a free shipping offer over the threshold. if you're currently charging free shipping and you've got low margin products where people can buy a couple of them, i definitely recommend trying it out. to find the app, all we need to do is go to the app store right in ship scout and it's just here. there isn't a huge amount of reviews on it yet because i do think it is still early. the reviews are good. we can just add the app. as you can see, it's 49 a month and a seven day free trial. so maybe try to run a significant test within that seven days to hedge your bets. as with installing all new apps, if you are doing a lot of traffic through your store, you may need to vet the app from a speed perspective first. you can have a dummy store and install the app and check the speed in google analytiks. one disclaimer about this app is that you will need to be using the advanced shopify plan, which is 299 dollars a month. so if you are a new brand, then it may not be right for you. one option is that you can upgrade your shopify plan to the 299 option, use the free trial of ship scout at the same time and then just revert your shopify plan back. so the actual cost of using the shopify app is just the difference between the basic and the advanced shopify plan. the next app that i highly recommend that you use this year is called dexter, or neat a b test. both of these apps are incredible at split testing pricing. pricing is one of the most underrated split tests that entrepreneurs just refuse to do. there's a few reasons why they refuse to do this. firstly, they're worried that customers will see both pricing. this is very unlikely. even if you're a huge brand, customers definitely don't pay this much attention to your business. much like ship scout, price changes will affect a few things. they'll affect conversion rate, but they'll also increase the revenue that we can create per visitors. so therefore the profits. i suggest using these apps to split test pricing in intervals that are relative to the product price. for example, if your product is around fifty dollars, split test the pricing by five to ten dollars. if your products five hundred dollars, maybe you wanna split test by fifty dollars. this is great to do early on, but also as your brand adapts over time, especially with the current fears of inflation, what will happen is prices will go up across the board. this is the perfect opportunity for you to raise prices because your suppliers, your freight forwarders and your couriers- they're all raising their prices. so you need to pass those costs on. reasonable price raises shouldn't affect your brand as much as you think. one of the worst things that you can do is just constantly keep absorbing those costs until your business stops being profitable and therefore you actually go out of business. so to find these apps, i'll start with neat a b test. neat a forward slash b, and it should be this first one just here. so it's got 39 reviews. you can see the dexter app is an ad above it, um, which is the other one that i have used. um, that's that one is actually charged out at 3.99 per 100 visitors approximately. so the more people that you use the split test with, they'll actually charge you, which can add up to be quite expensive, but it is a really effective app. i like it. and neat a b testing is around 29 a month, um, and you get the the 14 day trial there as well, so i'm just going to add that up to our store so we can use it later. the other option that you do have with split testing is to use a big, robust tool like google optimize or optimizely. google optimize is free, but it is quite hard to use. you will need to use something like google tag manager to set up events. if you've got a clothing store, google optimize can be a really good way to split test all your pricing at once. you can actually duplicate all your products and create a split test, pushing people to one collection page of one pricing and the other page with the new pricing. these apps that i just mentioned, though, are far simpler, and you can just test single product variants very, very easily. the next app that i recommend is okendo. these guys are doing some really cool stuff. reviews are incredibly important to make your shopify look trustworthy and increase conversion rate. a kendo seems to be a really robust tool that is offering lots of customizable review options, so, for example, if you're a clothing store, you can actually ask people to review things like the fit- is it true to size, or even the softness- is it comfortable? these reviews can then be paired with photos and videos to really make sure that the customer believes the review is real and guide their decision making. a kendo starts at around 29 a month. the alternative that a lot of people use is luke's. however, what seems to be happening with luke's is a lot of dropshippers are actually using the brand, which is decreasing the credibility. there are a lot of review apps out there. make sure that your one isn't slowing down the website speed so we can come into here and go ekendo and you can see the product reviews right here. it's got 424 reviews at 5 stars. people are loving it. the customer service is really, really strong. the alternative they did mention was luke's, which is here. it's obviously far more popular at this stage. definitely hit scale, but a kendo might catch it. luke's is cheaper, at 9.99 a mont.

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Back In Stock Notifications As A Strategy To Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

hey everybody, Justin scenar here I've got a great video. I'm gonna be teaching you how to get your customers to rush back to your store and spend more money. and this is all about back in stok notifications- basically what happens when a product is out of stok. how do you ensure that you're never gonna lose that sale? let's jump right into it. this strategy is gonna get customers literally rushing back to your store to spend money with you, and it's super powerful. and let's set up the example here so you fully understand what's going on. let's say you're scaling a super hot product- maybe it's a drop shipping product, maybe it's even a product that you made yourself, maybe it's print-on-demand- and you start running into some inventory issues. if you've been scaling for a while, if you've been running this business, you know that occasionally you'll find some inventory issues, regardless of the type of product that you're selling. so think about this: you have customers coming to your store but they can't purchase, right, you have a product that is sold out. you have a product that is having inventory issues, can't be shipped. whatever the issue is, you have traffic with people literally ready to spend money on your store, but they have found a out of stok product. so how do you make sure that you never lose the sale? well, it's a very simple strategy. it's called back in stok alerts and it's literally just as the name implies: we're gonna, will alert our customer. we're gonna notify our customer as soon as a product is back in stok. give them a little bit of urgency to come back and buy it and we'll make sure that we'll never lose that sale. now a little bit of pain points here, because Shopify doesn't really have any built-in options for this. on. you know, in terms of their default, what's gonna happen is it's just gonna show out of stok, it's gonna show unavailable, it's just not going to give them any ability to purchase the product. of course, the customer could contact the store and ask for more information, but there's not going to be any type of setup for them to kind of come back later for you to notify them. there's no built-in solution, so we do need to use an app for this. I found a really great app that I've been using and it's gonna set up a situation like you see on the right hand side of the screen. it's gonna give, instead of an unavailable button, where the Add to Cart button is typical because the product is out of stok. Shopify wants to show an unavailable button, but what this app is going to do is change that button to say notify when available, and it's incredibly powerful fact. that's gonna be a new button that says notify when available and, as you see, it's going to create a little pop up. you could either do an email or an SMS notification. you could do a facebook messenger notification and they can enter in their information and then they'll be able to be notified as soon as the product comes back in stok. so we'll literally have people rushing back to the store once we push out those back in stok notifications and then we could ensure that we never lose any of that traffic. and this is especially important if you're running Facebook Ads, because you won't have to, you know, rerun ads- you'll be able to have this notification go out and all the people that did come to your site through ads will be able to come back with one click. and here's kind of how it looks. you see that we have the sold-out product over here. this is a little demo. you have the sold-out product over here and then you have the notify one available button. this is what the app does and I'm going to show you exactly how you'll be able to install this app in your Shopify store. once you click that notify one available button, you're gonna see a pop up and again they'll be able to put in their email, their SMS or connect it through a facebook Messenger and you'll be able to notify them immediately when the product is back in stok, they'll rush back to the store and they'll purchase it. so how do you send back in stok notifications with Shopify, especially since it doesn't not come built in? you need to install the back in stok Shopify app and you see the link directly below this video. I'm going to show you all about this app. it's super powerful and you'll be able to get it into your store and have that set up exactly as I showed you. so take a look at the link directly below this video. but let's go over the shoulder and I'm going to show you a little bit more about back in stok. so here's back in stok. this is your restok alerts app and again, you see the link directly below this video. I highly recommend this. this is by far the best option in terms of back in stok alerts and you don't have to take my word, for I just look at the 4.9 out of five star reviews- over 150 reviews here and really 4.9 out of five- you know that what they do, they do well, so you definitely trust in them. again, I recommend them. but I want to tell you a little bit more about their features again. you see the link directly below this video. you're gonna be able to recover lost sales right. you'll be able to literally automatikally notify your customers and have them racing back, and I showed you you could do email, you could do SMS, you could do facebook Messenger, you've even do push notification and the is all about getting right in front of their faces and saying, hey, product is back in stok. we know that you wanted it. come back and check out. these are all super powerful methods. I really love the web push notifications as well. you could really get access to your customers on all different mediums. really easy to set up. set up takes, you know, literally just you know, about a minute, two minutes. super easy. it's going to automatikally insert that button that I showed you. there is never going to be any coding or anything like that, and really what I like is it's custom, custom izybelle, brandable to the look and feel of your site right. it's going to integrate with other apps. it's going to integrate with all different themes. it's gonna have, you know, colors and the look and feel. it's all gonna match your existing brand. so this isn't just a little hacky thing that gets put, you know, placed on top of your existing store. this is gonna be something that really blends in. it's gonna look like natural functionality. it's really should be functionality that Shopify offered themselves. but luckily, we have this app, this back in stok app, that is gonna do it for us. and again, you saw these screenshots earlier in terms of how it's going to actually look when you have that notify, one available button and then you see the app, the actual app, popping up, giving them that option, incredibly easy to set up. here, you see, it works perfectly on mobile, it works on tablet, it works, of course, on desktop laptop. it's really just going to adapt to the size of the screen. so rest assured it's going to work no matter where your customers are, and that's very important because we want to make this as easy as possible for our customers. we're basically saying, hey, sorry, this product is out of stok, but we're gonna alert you the second that it's back in to make sure that you get it. and you see here, just you know all the different customizable options that you have in the back end here. of course you can change text color and of course you can change the actual text and the email address and all that stuff. you have full control over here. you're gonna see a nice suite of analytiks you'll actually be able to see, you know your order amounts in terms of people that have come back from or through this app. the ROI on this app is really really huge. I mean, like I said, it's really doing the customer a favor, saying hey, I'm sorry that your product was out of stok right now, but we'll let you know as soon as it's available. there's a free plan over here as well for ten alerts a month and you see the pricing depending on how many alerts you'll be sending. but really I want you to take a look at this app. take a look at the reviews: 161, 5 reviews.

How to install back in stock for shopify 2022

hello friends, in today's video i'm gonna be walking through how to install back in stok in shopify. but before getting started this video, make sure to subscribe how to one minute. so first of all, open this website, club view and openclaviocom. and now here you have to create an account, so click on sign up and i'll fill up this form using your email address. give a password, enter your company name, company website, phone number, and then click on create account and select shopify. and now enter your shopify store url here and click on continue and click on install app. and now add your center information here. give your sender name and send to email address and click on continue. force your top business goal, select option and, to start using clavio, activate your account with the link to reset. so all you have to need just verify your gmail address, and here we can see i've got a verification email from clivio, so click on confirm email. okay, now click on your profile account and click on settings and click on appear case and here you will find your public api key. so click and copy this api key. and you have to open helpcalafiocom and scroll down and here you'll find these code. just copy the code from here and now go to your admin panel of shopify and click on online store actions, edit code, and select themeliquid file and scroll down and here you'll find these final body tag. so above this final body tag, you have to paste that code here and scroll up a little bit and here you find this account public api key. so you have to copy your qraview account api key and simply paste it here and click on save and then you should be all saved. so now i'm going to opening my shopify store and here we can see this product is sold out. and i'm going to opening this one and here we can see the option has been added: notify me when available. so if someone click on it and here we can see the option has been added here, notify me when available. if you have any questions, feel free to post in description. if you think to see more wordpress videos, please check the links in descriptions. if this video helped you, give a thumbs up and please consider subscribe. how to one minute? thank you for watching.

How to Set Up Klaviyo Back In Stock Flow For Shopify Stores

All- everyone Christian here- Did you know you can create a back in stok flow natively with Klaviyo without the need of any additional apps, and it just works beautifully? And this video I'm going to show you how to set up the flow in Klaviyo and how to set up the custom code on Shopify. Follow along Now, word of caution: the installation of back in stok is not supported for having five stories using custom themes. So for that and then, before you begin, if you haven't already checked out our video on how to set up Klaviyo and Shopify first, make sure to watch that here and I will teach you how to connect them initially, And I will show you a couple of things that you need for this video actually. So first thing we want to do is set up the actual flow in Klaviyo. So, basically, when someone subscribes to it back in stok alert, a subscribe to Back in stok event will be tracked on their Klaviyo profile And this is the event that you will use to trigger your back and stok flow. shoppers will enter the flow when they subscribe to a product and they will be contacted when their item of interest is restoked. Pretty simple. So let's go into our Klaviyo account. So we have our dashboard right here. We're going to go to Flows And then in here, when you click on that blue button to create a flow and we're going to search for back in stok, the back end stok is going to show you the back and stok flow standard. So we want. then, right along here, you'll see, you can change the name if you want to, and then you can add tags if you want to, And then the trigger is already selected for you which is subscribed to back in stok. Now there is a prerequisite that you will need to install that code, a snippet of code, inside of Shopify, and we'll take care of that here in a second. But we want to make sure that we have this flow set up first, and then the flow is very simple. It just has that: those three steps to the trigger when someone has subscribe to that back in stok category, then the back and stok delay, So they have to wait until the recipient's item is back in stok, and then the email for whenever they actually have the item back in stok, So we can create flow. and there you have it, very simple: One, two, three flow. Now, before we move on, I just want to say bienvenidos. My name is Christian Pinion, one of the co-founders here at the branding. We're an ecommerce growth engine that specializes in helping clothing stores grow and scale profitably online. We drop new videos every week, so make sure that you hit that Subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss out. Now a couple of things that we can do here is: you can add more steps if you want to. You can make it a little bit more complex if you'd like to. We're going to keep it very simple, but what we do want to do is customize the actual email a little bit. maybe add a logo, maybe add a little footer in there. So let's go into this right here So we could enter the three little dots and click edit that In here, obviously, you have the sender name, the email address, the actual subject line preview. take all that stuff. you can change right with it here. We're going to keep those the same. but this right here that we want to do: edit, which is the actual content, to edit content. And, as you can see, we have the wait is over. and then, good news, I wouldn't change any of this, because this is the actual code that the email needs in order to populate the right information. So this information is going to be changing right, depending on the customer and depending on what product they actually signed up for to get notifications. So we're going to keep everything the same. Now, what we do want to do is probably add the logo at the very top. so let's do an image image. Let's go look for our image here. That you OK, and then we're going to have a little separator in there as well: Horizontal or horizontal line, scraped knees, the way it is, or, OK, perfect. And now we have the social media icons there at the bottom. I'm good with that. That looks good. We're going to save content. All right, Now let's go back to Shopify and install the snippet of code that we have already saved up. So this snippet of code is all this right here, When you click copy of this control copier, training, copy. And then we're going to go to Shopify and then we're gonna go to the online store and then actions, edit the code, and we're going to find the theme dot liquid file that in here you want to scroll basically all the way to the bottom, And then- let me just make sure it's good- We want to paste this right before the closing body tag. So the closing body tag is going to be the one that has the four slash right there and body, And then I'm going to click that right there and enter. And for one more time, I want to paste that in here And you can see we have the script, the JavaScript file, right there And then we have sort of like what we can potentially manipulate right within here. Now, one thing that we do want to make sure that you change is this one right here: So accounts- public API key. the public API key is what's going to tell Klaviyo, this is your store, right? So it's going to be a unique code just for you. So it's going to be different from store to store. Now, in order to get that, we're going to go back to click, click done on this, And for right now, this whole flow is set to manual, because I don't want to necessarily publish it just yet. As you can see, as I yellow now to find that public API key, when I click on that or click on account, it's probably going to be a little bit blurred for you, but, trust me, it's in here. so you go to settings and then API keys should be the second one, and you'll see company name and then public API key. We want to make sure that we copy that. and then we go to our code and we paste it right there and we click save on that. now let's go back to the flow. hey, Christian, here, If you like what you see, consider clicking that like button and maybe subscribing. Hey, I would definitely hope so. All right, So after you have this snippet of code installed, there's a couple of things you can change. I was in there and we can customize the way the actual pop up and the buttons look a little bit. So we can see that essentially we have a couple of things in here. So the actual trigger. So the trigger is going to be that: notify me. So the actual tax rate: notify me when available. We can change that right here. And also we can change the actual modal. So the modal stands out for the actual pop right. So in the pop up, obviously the product name will run, the product name to be displayed in there. Then you can change the text in here So this has registered to receive a notification on this item. So if we want to change that verbiage, you can buy just like Max phasing and changing this. And then there's a couple of other things you can change in here in colors, right, So we had colors of the background color to the text. Obviously, these are just hex code colors, So just want to make sure that you match your branding. Now I do want to see how this looks right now. So I believe this. Yeah, So this is a sold out high waisted airlift leggings. Let me click on Refresh to see if it installed correctly and you can kind of see it, but right now it's just like a little link. So notify me when available and it looks like high waisted leggings and then put the email in there. And then I found: so that's working correctly. Now what I do want to make sure to change is the color of that button right there. So from that blue, I just want it to be black, just plain black. So let's do, let's go back to the code editor here and then we just need to look for the button background color. essentially, So we, we have a right here. So button background color right now is set to that blue, and let's do a zero, let's save and then let's refresh this page again. nice, and as black I like it And, like I said, you can definitely manipulate.