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bella vi dropshipping reviews

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Wholesale Boutique Clothing Vendors and Dropshipping Suppliers Review - Episode 4

[Music],hello guys and welcome back to another,hotel and dropshipping vendor review,video now if you're new to my channel,and if this is the first time watching,this video I have reviewed different,wholesale and drop shipping vendors,every single week on a Thursday if,you're interested in this wholesale,vendor review videos there's going to be,a link to the playlist below this video,where you can actually watch the,previous episode so I've got three other,videos that I've already created around,different wholesale or drop shipping,vendors that you can use for your online,store and I will link all that,information down below this video okay,do you feel free to subscribe to my,channel so you don't miss out on my,videos when they do come out remember to,click on that Bell notification button,because that's the only way you will be,notified each time a new video is out,okay so thank you once again for,stopping by and watching this video so,in today's video I've got another,wholesale vendor for you guys and then I,recently tried I'm so if you're,interested then do stay tuned and watch,this video today,[Music],[Applause],[Music],now the wholesale vendor I'm going to be,reviewing today this is a wholesaler,that I've been sensing the adverts,popping up on my Instagram Facebook they,do have some good products but most of,the images actually look like replicated,images from platform such as Aliexpress,and most of the Chinese wholesale,platforms and has one of the annoying,thing about this Chinese wholesale,platforms one thing I hate about the,Chinese vendors is the fact that they,seem to use the same model images on,your website which makes it quite,difficult to tell which wholesalers are,legit and which wholesalers are not so,lately of course you're gonna have to do,your research try and test out the,product which is exactly what I'm doing,in this series I'm testing out all those,different wholesale vendors and they are,good Chinese for sale vendors out there,of course and there's also Chinese,vendors out there who selling crap,quality products and the reason why I,chose to review a lot of Chinese,wholesalers is because that's pretty,much the source of a lot of wholesale,inventory that is a lot of wholesale,vendors around your local area currently,selling Chinese made products they,purchase this product straight from,China and resell it to you guys at,higher prices and so what I'm basically,doing is I'm researching on all this,Chinese vendors going straight to the,source purchasing this products from,these Chinese vendors and then testing,them out and reviewing it to you guys,there's a lot of good Chinese,wholesalers out there and of course not,so good Chinese for sellers out there a,lot of you guys have sent some emails to,me with different US based wholesale,vendors that you want me to review some,of them require you to buy in bulk and,it's quite difficult for me to go out,there purchasing a lot of inventory in,bulk,just for a review video I would love to,do that but I also want to work with,wholesalers that offer sample orders as,well which is what I'm working on I'm,trying my best to get in touch with most,of this wholesale USA based vendors to,see if they can offer me a sort of,sample package and in return for a,wholesale review video so I am in touch,with some of those US us-based,wholesalers to see if we can actually,come to an agreement,only problem with most of the local,vendors I'm toking non China based,vendors is the fact that they do not,allow you to purchase sample orders as,you would with Chinese vendors ideally I,would like to review at least a minimum,of three products in my videos so if I'm,purchasing products in bulk and I need,to purchase a minimum of $100 worth of,products for you know six items or,twelve items of the same product then,essentially I need to spend around three,to four hundred dollars just to get,three products to review to you guys,which can be pretty expensive and I'm,not being sponsored for those videos I'm,using my own money to purchase these,products and I don't want to be likely,to much inventory that I have I don't,intend to sell that I'm just practiking,for review preferences if that makes,sense,so I've got a few possible vendors based,in the United States that I will be,reviewing in the next couple of weeks I,think I've got two us-based 4-cylinders,coming up in the next couple of weeks so,don't worry guys I'm coming up with,us-based vendors I've got quite a few,that I came across as well that do offer,sample orders so this stay tuned I,promise you it's not going to be all,Chinese based vendors um I did a,uk-based one as well and of course,uk-based ones coming up as well another,issue I've got with us is based vendors,it's a fact that some of them don't ship,to the UK I came across a really great,one as well but they don't ship to the,United Kingdom and I was really really,really good about that um so that's not,a problem I've got with us-based vendors,which is why I review mostly Chinese,based vendors cuz I can easily purchase,as part of some review to you guys and,you don't have to buy in bulk and you,can actually get some good quality,products and from China as well but I,will do my best to incorporate all the,countries if I'm able to okay so thanks,again for your feedback and do,continuous leave your comments down,below the videos so I know it doesn't,support you guys the interested in so I,can keep bringing those videos to you,guys okay so if there's any other,wholesale vendors you want me to review,keep sending those messages keep sending,those emails I am working on,communicating with those vendors to see,if they can actually come to a,negotiation with me and actually ship,those products out to me or send out,sample products that I can order as well,okay so do stay tuned I got you guys,covered in a USA but of course in the,meantime there's a lot of Chinese base,vendors which I've been reviewing that,you can use to get started with okay so,let's get right into today's video now,the whole sale,I'm going to be reviewing today is,called Bell whole sale in terms of,location,they're obviously based in China do you,need a seller's permit to purchase from,this vendor absolutely not so you do not,need any resellers license or seller's,permit to purchase from this vendor,which is amazing you can just go there,and purchase the products as you please,do they offer drop shipping yes they,offer a drop shipping service yay you,guys know I'm all about drop shipping so,if you want to start an online store but,you don't have the money to invest in,bulk you should definitely look into,drop shipping okay I have a lot of,videos that I tok about drug shipping,and this vendor also offers a drop,shipping service so you can start your,online store sell their products and,they will deal with all the fulfillment,they handle all the inventory for you so,you're not risking any money buying,wholesale involved okay however in order,for you to become a drug shipper you,need to apply it's free of course apply,with them but you need to show them,evidence of a website for example and a,business name so it's a good idea to,have a website up and running if you,want to dropship with this vendor,because they will require that,information in order to start drop,shipping with you so get yourself a,website up and running because you make,it easier for you to dropship with this,vendor they do require you to have a,website up and running or at least some,sort of platform to show as evidence of,where you intend to sell these products,okay so make sure you have a platform up,and running and have your business then,ready to go have a website which I,highly recommend in order to be approved,for the drop shipping program do they,offer any samples or is there any,minimum order requirement yes there is a,minimum or the requirement you need to,spend at least $59 to qualify for a,purchase so they have a minimum or the,purchase of $59 at the time of this,video

Reviewing a Subscriber's Shopify Store! HONEST Review of a Dropshipping Store

Hey guys.,Today I'm going to be doing a highly requested video.,I'm going to be doing a store review of one of the Wholesale Ted subscribers.,Bosstik left a comment on one of our videos asking for a review and pointers for their,site.,Now, truthfully when you're doing a store review there is a lot to analyze and I've,had some complaints recently about the longer videos that we create on this channel.,To stop this video from getting horrendously long I have decided to limit how much I analyze,and tok about three major aspects of the store.,One, the store design and branding.,Two, the products listed in the store.,Three, the product listings and descriptions.,All right and Bosstik hopefully you won't mind my honest advice.,Let's jump straight into it.,One, the store design and branding.,When it comes to dropshipping having a nicely designed store definitely helps, but the honest,truth is that it is not the most important thing.,The most important thing is the marketing.,Getting the right product in front of the right customer who will want to impulse purchase,it.,While branding and design do, do though is they help build trust.,Now there are other ways to build trust, but branding and design definitely helps.,Let's take a look at their store.,The watch destination.,Something that I'm immediately struck by here is that there is no logo.,Logos really help give your store a brand, a personality, a character so I would definitely,add one.,Next off we scroll down.,This homepage looks quite empty.,It makes the store look kind of unfinished, which makes it difficult to trust it.,Adding in different product categories and showing off more product on this page would,definitely help it look bigger and more legitimate.,In addition, taking a look at the categories on the site I can see they are selling watches,for men, women and children yet the store design would be unlikely to appeal to a female,or to someone who was looking to purchase a watch for their child.,On the homepage there is only a male represented in the picture.,The color scheme and design is what you'd expect from a somewhat classy male clothing,or accessory store.,If you do plan to test ads for the female watches and the children watches you're gonna,be a really big disadvantage from the start because the branding does not fit them, which,also brings me to my next point.,This branding is quite generic.,Remember what we've been toking about a lot on Wholesale Ted these past few months.,Impulse purchases are key to dropshipping.,Why would someone purchase from you rather than their local mall.,The reason why they purchase from you is because they think that they're getting something,unique.,Something special that they can't get elsewhere.,The stok image, this lack of logo, this generic color scheme it screams I am a wannabe male,accessory site.,There is nothing special about me and if there is nothing special about you why would they,buy from you.,Now in saying that though there is something a bit special about you that I can see.,That is that 30% of your profits are apparently going to charity.,The thing though is that this is not a good substitute for a brand.,This doesn't immediately make you special because the truth is why should I care that,30% of the profits are going towards charity unless we care about that charity or unless,we believe in your cause the truth is, is that most customers would have their items,just be cheaper, but there is no mention on the homepage about what charity you're even,donating to or a story about why you are and why we should care.,If we come over to the about our cause page it's pretty empty.,All it says is that you're donating to a new charity every month and you list it.,There is no mention about why you are doing this.,Without a story behind why you are doing this and why the customer should care the truth,is, is that they would much rather just go to another watch store that are selling watches,that are cheaper and truthfully as of now the fact that you haven't explained your mission,,that I can't see any reason for this at all would actually make me trust you less because,I wouldn't actually know if i could believe you when you say that the profits are going,towards charity.,The truth is that I do think that the branding and design of the store needs a little bit,more work.,Again, websites don't have to look fancy to convert they just need to have something that,makes them look a little bit original.,Give them a little bit of a unique style.,This can be achieved quite easily with a very basic design if you've got cool items listed,,if you have a niche specific color scheme and a custom logo.,All right.,Let's move on to what is arguably the most important part of the store.,Two, the products listed in the store.,Good products that connect with the customer and make them feel something emotionally are,key.,Let's take a look at Bosstiks product selection.,I have decided to start off on the men's category since this is clearly the primary category,for the store.,Something that I'm super happy to see is that a lot of products have been added to the store,,which is great because honestly most people give up and they only add a few products to,their store because they get old.,Something that's also nice here is that the featured image for each of the watches listed,on this page has the product on a white background.,This is something that Amazon.com has actually tested quite extensively.,They have found that this can greatly improve conversions for clothing and accessories.,For other categories it is less important, but when it comes to clothing and accessories,customers do have an expectation that it's going to be laid out like this so it makes,it look a lot more professional.,The issue that I have with these watches though is that I find them quite boring.,To be fair I am a female and these are male watches, but they don't look very exciting,and they look like, well, just watches.,I mean yes they look like nice watches, but ultimately they're just watches.,To help you understand what I mean let's take these two mugs here.,This one here is a mug.,It's a perfectly nice mug, it's got a fine design on it and it's pretty easy to sip coffee,out of it, but compare it to this mug.,This isn't just a nice mug it's a super unique mug.,When you drink out of this mug here it turns your face into a cat.,Someone that likes cats and likes cute things would take a look at this and think, "Wow.,This is super cool.",In fact it's so cool that it inspires people to tag their friends in posts that are advertisements,so they can show it off to them.,When you're choosing your products don't just choose nice products.,Stop and think, "Hey.,What niche does this product appeal to?,Is there a partikular type of customer out there that would stop and take a look at your,product and think wow I really, really want that?",Coming back let's go and take a look at the female watches.,The truth is that this category has a bit more potential.,Like take a look at this watch here.,I'm fairly certain that this specific watch [inaudible 00:06:58] has had a fair bit of,success in advertising, but don't quote me there.,This watch though it has a lot more potential.,Why?,Well, because it's specifically appeals to people that are interested in traveling the,world.,This watch over here, it also has a lot more potential.,Why?,Well, the fact that it appeals to people that love peacocks.,This watch it also has a lot more potential because guess what?,It appeal to people that like sailing.,These other watches though I can tell you from a female perspective that they would,not inspire or basically anyone else that I know.,There are a few watches on here that have potential, but the vast majority are just,simply not exciting enough.,Something important to note though is that you can add boring products like this to your,store if you want to fill it out and make it look bigger.,It definitely works in that regard

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7-Figure Dropshipper Reviews YOUR Dropshipping Stores | Beast of Ecom Collab

drop shipping stores can sometimes feel,like math problems,everything looks right you've done the,studying you learned all the concepts,but for some reason the answer is still,wrong and your drop shipping store is,still not getting any sales,that's where your teacher comes in and,in today's case,seven figure drop shipper or better,known as the beast of ecom,harry coleman we asked you to submit,your drop shipping stores that you are,having trouble with,to harry for review harry knows what,he's toking about,he's run multiple drop shipping,businesses and has made over seven,figures and now he runs his own branded,company,keep watching if you want to see how,harry would optimize,product descriptions store layouts and,even,app add-ons i'll make sure to be asking,the questions that every beginner has,before we dive into it make sure to hit,the thumbs up button and the subscribe,button,every week we're coming out with videos,to help you build your ecommerce empire,and take life into your own,hands let's not waste any more time and,jump into it,in our last video together so many,people in the comments found it,extremely helpful,um you know and i feel like it's so nice,to have your expertise,uh especially when it comes to drop,shipping advice or drop shipping stores,a lot of that had to do the last video,had to do with,marketing and facebook ads this time,we're going to be using your expertise,on,store so we invited everyone to submit,stores,for you to review um and i'm really,excited,i just want to mention that before we,got the cameras rolling,harry mentioned to me that he was going,to be brutally honest,so i'm really looking forward to going,through these stores together,yep so let's jump straight into things,and look at this first,website awesome okay so the first store,that,you have on the list here i see is,forever gadgets now when i open it up,looks beautiful but to be honest i'm,really actually,impressed before we jump into going,through forever gadgets i would love to,introduce it with the problem that was,submitted with it,tyler submitted forever gadgets and,mentioned that,his return on ad spend for two of his,products is lower,than he's looking for he found a winning,interest but the creatives are lacking,and he's not seeing a lot of conversions,he has a lot of social proof on,instagram but,with algorithm changes he seems to be,focused only on facebook ads,he thinks photo reviews might help but,he doesn't want to be throwing money,just to see what's,what stiks so can you shed some light,on it and,and let's just go through the store yeah,for sure so,first and foremost of course i love the,the the name of the,of the store um forever gadgets with the,play on words,the only thing i probably wouldn't have,inside of it is maybe the gadgets again,this is not a massive,not going to make a massive difference,but i tend to,not have the words store gadgets deals,and those kind of things in the name of,the store,but the play on words for forever is,good now the whole website again it,looks very very clean i'm scrolling down,on the home page now,um and of course what the what they,haven't got on this actually,is um it looks like it has it's got one,on it but not the same way how i would,have it but at the bottom,um for the viewers they can see because,i'm based in united kingdom,he probably has something different,where you're based but it says do i want,to change two pounds,i like to use an auto currency app so if,someone does head to the website it,instantly just changes um that's just,one thing that people just don't have to,click,and that's just another barrier so now i,mean it looks it looks great i think,everything's been positive,so let's get into some critiques what do,you think,this store needs to fix or change where,should we jump in to see,how we can get these conversions,increased yeah so first thing they can,do on the home page just a real quick,thing is they've got sign up and save,but there's no real incentive to be able,to do so,um so i mean it says sign up and say but,then what exactly are the people saving,so what i would do here just as a quick,win i would put um,you know sign up and save 10 off your,order right away,underneath that kind of got another,incentive but it's very wishy-washy such,as special offers free giveaways,uh once in a lifetime deals but there's,no real concrete,uh monetary value there so what i would,do is what i like to do on on,home page you just just put sign up and,save 10,and then what you can do is create a uh,a clavio or email responder,uh just to send people as soon as they,put in their email address uh that 10,discount code that's going to help,improve some conversions for people who,may be on the fence of purchasing from,the site,so let's look at one of the product,pages now what i'm looking at at the,moment time is the backpack capsule,and i think it's a product where you,have in your,cats or dogs so that you can go,traveling with them now,again this is a really good website and,i think this theme is,excellent to use however right away what,you've got here,is the um the benefit driven,points so they've got worldwide shipping,quality materials and selected with love,now they're great but they're not that,good in terms of,they don't really mean that much to the,customer so what i would do,is to make those changes because,remember these are going to be the first,things that people,actually see on the product page and,again what i'm going to do really,quickly is i'm just going to switch it,to,mobile so that people can see you always,want to make sure that your website,looks really really good on mobile,because,probably 70 to 80 percent of your,traffic will come through mobile,and that's only going to increase over,the years so like i've mentioned they've,got the,the the the caps the backpack capsule,and they've got those benefit driven,uh bullet points but worldwide shipping,is good but,what i would generally do is include the,shipping price inside of the products,inside of all of your products and then,having capital letters free,worldwide shipping that way people know,straight up front exactly how much,they're going to be paying for the,product,uh without having to go to the checkout,and then get stung with,um you know shipping prices does that,make sense,absolutely i feel like a lot of times,people don't realize that,um you know having free worldwide,shipping is such an incentive,for your customers and the thing is is,it's really easy to make it free because,you just add in the shipping to the,price of the product because no one,knows that this product is,75 if they just see it as 80 they've,always just thought it was 80.,so it's a great way to incentivize,people and so yeah i'll definitely,include free shipping inside of the,price and you have,um free worldwide shipping quality,materials and selected with love again,they are not the best,um you know benefit-driven points to,have there so what you could have in,there is,stuff such as 30-day money-back,guarantee so that could be another one,another one you could have underneath,that would be you know maybe a secure,checkout or,24 7 customer service or easy returns,but quantity materials and selected with,love just aren't really cutting it with,those,with that amount of real estate that you,can use now one thing finally what i,would,also do is the pictures um look really,really bland,so basically it's just of the product,what i always like to make sure i do,is have the product um picture at least,um,in action so someone actually using the,product or someone actually wearing it,or if you've got to carry a cat,inside of it you can definitely,definitely find you have the supplier,send you one or again if you're sourcing,is from aliexpress,you can probably find a picture where,there's an actual cat in the bag,or someone having it on the backpack,just to show you um,what it actually does essentially,absolutely yeah i mean this product is,pretty popular there's lots of

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AliDropship Review & Tutorial - Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress?

Hey guys, it's Hogan here and in this video,I'm gonna be giving you a brief review of the ollie dropship plug-in,Which is a wordpress plugin to add a drop shipping store to your website,Okay,and I'll be showing you briefly how to use it because I know a lot of you might be on the fence whether or not,You could just stik with your WordPress store or you want to switch over to Shopify and oberlin for dropshipping?,So personally, I think Shopify is a great platform to use for beginners to build out a drop shipping or e-commerce store,But it can get a little bit expensive. So I want to show you a another alternative and you can basically,Determine whether or not it's good fit for you or not. Right? So when I was actually researching,for a plugin for,WordPress to build out my drop shipping store. I came across all a dropship and,Also a plug-in called. Whoo dropship,So my first impression of ollie dropship, wasn't that great,I think everything looked pretty good. But the designer that just didn't really,Stand out compared to a birla which is the main drop shipping app for Shopify,So as you can see, it's a little bit more modern and Aliexpress doesn't look that modern in my opinion,So I actually looked for another alternative which was blue dropship now with route dropship,It looked a little bit more similar to the Oboro app,So they also have a free trial so I actually started off with the free trial and everything worked fine,everything was really good, especially the,in-app image editing software which is included and,After the free trial I decided you know,Should I switch to a like dropship or should I stay with the dropship with Roo dropship as you can see it's $14 per month,For orders less than a hundred. Ok, and then if it's more than a hundred orders up to five hundred orders,It's $29 per month,So I was reading reviews for Olly dropship and all of them seemed really really good,So I decided to actually get the plug-in,ok, so the main difference here is the pricing on a dropship is a one payment of,$89. It doesn't matter sort of you know, how many products you sell or how many products you import?,It's $89 for free updates and support. So I think that's why you know, it's got so many good reviews,So I decided to get it and what I also realized is that they do have the image,Editing app as well, which is really important. But another really important feature is that you actually get to import reviews,So import reviews from aliexpress website to your WordPress website,So I think that's really important for your dropshipping store because it adds a lot of social proof,okay, and I also realized that the community was a lot bigger than,The word dropship plug-in so they have this forum support area and it overall it just seemed a lot more active,Okay, and they also have the option where you can purchase add-ons?,so,For Shopify stores. You probably are familiar with the recent sales pop-up, like for example when you go to a Shopify store,There's a pop-up saying let's say John bought you know this item two hours ago,So you have the option to buy these additional add-ons and also add-on countdown timers,They have some free ones as well, which I think is really really awesome,So I decided to get the plugin and I really really liked it. So I want to show you,how it works because,Yeah, you might be on the fence and you can decide whether or not it's a good alternative,So below this video there's a link that will take you to a lead rock ship and you can click on buy a plug-in,I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how it actually worked before you actually buy, but I'll show you the,Process that you need to go through click on Buy Now only for $89 and as you can see here, there's two different plugins,I'll a dropship plug-in and Ally dropship blue version,So the main difference here is the ally dropship plug-in is it only works with the ally dropship?,Specific themes which they've created. All right, that's gonna include the e-commerce functionality,so you're gonna be able to set up the payment gateways through this plug-in and,Also, everything like that,With the ally dropship version is compatible with WooCommerce,so it integrates with it and it also works well with any of your,WordPress themes that you might be using so I prefer this one because,I want to be using my themes. Okay, if you don't have hosting you can select hosting,So you actually get both of those plugins. All right, so you don't have to worry,So I also have a coupon code which you can enter for 10% discount,So after when you've actually added the coupon code you'll see that it saves 10% and after when you've actually paid,The credit card or PayPal and once you've completed the order,You will get a confirmation email which looks something like this,Okay, and what you'll need to do is you need to download the group plug into your computer,Okay,Because you have to install that onto your WordPress website and what you want to do is you want to copy over the license key,because we also need to activate it right then you'll need to login to your,WordPress website and you'll need to go to plugins and,Then you'll need to add new and you need to upload the plug-in and also install and activate it,So once you've done that then you should appear up here. I'll a dropship whoo and,What you can do is you can click it. Ok, that will take you to the ally dropship menu, basically,alright,So you need to click on license and you need to paste in the license key that they gave you,So paste it in here and activate,so this license Keys only available for one website, but if you want to switch,Your drops you may store to another domain then you can contact the ally dropship support and tell them to,Deactivate it on this website and then you can move it to another website,Okay, so you can't have two stores at once with one license. Ok?,after when you've done that then what you'll need to do is you need to go to Google and just,Search up ally dropship Chrome extension and you can add that to your chrome. Okay?,Then what you'll need to do is you'll need to make sure that you are logged in to your website here,Ok, so you need to add your website and make sure to connect it to?,Once you've actually done that then what you can do to import the products, which is really really easy,You can click on Aliexpress,so to import the products you can just click on use direct import and,That's going to take you to the Aliexpress website,okay, if you don't have an account with Aliexpress yet then what I recommend you do is to create your,Account first, okay,But after when you've done that then to import a product you can simply just hover over,The categories here and you can browse through and select the product. So for example, I might select maybe a hoodie,Okay, and I'll show you how easy it is to add in,So we're gonna search here. We're going to scroll through,Okay, this one doesn't look too bad so let's say I like this hoodie you can also click on this button here,Okay, and that's gonna import to your WordPress store?,But what I like to do is obviously click into it because you want to check the reviews,And you want to check the products and things like that to see whether or not you want to import it,What I like is you can also check,Check if it's cheaper on other sellers,Okay,Let's say if you like it you like what you see you like the feedback,Then what you do is on the top here, you'll see a light drop ship on the toolbar and you can click on edit,Ok, so what's that doing is it's gonna sort of import all the images and all the product information to the Chrome extension,Okay. So this is the Chrome extension and what it enables you to do is actually to edit the images,Edit the variations and also the titles and everything before you import it to your WordPress website,So I think this is really handy because you can filter everything down. So for example, I'm going to,just remove everything here just like that plus-sized men's woody a

I Shot Intense Pulsed Light Into My Leg For 1 Year And this Is What Happened To My Hairs...

it has been a year since my legs looked,like this we all thought that quarantine,was gonna last like six maybe eight,weeks maybe three months and lo and,behold we got to experience whatever the,2020 was and i had decided at the,beginning of quarantine that i was not,going to shave my legs and come august,september october come the autumn i,decided i was going to try out that,kenzie thing that all of these,influencers pushed and promoted and i,thought to myself this looks scammy i,understand the tiknology behind ipl,i've seen ipl do things in clinic for,people but for me i wasn't sure if it,was actually going to work especially,because my legs were hairy wookabees,well as we approach the fall time season,and it has officially been just about a,year since i started using mckenzie,wanted to look at my leg the one leg,that i actually kenzied and see what,happened and if this thing actually,worked now the whole thing about kenzie,is that they claim you know that these,results are going to happen you know,within like 12 weeks and um that sounds,very promising but you know me i,couldn't just go 12 weeks i decided to,go 52 weeks a whole year,and i'm the kind of person that i don't,actually hate body hair i think that,body hair is a personal choice it's part,of biology it is what we are if it,weren't for gillette and the post-war,era and you know a surplus of shaving,razors because of the people that went,off to war women wouldn't feel pressured,to remove their body hair at all but,simultaneously there is something to be,said about smooth legs or you know not,having a sweaty damp environment in the,underarm area and when i decided to do,this i was looking at the other,influencers that i know and love who had,really good results and i decided i'm,actually going to test this out only on,one leg and see if it works so that,journey began last year at around this,time and boy have i learned a lot since,then i've also gone through a lot when,it comes to my legs and i have kept this,up pretty regularly with a couple of,instances where i didn't stop or i did,do a couple of extra treatments within,that month i watch people like alana and,car beauty who have loved this and when,i first started using this i thought oh,scammy i was like okay doesn't seem like,anything's happening and by week four or,week five i was really unimpressed but,as i started to reach week six and week,eight and started to kind of run up on,that 12-week mark where kenzie does,promise these results i started notiking,something my leg hair was growing back,slower which was fascinating now when we,look at ipl from a scientific,perspective there are reasons that this,happens specifically a lot of people,confuse ipl for laser laser it is not it,is ipl it is intense pulse light and,what it does is that it targets the,melanin the pigment in our hair,follicles and basically,it like fries them off and it basically,kills them or damages them at the source,so that hopefully they don't grow back,or they grow black slower or they don't,grow back at all which foreshadowing we,are going to get to testing while using,this i also heard about people who,burned their skin or about people who,had issues with it not flashing they say,that it has 10 000 flashes mine is still,going strong mine is slightly discolored,in this area there's some skin cells and,there's some gunk hiding in there but,you know what the fact that it's worked,and it's like there's a discount code,for like 50 off but the fact that it's,200 or 300 whereas if you went into,office or into clinic you would be,looking at multiple treatments and you,would probably be spending 700 to a,couple thousand i'm like okay i can deal,with a little bit of gunk if i can,dispose of my toenail clippings properly,i can pull this out with a q-tip like i,can handle but what was interesting is,that in my experience there were times,that it got a little bit warm but it,never actually burned my legs or burned,my skin now what did start to happen is,that while i was doing kind of my second,round so maybe weeks like 12 to 24 i,notiked that i was getting a couple of,little bumps on my legs and remember i,was only doing one leg and i was leaving,the other one to its own hairy devices,and that's the thing with ipl you do,have to still shave your legs for the,time being and you can't actually wax or,tweeze and the reason why is because,this is targeting that pigment if you,remove the hair completely there's no,pigment to target but if you shave it,you're actually directing this light,right into the skin at that specific,wavelength where it can damage or blunt,or stop the growth of this hair as,quickly now as i continued with my,progress something super interesting is,that i almost got like these strips of,hair growth my hair on my one leg,started growing extremely slowly and the,other one was still raging like a,california wildfire which yes there's,currently a california wildfire and uh,it's very hard to breathe outside and,there's soot everywhere but we'll save,that complaining for another video,please do what you can to protect the,planet eat some vegetables today that is,all,anyways i started notiking that like the,top of my shin and then by my kneecap,and by my ankle or my sock line my hair,was growing back hella fast and hella,thick it was like the wild forest and,the reason why is that i realized when i,was doing my ipling i normally sit down,and like i'll listen to a double cleanse,podcast episode right or i'll try to,catch up on the news or like listen to a,lecture and sometimes i'm just passively,ipl and you can hold it down and it,flashes once or you can hold it down and,kind of pull and it has this continual,flashing and so i just normally hold,down and pull and i just kind of let it,do its thing and sometimes i'll go you,know 10 maybe 30 minutes and i started,to realize because i wasn't being super,thorough i was missing my ankles my,kneecaps and yes my shins and it was,actually really interesting to see,because now i could not only compare one,leg to my other leg but i was comparing,these patches that i had chronically,missed to the ones that were growing and,i was truthfully shocked that my hair,was growing back slower less thick more,sparse and like less wiry i don't even,have to shave this leg as much as i used,to need to and unfortunately because i,still had my right leg that i was not,ipl i was still shaving during this time,which the razor cuts the nicks the burns,no fun i don't like but,that was a part of my experience and,then even as i kind of let them grow out,a little bit more i just compare the leg,that i didn't ipl to the one that i do,and i'm like wow even when i have some,of these areas of hair growth this is,actually really shocking especially,because we know that ipl in clinic,doesn't work 100 of the time you know,maybe 70 to 80 percent of people are,happy and then there's like you know 20,to 30 percent who aren't and the fact,that this can be used at home you can do,this on your own time and that at least,in my experience i've never had ipl in,clinic although i know how it's done i,look at that and i'm like wow if you're,a candidate it's just a not a half bad,idea and that's the other thing is that,this is not going to work for everyone,let me say like honestly there are leg,hairs on my hair that are very dark and,contrasty but there are others that are,almost completely sheer they're like,white and the same hairs are on the same,leg and i've notiked that the ipl does,not get those little white hairs and,again the reason why is because this,targets pigment so the best candidate,for this is going to be someone who has,a lighter skin tone and dark hair,unfortunately if you are a fitzpatrick,type six this is not for you there are,jag lasers there are alexandrite lasers,i believe that kenzie is looking into,some sort of alternate tiknology,because i had asked them about that,because it's important that people who,have black skin and dark brown ski

I Tried Making Money With A Pre-Built Shopify Store (Scam?)

every single day i get ads for pre-built,shopify stores,and the pitch is always the same for,just 17,they'll give you a store that is,instantly ready to make money now as,someone who makes a living from,e-commerce i've always thought it,sounded a little bit too good to be true,so today i'm going to be buying one of,these stores,launching some facebook ads and seeing,if we can make some money with it,all to answer one question are pre-built,shopify stores worth your money,let's find out if you're new here my,name is jordan and i'm currently,documenting the entire journey of,growing my ecommerce brand so if you're,interested in starting your own online,store,make sure to subscribe for new videos,every single friday so i'm gonna go wait,until i get an ad from one of these guys,and then we're gonna buy our store a few,moments later,all right i was just listening to some,music on youtube and i finally got the,ad that i was looking for for my boy,mikey cass he's giving away eight of,these pre-built shopify stores so i want,to get it,before it's too late quick shout out to,mikey as well i i've known this kid for,a while so no hate,in this video or anything like that the,store is actually only 17,and it comes with 32 products 180,paid theme honestly it looks like a,pretty good deal to me i'm about to put,in my credit card information,and i'll let you guys know what happens,after we got them,let's go my store is purchased so i'll,let you guys know when my store is,finished and we'll take a look at what,we got,yes sir i just got the notification that,my pre-built store is ready to go,so i got my laptop loaded up here and,we're gonna go ahead and take a look,also i gotta say the story came pretty,quickly it took less than 12 hours to,get delivered to me so,i'm curious to see what we're gonna get,so to keep this challenge as authentik,as possible,i think it's only right that we try to,pick one product from the store and,launch it on facebook ads,i mean after all this is the exact,template and products that generated him,over a hundred thousand dollars,a month so it's gotta work a little bit,right,all right the pre-built store is ready,to go i got my email,the store is called shop dash reload may,not entirely sure what that means but i,hope that the story looks good,basically i just have to go through and,create a staff account real quick so let,me set that up,just accepted the invite i have no idea,what to expect i didn't add,any specifications i'm just getting what,he delivered,so i'm excited let's get a quick,drumroll real quick before we look at,this store,let's see what we've got okay okay,it's not not that bad actually it's a,general store we have a couple different,categories we got a bunch of products,already uploaded it's quite random in,the sense of how it's,laid out there's no real branding the,categories are very much,scattered around but in terms of a blank,template it's it's not a bad starting,point so honestly for,17 bucks it's not half bad and it has a,bunch of products preloaded into there,let's see if there's any apps added for,us so yeah we have a few apps,ready to go i mean hey if you're just,starting out this is not a bad point to,begin at,my biggest complaint with this store and,my biggest fear,about making money with it is the fact,that it is,so broad it's super general and,it's gonna be really hard to get a good,conversion rate on a store like this,the only way to really make a lot of,money with a general store,like this is to have a banger product to,be honest with you so far,none of these products stand out to me,but i'm gonna do a quick scan,and try to find at least one product,that i think is worth promoting,to try to make money with this store,after looking through,every product uploaded on this store i,don't really see that much potential,with any of them,to be fair if you bought a store like,this you could just upload your own,products,and use the design template that they,provided but i think the whole point of,selling a pre-built store,especially to a beginner who's never,made money with shopify,is that it's all ready to go ready to,run ads,and make money with so out of all the,products i like the led safety flares,the best,i think this product is easy to market,it's already proven to sell online,and the product page that they made is,not half bad and to keep the challenge,legit i'm not even going to make a,single change to this product page,as much as i want to change the images,add some reviews,get rid of this i want to test this,store 100,as is to see if we can generate some,sales with it to launch this product i'm,going to need a video ad for facebook,i'm going to take some time tonight,i'm going to cook up a fire ad and then,tomorrow i'm gonna launch this,product live with you then we're gonna,look at the results and see if we made,any money,with this store see you tomorrow,i just finished cooking up this video ad,and i think it came out pretty decent,now this only took me about 30 minutes,to do so this is not some steven,spielberg level content,but let's take a look at it,so after that i just show that it's used,by law enforcement to add some trust to,the product,i show the features and the benefits of,this specific version of the product and,then i just give a call to action saying,get yours to keep you and your family,safe,this exact video layout is the same one,that has generated me millions in sales,on my e-commerce journey,so if you're looking to advertise a,product this is exactly how i would do,it now i'm gonna take this ad,and launch a hundred dollar a day,facebook testing campaign,and i'll jump back on once that is all,set up,[Music],i just finished launching the ads for,this product so let's take a look,so i just did a simple 100 a day testing,campaign,i chose some really broad interest with,the big four countries this is just a,good way to gauge if people are somewhat,interested in a product and validate its,potential then for the ad,i simply took the video i created i came,up with an attention grabbing copy and,then i just threw the link to the store,in the ad so these ads are sitting in,review right now across our fingers that,it gets approved and i'll update you,once we get some results,poison is the wind that blows from the,north and south,and east it's officially been a full day,of running ads and i have some results,to share,in total i spent about 92 dollars to,make back a whopping amount of,zero dollars unfortunately we couldn't,get any sales with the pre-built store,let's look at this situation and see,what went wrong if we look at the stats,of the video and how it's performing,you'll actually see that this thing's,kind of busting,busting i mean it has a two percent ctr,which on a product test is above average,and shows that people,are interested in this product in total,we had 104 people visit the website,and only four of those people added to,cart so what this shows me very clearly,is this people want to buy the product,but they're losing trust when they make,it to the website the video ads sold,them on the product but by the time they,made it to the website,something fell off and they lost,interest and this was my number one,concern,in the first place so i think at this,point just so i don't go broke i'm gonna,go ahead and shut off the ads,and on that note i think we can call it,a wrap on this challenge,to answer the question that we started,this video with i don't really think a,pre-built store is worth it what i,recommend,is learning the skills to design and,make a beautiful website on your own,not only is this going to allow you to,create a unique website that nobody else,has,but it truly unlocks a door for you to,have a career with e-commerce,it's no different than somebody trying,to sell you a fitness or diet plan,that's going to get you ripped,sure it might feel like it's helping you,a little bit but the only thing that's,really going to get you those results is,showing up in the gym and putting