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become google ads specialist certified

Published on: June 28 2023 by pipiads

- Benjamin from Loves Data discusses becoming a Google Ads Specialist

- Becoming a specialist can lead to freelance work, a role in a digital marketing agency, or a career as an in-house expert

- Covers what a Google Ads Specialist is, where they can find work, how much they're paid, what they do, and how to become a specialist

What is a Google Ads Specialist?

- Plans, sets up, and manages campaigns in Google Ads

- Can be dedicated to helping people advertise on Google or an all-rounder who helps with ads and more

- Specialists help with website landing pages, email campaigns, and more

Where can Google Ads Specialists find work?

- Marketing and digital agencies

- Specialists report to or work closely with an account manager

- Working in an agency is great for people that want to work with multiple clients and on different types of accounts

- Freelancing is suited to people who want more flexibility in the hours they work

- In-house specialists work in the marketing team

How much are Google Ads Specialists paid?

- The average base salary for a Google Ads Specialist is $71,000 in the United States

- Freelancers can charge between $15 and $80 per hour

- Fees for agencies vary depending on the number of campaigns, advertising budget, and how many people are looking after the account

What do Google Ads Specialists do?

- Check the current performance of Google Ads

- Review the targeting of ads

- Launch new campaigns

- Optimize campaigns

- Provide recommendations

- Report on campaign performance

How can you become a Google Ads Specialist?

- Understand how Google Ads works

- Master search campaigns

- Get certified in Google Ads

- Apply your skills by managing live campaigns

- Collect testimonials and reviews from clients

- A Google Ads Specialist has an in-depth understanding of Google Ads and knows how to set up, manage, and improve the performance of campaigns

- The best Google Ads experts have a desire to experiment, an interest in digital marketing and analytics, and practical experience

- Whether you want to become a specialist or find one, look for these three things

Google Ads (AdWords) Certification - It's NOT REALLY Worth It

Is Google Ads Certification Worth It?

Are you certified in Google Ads? Do you think it's worth the time and effort? In this article, we will explore the Google Ads certification program and discuss its pros and cons.

The Bad:

- The exam questions are not fit for purpose.

- Broad match keywords are promoted despite being a terrible idea.

- The search partner network is presented as a good idea despite having a lower conversion rate.

- Optimization scores can be misleading and can harm campaign performance.

The Good:

- Google needs a certification program to determine who is qualified to give advice on Google Ads.

- The updated certification program is more interactive, engaging, and easier to learn from.

- Certification can tick the box for employers and clients, but it doesn't guarantee expertise in running successful campaigns.

While the Google Ads certification program has its flaws, it's still worth taking the exams to demonstrate basic knowledge. However, it's important to remember that certification doesn't guarantee expertise and experience is still the best teacher in running successful campaigns.

Google Ads Certification 2021 – Learn How To Get Certified In Google Ads

- Explanation of Google Ads certification and its benefits

- Overview of the six certification exams and tips for studying

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How to become certified

- Are the exams free?

- Are the certifications worth it?

- Are the exams difficult?

- How long is the certification valid?

- Is there a demo account available?

- How long does it take to become certified?

- Do the exams help become a Google Partner?

- How to study for the exams

- What are the exam questions like?

Practice Questions:

- Examples of practice questions for the Search exam

- Explanation of how to take the exams and use study resources

- What happens if you fail an exam?

- Recap of the benefits of becoming Google Ads certified

- Encouragement to take the exams and improve knowledge and skills in Google Ads.

Google Ads Certification Jobs Reality vs Expectation Google Ads Certified Jobs 2022

Google Ads Certification: Reality versus Expectation

In this article, we will discuss the reality versus expectation of Google Ads certification. We will examine the two parts that make it easy to forge and cheat on the exam. Additionally, we will explore the importance of branding yourself and how having a book of business is crucial in the world of Google Ads.

Reality versus Expectation:

The reality is that Google Ads certification means very little. It is easy to cheat on the exam by paying someone in India to take the test for you or by buying a PDF of the answers. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites that offer free answers to the exam questions. All you have to do is google the question, and the answer is readily available.

The exam is not designed for you to fail. It is not in Google's benefit for you to fail the exam. Therefore, the exam allows you to pass and encourages cheating to happen. Otherwise, they would DMCA because they have copyright over the questions. These websites that exist all over the place, and it doesn't take very long to copy and paste the question and find the answer.

Branding Yourself:

The most important thing in Google Ads is about branding yourself. If you want to work for an agency or own your own agency, you need to brand yourself. When an employer looks at you, they will do some research about you. Having a book of business is essential. It creates an automatic hire in the employer's eyes. That's someone who's found a client, managed the client, retained the client, and the client is happy. The employer can call the client to verify all this information.

Without a book of business, you are nobody. Without LinkedIn, social media, or any of these things, you are nobody. If you're nobody, then why should an employer hire you? Why should they waste their time? It's important to self-promote and have shameless self-promotion. When you talk about making money, you need clients or to promote yourself as an expert in this field.

Google Ads Certification:

Your certification is the bear bar. It does not tell me that you can run an account. Your MCC will tell me that you run an account and how much money you spend a month. It will tell me what type of account you run. Someone who has ten thousand dollars a month and spends that is not bad. It's a baby account. But, someone who has a hundred thousand or even a million, that's when my ears perk up. That's someone who has a book of business, who's handled a lot of Google Ads, and knows what they're doing. Otherwise, they wouldn't get that budget.

Google Ads is a simple game. We put in a dollar and hope to get two dollars back. If we get a good return on investment, the client will give us more money the next month. It's crucial to double down like a casino. If we give a client a two-to-one return of investment, the client will give us more money the next month.

In conclusion, Google Ads certification means very little. It's easy to cheat on the exam and get the answers for free. The most important thing in Google Ads is branding yourself and having a book of business. Your certification is the bear bar, and it does not tell me that you can run an account. It's essential to self-promote and have shameless self-promotion. Google Ads is a simple game, and it's crucial to double down to get a good return on investment.

mAkE $100k+ WiTh fReE gOoGLe cErTiFicAtiOnS 🤦‍♂️

- Social media and YouTube are popular platforms where non-experts give expert opinions on various topics.

- Many people claim that obtaining free Google certifications can lead to earning a six-figure income.

- However, the validity of these claims is questionable, and it is important to examine the facts before investing time and effort into obtaining these certifications.

Points to consider:

- Many YouTube videos claiming that Google certifications can lead to high-paying freelance work regurgitate information found online without any actual experience or certification.

- Obtaining a Google certification does not guarantee a high-paying job or income.

- Freelancing platforms are saturated with competition, making it difficult to stand out and secure high-paying jobs.

- It takes years of experience, hard work, and proof of skills to make a substantial income as a freelancer.

- YouTube channels and products that claim to teach how to make a six-figure income with Google certifications should be approached with caution.

- While obtaining a Google certification can be a valuable addition to one's resume, it is important to have realistic expectations and not rely solely on the certification to land high-paying jobs.

- Success as a freelancer requires hard work, dedication, and proof of skills, which cannot be obtained through a few hours of online courses.

- It is essential to research and verify claims made by YouTubers and products before investing time and money into them.

Google Adwords Certification | How To Become Google Ads Certified

In this video, Ed Stapleton from ClicksGeek talks about the Google Ads certification, also known as the Google AdWords certification. He covers various aspects of the certification, including what it is, how to get it, who it's for, what it costs, and why one should get it.

Ed introduces himself as one of the owners of ClicksGeek, a premier Google partner that builds and manages Google ad campaigns for businesses. He talks about the purpose of the video and the audience he's addressing.

Who should get the certification?

Ed mentions that anyone who wants to learn Google Ads can get the certification, and there's no formal education or age limit required. He emphasizes that the main requirement is to have a good head on one's shoulder and be analytical.

What are Google Ads?

Ed explains that Google Ads are the ads that appear on Google when someone types in a query. He also talks about the different types of ads, including pay-per-click ads, YouTube ads, and display network ads.

How to get certified?

Ed provides a step-by-step guide on how to get certified. He mentions that the certification program is free and can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to complete. He encourages viewers to start with the fundamentals and build up their skills.

Why get certified?

Ed talks about the benefits of getting certified, including being a hiring signal for digital marketing managers and PPC managers. He also emphasizes that getting certified is a great way to learn a valuable skill set that can open up various career opportunities.

Ed concludes the video by encouraging viewers to continue learning and mastering their craft by studying from people who are doing it well. He also mentions that ClicksGeek offers courses and services for those interested in taking their Google Ads skills to the next level.

How To Become a Google Ads Specialist

In today's digital age, Google is the most widely used search engine, making it an important platform for advertising. Any business that wants better visibility must invest in advertising where the audience is. Google Ad Specialists play a crucial role in managing, planning, and executing successful campaigns on Google Ads.

What is a Google Ad Specialist?

A Google Ad Specialist is an expert with an in-depth understanding of Google Ads. They are familiar with all the features and options available in AdWords and understand the intricacies of best practices. They plan, manage, and arrange campaigns in Google Ads to help businesses advertise their products and services.

Tasks of a Google Ad Specialist:

- Managing ad account tasks, creating campaigns, and selecting keyword strategies

- Reviewing campaign performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, pause, and click-through rate

- Targeting options for ad delivery including location, device, market segments, and audiences

- Researching new keywords and creating new ad campaigns

- Guiding clients on improving website landing pages and performance

- Monitoring campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis

- Developing and testing new variations in advertising

- Conducting campaigns against competitors to determine strengths and weaknesses

- Adjusting campaign settings and performing keyword research

How to become a Google Ad Specialist:

To become a Google Ad Specialist, you must first develop your skills and analyze your weaknesses. Taking a course or training program can help you understand the platform and stay up to date with advertising changes. Google offers certification programs such as the DDP certification process, which includes tests, examinations, and metrics to determine if someone is qualified for their desired role. Certification is valid for a year, and you must earn 80% or 70% depending on the exam of the questions correct to pass.

Benefits of becoming a Google Ad Specialist:

Becoming a Google Ad Specialist can lead to various job opportunities in agencies, freelancing, or in-house advertising departments. Certified staff can help a company meet its targets and improve its overall ranking. Google Partner Program provides additional benefits such as technical support, educational content, and rewards.

In conclusion, Google Ad Specialists play a crucial role in managing successful advertising campaigns on Google Ads. To become a Google Ad Specialist, you must first develop your skills, take a course, and earn certification. Becoming a certified Google Ad Specialist can lead to various job opportunities and improved revenue for a business.

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