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battlefield 2042 ads blur

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, hope you're doing well! Lately, I've been getting a lot of comments on my frame rates and people have been asking for an updated settings guide. In this video, we're going to go over all the settings that will give you more frames, a competitive edge, and help you play better in-game.

- Getting comments on frame rates and settings guide

- Changes in the game

- Objective of the video

In-Game Settings:

- General Settings

- Network Settings

- Graphics

- HUD General Settings

- Colorblind Settings

- Chat Log Settings

- Kill Log Settings

- MPV1 Settings

- Crosshair Settings

- Hit Indicators

- Minimap Settings

- Advanced Settings

- Sound Settings

- Controller Settings

Movement Settings:

- Throttle up and down

- Left and right

- Roll and yaw

- Rifle aim control scheme

- Final thoughts on settings

- Importance of optimizing settings for gameplay

- Encouragement to try different settings

In summary, optimizing your settings in Battlefield 2042 can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By adjusting settings such as graphics, HUD, and sound, you can improve your frame rates and competitive edge. Additionally, experimenting with different control schemes can also improve your movement and aim. So, don't be afraid to try different settings and find what works best for you!

*NEW* Battlefield 2042 Best Settings Guide (Graphics, Performance, Gameplay)

Battlefield 2042 Settings Guide: Updated Version

In this updated version of the Battlefield 2042 settings guide, we will be covering both PC and console-specific settings. It is important to ensure that the settings outside of the game are correct before diving into the game settings.

Settings Outside of the Game:

- Open Nvidia Control Panel and manage 3D settings.

- Set low latency mode to off unless GPU usage is above 98.

- Set power management mode to maximum performance and refresh rate to highest available.

- Ensure Vsync is off unless using a g-sync plus Vsync setup.

- Change monitor refresh rate to highest available and set color output dynamic range to full.

- Navigate to Documents/Battlefield 2042 settings to find Prof save and Prof save profiles.

- Copy and paste files to desktop to prevent game from resetting settings.

- Open Prof save profile with Notepad or Notepad++.

- Use Mouse Sensitivity website to set sensitivity precisely.

Settings Inside the Game:

- General:

- Turn on share usage data to view third-party stats.

- Turn on persistent servers and allow followers for portal servers.

- Display:

- Play in full-screen for maximum advantage.

- Adjust field of view to personal preference.

- Graphics:

- Set brightness to personal preference.

- Turn off motion blur, chromatic aberration, and vignette.

- Play on low graphics settings for smoother gameplay.

- Turn on NVIDIA reflex low latency for 3000 series graphics cards and Boost for 2000 series graphics cards.

- Turn off vertical sync.

- HUD:

- Turn off HUD motion and camera shake.

- Turn on world log and HUD scaling.

- Adjust crosshair opacity, thickness, and color to personal preference.

- Set soldier and vehicle damage thickness to thin.

- Adjust minimap parameters to personal preference.

- Avoid touching HUD icons unless experienced with UI settings.

Optimizing your Battlefield 2042 settings can greatly improve your gameplay experience. It is important to ensure that settings outside of the game are correct before diving into game settings. Personal preferences may vary, so make adjustments accordingly.

5 Secret Settings You Need To Change in Battlefield 2042

Hey Troopers, Neon here and in today's video we're going to be discussing the top 5 best settings that you need to change in Battlefield. With all the new players coming in, there are a lot of settings that you may not know about. So, let's get started!

Settings to Change:

1. ADS Field of View: When you aim in with ADS, everything appears closer and turning makes everything appear further away. This is important for visual recall and makes it easier to control your recall. If you haven't had this setting on before, turn it on now.

2. Motion Blur: Turn it off completely. It's important to have off in all FPS titles. While it may make the game look amazing in campaign mode, it will make you nauseous and sick in multiplayer. It can be overwhelming with everything going on in Battlefield.

3. Camera Shake: Turn it all the way down unless you want your screen to shake like crazy. With explosions, choppers and other effects, it can be overwhelming and make you sick. You want the game to look smooth and not make you ill.

4. Dead Zone: This is important for controller players. L2 and R2's dead zone is very important because the smallest amount of trigger pull is instantly detected. Turn it all the way down to the lowest you can. It's a matter of milliseconds, but it can make a big difference.

5. Zay's Specialist Settings: Zay's specialist settings have two different types of settings for hip and healing. Every time Zay gets a kill, he regenerates health and it can be overwhelming with the visual and sound effects. Turn it down to zero unless you want some indication of healing.

These are the top 5 best settings that you need to change in Battlefield. If you have any other settings that you believe are important, let us know in the comments below. For new players, these settings can make a big difference in your gameplay. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more content. Peace out, Troopers!

Explaining Confusing Battlefield Settings (Uniform Solider Aiming, ADS FOV & DOF, Opacity, Ect....)

In this video, the speaker aims to explain some confusing settings in Battlefield 5 that are not present in other games. He also addresses some general settings that are often misunderstood or misinterpreted by players.

Common Confusing Settings:

1. Field of View (FOV): When asked for his FOV, the speaker refers to the number displayed on the screen. Many players confuse FOV with the zoom setting for 1x sights.

2. Custom Colors: To access custom color settings, players must navigate through the colorblind settings.

3. Future Frame Rendering: Despite the increase in input lag, leaving this setting on can substantially improve FPS, reducing frame times and input lag.

4. ADS Field of View: This setting changes the zoom level for different sights.

5. ADS Depth of Field: This setting blurs the area around the sight when aiming down the sights.

6. Uniform Soldier Aiming: This setting attempts to emulate the hip fire sensitivity with the ADS sensitivity, making it one to one or as close as possible. It is recommended to try values of 0%, 133%, and 178%.

Reducing Screen Clutter:

1. ADS Icon Opacity: Players can adjust the opacity of different icons to reduce screen clutter.

2. Minimap Texture Opacity: This setting changes the transparency of the mini-map, reducing clutter in the bottom left corner.

The speaker provides a useful guide to help players understand and adjust settings in Battlefield 5. By clarifying confusing settings and providing tips to reduce screen clutter, players can optimize their gameplay experience.

How to fix stuttering and get high fps in Battlefield 2042

In this article, we will discuss how to get maximum frame rates in Battlefield 2042 using a DirectX setting that can be changed in the config file. We will also go over some general settings that can help improve performance.

Settings to Improve Performance:

1. Accessibility:

- General: Set camera shake to 50 or the lowest possible setting.

- Display: Turn motion blur off and all other settings to low.

- Video: Turn off DLC and future frame rendering (optional).

2. Change DirectX Setting:

- Close the game and open the documents folder.

- Find Battlefield 2042 and go to the Settings folder.

- Open PROFsave profile with Notepad and find the DX12 Enable section.

- Change it from 0 to 1 and save the file.

By following these settings and changing the DirectX setting in the config file, you can significantly improve the performance of Battlefield 2042. It's important to test and adjust these settings based on your system and preferences to find the best performance. Don't forget to share your feedback in the comments!

Make the BF2042 Loading animation in After Effects!

Creating the Battlefield 2042 Loading Animation in After Effects

It's Battlefield 2042 release week and for fans of the series, it's an exciting time. One of the cool things about the game is the loading animation, which uses some simple motion graphic techniques. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to recreate the loading animation from BF2042 using After Effects.


1. Accuracy is key: Before we start, we need to make sure our shapes are accurate. We'll create a grid using the ruler and guides to ensure that our shapes are in the correct position.

2. Create the shapes: Using the rectangle tool, we'll create four squares that will form the plus symbol in the middle. We'll also make sure that each shape's anchor point is in the correct position.

3. Toggle 3D layer switch: We'll toggle the 3D layer switch on each shape to allow them to be manipulated in three dimensions.

4. Animating the fold: Starting from the end point, we'll animate each shape's x or y rotation to create the folding effect.

5. Add glitch effect: Finally, we'll add a glitch effect to the animation to give it a more dynamic look.

By following these simple steps, you can create your own version of the Battlefield 2042 loading animation. Accuracy is key, and using the 3D layer switch and keyframes will allow you to manipulate your shapes in a 2.5D space. With a little bit of creativity, you can add your own spin on the animation and make it your own.

Best Battlefield 2042 Settings Guide Season 1 - Best Sensitivity, Best Fov?

Best Settings for Battlefield 2042 Season One

Are you struggling to find the best settings for Battlefield 2042 Season One? In this article, we will go over the optimal settings for console and PC players to help you dominate the game.


1. Crossplay Enabled - Leave this on to play with friends on other platforms.

2. Control Hints - Enable visible control hints on the heads-up display for new players.

3. Share Usage Data - Disable if you don't want EA to collect your device data.

4. Player Created Content - Turn off if you don't want to see emblems or images.

5. Allow Followers - Disable if you don't want people to follow you into servers.

6. Field of View - Set to 90 for a nice balance between peripheral vision and target size.

7. Vehicle Third Person FOV - Crank it all the way up to see all around you in third person.

8. ADS FOV - Personal preference, experiment with on and off to find what works for you.

9. Brightness - Leave on 50 for the best balance.

10. HDR Calibration - For those with HDR monitors, adjust as needed.

11. Motion Blur - Turn off for better vision.

12. Hood General - Turn off for a more cinematic experience.

13. Control Hints - Enable for new players, leave on reactive hints for reloads.

14. Hood Motion - Personal preference, turn off if you don't want the hood to move around.

15. Soldier Compass - Set to always on to see who is occupying vehicle seats.

16. Chat Log Visibility - Turn off if you don't want the chat log on screen.

17. Heads Up Display Icons - Adjust the opacity and zoom settings to your preference.

18. Crosshair Options - Set the opacity to 100 and turn off crosshair projection.

19. Hit Caller - Set the color scheme to help you identify hits and kills.

20. Minimap Settings - Rotate with view, increase the distance to 200, and spot players firing.

21. Sound Configuration - Set to auto, try night mode for better footsteps.

22. Controller Settings - Personal preference, adjust as needed.

23. Breakthrough Mode - Try out different vehicle settings without affecting your stats.

24. Vertical Aiming - Set to on for most options, turn off controller vibration.

25. Soldier Aim Sensitivity - Personal preference, experiment with different levels.

By following these settings, you can improve your gameplay and dominate in Battlefield 2042 Season One. Remember to adjust the settings to your personal preference and have fun!

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