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Published on: June 30 2023 by pipiads

Title: Empowering Communities Through Philanthropy: A Partnership with Eastern Washington University and Business Impact Northwest

The past few years have been unprecedented with global pandemic, social unrest, and economic instability impacting us all deeply. Last year, we realigned our philanthropic strategy to focus more directly on our purpose and support untapped communities, including black, indigenous, and people of color, women, and those living in rural communities. As a corporate philanthropy, we have partnered with many great organizations, including Eastern Washington University and Business Impact Northwest, to empower underrepresented groups and address systemic issues.

Partnership with Eastern Washington University:

Eastern Washington University is tapping into an area where education looks different, and our goal is to grow and address every underrepresented group within the university. In 2021, we partnered with them to support their black student entrepreneurship program, which ensures students of color get access to training and development to start a small business. Our relationship with the students has allowed us to create startups and help them overcome barriers that they encounter.

Future Goals:

In the future, we aspire to help more Ethiopians living in other states by starting a spicy business. Additionally, we would like to open a Burundian restaurant to make our dreams come true. We believe that seeing what students can become because of these opportunities is the most rewarding thing and empowers both ourselves and those who follow behind us.

Partnership with Business Impact Northwest:

Another great partner of ours is Business Impact Northwest, which helps entrepreneurs build a plan and funds it for them. We see our work through an equity lens and are a one-stop-shop for small business owners. Becu support directly goes to our clients, and we wouldn't be here without their support. We feel proud to be a partner of theirs, and it feels like a true partnership, not just a transaction.

Philanthropy is more than giving money; it's about addressing root causes of systemic issues and making long-lasting change. It's about being a part of your community and empowering underrepresented groups. We are proud to be a Vec employee and committed to our community, members, and employees. We feel fortunate to be in this role and hope to continue empowering communities through philanthropy.

So You Want to Start a Business? | 2022 Member Summit | BECU

Starting a Business: Quick Tips from a SCORE Volunteer

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging venture. If you're thinking about starting a business, you need to make sure you have the right tools and knowledge to get started. In this article, we will discuss important steps to take before starting a business, such as preparing a quick business plan, choosing the right legal entity, keeping track of your finances, and getting funding.

Preparing a Quick Business Plan:

- Identify the problem you're solving for your customers.

- Formulate your business idea into a single sentence that explains your product or service, target market, and solution.

- Use the Lean Canvas to organize your thoughts about your business, including revenue generation, cost structure, and target market.

Choosing the Right Legal Entity:

- Choose a legal entity that provides protection against legal liability, such as an LLC.

- Get an employer identification number (EIN), a Washington business license, and a city business license if required.

Keeping Track of Your Finances:

- Use a separate checking account and debit/credit cards for your LLC.

- Choose the right accounting system for the complexity of your business, such as a manual accounting system, simple computerized accounting system, or full computerized accounting system.

Getting Funding:

- Two types of funding categories are available for small businesses: debt funding and equity funding.

- Debt funding involves borrowing money from someone or an entity, such as a bank or credit union.

- Equity funding involves giving a percentage of ownership to investors in exchange for funding.

Starting a business can be daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can make it a successful venture. By preparing a quick business plan, choosing the right legal entity, keeping track of your finances, and getting funding, you'll be on your way to launching a successful business. Remember, SCORE provides free resources and mentorship services to help you along the way.

Stop, Thief! How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | Cybersecurity Awareness Month | BECU

Robin Garrett, the Senior Cyber Security Governance Risk and Control Manager at BECU, welcomes everyone to Cybersecurity Month and emphasizes the importance of staying safe online.


1. Cybersecurity Awareness Page: Robin puts a link in the chat for members of BECU to access the Cybersecurity Awareness Page, which contains valuable information and content to help users understand the importance of cyber security.

2. Sean Murphy's Introduction: Sean Murphy, the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at BECU, introduces himself and talks about how the organization is dedicated to protecting its members' information and safeguarding them against cyber harm.

3. Herb Weissbom's Introduction: Herb Weissbom, a celebrated and award-winning consumer protection expert, is introduced and thanked for his support in promoting cyber security at BECU.

4. Fraud on Social Media: Herb discusses the different types of fraud that occur on social media, such as investment scams and romance scams, and how they are becoming more profitable for scammers.

5. Identity Theft: Herb shares some basic information about identity theft, phishing, and smishing scams, and emphasizes the importance of educating loved ones, especially seniors, about how to stay safe online.

Bullet Points:

- Social media represents 25% of all fraud losses reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2021.

- Romance scams are the second most costly scam, and more than a third of victims said it began on Facebook or Instagram.

- Investment scams are the number one type of scam on social media, and 54% of the people who reported a loss in 2021 said it was to an investment scam.

- Robocalls are designed to scare you into responding without thinking about it, and they are becoming more common as people spend more time at home due to the pandemic.

- The biggest fraud threats online are phishing and smishing scams, and scammers are increasingly using text messages to target victims.

Herb's presentation highlights the importance of staying vigilant and informed about the different types of cyber threats that exist. By educating ourselves and our loved ones, we can protect ourselves against identity theft and other scams that can have devastating consequences. As Sean mentioned earlier, cyber security is not just a month-long initiative; it is something that we must practice year-round to stay safe online.

Journées REFMAR 2019 1er jour 07 Nicolas Becu CNRS LIENSs

- Presentation of the project and its objectives

- Importance of the project in addressing the lack of risk culture among local populations and decision-makers

Main Body:

- Use of a simulation to experiment with alternative prevention strategies

- Two levels of integration with the operational and territorial aspects

- Development of an interactive platform for the simulation

- Integration of the platform in the actions of the Papier d'Oléron

- Deployment of the platform in the Oléron Island with the partnership of the local community

- Importance of the social dimension in the development of the platform

- Description of the simulation and its different components

- Illustrations of the simulation with examples from different areas

- Collective dimension and the importance of coordination strategies

- Evaluation of the project and its impact on the participants

- Recap of the objectives and achievements of the project

- Importance of the project in promoting risk culture and prevention strategies

- Potential for further development and implementation in other areas.

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | Member Summit | BECU

Sean Murphy, BECU Chief Information Security Officer, introduces Herb Weissbaum, an Emmy award-winning broadcaster and consumer expert, who will be presenting on how to protect oneself from identity theft.

Key Points:

- Identity fraud affects 14.4 million victims and results in $15 billion in losses annually.

- Data breaches have skyrocketed, with almost 450 million consumer records stolen in 2018 alone.

- Financial fraud, criminal identity theft, medical fraud, and child identity theft are some of the common types of identity theft.

- Brett Shannon Johnson, a former cyber thief, explains how easy it is to commit identity theft and advises people to freeze their credit accounts and monitor all their accounts regularly.

- Using simple passwords and sharing too much information online can make people vulnerable to cybercrime.

- Cybercrime is not only limited to online activities, as criminals can also use local identity information to commit financial fraud.

Identity theft is a serious issue that affects millions of people and results in billions of dollars in losses. It is important to take proactive measures such as freezing credit accounts and monitoring all accounts regularly to protect oneself from identity theft. Simple passwords and oversharing online can also make people vulnerable to cybercrime. It is crucial to be aware of the risks and take necessary steps to protect personal information.

Youngior - 粉色星球『20歲的年華 愛情不會摻假』【動態歌詞Lyrics】

The passage appears to be a collection of disjointed phrases and sentences that lack coherence and meaning. However, upon closer examination, one can discern a few themes and ideas. The author seems to be talking about music, women, children, and perhaps fashion. There is also a sense of uncertainty and confusion in the writing, as evidenced by the frequent use of contractions, colloquialisms, and dangling modifiers. In this article, we will try to make sense of this text and extract some meaning from it.

Themes and ideas:

- Music: The word Musique appears several times in the text, suggesting that the author is interested in or passionate about music. However, the meaning and context of this word are unclear.

- Women: The author seems to address their message to women, using phrases like je la seule femme and j'adresse mes primes aux femmes. It's unclear what this message is about or why it's directed at women specifically.

- Children: The author mentions leurs deux enfants but doesn't elaborate on who they are or why they're relevant.

- Fashion: The word chaussures (shoes) appears, as well as c'est bien dans ce sillage (it's in this vein). This suggests that the author may be talking about fashion or style, but again, it's unclear what their point is.

Possible interpretations:

Without more context or information, it's hard to say for sure what the author is trying to communicate. Here are a few possible interpretations of this text:

- The author is a musician or music lover who is addressing their audience, which happens to be mostly women. They may be promoting a new album or concert tour and trying to reach out to their fans.

- The author is a woman who is addressing other women, perhaps as part of a feminist or empowerment movement. They may be offering advice or support to their fellow women, or calling for social change and equality.

- The author is simply jotting down random thoughts and phrases without any real purpose or direction. This could be a stream-of-consciousness exercise or an attempt at creative writing.

In conclusion, this text is highly ambiguous and open to interpretation. While it's possible to discern a few themes and ideas, there is no clear message or argument being presented. The author's use of colloquialisms, contractions, and dangling modifiers adds to the confusion and makes it difficult to parse the meaning of their words. Without more context or information, it's impossible to say what this text is really about.

Amplify 2021 - Brian Knollenberg, BECU - Using Amperity CDP to Build the Customer 360 of Your Dreams

Brian Nolenberg, SVP of Marketing at ECU, discusses the importance of understanding member data and using it to deepen engagement and improve financial well-being. He highlights the challenges of aggregating and understanding transactional data from multiple sources and the importance of having an up-to-date member 360 view.

Using Imperity's CDP:

Nolenberg explains how Imperity's CDP has been instrumental in aggregating and organizing transactional data from various sources, allowing ECU to understand member relationships with other financial services providers and offer relevant products and services at the right time. Imperity's CDP has also allowed ECU to automate manual processes, saving time and improving execution.

Impact of an Enterprise-Grade Member 360 View:

Nolenberg emphasizes the criticality of having a member 360 view to deepen engagement and offer relevant products and services. ECU's member 360 view has become more robust, reliable, and real-time accessible, allowing ECU to offer better rates on credit cards and mortgages. The low latency and connectivity to other tech stacks have also improved ECU's marketing performance.

ECU's success in improving member engagement and financial well-being is largely due to the use of Imperity's CDP and the creation of a robust and real-time member 360 view. By automating manual processes and having up-to-date member data, ECU can offer relevant products and services to deepen engagement and improve financial outcomes.

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