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best automated dropshipping software

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How I Run My Dropshipping Business (All Software Explained)

in this video i'm going to cover all the software that runs my drop shipping business. for me, the primary goal of this video is complete transparency, so you can understand exactly what software works for each part of my drop shipping business and why i use it. so the first side of my business runs mainly with z-drop. z-drop is a software that pulls listings from sites like amazon, walmart, ebay and so on and lists them with the same pictures, titles and descriptions at a markup in price. i typically mark most of my products up about 40, and that seems to work pretty well for me. any software that copies listings and marks them up like this is a must for anyone that's trying to scale drop shipping. i currently use z drop to copy listings to facebook marketplace, facebook shops, poshmark and mercari. z-drop copies to a number of other websites too, but i mainly use it to copy to the ones i just mentioned. i also use e-drop to copy and paste addresses for me so i can process orders quicker. that's yet another feature. then, from there, i use list perfectly to cross post those same listings. list perfectly is a software that will take listings from site to site and repost them. this software is a complete time saver and also allows me to list and drop ship on other websites zdrop doesn't post to. i use it to list to grailed tradesy, depop and kittison as well. this gives my listings more exposure and leads to other sales for pretty much no extra work. i also have virtual assistants move facebook listings to mercari and poshmark using this software. after using z drop initially, to help my vas log into my computer and use my ip address to avoid facebook flagging my accounts, i use a software called splashtop. splashtop is a software that allows them to remote into my computers from anywhere in the world. this is crucial because not only are they now using my ip address- and facebook is super sensitive to ip addresses and locations- but they can also use my accounts software password credit cards. that means that i don't have to give them passwords, i don't have to give them access to my accounts, i don't have to give them credit card information and i don't have to buy them each a version of their own software so that they can use it, because all that's already installed and input on my computer already. it streamlines pretty much every part of the business and in my opinion, it's a lot safer, and i honestly love the fact that at any point in time, i can just look over and see what they're doing. yes, we're in different locations, obviously, but they're basically working here in the office right next to me. i then use a software called interguard to monitor the productivity and computer usage of each employee. this software has the capability to track everything they're doing, give me productivity ratings based on how active they were, and has a lot of data points and has an algorithm that explains how it calculates this productivity score, and it also lets you restrict certain applications and websites if you want to. now, i barely ever check this or restrict pretty much anything, but it's good to know that i can if i want to. it's also great if you're paying someone hourly, because you can literally see how productive they are in the hours you're paying them for. you can see how much their time working was idle, moving, changing pages, and the list goes on and on. this is great for measuring employee productivity against each other if you're looking to test out different people or make a new hire. it's also perfect if your va is located in a different time zone and they're working at night. moving on to the amazon side of the business now, drop shipping on amazon is a very different approach than drop shipping on pretty much any other platform. to find profitable products, i start out using a software called source mogul. this software compares products against amazon's catalog on many different websites and then tells you which ones are profitable and which ones are. after i list the profitable ones and get orders, i make order fulfillment easier by using another copy paste software called spot and paste. this cuts my order fulfillment time significantly. i also use a software called sku grid to monitor stok levels on my suppliers websites and change the stok levels on my amazon store if a product goes in or out of stok. that way i don't sell a product that's out of stok. i also use the automatik repricer built into amazon- you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy repricer- and i also use a software called trackerbot to automatikally input tracking numbers for me. this software pulls tracking numbers out of the emails i get and inputs them into corresponding orders on amazon for me. so i pretty much never have to manually input tracking numbers. game changer. one software that i've yet to mention is a software that helps me make more sales on poshmark, and that is simple: posher. this 10 per month software automatikally shares listings on poshmark for me and, put simply, it automatikally brings more traffic to your listings and helps you sell more. you won't do well on poshmark without it. all of these are pivotal in my drop shipping business. they save me time and they streamline pretty much every process for both me and my va's, and i wouldn't have been able to scale to even close to what i have without them. all of them are linked down in the description. if you feel that you need them, i also put any deal that i might have set up with them so that you can either try the software for free or get some money off. and if you want to learn how to specifically use any one of these, i've made tutorials on all of them, so just search the channel. it's all there. but honestly, one of the best places to start drop shipping currently is facebook marketplace. i obviously drop ship on a number of places, but by far the quickest and easiest one to start and scale is facebook marketplace drop shipping. so check out the video linked up in the right hand corner right now if you want to learn more about how i was able to turn six figures in profit in just under six months dropshipping. i hope you enjoyed the video. if you got any value from it whatsoever, please give it a like. i genuinely appreciate it. until next time. [Music], oh, [Music] you.

All The BEST eBay Dropshipping Software for 2021

don't make the mistake of using bad software. you'll waste a lot of money, you'll waste a lot of time and you'll get so frustrated you'll probably just give up on drop shipping entirely. what's up? everyone paul here from dropshippingtitanscom, where i teach regular people just like you how to start your first successful drop shipping store. i've been drop shipping on ebay for a while now. i've tried a lot of software and i know what works and what doesn't work at all. so instead of you wasting your time trying to figure it out yourself, this is the best software that i have found as of right now for doing drop shipping on ebay. now, as always, the links to everything i tok about in this video- all the software- will be in the description of this video. if you're gonna sign up for the software anyway and you want to support my channel- and i would appreciate it if you use any of my affiliate links in the description, a lot of times they'll either come with free trials or discounts if you use those links anyway. so when you first start selling on ebay, the first thing you're going to have to do is find products to sell, do product research. so for that we have one of my favorite tools out there. it's called zeek analytiks. this will take product research and supercharge it, and this makes a huge difference when it comes to selling on ebay. the difference between a really successful ebay drop shipper and one who isn't successful really comes down to product research. so if you can get that part right, you will excel. you'll do much better than most drop shippers out there. so this is the software that uses called zeek analytiks. now it does a whole bunch, but i want to show you two of the things that really stand out for me about it. the first is called product research. so i'm going to click on that tool and all i'm going to type in here. you can either type in a keyword. you could type in a brand, or you can put an entire title of an item right in here. in this case, i'm going to put in a brand. the brand i'm putting in is called mainstays. now, mainstays is a brand that only walmart sells. so i know that any products that zeke analytiks comes up with are probably going to be products that are drop shipped from walmart onto ebay. now you don't have to. i mean, you can use this for retail drop shipping. the other cool thing is that you can also use zeek analytiks for wholesale drop shipping as well. now i also want some other criteria here, only united states. i want a minimum price of 15- no maximum price is needed- and i want someone who has a seller that has less at least 30 feedback. and i want to see sales in the past 30 days and i'll click on search and this will analyze everything on ebay, come up with some results right away. now i'm going to check off all of them and click on zeek selection, because you'll see what it comes up with and how useful this information is. so here it is right here. i generally ignore the stuff at the top, although it's kind of helpful, specifically this graph right here, because what this graph tells you is who kind of owns this the market or who's making most of the sales. so what i don't want to see is if you search for a title or a brand and only one person is in here, that means they are dominating for some reason and no one can compete with them. you don't want that. you want to see that lots of people are selling this brand or that or that title, because that tells you that a new seller like you could come in and do really well. so coming down here, this now shows you all the products, so the column right here will tell you the name of it, obviously, give you a little photo. it also tells you right here how many times it's sold in the past 30 days. this one sold 120 times and for what price. so this is really cool, because normally you have to open up each individual item to get this information and some of them might not sell at all or might not be selling at all. this tells you not only that it's selling, but that it's it's being sold recently, because when we're selling, listing items on ebay, we don't want to just list up any old items. we want to list up items that are actually already selling, and preferably selling recently, and these ones we can quickly see all of that information. so all of these right here are items that i would sell myself because they're doing really well right now and i know they're being dropshipped from walmart, which is one of the suppliers that i'm using. so that little product research tool is really, really exceptional. the other one i really like is called the competitor research. now what that does is check this out. so let's find one of these sellers. let's use like this one right here, and i'm just going to click the scan seller because this does the same thing. i click on that and what zeke analytiks is doing is it's looking at all the products this seller is selling and seeing which products are selling. well, there we go, instead of me having to go into this person's store and having to do it manually. it spits it out instantly. and the other thing i've got to show you is, with any of these search results pages, you can you can filter. so i want to see items that sold at least two times in the past 30 days and that are at least fifteen dollars in price, and i'll click on filter and give it a minute to load. it sounds it the more products the seller has, the longer this will take. but you see, they're selling a lot of items and selling them really well. this one sold 61 times the past month, 42 times, 37 times, 33 times, 32 times, 30. so these are a lot of really, really great items that we could be selling and, because we know this person is a drop shipper, these are all items that we could potentially drop ship ourselves. so, without a doubt, this is my favorite product: research software. it was created specifically for ebay drop shippers, by ebay dropshippers. it does retail drop shipping or wholesale, so really powerful. i'll have my affiliate link in the description of the video. you sign up through that you do get a special deal. now, once you find the products to sell, the next thing you have to do is actually list them up for sale. now the old way was we would have a listing here on ebay or, sorry, on walmart. let's say this is it. and if we wanted to create a listing on ebay, i would copy the title and then start a new listing on ebay, paste it in. i would download all these photos to my computer and then upload them to my listing on ebay. for all the images. i would then take the price and use a calculator, say, okay, i need to increase this by 5.99 for shipping, then i need to increase it for ebay fees and i need more for profit. and then what does that work out to? and i would need to copy the description and paste that into ebay. that's a lot of work and you could mess something up there. that's where this software comes in: auto ds now autods does a lot to run your ebay drop shipping business a lot to automate it. in fact, this is actually the first software that i recommend that you get, even though it's the second one i'm toking about. it's actually the first one i recommend you get because of what it does. check this out. the two things i want to highlight first is the uploader. so i'm going to click on uploader on the left, and now i'm going to come over to walmart and, instead of copying and pasting all that information, all i'm going to do is copy one thing and that's the url. so i'm going to copy that. come back to autodesk, plug it in and then click grab details and what it's doing is it's pulling in the title and the photos and the description and it pulls them all in right, here and now. this is your manual check. you can quickly go through this, change anything you want to change. so, for instance, i always change the titles. this title stinks. there's nothing here. it's not a good title. i would fill this with keywords. you can also see that there are three variations of this product. right, there's three different colors. let's say you did product research and you discover that, hey, only the black one is selli.

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How To Start An Automated EBAY DROPSHIPPING Business (Step By Step)

in this video i'm going to go through the most important things that you need to be aware of if you want to make money online with an automated ebay drop shipping business. i'm going to go through some mindset things that you need to be aware of, as well as some practikal things. that's going to help you out on your journey. so make sure you stik around to the end so you don't miss anything. and if you're new to this channel and you've never seen me before, welcome. my name is sam and so far on this channel, i've made over 440 different videos breaking down various different tips and tricks to help you when it comes to making money online. but, most importantly, i've been running ebay businesses now for the past 10 years, so i know a thing or two that's going to help you out on your journey. so make sure you press the like button if you enjoy any part of this video. don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification so that youtube can let you know when a new video has been released. let's not waste any more time. let's get right into it. all right. so first things first. what exactly is ebay dropshipping? for anyone that's never heard this term before, so it's simply where you're going to list an item for sale on your ebay store and whenever a customer buys the item from you, you're going to go over to your supplier's website and then buy it from them, and then give them your customers name and address and then they're going to ship it directly to your customer. so you never, ever, have to invest in any inventory up front. it's just going to be a case of you listing products on your ebay store, going over to your suppliers website, and then they do all the hard work in terms of fulfilling the item directly to your customers. now, what exactly is automated ebay drop shipping and how does it differ from manual ebay drop shipping? so automated ebay drop shipping is where you're going to systematize the entire process when it comes to automatikally listing products on your store, as well as automatikally fulfilling orders and various other ways that you're going to be able to automate the entire system. however, manual ebay drop shipping is where you're going to manually do things. so, for example, you're going to go over to your suppliers website, you're going to copy and paste the images, the description, and you're going to be doing this one by one for all of the different items that you're going to be selling, and i'm sure, by the differences that i just went through now in terms of manual and automated ebay drop shipping, i'm sure that you guys prefer automated, because you're going to be able to save so much time. okay, so jumping straight into: one of the most important things that you need to be aware of if you want to be successful and make the most money with ebay drop shipping is to understand exactly how ebay selling limits work. so what exactly is an ebay selling limit? well, ebay restricts the amount of items in terms of the quantities that you're going to list on your ebay account, as well as the value that you can list for new sellers, and it's not just for new sellers, it's for every single ebay seller. every single person that wants to sell on ebay is restricted to a certain limit. like, for example, one of my ebay accounts has a monthly limit of around 1.6 million pounds, which means that every single month, i'm allowed to list up to the value of 1.6 million pounds, and there's other ebay sellers out there that are allowed to list a lot more than this, and the reason why this is important to know is because the more you can list on your ebay store, and the more you're allowed to list, the more money that you're going to make, and that's why i'm always advising new ebay sellers to make sure that they're focusing on increasing their selling limit every single month. so how exactly do you increase your selling limit? well, every single ebay account starts off with the same limit, and it's just a case of making sure that you're doing everything right month after month, making sure that you call up ebay at the end of every month to request a new limit, and you can do this through your ebay account. if you just log in, go to the help page, you're going to see a section there that says selling limit. once you click on that, you're going to be able to now see the option where it says request and increase. once you go through that process, ebay is going to call you, go through a couple questions in terms of where you're getting your items from, exactly what you have planned for your ebay account in the future, and most of the time- i would say 80 of the time- they automatikally increase your limit, and this is something that you're gonna have to do month after month. okay, so which softwares do you need exactly when it comes to automating the entire ebay drop shipping process. now, the two softwares that i always recommend on this channel is zeke analytiks and auto ds, and i'm sure that if you've been watching me for some time, you already know what these softwares are. but for anyone that's new to the channel, z analytiks is simply a product research software that helps you find winning products to sell on ebay, and you're also able to spy on your competition. and moving on to autods, which is a software that's going to help you automate the entire process, like, for example, you're going to be able to optimize and save time when it comes to listing products because, as i said earlier, when it comes to listing products manually, you're going to have to go over to your suppliers website, download all of the images, copy the description and any other information you need. then you're going to have to go back over to your ebay account, paste all the information and make sure that everything has been done accurately. however, when it comes to using auto ds, you're going to be able to simply connect your ebay account to auto ds. once you do that, you're going to be able to easily go on to your supplier's website and then link products with a few clicks of a button, which means that if you use autodesk, within one day you may be able to list up to 1000 products if you wanted to, if you've got a high selling limit. however, if you wanted to list 1000 products manually, it may take you one week for you to get through listing every single one of those items, maybe even longer. so those are the two softwares that i recommend anyone use when it comes to starting an ebay drop shipping business, and if you want to sign up to trials for both of them- both zika analytiks and auto ds- i've got trial links in my description down below. you can try them out, see if there's something that you want to continue doing, but trust me, these are definitely going to optimize and help you with your entire ebay drop shipping business. okay, so which supplier is the best one that you should use when it comes to doing ebay drop shipping? now, there's multiple different suppliers that you can use, but i'm gonna break down my top three at the moment, which is aliexpress, alibabacom and cj drop shipping, and in this table right here, i've broken down the pros and the cons of each one, just so that you have a full understanding of which one might be best for you. so, starting off with aliexpresscom, one of the cons is that there's various different vendors with different qualities. now, if you're not sure exactly what aliexpresscom is, it's simply a website with multiple different vendors, multiple different suppliers, which means that there's gonna be different qualities depending on which supplier that you go to. some of the companies or some of the people that are selling on aliexpress may be selling from their house, or maybe selling from an actual warehouse with employees, similar to how amazon or ebay works in the uk or the us. there's people that operate their businesses from their house. now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the reason why this might be a con when it comes to using aliexpress is that if you now decide to use a different vendor, you may get a different quality. you may get a longe.

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Top 11 Dropshipping Software and Tools To Scale Your eCommerce Store

drop shipping software, tools and services are a great way to help us escalate and skyrocket our drop shipping businesses. that's why, in this video, i'm going to be going over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you guys to use that will help you with many things like product research, product importing, automatik orders, price and stok monitoring, knowing how to handle your finances and expenses, optimizing your product pages and getting videos for your products, and so much more. so, if you want to scale your drop shipping business, this is not a video that you want to miss. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lewand from autods, and in this video, we're going to go over the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for you to use to escalate and scale your drop shipping business. we cannot handle all of the workload on ourselves, on our own, because we are just one person. even if we have virtual assistants that help us run and automate some of our daily tasks, we still need the help of drop shipping tools and software to really help us scale our drop shipping businesses and reach new heights and new profits, month by month and year by year. by the end of this video, you will see exactly how all of these drop shipping software and tools can help you escalate your drop shipping business. so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action, but one second before that. if you are new to our channel, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of drop shipping, along with so many drop shipping tips and strategies to help you run a successful online business. having said that, let's go ahead and get started with the video. everything that i'm going over, by the way, you can read about it in the blog, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so go ahead and check that out if you are the type who likes to read. so what are the top 11 drop shipping software and tools for 2022? let's take it from the top. the number one tool that i want to recommend in this video is none other than auto ds, and the reason behind that is because auto ds is really the number one e-commerce platform for drop shipping that you have out there today. you have so many things included in auto ds, like automatik product importing, automatik order fulfillment, automatik tracking, number updates, price and stok monitoring over 25 reliable drop shipping suppliers, compatibility with the top selling platforms like facebook marketplace, ebay, shopify, wix, amazon and so much more coming soon, so you can drop ship and have full automation from over 25 drop shipping suppliers, giving you access to millions and millions of products that you can then resell on those selling channels that i just mentioned. and, of course, you can do it in multiple regions worldwide. so if you see someone- one of your competitors- doing a really good job on a specific market, you can do the same thing on a different market around the world, so you don't always have to drop ship to only one region, like the us. you can also drop ship in different regions like uk, australia, new zealand, germany and so many more countries around the world. those are some of the things that help rods stand out so much more. we also have a great blog page that's updating at least twice a week, with new artikles coming out that will help you out with dropshipping tips and strategies, product finding, case studies, success stories and so much more, and an updated youtube channel with videos such as this one to help you gain more knowledge in drop shipping and, of course, help you scale successfully. if you don't know about auto ds yet just head on over to autodeskcom see all of the features and benefits. try out your one dollar trial and see how it works for you. i'm sure that you will like what you see. one of the things that's worth mentioning is autods's new product research tool that simply helps you find the best products to sell on your stores, and you can simply import it in just one click from the auto ds system to your drop shipping stores with full price and stok monitoring automation, quick product importing, as i just explained, and, of course, automatik orders and automatik tracking number updates. check out the new product research tool because soon you're also going to have private wholesale drop shipping suppliers that only you can work with as an auto ds member. this is going to be an exclusive benefit and will give you the drop shipping contracts that many drop shippers are looking for and, once again, to work with private wholesale drop shipping suppliers, so you can work with retailers. you can work with private suppliers. you can work with whatever you want and scale your business to new heights. everything is very flexible on auto ds and if you're ever having any trouble with anything, we have full live chat support and a tiket system. if you do not want to wait for the live chat, or if it's not available at the moment, you can always open up a tiket and, of course, any problem that you're having will get resolved as soon as possible. head over to autodscom. see everything that's going on over there and then you'll know exactly what i mean and why i put us at number one on the list. number two on the list is oberlo. oberlo is another drop shipping automation software that will help you with things like price and stok monitoring, help you semi semi-automate your orders, and that's pretty much it. you can only integrate oberlo with shopify and aliexpress as your supplier, so it's pretty much just limited to that one supplier, aliexpress, and that one selling channel, shopify. so if that is what you're looking to do and you're not looking to expand your drop shipping business any further, you can give that a look. one of the things that's also worth mentioning about automatik orders: they're using your buyer account to purchase your product for you on aliexpress. so, for example, you imported a product from aliexpress to shopify and now you got a cell on your shopify store. somebody purchased that product. now oberlo can help you fulfill that order and fulfill it for you automatikally, but they're going to use your buyer account on aliexpress, meaning they're going to need your login details and they're going to use your credit card or whatever payment information you submitted in aliexpress. so the credit is on you and that's what it's like using the automated orders method, on or below. when you compare that to auto ds, autods can also help you semi-automate your orders using your buyer accounts, but better than that, there's also the fulfilled by auto ds service, which completely fulfills your orders- 100 automatikally, not using your buyer accounts, meaning rods has enough buyer accounts of their own and they will use them to fulfill your orders. all you have to do is top up your manage balance and enjoy the special benefits that you will get using the auto ds and payoneer partnership. if you want to use pioneer as your payment solution, you can also use paypal, credit card and others with auto ds. but in any case, let's go back to oberlo. so we know that they have one supplier, which is aliexpress, and one selling channel, which is shopify, and a semi-automatik order fulfillment method, and that pretty much sums up what they can do. their pricing for the starter plan starts at five dollars a month, basic plan thirty dollars a month and the professional plan at eighty dollars a month, allowing you to import thirty thousand products, but of course, all of them have to come from aliexpress. those are the top two drop shipping software that you can use to automate your drop shipping business. now keep in mind there are much more drop shipping tools out there, but none of them come close to these. so keep that in mind. and now let's move forward to the best product research and spy tools that will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors, because with these spy tools and product research tools, you can reall.

How to Automate Dropshipping With a Free Chrome Extension!

one of the challenges of running a successful ebay or amazon drop shipping business is that we often find ourselves doing the same repetitive but simple tasks over and, over and over again. it takes up a lot of time. now, luckily, people are developing software that is automating that process for it, for us, making it a lot faster. but there's some things that people haven't made software for yet, and in this video I'm going to show you how you can program basically your Chrome browser to do it for you, and I promise you it's not as hard as it sounds. hey, I'm Paul and I'm committed to teaching you the exact strategies I use to create multiple six-figure businesses on ebay, and these are the same methods that changed my life, and I'm here to show you how they can change yours as well. so here I am on homedepotcom, and if you've dropped it from Home Depot, then you know that one of the challenges is that Home Depot's address book only accepts 50 addresses at a time- any more than that, and it sort of messes up the system, and what we have to do once a day is come in to the address book and delete all 50 addresses by clicking here, then clicking here. imagine that there were 50 year, it would take a really long time to delete all of them. that is until I found this Chrome extension called imacros, and I'll put a link to this underneath this video. I'm gonna go ahead and add it now and show you how it works. great. so it's added. now it's up here and what I'll do is click this and I'm gonna start a new one. so I click on the main folder, imacros. this is a little bit confusing to use the first time, but, as you'll see, it's not too bad and the more you play with it, the more fun you can actually have with it. you can see how many different things you can automate. so I'm going to click now where it says record right here. click record macro. there we go now, click yes, delete it. and now come back here and click stop. and now this will show you the whole process. right here. so the first step is actually labeled. number two: it says: go to this URL, which is homedepotcom- slash addresses. right. then it's have you click where it says delete, which is right here. then it clicks again where it says delete it right here. so those are the steps it recorded and now what I'll do is click Save and close. and this is it right here. I'm gonna rename it by right-clicking, click rename and call it delete addresses, and now I'll click play macro. it's going to go through all the steps, so first it's going to go to that website, then it's going to click the button delete and then click the next button that says to be. so it just happened. it was really fast and that's how it works now. what you can do now is you highlight it, click on manage and click on edit and you can edit it in here. so I get rid of the URL because I can just come right here when I'm ready to do it, but you can leave it in there if you want, and then what I'm going to do is repeat these tasks. so I'm gonna copy them and repeat it so that it keeps doing it and you can have, I think, up to 25 lines of code, so to speak, so you can quickly delete all them. now, one thing I found is that you need to give it time to load between deleting items for the website to load. so between each of them, what I'm going to do is add in another line, deposit, and that looks like this: it says wait seconds equals 1, so after it deletes an item it's going to wait one second- actually I screwed that up- goes right here and now. I will copy and paste that. so this is really great. you got to play with it a little bit. now click Save and close, and now we can try it again by clicking play the new one. so now it loads the website, it's gonna click delete, it's gonna do these second ones, it's gonna need to alert third one, the fourth one. it would have kept it leading them, but there's none left. so really cool little software you can play with this. this script itself that I just showed you I'll put underneath this video if you want to, or I'll put in a link underneath this video if you want to copy it and use it yourself and play around this. see what else you can do with this. I'm only beginning to learn from it. if you open the folder called demo, there's a lot of different demos. it will show you different things that can do like fill in forms for you, do quick save as upload things for you. so try it out and let me know in the comments section what you've discovered that it can do or different ways that you found to do repetitive tasks over and over again really, really quickly, and if you like this video, I'd appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up. if you loved the video, make sure to subscribe for more quick, fast tips about ebay and amazon drop shipping. thanks, and I'll see you in the next video. [Music].

Best Dropshipping Software For Amazon (2022)

best drop shipping software for amazon. hi guys, welcome back to the channel. today i'm showing you what are some best drop shipping software for amazon and we will discuss what are their different features and pricing as well. so let's get started. so when you start doing drop shipping on amazon, you will need a software to do the drop shipping, to do the automation for you, and there are many software out there. the ones i have for you are ranked best on many websites and the first one is called hustle god reel. now, hustle got real is literally one of the best drop shipping software for amazon, specifically because you can register your amazon shop here. future hassle got real provides our price and stok monitoring and then you get the free trial for lifetime. so there is free trial for 10 products. if you have list of 10 products, you will get a free trial- i mean a free version- for the rest of your life- on amazon, shopify and ebay stores, and it does not expire. so that is actually really cool. so if you have a small business and you have like 10 products up for sale, you can use hassle for real for life and then manual and bulk lister. this is literally one of the best features because you actually can list product with the hassle got real catalog, where they recommend you the winning products, and manually, through a google extension, or import many product at once using your bug listener. so you don't have to, you know, go ahead and import each product individually or manually. what's gonna happen is hustle got real will actually, you know, do the bulk listed for you. they will list all these products in bulk and you don't have to, you know, waste your time. it will help you save your time and you will be able to find the suppliers. you will be able to automate your amazon business on hustle guardrail. so let's just go to the pricing real quick and let me show you that you know you will be getting a free trial, but if you want to buy a plan, how much it's going to cost you. so what happens on has it got real? is that you can see for 10 listings it's zero and if it's actually in the power, so if i go to usd, okay, so you will see that for 10 listing it is zero dollars, and if the listing increase- for example, you have thousand- then you're going to pay 84 and thousand is actually a lot. let's just say that you have 300, so you have 300 products in your listing. you're going to pay 27 dollars per month- not that expensive, and there are, you know, a yearly and monthly sales going on, discounts going on, so you will be saving a lot of money. so there are many advanced option and that you will be getting on hustle got real. so the next platform that i have for you is called buy box. now buy box is one of the famous amazon software out there- drop shipping software out there. because of the features and because of the efficiency that buy box has, it makes it unique among the others. so what happens on pi box is, if i go to the roles right here, you will be see that field services, operations and supply chain. if i go to industries, you can see there are different industries that you can work on: data centers, e v charging, fire and security, medical, telecoms and utilities. so if i go to resources, you will be able to see different resources for buy box. so what happens on buy box is it's one of the very advanced and modern facility that you get. actually it's a all-rounder. you will be getting a lot of options, a lot of suppliers and there are literally suppliers in every field on bibles. that's actually a good thing about buy box and you can actually find a lot of suppliers, a lot of vendors on buy box. it will help, you know, automate your drop shipping service. on amazon. it works really good with amazon as well. so, yeah, buy box is one of your options. the next one we have is called sku grid. now, you might have heard about square, because q grade is out there, very famous for amazon specially. it helps you monitor your listing at multiple marketplaces with global reach, not only amazon's. google actually works with a lot of other platforms as well and you can just, you know, join it. you can see the supported marketplaces: amazon, shopify, etsy and facebook marketplace, woocommerce and walmart. so that's a pretty good thing, right? you can actually manage your different stores from a one space. so you can see the features we get. on amazon, you will see marketplace lister and automated price and stok monitoring. screw grid can monitor your supplier for changes up to every hour and automatikally adjust your items per your exact specifications. advice lister and school fetch are included. so, on amazon, what's gonna happen is that it will automate your listing. you don't have to, you know, do everything yourself. very good, for automation, you are doing drop shipping, you have a lot of things to take care of. you can leave your business to school grade and it will take care of the rest. if you tok about the pricing real quick, you will see the newbie plan is 14.99 per month and then the beginner's plan is 29 per month and intermediate plan is 59 dollars per month and upper intermediate is 89 per month for 14. you can easily see quick lister and list unlimited items for 29. you're going to get easily listed quickly, surround list unlimited items. plus you can actually get professionals as well and you can actually, you know, see you can subscribe to any of the plans and get started with your school grid right now and automate your amazon business really easily. the next i have on the list is called wholesale 2 b. wholesale 2 b works with shopify, amazon and ebay. it is kind of like a wholesale drop shipping automation software in which you can actually import dropship product to your store and marketplace customers pay you, then you pay whole sale to be. we handle the shipment to your customer. you keep the profits super easy. you don't have to do anything. you put up your product for a listing and then wholesale actually, you know, pays your customer, dropship to your customer and then you get the profit. so you can see it works with weebly. you comments equate on facebook marketplace as well. uh, what you can do away the wholesale to be is that you can actually, you know you'll be able to earn the profit- super easy to use, very beginners friendly. that's a good thing about wholesale 2b and when it comes to wholesale 2b by the name you can tell it also works with wholesale suppliers, for example, cg drop shipping and aliexpress as well. again, we are working with amazon. so what's going to happen is you sign up for free. there is no credit card needed, so that's a really good thing. it's 100 risk of free. after that, review product. take your time to review your product and you can actually, you know, a dropship over one million products with wholesale pricing straight from the supplier. that's what i was saying. you know you don't even have to. you know put up for listing or you know create a store of your own. you can actually put up your list your products from your suppliers directly to wholesale to be and then it will, you know, review your product and after that you can just simply start selling. you create your store on amazon or whatever platform you're using, and after that, wholesale 2b will take care of everything and will automate your amazon business. wholesale 2b will help you save your time very efficiently. let's go to the pricing real quick. let me show you how much the plans on wholesale actually cost, so you can see right here. this is the pricing for wholesale import to your existing store and you will have to pay 29 dollars and in this we can actually, you know, import our wholesale to be to our amazon directly. but if i want to import it to a marketplace, for example at c ebay, others, for example, facebook marketplace- so then i will have to pay 39, and then if i want to create a store on wholesale, a new store, and start drop shipping from wholesale, then i'll actually have to pay 49.99. so it depends on what kind of plan you are looking for. if you're going to import from your existing store, you are going.