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beauty product ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Shoot a Beauty Product Ad

In this video, the creator takes us behind the scenes to show how they created a cosmetic/makeup ad for two products. They explain their reasoning for choosing the product and give a breakdown of the equipment and setup used for different shots.

Equipment Used:

- Rhino slider system

- Super clamps

- Black foam core board

- Black table

- Mirror

- Aperture MC lights (purple and pink)

- Turntable

- Gold leaf flakes

- Blue screen


- Hero shot of products taken first to ensure no damage during shoot

- Aesthetics of the product played into the background setup, using the black foam core board and black table

- Aperture MC lights used inside the bag for a unique and pleasing background

- Additional light used to illuminate the face of the product in the hero shot

- Turntable used for spinning the product and dropping gold leaf flakes for a unique shot

- Green/blue screen used for shots involving cap rotation and lid screw off

- Macro shot required tight setup with lights brought in close

Overall, the creator gives a detailed breakdown of the equipment and setup used to create a beauty product ad. They showcase different shots and explain their reasoning behind the decisions made. This behind the scenes look can provide valuable insight for anyone looking to create their own product ad.

Cinematic Makeup Product Video At Home: Behind The Scenes and Camera Equipment

In this article, we will take a look at the behind-the-scenes of a moody dramatic product reveal video created for a client called Loves Minerals. We will discuss the equipment used, including cameras, lenses, lighting, and motion control equipment. We will also touch upon the importance of music and editing in creating an impactful video.

Equipment Used:

- Sony A7 S3 camera with Sony GM 24 to 70mm lens

- Pro blends lens for close-up shots

- Syrup turntable for spinning shots

- Magic Carpet motion slider for smooth movement

- Godox SL60W and Godox FV150 lights for lighting

- Aputure MC RGB lights for different lighting effects


- The motion slider and probe lens setup for logo shots

- Using MC RGB lights for a glowing effect on transparent products

- The use of paparazzi mode on aperture lights for a flashy scene

- The importance of music choice in setting the mood for the video

- The use of black muslin cloth and clear acrylic for background and reflections

Creating an impactful product reveal video requires a combination of proper equipment, lighting, and editing. The Sony A7 S3 camera, Pro blends lens, syrup turntable, magic carpet motion slider, and Godox and Aputure lights were used to create the dramatic effect in the Loves Minerals video. The choice of non-copyrighted music also played a crucial role in setting the mood. With the right equipment and creativity, anyone can create an impressive product reveal video.

BADLY TRANSLATED Beauty Commercials

We've all seen beauty and self-care commercials on TV and the internet. Well, Google Translate wants in on the fun! We asked our Twitter followers to come up with names for their own beauty products, and we translated them into different languages using online software. Let's see how crazy we can make it!

- Beauty and self-care commercials are everywhere

- We asked Twitter followers to name their own beauty products

- We translated the names using online software

- Let's see how it turned out!

Gradually Watermelon Perfume:

- Summer is here, and the air feels fresh on your skin

- You can buy ice cream and lose yourself in the moment

- But Jamal loses his chance, and you hear memes screaming for relevance

- In the distance, you hear the voice of the director: Gradually Watermelon

- The scent of your internet-inspired dreams silenced your fever

- Now available, paired with spices for a full-bodied, deep aroma

- Live your watermelon life gradually, and keep your home smelling great

Hair Shampoo:

- Want to stand out from the crowd? Use our shampoo

- Your hair needs to look the part if you want to climb the ladder

- Be the first to try Do Shovel and elevate your hair to its highest potential

- Our shampoo is the only one that can take your hair to the next level

- It's not just a wash, it's an elevation

- Our name means hair stuff in French, but it still sounds cool

- Our shampoo is perfect for preventing hair loss and helping you succeed

Shaving with Dollar Shave Club:

- We all have our grooming routines

- Dollar Shave Club has everything you need to look, feel, and smell your best

- They offer shower, oral care, hair, skin, and shaving products

- Their products aren't just for men, they're for everyone

- They have an amazing deal for new members: a starter kit for only $5

- The kit includes their most popular products and their executive razor

- Replacement cartridges are sent for only a few bucks a month

- Dollar Shave Club supports this channel, so it's a win-win situation

- Beauty and self-care products are important

- We had fun coming up with crazy names for them

- Don't forget to try out Dollar Shave Club for all your grooming needs

- Thanks for watching!

Realistic Skincare Commercial

In this article, we will be discussing Lily's experience with skincare and her journey towards finding the right products for her skin.

Points to be discussed:

- Lily's frustration with unrealistic skincare commercials

- Her search for easy and effective skincare solutions

- The causes of her skin issues, such as dryness and acne

- Her use of face masks and hydrating mist to improve her skin

- The benefits of using Olay Total Effects whip, including SPF and fragrance-free formula

- Lily's humorous and relatable approach to skincare

Lily's experience highlights the importance of finding skincare products that work for you, rather than relying on fads and myths. With the right products and a sense of humor, anyone can achieve healthier, happier skin.

How to run Facebook ads for Skincare/Beauty brands

As the skincare and beauty industry moves towards direct-to-consumer sales, Facebook and Instagram ads are becoming more competitive, resulting in rising costs per click. In this week's video, we will cover four essential elements that skincare and beauty brands must include in their paid traffic campaigns to stay ahead of the competition and ensure profitable and effective campaigns. We will also provide examples of how digitally native skincare brands are leveraging these elements and how you can do it for your own brand.

- As more skincare and beauty brands transition to direct-to-consumer sales, Facebook and Instagram ads are becoming more competitive.

- Rising costs per click make it crucial for skincare and beauty brands to include essential elements in their paid traffic campaigns.

- In this week's video, we will cover four key elements that brands must include to stay ahead of the competition and ensure profitable campaigns.

Key Elements:

1. User-generated Content:

- Skincare and beauty brands must leverage the relationship they have with existing customers and influencers to create content that looks native to the platform.

- Content such as skincare routines, beauty tutorials, and unboxing videos can showcase actual people and customers using the products.

- User-generated content makes advertisements more believable and authentic, creating a genuine impression on the end consumer.

- Brands such as Aviraglow and Lumen use user-generated content effectively to create social proof and genuine interactions with their audience.

2. Testimonials:

- Brands must leverage testimonials in their ads to showcase real results and create social proof.

- Testimonials can be sourced from existing customers, influencers, and industry experts.

- Skincare and beauty brands must use testimonials in their organic posts on Instagram and in their advertising campaigns to create a more believable and effective message.

3. Influencers:

- Skincare and beauty brands must partner with influencers to leverage their reach and influence.

- Influencers can create user-generated content and provide testimonials, as well as promote the brand to their audience.

- Partnering with influencers can expand the brand's reach and create authentic connections with their target audience.

4. Targeting:

- Skincare and beauty brands must use precise targeting to reach their ideal audience.

- Targeting can include factors such as demographics, interests, behaviors, and lookalike audiences.

- Skincare and beauty brands must use targeting effectively to ensure that their ads are seen by the right people, resulting in more conversions and a higher return on investment.

- To ensure profitable and effective campaigns, skincare and beauty brands must include essential elements in their paid traffic campaigns.

- User-generated content, testimonials, influencers, and targeting are key elements that can help brands stay ahead of the competition and find new audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

- By leveraging these elements effectively, skincare and beauty brands can create more believable and authentic messages, resulting in higher conversions and a higher return on investment.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

The Importance of Self-Perception in Beauty

- Everyone has their own perception of beauty, including themselves

- However, our self-perception can be influenced by societal standards and personal insecurities


- The speaker discusses their own perception of their physical features

- They mention wanting fuller lips and feeling tired-looking

- They also talk about their profession as a forensic artist and the nerve-wracking experience of creating composite artwork


- The speaker is asked to describe themselves to a police artist, who sketches their features based on their description

- Another person, Chloe, is also asked to describe the speaker's features

- The resulting sketches are compared and show a difference in perception


- The speaker reflects on the difference between their self-perception and Chloe's perception

- They realize the impact of self-perception on various aspects of life, including friendships and career choices

- The speaker encourages appreciating one's own beauty rather than constantly trying to fix perceived flaws

- Our self-perception can greatly impact our happiness and daily life

- Instead of harshly critiquing ourselves, we should learn to appreciate and celebrate our unique beauty.

[LIVE] FB Ads Examination of $4M+ Health & Beauty Brand | Molly Pittman, AWeurope 2019

In this article, we will be discussing various topics related to Facebook marketing in 2019. We will cover everything from the basics of advertising on the platform to more advanced strategies for driving engagement and conversions.

Topics covered:

- The importance of Facebook marketing in 2019

- Different advertising styles and presentation methods

- How to target specific audiences on Facebook

- The role of social proof and social media influencers in advertising

- Best practices for budgeting and optimizing Facebook campaigns

- The evolution of Facebook over the years and its impact on marketing

- The future of Facebook and social media advertising

Key points:

- Facebook remains one of the most powerful advertising platforms available today, with billions of active users worldwide.

- There are many different advertising styles and presentation methods to choose from, including image ads, video ads, and sponsored posts.

- Targeting specific audiences on Facebook is critical to success, and there are many tools available to help you reach the right people.

- Social proof and influencer marketing can help boost engagement and drive conversions.

- Budgeting and optimization are critical for maximizing the return on investment from your Facebook campaigns.

- Facebook has evolved significantly over the years, and marketers must stay up-to-date with changes to the platform to stay competitive.

- The future of Facebook and social media advertising is exciting, with new tools and technologies constantly emerging.

Facebook marketing is a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, marketers can drive significant engagement and conversions on the platform. With billions of active users worldwide, Facebook remains one of the most powerful advertising platforms available today.

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