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beauty dropshipping supply

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How to Start a Beauty Supply Business Online 2023 [Complete Guide] | #beauty

Hey everyone, Welcome back to another episode of What's your Game Plan. Today, I'm gonna give you a quick start guide on how to start a beauty supply business online. As many of you guys know, beauty is a big business. Most people nowadays are doing anything to make sure they look and stay beautiful, and that's where you're gonna cash in. From hair extensions, makeup curling, ironsmost beauty supply products have huge markups. Keep watching, because now may be your time to cash in on this booming market. So here's what you'll need to get started. There are two methods to start this kind of business. You can set it up as a drop ship store, where someone else is responsible for shipping the goods to the customer, or you can buy your own inventory and have your own store and ship out everything to your own customers. Once you choose a method, you can now proceed to step one. If you have no idea how a beauty supply store operates- and maybe this is your first time being an online business owner- I recommend downloading a business plan from bplanscom. Their plans outline exactly how the business is supposed to work and what you should expect. So, whether you choose the drop ship method or just to buy your own inventory, the supplier research process is still the same. So if you want to get started right away and you don't have a lot of money to buy inventory, You'll want to go ahead and head over to Google and just type in these words 'Beauty supplies for Dropship' or 'Beauty Supplies Dropship Program'. this will give you access to thousands of products to sell in your online store right away without actually needing to buy any of them. If you do have some money and you want to manage your own inventory and keep your own products in your own warehouse and ship to your own customers, just go ahead and google the words 'Wholesale Beauty Supplies'. from there, you can find a company to buy, product and bulk from. Now, when you've got all this sorted, it's time to officially register your business. You won't be able to buy wholesale beauty products or even work with the dropship supplier until you complete this step. You're gonna need to register and apply for a federal EIN number and form an LLC or a corporation, depending on what state you're in. you will likely also need a reseller or a retail merchant certificate as well. This allows you to buy products tax-free. I recommend using MyCorporation. they do have a variety of packages to choose from, but their most basic package will actually get you started right away. So now, since you've been getting this money, where are you going to put it? It's pretty easy to open a business bank account, but they won't get you set up without having all that legal incorporation paperwork that I just toked about. You're gonna need to work with a local bank that you already use, or you can even choose a new one. The next step is to buy web hosting. I always recommend choosing Bluehost because they're the most reliable for beauty supply, e-com stores. You also get a free domain, a free SSL, free access to 24/7 support, So you cannot beat it. Once you pay for a plan with Bluehost, you'll get your login credentials, and then you'll want to save that information and deliver it to the web designer. This is gonna be the next step. if you don't already know about Fiverr, it's a company that sells affordable web development and marketing services. All these services can get done really, really quick. You just need to type in what you want in the search bar and then it'll reveal tons of people who are willing to help you get a website set up in less than three days. Once you choose a person that you want to work with, make sure you give them the Bluehost details that you just got and communicate your vision and your plans for the website. So, while they're working on your new website, you're gonna need to activate a merchant account for your customers to be able to pay you through. Many businesses use PayPal, Square or Stripe. I personally use square. they make it super easy for me to accept payments online, via my website or even over the phone. Once you sign up for square, give them the details to complete the entire integration process. Finally, you need to start spreading the word about your business. A good place to start is to get a logo, business cards and marketing materials created. for complete branding, I recommend 99designs because the process is really quick, painless and you actually get what you want. For marketing materials, I do like envato because they literally have tons of graphics for each and every single kind of business on demand. Now that you're all set up, how are you actually gonna make money? Here's what you're gonna need in order to take a check to the bank. Since you're an online beauty supply store, you can choose from a variety of items to sell. The most popular beauty supply items are cosmetiks, beauty supplies, tools, hair extensions, wigs, fragrances, body and hair care products. You're gonna want to diversify your product offerings because this is going to help expand your customer reach. You can choose to offer online services as well. For example, you can offer a subscription service to your new VIP membership club, where customers get access to weekly how-to styling videos, real product samples or even downloadable beauty guides. Now I know you're probably wondering: well, what's the price tag on this baby? Startup cost for this kind of business using the dropship method usually starts at about $500 to $1000 on average, but if you're planning to fund your own inventory, please be prepared to drop the big bucks. I'm giving away a free pdf with all the links to every single company I mentioned to you in this video. If you'd like a copy, just visit PasosDealscom/beauty, Enter your email address and we'll send it to you right away. If you liked this video and you know someone else needs to see it today, tag a friend, hit like and give it a share. until next time, guys, take care.

Dropshipping Cosmetics PROFITABLY in 2021

what's going on youtube. wesley, here and today, i'm going to show you the secret to drop shipping cosmetiks profitably in 2021, whether you have a physical or ecommerce store. so all you need to do right now is to quickly sign up below for my new course, starting at only 498 dollars, and i'm totally kidding guys. i'm gonna teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores. what i'm not going to do is rip you off. i'm here to provide free content because i want you to open a store of your dreams, and all i ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started, and if you leave a comment below writing at show winners, i'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that i update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. and maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well, or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales. now you stay hated also when i see the same products in the competing store, and that little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me absolutely crazy. but don't worry, once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you'll already have won half the battle. and that's not all. let me show you my favorite strategies for making sure i'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, i've been there. back then there wasn't any guys like this and i kind of had to do a lot of trial and error myself, and sometimes i would legit have to hit the books. but once i figured things out, my sales began to absolutely skyrocket. all right, so here we're on amazon, and this is where you're gonna be the secret sauce to getting, um, your cosmetiks and makeup products. uh, because amazon's best sellers list is the secret here. so, amazon best sellers list, what is it? basically? amazon's best sellers list is, um, you know, the top selling product is kind of self-explanatory, but the top selling products that, uh, that's selling on amazon. but the cool thing here is that, um, it's the best products. that's updated every hourly. so it's not just like, oh, the best products from last week or the best products from last month, or you know some of those products lists that don't change for a whole year. it's actually updated every hourly. and what i like to do is actually kind of just watch it and just see like what moves up, what moves down every hour and kind of keep track of it, just so you know, like what is actually consistently selling well and you know what's just a trend, because obviously it's okay to hop on trends once in a while, but you obviously want something that's consistently gonna do well. you know that's obviously the dream goal here. so obviously we're gonna go down to our niche in this case. so we're doing makeup, so it's gonna be beauty and personal care, and then from then on we can filter down to make up, and right here, obviously you can filter down more if you want to. just maybe you want you're short on, uh, eye makeup or something like that and you want to focus more on that. you can. but we're going to go a little bit more broad here. just kind of look through and see like what's products are trending really well, uh, you know what. you know what people are buying in terms of like, uh, what type of makeup? uh, what type of um, what is that? like designed, maybe, or uh, type of brands and things such as that. or like uh, uh. sorry guys, not that great with makeup but, uh, you know what kind of like a mascara color and things such as that. so, if you kind of look through it and then you kind of know, like, what's doing well and what's not doing, oh, what's doing well, obviously these are products that are doing well. but you just kind of look through it and then, like i said before, um, you know it's your store, you have your idea of you know, your vision for your brand, you know about this, about this stuff, more than i probably do, since you're, you know, the one opening your makeup store. so, um, keep that in mind when you're looking at these products. don't just say: you know, i'm gonna pick one, two, three, four and five and try to source the exact same products, the exact same way and go from there because, um, you know, uh, imitation will only get you so far. you know, uh, you know you want to stand out, you want to have your unique store and i'm sure you want something, you know that's you. obviously, if you're, you know, taking the step to opening your own business, i'm sure you know you want something that's individual and not just a clone of, you know, a big box retailer, store or something like that. so keep that in mind when you're looking. um, this is a great launching point, but this is this is, uh for sure, not the end-all be-all. um, obviously, um, it's just like i said, it's a good launching point. it's great for just picking an idea. so, like i said, uh, i pick one or two items, one or three items, just make mental notes of it. uh, that stands out to you and from then on, you can go to source your products. so i like to go to aliexpress to source my products, just because you can get products for really, really cheap. but obviously, when you filter it down, you can get products that are cheap but they don't suck, they like they're actually products that are actually, you know, high quality, that you would actually see in stores or you would actually buy from other sellers. so i'll show you how to do that all here. so, like, right here, we're just going to type in makeup and from then on, as you can see, you have various different makeup items and the key to getting good products, especially with makeup, you want something that's definitely high review, because you don't- you don't want low quality makeup products. so what you're going to do here is actually going to go filter up your up to four stars and up and this will bring, you know, weed out all the low, uh, low review products and then from here on, especially with makeup, i like to go with a little, i would like to go with more higher review items, so, just to be safe, so, honestly, i wouldn't go anything below a 4.8 just because, um, you know, with makeup you there's a higher standard, i feel like. so, just after that, you just, you know, like on previously, you have an idea of what products we're doing. well, and you kind of just go from there. you just kind of look through and see what products you think again fits your store, and except, this time these are gonna be products you source for your store. so these are gonna be products that are for you and your store individually. so it'll be, yeah, it's awesome, right, but, like i said, okay, take the time to look through it. you know, take as much time as you need. don't rush through it like i am right now. this is just for you know, video's sake. but and also, as you can see, i went on the third page. um, you know, don't be afraid to stay, get off of the first page, because most people get so stuck up on the first page, but there's actually some great items that are, you know, not on the first page, that are still, you know, that would still stand out and do really great. so i'm kind of looking through here right now and just trying to see, like, what products will do. well, uh, this little makeup brush thing looks pretty cool, or what is this? yeah, this looks pretty cool, it looks cute. um, it has five, five, uh, five stars, which is excellent. uh, multiple orders, not just, like you know, three orders. okay, so say, say, i like this product, right, okay, i want this product and i want to add it to my store. so you add it to your store. what then? you know, how do you get people to come to your store and actually want to buy your product? or, you know, get conversions. well, it goes, it comes down to your marketing. and then, from marketing standpoint, you can either do organic marketing or paid marketing. uh, paid advertising in a sense. so, paid advertising, obviously it's in a name, you have to spend money to make money. but, uh, you know, organic advertising is just your seo and stuff. but that leaves you at m.

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Start Dropshipping Hair, Wigs, Lashes, & Cosmetics (Dropship Beauty Shopify App Overview)

what's up beauty bosses? it's your hair business's best friend, mikey, and today i'm going to show you all about dropship beauty. now, dropship beauty is a shopify app that allows you to drop ship beauty products that are stored here in the usa to your customers. now, what's great about dropship beauty is there are a ton of amazing products we are toking about: hair extension bundles, wigs, lashes, cosmetiks and even soon, hot tools like flatirons are coming to dropship beauty. using the system couldn't be easier. if you're watching this video, you're probably a little bit interested in dropship beauty. i'm going to walk you through every aspect of dropship beauty, why it's so great, why you should consider using it for your shopify store and selling hair extensions, wigs and beauty, and a little bit about how to use it as well. now this is. this video is in a new category on the hair business blueprint channel, and i will be doing continual updates, because we just finished rebuilding dropship beauty from the ground up so it's even more easy to use. we're adding tons of new features every single day, so let me go ahead and show you here. we're gonna go ahead and go over uh to the app store, the shopify app store. here you can see this is dropship beauty. i'm gonna have links to all this in the description to everything i'm going over, so you can just go through it. don't worry, you can go back and click over to the links at any time. so what's great about dropship beauty is it's drop shipping, so we will pack and ship the orders for you. you don't have to have inventory. you know we hold over a million dollars of inventory for our clients and it's really helpful. another great advantage of drop ship beauty is we drop ship. we're actually shipping from atlanta, so products get to your customers a lot faster than some drop shippers that are using warehouses out of china and it can take forever. now this just goes over some of the basics of dropship beauty. you can see everything here. you can read through it. pricing: it starts at 2.99 a month. this will get you up and going and actually plenty of features. so really, for three bucks a month, you have full access. uh, for the advanced plan, you can start getting access to additional product photos and videos. the pro plan: additional products, uh, photos and videos, as well as custom branding support, so there are custom branding items that you can use. you get a bin inside our warehouse where you can store the items that's been uh, can hold a bunch of different things like packaging as far as hair extension bags, tags for your wigs and lashes- pretty much everything. so it's really easy to get started just by installing the app. we're going to do that in just a minute, but first let me show you a few other things. so we do have the drop ship beauty dot app website. this is really just a landing page for the app that's going to send you over to here. nothing too exciting, but i do want to go over everything today. the next website is dropshipbeautycom. i will have a link in the description for you for this as well. so if you want to buy some of the unbranded beauty in bulk, you can come here to dropship beauty for cosmetiks, lashes, lace, glue, a little bit of everything. we're going to continue to add products here now. one thing that is really good on dropship beauty is you do have access to purchase a website. so if you want a fully designed website handed over to you, you don't need to sign up for shopify or anything yet our team will totally set up the websites for you. you can see we currently have five templates. these are all built on the new shopify 2.0 platform, so this is super fast. they're super beautiful. you can go through here. tons of information you can click and you can actually see an example of what the stores look like and click all through. so that's fantastik. i will put a link directly to the uh to the websites, because for 299 dollars, literally, you can get started right away, and that's a huge advantage. those that's for: if you don't feel like or have the knowledge of how to build these things out, don't worry. our team has probably built more hair extension websites than anyone in the world since we started building websites in 2016, six years ago- so we have tons of experience with this and we're actually a shopify partner, so it makes it really really simple. so definitely take a moment and check out these sites. for 300 bucks, it's money well spent, and that's at dropshipbeautycom. now i have a store set up. it is just a blank store. there is nothing here, but i'm going to quickly show you how you can use the drop ship beauty app, add it to your store, import a few products and some of the features. i'm going to go into more specific detail about these in future videos. this video is really just to give you an overview so you can have an idea of what you're getting into with dropship beauty. so i'm just here. this is a blank store. like i said, there's no apps, nothing installed yet. you would just go to apps within your shopify store. okay, so that'll take you directly to the app store. you can search dropship beauty. of course, i do have a link in the show note to show description for this video. you're just going to click add app, click install app. it's going to go ahead and install. what's great about the new shopify 2.0 system is it's the app is actually built into your shopify store, so it's super easy to manage. you know, basically, when you get here, it's going to ask you to select a plan. once again, we have the basic plan. you can start off with the basic plan it. the main difference between the basic and the pro is the custom branding option. if you're just starting, uh, getting your store set up, you probably want to just go ahead and go with the basic. i'm not trying to sell you on on anything here, but for the pro, definitely to have the custom branding is a huge advantage. so i'm just going to go back here. so we do have an expert setup uh feature where, for 25, the drop ship beauty team will install all the products into your site. it shows how many products you still have available to import. add a payment method. this is to pay for the order. so when customers order on your shopify site, you collect the money. uh, you're gonna go into dropship beauty and actually process the order. uh, to have a payment method here, so you basically don't have to keep adding a payment method every single time. it makes it happen in a snap. once again, the custom branding materials. you have to be a pro. same thing with the premium images and some of the marketing content. this goes into taxes, so you can become a tax exempt because you're going to be collecting taxes from your customer. we're shipping from georgia, different reporting and then, of course, you can send us a message. so in here is your order section. so we don't have any orders, obviously because our store is not built yet, but that's where you would go to process your orders. uh, there's also a dropship beauty mobile app that makes processing orders a snap. i mean, you can process five, ten orders in literally 10 seconds. we made it just that easy. but let's go over here to products. it's going to walk you through a little tutorial about everything here. but even better than this tutorial is me. we just added a new predictive search feature. i made a youtube short about that. that's kind of cool, um, but you can go over here and you can see different collections of products. so, uh, let's see here, let's just say bundle deals, and i wanted to do a bundle deal. so here's, here's some of the bundle deals. and let's see, let's say, brazilian deep way bundle deals: add to import lists. so all you're going to do is add this to your import list and you can add multiple items to the import list. it's just as easy as this, and then you would go to import list. now let's go ahead and inst import the brazilian deep wave bundle deals. i'm going to click here. this is going to walk you through a tutorial again, but even better than that tutorial, i'm going to give you a tutorial. so, as you can see here, it alrea

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here he is, he has to do his debut. are you upset with the people today? don't be upset. so, yes, again, what? stop? candy kings and queens day. I wanted to tok to you guys about drop shipping. yes, drop shipping, honey. I know y'all have seen those commercials everywhere. I know y'all hear people all over Facebook, Instagram. if you want to learn how to make more money, things like that or what, I would guess what he's, I feel for it. yes, I wanted to see what it was, a fast, even one. I mean, it was like hi, Phillip. so I was trying to see what the hike was like and see if the hi what's real? right, okay, so let me tell you first, let me show you off my Shopify store, just in case not, I'll blow it up for you, you know. so there you go, you see that that's my Shopify, just my stuff, for five sales for one month, one month, you guys, I've only been doing it for a month, right, okay, so, okay. so, yes, no, I did it, I tried drop shipping. the first question is: does it really work? yes, and no, kinda sorta, but yes, it really does work. right now, let me explain a little bit what I mean on it. when I say yes, um, it does work, yeah, it works, it really really works, like I've made money off of it. let me tell you again, yes, it does work. and when I say yes, it does work, um, again, I had to do a lot of work. I had to do a lot to get in where I fit in. basically, you can't just go into it and be like, okay, I'm gonna sit, set this up and push it out and roll it out. you know that's not how it works. so when I say no, it does not work, what I mean by no it does not work is it does not work for you. you have to be willing and ready to put in the work behind it. and when I say put in the work behind it, you have to be ready to advertise. basically, you asked a lot of advertising into it and if you don't have the time or the patience for it right now, I advise you know, maybe just hold off on it for a little while until you do have the time. however, if you got the time and you want to try it, by all means go. yes, give it a try. it is totally worth it. okay, all right, and it can be extremely lucrative, especially if you apply the right formulas. so that's why I say, yes, it can't work, and then again, no it, it can be a complete or total disaster. so I'm gonna give you guys a background on my experience with drop shipping. right, I'm gonna go from the top to the bottom and let you know everything that I experienced, all the pros and all of the cons that I can give out, and again, this is my own personal experience. nobody paid me to do this. this is just me giving you guys on my heads up, kind of letting you know like, hey, this is out there, give it a try, go for it. it's just to give you guys something to think about on the side, like a side hustle or another opportunity, another way to earn some cash on the side. honey, get them clean salt and save that moolah. all right, okay. so when I say formulas, right, the whole news that I'm toking about our advertising avenues, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram, as YouTube ads, all of those ads, Google ads, all of those ads that you see coming across your timeline or coming across on your videos all the time. those are all paid for, right, and basically that's what you do when it comes to drop shipping. well, first of course, you need to have your store built up, and the platforms that are used to build my store off of what Shopify and again is so easy to do- are you. they give you a 14-day trial to get your store together. basically, you get your store name, it put all your products in it and there you go, push those eggs out, and the the most complex thing about it is learning how to place your ads correctly or how to correctly target your market. that's the most, basically, in my opinion. I believe it's just like with most, all businesses, or most businesses, when you're trying to get out there and you're doing it online. that's the entrepreneur. you basically have to understand that you have to pay to play. you got to pay what you whiteboard, you have to bring those coins. you have to be willing, you have to be ready to put some money or something, have some investment funds to put into your advertisement, because if you don't do that, then how are people gonna know you're out there at houck? we're gonna know what you got and how do you think you're gonna make a sale. you know, and it doesn't take much. a lot of the times you can just do two, three dollars, five dollars. it doesn't matter, just depends on which platform you use it to do your advertising off of, but it's definitely worth it. okay, there's also another word that you can do: advertisement, and that is through influencers- Instagram influencers, YouTube influences, or maybe, if you are really savvy, on Facebook, you got somebody out there that's really popular and that can help sell your items. you can definitely try and use them as an influencer as well, and an influencer is basically a person who has a platform like, for example, I'm an Instagram girl, so on Instagram, I will go on there and now look for partikular people who were interested or who I found that could help me to sell my items. so, for example, let's just say, I'll pick one of the items that I have in my store, right, so I had this cute little anklet, right and it, of course, this is all to me. it's a beachy, it's ocean and summertime, it's cute girly things, right, you know? so, of course, what I would do is throw on Instagram, look for me and influence. there are apps and there are websites that you can go on to that will help you find that partikular influence, so that you're looking for saliva, for example, you want to make sure that you have an influencer that is over 12,000 followers or a hundred thousand followers- the more the better, okay. so, um, you would simply inbox them, ask them: you know, hey, how much do you charge for advertising? and you know, find out the details on it, like how long do they let the post stay up? 24 hours, story now. or you could do all types of advertisement with that. you know, and a lot of times I would pay anywhere between 5 and $25. $25 was like my max to pay on influencer, and I mean when I say $25, I'm looking at somebody who's like I have a hundred thousand, maybe even a million followers. okay, they have to have a lot that way, I know I'm gonna get my money back in return, right? so what you'll do is you'll send them the ad and you'll make this out on your own. basically, it's just a picture of your product, so like, for example, you see this here: it has its the picture, but I also have at the bottom down there you can see my logo. I'm sorry, not my logo, but you can see my website to my store listed on this partikular ad. so they would just place this on their on their Instagram feed or on their page, and people would see it, comment under it, like it, comment under it like it, share it, go straight to the website and purchase it to change, just like that. yes, you have social parts item. I mean, it's just that simple. seriously, it's just that same right hand. basically, what you want to do is you want to start off with your store or your platform, whatever you gonna use. the platform again that I Houston, that I highly recommend, is Shopify. it is the easiest. they give you 14 days trial period for you to basically set up your store and get it looking all nice and pretty and cool and get it ready to just roll out. you know, after that 14 days, okay, so, um, once you get your store up and running, you want to go to. they have apps within. they have apps within Shopify that we help you along the way so they can help you find the items that you want and basically, you just plug them into your store. it would be nice if you could think about it beforehand, like, think about a niche topic or a niche idea and something that you really like or something that you would be interested in selling to people. um, just take that, whatever. it doesn't even really, it doesn't even have to be something you like. just give him general story. if you like, just put some cool items in it. you know, just because we don't like it, don't mean somebody else won't like it. you know, somebody likes it. okay, like they say, there's somebody for eve.


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HOW TO Dropship Makeup in 2021

what's going on youtube. wesley, here and today, i'm going to show you the secret to drop shipping makeup in 2021, whether you have a physical or e-commerce store. so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course, starting at only 786 dollars, and i'm totally kidding guys. i'm gonna teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores, but what i'm not going to do is rip you off. i'm here to provide free content because i want you to open a store of your dreams, and all i ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started, and if you leave a comment below writing at show winners, i'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that i update every week. and no, it doesn't lead to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. and maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well, or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales, and i used to hate it. also, when i see the same products in the competing store and that little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me absolutely crazy. but don't worry, once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you'll already have won half the battle. and that's not all. i'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure that i'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, i've been there. back then there wasn't any guys like this and i kind of had to do a lot of trial and error myself, and i would legit hit the books sometimes, but once i figured things out, my sales began to absolutely skyrocket. so, to start off, we're going to be going on aliexpress, and this is where you're going to be finding the inspiration for your products and sourcing your products. and i like using aliexpress because, um, there's such a large variety of items that you're almost always going to find something that suits your brand, your niche and things such as that. so, let's say, we're going to be looking up makeup today, right, so we can just type in makeup and then from here on out, we can kind of just, um, look through everything and try to find something that obviously suits our business or brand, and, of course, you can kind of filter things down to more of a niche here if there's something you're specific that you're looking for. so in this case, maybe i want to focus more on lipstik. uh, maybe i'm short on lipstik in my store or i want to find some new lipstik that, um, what could potentially do well? so i filter down to lipstik. and then, of course, one more thing i like to filter is the four star reviews and up. i don't like products that have like low quality, especially with something like lipstik. you definitely want to be really careful here. you want product. you want to check the reviews for these products because, um, you know you don't know, um, what people are saying about it and stuff like that. so definitely check the reviews, see what people are writing. and you know you don't want people getting, you know, bad quality products and then, um, it reflects poorly on your business and your brand. so definitely, uh, especially with something like this, i would definitely, you know, click in, check the reviews. and two things to look out for here is: you want something that has high uh quality, so i like to do like 4.5 or above and then a high amount sold. so those are your key uh barometers for a quality product. you obviously be aware when you look at this, it looks cool but it's 5 stars, which might be great, but it's only 13 sold. so there's obviously an inherent risk involved because with the amount sold, it could potentially be, you know, risky. just because there's not that big of a variable or number to really determine whether this product is legitly a five-star product or if, just because you know, 13 people really liked it, which really isn't a lot, if you come here and compare it to like the rest some of these stores with, like you know, 4 000 or 6 000 right here. so definitely keep that in mind. and then also, another thing is: when you look through it, try to find something that fits, um, you know your business and your brand. don't just try to find, like, what's trendy and things such as that. um, keep in mind, like you open your own business for a reason, you have your business goals, so to do that, you know, just keep that in mind when you create, you're finding products because you don't want to just end up like finding, like i said, finding the trendy products and you end up being like a mall kiosk guy just selling what's trendy and it really caps the potential on the growth of your business. and i get it, you know you want to make money fast, but also you know you want to grow your brand and that takes time. you know you have to be patient and you have to invest the time and work into it to build like a quality brand and not just something that you know potentially will die off in a few months. so just keep that in mind when you're looking for these products. um, obviously it doesn't. i kind of got a little deep there, but yeah, just keep that in mind. um, so we're gonna look through these and try to find a product that you know fits that criteria and then go from there. so, kind of looking through here, um, this looks pretty cool and then it has, you know, a thousand orders and it has, you know, high reviews. so it looks good and it's kind of like, like i said, um, various colors, which is solid, and it kind of shows you like what the products they use. so a lot of good stuff here. and then that's good to see they're making it in a lab and things such as that. so look at the reviews and then you know it has people going showing images of the product working. so five star, five stars, cool. just not saying, you know it's turning my lips green or whatever. so perfect, this is exactly what we would need. you know potentially add to our store. so say you add it to your store, then what comes next? obviously, it's going to be the marketing. so in our case, we're going to be using facebook ads. of course you can use google ads if you want, but i like using facebook ads and i have videos explaining why i prefer facebook ads. so if that's something you want to check out, check it down below. but if you want to do facebook ads, just kind of follow along here as well. so it's going to be auction, conversions and just open this up for you guys. so that's creating a new campaign and, of course, new campaign, you have your new ad set and your new ad and that's just one ad set in one ad. so to do this i could do like broad targeting and that would take me about five to ten minutes or so and i could launch one campaign. but the problem with that is: um, it's only one ad set and one audience. so if i do a broad audience, just say everyone, i'm kind of running up my money really fast and i'm not really having any idea of like where that money is going that's doing good and where that money is going that isn't doing so good. so obviously i like to select multiple audiences and to do multiple audiences i have to create unique ad sets for each and every one so you kind of see later what i mean. but this would take a lot of time. this would take me about an hour or two, depending on how much of a big of an audience i want. so obviously, to save time, because that's the name of the game, an hour two is pretty long. that can be spent doing a lot of other things, a lot of other um, creating a lot of other campaigns or finding products. so what i usually like to do is use the add chills one minute product launcher, and this is key here because it lets me select my business manager account and then it's. let me select my business page and say: this is the product i want to advertise. so i just copy and paste this in and with that in mind, we have it ready to go. we have our images, which will later be compiled into a video, but of course we can deselect and select various images if we want, and then after that, um, of course you don't want this giant keyword magnet, so i'm tr.