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Being a Successful Drop Shipper and Finding a Work/Life Balance

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Being a Successful Drop Shipper and Finding a Work/Life Balance

Being a Successful Drop Shipper and Finding a Work/Life Balance

what's up [ __ ] hello guys so
you guys are used to me and Becky and
we've tried not to be racist so we want
to bring some people that are not black
now no no I'm just being I'm gonna [ __ ]
around let's just leaving tomorrow so I
figured I'll make some videos in his
[ __ ] house before he leaves and
hopefully you'll come back so we wanna
we still looking for a girlfriend for
Carlos oh [ __ ] so he's 23
I'd like to other videos where I've been
saying that he's 22 years old he's a
successful job shop he's a pretty tall
dude he's like 6 - pretty good Lapeer
and you know he's single like and he was
willing to please a corridor we want to
tok someone you [ __ ] commented on
one of my videos and said that like I
was seeing what did I see I think any
video I was seeing that like I work a
lot I do have a social life
oh and then one of the hustle hub
husbands commented and he was like he
toks to his dog and like some
[ __ ] was like but ty Lopez toks
about a work-life balance so first of
all if you take your advice from ty
Lopez stop [ __ ] subscribing to my
channel just don't unsubscribe and suck
a dick but everyone like reality let's
tok about it so colors okay you're
successful drop shipper right yeah I'm
you're starting by thing I found success
right do you have work you have
work-life balance Skyy yeah of course
then I wake up I have my green smoothie
you know I get my chia seeds on my
smoothie then I worked out then I listen
to music to get in the mood and of
course I don't have any in my jacuzzi
with grapes you know this is the classic
music of the [ __ ] that's how'd you get
it to work that's how the morning it's
made you that's how you make the magical
this [ __ ] does not have a good
life so in a serious note I item a
systemic systemically have the same food
every day so I don't have to think of
what I need to eat right so I don't
waste my time thinking oh I need two
nothing same foot just start working all
day and yeah until I make I don't know
how bazillion million dollars a month
I'll keep doing that until I write like
for most days I wake up I drink the same
[ __ ] I drink that side it's early
evening my girlfriend usually puts out
the clothes I need to wear so I don't
have to think about that like I don't
clean the house I don't do anything like
I don't I [ __ ] work now I'm making
good money
I still [ __ ] work and I like it now I
don't this is the thing this whole idea
of work-life balance you have a work
like you have a work-life balance
I'm asking my friend who's here come and
just say hi in the camera so they can
see what the [ __ ] I'm toking so we have
another person at grain camp maybe it's
not but she's she's not a drop shot but
she's a video editor she's taking her
you know I guess she's thinking about it
you don't have food in her mouth while
she toking and she strolls over here
very slow okay do you have work-life
balance like I don't know I personally
so they hustle hard husbands we make
like $10,000 extra a month it's two of
them working on it one is a lawyer one
does some other [ __ ] and you know what I
don't know what the other one does but
they spend every single part of the
extra time on drop shipping Matt gambrel
who so like almost nine million dollars
this year on Amazon
I had an interview with him I know he
spends a lot of time in the gym but he
works his ass off like whenever we
communicate in he that just woke up
he's taking a shower working in gym or
working and he works through night does
he has that guy you know if he has a
balanced summers on to some extent sir I
don't thinks as far as I know I don't
think so because all he does is work
like I don't even like to this is how I
look at it right and I yeah you have
about 250 work days if you count all of
the [ __ ] all of the [ __ ] weekends
right I don't even like to travel
because when I travel the day I travel
I'm tired today I come at a time yeah
so I already lose two days that's about
1% of the [ __ ] year so that's crazy
like I don't Oliver who's another
successful drop shipper he only works
like two hours a day and makes like
$2,000 a month but he has a full-time
then he works 50 to 60 hours a week yeah
Amanda who's who is successful also she
has a job and two three kids yes and she
works her ass off on dropshipping um so
I personally don't know anybody with a
work-life balance right my question all
right I guess be the viewers question is
so how wire why are those people
preaching the world the world on tile
office for example work-life balance but
all that so how do they do it
so before I good this is the Internet
has made it easy for any [ __ ] to
start a business right and when I say
easy it's less money you don't need a
lot of money to start a business but
because you don't need a lot of money to
start a business there are more people
starting businesses yeah you know I
don't succeed in any [ __ ] business
you have to beat your competition so now
with the [ __ ] internet and you have
more competition yes you have compared
sitting competitive and yes like on
YouTube you have said in compared with
with personality with drop shipping you
have competitive Madrid [ __ ] software
but you still have a lot of competition
so I and I
actually had a commentator my brother
two days ago he was like maybe you need
another system because you're always
busy if I get another sister I'll just
keep doing something else like I don't
know me personally I've always been I
extreme person when I was partying when
I went to Costa Rica all I did was party
I dragged maybe like 70 bottles of vodka
in six months I drinking like five
buttons of what a week that's fighting
my ass off asthma kills your money now
all I do is work and I make a lot of
money so yeah I don't know I don't have
a work-life balance like I tried to
spend Sundays with my girlfriend and not
work the entire Sunday and it bothers me
all day and then when she falls asleep
on Sunday night then I do something
worried so I don't know like Nelson
right Nelson works for me and like he
works and when he's at home he works to
not I don't ask him to work but he just
is like what else the [ __ ] you gonna do
so I don't really know I don't I wish my
dad was here yeah she doesn't make a lot
of money every day
she's not even successful successful
here wise but she's all day watching
videos taking notes asking questions so
this is just our experience so if I near
you [ __ ] out there he's doing money
successfully I'm making a lot of money
and have a wolf-like balance please sure
like that be really interested in
watching a Skype call or something yeah
I Skype in the in the description so you
guys can call me because my thing is
like I wanna I want at least one month
next year to make a hundred thousand
dollars in a month right and like people
are like if you making all this money
and you know have no work-life balance
what you gonna do what do you do any
social time if you don't have money
[ __ ] like like if you broke and
have all this time but it's [ __ ] you
gonna do like smoke weed I guess like I
don't know so I like working I like
making money I like I don't even like
buying [ __ ] I'd have a lot of [ __ ] yeah
yeah but like maybe I'll stop working
like 45 or 50 and then
some fun right so I don't know so you I
can't tell you how to I'm sorry that you
might have clicked this video to try to
figure out how to have a will Clive
balance I can't help you anyway
[ __ ] try to take the advice on
this moody thing I drink some green
there's green on my cat yeah for sure
so subscribe to my channel look at
inscription for the free shirt and mu
takes advice from Tai Lopez unsubscribe

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