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becoming a shopify developer

Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

Becoming a Shopify developer can be a lucrative career choice, and in this article, we will discuss the fastest way to become a Shopify developer in 2022. We will focus on the three stages of going from zero to your first few thousands in projects, then how you can get to a consistent 10K per month, and how you can take it from there if you want to scale this into an agency or service business doing a million per year or more in revenue. We will provide a roadmap to help you avoid the same mistakes we made and save you time.

Stage One: Starting from Scratch

- Learn the technical basics, including HTML and CSS.

- Start applying for simple projects that match your level of comfort.

- Do it fast to build momentum and get feedback.

- Focus on your time and undivided attention, which are valuable assets.

- Create a portfolio website with relatable content.

- Use your personal network, attend meetups, and try freelancing platforms to find clients.

Stage Two: Consistent 10K per Month

- Use your time wisely and work smarter, not harder.

- Offer more services, including e-commerce related projects.

- Focus on sales and marketing to attract new clients.

- Improve your communication and presentation skills.

- Increase your rates and charge what you are worth.

- Consider forming an agency or service business to scale your revenue.

Becoming a Shopify developer requires technical skills, sales and marketing skills, communication and presentation skills, and time and effort. By following our roadmap and avoiding common mistakes, you can become a successful Shopify developer and achieve your financial goals. Remember to focus on your time and undivided attention, work smarter not harder, and charge what you are worth. Good luck on your journey to becoming a Shopify developer!

Is Shopify Theme Developer a Viable Career Path in 2023?

Hey guys, in this video, we're going to be talking about whether you should become a Shopify developer in 2023, and if it's a viable career path for you. We'll also discuss who should become a Shopify developer and cover a lot of things in this video.

- Shopify is a Content management system that allows you to sell products securely and access a whole bunch of different applications.

- Becoming a Shopify developer has two different career paths: Shopify theme developer or Shopify app developer.

- Shopify is the number one platform in e-commerce, and there is a huge demand for it.

Becoming a Shopify theme developer:

- If you are a front-end developer struggling to find your first job, this is a hack. Go on the route of e-commerce, and you'll get a job much easier here.

- Shopify theme development mostly involves HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

- The skills that you need to know as a Shopify theme developer include understanding the Shopify platform, creating your first Shopify store, and creating a Shopify theme from a design.

- Other skills that are important are knowing liquid, understanding the process of Facebook and Google ads marketing, and knowing how to use design software like Photoshop or Sigma or sketch.

Freelancing opportunities:

- Shopify theme development is a service by itself. Many people go in and pay a lot of money for people to come in and set up the store for them.

- There's a lot of demand for Shopify developers, and it's a great opportunity for beginners to get their first job.

- Shopify online store 2.0 is a way for you to allow users to customize their website and build a theme.

- Becoming a Shopify developer is a viable career path with a high demand for it.

- Shopify theme development is a great opportunity for beginners to get their first job, and there are a lot of freelancing opportunities.

- As you learn more about the e-commerce industry, you can jump into becoming a Shopify app developer.

Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2022 (The Truth)

Are you considering becoming a Shopify web developer, but unsure of where to start? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know, from the necessary programming languages to how to get your first sales and maintain a steady flow of projects. We will also discuss which services are the most profitable to offer and how to price your projects effectively.

- Shopify is currently the best platform for companies looking to sell products online

- The industry is rapidly growing due to the need for companies to have an online presence

- In this article, we will cover how to become a successful Shopify web developer

Services to Offer:

- Shopify themes and custom themes

- Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

- Shopify apps (the most expensive service in the Shopify ecosystem)

Programming Languages:

- For Shopify stores and themes: liquid, HTML5, CSS3

- For Shopify apps: Ruby on Rails or PHP, JSON REST API with auth

Getting Clients:

- Join freelancing platforms that have already generated leads

- Offer Shopify implementation, optimization, and app creation services

- Understanding the necessary programming languages and services to offer is crucial for success as a Shopify web developer

- Joining freelancing platforms and offering in-demand services can lead to a steady flow of projects and a successful career in this industry.

How to learn Shopify development as a beginner

Let's Talk about Shopify Development: A Beginner's Guide

- Explanation of what Shopify development is

- Importance of learning Shopify development

- Brief overview of the steps to learn Shopify development

1. Understanding Web Development:

- Importance of understanding web development before diving into Shopify development

- Explanation of front end and back end development

- Recommended programming languages for back end development

- Importance of database for Shopify app development

2. What is Shopify Development:

- Definition of Shopify development

- Difference between Shopify app and Shopify theme development

- Recommendation to learn Shopify theme development first

- Importance of learning Liquid programming language for Shopify app development

3. Learning Shopify App Development:

- Importance of learning Shopify API

- Recommended programming languages for Shopify app development

- Links to resources for learning Shopify app development

- Reminder to keep practicing and learning to master Shopify development

- Request for likes and subscriptions for more Shopify content.

Shopify Developer Roadmap for 2022 | Shopify Development | Themes and Apps

Shopify Developer Roadmap: Front-End and Full Stack

Hey guys, it's your boy Joe back out of the game codingphasecom. Today, we have something special for you guys. We are going to be doing the Shopify Developer Roadmap, covering everything you need to know to learn Shopify development for 2022. Let's get started!


1. Shopify Theme Developer:



- JavaScript, jQuery

2. JavaScript Framework:

- React, Vue

3. Shopify Platform:

- Understanding Shopify APIs

- Liquid Templating Language

- GraphQL

4. Shopify Plus:

- Shopify Plus Apps

- Script Editor (Ruby)

- Shopify Headless CMS

- Hydrogen/Next.js Framework

5. Salary:

- $80,000 - $160,000 as a Shopify Theme Developer

Full Stack:

1. Shopify App Developer:

- Backend Language (NodeJS, PHP, Python)

- Full Stack Development

2. Embedded Applications:

- Communicating with Shopify

3. React:

- Polaris Framework

4. Ad Blocks:

- Creating Applications with Ad Block Extensions

5. App Billing:

- Understanding how it works

6. Salary:

- $100,000 - $180,000 as a Full Stack Developer

Learning Shopify development is a great way to boost your earning potential as a developer. Whether you focus on the front-end or go full-stack, mastering Shopify can lead to high paying job opportunities and the potential to create your own digital products to sell. So, if you're planning on learning Shopify development for 2022, start with the Shopify Developer Roadmap and stay tuned for more updates.

Should Programmers Become Shopify Developer in 2020 !

Should Programmers Become Shopify Developers in 2020?

- Digilink Academy offers courses for programmers to become Shopify developers and earn a six-figure salary.

- Shopify development can be a lucrative niche for freelancers.

Why Learn Shopify Development:

- Companies want e-commerce online platforms but may not want to deal with credit card information and security aspects.

- Shopify is a cloud-based system with no back-end code to manage.

- You can integrate it with existing systems using APIs and your preferred programming language.

- Shopify's seamless integration and custom URLs make it attractive for businesses.

Making Money as a Shopify Developer:

- Perceived value for Shopify development may be low at the beginning.

- Freelancers may get low-balled, especially if they don't have any projects to justify their pay.

- Freelancers should solve business problems that relate to the client's needs.

- Picking clients with similar software stacks can make training and hiring seamless.

- Shopify development can be a profitable niche for freelancers.

- It offers cloud-based systems with easy integration and a customizable user interface.

- Freelancers should focus on solving business problems to justify their pay and pick clients with similar software stacks for seamless training and hiring.

How to Become a Shopify Theme Developer

Hey YouTube, it's Chris from ChristTheFreelancer.com. In this video, I'm going to talk about how to become a Shopify theme developer. I appreciate your patience over the last few months, as it's been a busy time for me with client work and the release of my latest Skillshare class, LinkedIn Freelancing. But for now, let's get straight into the topic and talk about how to become a Shopify theme developer.


- A Shopify theme developer is essentially a front-end web developer who works on the Shopify platform.

- You need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, depending on the complexity of the task within theme development.

- Shopify Liquid is the templating language of Shopify themes. It doesn't take long to master, and I have a tutorial on this channel to get you started.

- You need to know how the Shopify platform works, how there are different templates, and what objects are available within which templates. This is covered in my Skillshare class, Shopify Theme Development: How to Build and Customize Your Own Online Store.

Finding Work:

- Upwork.com is the world's biggest freelance marketplace and a great way to get started with freelance web development.

- Build your profile to a certain standard, including a high job success score, a top-rated badge, and good reviews.

- You will start to get invited to jobs, even if you change your service later on.

- Networking through LinkedIn and personal connections can also be a great way to find work.

Becoming a Shopify theme developer requires front-end web development skills, knowledge of Shopify Liquid, and an understanding of the Shopify platform. Upwork.com and professional networking can be great ways to find work. Thanks for watching, and I hope this video was helpful!

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