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baseball ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

This is SportsCenter Baseball Commercials

all right. yeah, what's going on with your hat? man, throw Bahama. I didn't look like a ball players, had I me? it looks all brand new. hmm, just come on to the box. how the catcher way? huh, I never had to wear that thing. you gotta bring this thing in, hey, Wally, Wally, hey, it's not what you think. so happens is the tree gets to the sawmill and his hand cut with a chainsaw. and then what? then? more and more waters carving into really thin slices with a super-sharp blade, like a, like a razor sharp, like, really, really sure that'd be messy. oh yeah, there's wood everywhere. how long something like that take hours. hey, just keep cutting, cutting, cutting. how your name in the back, that's all laser. there's silence tonight, perfect, all right, guys, hey, David, about me? we still going out tonight. I'm definitely is a huge kite. Stewart and John are coming through nice. where should we meet? what about the lobby? no, no, no, lobbies, no good - look, they look good. I'd say parking lot. cool, seven o'clock I'll be there. see you guys later. oh yeah, big night, Oh, huge. hey, Stuart, use my razor. what? no, no, no, Carl, what about you? all right, I didn't touch him in touch. so bad, Josh, now do so. no, one, use my razor. hair got here all by itself. that's we're saying. okay, so you're originally from Minnesota, right? yep, born and raised. big-time deal. Minnesota, that Fargo is a crazy movie on it. uh, that was North Dakota. hey, you're right. all right, Minnesota, you, you got the Yoopers. no, that would be Michigan, Upper Peninsula. you pee, you Burt. oh, yeah, there me, Prince. no, what are you doing? like? what do you mean is going on? Gus, Josh, what's up? - what's up? we have a couple's home run derby balls. you hit, yeah, neighbors, cousins. yeah, hey, look at Manny. yeah, dude marches to his own. beat me, you never know what he's gonna do next. hola, what does that even make man even ready? is that your Rookie of the Year trophy? it is. is that your World Series ring? same as it was ten minutes ago, still working on that same email? yep, hey, Buster, wanna grab some lunch? yes, absolutely, we're guys going out jumped over the lazy dog. good, let's take those off and let's try it again. a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. that's amazing. I told you you're good, quick brown fox. that's the great thing about wearing pinstripes right, makes you look slimmer. that's why I love this uniform. even on a bad day, I look great. fellas DUSU, yeah, my stylist type it up. horizontal stripes: no, it looks great. seriously, yeah, thanks, you guys, Thanks. yeah. one last question: does that come in cream? what? what stoat? no, uh-huh. so I'm staring at the catcher. this is the intimidation face you're gonna see, I won't see it. yeah, dude, I am, don't go to the beer. that's interesting. it's just a beard. huh, just a beard, guys. huh. well, uh, what about now? I'm gonna be sick. we're check on him. you're welcome. I think it's coming in really good. yeah, totally, I'm gonna win this mustache contest. maybe. good luck with the. you're going down this year. see you in two weeks. pal, in an office like this, when one of us catches a cold, it's. it's weird. it spreads like crazy. John problem saij, first one person that to than ten. we don't know how it happens, you guys doing so. maybe it's the ventilation or something, nobody knows. we've got Hugh Hughes in baseball in a deal that could affect the future. or to rerecord your personal greeting press: - hey, this is the Freak. I'm not on my desk right now. No, hey, this is the franchise. franchise, sorry. hey, this is the freaky franchise here. big time Timmy James. office here. I'm gonna close with it. hi, this is Tim, let's come. if you leave your name number and a short message, I'll be a big time Timmy Jim. what's up? you're unhappy with your grade? we go through slums like everyone else, and when things start going bad like that, sometimes the best thing to do watch the tape. now look right here. you showed him, you dip in it really. what concerns me is this motion here. yeah, my posture is good in it. is that bad? it's not good. I don't even know where to begin with this. that was a poor effort. eventually, the great ones always figure it out. I'm embarrassed, Marcius, I am not really throw your hip into it. I feel like I'm doing just what you're doing. no, no rap. you gotta know you're doing this right and you need to really be. it's good, let's go. that's good, right there. yeah, let's go. got on there. hey, Manny, perfect. hey, what's up? car was good, that's good. oh, yeah, I like that. Thanks, no problem, man. everyone makes a big deal out of the Sports Center catchphrases, but honestly, we make this stuff up right on the spot. welcome work flow at 149th or right-field. this is a non chewing flight. it's never iffy. if it's grippy that blows, it must be a Homer Simpson, because the pitcher just would don't. because the catchphrases are so organic: keeps the show fresh. I am the most popular player in all the land. Yahtzee, all right. what do you think about a story about how Roger Clemens has lost his best fastball? he has not lost his best fastball, Jack. come on 89, 90 miles an hour, tops, 95, 96 two weeks ago, 100 earlier this year and Detroit, he can still bring it. I don't believe that. all right, wait, we can settle this real easily. rocket good. could you come in here for a second? what's up? gang Jack here says you can't bring it anymore. oh, is that right and you want that for me please? ninety-eight, pretty good. those stories don't got it. thanks, rounder. you gotta guys anytime.

Best Buster Posey Commercials

I need your buster posey tops card and what you got I'll trade you. come on, Mike. all-star card, I've got an idea. you collect it too. this is gonna get the deal done. 1969, Johnny Bench all-star rookie deal. rediscover tops. their perfect day for baseball. a gariand: the Cactus League got some speed on first here. let's see if they close. I don't mean to spoil this for you. [Music]. he's gonna be out. let me tell you how. I know because I was up and firing in less than a second because I called the heater up and away. I looked him in the eyes and I knew he was going. it doesn't matter if his spring training or Game seven is always mine. attach clips to top rear anchors, rear anchors, where our anchors time, time, time, time, time. you doing okay, I got nothing left in the tank. you got this. do this thing right, finish strong in the sky here. come on. I just don't believe in myself. I believe in you. you believe in me. yeah, I believe in you. you believe in me. let's go. Thank You, Buster. this pep tok brought to you by esurance, official sponsor of Major League Baseball, doesn't get any safer than that guys giveaway machine. so that got us thinking. what's next. yes, the cap. this is a good one. I don't know. I mean, it seems pretty obvious, Hoogeveen. obvious is good, I like obvious. so what we have here is the Buster Posey of midsize sedan. as far as SUVs go, it's the Buster Posey. you want a truck that will get the job done. this is the Buster Posey. hey, rich, hey, bus- do hear he was wondering if, if the Corolla could be, you know, the Theodore swimmer of compact sedans. nope, no, sorry. hey, always next year Toyota, let's go places. is that your rookie of the Year trophy? it is. is that your World Series ring? same as it was 10 minutes ago? still working on that same email? yep, okay, Buster, wanna grab some lunch? yes, absolutely, where you guys going out? [Applause].

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Funniest Oakland A’s commercials!

we got a lot of young guys on the team. our veterans are pretty good at showing them the ropes. you guys have been here for a while. you got any secret to success? try: aggressive, passive aggression, aggressive passive. lots of squat thrusts, primal scream therapy- are you serious? meatball sandwiches? grow a huge beer. save all your body hair. grow a rally mole. what about you, mom? you got any secrets? just these granny panties. they say in brainstorming there are no bad ideas. not actually true. we've got cocoa, Chris. I'm country breakfast. you guys should come up with breakfast nicknames too. omelet. um, yeah, I'm. let you think I'm gonna throw a slider and then I'm gonna throw fastball. you should be jelly donut. why does everything you hit finds a hole? they don't even have everything bagel, cuz I'm so versatile. do you really want to be caught, Steven? everything bagel vote. absolutely love going on the field for the firework show. for some it can be a lifelong dream. hey guys, brought the whole family out. huh, just passing the love of the game on, like my grandpa did for me. rest his soul. I'm sorry I couldn't be here to enjoy the moment with you. oh, he is three generations of a his fans all together. dude, is that really your grandpa. he wouldn't miss it for the world. huh, grandpa? [Applause]. what's he doing? so you know how do songs for Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica. yes, sir, he's trying to duplicate that exact sound. still sharp, nice work, perfect. it's that new changeup Bob still not gonna let him tour with Metallica. [Music]- most tokative guys in the league. his mouth can be as big a weapon as his bat came off, just like we toked about. funny thing about taffy. what is taffy? I think they should call me taffy because of my good stretch. check that out. sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to have webbed feet. dude, you ever touched a dolphin? what's your nickname anyway? tikles, tuna fish. I'm gonna get me a dolphin. I'm gonna name it Lungren. you're out a picture. has to trust his catcher. so the guys have been working on building that. trust, trust, fall, trust, fall, trust, fall. dude. what was that? sorry babe, pictures only the late innings can be crucial. so we have some unique types of training and get our guys ready for pressure scenarios. bases-loaded, two out. you missed this one. we lose a game. okay, miss this one. and these kitties? they don't find a good home. yep, takes a lot to rattle our guys. our guys are just different. every aspect of the game is important to them, even the promotions. okay guys, you know we've got to turn back the clock game coming up. we're all dressed like it's a 70s. I need to approve your uniforms. very nice, sweetie Bailey. is this a tribute to fingers? yes, sir, it is. thanks for notiking, Ellis. what's this? sorry miss, I thought she meant the 1870s. a lot of us are into social media these days, so don't be trying to get the coaches into it and you tweet it. are there any questions? Bob, can i blog my blueberry? I really wouldn't do that. how do you but dial? can i retweet myself? oh, don't, don't do that. where's the photobomb button? what print sandwich? look this cats playing piano print sandwich. well, they got a ways to go. what it's a start, Bob, for works best when he's enraged and we work hard to keep him that way. hello, hey, can I get a large pepperoni please? is your refrigerator running quick cola? oh, look, it's a kangaroo playing a didgeridoo. dude, why not you? let's throw another shrimp on the barbie. maybe the dingo HL baby boomerang? I asked, hey Hil, how he got so good at picking runners off first base. he said it's all about peripheral vision. that's why he's constantly working to strengthen his e FP, t. Oh, to Julie best wishes. Trevor Cahill, Thanks, yeah, maybe if you're free sometime we're gonna have dinner. baseball can be a real pressure cooker. that's why we conditioned our players to be absolutely fearless. all right, Parker games about to start. I'm ready, I'm loose. oh, and I forgot to tell you you're singing the national anthem tonight. look like the actual anthem, just modern, progressive coaching, as I see it. a bunch of the guys who switch hitters. so I told it's important to practike everything on pull sides. one of the great things about having a young team is you can really push the guys and, unlike some of the older players, they really like it. oh, that's right down the middle. come on, oh, I get a coach. this might be a little much. last year we celebrated wins by pint each other in the face. this year we're thinking of taking it up a notch. we've tried pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, tuna casserole, jello mix cake and even honey baked hands- I don't know the pie things still my favorite. [Applause]. our plurals are intense, sometimes a little too intense. so we have our sports psychologist keep I owners in this one that looks like Rivera's cutter going left to right in this one looks like a stitching on the ball when Cici throws a slider. what about this one? looks a little bit like a crab, or maybe Burnett's fastball coming in hime tight. he's fine. our guys take everything seriously, even our fan events. [Music]. yes, before I hand out your social-media diplomas, I'd like to review what we've learned. Bob, you wouldn't hook anybody in real life, so don't poke them on Facebook. good, Kurt, never accept a friend request from a woman you don't know who's. way too attractive to be lonely. very good, why she got anything. oh sorry, my duck face. selfies trending on Twitter. he is the new guy they're giving away. Jose Canseco Rookie of the Year bobbleheads. that guy used to hit it far. upper deck, upper deck of the upper deck. I will not see them up there. I found one. should we go back? too dangerous? let's make camp here for tonight. [Applause]. I think it might be a shift is changing the game and for hitters it's on their mind a lot. hey, wash, this is my locker. it's the shift. you over there now? hey, what are you doing? I'm hitting leadoff. are you toking about? yeah, man, it's the shift. get your churros it. I just had the weirdest dream. yeah, man, you're snorting, mumbling. alright, guys, I gotta do my thing. good luck do.

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Sunday Night Baseball Commercials 2013

Robinson canó more like Robinson ken. yes, four-time all-star in a World Series Channel. he makes it look easy, makes turning to look like a one-man job and makes a walk-off look like a walk in the park. he even knows the easiest way to get grass stains out of pinstripes to space these. Robinson canó, he's a natural and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell, Orioles, Yankees, head ached on ESPN. Carlos Beltran's always been focused on two things: baseball and more baseball. when other guys were fishing, he taught himself to hit from both sides of the plate the old fashioned way. while they were sleeping. he was learning how to become the greatest statistikal hitter in postseason history. that's your sweet spot, okay? and while other players are watching game tape, he's watching game tape of those other players. watching game tape interests. he's Carlos Beltran and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell, Cardinals, Phillies and aces. Miguel Cabrera. if he didn't exist, Jim Leyland would have called in a favor to the baseball gods and hadn't created World Series winner. check AL MVP, sure, Triple Crown- wait, is that even an award anymore? it is, he won it. and now he's in a club that hasn't had a new member in 45 years. oh, he's big el Cabrera, one of the best pure hitters in baseball, and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell Braves Tigers. heading on this is Buster Posey catcher, he's the only thing standing between base runners and home his fibula snout, which it does best cure for a fractured Lake. three out of four doctors recommend winning an MVP or a World Series title. he took them both. leg fails- fine, your results may vary. he's Buster Posey, the field general, and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell Dodgers Giants. today on ESPN, meet Matt Kemp, Hollywood player. he's got a screenplay to sell. it's entitled: the first player since Hank Aaron to finish in the top two in steals and home runs. it's a sequel to a rom-com he penned called I like to work out to increase my bat speed and win more Silver Slugger awards. he's working on a new one. so far it's untitled. he's Matt Kemp, he's Hollywood and he's about to take the stage. Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell Dodgers Giants at 8:20 SPN. this is Mike Trout. he may be the greatest five-tool player in a generation. he's got so many tools he's like a Swiss Army knife. but he's not Swiss, he's from Jersey. what's he doing with all these tools? he's stealing souvenirs, inflating a Ras and inspiring a love of freshwater fish at Angel Stadium. he's Mike Trout. he's just getting started and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell- angels White Sox today on ESPN. this is Freddie Freeman. he's a slick fielding, smooth, swinging, funky dancing 23 year old all-star. he's leading the analysis best team in o-p-s- OBP, RBI and BG, which is short for programs- yep, he gives the best bear hugs in the base. they oughta call him friendly Freeman. he's friendly Freeman, he's living the hublife and he's about to take the stage. Sunday night baseball presented by Taco Bell- praise Phillies at 8:00 on ESPN. this is Jason Heyward. Scouts have been following him since day one. when he was 11, he looked like he was third. in his first spring training he broke his general managers son roof and this is the guy who drafted him his first at-bat in the majors. this happened makes you wonder what he'll do this season for twenty years from now. he's Jason Heyward- the past, present and future of the Braves, and he's about to take the stage. Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell. rach matt said. he christ harbor, he's scary. huh, hit this guy with a pitch and he'll steal home. heckle him in the outfield and you better watch your nachos the next time he's at the plate. he's old-school, he's like hack wilson with a twitter account. this is a number-one pick in a rookie of the year, and the only time he ever cracks a smile is when he gets a new supply of i black. he's Bryce Hartley. he's at. he's about to take the stage. MLB on ESPN in Spaceballs vacancy is yasiel puig. he's the most electrifying player in baseball. he spent his two months as a pro turning double plays from the warning traffic, slamming clutch home runs and making the Dodgers dangerous again. he's already done so many amazing things. he's had to invent new ways to celebrate them. he's yasiel puig. he's creating new levels of Awesomeness and he's about to take the stage. Sunday Night Baseball, presented by Taco Bell, raised on your setting on ESPN. this is it. this is when nothing matters but the double, not your payroll, not your breakout season, not your whip, your war or your caper- none. this is when the difference between popping champagne or setting a tee time could be one game, one pitch, one swing. this is the hunt for October and it's all or nothing on baseball's biggest statement, the hot Fratto on ESPN.

The CREEPIEST Thing In Baseball Right Now

we have some big movies coming out to end off 2022.. the science fiction Avatar sequel is finally coming out, after the first one became the biggest movie in history at the box office well over a decade ago. Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam in Marvel Studios- wakanda forever should be big, including scary ones, as we get to Halloween time now. the horror genre isn't really my cup of tea. I've never once been like I need to see this horror movie. I just don't like the concept of them. compared to other genres, they freak me out. man. this is basically my reaction to anything remotely horror shall sit that hush right here. yeah, no, I could probably handle horror the less graphic it is. but I digress. I don't usually know about most horror movies that come out unless they become popular, and I have no other choice but to see people toking about it on social media. I'm just not too into those kind of movies and I'm certainly not rushing to watch any of them. with that said, there is a horror movie that I now know of that hasn't even come out yet, which, of course, is rare. for me, when making and releasing a movie, half the battle is the promoting of said movie. it can be the greatest film ever put to a screen, but if nobody even knows about it, it obviously doesn't matter. well, it looks like promoting a movie has gotten brought to a whole new level. a new horror movie by Paramount called smile is set to release on September 30th, and to promote the movie, they are hiring actors to go to Major League Baseball games, sit behind home plate and have the creepiest smile imaginable. seriously, this is a thing that's actually happening. it started in Oakland when the A's were taking on the Mets, when a woman was spotted behind home plate smiling in the utmost creep way, with a bright yellow shirt that reads smile. I mean, look at this. that's horrifying. she was even standing up at one point to really stand out before a security guard took action and told her she needed to sit down, which she complied immediately. so, as creepy as she was, at least she was nice about it. there was a man at the Dodgers game doing the exact same thing, sitting behind home plate with a creepy grin on his face, with a yellow smile shirt on. this wasn't just a California thing either. jump across the country all the way to New York, where you would then find another man doing the creepy smile behind home plate, with the only difference being that he was just wearing a plain blue shirt. I don't know about you, but this to me seems like excellent marketing. I mean, think about it. I alone proved that I had no idea this movie existed or that it was ever going to be released. yet here I am, toking about it because of the Stellar promotion job by the studio: hiring people to sit in places at a baseball game where the broadcast can clearly show you, and then do the creepiest thing imaginable to promote a horror movie. it's different and it's creepy, but it's smart as hell. but yeah, I cannot emphasize enough on how uneasy it makes someone like me feel. if someone smiled at me like that, this would probably be me. what they've done is gotten traction and, as a result, more people are at least more intrigued to see this movie. will you see it? let me know what you think. thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Mets 15/8/2021 Full Game

contests to start this series, let's get you right to dave roberts, taco bell starting lineup for the dodgers tonight. trey turner, the shiny new toy at second base, leading things off a trio of two-time all-stars following muncie turner and seeger. for justin turner it's his first starting assignment since august 8th against the angels groin problem conquered will smith. he's been big this series. he catches in bats number five: chris taylor, cody bellinger x met, billy mckinney and starter max scherzer, who tim kirkchen predicted will earn a base hit tonight. round things out for the dodgers and on the mound for the new york mets. as we mentioned, the 34 year old right-hander carlos carrasco- this is his first start of the year- got off to a slow start, overcoming a series of physical problems, three and four last season with the indians. over 12 stars. it's still the most the best bulk sample size for the guy they call cookie. his last assignment, alex, was interrupted by rain on tuesday. one only an inning, about four earned runs and the hope is tonight, as louis rojas told us, they can get perhaps up to five innings. yeah, he really focused on how many times he gets up, not so much of the pitches, but this is a very, very capable guy, six foot four, 224 pounds. the venezuelan gets out there with a fastball, a slider and a change. his signature pitch has always been the slider over the last two years. the league's just hitting 141 against that slider. well mets fans, uh, including mr and mrs regaling folks here tonight are certainly used to watching max cerser pitch against their team. that's not to say that it's gone very well over the years. so one would expect that perhaps tonight's plays out in similar fashion to last night's, with not a lot of base running activity and not a lot of action on the scoreboard because of the quality of the starting pitching. there's another guy very used to the confines here at city field, x national trey turner, leading things off for the dodgers tonight. trey looking to find his stride in his new uniform. two for his last 17.. he has not drawn a walk in that stretch and he's set to lead things off for the dodgers here on the road tonight, underway at city field. you know- another note on the dodgers in the extra innings games that they've won the last two nights. they started this series having lost 11 straight extra innings games and losers in 12 of 13 one-run affairs. they've been able to flip that script and, as we mentioned when we went on the air alex, they finally able to to gain it even a game on the san francisco giants- yeah, i mean, the competition is fierce, but the dodgers walking around and spending some time with them on the field today, this is a confident bunch and this guy leading the way, turner, is as good as it gets for lead off and he will get his comfort level here. tremendous pickup and obviously the guy in the mound tonight, scherzer, gives a team, or any team, tons of confidence. falling two strikes to count to trey turner: 79 degrees. very pleasant night for baseball here in flushing queens and there's a base hit the other way for turner. [Applause]. carrasco starts the game with two sliders. this is a fastball here. get the foot down early and just explodes. look at the foot down early. foot down, head down, perfect. [Applause]. trey turner: aboard to start the ball game for the two-time all-star max muncie. muncie, three for his last nine. a couple of doubles in the series and turner, as the mets are well aware, as terrific speed and base stealing acumen. he swiped 22 and been caught only three times this year. and dodgers right off the bat showing off their muscles. they have speeded first base powered, the plate power and contact with turner on deck. it's a handful and they come at you from one through nine. so as far as the mets are concerned, even with that sweep they earned over the nationals last week, new york has dropped nine of 13 in the month of august trying to stay with the rest of the pack in the nl east phillies and braves, and everybody in that division, everybody in that log jam seems to have their own warts. luis rojas, as calm as can be. owen won the count to max muncie. you know we toked to louis before the game and there's there's only so many buttons a manager can push in the absence of personnel and, unfortunately for the mets, a big part of their storyline at this part of the season is who they are without. and the mets struggles start offensively. they obviously don't have to grom, but you need leadership to step up and all their great teams- they have the david rights, the michael cadyers, you know, pete alonso, for four-door guys that need to step up this time of the year, not only with their bats and with their actions but also be a vocal leader inside that clubhouse. i mean it's a longer list of players that have spent time on the il than haven't for the mets but in terms of both these teams, the, the injuries, the absences are a major part of the storyline. the dodgers have been able to kind of plug away. they enjoyed great depth. before all this hit, muncie sends a slow dribbler to third baseman. jd davis will go to first to get the out there. matt, you mentioned all the injuries but even without mookie bets the dodgers are a handful and you started with turner, the right-hander punchy with power from the left side and alternator, probably their best hitter and has been their most clutch hitter over the last few years. last night the first hit comes in the seventh inning. turner, within the first five pitches, first hit tonight. it really. it really does punctuate the lack of offensive pop when your starter is taiwan walker did yesterday for the mets gets into the seventh inning with the no hit bid and you're unable to post the victory. on a night like that it was a degrom type night. uh, you know the mets fans have been very used to that: good pitching, no hit. they want to get it all put together here and tonight they need to get some runs early, especially if a guy like max sure do not let him get comfortable. justin turner trying to get the dodgers on the scoreboard first tonight. turner, as we mentioned, making his first start since august 8th against the angels. a groin injury had him on the shelf. he's been active this weekend but not starting in the series until tonight and it's a ball of no strikes to the la dodgers, all-time postseason leader in just about every relevant offensive category. he's late on 94 and it's one and one [Applause]. you know we're running low on the list of guys that actually still pitch. alex that you faced. carlos carrasco's, one of the old guys. it's still on the list. yeah, i faced both guys today. they had their way with me pretty much. um, carrasco's a tricky guy, especially against righties because of that slider. you know he goes 95 to 96 and the slider has been that dominant pitch over the last two years. i mentioned earlier 141 batting average. you'll notike tonight. he doesn't go from the wind up, he'll be from the stretch all night long, whether men aren't point position when they're on base or bases empty. a more simple approach for carrasco: two balls and a strike to count to justin turner trying to pick up a runner in scoring position with one gun here in the top of the first called strike on a breaking ball. [Applause]. that slider very much a part of the arsenal as you toked about the last couple of years. it's been the story for carrasco for much of his career. yeah, the last pitch is a front door slider. look for him to give you his best. two sliders trying to punch out turner. here corey seeger waits on deck with a man in scoring position. two balls and two strikes. [Applause]. [Music]. you know the glass half empty mets fan would tok about the small returns offensively, the notable injuries to degrom and kindergarten, some of the things we've already discussed tonight, whereas the glass half empty fan would say, despite all that stuff, this is a team that is very much still in the thick of it in the nl east. good slider there and look, this is a very capable team. they have a lot o.