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best and worst super bowl ads 2018

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads 2018

welcome back to the show and everyone. they liked Washington Super Bowl, but it seems to me that everyone loves the Super Bowl commercials and to get more involved in kind of what's happening beyond the game, let's bring in Mira Copic. he is the professor of marketing at San Diego State. and Miro first, what makes a great Super Bowl commercial in your, in your opinion, glad to be on Jamison the? you know there's. it has to have a great TV commercial. great Superbowl commercial has a couple of elements. it has either humor, it has drama and ultimately has a little bit of a twist and that kind of and at the end of the day it has to be really memorable for consumers. there's a lot of commercials that just you know it plays and no one can remember it ten seconds later. and when, when you have some controversy as well as far as commercial. I don't know how often that happens in in Super Bowl history, but the, the hashtag, please stand ad. can you explain exactly what you know, the controversy and kind of your thoughts on that stance? yeah, you know it's a. there's been a lot of controversial TV spots in fact there, aside from this one. you know every network can elect to run a spot or not. it's their right to do so. this one is kind of geared toward the, the hashtag please stand by, by the American veterans group, also the veterans of foreign wars that have did a commercial called we stand for veterans, and both. in both cases NBC acts asked them to kind of do it differently. the notion is about the protests this past year in the NFL and and, the players taking a knee, and it's more of a. you know, please stand for the flag and and, and I think the network's the, the NFL is kind of caught be twist in between, because, you know, a lot of times the, the players to say they're not disrespecting the, the military services. that was not the intent and so there's a fine line and, as we all know, the NFL is lost viewers on both counts, meaning who feel the players are disrespectful and people who feel that the- you know, the- the other side is- is forcing an issue. that isn't what was intended. and we're toking to Mira Copic, the professor of marketing at San Diego State, and he's also the CEO of bottom line marketing as well, and what kind of that. your favorite commercials that will be shown on Sunday. you know, I've looked at a bunch of them. there's a few then I'll kind of give a little tip to. there's a and and I don't know that. there's jack-in-the-box on the East Coast, but there's a great commercial with jack-in-the-box to the character and Martha Stewart pitting themselves against fine food. there's a few real heart tuggers, both from beer companies, from Budweiser and Stella Artois that that feature, you know, taking care of communities, both, both either being active partikipants- in one case of so odd with Matt Damon- and donating or buying products that will give water to people all over the world. Budweiser takes a slightly different angle, both very similar, the two- there's three or four- that are really going to be funny. there's a great michelob ultra spot with Chris Pratt and and and it takes. you know Michelob Ultra is a great brand, you know they've repositioned it to be kind of the athletes brand and he takes it to a whole new level, so it's going to be fairly clever. and there's a, of all things, Febreze spot. that is maybe one of the more breakout hashtags that it called bleep, don't stink. a few, a few funny ones and a few more poignant ones. I was expecting some beer ads. the Febreze one. you kind of threw me for a curveball now was not expecting Febreze to enter in this one. so and and now kind of on the other side, Miro, what, what are some that maybe fell short of, kind of the, the expectations you know? III really struggled. I think there's a number of them that might be a little flat, the one that that, you know the brand is really caught quirky. so, for example, skittles, skittles- either going to love the ad or you're going to hate the ad. it's, it's, you know, the the Steven Tyler and a couple in two years ago didn't resonate as well. you're going to have this time actually a mountain dew ad, which I think is phenomenal. it's, it's a combo ad, it's a. it's almost like an A&B record thing, with Doritos on one side, with Peter Dinklage, the the from Game of Thrones and Morgan Freeman on the other side, with Mountain Dew. and I'm not going to spoil it, but it'll be hysterical. last year, Mountain Dew with puppymonkeybaby, horrible, and it really didn't help the brand at all. and we're toking to Mira Copic, who's the professor of marketing at San Diego State, also the CEO of bottom line marketing, and maybe it lets you know either reason or just all-time, what a kind of the, the, the Superbowl commercials that that's still you remember the most, you know. I'll go back a little bit and kind of hit a few highlights. I think one of the best of all time is the 1979 Super Bowl. Mean Joe Greene commercial for Coke. the 1984 I had a pair of really amazing commercials with the Apple Macintosh commercial, a very famous first commercial for Apple. and then the Wendy's- where's the beef commercial. in the 90s there was a couple with Michael Michael Jordan and Larry Bird shooting from all over the court to win the right to eat the Big Mac and have the other guy watch it. and in the heart of 2010 you'll have the Old Spice spot with the man- your man could be commercial. and and then there there's a lot of great snickers commercials over time. so the very first one was the Betty White commercial where in 2010, last year, Adam driver, you know, destroyed the set of the, you know, in real time. so they had kind of a live commercial feed after where he apologized to the audience. and and then and then the year before that was Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe. so they're always kind of with that twist and very memorable about you know, you're not you and you're hungry, kind of ice. and that's Miro Copic. thank you so much. he's the professor of marketing at San Diego State state, also, oh, of bottom line marketing bureau. thank you so much for your time. I really do appreciate it. my pleasure cameras and thank you. and this is Jameson Hensley and you're listening to WBAL news radio.

Top 10 WORST Super Bowl Commercials

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome back to top 10 trends: the Super Bowl. the Super Bowl brings us all together for one reason and one reason only: to watch advertisements. of course, Super Bowl ads are pretty much the only reason I watched the Super Bowl- that, and to see someone's boob during a halftime show. so I look forward to them pretty much all year. the problem is sometimes they suck. it's rare, but sometimes they suck. you think when you pay over a million dollars for a time slot, you'd put someone capable of making a good ad on that time slot, but you'd be wrong. these are 10 of some of the worst Super Bowl ads. number 10: throw Isha's the 2008 so be life, water an man. this commercial just screams that the director had absolutely no idea what he was doing. the only thing this made me want is a so be, end my life water. you know what I'm saying? what do lizards, Naomi Campbell and Michael Jackson's Thriller makes me think of? oh, I know, life water. it's not representative of the brand, dude. it has nothing to do with what you're trying to sell here. the undead like I get, thrill your life like I get it. look, even if, let's say, only have Michael Jackson's Thriller and Naomi Campbell and the lizards to work with. right. I would show for an edgy version, not only camel getting hit in the head with a baseball bat and then the lizard brings over so be, life water. and she comes back life and like the blood spells out so be and everything. it's perfect, it stiks in your head. or for a more kid-friendly version, I'd have Naomi Campbell be drinking a life water and she sees the lizard like twitching on the sidewalk and she like pours it in his mouth and then it gets up and does the dance. not this thing where it steals a drop of water energetikally, like it already had the energy to do. it, gets really mad and then poorly cuts to these lizards dancing like crabs to. Diomede Campbell just need like $200,000. is that why she's here? this animation looks like it's from 2001 - might I add number nine: Groupon Super Bowl ads: save the money. to be honest, I kind of think this one's a little funny, but it seems pretty disrespectful to make a mockery of the people you're going to display in your video and their culture. I mean, I don't care about the Tibetan people at all. sorry, Tibet, you don't care about me that much. that's how it works. I want him to be happy. I'm just saying like I don't know him personally. right, but to reduce the entire Tibetan struggle that people have died and fought over for a long time - saving $15 at Groupon, I don't know, seems a bit in bad taste. it's not even a really good punchline either. you could, you got to go harder than that. right, like, if you're gonna make people man anyway, it should be like man. people have struggled in Tibet for a long time. their culture, their legacy is being defiled. but hey, Tibetan artifacts are trending and with this Groupon coupon for 25 dollars off each $15 says: spend on a Tibetan artifact or an old monk's head, lbs at pieces, the Dalai Lama, something like that. you really got to drive the point home that you absolutely have no respect for their culture. even someone is a materialistik as the Dalai Lama can't pass up on these Groupon deals. you know, really crap on the culture. don't just, don't just pretend to crap on it. don't just lightly tok about curry. you know, show execution photos or something. I mean, it's the Super Bowl. 100 million people are gonna see this. go for it, man. do something memorable. if it's gonna be negative, do something memorable, because this crap, I'm gonna forget about this. the second: I go to the next list, entry number 8, the Miller Lite commercial, evil beavering. I mean this commercials not that bad. I see what they were going for and you know what in the 90s I bet this was kind of funny. I bet in the 90s this held up. but it does not hold up now. one not great branding right in the beginning of says: you might have a good time. no, you're gonna have a good time. ok, that's marketing 101. you're not Mike gonna have a good time, you're gonna have a good time. nice, try to s. nothing to do with Miller Lite. they don't have a good time. if this is what Miller Lite brings my life, I don't want this. 3. just kind of gay. the effects of him eating the house are actually kind of cool, like how it looks like he's actually chewing through it at some points. it's kind of cool. so props to them for that. yeah, maybe if you're really really low tea and you don't like offensive humor or complex humor or good humor, and maybe if your brain is like misfires every once in a while or you've had a stroke or you're a child or you're just just dumb enough to not join the military, but not legally [ __ ]. then maybe this commercial applies to you. you know that lowest common denominator, but everyone else that I forgot about this before I even stopped toking about it this time. not great marketing. you know, if you want to do something zany and wacky, I remember that Dorito samurai commercial because that was really good marketing and the reason I remember it was Doritos is because his armor is made of Doritos. I don't remember the name of the commercial, I just his armor is made of Doritos. its cringy as hell now but I still remember and I remember it being entertaining. that's good wacky marketing. number seven: Bob Johnson transsexual advertisement. holiday in Super Bowl ad 1997. you know, I gotta say I actually really like this one, but it is tiknically a bad advertisement because I mean when it came out it got uh, nyle ated. not cool to tok about, not cool at all, but one that woman is actually transsexual. so your argument: if you're gonna be an sjw bit and cry about it, that's gone, that's going entirely. she's having a good time, they're making fun of themselves, she's making fun of herself. it is funny, it's kind of clever, it's kind of a clever head problem is completely unable. no way this could ever run again and it doesn't look good to like this in public. you know what I mean. no one's gonna be like. I remember when that one guy thought he was gonna that girl, but she was a guy. that holiday, insuperable head wasn't as funny when he was gonna [ __ ] her because she was. he thought she was a woman but she was a guy. he was like you, gross. we used to be a guy. doesn't look good still. I think this one's actually funny. what I would have thought would be a little funnier- waiting the way they could save this, maybe cuz it's a really good premise and the jokes almost there is if he looks horrified and then it just cuts outside a motel room with a squeaky bed over the end card or something like that, because that means you did it anyway and he's not a bigot or whatever. he's not really a bigot anyway. but you know the horrified face does a little too much without that softening of it a big. you know that's what it needed. number six: GM's sad robot commercial don't understand the point of this. this really feels like GM was trying to throw salt in the wounds of people who are complaining about losing their jobs. at GM, the robot gets said cuz it loses its job and then it can't find another job. but then at the end the robot wakes up and it's happy because it really has its job. but it's a robot and that robot replaced someone, so the person doesn't have their job. that's not really funny, that's insulting. I mean it's funny. someone thought that was funny. it's funny that the president GM was like: nah, they lost their jobs to let them lose their happiness. those idiots are watch the superball put it there like the robot kills itself. did you really think that was appropriate? are you really mocking people who have killed themselves because they lost their job? I like how at the end to the factory is empty, just like the person who made this is Hart, number five nationwide 2015 commercial. yeah, it's really sad. it's about kids dying and how you and sure your kids with nationwide and make that sweet 70k when they kick the bucket- dumb idiot kid. also, forbidden fruit: Tide Pods- oke, anyway, not really a good place for either. Super Bowl is about fun. it's about sport.

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TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS 2020 - Best Ten Superbowl LIV Commercials

hey, how you doing. did you know that for this year's super bowl, advertisers paid over five million dollars per 30 seconds of airtime? that's more money than i made in the whole year? check out these top 10 funniest ads from super bowl 2020. i'm sure we'll all agree it was money well spent. number 10.. mmm, what's that? reese's take five bar: chocolate, peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, pretzels- never heard of it. where have you been under a rock? do to me what were you born yesterday? really, trish me. neither. were you raised by wolves. really insensitive, trish. are you clueless head in the sand? that's offensive. yeah, trish, you from another planet. i never heard of take five. neither again, trish. none of us have heard of take five. so who looks stupid now? reese's take five, the best bar. you've never heard of. number nine: baby coming. alexa, turn down the thermostat. okay, turning down thermostat. ready, huh, here we go. what do you think people did before? alexa? alyssa, turn the temperature down two degrees. thank you, dear alexan. tell me a joke. jokes, um, oh god, you think i know lies. look at me. next news: get your news here, alex. what's today's news? doesn't matter, it's all fake. oh, play that song i like [Music] owl. next song. alexi, tell us something interesting. okay, the earth is flat and a witch stole his pants. alexamus, send this message to prince constantine. [Music]. ah, alicia, remind me to delete those tapes. yes, mr president, i ain't deleting. yeah, i don't know what people did before alexa. alexa, play my favorite song, number eight. you said i'm getting close. take up the pace. folks get a dust storm coming in. scientists have confirmed signs of water on mars. that's it. target has been acquired. [Music]: the discovery of a lifetime. the conditions won't be that good for another two years. we just made it. [Music]. oh yeah, that was the mars water. oh, i thought it said mark's water, fresh, sparkling water, in seconds, sodastream, swing it up over your head through your legs, thrust your pelvis, engage the glutes. yes, we should go working outside. come on, man, you just got to see the lighter side of things. oh, this is it. this is how i die. y'all ready for this? [Music]. snail jellyfish [Music]. [Music] i feel great. oh sorry, listen. [Music] i'm cold. so you got bud light back there. wait, bud light made of seltzer. i wonder what it tastes like. only one way to find out: what are the taste buds saying? great, no bud light, just hard salsa with a hint of fruit flavor, light and refreshing. it says light and refreshing. let's get that instead. postpone. doesn't drink seltzer. we drink bud light. everybody knows that. why not try something new? season one was much better than season two. guys, guys, we're incredibly rich. let's get both. i'll get both. you got any pretzels? bud light cells are unquestionably good. number five. hey, take a bud light salt. yes, your thing. what's this? it's bud light seltzer. mango, mango, mango. have we tried that before? i don't know. check the memory bank: nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing new. all right, let's drink this puppy tip. initiated. tastes like mango. yeah, facebook's approved. let's show we like it. commencing happy face. oh, too much. that's better. better has the cells to reach the stomach yet, yeah, we're looking at 100 calories down here. and what do we got from the news? i'm getting mango, definitely mango. all right, let's check with the spleen. go for spleen. why? you're right, cancel the spleen. no, wait, wait, wait, wait, sir, the taste buds are ready for another sip, hey, hey, can i be a taste bud too? no, i want to be a taste bud. shut up spleen. yeah, shut up spleen. yeah, shut up spleen. sorry, i'm just tucking my spleen. bud light seltzer. unquestionably good. [Music]. come out. come out, wherever you are. i've got new mountain dew, zero sugar, with the same refreshing taste as the original, but without any of the sugar. [Applause]. [Applause]. here's mountain dew zero. i am thirsty, huh. zero sugar, zero sugar, zero sugar. number three: welcome to the avocados from mexico shopping network. we're buying stuff for your avocados. totally isn't weird. take it away, molly, worried your avocado isn't getting enough skin to skin contact. worry no more with the avocado. look how always in season he is. i want one of those. are you kidding? thanks, it is chip floaty. your avocado will be healthy, delicious and quiet. so smart, so smart. take your avocado to meet your parents with our new travel collection. i'd wear that to our wedding. this music box plays all their favorite jams. [Music]. i'm sorry, this song always gets me. protect your avocado from bears and humans with this luxury yurt. super safe, right, maria? and last but not least, do avocados have heads? we don't know, but look how cute this helmet is. well, that's all the time we have for today. remember, your avocado is worth it. shop now. we'll throw in, molly, wait. avocados from mexico. number two: little caesar's delivery. that's the best thing. since sliced bread, we got a problem. there's a new best thing. okay, new ideas. go travel size bread, sparkle bread, bread, insurance, magnetik bread. steer lord, run the numbers. i ran the numbers, i'll run them again. you can do this. come on, come on, come on, tok to me, go out there and lean thin slices, thick slices, diagonal slices- yes, this might work. no, no, no, no, no, no, everything is fine. i've been following this turkey for a month. sliced bread is toast. i'm not gonna cry, don't cry. happening. this is not happening. this is not happening. i know there are concerns, but everything's fine. [Music] a little caesar's delivery- best thing since sliced bread. i know. america's best value: now delivered pizza. pizza, by the way, in case you're wondering, llamas usually live in captive settings like farms and zoos. we eat grains, shrubs, grass and hay. isn't that fascinating? number one: stack pringles flavors, make new ones. how much do you think pringles paid these people? hardly anything. hey, you guys want to stack different pringles flavors to create new flavor combos. here i'll. i'll go first: pizza barbecue and jalapeno. the spicy barbecue pizza stack. get him, grandpa. what's going on? pringles? we're trapped in a pringles commercial. they must have taken us in our sleeves. how can we get out? we can't. summer- they warned me this would happen and i didn't listen- that kringles make endless new flavors and pringles to make new flavors again. barbecue and sour cream and onion includes a three-layer dip stack. okay, i know you're saying wait a minute. where's the hyundai smartpak commercial? or that bill murray groundhog day ad? or mc hammer for cheetos? well, they all got copyrighted music so i can't show them to you. so click the screen to see the best super bowl ads of all time and more. don't lick it. click it or lick it, whatever.

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Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

don't you think it's a crime that football players get paid so much for doing what they enjoy? you know what i get for doing these commercials. i don't even have to get my head kicked in welcome to watch mojo. and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 worst super bowl commercials: mountain dew, kickstart juice, caffeine. for this list, we're looking at the most abysmal advertisements to air during the big game. what ad made you want to turn off the tv? let us know in the comments below. [Music]. if you like what you're hearing, be sure to check out the full song at the link below: [Music]. [Music] number 10: mc hammer and ed mcmahon. don't strike gold cash for gold. now's the time to send your unwanted gold for cash in an attempt to convince consumers to give them valuable medals. cash for gold made a bizarre pairing of celebrities, famous rapper mc hammer and notable tv personality ed mcmahon, both try to hock the golden items they have left from their heydays. i can get cash for this gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion, this gold microphone, my gold record. although this was meant to poke fun at their real-life money issues, it's a little hard to laugh when you know the truth. while mc hammer had struggles with bankruptcy, mcmahon grappled with lawsuits and bills. people were divided on whether this ad was cheap or plain cringe-worthy. at the end of the day, it was clear that this golden commercial wasn't treasured by everyone. my gold hip replacement, we mountain gold, baby cash, the number four, goldcom. goodbye, old friend. number nine: a rough dog ad, gatorade. you might expect that an advertisement about a popular sport drink might be full of action stars or famous athletes, but this lackluster gatorade commercial had neither. after the ad opens on a dog drinking the beverage, absolutely nothing else happens. we're forced to listen to a dog making slurping noises until we're reminded that he's doing this for gatorade. why executives would shell out super bowl bucks to get this boring clip out is still a mystery. if they wanted a dog in their ad so badly, they could have gone with an exciting canine like earbud. instead we have an entirely unremarkable tv spot, number eight, an overly angry beaver, miller lite. not everyone in this commercial will have a miller time, but you might. after a group of nomads decides to settle in the woods, they chop down a few trees before drinking miller light. their destructive actions motivate a man in a beaver costume to torment them. the manimal disrupts their celebration, chews away parts of their house and even chomps down someone's peg leg. when the smoke clears, the man beaver enjoys a miller light. this bizarre series of events is made even worse by the adds absolutely grating song. [Applause], [Music]. and even if we didn't have to listen to the evil beaver tune, we'd still be confused about who to root for here. the unlikable characters and bad artistik choices made us want to skip miller time. it's miller time, ray. this looks extraordinarily bad. number seven: a ceo makes an off-key musical ad. oatley, it's like milk made for you, oatley. ceo tony peterson decided against hiring actors or singers and starred in this musical ad himself, but he really should have considered letting somebody else take the role. while peterson isn't the worst performer on the planet, his so so singing chops didn't win him many new fans. wow, wow, no cow. and the jingle itself is so annoying and overly simplistik that it actually made us question whether buying his oat milk was the right choice. milk was a bad choice. although oatley tried to capitalize on the commercial's poor reception by selling self-deprecating t-shirts, it wasn't enough. peterson wasted money and our time with this terrible super bowl jingle. number six: an unwanted marilyn monroe. homage: sierra mist. while we normally love patton oswalt, we heavily disliked seeing him in this compromising sierra missed ad. during the spot- a band full of men sporting bagpipes and kilts on a hot day- notike that one of their group is missing. they find the mia band member oswald cooling himself down by letting nitrogen blow up his kilt. yeah, it's kinda like that. hearing his uncomfortable noises made an already horrible homage to a classic marilyn monroe moment even worse. to make matters more confusing for the company, a kid calls the ad out right after sierra mist shows off their product. there's one shockingly refreshing lemon lime. that's just wrong, dad. after this bad commercial we think we'll stik with water on a warm day. that's high quality. [Applause]. number five: naomi campbell's awkward dance number sobe. when supermodel naomi campbell aggressively puts a bottle of sobe life water down, a lizard consumes a few drops. for some reason, the small sip of the beverage encourages him to recreate the thriller dance with a bunch of reptiles. [Music]. watching terrible cgi monstrosities dance is bad enough on its own, but the commercial becomes unbearably cringe-worthy when it cuts between campbell's dance moves and the lizard's janky movements. by the time this ad ends, not too many people were thrilled with sobey's awkward ad. while people can argue which show or movie had the best homage to this, mj song soby's ad unquestionably made the worst tribute. no way. number four: mcconaughey falls flat doritos. lately i just i haven't been feeling quite like myself. how do you make a bad ad with oscar-winning actor matthew mcconaughey? just throw in some bizarre body horror. throughout this super bowl spot, we see what a day in the life would be like for a two-dimensional mcconaughey. this leads to a commercial that's full of existential horror and unsettling moments. some days are harder than others. i want to break free. it's like i used to be on solid ground. mcconaughey's nightmare seemingly ends when he slips into a vending machine and eats some 3d doritos. unfortunately, his sudden body change leaves him trapped behind glass. the unpleasant imagery and mean-spirited punchline of this doritos commercial left a bad taste in our mouths. we'd rather watch 100 of mcconaughey's old lincoln ads than see this 2d commercial again. i know there are those that say you can't go back. [Music]. yes, you can. number 3. offensive animals- salesgeniecom. using a cute creature to sell your product is ordinarily a great way to pull in customers. however, salesgeniecom sent people running from their company at full speed with one super bowl ad. the commercial follows pandas who are struggling to get their business off the ground before deciding to use salesgeniecom to get them out of a tough situation. the bears speak in horrendously stereotypical accents that we will pass on replaying for you here. the shockingly offensive voice acting sparked an extremely negative reaction from many viewers. after the heavy backlash, sales genie representatives stopped running the ad, but it is horrendous that people found this animated commercial fit to run on the air in the first place. number two: an uncomfortable kiss. go daddy, go daddy was notorious for making racy and cringy commercials before 2013.. i'm so excited to be a new go daddy girl, but i'm a little nervous. you'll be great. so audiences were already bracing themselves for the company's super bowl 47 ad. during the spot, danica patrick introduces us to people who personify godaddy's sexy and smart sides. there are two sides to godaddy. there's the sexy side, represented by barrafieli, and the smartside that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by walter. the two representatives proceed to make out to symbolize that the company is intelligent and cool. unfortunately for godaddy, the agonizingly long makeout session and uncomfortable close-ups inspired feelings of negativity and disgust and, as a horrifying, not fun, fact, there's apparently a worse edit of this commercial that never made it to air. this make-out session wouldn't be the last godaddy ad to stir up controversy, but this partikular super bowl ad reigns as one of the company's most inf.

Media Nerds Podcast - Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads 2018

welcome to the meat-eaters podcast. I'm man met among Curt, I'm kansan Larsson, and we've just had a lot of fun setting up our Star Wars nerds episode. we have, Mark, it's a. it's a great time to be a TV advertising fan, you could say, as we just had the Super Bowl roll bar this past weekend in which the Eagles beat the Patriots. I don't know, I don't know. football by animals attack some people, that's what it's coming down. some birds, animals attacking other animals, and that's they fight over a football. but so we're gonna tok about Super Bowl ads today, all the odds that aired on the during the big game, yeah, and as well, we're gonna tok about some other new stuff. but the funny thing is I've notiked a trend, and I don't know how long has been going on for, because I just notiked that this year some of my favorite youtubers got free tikets to the Super Bowl. have you ever heard of this happening? uh, not to the Super Bowl. well, this is- and I just notiked it on two channels that I watch regularly- Casey nice dad, who is a really well-known vlogger and widely regarded as one of the best vloggers out there, cuz he takes really care to do like a film, a filmmakers approach to vlogging, and then funnel vision, which is the other channel that we watch with my kids, and it was very cool to watch these videos. now they both made a big deal in their videos about going to pick up their tikets from vivid tikets or Vivid Seats or whatever it was, and the other one was a different tiket company, so it's like StubHub, but it's like all these different tiket companies. it's a made a very big production out of that part of it. so I think that was the. that's the ad for that service, but I was interesting to watch these guys. the cool thing was the, the funnel vision family went to the Mall of America while they were in Minneapolis and we've been there many times and my kids kind of like seeing them going around the same areas that they were familiar with. yeah, I need deal. so a lot of Nicollet Mall on the local Nickelodeon. I know the Nicollet. oh yeah, yes, Minneapolis, just like Lester Holt walking down the street and Jimmy Fallon, and like celebrities are celebrities walking down the strip, yeah, which is a lot of fun. so we'll tok about the specific to the ads in a few minutes, but first let's get into the mirror news. nerd news is sponsored by fan quest, a fan convention happening June 23rd and 24th. go to fan quest, Conda calm, for more information. yes, and next week is Reno. week after next is: yes, but today we had a trailer drop and we're seeming to get into kind of these, these trailers. we had one for Deadpool this week. we, there was something else that you couldn't remember, another trailer that's. I watched, uh, I loaded trailers on my Apple TV and I watched a bunch and now it's all a blur. I can't remember what I want, but I remember going: Oh looks good. look, that one doesn't look as good. I just can't remember now, but there's a very interesting. one was one for venom, which is the dropper this morning. so it's the. it's the kind of the follow-up to the spider-man films starring Tom Hardy as the titular character. that word makes you giggle every time, isn't it? just looked a little like guy on the run, right that? is it a guy in the run movie? I don't think so. I don't know. I don't know. it's to see what they're gonna do with this, because they're definitely taking a different take than the Topher Grace version of the venom that we saw in Superman 3 or spider-man 3. rather, I'm skeptikal. the big blowback that I've heard so far online is that there's the very little venom in this venom trailer. there's nothing. there's no, that's true. we want, I was waiting for the shot, even in shadow. yeah, something, something, yeah, that's what he's gonna look like, and there's nothing. so I mean to me I'm struggling with how they're gonna make this character a good guy, cuz he has to be something we, somebody we identify with. in the comic books he was just a jerk. you know, Eddie Brock was a jerk and he was like kind of a anti Peter Parker and very much anti spider or spider-man. in many ways I- it's funny actually- I remember when I was mmm, grade 7- I don't remember how old I would be- in great semuc- it's 12 years old, maybe- I broke my leg skateboarding and I was in the hospital for a while and while I was in the hospital and the kids room they had a bunch of comic books that you could read while you were sitting because they were bored, nothing to do, and I picked up- I was hilarious- spider-man, issue 300, which is the very first appearance of venom, and I read it and it was like it was amazing and I have to confess I took it. I took it familia hospital. I'm so sorry, were you a man on the run escaping? no, I wasn't. but I kept the comic book cuz they loved it so much and I read it and I don't remember what kind of condition it was in. it was in fairly good condition, it wasn't like ripped up or anything like that. so I remember reading that book and then I just just oh the curiosity. today I looked it up online. it's worth about 200 bucks now that issue of BZ. so never go check. not that, not that I would sell it if I had it still, but it's just interesting how these things appreciate. so it's a popular character and it was like maybe he came around. I didn't continue reading a lot of venom really the stories after that. so maybe he comes around and he becomes a good guy in the comic books. I don't know, maybe somebody listening can tell me that. but for the purposes of this they're gonna have to make something happen that creates he's. he's gonna be fighting with himself, I guess. well, that's right, he's not. venom isn't a fascinating character usually, but they- it looks like they have a new take on it. it also looks like it looks more horror style it does. it's coming out in October, which is interesting. basically dr Jekyll, mr Hyde, kinda, I think that's exactly. you can't control it because they show him in the bed shaking uncontrollably. so maybe it's one of those deals and I think there's gonna be a lot of Tom Hardy without the mask. gotta gotta show the moneymaker ad, gotta show the face. although in Mad Max he just had the medal, that's good for like a third of the movie, he finally gets it off his face. you feel good. it actually felt like was on your face. yeah, I think the action is. the funny thing is I think he looks kind of like Daniel Craig with that mask on. I mix it. I think he looks a little bit like Daniel Craig with the mask. that could be Daniel Craig. that's a very good point anyway. so yeah, there we go. that's coming up. I mean I'm sure I'll see it. the funny thing about is that it is not a Marvel Cinematik Universe film. it's produced by Sony and Columbia Pictures, but it does share a timeline with spider-man homecoming, which also shares a timeline with the Marvel Cinematik Universe. will spider-man be making appearance? very possibly, of course Harry PI would have to. I think so, and it's gonna be. it's gonna be Tom Holland as spider-man. it has to be. yeah, I think so. I mean, I think that's all that. I mean, if they're not doing it, they're missing an opportunity, exactly because people are really gonna want to see spider-man in this film. yeah, so anyway, uh, but again, people are upset that there's not a lot of venom in the venom. so that's the news for that. well, there is, as I like to point out. there was no chariots and Chariots of Fire movie. there wasn't a single chariot and there's precious little fire. now that I think about story, black panther were just a few weeks. actually it's next week, isn't it? Black Panthers next week, isn't it? oh my god, is it already? that's coming out next week. so Black Panther is on its way out and it is is it's becoming the. they're very confident that it's going to be the highest grossing movie theater, one of the highest-grossing films of the year. the pre-sales have outpaced all other films this this quarter and it's on track to making a hundred and fifty million dollars in its opening weekend. not bad it's been in. people are. I mean, that's getting good reviews. it's the first black superhero.

Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2018

hello and welcome back to no [ __ ]. today we're toking about some of the worst Super Bowl commercials from this weekend's game, while overall this year was much better than usual because most companies realize they should stop pandering to liberals by making the commercials left-leaning and politikal garbage. that shit's just off-putting. it doesn't sell products, let's be real. but while things were better overall, there were still a few that had a go at social justike and other nonsense, which we're gonna go over today. there were also a few virtru signaling ads and even a couple movie trailers I want to riff on. we're gonna go over all that in more. so let's go and get started first. let's start with the worst offender. Dodge. Ram trucks had a pretty inappropriate commercial where they used clips of Martin Luther King jr speeches to try and sell their products. check this [ __ ] out if you want to be wonderful, if you want to be now. I like MLK as much as the next guy, but we all know black people really love him. King is like a god to black people and I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason dodge is shamelessly using part of his speech here to try and sell more to that demographic. they're also burps you signaling to the max. saying to be great is to be a servant, showing people, helping people like this is connected to an overpriced truck. somehow give me a break [Music] of greatness. it means that everybody can be great. but knowing the theory of relativity sure helps one become great, partikularly great knowledge. and showing a cute dog getting rescued also helps. helps you sell your merchants, tug it people's heartstrings. that is not sure what this has to do with anything, though it appears there's some sort of disaster here in the commercial and people are cleaning it up and helping out, and you know it really helps. cleanups, dodge ramps, perfect [Music], great, so generated by now. support our troops, free food, firefighter, pregnant woman, pretty whoreson, more troops. could this commercial get any more over-the-top and dramatik? damn, you're selling [ __ ] trucks, not curing cancer. settle down dodge. and it should also be noted that Martin Luther King jr, of course, would not have approved of this. he was a civil rights leader fighting for the rights of blacks and others in a time when they really needed it. he wasn't trying to sell [ __ ] trucks. and it gets even worse than that. in the very same speech mentioned here in the commercial, King also ironically denounced automobile advertising I quote now. the presence of this instinct explains why we are so often taken by advertisers. you know those gentlemen of massive verbal persuasion and they have a way of saying things to you that kind of gets you into buying. in order to be a man of distinction, you must drink this whiskey. in order to make your neighbors envious, you must drive this type of car. in order to be lovely to love, you must wear this lipstik or this kind of perfume. and you know, before you know it, you're just buying that stuff and that's the way the advertisers do. it doesn't sound like Marty King was too fond of this crap, which makes it pretty ironic and kind of hypocritikal for dives to go with this here to use this speech in their very own automobile add and add very much like the one MLK's described negatively fifty years ago, basically dodges, saying: if you want to be helpful and virtuous, you got to have one of their trucks. and I know it's Black History Month and all- and God's trying to pay the respect to the blacks in their own way and then her own odd way. but this was tasteless and arguably wrong to do. next let's look at the t-mobile ad called little ones. that shamelessly exploits some cute minority babies. welcome to the world. little ones, yeah, not to take in. but you come with open lines and the instinct that we are equal. looks like we got a little Pro racial equality thing going here and it's also filmed. just a little weird showing these half naked babies laying around. and I'm not the only one who thought this ad was off. the video on YouTube was heavily disliked and negatively commented on. that's why I mobile disabled comments and ratings in. disabling comments is a pretty ironic thing for a communications company to do. if you ask me, some people may see your differences and be threatened by them. [Music], but you are unstoppable. [Music]. you'll love who you want. you'll demand fair and equal pay. honestly, it's a little hard to even notike the babies differences, except for the black one. all babies kind of look the same, especially at least chubby ones, and I love how they subtly drop love whoever you want in their signaling to the gays and [ __ ] of course. and they also directly mention equal pay, which of course is something we already have in America. there's no wage gap. t-mobile and your sjw Burt you're signalling commercial- ain't gonna sell any phones you will not allow where you come from to dictate where you're going. you will be heard, not dismissed. you will be connected, not alone. change starts now. no, I'm not with you, t-mobile, and stop using Obama's old change slogan. it's not 2012 and there's really nothing left to change except getting rid of all the leftists and sjw's in power. and companies need to stop this liberal pandering nonsense, especially in commercials that are supposed to be funny and entertaining and draw you in, not emotional and serious and overly dramatik. next, we got a self congratulatory commercial from Budweiser, where they pay millions of dollars for commercial where they brag about donating a few thousand dollars of water. this should be good, is the only we'll see. feel free. [Music]. well, that's funny, because Budweiser always tasted like water anyway. especially Bud Light tastes like piss water, actually. and what's the endgame here, bud? you think bragging about making cans of water to help with the disaster is gonna get you to sell more beer? that kind of defeats the whole purpose of being charitable, don't you think? if you're getting something out of it, you're not really being generous in kind now, are you? this is a trans, actual charity function. Budweiser donated this water so they could look virtuous and make money off that later. so that good thing you did wasn't for the good of the people or out of the goodness of your heart. it was so you could leverage that good deed and make more money. simply despicable as you stand standby. [Applause]. so dime. [Music]. Oh, this is basically. we're so virtuous. the commercials now don't get me wrong either. I mean, charity is great, course it is. but when you spend five to ten million on a commercial about how cool your company is for donating maybe a hundred thousand dollars worth of water, then we kind of have a problem and I really miss Budds classic, funnier commercials. we're the ones with hot chicks. let's bring that Clydesdale backer, maybe that funny dog. next we got a diet coke commercial, which isn't necessarily SJW or preachy. it's just plain weird. I respect the simple approach here, but execution is lacking and this girl is cringy as hell. tok about a white girl, dance, dance. there's hardly anything sexy about you, lady, I'm sorry to say. maybe your face is fair, but that body though she looks boyish and way too skinny. this girl shouldn't be drinking diet coke. she looks like she needs a sandwich. he had some dancing lessons while we're at it. well, this commercial surely made families uncomfortable across the nation on Sunday. it's so awkward and stupid, but I can be fair too. it's not the worst commercial in the world either, just weird and unfunny, and I guess that's better than being preaching up their own asses. finally, we're gonna round things out with a couple of movie trailers, kind of. let me explain. first, let's look at the spot for the movie solo, a Star Wars story, which was a bit underwhelming to me. so you want to make a difference? yeah, trust me, you're gonna love it. and which branch are you interested in joining? got their pilot best in the gals. whoa looks like they may have Han Solo being trained by.