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best apps for dropshipping shopify

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

MUST HAVE SHOPIFY APPS in 2022 - Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

i'm gonna tell it to you just like this: i've shown you absolutely everything that you need to know when it comes to building a high converting shopify store, but if you are not taking advantage of the apps i will be covering in today's video, you will simply not make any sales. i'm going to be showing you the apps that you need on your store that are going to help you from going from a couple sales or no sales at all to over a thousand dollars per day with your store. and i'm going to take it to another level, because, for one lucky person who smashes that like button below and comments in the comment section, i'm gonna give you 500 cash so you can take full advantage of these apps and even have some more additional money so that you can start running your ads today. so, without further ado, let's go ahead and get right into it. what's going on? everyone? my name is ac hampton and welcome to my channel. i'm an eight figure marketer who gets to teach people from all over the world how to test, build and scale profitable e-commerce brands. if you know who i am, thank you for always coming back and always showing love. if you're new here, welcome in and make sure you're prepared for some value that you're going to not want to miss out on a single second of now. before we hop into this video, each and every week, i have the opportunity of giving out a free one-on-one consulting call to help one of you with anything that you may be needing help with to continue to streamline your success. if you want the chance to win this call, all you have to do is in the comment section below, comment the word app and your biggest takeaway from this video. i will be announcing last week's winner somewhere inside this video, so make sure you stay tuned the entire way through to see if it was you. now, april is coming to an end, which means that the 10 spots that i opened for my one-on-one mentorship is now down to four. so if you're looking to start getting the results that you're looking for, just like all my students right here, then make sure you head over to my instagram ac underscore hampton and dm me the word mentorship so i can help you get started now without further ado. let's go ahead and get right into it now. you all know how important it is to have a clean cut layout of your store so that shoppers aren't immediately distracted from what they originally came there to do, which is purchasing something from you. you need to make sure that your store is showcasing simply three colors max. this consists of just white, black and one accent color that is shown inside your logo, and you can check out all the other requirements of a clean shopify store build and exactly how to do that in this video right here. but just as important as making your store look clean and professional is also making it as shopper friendly as possible. this helps with ensuring that you're convincing your customers to buy with no extra hassle or struggle on their end and maximize off of every customer that comes into your store. so let's go ahead and tok about the apps that you need in order to get that done now. the first and arguably one of the most important apps that you're going to want to have in your store is a multi-currency converter. a currency converter allows you to market your product to the top five countries that i always suggest, which is the united states, australia, canada, new zealand and the united kingdom, while allowing them to come directly to your store and see the price in their own currency. by having a custom currency converter on your store, you're not only making it as simple as possible for the customer to see the product cost in the currency, but you're also giving them no reason at all to question whether they should buy from you or from somebody else. i mean literally. just think about it: if you're shopping and going to a store and you see the price in euros, while you're used to seeing and understanding us dollars, are you really going to sit there and do the math to translate the price? are you going to find someone who is selling the product in your currency? we all know the answer. that question is yes. so do the work for your customers. have a custom currency converter downloaded to your store and don't miss out on any of those purchases, and my favorite app for this is best currency converter. you can see that it easily adds multiple currencies. you can automatikally convert prices and ultimately start increasing those sales and getting that sh money. the next app that you absolutely need to have on your store to make it as shopper friendly as possible is stiky add-a-cart booster pro, and basically it looks as simple as this. you can see on the bottom of the screen, basically whenever you're scrolling, it will still allow you to add a cart without having to go all the way back up to the top of the page. this app is not only key to allowing your customers to have easy access to adding a product to cart, but it also allows them to keep reading and looking at your pictures of your product until they get to the very bottom of your product page, where they're then offered complimentary upsell products that can help continue increase your average order value. which then leads me to the next app that you absolutely need on your store, which is going to be more beneficial to you while making your store look professional, which is the frequently bought together app. this app allows you to offer those complimentary upsells that continue to help you raise that average order value that you may have just been stuck at- so if it's like 25 you've been stuck at, this will help you two, three, four, x that, when you think about it, when you're buying online from literally anywhere- i mean anytime that you go to checkout- these stores are going to offer you something that would go absolutely perfect with the product that you're buying, and many customers cannot resist it. and, trust me, it doesn't just happen online, but it also happens in physical brick and mortar stores as well, when you're heading into the checkout line at walmart with all your groceries. what do you see? you're surrounded by little pick-me-up items that you could use or eat instantly, whether it's chapstik or a small bag of chips. customer eyes are always wondering, and it's important that you know exactly how to take full advantage of that. this is an app that i will never go without inside my store, and i suggest that you do the exact same, and here is a perfect example of this. so you see, right here on this website, they are selling a pressure relief seat cushion and as you scroll down, they're showing you all different types of items that complete your comfort setup. so now they're increasing their average order value from this back relief, lumber pillow, deep sleep pillow, pressure relief, car seat cushion- and continuously, continuously upselling them with other items. now, before we head into a couple more apps that you need to make sure that you have on your store, that are going to create that high converting store and give you the results that you're looking for, you know that i'm here to help out in any way possible. if you have any questions about this video at all, or about how you can get started, or about literally anything ecommerce at all, make sure you head over to my instagram ac, underscore hampton and dm me the word youtube so i can reach out and help you out in any way. the value does not just stop right here with these youtube videos. i'm also here to help you all succeed and answer any questions that you may be having every single day. so dm me youtube if you're feeling stuck. now heading into the next app that you need to have downloaded to your store, this is going to be ultimately one of my favorite, which is going to be sms bump. now, sms bump isn't something that you'll necessarily be seeing on a store, but it's more of a back end app that you'll need downloaded that allows you to send text messages to your customers phones and bring them running right back to your store. and i'm telling you, ri

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

so if you're anything like me, you probably clicked on this video because you're looking for a brand new way to build sustainable, passive income online from the comfort of your own home, without any fancy degree, prior experience, special talents, handouts or einstein level iq. and whether that's the case or whether you're just interested in learning about new ways that people of any age are working from home in front of their computer to make crazy amounts of money online, i got you. so look. dropshipping has taken off over the past couple years, and i get it. with all the new gurus swirling around online and social media and friends and family toking about it, it can be difficult to get your hands on the right information. it can all seem so overwhelming and ultimately, the easiest thing for you to do is to convince yourself that the business model is too competitive, saturated or dead and not give it the fair shot that it deserves. and that is exactly why i created this video right here: to break down an easy, step-by-step guide into this brand new business model and take your first few steps into the online world of creating a business that is passive, sustainable and can generate you income for years to come from the comfort of your own home and look, i get it. why should you listen to me over some other 21 year old kid making videos in front of his laptop at home? my answer to that is: over the past three years, i've generated over seven million dollars in online sales with e-commerce, created a life of financial freedom and generational wealth for myself through the skills that i've built up, all starting with drop shipping, and my goal is to provide you with real no information with the utmost transparency, without trying to shove a paid video course right down your throat. so i just want to say thank you so much for clicking on this video and congratulations for taking your first few steps into the crazy world of making money online. but, most importantly, grab a pen and paper as you watch this video, because at the end of this video, it'll be time for you to take some serious action and i want you to be prepared. so strap in, clear out a little workspace for yourself and go ahead and smash that like button so i can help impact more people with this real no guide to getting started with drop shipping in 2022.. and just before we jump into the value of this video, i do want to announce the weekly giveaway. remember. all you have to do is go ahead and smash that like button, comment something insightful down below and make sure you subscribe to the channel. the winner will be announced for a custom built drop shipping store built by me and my team, and outright ecom in my next week's video. let's get straight into this, all right. so first things first, load up your computer, go over to google and type in shopifycom or hit the link in my description. if you guys want an extended free trial, click on shopify and click start free trial. go ahead and type in your email and create a password- i recommend creating a brand new gmail account, as it is easier to keep all your business stuff in one place instead of cluttering it in with your personal emails- and create your store name- and, honestly, this part doesn't really matter, because you can always go back and change the name and purchase a new domain name later. so for now, i'm just going to call this nathan's first store- not actually my first store, but that's what we're calling it. shopify is going to go ahead and ask you a few questions, whether you're just starting out or if you're already selling. what you can do is just go ahead and skip this entire part, as it's not super necessary in the beginning and you don't really need to answer those questions. however, you do need to put in your country and then hit enter my store. so if you made it to this part, you actually made it farther than 99 of people who say they're gonna start an online business. you now have your own dashboard and storefront with shopify, so the home page here is basically gonna prompt you to complete a bunch of steps in order to get your store up and running. next thing, we have an orders tab over here which is gonna track and manage all the orders that are gonna be coming through later. the next one: we have products, where you're gonna be managing the different products and inventory that you have. the customer tab, where you're gonna control everything that's customer related in one single place. analytiks, where you're going to see the daily view. you know how much you're making- your average order value, conversion rates- all that important stuff. a marketing channel: we're going to keep track of all the different ways your marketing on your store. discount codes, if you want to make unique discount codes for certain people to shop. and lastly but most importantly, the online store sales channel itself, where you're gonna be creating the website, choosing the theme, adding blog posts, if that's what you want, creating other pages like a contact us and a track your order page, making the navigation menus and the footer menus different preferences about your store. and just before we jump into actually building a store, i do want to run you through just the most important things that you should fix up on your settings. so the first thing, over here in store details, you want to change the currency to usd. i mean, 90 of my customers, i would say, come from the united states and if you're on the same boat, i would recommend having your currency set to usd [Music] and just go ahead and click save. besides that, you can start to fill out your billing information so they can bill you eventually. when you get off of the free trial, you can start to set up staff accounts. if you're working on this business with somebody else, you can start to set up your bank account so that they can actually pay you when you make orders. and beyond that, there's not a whole lot that we need to do in the very beginning in the settings. so now it's time to find our first product so that we can actually start making some sales down here, you'll notike this section called apps. you just want to come over here and click add apps. it'll take you straight to the shopify app store if you click the link at the bottom, and this is where you want to be: to go ahead and get an app that allows you to import a product in one click. now, oberlo was a big app that allowed you to do this before. i'm not even too sure it's still on the shopify app store. no, it's not. in fact, it's been completely removed, and this is the best way for beginners to get started was to use oberlo and one click add a product from aliexpress to their store. but with oberlo gone, we need an alternative, and deezers is actually partnered with overload to kind of pick up and take over where oberlo left off. but good news for you is that deezers is actually a whole lot more complete and allows you to automate so many more tasks that oberlo just didn't have the functionalities for. the first thing you want to do is go ahead and click on this app and then just click add app and it's going to give you again a 14 day free trial, so you don't have to spend any money out of your pocket. go ahead and click install app, and then it's going to prompt you to a page where you need to create an account for yourself. now don't get scared away by the 499 per month enterprise plan, as all we need right now is the basic free plan and just go ahead and click get started. the next thing is that we need to go ahead and link deezers to aliexpress. so if you just click this logo right here, it's going to take us right through to aliexpress and ideally, you want to already have an account set up. if you don't, it's super quick and easy to make an account on aliexpress. just click authorize and then you're going to get this little support bot and obviously what we want to do at this point is start importing products and figuring out which products we want to sell on our store. it's going to take you through a really quick guide, but i don't real.

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Best Dropshipping apps for SHOPIFY in 2022

[Music]. best drop shipping apps for shopify in 2022. you are busy interpreting running your e-commerce business and researching the best drop shipping apps you can use to optimize your shopify store is time consuming, so we took the leverage of doing this lag work for you. [Music]. these apps can help you efficiently manage your supply chain by allowing you to import products and fulfill orders, leading to higher customer. by looking at the top store rating, the number of previous apps, top features and other subjective parameters, we have created the best dropshipping apps. we hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store. so let's get started. [Music]. please subscribe my channel. 43 best drop shipping apps for shopify. number one is pocket us and eu dropshipping. number two: printful print on demand. number three: 25 print on demand. number four: spreader app- amazon improver. number five: number five: aliexpress drop shipping and more. number six: more or less drop shipping. number seven: t launch print on demand. number eight: 26 print on demand. number nine: wc fulfillment print on demand. number fan: smart express. number 11: d says aliexpress drop shipping official partner. number 12 and 45: easy drop shipping drop. number 13: drop it rip drop shipping. number 14: amazon drop shipper plus. walmart. number 15, inventory source. number 16: goes and print on demand. number 17: wholesale to be drop shipping. number 18, product pro. number 19: my online fashion store. number 20- dropshipper, us drop shipping. number 21: aop plus easy print on demand. number 22: drop shipment, drop shipping. number 23: whiplash fulfillment. number 24: up here, pop drop shipping. number 26- t pop print only my number 27- well style fulfillment, art of wear. epic duo pick upiness. number 32, mothership connect. number 34, dropbox. number 35, street shirts. number 36, screen pro. number 37: chatty thund spot drop shipping. un and us suppliers. drop shipping suppliers from usa, eu, canada, australia and more with quick delivery. more than 50 000 interpreters enjoy this pocket. in this video, we will discuss about 13 best drop shipping apps, so let's get started to discuss about 2010: best apps. shopify apps. [Music], [Music]. do [Music], [Music], [Music] you.

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5 APPS You NEED for Shopify Dropshipping (2022)

this video will be going over the top five Shopify Drop Shipping apps. you actually need to make your store look a lot more professional and just start getting more sales. for this first one, all you have to do is head to the Shopify app store right here and then, once you guys are here, you are going to press on search apps right here and this is where you guys are going to search in track one, two, three. basically, what track one, two, three is? it's a tracking link app. so basically, this one right here with the blue box. you guys are just going to click on that and what this does is is it looks up any orders- the orders, that is- and it tracks orders as well as shows you guys that you order delivery date even if you guys aren't getting orders. this is actually such a good thing that every single store needs so that your store looks more professional. I have this on my store and basically I'm going to show you guys the little view here of it on a computer and then right here at the top, you're gonna see a track your order page and all you have to do is press install app and then it will automatikally give you a link so that you guys can add that to your menu, and then this is what it looks like on the computer. it looks like a little bit better on a mobile view because you guys are going to get your traffic to your mobile devices, but all you guys have to do for the customer is put in their order number and their email, or just put in the tracking number that Shopify automatikally gives them, and this will make your store look a lot more professional and secure and actually not look like a scam. so more people will actually trust in your store and actually buy your products in hopes of it actually is looking to their house and them not getting scammed out of their money. now the second app on this list is basically a reviews app. it'll show customer reviews imported from AliExpress onto your store. so this is a very nice reviews app. all you have to do is search up alley reviews right there, and this is so beautiful that any store should have. I recommend that fully, and it is going to be this app right here which has 10, over 10 000, almost 11 000 good reviews. so this app is already started. there is a free plan which still shows reviews, but if you guys do want to have better reviews that actually show photos, just like these. this template is just absolutely really amazing and every single store should have this. just download that app to have the photos in there. it's going to be twenty dollars a month, which is a must-have, I feel like, but this little section right here without the photo, it will just show this. it'll show a picture, some, some stars and the text right there just won't show the photo. if it is a free plan, and you guys can definitely and should definitely take advantage of this app, all you have to do is install that, and it is a bit more difficult to actually set up on your store. so what you have to do is actually go back to Shopify here and click off of that, and what you're going to want to do is press on alley reviews right over there, and this is actually how you're going to set it up. what you're going to want to do is go over to the left sidebar here and press on import reviews, and what you have to do is go to AliExpress and actually search for a product, and even if you're not getting your product from AliExpress, what you guys have to do is find a similar product on AliExpress- I'm sure there's tons of them, because AliExpress has millions and millions and millions of products- copy that link and press import reviews and it'll actually show you the product and then, once you press on import reviews, it will show all of your reviews that you have. so in my case, I have 72 reviews and then when you do go to my store, the reviews are going to show just like this, but it does look a bit weird on a computer, so on your mobile device it actually looks a lot better, just like that, and these are actual five star reviews, and you can dictate which reviews you want to show. so if you don't want to show the one star reviews which is actually trashing on your product or your brand, you don't have to show those, which is a bit Shady, but people will never know because they're never going to see their bad review. so that sums it up for the second AB on this list. now, the next one on this list is actually Zen drop, and all you have to do for this app is basically just click, install and then create an account. the other ones you don't need to create an account, but this one you certainly do, and what Zen drop is is they are an auto fulfillment center. so if you guys do not know what that means is basically, when you get an order on Shopify, Shopify will automatikally send the address and the name to zendrop and then Zen drop will automatikally ship the product to your customer and pay from your credit card to pay for the product and shipping and then once you guys get paid by Shopify for that product- let's say ten dollars and you paid five dollars for the product- the ten dollars will be in your bank account and zendrop will take care of basically everything, instead of you having to actually type letter by letter on the customer's name and address to actually ship out the product. this app will help you so much. now I've actually used this on so many of my drop shipping stores and actually the video that actually got around 50 000 views in a month on how I try up. if I drop shipping for two weeks with no money, I actually use Zen drop to actually get that fifty dollars in sales. and you know this app is completely free. there is a paid version, but I recommend stiking with the free one because this app is just so good and with this app you guys can also find products, winning products, trending products, on any category, and it'll help you so much in your Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. so just install that app, create an account and you guys can actually get started in finding winning products and actually make your Shopify Drop Shipping experience so much easier and so much lighter for that. so there is a seven day free trial if you do want to test out any of the premium features, but you guys can keep that free plan available 24- 7 with that. now the last app that I actually have for this video is The tiktok app, and you guys can actually download the the Snapchat and Instagram apps too. but tiktok right now is what is blowing up and what's helping people actually get so much organic, free traffic to their store. so all you have to do is go to tiktok and actually download that app right there and basically, with this app, it's free to install, free to use and it's tik-tok ads. so if you do want to start making money on tiktok very fast, all you have to do is actually start by downloading this app, and for tiktok ads is where tiktok is not just good for organic, organic traffic. if you do want to start spending money on tik tok so you can get your videos to a broader audience instead of just random people in the hopes of going viral. this actually you can pay for advertisements so people will guaranteed see your videos and actually be directed to your store. so I actually did try tiktok ads. I sort of failed at it because I didn't know how to use it and you know what videos to post and at what times. my video was actually pretty bad, so that only got about two sales after spending 150 dollars. but once you guys actually Master tiktok ads and learn how to use it and keep putting on videos and videos and videos and actually targeting this to a direct audience, this app right here can help you get so much more sales and actually help out your your Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. so that is a must-have. along with all of these on the list, those were the four best apps I actually use on my own store and that you guys should use on every single store that you do have in the future. that is the end of the video. If you guys did enjoy this Shopify Drop Shipping video, make sure you guys do give it a huge like and if you guys do want to see more Shopify, job sh.

Top 5 BEST Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2022 | Shopify Tutorial

(gentle electronica music) - Yo, what is going on? everybody, It's your man, Mohamed Camara, and welcome back to the channel. You already know what time it is. man, In this video I got a interesting one for you all, man, you all requested it, so you know I'm gonna deliver. I got you. I'm gonna give you my top five favorite Shopify apps to use on your store. If you haven't seen the last video, go ahead and check that out. it's a must see. it's toking about copyrighting, something that I haven't seen a lot of people tok about. I'll link that up up here for you guys, if you haven't checked that out already: absolute banger. In this video, like I said, we're gonna cover my top five favorite Shopify apps, And these are either gonna help you optimize your store or it's gonna help you just increase your conversion rates, 'cause that's what it's all about. When we're toking about websites, we're toking about conversion rate. That's like the holy grail of metrics. when you're toking about just building out your store, There's a very big difference between a website that actually looks good and a website that's actually built to convert visitors into customers. So I'm gonna list out my top five favorite apps, going from least favorite to my most favorite and if you stik around towards the end, I'll definitely hook you up with a bonus as well. all right, All I ask is that you hit the like button on this video before we get into it, because you already know I'm gonna hook you all up with some value, man, come on. Okay for app number five. we're gonna start with Lucky Orange. You guys heard me tok about this app a lot on this channel, and Lucky Orange- if you haven't heard about it already, it is a perfect app to spy on your customers. I know it sounds creepy and it sounds weird, but if you think about it, your website is your digital real estate. it is your property. It's kind of like installing cameras on your building, on your rental home or your property, whatever the case may be. It's just you're doing it digitally. So Lucky Orange is the cameras, it's your security camera. And here's a look at the app in the Shopify app store right here. The great thing about the Lucky Orange app is that you can record your visitors' user sessions so you can record, basically get like a screen recording of all their behaviors, see exactly what pages they visited. you can see what buttons they clicked on. they have this cool thing: it'll create heat maps so you can actually see where did they click on their mobile device, for example, What directions their mouse was going in, So it's a very versatile app. this is a perfect app for those who are getting visitors into your store but you're not able to get actual customers. maybe you're getting a lot of abandoned carts and you don't know why. This is a perfect app 'cause you can basically, after a whole day of just driving traffic- especially when you're first starting your advertising for any new product or anything like that in the testing phase- while your ads are warming up. I advise all my students to go ahead and use the Lucky Orange app and you'll basically be able to just sit there and watch video after video of every customer that came into your store And you'll find a trend: The people who spend the longest amount of time on your store- or maybe over 30 seconds- they end up adding to cart. The people who end up spending more than a minute and a half- are the ones that actually purchase, and you'll find this trend of seeing which pages people actually bounced off of, meaning which pages people visited, and they end up having a high bounce rate and exiting out of your website and going back to social media, There might be something on that part of your website where you can actually optimize it and get people to stay a little bit longer, because if you could get them to stay above that threshold now it's gonna lead to add to cart and people making more deeper in the funnel type of actions on your website. So highly recommend this app. it is free. you get the first 500 page views for free. After that it's about like $10 a month. but I wouldn't recommend keeping it on your store. it's kind of just using it through the optimization stage and through the beginning parts of you testing out your website, you trying to optimize, see what things you wanna optimize. It'll allow you to see exactly what your customers are seeing and it's so, so helpful because you can test things out and you can go and build out the most beautiful website. but if it's not getting people to continue down into the add to cart phase, into the initiate checkout phase, then it really doesn't matter, right? So this is really gonna help you kind of visualize everything and just make sense of it, all of what your customers' journey actually looks like. Definitely check that out. Lucky Orange App number four is Feraai. This app is very versatile. it's a beasty app because it has so many things inside of it. Basically, this one app will have about, I think, 20 plus different widgets that you can add to your store. Now keep in mind I don't recommend adding tons of apps onto your store, because all that's gonna do is slow down your website, because the way that the apps actually install into your store is it adds some sort of code and layers of code into your website theme, and the more code that you put on your theme, the more it slows it down as far as load time and web speed and things like that. So if you use this app, don't just go and add all types of crazy widgets. Let me go over some of the widgets that you can use. So if I go and add this new widget right here, what we could see is it'll give us a list of things. so we have widgets to increase our average order value. So there's a free shipping bar, buy one, get one free pop up, upsell in the cart. so a bunch of things here and it can kind of be overwhelming. but I recommend only doing about two to three widgets max on your website because you don't wanna overload your theme with so much code. Okay, right here, increasing urgency, you could do a timer in cart slash checkout- This is one that I really like- and a get it by timer- Basically let the customers know when they can expect their orders. that's gonna be one of the biggest objections. so if you can overcome that and just put it on the product page, you'll see more add to carts and more conversions there. This app, like I said, it's beasty and it's a little bit too much. you can have a lot of fun, but I'm telling you, if you decide to use this, I recommend to just limit yourself to two to three widgets max. you don't wanna do too much. You have a bunch of things here to increase social proof, for example, increasing trust, decreasing cart abandonment, Okay. so the two widgets that I use out of this app is actually the get it by timer and I use the logo showcase banner. This is a basically as seen on CBS. it says, like as seen on Fox, CNN, that kind of social proof bar that you could put on the bottom of your site. You can add that there. You could do a get it by timer as well. basically, like I said, letting people know when they can expect their orders And it'll actually give you stats and you can see the stats here: 7,000 people seen this actual widget in the past month, so it's active, it's doing its thing and it'll actually let you know, okay, how much revenue it's actually responsible for. So they do a good job making sure that it's showing you the ROI that you're getting off of the app. So definitely check out Feraai. it's like 20 plus different apps in one And the hard part is not using all the apps. App number three we're gonna keep counting down here. app number three is a very simple one, but so, so effective. This app right here is called the Stiky Add to Cart. just type it in here: Stiky Add to Cart. I'll show you the exact one And basically the way it works is when you have a long form sales page and you got.

10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

hey, what is up, guys? it's brendan here, and today we're going to be taking a look at the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps: companies, suppliers. if you are brand new to drop shipping and you want to get started with shopify, i have a link down below in the description and that will get you set up with a free trial to take you right over to this page here so you can start selling online with shopify and you can get started with your free trial. so, like i said, link down below and today we're going to be digging into the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps. so drop shipping, especially with the recent announcement that oberlo is shutting down, which has been pretty much the number one shopify drop shipping app for years now, it now forces you to have to take a look at some other apps, some other alternative options to oberlo to now do shopify drop shipping. so these are the 10 best shopify drop shipping apps companies, suppliers so you can do drop shipping with shopify. so, without further ado, we're going to dig into the list- and these are not really in any partikular order, by the way, uh- and links down below in the description box as well, to all of the different companies mentioned here in this video today, some of which are affiliate links. full disclosure there and, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into the first one the list, which is spock. it now no surprise if you've been on the channel for a while. spock- it really is one of the most popular shopify drop shipping apps. nonetheless, just a drop shipping app or company in general. spock it allows you to do drop shipping of original us and eu products, so quite different than the typical aliexpress model that you may have come to expect. like i said as well, if you want to follow along as we go through today's video, links are down in the description box below and each of these different companies. we're just going to be doing a basic overview. if you want to learn more about any of the companies mentioned in today's video, i have individual reviews of a lot of these different options on the channel as well, so feel free to check out uh more in-depth reviews if you're taking, if you want to see more details about them, or you can just go to their website yourself as well and take a look at different options, or you can get set up with free trials on some of them, or or get started if you want to learn more about each of the options. so this is at number one, spock, it is a great option. obviously, they have that shopify integration. really, shopify is probably the most popular e-commerce platform in general, so you can come to expect shopify integration with almost every single drop shipping app or company or supplier that you're taking a look at, although there are a few that shopify doesn't have integration with, but really shopify is integration with almost every single uh drop shipping app or company that you that you take a look at, just because they're purely the most the most popular and most, uh, really just the most popular that most people want to go with. so, yeah, shopify integration there, spock, it definitely worth taking a look at. they have a lot of different products uh as well, uh, so you can find various different categories, depending on what types of categories you want to drop ship within. they have the integrations there and, yeah, us and eu products, so something different than aliexpress. moving into the next one here at number two, we have dropified. now dropify i've also mentioned on the channel before- very, very good option if you're interested in doing more of the whole aliexpress model. they allow you to import aliexpress products. so you can do that. uh, you can also import from alibaba as well. if you're looking to do an alibaba drop shipping or aliexpress drop shipping, then you can also do that with dropified. if you want to check out dropify, link down below in the description as well. same with all the other companies mentioned in today's video. so, as you can see, uh, they do have the shopify, shopify, dropified uh integration. so, yes, if you're trying to do shopify drop shipping, you can do that with dropified. uh, so, and they also have a few other options. uh, beyond just sourcing products from alibaba, aliexpress, they do have a few other options, depending on what type of plan that you go with. they do have other product offerings as well, but that's really their bread and butter. you can import products. you know, you know the drill if you're, if you're familiar with drop shipping in general. uh, you know, you know the drill, how it works. you find import products, yada, yada. so that's another good option as well for finding products to sell in your store. moving into at number three, we have sinky. now sinky is also a little bit of a newcomer to the block. uh, sinky is also a fantastik option if you are just getting started with shopify drop shipping. they have, like i said, shopify integration there, so nothing to worry about. as far as sinky goes, they allow you to do more of the b2b setup. so if you're looking at doing maybe some more high tiket type drop shipping, uh, they allow you to import from other types of suppliers a little bit different. you also have alibaba, so that's one of their key players there as well. so maybe, like i said, if you're trying to do high tiket drop shipping, maybe sinky would be a good option for you. they also have variety of other types of suppliers beyond alibaba or you know what you may expect with a typical aliexpress, but sinky, uh, really is a good option for alibaba and b2b drop shipping. so, syncing those products, they are good, as is the name sinky. they are good at syncing products, as it should be. so you can also bring your own suppliers as well and you can easily import with csvs. so, depending on the type of drop shipping that you're going to be doing, what type of suppliers, you can easily import things, uh, which is really really nice. like i said, shopify as well, shopify plus, uh, if you're doing, if you're at that type of volume, then they also have the shopify plus integration, which makes a lot of sense, since you know they are a little bit different, but, uh, yeah, shopify integration. so, yeah, sinky, another good option to take a look at and definitely worthy of being in this list as well. so, yeah, feel free to check out sinky- link down below in the description. yeah, sinky, pretty solid. moving into, at number four, we have de-essers. now, if you really are just looking to do aliexpress drop shipping, then dsers is probably the best option for you because they are the official e-commerce uh solution for aliexpress. so i know every company wants to put themselves as the official official, but dsers is great for aliexpress drop shipping. if that's what you're really trying to- just stik to aliexpress and that's all you care about, then cool, de-essers is good. but they don't have as many other product offerings or options uh, as maybe some of the other alternatives in this list, depending on what types of products you're trying to sell, uh, what type of categories, what pricing points. but if you're familiar with aliexpress already, maybe if you're coming from a tool like oberlo, then de-essers is probably the closest. uh, if you're coming from something like oberlo, or if you're familiar with oberlo already, then de-essers is a good option since oberlo's shutting down, like i said uh at the beginning of this video. so de-essers is a good um replacement for that same same with uh- spock it as well. uh, they do have a migration um section here if you're interested in migrating uh, so they've got that as well if that's what you're interested in doing. but de-essers is a good option for aliexpress drop shipping and of course, they have the shopify uh e-commerce integration. so nothing to worry about there and aliexpress really shopify, aliexpress drop shipping. de-essers, that's the tool. so, moving into number five, we have something a little bit different. this is printful, which is a print on demand company, so i know this video is more focused on drop shipping apps for shopify, i figured. i