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bad christmas ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

As the holiday season approaches, we all have our favorite things that bring us joy and comfort. From warm sweaters to delicious snacks, these little things make the holidays even more special. In this article, we will explore some of these favorite things and what makes them so special.

Favorite Things:

- Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

- Bright yellow lays bags and noses

- Frostbitten snack table spread that is fit for a king

- Warm ugly sweaters because your friend says so

- Bags of tostitos with salsa and queso

- Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

- Seeing the family and gingerbread houses eating doritos on big comfy couches

- Silver white winters that melt into springs

- Music with sleigh bells and Gibson cosmeto

- Playing secret santa with family and cheetos

- Scooping tostitos with salsa and queso

- When the guests leave and the fam's gone

Bullet points:

- Warm fuzzy feelings and cards all handwritten

- Smart food popcorn all tied up with strings

- The gift that stops stinking: Poo Pourri

- Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know

- Downtown Christmas tree lighting ceremony

The holiday season is a time to cherish the little things that bring us joy and happiness. From our favorite snacks to warm clothing, these little things make the holiday season even more special. So take a moment to appreciate your favorite things this holiday season and cherish the memories they bring. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


- Christmas adverts have become a successful business scheme and tradition in the UK.

- These adverts take an emotional approach to advertising in order to make an impact and be memorable.

- However, not all Christmas adverts are good and some lose the Christmas spirit.

Examples of Christmas Adverts:

- The first advert discussed lacks a story and has a sickly sweet tone.

- The second advert focuses too much on materialistic things and promotes envy.

- A Christmas mascot that is unappealing and not related to Christmas.

- The only good example is a video made with only £50, which outdid many company adverts.


- Companies have lost the common touch and struggle to connect with people emotionally.

- Christmas adverts have become a fad and companies are not putting effort into them.

- This year's Christmas adverts lacked real emotion and did not feel festive.

- Companies have the power to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas but are not using it effectively.

- The last video of 2018, with a New Year's resolution to make more videos for YouTube.

Terrible Christmas Commercials...

Welcome to the XC Christmas Special! In this video, we will be taking a look at some of the best and worst Christmas commercials of the year. From terribly corny jokes to questionable product advertisements, we will cover it all.

Why did Christmas start so early this year? Despite a rough year, we still have one more video to give to you guys to hopefully make your year just a little bit better before it ends.

The Christmas decorations start getting put up, and the Christmas spirit started rolling in. But with all these very good Christmas commercials came some very, very shitty Christmas commercials. So, sit back, relax, grab your hot chocolate and your candy canes, and let's get straight into it.


- Sprite Cranberry Commercial:

The Sprite Cranberry commercial is one of the fan favorites, and it's easy to see why. Want a Sprite Cranberry? The answer is yes! Who can resist such a catchy jingle?

- Poopourri Commercial:

The Poopourri commercial is supposed to advertise a spray that you use before you take a dump. The girl in the ad is so pissed off that Santa's farts don't smell like butterflies and rainbows. The ad is filled with terribly corny jokes that just keep recurring.

- Facial Recognition Commercial:

The facial recognition commercial is confusing. What were they trying to advertise? It showed the lady going into the house just fine, but it never really showed anything out of the ordinary being used.

- McDonald's Commercial:

The McDonald's commercial is supposed to be a Christmas ad, but it's just confusing. What are they going to do? Give the deer a Big Mac? But they did have carrots at McDonald's, which is surprising.

In conclusion, this year's Christmas commercials were a mixed bag. Some were great, and some were just plain terrible. From terrible jokes to questionable product advertisements, we've covered it all. Regardless, we hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!


Apple's New iPad Commercial: A Review

Apple recently released a new iPad commercial, which has been the talk of the town. However, the commercial has received mixed reviews from the viewers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the commercial and analyze its content.

Main Body:

- The commercial features a family with annoying kids who are getting on their parents' nerves during a car ride.

- The parents give the kids an iPad to distract them and keep them quiet.

- The iPad succeeds in its mission, and the parents can now enjoy a peaceful ride.

- The commercial ends with the family using the iPad to go through old photo albums and bond with each other.


- The commercial has been criticized for portraying children as a nuisance and promoting screen time as a solution to parenting problems.

- The use of colloquialisms and slang terms like annoying as balls and shut up does not resonate well with all viewers.

- The portrayal of the father as someone who wants to kill himself or drink cyanide because of his family is concerning and not a healthy message to send.

- The commercial fails to address the long-term effects of excessive screen time on children and their cognitive development.

Alternative Ending:

- The commercial could have taken a different approach, promoting the iPad as a tool for educational and creative activities for children.

- The family could have used the iPad to play educational games, learn new skills, or create art.

- The commercial could have emphasized the importance of balancing screen time with outdoor activities and quality family time.

- The alternative ending could have been more effective in promoting the iPad as a tool for children's development and growth.

In conclusion, Apple's new iPad commercial has received mixed reviews due to its portrayal of children and screen time. While the commercial does highlight the iPad's ability to keep children quiet, it fails to address the long-term effects of excessive screen time. An alternative ending could have been more effective in promoting the iPad as a tool for children's development and growth.

The WORST Christmas Ad Campaign

Terrible Ads: Old Navy's Confusing and Annoying Commercials

In this new series, the author talks about terrible ads and why they are bad. In this article, they focus on Old Navy's confusing and annoying commercials.

Main Points:

- Old Navy's advertising campaigns are some of the worst.

- The author critiques a recent Old Navy ad that has been playing non-stop on TV.

- The ad is confusing and annoying, with a hashtag-inspired beginning and random phrases like blah blah blah.

- The ad fails to explain what Old Navy sells.

- The author reviews a second version of the ad, which is slightly better but still lacks clarity.

- The comments on the YouTube upload of the ad reflect similar sentiments.

Old Navy's attempts to be cool and relevant in their ads are not working. Instead, they are annoying viewers and failing to communicate their message effectively. The author suggests that Old Navy needs to improve their advertising campaigns to better represent their brand.

Worst Christmas Ads Of All Time

In this article, we will be discussing some of the worst Christmas ads of all time. From Santa feasting on dead animals to cigarettes with Santa Claus, these ads are sure to leave you questioning their purpose and effectiveness.

Worst Christmas Ads:

1. Budweiser - Help Yourself to Good Taste: Santa Claus is shown feasting on dead animals and seafood, promoting the consumption of Budweiser beer.

2. Pyrene - Make Christmas Safe: This ad looks like a Halloween commercial and shows a man holding a strange device while a scared mother and child look on.

3. Paul Mall - Merry Christmas from Paul Mall: This ad promotes smoking cigarettes with Santa Claus on the packaging, something that would not be acceptable in today's society.

4. Daisy Manufacturing Company - A Christmas to Remember: This ad promotes guns as a Christmas gift, which is both insensitive and inappropriate.

5. Santa's Magic Stockings: This ad features stockings with a questionable design that could be seen as inappropriate for children.

These ads demonstrate the importance of effective marketing and the potential consequences of poorly thought out campaigns. It is important for companies to consider the impact of their ads on their audience and to avoid insensitive or inappropriate messaging.

10 Best Christmas Commercials of All Time - Christmas Special Commercials

Music is an integral part of the holiday season and brings joy to people around the world. In this article, we will explore some moments of Christmas celebration through the lens of music.

Christmas Delivery:

- Presents can be delivered in as little as four hours.

- Sometimes, even Santa forgets things like carrots for the reindeer.

Let's Dance:

- A favorite holiday activity is dancing to festive tunes.

- Music can bring people together and create a fun atmosphere.

Forever Young:

- While we can't live forever, music can make us feel young and alive.

- It can also be a way to remember those we have lost.

Family Traditions:

- Christmas is a time for sharing with loved ones.

- Music can be a way to connect and create memories.

Breaking News:

- Even Santa can't escape the watchful eyes of the media.

- But that shouldn't dampen our holiday spirit.

Music has the power to bring us together, create memories, and make us feel alive. As we celebrate this holiday season, let's not forget to enjoy the music that surrounds us.

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