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best clothing dropshipping suppliers

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to Start an Online Boutique (Dropshipping Clothing)

if you want to start an online boutique where you have no upfront costs for inventory, don't have to ship the product yourself and only purchase the inventory that you've actually sold, this video is for you. i'm going to show you, step by step, how to start an online boutique, so that you can stop putting it off and get started today, before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright, first things first, let me explain how there are no upfront costs for inventory, typical with clothing stores. you would order several different clothing items- pants, shirts, skirts and etc. and order a few different sizes for each product. so, say, you want to stok this t-shirt, you need to order sizes extra small to extra large and you want about five sizes of each. well, if the shirt costs you five dollars from the manufacturer, you've spent 125 dollars and have no guaranteed sales. that price does not include any color variants of the shirts or shipping, which is another thing to consider. if the product doesn't sell, well, you're just out the money. what i'm suggesting you do is something called drop shipping, or you could do print on demand. with either of these, you don't order any inventory and instead you post photos of your products on your website and if you make a sale, then, and only then, do you tell the manufacturer: hey, i made a sale, can you ship this to my customer? so what do you need to start an online boutique? the first thing you need to do is decide what type of clothing you want to sell. do you want to sell clothing for kids? for adults, is there a certain aesthetik? you want to sell cottage core, dark academia, fairy core, or do you want to create your own brand and sell your own designs? deciding this is important for two reasons: one, it's going to determine which supplier you go with, and number two, it's going to help you create a customer avatar. this is information about your target customers, such as their age, where they live, what their interests are and etc. knowing this is super important for your marketing. the next thing you want to choose is a supplier. i have a few different options for you: one's for if you're selling your own designs and ones for if you want to drop ship. you are creating your own brand designs. you will want to go with a print on demand company. the two i'd recommend looking at are printify and printful. when comparing these two, you want to take a few things into account. number one: which one offers the types of products you want to sell. for example, if you sell plus size clothing, you're going to want to make sure that the supplier offers the size range you need if you want embroidery or certain colors. again, those are all things to check for. number two: which one offers the best price? your profit is going to be whatever you sell the product for on your website, minus what you pay the manufacturer for the product, minus shipping. you want to make sure you have enough leftover after all those subtractions to make a profit. number three: which one offers the best shipping time? in the previous step you should have figured out where your target audience lives, so make sure to compare which company is going to offer you the best shipping time to wherever it is you plan to ship. by the way, don't forget to add processing times to your calculations. processing time is the time it takes them to make the clothing item. so processing time plus shipping time is the total time it will take to get to your customer if you are drop shipping. there is cj drop shipping, aliexpress, von mart and more. i'll leave a list of drop shipping suppliers in our description box, but with any of these, just like the print on demand ones, keep price and shipping time in mind. shipping time especially because most drop ship suppliers are notorious for month long waits or more, which is going to make your customers unhappy. all right, you've got your supplier. now it's time to create your website. i recommend signing up with shopify and make sure to get your own custom domain name. shopify will give you a free domain name when you sign up. it will look something like this, but i recommend purchasing a custom domain name to make it look more professional and trustworthy. having a short, easy to remember domain name is going to be very useful for marketing, because with tik tok, for example, you won't be able to add a clickable link until you hit a thousand followers. so having something short and easy to remember in your bio is going to make it much easier for your viewers to visit your store. once you've signed up for shopify, the first thing we're going to do is add our products. you actually don't need to manually add them in yourself. you install your suppliers app, connect it to your shopify store and then it will walk you through how to import your products with a few clicks. all you have to do is click on apps and then type the name of the company you used. so, for example, if you've done print on demand, you would type printify or printful. if you've chosen drop shipping, you would use cj drop shipping or a different drop shipping app. it really just depends on whoever you went with. also, pro tip, if you're doing print on demand, i highly recommend using placeit. with this website, you can place your own designs on any of these photos to show what it would look like. they have a huge library of photos to choose from. you can find photos for hats, leggings, sweatshirts and more. printify and printful do provide you with free photos to use, but if you want to level up, i highly recommend using placeit. all right, now that your products have been added, we are going to work on the design of your store, so you're going to need to select a theme. when making a theme choice, people often go based on looks alone. but put your personal preference aside for a moment. remember your target audience, because ultimately, it is them who's going to be using this website. you want to choose based on what is going to appeal to them. choose something that is easy to navigate, where they can find what they're looking for quickly and what showcases your products the best, especially on mobile. moab is a theme that does all those things, so i highly recommend choosing this theme. there are great free themes out there, but the benefit to going with a paid theme like moab is that it's a turnkey design. it's ready to go and has a lot of amazing features that you don't get with free themes. you don't have to spend hours changing colors, fonts, adding apps. it already comes pre-designed and equipped with all the features you need. it also comes with two different theme presets. moab is the first one, but they also have inner, if you prefer this look instead. typically with free themes, if you want to add something like these color swatches here, you would need to install an app and, depending on what you want to add, some apps you do need to pay for, but with moab it's already built into the theme. it's going to save you a ton of time and this way you know it's done right. as much as we like to think we can design our stores ourselves, the truth is. the end product often doesn't look professional and it can be an extremely long and frustrating process. so save yourself a headache: get molab. all right, i'm going to get everything set up on moab now you can follow along with me. starting from the top, i'm going to select my logo. next we have our hero banner. you can choose a full width banner, a 50: 50 style or a 70: 30 split. moab gives you the choice of adding a photo or a video hero banner. i personally love the look of video banners. i feel it just gives your store a more professional feel, so i'm gonna go with the video option. all i did was upload a video to my shopify files. i copied the link and i pasted it here. i found the video from pexelscom. it's a free stok photo and video website. you're even allowed to use them for commercial purposes, so i high

Dropshipping Supplier for Clothing Boutique

hey guys, good morning, good morning, good morning. today is april 7, 2021, and today i'm bringing you this video about drop shipping. so this is for all the people that want to have their online store selling women clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelries and all the good stuff for a woman, right? um, there's other stuff on here, so just stay tuned and i will give you the information as we go. so when we tok about drop shipping- right, uh, this graph- if you look on the screen, you will see that it's basically a seller who choose a supplier to sell, supplier and product to sell, right? so once they choose a supplier, then they list the product on their store. then the customer order these products, the supplier packs it, ships it and do everything, and you just sit back, relax and get your profit. right, so this is a wonderful supplier. i've been with them for like three months. first, i integrated, uh, their software in my woocommerce website and then to ebay. all right, so let me go down. so, basically, everything. they're located in the us. that's the best thing about it. so quick shipping. within a week your customers will have their items. so they provide all the information that you need, every single information that you need. they. they provide um. if you want to brand your stuff, put your own labels on them or tags or whatever, they have everything for you, okay. so, as i mentioned, they give you every information for your website. they tell you about, um, how it is to return items, where are they going to return to. they give you this. so if you need to present it to your um, your customer, then that would be okay. um, shipping information, just the same. they tell you where your package will be shipped from they. they, as i mentioned, they give you- i will leave the link in the description- they give you everything. not only that, they have apps in shopify. so if you are in shopify and you want to connect uh, their database to shopify, you can do that. you can do it to your woocommerce store. they have two plans where you just get access to the, to the product images and all of that, and you do it by yourself, or they have a plug-in- i think it's 39 per month- and with that you can just integrate the stuff um send stuff automatikally to your um, your website. now, if you don't, you don't have a website, don't worry, they have something for you. they have the turnkey website, which is about a month. so everything is already on this turn, this turnkey website. all you have to do is just get started, right? as i said, it's 99 per month. you have different uh design and themes to choose from. these are some examples of those um websites. and then again i'm i told you that if you need like maintenance for your website, they have a package for three months. your turnkey website, your local design, your facebook cover, they have you all covered. so if you don't have any experience, that's fine, that's fine, they, they have everything. it's just that you have to pay for it. okay, and you can see over here that people are actually buying these stuff. so, and they look pretty good. i ain't lying, sorry about the dogs in the back, i ain't lying. these websites look really good, like i had my own website, so i didn't have a need for it for uh these. so just giving you a run through, all right. so that's a turnkey website, right? let me see which other information i can share with you. so you have, as the image over here, you have the custom stuff for you to um, thank you cards, whatever you want. it's all here. so now i'm going to give you [Music]. a look at um. i'm going to give you a look at the inside, because i do have um- still have my membership with them, so i'm gonna give you a quick look on the inside. so just give me a moment. so, over here, this is their website and, as you can see, they tell you what you have in store. your cost this is, if you are- if you remember- annual member. this is your cost. and then they're saying: you can sell it back for 44 dollars. it's totally up to you. you don't have to sell it back for these. you can go way cheaper or you can increase your price, whatever it is, but they do have some nice stuff. they do. i like this here. yes, so you get everything. all you have to do is just click on it, add to your pool and just send it to your website and they give you everything that you need. i mean like everything that you need for your website, whether it's your woocommerce website or your shopify store. they have a marketing material and i'm looking for not this one. i'm sorry, let me see. okay, oh, this is my invention. these are some of the stuff that i have on my in my um that i sell on ebay. some of them is sold out. you say so and, bear in mind, you're not the only one selling these things. so if you go on ebay, you'll probably see some of these. so these are my inventory. i wanted to show you guys. um, [Music]. let us see the new arrivals. well, these are the same ones. let me check something here. i want to show you guys. maybe i'm in the wrong part. there's another login, so let me just get to that real quick and get back to you. okay, guys, so i found it. so basically, they're telling that when you become a drop shipper, they will give you bonus graphic, whatever you will need for your website. so these are some of the stuff i was toking about. say, for instance, you're selling jewelry, you get this lovely product image here for like your cover page or your your slider for different categories you can. you get something like this: these are like the wider ones i normally use for my um sliders, and these stuff i use for categories or other stuff. look at this, isn't this wonderful, oh my god. so they really go above and beyond to get you the things that you need to make sure that you are successful. they have customer service if you have any issues. whatever issues you may have, they will help you with it. so i really like the fact that they provide this information so that, if you're not graphic savvy or you know, all you need to do is just download one of these and put on your website and you're good to go. so i would encourage you to try out the cc wholesaler um drop shipping program. yes, you have to pay for it, but, um, you know, it's worth it. as you can see, they have really nice work. i use this for my website already. they have really nice stuff. so what i'm going to do? i'm going to let leave the link to this um drop shipping program in the link below, in the description below, so that you can take advantage of this. if you want, go on your website, look around and, yeah, just take it from there. if you want to start your store, this is the best for you to do right now. it doesn't matter where in the world you're from. they don't have anything against you. you can just go ahead and do your thing. get your business online, um, so, whether you're going to need, whether plus size or you know, jewelry, whatever it is, they have something for you and if you should go to the um, they are also. they have partnership with another company that once you get access to that company, you will see a ton load of other um suppliers that you can sign up for. so this is just the beginning. you know, it's just the beginning. so, yeah, just go ahead, guys. it's never too late to start your own business. to see where it going. all you have to do is make sure that you market, you market your market and just brag about your, your, your, your website and it would be successful. so until now, until next time, guys, see, you link is in the description, bye.

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Wholesale Clothing Vendors: Dropship Vendors | Free Vendor List

beveel ek aan. dit is 'n heeltemal ander storie, maar dit is 'n opsie vir jou. wat gaan ikone, dit is die ikoniese modefiguur, terug met 'n nuwe video en ek gee jou uiteindelik die eerste verskafferslys van 2021, nou is hierdie een nogal aangevra. paar keer weet ek dat ek ' n paar dropship-verkopers genoem het. soos ek deur hierdie lyste gegaan het, soos as ek sien, dat hulle dropshipping bied, sal ek probeer, om dit uit te wys, maar sommige van julle het dalk nie al die video's gesien nie, en jy sal streng nie net skipverkopers aflaai nie. so ek gaan dit vandag vir jou gee. ek sal sê, dit word moeiliker om dropship-verkopers te vind, want nie soveel mense bied meer dropshipping aan nie. ek kan self vir jou sê, ek is verander die manier waarop ek gestuur word, net omdat dit, soos hierdie klein gedeelte van my besigheid is, waarskynlik nie eens een persent nie. so ek fokus nie eers soveel daarop nie, en ek is seker baie ander besighede sien dit. so jy sal begin, waarskynlik minder en minder dropship-verkopers sien. maar ek het 10 geleenthede vir jou hier vandag. die eerste vier, waarmee ek begin het, het ek al voorheen vir jou gegee, maar as jy nog nie daardie video's gesien het, nie is verkoper nommer een: roem bykomstighede. roem is heeltemal bykomstighede. daar is geen klere op hierdie een nie. maar vir die van julle, wat wil bykomstighede hê, hier is nou een vir jou. as jy op hul webwerf gaan, praat hulle nie spesifiek van dropshipping nie, maar op die heel eerste bladsy van die webwerf het hulle genoem, dat hulle geen minimum het nie. maar vir bestellings onder honderd dollar is daar 'n sewe dollar hanteringsfooi. nou, in enige van julle, wat in die bedryf was en jy groothandel gekoop het, voordat jy dalk weet, dat bykomstighede, wat jy tipies een stuk op 'n slag kan koop, jy kan kies, wat jy wil hê. jy hoef nie veelvoude te koop nie. aangesien roem geen minimums het nie en dit alles bykomstighede is, kan jy een koop, gaan jy net 'n hanteringsfooi van sewe dollar betaal, wat nie abnormaal is, nie. meeste dropship-verkopers het 'n hanteringsfooi vir dropshipping. dit wissel net van die dollarbedrag. wat verkoper nommer twee is weer sns activewear. dit is een wat ek voorheen genoem het. dit is een wat verkoop, meestal soos die blank produkte, waar jy kan koop, soos die hoodies, die t-hemde, die sweetpakbroeke, en jy kan jou logo's oraloor sit. hulle het ander goed ook, maar dit is net soos sommige van die hoof items, wat hulle verkoop op webwerwe soos sns. daar is 'n hele paar van hulle. ek sal daardie video ook hieronder skakel, want ek het 'n video hieroor gedoen vir daardie tipe produkte. maar sns activewear en 'n paar ander webwerwe kan jy op hul webwerf gaan, en daar is geen minimums nie. jy kan een of twee of tien stukke koop, wat jy ook al wil, koop, die groottes, wat jy wil koop, weet net, jy gaan. versending betaal net op een stuk. en met sns Activewear hulle bied dit ook aan, waar hulle dit dalk nie spesifiek drop shipping noem nie. maar wanneer jy by die betaalpunt kom, staan ​​dit op hul webwerf, om skip blind te kies, wat beteken, dat hulle dit nie met hul maatskappy se naam daarop sal etiketteer, nie so wie ookal jy' herversending na sal nie weet, waarheen nie kom, van soortgelyk aan sns activewear. verkoper nommer drie is samar samarcom, dieselfde konsep as sns activewear, waar daar geen minimums is nie. jy kan enige grootte koop, watter hoeveelheid jy ook al wil. samurai, ek glo, hulle laat jou ook toe, om blinde versending te doen. ek het dit nie gekry, nie spesifiek op die webwerf. ek is amper seker. ek het dit al voorheen by hulle gedoen, by 'n maatskappy, waarvoor ek gewerk het. maar jy moet net 'n nota los op die bestelling, dat jy wil hê. dit moet blind gestuur word. as hulle nie blind word, nie stuur- en ek is verkeerd oor daardie inligting- weet net, wanneer dit na jou kliënt gestuur word, cmr gestuur. pakhuis adres sal op die etiket wees. verkoper nommer vier is tasha klere. ek glo, tasha klere het net in die afgelope paar jaar drop gestuur, maar tasha klere ook aanbiedinge soos junior klere. hulle bied bykomstighede en hulle bied ook kinders aan. so jy het 'n hele paar kategorieë op tasha-klere wat jou ook toelaat, om skip af te stuur. jy moet net eers jou rekening registreer en met tasha-klere doen hulle dit nie. vereis 'n lisensie. tensy jy nou in die staat van Kalifornië is, kan dit dalk anders wees vir aflewering. maar so maak seker met hulle, as jy aflewering stuur en jy is buite Kalifornië gebaseer, maar jy stuur na 'n ander staat, wat jy dalk is. okay, kyk na dit. maar vir die grootste deel is tasha-klere 'n geen lisensie verkoper. en dan verkoper nommer vyf, wat ek eintlik 'n item van die video dra: ek het 'n resensie oor hierdie maatskappy gedoen voor hierdie rok. so verkoper nommer vyf is cc groothandel klere. ek het 'n volledige bender-resensie oor hulle gedoen, 'n video streng oor hulle, nie geborg nie. so dit was my volle eerlike resensie. ek sal dit hieronder skakel, maar cc-groothandelklere het 'n uitgebreide dropship-besigheid, so as jy daar aangaan, kan jy meer daaroor lees of jy kan kyk na die video, wat ek daaroor gepraat het en daar die verskillende opsies, wat hulle bied en die programme, wat hulle beskikbaar het, sover as drop shipping. so daardie eerste vyf verskaffers is diegene, waaroor ek video's gedoen het, waaroor ek gepraat het, voor, sodat jy dalk bewus is van hulle. maar kom, ons kyk nou na sommige van die verkopers, dat sommige van hierdie ander opsies alternatiewe maniere is, om op u eie afleweringsversending te doen, sonder om eintlik die verkoper te hoef te vind, wat sê: ja, ons bied nou afleweringsversending op orangeshinecom. loanshinecom- nou het 'n opsie waar verkopers toegelaat word, om items te verkoop en wat oop pakke genoem word en basies oop pakke, wat jy kry, om jou eie groottes te kies. daar is 'n paar verkopers op oranje glans wat jy moet vind, want ek het dit nie vandag vir jou gekry, nie het my vir altyd geneem, maar ek sal jou wenke gee oor hoe, om hulle te vind. learnshinecom: as jy die verkopers vind, wat oop pakke bied, en hulle het ook nie 'n minimum, nie kan jy deur daardie verkopers stuur. nou is daar 'n paar verkopers op oranje glans, wat oop pakke bied, maar hulle het ook 'n minimum waarmee jy nie wil stuur, nie tensy jou kliënt. daardie minimum dollarbedrag, soos 50 of 100 koop, is gewoonlik die minimum. maar daar is ' n paar verkopers wat geen minimum het, nie s, en hulle bied ook oop pakke aan, sodat jy eintlik deur daardie verkopers kan stuur. die nadeel daarvan is, dat daardie items dalk nie vir ewig bestaan ​​nie. so jy moet voortdurend voorraad nagaan om te sien, of dit beskikbaar is of nie. maar as jy die tyd het om, sit in met drop shipping. jy moet wel tyd hê. jy is dalk nie die een, wat die bestelling inpak nie, maar jy moet tyd hê, om tred te hou met voorraad. jy verkoop nie items, wat uitverkoop is nie. so as jy daardie tyd het om, kyk konsekwent na daardie verkopers op oranje oog. dit kan vir jou werk. so die manier waarop jy daardie ooppakverkopers kan vind, is een, wat net eenvoudig op oranje inkopies doen. vind van jou gunsteling verkopers en kyk, of hulle oop pakkies of twee bied. jy kan reg gaan op googlecom: tik oop pakke sonskyn in, en op google sal jy 'n lys van verkopers begin sien, wat sal opduik, en dit sal wys, dat as hulle oop pakke aanbied, en jy kan daarop klik en dan van daar af moet jy doen jou navorsing, om te sien, of hulle 'n minimum het of nie. i As daar nie 'n minimum is, nie het jy een verkoper daar. as daar 'n minimum is, hou net aan soek. maar dit is een alternatiewe manier, om die afleweringsverskaffers om te gaan, wat dalk nie spesifiseer, dat hulle drop-ship aanbied nie, maar jy kan steeds net een stuk by die groothandel koop. prys: nog 'n goeie manier, om aflewering te doen met ' n verkoper wat nie noodwendig sê, dat ons aflewering aanbied, nie is deur Amazon. daar is nou baie verkopers daar, wat klerebykomstighede verkoop, wat dit ook al is, wat u wil verkoop, teen ' n lae prys. want dit is, waarvoor Amazon bekend is: vir hul lae prys en die beste vir hul tweedaagse versending. en jy kan no.

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Dropshipping UK Clothing + Suppliers | FULL Beginners Guide 👗

the united kingdom e-commerce market is growing exponentially every year, as well as the fashion industry. that is why, in this video, we're gonna combine them both and show you how you can succeed in running a uk drop shipping business- whether you live in the uk or not, it really doesn't matter- and also how to mix that with the fashion industry and sell the best clothing products to the uk market. we're also going to go over the best uk dropshipping suppliers to find these closed products and sell them on your store, as well as other dropshipping tips and strategies. so quick intro and let's go. [Music]. welcome back everybody. i'm lyron from autods and, as you know, in this video you're gonna learn about the best uk drop shipping closed products that you can sell on your stores, as well as some of the best uk suppliers that you can work with to find these products, sell them and make your profit. if you haven't done so yet, do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics, tips and strategies that are coming out in the world of drop shipping, as well as success stories, case studies, podcasts, live q and a's and so much more. we're all about helping you learn how to start an ecommerce business the right way, and this video, of course, is no exception. so if you're wondering about the uk market, it is a very, very profitable one, and there's never a better time to start than now. so let's start off by toking about the profitability now. according to statista, the forecasted fashion e-commerce revenue growth in the united kingdom this year, in 2022, is by almost five percent, so a five percent growth from last year, giving a total number of over 43 million e-commerce users in the uk in the apparel or the close fashion industry. so not only is the fashion industry growing in the uk market, the uk e-commerce market is also growing, and when you put growth and growth together, you can also take a nice piece of the cake when it comes to the fashion industry in the united kingdom by simply creating a uk ecommerce store and market your products to the uk audience. and now we're going to also tok about which clothing products you should be selling. so it is a very profitable market and, once again, there is no better time than now to actually start this business, test out the products and see what works for you. we're gonna get to that soon, but first, how do we find the best uk drop shipping clothing suppliers? it's great to find products, it's great to do your product research, but after you do that, you're also going to have to look for the best suppliers that you can work with to grab these closed products and sell them on your selling channel. so, first of all, what makes a good uk drop shipping supplier? first thing you should be looking out for is: is this supplier dropshipping friendly? now you can work with suppliers that do not support the dropshipping business model, and you will have to find ways to work around those issues and of course, it is possible. but you can also find suppliers who are dropshipping friendly, who do allow you to drop ship their products, and it'll be at least much easier to start with when you're a beginner in the dropshipping field. the next thing you want to look out for is suppliers that don't have an moq. moq stands for minimum order quantity, and if we are looking for drop shipping suppliers, the drop shipping business model states that we can sell one product without holding it in our inventory and once we actually make a sale, we go to our supplier's website, we purchase that one product and ship it to the end customer, but if the supplier wants us to order more than one unit, that means that they have a minimum order quantity and that does not complement the dropshipping business model very much. so, of course, we want to look for dropshipping suppliers who don't have a minimum order quantity. next, you want to look for suppliers that offer excellent customer service. so when you're looking out for these uk suppliers, you want to see what types of methods you have to reach out to them, whether by phone, by email, by chat. try to reach out to them, see how long it takes them to get back to you, and that should give you an initial indication if their customer service is good. the next thing you want to look out for- and this one should go without saying- is that these suppliers actually have warehouses in the united kingdom, and the reason for that is because when you ship to the united kingdom, you also want to ship from the united kingdom, therefore, increasing your shipping speeds and delivery times giving you happy customers who will return to purchase from your store again. fast shipping times also reduces the amount of returns that we have or order cancellations from from orders not arriving on time. every buyer wants to receive their package as fast as possible, and domestik shipping is going to help us reach that goal. the last thing you want to look out for when searching for uk dropshipping suppliers is: do they have easy shop policies? this means return policies, shipping policies, refund policies and so forth. so can i open a return after i order a product? how long can i open the return for? can i open the return for any reason? will i get a full refund? do i have to pay for the return shipping? you want to read about all of these policies on the suppliers website and make sure that they offer the best customer service that they can, so that you can offer the same for your buyers. by the way, keep in mind that everything that i'm going over in this video, you can also read about it in the blog artikle, which i'll leave a link to right below this video. so now that we know about what we need to look out for when searching for uk dropshipping suppliers, let me show you some of the best uk drop shipping suppliers that you can start working with today. so, starting with the first one on our list, we've got aliexpress now for many new drop shippers. you probably may have heard about this supplier at one point or another. but you should know that aliexpress also has warehouses in the united kingdom. so it is not just a big chinese marketplace with many warehouses in china, but aliexpress came a long way from just being a marketplace in china with chinese warehouses. so today they have a global reach and they're starting to have warehouses in all kinds of places around the world, and one of those places is none other than the united kingdom. this means that we can search for products that they have stored in uk warehouses and ship them quickly, domestikally, to the uk audience. let's show you how that's done. a really quick example. so, as you see here on the front page, i can see that they already have accessories for tesla, but that's not what we're here for. so what we're gonna do is search for any product, but before that we're going to change our ship to the united kingdom and we'll also want to change our ship from to the united kingdom to keep it domestik, as stated earlier. so here, for example, let's just search for anything like cat ball, and here we can see all of the cat balls that can ship to the united kingdom. but we're also looking for the ship from. so right here, on the ship from. i'm going to click on that and i'll change it to united kingdom. now you can see all of the products that can ship from and to the uk, meaning i can get quick shipping times right here from aliexpress, because these products are not being sourced from china. so check that out. and that is our number one supplier when it comes to looking for products to sell to the uk audience. but of course, it doesn't all start and end with aliexpress. this is one of the first suppliers that you should be testing when starting a new drop shipping business, but of course, there are always more and more suppliers to work with. the second one is amazon uk. now, while aliexpress is what you call a drop shipping for any supplier, amazon may not be so friendly if you start to ship out multiple products every day, fr.

How To Start Dropshipping Clothes | ULTIMATE Guide For Beginners 👗

if you ever wanted to start your ecommerce business in the fashion niche, then do not go anywhere, because in this ultimate guide for beginners, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business and really make it in this wonderful and best-selling industry. don't go anywhere. quick intro and let's go. [Music]. hello everyone, i'm lyron from auto ds and in this video, i'm going to show you how you can start your own close drop shipping business, and a successful one at it. we're going to tap into how to start a drop shipping business into the close fashion niche, and then i'm also going to show you what are some of the best suppliers that you can work with to get the best clothes products for your store, and i'm also going to go over the best products that you can sell today in the clothes and fashion niche. so what are the best clothes that we can sell, since it's such a vast and general category? so, without further ado, let's jump straight into the action and one second before that, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that we have coming out in the world of dropshipping. having said that, let's go ahead and begin. how do we start drop shipping close? where do we start and how do we do it correctly to maintain and build a profitable drop shipping business? so, first things first, why even dropship close in the first place? well, first of all, you should always be selling in a niche that you are interested in. but having an interest in a certain niche is usually never enough. we have to make sure that there is a big market, a big demand for these products, before we tap into it and start researching for products. so how do we know if close is even a profitable category? how do we know that there is enough room for us in the market? this graph right here from common thread shows you the annual revenue in sales in the apparel market in billions. so, for example, last year, in 2021, the apparel market sold almost 370 billion dollars in revenue. in 2022, which is this year, it's forecasted to sell at 385 billion dollars, and next year it's going to continue growing to 397. and, of course, it will continue increasing year by year, just as we're used to in the e-commerce market. you also have good stats from other good sources, like statista, showing you how the clothes industry, how the fashion industry is increasing year by year. so of course there's room to jump in, and what better time than now? by the way, everything that i'm going over in this video, you can read about it in a full blog artikle, which i will leave a link to right below this video. so what are the steps to starting, creating, running and maintaining a successful and profitable close dropshipping business? these are the steps that we need to take. step number one: we need to identify a niche. so the clothes or the fashion industry is a very, very general niche. we're going to have to narrow that down and find some best sellers, some products that can sell today, that have high demand, which i will get to soon in this video. but step number one is identifying a niche. step number two: we need to choose clothing products to sell. since once we identified our niche in step number one, now we need to find which products we want to add from that niche to our dropshipping stores. step number three: we need to find a reliable drop shipping supplier. and it kind of comes with step number two: in order to find clothing products that you want to sell, you need to find suppliers who can actually sell them. so you, you tapped into your niche. you found whatever products you want to sell inside that niche. now we have to find suppliers that actually have those products that you can resell. step number four: we need to choose a selling platform, because up until now, we toked about products and how we're gonna get them and where we're gonna get them from, but now we need some place to sell it on, and that is what the selling channel is good for. step number five: we need to choose an automation software now that we need to start listing our products and actually create our online store. we also want to be able to scale our dropshipping business and not limit ourselves to a certain number of tasks per day, which will always limit us from growing and expanding our dropshipping empires. step number six: we're going to list our products now that we know what products we're going to sell and we have our drop shipping suppliers who can sell those products to us which we will sell to our end customers. and, of course, we have our selling channel, so we know what platform we're gonna use to sell these products on. now it's time to actually list those products. step number seven: we're going to learn how to market our clothing store, and that is because, now that we have our products listed on our stores, does anybody even know that our store exists? does anybody even know that we have products in our stores that are actually looking to buy? most likely, the answer to this question will be no. nobody knows that your store exists, although it does depend on what selling channel you are using. we're going to tok about all of that, but in any case, this is the part where we have to get our brands known and get traffic directly to our store so we can make those sales and profit. step number eight will be fulfilling our orders, because now we marketed our products, our stores exists. we did a great job on product research. now we're finally hitting those sales and we need to actually fulfill our orders. we got paid by our buyers on our online stores. now we're going to need to fulfill those orders and send those products to our buyers. step number nine: we're gonna learn how to provide excellent customer service, because, after we make orders on our stores, every now and then customers will reach out to us and either ask a simple question- maybe they'll want to return the product for a refund or replacement- or maybe they just want to reach out and ask something very simple, or maybe even ask for a promotion, because they want to buy from your store again. for whatever the reason, we want to provide the best customer service that we can, and that is what we're going to learn in step number nine. and then in step number 10, we're going to keep track and learn to analyze our stores so that we can continue making sales and profit and multiply our success and learn to scale. those are the 10 steps that we are going to go over in in this video and those are the steps that you need to take to run, build and maintain a high converting and successful drop shipping business in the close and fashion industry. so let's go ahead and begin with step number one, which is identify a niche. now, while close or fashion is the main general niche here, we're still going to need to narrow that down and find micro niches that are selling well inside this big, vast general niche. for example, you can look for things like women's dresses, winter gloves, gym wear and so forth. all of these are micro niches inside the fashion and clothes main general niche. now, the way to do that is with extensive product research and one of the best things about the drop shipping business model is that you can continue testing products over and over, and over and over and over and keep replacing the slow movers, replace them with new products that you want to test and, of course, multiply your success by adding more products that are similar to those that are selling for you. but in the beginning, before you start making sales, you can continue testing new products and replacing those slow movers because you're not investing in any inventory, which is one of the best things about the drop shipping business model. it's very easy to test the market and continue testing more and more until you start finding those that start selling for you. so first you want to identify a niche by going to suppliers websites, which i will go over soon, tapping into their clothes and fashion categories and going into


what's up youtube? welcome back to my channel. in today's video, i am naming eight instagram batty, drop shipping slash, wholesale clothing vendors. uh, free, no license needed. uh, so be sure to grab your pen and paper. i'm gonna put the names of the vendors at the bottom of the screen so you can pause it, write it down, um, and yeah, let's just jump right into it. okay, guys, so the first vendor i have for you, let me go here and, yes, some of these are not some of these. most of these, most of these are on aliexpress, but aliexpress they have really great vendors. some people don't trust aliexpress. i don't know why. i've been using aliexpress for a while, so let me show you, guys, the first vendor. all right, this is the first vendor. let's see three, two, one. i cannot pronounce it. like i said, it'll be at the bottom of the screen. um, i guess this vendor's name is zora. i pretty much have a list of vendors saved to my favorites and i follow them on aliexpress. they have really good clothes, really cute clothes. um, like i said, you can always review the reviews and look at the prices and obviously you can do drop shipping with these vendors i'm going to name and then you can also do, uh, host a wholesale. so if you go to all items and you click orders, it'll show you the most like products that are ordered and you can always um view the reviews. like i said, this is vendor number one. see, cute, cute. so i want to read the reviews to make sure you know the item is actually accurate. so, yeah, this is the first vendor. like i said, their name is dual. let's go back zura. now the next vendor. let's see, that's number one. second vendor is name is named a, hug qatar. oh, i cannot. i cannot pronounce these y'all. the names will be at the bottom. this is the second vendor. um, also, wholesale drop shipping. now, if you want to know how to drop ship um these items, like i said you pretty much, you can get a pre-made drop shipping boutique from me. um, that link will be down below angels who hustle, calm, but this one got cute stuff. i don't remember if i used this one recently, but but, yeah, this is a vendor you can use. like i said, click um orders and it'll show you the most ordered product, which means it's like, pretty accurate. so, this vendor, hug guitar. i believe they're pretty accurate. uh, let me show you some pictures. no, it's not the review. scroll to the bottom. bom bom, bom. you know it's pretty accurate. so, like i said, they do wholesale drop shipping and if you go scroll down, usually it'll tell you like the sizes: um, let's see if they have anything about wholesale or drop shipping. they probably don't. let's see, do they? yeah, right here. so scroll to the bottom of the vendors. it'll say wholesale- three to seven days to arrive. drop shipping. it says they could drop ship for you. they send the goods to your customer directly and won't leave information about them. so that's pretty much how that works. that's the second vendor and, like i said, you can order a drop shipping pre-made boutique for me. it comes with pretty much items already listed for your store, imported, ready to go for you and my ambassador, program and details, uh, and script is included which is how you get sales. so, just so you guys know, that would be down below. uh, let's see. third vendor. i cannot print, i cannot pronounce these, but uh, yeah, this is the third vendor. i'll put the name on the bottom of the screen. they also have bomb stuff. like i said, what you want to do is click all items, click orders. they'll show you the most popular orders that people are ordering that you need to have on your store pretty much. but, like i said, this is confusing. i can make the store for you some more reviews and then, um, [Music]. if you want to do wholesale, you got the money for that, go ahead, you can place your wholesale order with them. just ask them for, like, a wholesale discount and then, yeah, if you don't have money to buy wholesale or to start your boutique, that's why you should do drop shipping. so, let's see, that's the third one. i hope i'm on track, all right. number four: this fourth vendor is called nibber. i can pronounce that that's easy. so, yeah, they also have cute stuff. this is pretty much like fashion nova type vendors- baddies. you know what i'm saying. so, like i said, you'll click all items, orders, bam, top order products, most popular. this is pretty much what's trending. you know you want to add these things to your store. you can have a boutique without inventory drop shipping. it's called drop shipping. you definitely can. i've done it. i did the 14 day drop shipping challenge. you can click this i cart at the top. i did that with aliexpress. not sure which vendor exactly, probably like a mix of these vendors, but, yeah, and i made sales the day i launched, so i might do another challenge just to show you guys. but, yeah, so this is another vendor. so let's just click item, let's just click this and it shows you the pictures and you could use their pictures too, because they're stok photos. um, i usually like to use pictures like this with a white background. all you have to do is all you have to do is remove the logo. so i love using pictures just like a plain white background. and then here's some reviews and you can actually import these reviews to your store too. so, yeah, that's that. i think that was the fourth one. uh, did i name this one? yeah, this one also another one fifth vendor can't pronounce this neither. click orders and i'll show you the hottest items and then you'll just want to swipe. some people don't even know about this, like what i'm telling y'all. this is what's crazy some people don't know about. you can have your online boutique straight from aliexpress. like that's how i made 14k drop shipping. i do sell usa stores, um, and then i do sell china stores, which is the vendors from aliexpress. but bomb she. she might have that bomb, like sold. you know so. and then, like i said, you scroll to the bottom and if you want to use their photos, you'll use these photos and then you'll just delete where it says real photo. all right back. the fifth vendor: cryptographic- yeah, cryptographic. click all items, orders. just bomb stuff. you know, you'll click the pictures if you want to view that, the reviews. it tells you see, it's rated 4.0 and it tells you how many orders it has. this one has has over 4 200 orders, you know. so that's pretty good. and then the pictures. be sure to read the reviews. oops, be sure to read the reviews to make sure you know they're saying that it's a good piece to add to your store. and if you want to scroll to the bottom, this is how you can use their pictures. just erase the real photo where it says that. now i think i'm on number six, the number six vendor, y'all. this is, this is their storefront: very bomb: batty clothes, fashion, nova, type. click all items, click orders. bam, let's see. this has been ordered 2 400 times 2 400, 24 200. do i say that? right? yeah, okay, so scroll to the bottom. price is obviously amazing, but she looks, she looks amazing. aliexpress. aliexpress got some stuff. um, if you scroll to the bottom, this is how. now, if you want to use these stok photos, you could, but you got to be careful because sometimes these are actually people's like pictures, you know. so that's why i like to use regular photos, either not with their face or just a regular white background, or on a mannequin like this, like a clear or tan mannequin, you know. so that's usually how i like to do it. so let's see, do they have anything about wholesale or drop shipping? scroll to the bottom, it'll tell you if they do wholesale drop shipping. this one. it don't say it, but i'm sure they do. so how many did i name? did i already? yeah, that's one to that one. okay, i think i'm on the sixth one, or is it the seventh, losing my focus? okay, this another vendor. new asia garden, another bomb vendor. they got the. uh, what's this called? these dresses are very popular. click all items, click orders, and it'll show you everything that's trending right now, you know. so you can click. like this they, this outfit, has been ordered over 1800 times. they have different colors and, like i said, always look at the r.