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best ads 2019

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Best Super Bowl Ads compilations 28 Super Bowl 2019 Commercials

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music] my mom. she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. my mom makes airplane engines that could tok. my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. [Music]. my mom imprint an AEG face right on her computer. my mom makes trains. they're friends with trees. my mom or crutchy. [Music]. okay time for bed, kiddo, lights out. [Music]. [Music] our trains go. the economy comes to life. Norfolk Southern. one line, infinite possibilities. hi, i'm mike, founder of dollarshaveclubcom. what is dollarshaveclubcom? well, for $1 a month, we sent high-quality razors right to your door. yeah, a dollar. are the blades any good? no, our blades are great. each razor has stainless steel blades in a levira lubricating strip and a pivot head. it's so gentle a toddler could use it. and do you like spending $20.00 a month on brand-name razors? 19 go to Roger Federer. I'm good at tennis. do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back scratcher in 10 blades? you're handsome, ask. grandfather had one blade and polio, looking good, pop up. stop paying for shave, take you don't need and stop forgetting to buy your blades every month. Alejandra and I are gonna ship them right to you. we're not just selling razors, we're also making new jobs. Alejandra, what were you doing last month? not working. what are you doing now? waiting? I'm no Vanderbilt, but this train makes hay. so stop forgetting to buy your blades every month and start deciding where you're gonna stack all those dollar bills. I'm saving you. we are dollarshaveclubcom and the party is on. let's see what curiosity can do. [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. maintain, Judy, wait when I'm doing it. [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. IV chiral, the king crab, but now a protein boys cereal, the deliciously colorful parts of this balanced breakfast. you can go to Froot Loops. calm search. farming treasure has parents permission. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. gachi dancer doesn't need more awareness. the death of cancer needs awareness. at Oregon Health and Science University, we revolutionized the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia for hundreds of thousands of people. this once lethal disease is no longer a death sentence. we've learned how to target cancer cells without harming healthy cells, which means we can disable the cancer and without disabling the patient. now we're going after other cancers as aggressively as they go after us. help us make cancer the victim. this summer. a dragon is coming. [Music]. slightly smaller dragons. timing, really, but faster way. faster and cuter, but not that. a dragon that's smarter, more advanced, can multitask and doesn't waste power. this summer, a dragon is coming. not to it, not to an enchanted little village. nope, this dragon is coming to your phone. well, tiknically in your phone. make sure your next phone has the blockbuster speed and performance hundreds of millions already loves. make sure it has a Snapdragon processor. [Music]. [Music].

Best ads from Nigeria in 2019

[Music], [Music]. [Applause], [Music]. some people think that entertainment is only about sure and that show means me giving you that they be. go for life lifestyle with all of its life. it's much more than that: entertainment is life. as a member of the chop life game, I live it. that is why we don't play with Pamela hello. the bikini lifestyle is very glamorous, but what's more glamorous is the business of entertainment. don't dull because you know I won't. entertainment isn't any money. we are more durable than gold and even because show business is serious, money business toughest. promoting possibilities in the business of entertainment. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. hello guys, my name is bright, a Cape ask amount, aka the son of Peter. on the 28th and 29th of September I'm gonna be hosting the biggest Comedy Festival in West Africa. future it. so the best comedians from America, from South Africa, from Nanjing, go van Gogh, even if you need assistive innovation. Optimus Maximus, okay, okay, okay. bread with bread. right, exactly, bright, bright, look, if you're right, the Lords of the ribs comedy festival, rated 16 and above. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. cuz I need, but I do never stand behind about nothing. did you get my long time? [Music].

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Best 2019 Super Bowl Ads

sure it wasn't the most exciting superbowl of all time, but at least the commercials were entertaining. let's take a look at some of the best and most toked-about Super Bowl ads. it's the game of Thrones, Bud Light crossover. you never knew you needed. the commercial features a bud Knight competing against the mountain in a joust, and if you're familiar with this character, you know the bud nice doesn't stand a chance. oh, and then a dragon flies in and burns everyone up. [Music]. [Applause]. Buffy Summers aka scream Queen. Sarah Michelle Gellar teamed up with Olay for their first ever Super Bowl ad in a horror movie spoof. in the commercial we see Gellar running and hiding from a masked killer, but when she tries to call for help, her killer skin gets in the way I've been using la. it has totally transformed my skin to look like it's bananas. that's you. your skin's glowing. you could be a movie star. now for the most nostalgic Superbowl ads. aside from being iconic cars, what does Batman's Batmobile, Ghostbusters, ecto-1 and KITT from Knight Rider all have in common? Walmart groceries. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Applause]. a new trailer dropped for Avengers endgame which shows off some new footage, and fans are going a wild. it chose Captain America and the remaining Avengers trying to make sense of a bleak new world after the destruction left by Thanos. but our favorite superheroes aren't giving up just yet. some people move on about us. yes, you agree with our list of the best Super Bowl commercials. let us know what are some of your favorite ads in the comments below.

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Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2019

hey, how you doing. a lot of people ask me: hey, llama, why do you always get to pick the top 10 funniest Superbowl commercials every year? why should we trust your opinion? and to them I got a simple answer: shut the hell up, go eat a fight. okay, now, the moment you've all been waiting for, when I stop toking- and we just watched the hilarious commercials already- pageantry boys. welcome to the dog show where humans compete for the ultimate prize: avocados from Mexico, healthy, delicious, on everything. I'm always in season. looks like the dogs have settled in. they can almost sniff the bum of victory. that's a good sip, a shake and a stay. amazing, I'm sure he's making someone very proud right now. oh, the guac gotta, like Al and you in the penalty cone: avocados from Mexico. I'll take a coke. is Pepsi okay? is Pepsi okay? is Pepsi okay? Wow, our puppies. okay, he's a shooting star. okay, it's the laughter of a small child. okay, Pepsi is more than okay. it's okay. what have we learned today? you want a Pepsi, I want a Pepsi. there you go. oh, I gotta come up with my own catchphrase: hello, good to see you again. likewise, please, cosmopolitan. nope, tonight I'll have a Stella Artois [Music]. still actors, thank you. [Music]. while night, huh, White Russian. no, Gary, give me a Stella arctos. how do we tell people they get the best of both worlds with Sprint? how about we get to sport? alleged vote Jackson holding a mermaid playing a keytar? oh, don't you just tell people spring can save them more than a thousand dollars and an LTE Advanced Network that's now 2, 2 times faster than before. beau does know this is the best robot analogy I've ever been here. [Applause]. [Music]. some people think I'm nuts. [Applause]. always there in crunch time. I'm a close toker, so I was excited about all new Colgate Total. its breakthrough formula does more wonderful: sensitivity strengthens teeth. it kills germs through my whole mouth. I like your confidence. thanks, mr Li. now there's no such thing as too close. yes, there is no, there's not. yes, there is no, there's not. all new Colgate Total. I'm stacking cheddar, jalapeno and sour cream and onion. the spicy nacho stack. how many Pringles flavor staff combinations are there? 318,000. sadly, I'll never know the joy of tasting any four. I have no hands to stack with no mouth to taste, with no soul to feel with. I am at the mercy of a cruel and uncaring play funky town. there's a Pringle stack for everyone. [Music]. hello folks. what floor? oh, we're car shopping. ah, you're going down, way down this floor. root canal- oh, this is bad. this stop jury duty. remember innocent until proven. well, he did it right, we all agreed he did it okay. six on white middle seat: who's got vitamin C? this floor? the tire body's changing. my body changed even grandma's body. vegan dinner party- is that even a thing? we're having meatloaf sérgio specialty. why, thank you, car shopping off you go. no, sorry, we're getting a Hyundai. yeah, we used shopper Assurance, it was really easy. Hyundai going up wireless for 20 bucks a month? that's not right. it's right, all right now. chunky style milk. that's not right. I choose chunky style milk because it has the wholesome chunks. brewing kids need unlink, smooth style milk. hey guys, I see some chunks for me like 3d pasta- re eating pasta. it's cool, right? yeah, I didn't know. you guys put a lexer in a microwave. yeah, we're putting. heard a lot of stuff now, but trust me, there are a lot that feels like what a night. next I play my podcast. [Music]. that seems exciting. we need an Alexa top collar for dogs, or during dog food or during dog. you can bark all you want. I'm not paying for any more dog food. ordering gravy that border eat sausages. okay, you better cancel that order. that's a hot tub, a sucked like that. my music okay. [Music]. well, that's it. big thanks to our top supporters on patreon. thanks to them, will actually make some good old comedy videos again. check out that patreon for lots of exclusive, unreleased videos. oh yeah, [Music].

Best Targeting Strategy For Facebook Ads In 2019 - Shopify Dropshipping

hey guys, in this video, I want to show you is the most effective Facebook Ads targeting strategy you can use, and that's a strategy that you know after we've spent over at 40 million dollars on facebook advertising profitably last year. from the beginning of this year so far, we spent over 70 million dollars. so this is not just some theory. this is actually proven by data and druing the real results, and I want to show you- and I want to simplify everything for you and make it so clear with you for you in terms of, like, how to target people on facebook so you can just go ahead and create highly successful and highly profitable Facebook ads campaign. it's like the main point of me recording this video is to show you that Facebook is smart and you need to use this algorithm, and throughout this video, I'll show you several examples of that and, like the, the main point you need to understand this: targeting is not complex and targeting is very simple and all you need to do is just keep it simple and keep it logical. so, from the beginning, when you start your advertising, you need in target logical audiences. I'll show you exactly how to do it. I'll show you exactly where to start if you didn't know where to start, or if you already have some momentum, like how to expand your audience is how to find more. you know relevant audiences to target so you never basically run out of profitable audiences to to use. and another point: I want to illustrate to you that you know the more you advertise, the less targeting you need. so if you're advertising for a long time- and Facebook is all about data and Facebook all about big, so you know data is, it's accumulating on it- the less targeting you will need. so you only like, for example, if you're starting with interests, you're accumulating the data, then as time goes you only you know you can expand those look-alike audiences. you can still expand it with interest and then you can simply eliminate all of that targeting. we have some of the some of the ads we're running on quite high budgets that have zero targeting. so I mean that's that's. that's what happens. if you have a lot of data and Facebook basically knows where your target audience is like, who are your potential buyers, so they can. they can target them without even you telling them like what to do. so they think it's smart about it and so, please, data and Luca likes, you can find huge amount of audiences to a target. I'll show you how to do it. I'll show you like exact audiences to use and I mean like that's- that's like one of the main saying that to generate like from 100- that's from my personal experience. we've done, you know, quite a few of these accounts. you don't need any special apps, you didn't need any special like stuff to generate from 100 to 1 million dollars per month in sales or in ad spend on Facebook. that's, I mean, that's my personal experience, and you can ask people who are, you know, on this level. if you ask them like what that, what kind of apps they're using, like, say so probably use not many apps because you know, as you advance, as you have more data, you can use look-alikes- that's pretty much you know, available to everyone. you didn't need any special stuff. you just need to use you know simple and logical approach to this and you will do very well. so now, one of the things I see people do and they obsess about it: like how to find like these very small audiences that are like for sure, people are very qualified in those audiences. now, if you go after the audience of, let's say, like 10,000 people or 20,000 people- and that's what a lot of people do like say is this thing that if there's like this small audience, probably people are very, very qualified and they even use this example. for example, if you don't target people who are like Tiger Woods, like for not like they're not like Tiger Woods, but like Phil Mickelson or Bob Watson, who's like even more like niche, you know, player, then you will do very well because these are very qualified. that sounds very good in theory and guys like we've started will test this a lot. like with very small audiences of people that like I mean, logically they- they would have, you know, like good, good potential to be successful, bright. but because the way Facebook works and the way Facebook algorithm works, like it optimizes for people who are, like it optimizes for audiences, you need to give it's like sufficient audience to basically optimize for. so if you give it only 10,000 people, let's say that's your audience of 10,000 people, right? and let's say you are optimizing for fur purchase, right? so within that audience of 10,000 people, you're optimizing for purchase. then you know their who's in the audience only so many people maybe like 5, 10 % of those people actually are qualified to have a purchase and by Facebook definition, it's someone who had intention to purchase something, maybe someone who's purchased something from from other stores, so that's basically the people who who have the probability to purchase. so Facebook will try to show your ads. if you're optimizing, if you're using conversion objective purchase, Facebook will try to optimize your all of your- you know- impressions to target those people, and that will be around 1,000 people, right? and so imagine how fast, let's say, you're spending like 10 dollars per day for this audience, right. imagine how fast you will saturate this audience. like it will happen. like overnight- I mean not even overnight- probably listen like one one day. like it it will. it will happen very fast, right? so for that reason, we try to target audiences that are at least 500,000 people as a bare minimum. 100, 100,000 people is the minimum audience size that we want to target, because otherwise, you know the ads will be shown to the same people. people will get tired of them very fast and you know the app will not be successful. that's what you need to understand. that you know. this very like cranial approach does not work with Facebook. Facebook Likes big audiences. Facebook Likes, you know, to give it room for optimization. it likes to think it's it's smarter than you, is smarter than me, smarter than anyone else. like it's it's a machine that that invested billions of dollars to develop. so that's why you know, don't try to be like very granular with your targeting so that's um, that's about the targeting right now. start with that interest, right. so your goal initially when you start advertising, to find, you know relevant audiences, like traveler, relevant logical audiences that are more than 100 thousand people that you can start with and basically find you know what audiences actually resonate with. you know what audience is actually. you know you have some buyers in write to you. you kind of like trying to identify key. so this audience is where I have some buyers, so I can tok to this audience more. I can target this audience. last and gradually you just improve, like you constantly. it's right. you you try to find okay, so what's working exactly for me and it's not like you have. you know there are certain like interests with buyers or their interest with no butters, their buyers, pretty much in all audiences. you just like for certain products it's easier and better to. you know some audiences are just better for some products. and once you have a data, it's a it's good to use look-alikes. you can go with broad interest even. you know we have some accounts that we've generated over 1 million dollars per month from them. we only use like broad interests, I know. then we started to use look-alikes. but sometimes you also can use look-alikes, either their own. so let's say you've accumulated- I'll get into this a bit later- you've accumulated least 500 events. then you can start creating look-alikes for purchase, look-alike for retro cars. I'll show you exactly how to do that and just view it as testing cycles. don't use it as as like. so I'm testing like Z, stand audiences and let's say only one of them were, two of them work. then I mean that's it right, try to see it as testing cycles. so let's say you've te.

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2019 - Best Ten Superbowl LIII Commercials

[Music]. okay, do I have to break you guys apart? he started it guys. come on, I'll eat all of you alive. right now, I prefer the break us apart option, introducing the M&Ms chocolate bar. these nuts, what are those? dudes nuts? Lisa Martin Dietz nuts, those are nuts. Dietz nuts. aren't net nuts. deep slit our meat nuts. thank you one else. oh yeah, hey, Chris, how dudes nuts taste very delicious, but a fun snack. Dietzen Watson Deez Nuts. all meat knows me minutes. grandpa, welcome home, come on, I've got something going on. [Music]. were you waiting for [Music]? I'm in it. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause] [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. what's happening? it's the future. Michael. oh, I'm not Michael, I don't worry. he calls everyone Michael. [Music]. my boyfriend has an addiction. ever since it started, he turned into a three minute man. I tried to spice things up, but it didn't really work. now we are into amateur food video, so this addiction can happen to anyone. it's hard to resist. [Music]. [Music]. I've been using la. it has totally transformed my skin. 28 days ago. I look like that. that's bananas. that's you, your skin's glowing. you could be a movie star. it's a beautiful day for a child, indeed. sun's out got my lucky. loincloth. cold, bud, light, comfy, throne. I don't have the plague anymore. oh, my dear new home out of here. whoops, alright, let's drop this chair. [Music], [Applause], [Laughter]. hello folks. what floor? oh, we're car shopping. ah, you're going down, way down this floor, root canal. oh, this is bad. this stop jury duty. remember innocent until proven. well, he did it right. we all agreed he did it. okay, six, white middle seat. who's got vitamin C? this floor? the tire body's changing. my body changed even grandma's body. vegan dinner party- is that even a thing? we're having meatloaf sérgio specialty. why, thank you, car shopping, off you go. no, sorry, we're getting a Hyundai. yeah, we used shopper Assurance. it was really easy. Hyundai going up, Hyundai shopper Assurance, transparent pricing, streamlined purchase, a three-day worryfree exchange and test drives that come to you. not so fast, captain, back it up. thank you, it's car shopping made better. pageantry toys. welcome to the dog show where humans compete for the ultimate prize: avocados from Mexico, the healthy, delicious one, everything and always in season. so much training to compete at this level. and it's wildlife here looks like the dogs are settled in. they can almost sniff the bum of victory. that's a good set. a shake and a stay. [Applause]. I'm sure he's making someone very proud right now. we've got a runner, oh, but guac got her. that'll land you in the penalty come. oh, this is impressive. he appears to be rolling over his 401 Club. let's go down to our sideline. correspondent. [Music]. good point, Charles. wait, it looks like we have a winner. give that man some guacamole. truly top of class. top of that. please stop copying and stop baby power gathers from Mexico. welcome to the hundred season of the National Football League tonight. I'm not about to leave, did you? it's about football. it's about the players, the fans, the moment and everything else that makes you say, oh boy, bah-bah. [Music]. let's go. so no can do cowboy. [Applause]. I don't know. I have more yards and they do. you still got it hurt. this is a party good after old man obese. [Music]. [Applause]. he's open. I got you want this. come & get it. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music].