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Published on: January 22 2023 by pipiads

23 Advertising Techniques to Create Powerful and Persuasive Ads

- Implementing a visual marketing strategy can seem daunting, but there are proven techniques to make it effective.

- Digital marketing experts have found that the average person sees 5,000 ads per day, making it essential to create content that stands out.


1. Strategic color choices

- Different colors can elicit different emotions in viewers.

- Colors can also become strong associations with brands.

- The importance of picking colors strategically cannot be emphasized enough.

2. Composition

- The organization of elements within an ad space is crucial.

- A well-thought-out ad will pull a viewer's eyes towards the most important aspects of a design.

- Achieving balance is key when it comes to composition.

3. Grid techniques (Rule of thirds and Golden mean)

- Placing visual elements at specific points can draw attention to a focal point.

- Achieving visual balance is important for an effective ad.

4. Focal point

- Selective focus and exposure adjustment can draw attention to a specific element.

- The focal point is as important as any other technique.

5. Visual path (Z-shape and F-shape)

- The journey through an ad is important to keep viewers engaged.

- Two effective visual paths are the Z-shape and F-shape.

6. Topography (fonts)

- The style and amount of text within an ad are crucial to its success.

- Too much text can be overwhelming and should be balanced with visuals.

7. Repetition

- Repetition is an effective way to raise brand awareness.

- However, it should be used sparingly and with new strategies to keep viewers engaged.

8. Body language

- Body language can convey various messages without speaking.

- Choosing the right body language is important for an effective ad.

9. Direct gaze

- Direct eye contact can trigger emotions in viewers, pushing them to buy a product.

- It is commonly used with luxury items or scents.

10. Three-quarter gaze

- The subject looks off-camera, creating a sense of wonder.

- It is commonly used in fashion ads.

11. Point of view

- Taking a viewer into the point of view of another person can be effective.

- It is commonly used in video advertising.

12. Behind-the-scenes

- Authenticity can be achieved by showing behind-the-scenes photos or videos.

- Viewers appreciate ads that are not overly polished.

- Using these proven advertising techniques can make your content stand out among the 5,000 ads seen by the average person each day.

- It is up to you to decide which techniques are best for your product and audience.

The Psychology Behind Good Advertising

It's no secret that modern advertising has shaped society in many ways. From daily decisions to life choices, advertising influences us in various ways. We are bombarded with advertisements every day, from posters to billboards, TV commercials, and internet ads. However, advertising also plays a crucial role in helping businesses reach prospective customers and vice versa.

Modes of Advertising:

There are two primary modes of advertising that ad agencies and marketing gurus utilize. One focuses on the qualities of the product, while the other seeks to arouse an emotional response from the intended audience. The latter is the most successful and memorable advertising campaign as it creates a lucid atmosphere that evokes a strong emotion from its target consumer.

Perfume Advertisements:

The differences between two perfume commercials are quite stark. The first ad for Escapade perfume explicitly focuses on the product itself. However, the second perfume commercial does not try to directly communicate the features of their product. They rely solely on evoking particular feelings and associations with their perfume.

Building Identity:

Good advertising helps us build an identity by releasing the anxiety brought about by self-determination. It tells us exactly what choice to make by compelling us to buy a certain product. Once we have done so, we can emulate the identity and characteristics that we have learned to associate with that product from a particular commercial advertisement.

Happiness and Insecurities:

Advertising is based on one thing, happiness. It caters to our feelings and resonates with our subconscious mind. Good advertising feeds off both our insecurities and deficiencies as humans and makes us believe that we can mask them with a new and exciting identity. However, we need to start thinking carefully about the decisions we make and not lose ourselves into the illusions constructed by good advertising.

In conclusion, advertising plays a significant role in shaping our society and influencing our choices. While good advertising can help us build an identity and make decisions, we must also be careful not to let it detract us from accepting and being comfortable with who we are. Authentic decisions that align with our best interests take effort, but they lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Types of magazine ads: A study

Types of Magazine Ads to Consider for Your Business

Are you considering publishing an advertisement in a magazine but don't know where to start? It's important to know the types of magazine ads that are available to ensure success. Here's a research study on magazine ads to help you decide.

Benefits of Magazine Ads:

- Can benefit both small and big businesses

- Competitive arena with diversity in prices, genres, and geographical reach

- Great way to advertise if product is demonstrative

Types of Magazine Ads:

1. Ad Promotions Page:

- Large and elaborate with its own list of categories and subcategories

- Can come in the form of an article or series of articles based on the same genre of advertising

- Inexpensive way to advertise for small companies

2. Classifieds:

- Owner of company writes a few lines with contact information and call to action

- Company logo, tagline, and graphics may be included

- Pretty inexpensive compared to full or partial page ads

3. Advertorials:

- Takes up an entire page in the main part of a magazine

- Told in the form of stories and interesting to read

- Often confused with content and readers gravitate towards it

- Easy to reach a wide body of people

4. Display Ads:

- Easiest to recognize with bold letters and images/graphics

- Popular among small and local businesses

- Pretty inexpensive

Publishing an advertisement in a magazine has a better impact on potential customers compared to direct mail and outdoor advertising. Magazine advertising agencies can help businesses make ongoing communication with their target audiences, allowing them to be brand aware and brand loyal. Remember to hit the subscribe button and share with friends. Waiting to hear your views in the comment section.

Best Marketing Campaigns of the Last Decade: 2010 - 2020 - Digital Uncovered

The challenge of getting young people to listen to public safety messages is a tough one. But in the case of train safety, a creative approach has yielded impressive results. The Dumb Ways to Die campaign, launched by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, managed to go viral and become the most shared public service campaign in history. But it didn't just generate awareness - it also drove people to pledge to be safe around trains, resulting in a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths compared to the previous year. So, how did they do it?

Campaign Strategy:

- A song called Dumb Ways to Die was written and released as a YouTube video.

- The video went viral, with over 40 million views within six weeks and became the world's most shared video.

- A dedicated Tumblr site generated a huge viral effect and helped the campaign stay on the front page of Reddit for two days after the launch.

- The song was released on iTunes and climbed the charts in over 20 countries, making the top ten in some.

- Outdoor advertising designed to generate Instagram-friendly content got people to promise to be safe.

- A smartphone game also got people to make the promise.

- Every element of the campaign directly drove people to pledge to be safe around trains.

- Nearly a million people took the pledge on the campaign's website.

- The Little Book of Dumb Ways to Die got kids to pledge at the website.

- Over 200 cover versions and parodies of the song were made and shared in the millions.

- Schools started using it as a teaching tool in classrooms.


The Dumb Ways to Die campaign became the most shared and most viral public service campaign in history. The message was adopted like never before, resulting in a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths compared to the previous year. The campaign's success was due to its creative approach, which not only generated awareness but also drove people to pledge to be safe around trains.

Other Successful Campaigns:

The Volvo FMX campaign used a hamster to steer a truck up a quarry to demonstrate the vehicle's capabilities. The cybersecurity campaign by HP used a dramatic short film series called The Wolf to show IT professionals the vulnerabilities of their printers and the need for HP's secure products. The Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street became a symbol of female empowerment and generated a conversation around gender diversity.

These successful campaigns all have one thing in common - a creative approach that goes beyond simply generating awareness. They drive people to take action and make a change. By doing so, they not only achieve their goals but also make a lasting impact.

The Best Print Ads of All Time | Building Better Brands

In this episode of Building Bad Brands, we're discussing the dead medium of print and the best print adverts of all time. Tony Hardy, founder and director of County Creative, will take us through some of the most memorable print campaigns that have generated buzz online and captured our attention.

What Makes a Good Print Advert?

Before we dive into the best print ads of all time, let's talk about what makes a good print advert. A good print advert should be simple, effective, and memorable. It should be something that stops people in their tracks and generates buzz online.

The Best Print Ads of All Time:

1. IKEA's Pregnancy Test Advert

- Designed for expecting families

- Required mothers to pee on the paper

- Generated a lot of buzz and shock online

2. KFC's FCK Advert

- Capitalized on a negative buzz

- Showed an empty bargain bucket

- Turned a negative into a positive with a clever advertising campaign

3. Marmite's Hard Breakfast, Soft Breakfast, No Breakfast Advert

- Played on Brexit

- Executed a beautiful campaign

4. McDonald's Iconic Stacks Campaign

- Stripped away the logo and colors

- Listed out the ingredients in a beautiful way

- Follow the Arches Campaign by Cassette

- Used the McDonald's logo as a directional device

- Ronald's branding has always been on point

5. Stabilo's Highlighter Pen Advert

- Drew attention to women who were previously in the background

- Highlighted important female scientists and mathematicians

6. VW's Think Small Campaign

- Flipped the narrative and told the story of owning a small car

- Skyrocketed sales

7. WWF's Horrifying, More Horrifying Campaign

- Showcased the terror of losing certain animals

- Simple and effective

8. Coca-Cola's Share a Coke Campaign

- Personalized bottles with names

- Went viral and generated buzz on social media

Print advertising may be considered a dead medium, but it's still very much alive and kicking. The best print adverts of all time have generated buzz online and captured our attention. A good print advert should be simple, effective, and memorable.

Selling Print Ads For Profit On eBay - Part 1 - Sourcing

- The importance of vintage print ads in advertising history

- Where to find vintage magazines for print ads

Sources for Vintage Magazines:

- Estate sales

- Facebook Marketplace

Tips for Finding Profitable Vintage Print Ads:

- Look for ads featuring popular brands or historical events

- Consider framing ads for added appeal

- Highlight unique features, such as war bonds or celebrity endorsements

Examples of Profitable Vintage Print Ads:

- 1924 Chevrolet automobile ad

- 1926 Post Toasties cornflakes ad

- 1943 Whitman's chocolates ad with World War II theme

- 1947 GE lamps ad featuring Groucho Marx

- Vintage print ads offer a lucrative opportunity for sellers on eBay

- Part 2 of the series will cover how to process magazines and evaluate their condition for print ads.

How to Analyze Advertisements

It has been estimated that the average person is exposed to thousands of advertisements per day. Due to this constant bombardment of brands, we have largely become numb to them. This means an advertiser only has a fraction of a second to make an impact on a viewer. Using a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle strategies, the goal of these product pitches is to briefly get our attention and weave their way into the back of our minds.

Analyzing Ads:

When it comes to analyzing ads, it's important to keep in mind that if an ad is well-made, everything is there for a reason. The best marketers are experts of the human psyche and understand how the specific audience they're looking to target is influenced by characters, colors, symbols, text, and how all of these elements are arranged on the page.


Let's take a look at a couple of advertisements to see this in action.

1. Clothing Ad with Dogs:

Upon first glance, this seems like a simple clothing ad with dogs fighting over an article of clothing. However, there's a lot more going on here. The advertiser chose to focus on dogs instead of people fighting over a product, using zoomorphism to tap into a primal urge within us that is motivated by the idea of scarcity. The fact that there are two dogs and only one item helps feed into this idea. Also, note that there is a red background. Red has many potential associations, including hunger and passion, and the dalmatians in the ad are known as fire dogs. All of these elements are coming together to give us a sense of urgency and make us feel the need to rush to this sale.

2. Juicy Couture Perfume Ad:

This ad from Juicy Couture has a lot more complexity to it. The text peace love is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s hippie movement, which the ad is trying to evoke. The model is surrounded by butterflies and wears frilly clothing, representing the closeness with nature that is associated with hippie culture. The swirl of colors all over the ad evokes a subtle tie-dye effect, and the model's eyes appear to be constricted, suggesting drug experimentation. Even the perfume bottle itself looks reminiscent of an alcohol decanter bottle, subtly suggesting that the perfume will give you some sort of high or drunk-like experience. But what's interesting about this ad is the fact that there is another layer built into all of this. The Juicy Couture font has a more Victorian feel to it, which is a font we might associate more with the idea of upper-class royalty. This suggests that the ad is also playing on the idea of a rebellious upper-class person trying to break free from their societal constraints.

In conclusion, analyzing ads can be a fascinating exercise. By examining everything from the colors used to the text chosen, we can uncover the subtle (and not-so-subtle) strategies that advertisers use to get our attention and make us feel a certain way about their products. Whether it's through zoomorphism or evoking certain stereotypes, a well-made ad can have a lot of subtlety behind it.

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