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Bath Dropshipping Private Label: Your Personalized Soak

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the growing trend of e-commerce and how it is changing the business landscape. We will specifically focus on the benefits of wholesaling and dropshipping, and how they can help young entrepreneurs succeed in the online market.

E-commerce trends:

- Sales are moving online at a rapid pace, with 16% of all sales now being made online.

- E-commerce brands are experiencing tremendous growth, with some seeing a fivefold increase in sales since last year.

- The shift to online sales is likely to continue, with the possibility of physical locations closing down in the future.

Wholesaling and dropshipping:

- Wholesaling and dropshipping are viable options for young entrepreneurs who want to start an online business.

- Dropshipping is a good option for those who don't have a lot of money to start out, as it doesn't require buying a lot of inventory.

- Wholesaling is a good option for those who are ready to put in 100% effort and want to have more control over their products.

- Our company, Escape Swimwear, is the first luxury swimwear brand in North America to offer wholesale for any of their items.

Benefits of wholesaling:

- We offer very low minimum order quantities, which means you can start small and build your business over time.

- We have a specialist in our wholesale department who can help you with every step of the process, from planning to shipping.

- We offer competitive pricing and high-quality products, which can help you stand out in a crowded market.

The trend of e-commerce is growing rapidly, and young entrepreneurs need to adapt to this new market. Wholesaling and dropshipping are great options for those who want to start an online business. At Escape Swimwear, we are committed to helping young entrepreneurs succeed by offering wholesale options for our high-quality products. If you are interested in starting your own swimwear line or online business, contact us today to learn more about our wholesale options.

Lumient Candle Making Tour | Private Label Candles | Candle Dropshipping

Rick from Lumient takes us on a tour of their candle-making process, showcasing the machinery and steps involved in creating their high-quality candles.


- Wick insert machine with a capacity of making 12-150 candles per hour

- Candles go through conveyors to have wicks inserted and centered accurately

- Staging area for candles before being manually moved to rolling tables

- Melter machine with a capacity of melting a pallet of wax at a time (1100 pounds)

- Fragrance oil is added based on weight

- Candles are poured and Wick centering things are inserted on top of the wick to keep it centered

- Candles are left to cool down before being trimmed, lidded, and packed into boxes for shipping

- Lumient offers private label manufacturing with customizable jar types, colors, and fragrances

- Candles are made in Los Angeles using 100% U.S. soybean and fragrance oils free of phthalates and toxic materials

- Lumient also offers print on demand and fulfillment services for their candles, working with influencers and vendors

- They can ship using any shipping service and scale production to meet demand

Thank you for touring Lumient's warehouse and learning about their candle-making process. Their dedication to using high-quality ingredients and customizable options make them a great choice for those looking to start a candle brand or fulfill their candle needs. Contact them at [email protected] for any inquiries.

How To Start a Fashion Brand With Shopify & Dropshipping (Private Labeling with FondMart)

Starting a fashion brand on Shopify and drop shipping at the same time can be a challenge. Many people want to create a Shopify fashion brand because it is profitable and has a high perceived value. However, finding quality products and dealing with issues such as shipping speed, customer service, and USA sizing can be difficult. In this article, we will show you how to overcome these challenges and start a successful fashion brand on Shopify with the help of Fond Mart.

Benefits of Using Fond Mart:

- Access to high-quality, fashionable products

- Fast shipping speed

- Great customer service

- USA sizing

- Custom packaging

- Over 5000 reliable manufacturers supplying products

- No minimum order requirements

- Drop shipping available

- Huge catalog of products

- Ability to launch new products easily

- Ability to ship to FBA warehouses

Using Fond Mart on Shopify:

- Create an account in less than five seconds

- Connect to your Shopify store

- Order products wholesale or drop ship

- Build your own fashion store

Starting a fashion brand on Shopify with Fond Mart is a great way to access high-quality, fashionable products and overcome the challenges of drop shipping. With fast shipping speed, great customer service, and custom packaging, you can create a successful fashion brand that stands out from the competition. Check out Fond Mart and start building your fashion brand today!

Side Hustling Ep. 19: Private Label / DropShipping Business Doing $1,000 Per Month

In this article, we will be discussing a successful story of a mom who launched her own private label wine and spa brand while also juggling other responsibilities. We will talk about her experience with dropshipping, private labeling, and the Amazon affiliate program.

Heather Christian's Story:

Heather Christian was a stressed out mom who wanted to find a way to work from home and be with her baby. She came up with the brand name Stressed Mommy before figuring out what she wanted to sell. Heather decided to look into private labeling wine and discovered it was relatively easy to find a winery that would put her company's name on the bottle. She then experimented with dropshipping and also started selling spa products that complemented her wine brand.

Lessons Learned:

Heather's story is relatable because she had to juggle a lot of responsibilities while starting her business. She also found that working with middlemen and third-party companies can make the process of dropshipping or private labeling easier, but it often comes with a cost. Heather focused on getting one thing right before moving on to the next product or business.

Heather Christian's story shows that with determination and hard work, anyone can start a successful side hustle. Her story also highlights the importance of focusing on one thing at a time and being resourceful when it comes to finding vendors and suppliers.

Start Your Skincare & Bodycare Business: Private Labeling Breakdown

Hey there, love bugs! It's your girl Pam, and I'm excited to talk to you today about my private labeling program. This has been months in the making, and I'm thrilled to finally share it with you. So, let's dive in and break it down.

What is Private Labeling?

Private labeling is a process where you customize products to your liking and put your branding on them. With my private labeling program, you can personalize a few of the products to suit your brand.

What do We Offer?

- A minimum of 25 products

- Labels for each product

- Label creation

- 3D mockups

- Choice of packaging

- Choice of scent

- Customization of body butters, butter creams, silk body washes, and silk body lotions

- Color options for body products and jars

- Customizable jars and bottles

How Does it Work?

1. Purchase the private labeling package.

2. Fill out the label form to your best ability.

3. Send back the label form to us.

4. We will create your labels and send you 3D mockups.

5. Once approved, we will start production of your products.

6. Lead times are six to eight weeks.

What can You Customize?

- Body butters

- Butter creams

- Silk body washes

- Silk body lotions

- Choice of scent

- Color options for body products and jars

- Customizable jars and bottles

What are the Lead Times?

The lead times are six to eight weeks. Please understand the processing time.

Thank you for joining me today as I broke down my private labeling program. Remember, private labeling allows you to

How I Sell On Amazon Private Label Without FBA Or China by DROPSHIPPING

How to Private Label Sell on Amazon Without Using FBA or Sourcing from China

- Private label selling on Amazon can be time-consuming and resource-intensive

- Majority of private label sellers source their products from China or manufacturers

- No guarantee of success even with branding and trademarking

- Dropshipping can be a viable alternative to FBA and sourcing from China

Benefits of Dropshipping:

- Can list more products in a shorter amount of time

- No need to negotiate with suppliers or buy in bulk

- Lower fees compared to FBA

- Fast shipping options available with suppliers such as Source Universe

Using Aliexpress and Source Universe for Dropshipping:

- Use Aliexpress US ship from for faster domestic shipping

- Source Universe allows for private labeling and dropshipping for individual products

- Can build own brand without sourcing from China

Maximizing Sales with Shipping Templates:

- Offer expedited shipping for faster delivery

- Charge for expedited shipping to increase profits

- Faster shipping options can lead to faster sales

- Private label selling on Amazon doesn't have to be complicated or expensive

- Dropshipping with suppliers such as Source Universe and using faster shipping options can lead to success

- Avoid the time and resources needed for FBA and sourcing from China by starting with dropshipping and building own brand.


- Michelle Asari, owner of Sincerely Nude clothing brand

- Discussing private labeling and its importance in branding

Types of Private Labeling:

- Ordering over 100 pieces from a wholesaler with labels already attached

- Attaching your own labels to smaller quantities purchased for quality control

Items Needed for Private Labeling:

- Your own labels

- Stitch ripper

- Sewing needles

- Invisible thread

- Swing tags

Benefits of Private Labeling:

- Looks professional

- Helps with branding and recognition

- Small businesses don't need to break the bank to look professional

- Don't give up on your dreams and keep hustling

- Support each other's small businesses

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