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belk sunday ads

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

- Justin from Podcast Dojo discussing the history of Belk department stores

- William Belk opened first store in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina


- Belk used simple business practices to keep stores alive

- John Belk opened store in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1921

- Belk brothers began hiring and training partners in their stores in 1923

- Stock market crash of 1929 led to Belk acquiring defunct stores and opening new ones

- ELQ opened 27 new stores in 1934 and expanded into Georgia and Tennessee

- Headquarters moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1934

- Henry Belk opened first shopping center location in Florida in 1952

- Tom Belk becomes president and CEO in the 1970s, adapting to credit card sales and carrying upscale fashion brands

- Company celebrates 100th anniversary in 1988

- Survives 90s recession and merges with Virginia Leggett stores in 1996

- Thomas Belk unexpectedly dies in 1997, leaving sons to take over and merge 112 companies into Belk Incorporated

- Belk national bank opens in Georgia in the late 90s

- Belk acquires more than 90 stores in 2005-2006

- Celebrates 125 years in 2013 by investing $800 million to improve technology, customer service, and stores

- Lisa Harper becomes first non-family CEO in 2016

- Belk announces plan to invest in e-commerce and improve mobile app in 2017

- Belk department stores have a rich history and strong foundation

- Continues to adapt to changing times and invest in the future

- Share your experiences with Belk in the comments


Hey guys, let's talk about Walmart Black Friday deals! They've released a sneak peek of some of their best deals and I'm very impressed. In this video, we'll walk through the flyer quickly and highlight some of the best deals.


- Walmart plus members can start shopping at 12 pm on November 7th.

- For everyone else, shopping starts at 7 pm on November 7th.

- In-store deals start on November 9th at 6 am.

- Second wave of Black Friday deals start on November 14th.

- Third wave of Black Friday deals start on November 21st.

- Cyber Monday deals start on November 28th.


- Tasty 16 piece dish set for $49 (original price $99.99)

- iRobot Roomba for $288 (original price $529.99)

- Keurig for $35

- Non-stick cookware set for $35

- Gourmia 6 quart digital air fryer for $38 (original price $80)

- Hoover vacuum for $59

- Cordless shark pet vacuum for $144

- Instant pot for $50 (original price close to $100)

- Mixing bowl set with 23 pieces for $10

- Shark Navigator upright vacuum for $99

- Lenovo tablet with 32 gigs for $79

- 55 inch TCL TV for $188

- HP Chromebook for $79

- Gateway 15.6 ultra-slim notebook with carrying case and mouse for $149

- Robot vacuum for $59 (original price $149)

Overall, Walmart's Black Friday deals are impressive, with great discounts on a variety of products, including home goods, electronics, and tech. Be sure to check out Walmart.com for more deals on pajamas and kids toys. Thanks for watching and happy shopping!


Dollar General Black Friday Sale

Get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year at Dollar General! The Thanksgiving Day sale is one day only, with amazing deals on seasonal toys, appliances, decor, gift cards, and more.

Thanksgiving Day Only Sales:

- Buy one, get one 75% off yellow or blue dot toys

- Baby Cakes Mini Appliances for $5 (regularly $13)

- Toastmaster 7 Quart Slow Cooker or Air Fryer for $15 off

- Frigidaire Mini Fridge for $25 (regularly $35)

- First Health Trigger Massage for $20 (regularly $30)

- Sky Rider LED Drone for $25 (regularly $35)

- 50% off all lights, tree toppers, tree skirts, and ornaments

- Free Febreze Plug Warmer with digital coupon

- Air Wick Essential Mist Kit for $6 with digital coupon

- Ultra Soft or Strong Bath Tissue for $4.75 (regularly $6.75)

- Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil for $3.25

- Planners Nuts buy one, get one 50% off

- Select Coffee and Drink Items for $5.50-$5.95

- 12-pack Dr. Pepper, 7Up, Canada Dry, RC Cola, or Sunkist for 3 for $10

Three-Day Sale:

- Toastmaster Appliances for $5 (regularly $12-$15)

- Butterfly Chair for $30 (regularly $40)

- Buy one, get one 50% off holiday candles, floor standing holiday characters, nutcrackers, and decorative holiday bows

- $5 off The Nutcrackers

- 50% off garland

- 25% off Premier Fine Novelty Gifts

- Comfort Bay Bath Towels for $1.50 (regularly $2)

- Decorative Wall Shelves for 50% off

- Comfort Bay Throws, Blankets, and Character Bedding for 50% off

- LA Colors Nail Polish for buy two, get one free

- Buy six Scent Happy items, get one Foaming Hand Soap for free

- Multipack Gift Cards for 20% off

- $25 Xbox Card and Game Pass Ultimate Card for 20% off

- $10 off any two $25 gift cards from Starbucks, Cracker Barrel, Zaxby's, Ruby Tuesday, or rue21

Food Items on Sale:

- Buy one, get one 75% off yellow or blue dot toys

- Two for $5.50 Ritz Toasted Chips

- Cheez It Snapped Cheese Crackers for $2.65 each

- Two for $9 Tombstone Pizzas

- Purex Laundry Packs for $2.25 with digital coupon

- Glade 8 oz. Aerosols buy three, get one free

- Air Wick 2-count Scented Oil Refills with digital coupon

Don't miss out on the Dollar General Thanksgiving Day sale, with incredible deals on toys, appliances, decor, gift cards, and food items. Plan your shopping trip early to snag these amazing bargains!

BELK Black Friday AD 2019--*DOORBUSTER DEALS!*

Belk Black Friday Ad: Highlights and Deals

Belk is offering some great deals this Black Friday, with discounts on a variety of products. Here are some of the highlights:


- TV's: not a good deal, at $200 for a 43 inch TV.

- Fitbit: $99.99, not too excited about this.

- Wireless earbuds: only $9.99, the cheapest we've seen so far.

- Air fryers: only $19.99, regularly $100, the cheapest we've seen so far.

Toys and Games:

- Legos: $14.99, a good deal.

- Gaming headphones: $19.99, a decent deal.

- Nintendo Switch: $299.99, not a doorbuster in our opinion.

- Little game machines: $179.99.


- Quilt sets: $19.99, a great deal.

- Knife sets: $20, no mail-in rebate required.

- My Pillow: only $30, the cheapest we've seen.

Clothing and Accessories:

- Men's flannels: only $10, a great deal.

- Skechers shoes: buy one, get one 60% off.

- Fila shoes: 50% off.


- Estee Lauder products: doorbuster deals.

Belk is a great place to shop for household items and electronics, with some great deals on air fryers, earbuds, and more. However, it's important to compare prices with other stores before making a purchase. Overall, Belk's Black Friday deals are worth checking out.

Charity Shopping at Belk This Saturday

Belk Charity Event: Shop and Give Back

Belk, a popular department store, is hosting a charity event this weekend where shoppers can enjoy incredible discounts and raise money for their chosen charities. Jim Rose, a representative from Belk, explains the details of the event and how it benefits the community.

What is the Belk Charity Event?

- Belk closes the store from 6-10 AM for an exclusive shopping event.

- Shoppers can purchase a $5 ticket at any Belk store or online to attend.

- All proceeds go to the charity of the shopper's choice.

- Belk has donated $10 million to communities they serve through these events.

Which charities can shoppers donate to?

- Local charities in Dallas such as YWCA, Boys and Girls Club, and suicide prevention.

- On average, each store supports 15-20 charities.

What discounts can shoppers expect?

- 25% off designer handbags from Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

- Up to 50% off designer shoes from Donald Pliner.

- Everything in the store will be discounted.

What are the additional perks of attending the event?

- The first 100 people in line are guaranteed a gift card with denominations ranging from $5 to $1000.

- Shoppers receive an additional $5 off their purchase with the ticket.

- Belk can order items not available in-store and ship them to the shopper's house.

Belk's Charity Event is a win-win for shoppers and their communities. By attending, shoppers can save money on designer items and support local charities. Belk's commitment to donating $10 million to communities they serve highlights their dedication to making a positive impact.

Kohl's Couponing | Pre Black Friday 2022 | Lowest Price of the Season Sale Coming Soon!!

Late at night on a Sunday, the author is shopping at Kohl's to use her expiring coupons and take advantage of the store's deals.

Items purchased:

1. A deep fryer originally priced at $69.99, marked down to $59.99, and further discounted with coupons to a subtotal of $31.49.

2. A 28-cup rice cooker originally priced at $49.99, marked down to $29.99.

Coupon and reward savings:

1. $10 off when spending $50 on home purchases.

2. 30% off coupon.

3. $5 Kohl's cash.

4. Additional rewards earned for future purchases.

Tips for shopping at Kohl's:

1. Hold off on redeeming Kohl's cash until the lowest price of the season sale (October 19th-23rd).

2. Cash out gift cards in advance of the sale.

3. Combine coupons and rewards for maximum savings.

Despite not finding the intended item (a microwave), the author was able to take advantage of Kohl's deals and coupons to save money on a deep fryer and rice cooker, while also earning rewards for future purchases. The author offers tips for other shoppers to maximize their savings at Kohl's.

BELK Black Friday AD 2019--*DOORBUSTER DEALS!*

Belk Black Friday Ad Review

Welcome to the Belk Black Friday Ad review. Belk is a department store chain located in the southern United States. In this article, we will analyze the Belk Black Friday Ad and compare it to other popular Black Friday deals.


- TVs are not a good deal at Belk.

- Fitbit is priced at $99.99.

- Truly wireless earbuds are priced at $9.99, the cheapest we've seen so far.

- Legos are priced at $14.99.

- Air fryers are priced at $19.99, the cheapest we've seen so far.

- Belk is giving away gift cards to customers who shop in-store on Thanksgiving and Friday.

- My Pillow is priced at $29.99, the cheapest we've seen so far.

- Skechers shoes are 60% off.

- Women's denim is on sale.


Belk's Black Friday Ad has some good deals, but some items are overpriced compared to other retailers. TVs are not a good deal at Belk, and you can find cheaper prices at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Fitbit is priced at $99.99, which is not a great deal. Truly wireless earbuds, Legos, and air fryers are priced competitively, and the air fryer is the cheapest we've seen so far. Belk is also giving away gift cards to customers who shop in-store on Thanksgiving and Friday, which is a good incentive to shop at Belk. My Pillow is priced at $29.99, the cheapest we've seen so far, and Skechers shoes are 60% off, which is a great deal for Skechers fans. Women's denim is on sale, but we don't have enough information to compare prices to other retailers.

Belk's Black Friday Ad has some good deals, but shoppers should compare prices to other retailers before making a purchase. The air fryer is the cheapest we've seen so far, and My Pillow and Skechers shoes are also priced competitively. Belk is also giving away gift cards to customers who shop in-store on Thanksgiving and Friday, which is a good incentive to shop at Belk.

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