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best books for ecommerce and dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Starting A Dropshipping Business From Scratch (Read These BOOKS First)

so what's the secret to getting to 10 million dollars with drop shipping? well, we're gonna tok about today. in fact, let me do something better. we're gonna start a whole series to get you guys from zero to 100k with drop shipping, and the very first thing we're going to tok about isn't how to set up your shopify store. instead of facebook ads and stuff, we're gonna have to do some homework, because one of the things that really got me to 10 million for drop shipping is working on my fundamentals. okay, working on actual, real marketing skills. okay, you guys need to send, you guys need to set the baseline of how you know, how you're going to interpret all this information you're learning on youtube, because if you're going to be learning facebook ads and all this stuff without a strong base, it's not gonna make sense and you're gonna. you're going to be overthinking some things that don't have to do with generating actual, real results. it's not going to make an impact. okay, you know the 80- 20 rule. okay, so let's just get into it. let's start with some books. i'm going to give you guys my book recommendations and then, in the next videos, we're actually going to get into the tiknical stuff: how to build your offers, right, how to really create your site and make people want to buy. you know, generate that, that impulse- you know that i want to buy this now- impulse from customers, okay, and what really goes into it. so that sounds like something interesting. please comment below, subscribe to my channel, share this video so i know to keep making videos like this, or else i just, you know, i'll get lazy and it's just not worth it. right? if you don't see enough demand, then you don't create things like if there's no. i mean, you guys know what i mean, right. right, let's start with the books. all right, so it's not going to be much mindset book. some of it will be, you know. you know there's your typical books like influence and stuff. recommend you read those books too. but, you know, let's start with some direct response marketing books. the boron letters, okay. copywriting, okay. read this book, guys over. deliver direct response marketing. pretty modern book. i would say it's pretty good. um, actually, i had a. i hired an agency and their owner recommended me to read this book and you know it really changed. you know it just. just read it to e-myth revise. know more about just how to build your business, why it might fail. you know, just staring that critikal thinking your your business brain. same thing with this, the alm knack of naval ravicon, or however, highly recommend you guys read this book as well. okay, because you guys are gonna make money, right? you guys need to know what to do with your money and how to scale your business, and just this helps you with life. life is business, so read this book. you know some more copywriting books. you know i'll i've never been good at english like, never presented like i. i literally had to force myself to present in the last like two years. i had to work on these, these skills that that i never was good at like. that's why i'm at toking right now. that's why you guys might be. what the hell is this guy saying? but, yeah, this is a good book. cash advertising as well. you know more advertising books, more advertising books. i'm not pronouncing his name- all jovi on advertising. okay, more business books by patrick feddeva and used to watch all his videos when i was starting out last year or 2019. yeah, it was pretty tough year for me because i was trying to make this business model work and the way i would get through my days was i, i would listen to ed, mylett and patrick but david, to get myself motivated, because it's super discouraging when you're starting out and you're starting from scratch. you got no mentors, um, and everyone around you just doesn't understand what you're trying to do. yeah, i really, and you need someone in your ear at all time feeding you positivity, encouraging words, putting you in check. right, because not a lot of us have access to mentors and a community and circle. it's called forced guided feedback. you get pressured from a community, right. let's say you're studying in a study group right now. this, these books are covering me. let's say you're studying a study group, right, and you're the only one goofing around. you're obviously going to feel like an idiot. right, so you get back on track and start studying. okay, that's first guided feedback. you guys can search it up. a way i improved massively- fast, super fast. i got fast results- was i interacted within a community. you know they put me in check. if i had questions i would ask them. sometimes they will call me idiot, but you know that's useful feedback. right, it's like being thrown a gold gold bar your head right. either take it or and then you look down and you pick it up. you know it might hurt, but you ought go nugget from it. you learn something. principles by ray dalio, more business stuff. you know, you know i'm kind of lacking some marketing books, but one of the best things you guys can do is reverse engineer right and work on your ability to make proper decisions. so if you guys can't read books, get all your books okay, and just listen to them and that's your guys's homework for this video and then i'll make another video if i see enough demand. so make sure you guys comment, like and share. and here's my oc: one click: upsell- million dollar merchant- million dollars in upsells. you know upsells is something we're gonna be toking about, is super important. you guys want one of this, one of these. i'm gonna teach you guys how to get one of these right. so i'll see you guys in the next video.

5 Books That Made me a Millionaire

i believe reading books can absolutely transform a person and in this video we're finally going over the books that are always in the background of my videos- a question that's been asked for, like the last two, three years now- and i genuinely believe these books played a major role in shaping my mindset into a place where i actually was able to start and run multiple businesses and just overall grow as a person. honestly- not even trying to cloud, write books and make a video just to make a video- i truly believe i wouldn't be where i am today, at least business-wise- if i didn't read some of the books we're going to be discussing in this video and just books in general. i think there's something there in taking time out of the day to sit down, focus and read a physical book. not only do you gain some major nuggets from the partikular book, but i think it also really builds up your discipline. with so many distractions in our lives, it's kind of tough to actually pick up and read a book. it's a lot easier to mindlessly scroll through social media, watch some netflix, run up a little cod. so i think there's also this discipline building aspect of reading books and if you don't know jocko, tell them. in fact, discipline is the path to freedom. but on a serious note, i know i'm probably gonna clickbait this video something like books that made me a millionaire, which is true, but i don't mean that these are all step-by-step investing roth ira guides on how you can make money. it's books that kind of shaped the way, i think, which led to me starting some of the businesses that i tok about in previous videos. anyways, let's dive into the first self-help finance type book i ever absorbed, which was rich dad, poor dad. and i say absorbed and not read, because at the time i was in high school, working a minimum wage job, so i wasn't trying to drop a cool 1-2 hours of work to buy the actual physical copy, so i ended up using like a free trial of an audiobook service to listen to it. this book goes over a lot of major wealth building concepts and can just overall shift your financial perspective, especially if you're completely new to personal finance. you're not subscribed to gram stefan, you don't know who meet kevin is, yet this is a must cop it toks about making your money work for you. assets versus liabilities. most people work really hard to then spend their money on liabilities- stuff that takes money out of their pockets. materialistik positions balling out on the weekends, but that's not how you build wealth. don't buy that jet ski. it also gets into some basic tax finessary concepts. it's an easy read, just an overall great book to read in order to build up the foundation for your financial literacy and get you looking at money differently. next up we have influence, the psychology of persuasion. this one's a heavy hitter. first off, just a really interesting read. lots of intriguing scientific and real life case studies in here in regards to the psychology behind influence and persuasion. if you're interested in marketing, sales or just business in general, this is for you. and then, on the flip side, if you have no interest in those things, this book will help you understand and recognize certain tikniques that are being used against you when someone is trying to sell you something, or even just in your personal life, when someone is trying to convince you to do something or believe something. it explains why people behave in certain ways and the reasons behind why people make certain decisions, as well as how you can slightly influence some of those decisions through seven different principles that are outlined in this book. the way rich dad, poor dad is a good foundation for financial literacy. i think influence can be a great foundation for your marketing knowledge. that's definitely what it was for me, but on top of that it's just a very interesting book to read. third on the list is how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie sus title, but this book had a major impact not only on me but millions of others who read it. i know it sounds like a book for psychopaths based on the title, but that couldn't be further from the truth. this one's actually all about putting the focus, whenever you're interacting with someone, not on yourself but on the other person, avoiding arguments, overall being a better communicator. so, following the principles of this book, you're probably going to become a more likable person, but that's not because it has the top 10 sneaky ways to manipulate someone. psychologists hate him. it's because the principles in this book, if applied, just make you a better, more empathetik person, so naturally you can win more people over. this can definitely help you in your business and in your professional career, but also all of your personal relationships. communication is everything. i remember reading this book in high school. i'd really have to do some sneaky sleight of hand action every time i'd whip it out laid flat on the table just because i wasn't trying to be seen reading a book with a sus title, but i'm really glad i read it, and this is one that i would recommend everyone read. fourth on the list is the millionaire next door, which is a book based on a nine-month survey of over a thousand wealthy individuals in regards to the key factors of how those people became wealthy, and the big thing that the authors found was that real millionaires don't look like millionaires, don't dress, don't eat, don't act like millionaires. with the rise of flex culture on social media, it seems like everyone is doing better than you. everyone got a fat whip, a thriving business. everyone's posting their big dubs, never the losses, which i think leads to a lot of subconscious comparing and then that can lead to a feeling of not being good enough. so in our current fake instagram culture, i think this book is more important than ever. it toks about what the average millionaire in the us actually looks like and how they got there and stay there, which is very different than what the media will show you. this book definitely had a huge impact on me and my spending habits. too many people are spending money that they don't have to impress people they don't like. there's a good amount of real life stories and examples in here that are inspiring. overall, a great finance book that can help you have a healthier relationship with money. and it might seem like, oh well, that's stupid. what's the point of life and having money if you're not gonna spend it, you you shouldn't obsess over it. in reality, though, it's kind of the opposite. a lot of people, even making great money, are still living paycheck to paycheck and stressing over it because they're living way above their means, whereas if you're more frugal and live below your means, you can worry less about money and be less of a slave to it, and that's how you can truly obsess less over it, if you think about it. now, before we get into the secret fifth book, i want to quickly go over two groups of books that kind of make up the remainder of the literature i've had laying on my table and my videos in the past. kind of like some honorable mentions. some of these have been by far my favorite books. they just don't really fit the theme of the other books on the list, but they're definitely. buses played a major role in the way i think and my mindset, so i figured i should still go over them. so out of the two of those groups, the first group are books on christianity. as a fellow of faith, i believe there's more to life and a deeper meaning behind it. i don't think it's just about having a cool 80 to 100 years and then you're gone forever. in my eyes that's almost. that almost seems a little empty, because then what's the point of all of this? we're all just running on this hedonic treadmill that leads to nowhere. i don't know about that. i personally believe in god and an afterlife, and the first book i have on that is a certified hood classic called mere christianity. it's kind of like an introduction to true christianity and what th.

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back in the day, back when I was just like a little ecommerce munchkin just trying to find my way, I found it very difficult to find information that was both really valuable and actually good and also not super expensive. you know, you can go out and buy a course, but courses are very expensive. you can go out and you can get information for free online, but that information doesn't tend to be the highest quality all the time. I found it very challenging to find information that was both valuable and also cheap. I'm guessing if you watch my videos, you're probably facing a similar problem and hopefully that's one of the reasons you watch my videos, because they're free and they're also very valuable. I thought it would be kind of a cool concept to show you guys what I would buy- what books and what other resources I would buy- if I had to learn ecommerce from scratch for less than $100. I know a lot of y'all you're ballin on a budget. I get it. I want to help you and show you guys some of the best resources that have helped me get to where I am today that you can get for very, very, very cheaply and, in a lot of cases, actually completely free. that is the purpose of this video. well, that's getting the way I see it is the way that you learn. ecommerce is not really by learning you, Tomica, Sara Lee, it's by learning and getting good at the skills that underpin ecommerce. because ecommerce is kind of a complicated business model. there's a lot of things that go into it and you need to understand multiple different things at at least a very base level and, ideally, actually get good at these things to actually succeed in Econ. the main things that I think you need to get good at are one direct response marketing - copywriting. there's a distinction there. I'll explain that in a second three: paid traffic and Facebook ads and then for just kind of like your mindset and just kind of general other stuff: how you think and making sure they're actually thinking like someone who's gonna be successful at this kind of test. so I've picked out a few books and resources for each of these categories. let's go through these now. the first one: direct response marketing. the way that I kind of categorized this is direct response marketing is the skill of understanding how to think about marketing. copywriting is the actual act of like. you know, writing copy George spawns marketing is like how to put together offers how to understand what people want to buy human nature, things like that. the first resource under this category that I have is the boron letters by Gary Hubbard. now, these are 100% free. they're all available online. I'll have a link for those in the description down below. basically, the boron letters were written by this guy named Gary Halbert. if you've never heard of him, I recommend that you change that. he was a legendary drug response marketer. he made millions and millions and millions of dollars for himself and clients over the years. long story short, at some point in his career he ended going to prison, basically for a crime that he didn't really commit, and essentially, while he was in prison he wrote what are called the boron letters, and the boron letters are letters that he wrote to his son, essentially teaching his son everything he thought his son needed to know to tackle life in actually sixty. it's really interesting and I actually just started reading this. not only does he tok about a lot of fundamentals of direct response marketing, but he also toks about his general life stuff: Fitness, diet, health and things like that. it's kind of like the classic direct response marketing resource. if you're into anything really, the EECOM and you have not read this yet. like what the hell are you doing? you need to read this. so link in the description the boron letters by Gary Halbert. that's the first resource. moving on, the next resource I have: I was actually able to find this for less than seven dollars on Amazon. now the prices that you're seeing on screen might not be the exact prices that I'm saying, because the time that I record this video, the time that it gets edited, stuff might change between them, but just go along with it. basically the same thing. I was able to find this book for six dollars and 97 cents. that is no BS. direct marketing by Dan Kennedy. Dan Kennedy is another you know kind of direct response marketing legend. I highly recommend that you check his stuff out, more than just this. like all of this stuff, honestly no BS. direct marketing is just like really great primer in to direct response marketing. a will show you how to think about this stuff. just a really great book again. if you're into this stuff at all, I feel like this is like required reading. this is like a prerequisite, so check those out. next resource for documents marketing I have is actually another free resource. it's a podcast. it's the been settled dot-com podcast. Ben Seto was honestly one of the most impactful people in terms of teaching me are basically like making money. he's got a very unique style and, honestly, the reason I love his podcast is because it's something that you can kind of just put on while you're just going about your life and there's so, many, so many zoning episodes that it almost becomes like a brainwashing and almost brainwashes you into thinking about Direct Loans, marketing and about making money in the correct way. again, a hundred percent free link in the description: Ben settle comp podcast. highly recommend you check that out. moving on, the next resource I have here is oval V on advertising. I was able to find this book for $9.98, so less than ten bucks used on Amazon. I'll be under percent honest. I have not finished this book. I've definitely read like probably bout half of it. I have it downstairs again. this is just another one of those things where it's like, if you're into marketing, if you're into direct response of you're into e-commerce, this is just one of those things that you need to a friend. David Ogilvy is an absolute legend. if you have not heard of any of these guys that I've mentioned so far, like again, you need to change that. that's a great book. and then the last one that I have here for direction wants marketing is scientific advertising by Claude Hopkins. I was actually able to find this one for less than five dollars- at four dollars and twenty-nine cents lot. Hopkins- honestly absolute legend. he was pretty much like one of the first people to pioneer modern marketing and basically understand that, oh, you can attach emotions to your product and that will make your product sell better. he was like one of the first people to figure that out and it's incredibly fascinating to see this book. I believe was written in like 1923, so about a hundred years ago. it's incredible how relevant this still is today- absolutely incredible. I highly recommend that you check this out all right now. moving on to the copywriting section of this video, this is gonna be more of the kind of specific tactikal, how to actually structure your copy type thing. the first thing I have here is- and obviously just like a huge classic cache vert izing by Drew Eric Whitman. I was able to find this book for $12 and 79 cents on Amazon. this is really just like kind of the the go-to copywriting book. if you've never heard of copywriting, if you've never really learned about this stuff. if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a course like COFF, COFF- mine, then this is a great book. it's not anything super crazy, but it's gonna teach you the fundamentals of copy and if you haven't read it again, I think you should read it. so there's that. one of my personal favorites that I read and I got a lot of value out of this is like probably the second or third copywriting book I've ever read- is the copywriters handbook by Bob blah. I was able to find out on Amazon for about $13 and 51 cents- not about exactly $13 in 51 cents. the reason I liked this book so much is because it does a really great job of kind of mixing the old-school stuff with the new-school stuff. Bob LA has been

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The Top 11 Book Products To Dropship | Trending Suppliers INCLUDED 📘

are books a profitable Drop Shipping Niche? well, let's find out, hey guys, and welcome back to our YouTube channel. today, we'll be walking you through the top 11 trending products and supplies for Drop Shipping books. so if you're a book lover or you've ever thought about Drop Shipping books, this video is for you. quick intro and let's dive straight into it. [Music]. so let's kick this video off by discussing: is books a profitable Drop Shipping Niche? and the answer to that is definitely. as we know, the digital world seems to be taking over the book industry, especially with the rise of all these ebooks. however, physical books will always remain popular and in demand and, as proof of that statement, here are some books that I've just started reading. in fact, let's take it up a notch. a report by Grand View research Inc forecasts at the book Market size will increase up to 159.3 billion USD come 2023.. also, the first thing that usually comes to our minds when we speak about books is novels. however, books are more than just pieces of fiction. whether it's to supply knowledge or to Foster Hobbies, there is a wide array of books that customers can enjoy. so, without further Ado, let's start straight into the 11 best book products for Drop Shipping. first up on our list, we have a stress relief coloring book for adults. coloring books don't just necessarily entertain children, but they can also produce a feeling of relaxation and calmness for adults. as adults, we all know that we can get extremely stressed out from our daily tasks, and we all need a mental break too. therefore, we can help our customers ease their minds through ART therapy, especially if they do enjoy Arts, by selling these coloring books. when offering these books, make sure to consider variations in paper types and Page drawings. also, since customers have various skill levels, include choices that range from simple patterns to complex designs. you can also Dropship various stress relief coloring books suitable for alcohol-based pens, colored pens, gel pens and other art materials. these Drop Shipping book products often come in different binding options too, such as perforated edges or perfect bound. a great way to upsol is by adding art materials with these coloring books. our next book products are multi-book sets. as a kid, I love seeing a complete set of books for my favorite author or book series. by offering multi-book sets, you can provide your customers with a great deal and in exchange for you, you gain loyal customers. in relation to that, the perceived value of multi-book sets will help to increase your sales. with that in mind, you can offer deals such as three for the price of one. I've seen a ton of deals like this being used in retail stores, so that will definitely help customers to purchase from you. keep in mind that strategic marketing is the key to scaling your book Drop Shipping business. also, a great way to add value and protection to these multi-book sets that you're selling is by offering these sets in unique boxes. also throw in some freebies for your customers, such as posters or cards in relation to the book sets that you're selling. next up, we have anti-take cloth books for children. this is both a fun and safe way of stimulating children's imagination. with the anti-t cloth book for children, parents can now say bye, bye to this paper books that turn into shredded Pieces by their children within seconds. to top this product off, this book serves as a toy, which attracts even more attention from their kids. not only that, but anti-tear cloth books can help develop children's cognitive abilities and thinking skills. with that being said, we can solve varieties of this product showing shapes, animals, colors and so much more. make sure that you offer these anti-take cloth books in high quality, non-toxic and hypoallergenic Fabrics. another tip to consider is that, aside from Visual and tactile stimulations, we can sell anti-tair cloth books with toking pins. that way, we can also help improve the auditory senses of children. next up, we have a book that is loved by everyone, and that is, of course, anime books. if you're unsure what these books are, basically, these books are based on animes that show Dynamic plots and vibrant characters. generally, anime books are popular amongst both teens and adults, who usually go out of their ways to secure a copy of these words wall reads. when dropshipping these anime books, ensure that you include at least several genres. for example, you have a fantasy genre, a romance genre, a comedy genre. also, make sure that you Market the correct type of anime to your target audience. you are also more than welcome to test various niches for diverse customers. that way, you can find out what works best for your store in terms of your audience preferences. another good thing to notike that anime books can come in colored or black and white pages, so make sure that you offer these options to your customers. and finally, take notes that selling anime books is all based on the latest releases. the next type of books that we can drop ship are geography books. so when you look at geography books, you can look at them as educational materials for kids. these books share diverse information, ranging from naming countries to navigating the globe. that's not to say that you can offer diverse content options for geography books. for example, if your audience wants knowledge about their locality, a great option to offer is regional geography books. keep in mind that these geography books are available in various sizes, materials and Designs. geography books can include both fun activities and practike sets to test the reader's knowledge. remember to offer both factual and creative geography books too. another tip to consider is that you can add a map Reading kits that children can play with in the comfort of their homes, allowing them to apply their basic geography skills. the next type of books you can Dropship are Writing Practike books. writing is one of the basic skills that everyone needs to know, and that's exactly where these Writing Practike books come into play. there are helpful tools for children and ESL Learners- English as a second language. so there are several types of these writing books that we can drop ship, depending, of course, on our audience's needs. so let's go over three of the most popular Writing Practike books. so first up, we have Alphabet letter writing practike books. so these practike books help children and ESL Learners to master how to write letters a to z. you can also sell these practike books that have images along with letters to help stimulate kids Memories. the next type of practike book we can Dropship are number Writing Practike books. knowing how to write numbers from 0 to 10 is essential before children can proceed to learning basic math, and that's exactly where these number Writing Practike books come into play. you can offer a number of practike writing book variations, such as toddlers or grade schoolers, and you can include books that come with visual illustrations. these visual illustrations can help children to count whilst they are riding. and the final type of Writing Practike books that you can Dropship are English cursive writing practike books. apart from basic letters and numbers, most schools actually require cursive writing, so it is a big Advantage when children can Master the skill earlier on. you can add practike books that have tracing activities as well as freestyle riding. you can also consider selling practike books that consist of different levels of cursive difficulties. next up, we have DIY memory books. so basically, DIY memory books are books that customers can preserve their best memories to look back on. this is a popular book product to Dropship and these books can be a diary, photo book or scrapbook in One Drop. Shipping DIY memory books can be profitable since they're valuable items to customers. therefore, you should only offer the best DIY memory books in your drop shipping stores. remember you can after these books in.

Top 5 Marketing Books Every e-Commerce Entrepreneur Should Read

there are, i believe, five books that every aspiring, and indeed expert, e-commerce entrepreneur should read- all about marketing online. in this video, i'm going to tok you through what those books are and show you why they're important to you. [Music]- books. let's tok about books. so let's folks tok to me about books again in this kind of like what you'd like more of. there was a lot about books now, um, [Music]. the reason i love books so much is because it condenses the wisdom of typically 20 years of learning and testing and knowledge and trial and error into 350 pages. for you. it is condensed awesomeness, and so i read a lot. i read a lot and, uh, quite a few people always ask me about what i think people should read, and so here's what i reckon. if you are just getting started online selling things online, not just on amazon, but online in general- these are my top five books. and then i've got a super cool thing for you as well. these are my top five, though specifically pertaining to um, marketing. okay, so there's other books for other things, um, but specifically online marketing. these are my top five, in order from top to bottom: ogilvy on advertising- ovalgee. ogilvy on advertising- david ogilvy- that dude has made me so much money. he pioneered scientific um, evidence-based advertising at scale. he, he really pioneered that. and that book, ogilvy on advertising, is seminal. so pretty much every other book that you will read will in some way shape or form reference ogilvy or ogilvy on advertising. and the way to check that for yourself- this is something i do heaps- is go to your book, go to the back of the book, to the bibliography. that's nice, we have to say bibliography and just see who's listed there. time after time after time after time, you'll see the usual subjects. now i'm going to show you three of the usual subjects tonight. okay, but by far ogilvy and advertising is freaking awesome. read it. it will forever change the way you think about your customer, yeah, your customer. next, scientific advertising by claude hopkins. this is an oldie but a goodie, and again, it's a book that's constantly referenced by most people. who understand direct marketing, which is marketing with a purpose, will tell you to read hopkins. it is a freaking awesome book. it is old but good. the um examples in it will at first blush seem out of date. they're not. they're not. it's a mistake to think that just because they're advertising palmolive soap from the 1940s. well, the same things. the same reasons that people buy palmolive soap in the 1940s are also the same reason that people buy dove soap in the year 2020. okay, it's the same hot buttons. people's psychology is eternal. that's eternal. great book to read. you can buy it super cheap. uh, alchemy. this is a book that was recommended to me. i can't remember the lady what recommended it and i, if you're watching, i do apologize for that. but whoever you are, thank you. it is fantastik. rory sutherland is the guy that wrote this. he works at ogilvy survive surprise. um, brilliant book to to think about your product in a very, very different way. so everybody sells the same on amazon for the most part, and the people that get a massive advantage on amazon are the people that do things differently. this book is all about rethinking your product, rethinking what your product does and repositioning it in the minds of your prospect. wonderful book, really interesting and fun read as well. super easy to read. next, influence: the psychology persuasion. this is a guy called chaldini. he is a social psychologist, behavioral psychologist- um, very, very smart dude. and it's all about why people do the things that we do. what are the? um behavioral triggers that will make somebody unconsciously take a partikular kind of behavior. okay, that's filled with extremely interesting examples. um, you will walk away from it forever changed. it's almost like that scene in a matrix where it's red, blue, blue pill. well, this is red pill. this is you developing a whole new understanding of um, why people do the things that they do. very, very cool book. really, really recommend it. last one, the lean startup. this one is not specifically a marketing book. however, what i hope you would get from this book when you read it is a attitude of: um, your first product. getting that live is simply the starting point. it's not the end point. that's actually the starting point. that's where you start the product creation process. it ain't when you were thinking about what to sell and you're going for that process. that's not where that product creation process truly begins. it truly begins when it's live and then you're starting to get feedback from your customers and that's where you start to create the product that your customers truly want. that process is something called a minimum viable product. uh, something that kate ingham has toked about, heaps. it's something that we at the aussie online entrepreneurs do all the time. in my own life, i use this heaps and it's a shift in your attitude away from the time when you get your product live on, amazon is the time when it ends to. that's actually just the beginning. that's actually just the beginning, because everything you do going forward actually is the process of creating the perfect product. very interesting book, again, very, very interesting. uh, i believe you can get audio books of this. i believe you can get audio books of all of these. i'd be super, super surprised if you can't. now, uh, you guys want a bonus? you want a bonus one? let me know i've got a uh interesting bonus. if you guys want it. yes, all right, so here's the bonus. so i'm going to show you what the bonus is, um, why you'll hate me and when i'm going to, hopefully. so here's what you should read if you're able to breakthrough advertising by a guy called eugene schwartz. it is a um, life-changing book. yeah, this dude freaky. he gets what we do at a a totally different level. i have stolen liberally from eugene schwartz. it is a book that it is my most damaged book in my book collection. it's a book i reread every year and it feels like every time i reread it, i read it with new eyes. it's one of those books. it's like freaking out. that was. it's a super, super cool book. however, it's so hard to get like it. they start at 350, which sucks. um, yeah, so that sucks. so what i've got for you is this: this is all of the text from the book. okay, um, i am in the process of proofreading and editing this book. it's out of print now, but it's also out of um, what's someone looking for? uh, the, the copyright period. okay, so, so we can get it, we can do this and it's okay. all right, i have checked. um, so this is the text. but you will see, let's just scroll down a bit. that is kind of you're gonna have to work to read it. so, as you're reading it, as you're reading it, if you spot a typo or you spot some way of doing something, let's get right down to the heart of the matter, for instance, heart of the matter. feel free to correct any typos, and if we do it together- because i'm doing, i'm working on it- um, it will become a much better experience and a much better book for all of us. okay, but i'm working on that right now. it's something i do, you know, even if it's just 15 minutes a day. i go in there, i read it, and the process of reading it with an eye to editing it- means that you will read it at a much deeper level- bonus anyway. so breakthrough advertising. i love this book. i love this book, super, super cool. uh, there you go: save yourself 350 quid. quid was it quits? what was our dollars? hi, this is neil from the aussie online entrepreneurs, where we help people just like you start their own successful business selling things online here in australia. we've helped over two and a half thousand people get up and running and making money with sales of over 50 million dollars. to find out more about what we do, get yourself off to www. dot aussie online entrepreneurs dot com. dot. eu.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what, despite the several successful dropshipping case studies on this channel, i still occasionally get people leaving comments like drop shipping is dead, if it was ever properly alive to begin with. increasing e packet rate- it literally kills drop shipping. it's too late for this business. most businesses fail. i will never waste my time and money trying to start a business ever again, and if you're smart, you'll do the same thing. hmm, yeah, well, okay, obviously, i strongly disagree with those comments, because here's the thing: a lot of people will say things like drop shipping is dead or it's too late, or businesses don't work, and the reason why they're saying these things is because they are making several assumptions that are all wrong, and so, if you are looking to start a store, it's crucial, then, that you understand what these assumptions are before you start drop shipping so that, unlike these people, your store can be successful, because, no, it is not too late. one people won't buy from you. they'll just buy from amazon instead. but wait, sarah, you ask: why would anyone buy products from me if they can buy products directly from amazon themselves? now, it is absolutely true that if you head on over to amazon, that you will find lots of products that can be purchased directly from aliexpress, sitting on amazon's digital shelf as well. and, of course, if customers were to purchase your products on amazon, they would then get to take advantage of their prime two-day shipping. so how on earth could drop shippers successfully dropship these guitar coffee spoons with two to three week shipping via china's cheapest, fastest shipping option- a packet, when a customer could come and buy them on amazon with two-day shipping? i mean, come on, sarah, just think about it. amazon is only growing. in q3 2019, their product sales were up over 17 from the same time in 2018.. won't amazon steal away all of our sales? no, no, they will not. you see, here's the thing. there is some truth to these comments. amazon is arguably the better deal for usa citizens. it is better for the consumer to purchase the products on amazon. so if they figure out that the product that you are selling them is indeed on amazon for purchase, you can bet that amazon will take that sale away from you. but you know what? we literally don't care. and you know what? drop shippers never have the sorts of people who see a product and decide that they're going to research the absolute best deal, for it were never our customers in the first place. nope, it's the 44 of people that impulsively purchase products online that we are targeting and, of course, as shown by how millennials are even more prone to impulsive purchases, with 80 of them impulsively buying products, the overall percentage of impulse e-commerce purchases for us to target as drop shippers is only growing and growing. you see, successful drop shipping stores are built around that target customer, the type of customer that enjoys impulsively purchasing products. it also means that the successful drop shipping stores are usually built around selling products that spike an emotion in a customer that makes them think: i need to buy this right now. it's why this aliexpress dog caller has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. the advertising dropshippers used spike fear and dog owners pointing out how many dogs dying in car accidents each year from not being seen. that is why, when recently, i saw this comment from this viewer asking why their online store wasn't successful, i pretty much instantly knew that the store would be selling extremely boring products. and lo and behold, i was right. now, of course, this is actually a print on demand store, not a drop shipping store, but the exact same principle applies. why would somebody want to buy this hoodie when they can go to amazon and find cheaper hoodies and shirts with inspirational messages on there, because here is the reality. typing vision in a plain white circle is not exciting. so let's compare this hoodie to this hoodie. what is the difference between the two? well, the difference is that one hoodie is very boring and the other is extremely interesting, unique and unlike anything people are likely to have seen before, which is why this hoodie's facebook advertising campaign made so much money for the successful aliexpress dropshipping store. freaky pet. and, of course, if you're ever wondering, this exact same answer applies to the people that ask the question: why would customers not go directly to aliexpress themselves? well, again, it's because good aliexpress drop shippers sell products that trigger emotions on people and get them to impulsively buy their products, so that they never even think to go check if a product is on aliexpress, because they see and go. that's so amazing. i must buy one now. and, by the way, if you've learned something from this video and you would like to learn even more about starting a successful drop shipping store, then be sure to subscribe and click that little notification bell next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos. two, dropshipping is a scam. i just want to quickly address this because these comments are really dumb. you know, you might have notiked that earlier in this video i freely admitted that it would be a fast, superior financial choice for a customer to buy this hoodie on amazon with two day shipping for a fraction of the price compared to what they would pay for it on freaky pet. and so what do people say to that? oh, the customer can get it cheaper, elsewhere, quicker. that makes your store a scam. nope, it does not. number one: if it weren't for your facebook ad, the customer would never have known about that product that they really enjoyed getting in the first place. people really love this hoodie and we're really grateful that it was advertised to them and they bought it. you had to pay for that advertising to do that, which you pass on to the customer. amazon doesn't advertise products. customers have to find them themselves. and number two, as an entrepreneur, you are in no way obligated to offer your product for the lowest price. here are two coffee shops around the corner from my apartment. they are across the road from each other. i walked into coffee shop a and bought my favorite coffee, a long black, for three dollars- and yes, i know that overseas the phrase long black might conjure up some different thoughts, but here in new zealand, and over in australia too, a long black simply refers to pouring an espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of boiling water to create a stronger version of an americano with creamer. next i went into coffee shop b and again order long black, but this time it cost four dollars- completely different prices for an extremely similar product. and you know what? coffee shop a's three dollar coffee was the best. would you say that coffee shop b is a scam for charging a higher price for a worse version of this coffee? no, you would not. pricing is entirely subjective and is actually determined by the customer, not you. you present the customer with the price and it is up to them to decide if that price is worth it or not. and at the end of the day, if freaky pet are able to create a marketing campaign that gets people to purchase their hoodie for a higher price while being entirely upfront about the shipping times, then they 100 deserve that sale. 3. drop shipping is saturated. perhaps the most bizarre of all the claims is that drop shipping is dead and it's over since. well, it's saturated. and the truth is when i see comments like this, it blows my mind, because this comment literally makes no sense. here is what market saturation literally is. it's when a product has been maximized in a market, in other words, when all of the people who would want that product have bought it already. and here is what drop shipping is. drop shipping is when a customer buys a product that you've listed in your store for a markup price. when they do, you go to the manufacturer and you purchase that one product for the wholesale price and then have the