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best dropshipping jewelry

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Best Method to Dropshipping Jewelry On Shopify (2020)

what's going on YouTube. Wesley, here and today, I'm gonna show you the best method for dropshipping jewelry on Shopify in 2020. so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course, starting at only four hundred and eighty seven dollars, and I'm totally kidding guys. I'm gonna teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus used to scale their stores, but what I'm not going to do is rip you off. I'm here to provide free content because I want you to open the store of your dreams, and all I ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started and if you leave a comment below writing add show winners, I'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that I update every week. and no, it doesn't link to, of course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. and maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post. I will do well. or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales, and I used to hate it. also, when I see the same products in a competing store and that little ring of showing who purchase that just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me crazy. but don't worry, once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you'll already have won half the battle. and that's not all. I'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure I'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, I've been there. back then there wasn't any guys like this and I kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and I legit had to hit the books, sometimes like physical books, but once I figured things out, my sales began to skyrocket. so how does this all work, you're probably wondering. so what you're actually gonna do is go on Amazon and we're gonna do some research on their bestsellers list. so it's a good option for jewelry just because it shows us, like, what the latest trends and stuff are. so obviously, right here, you're not gonna see jewelry off the bat, so you're gonna actually have to do some categorisation or categorizations. yeah, let's go categorization. so clothing, shoes and jewelry- and then we're gonna do women's jewelry. so we're just gonna select women and then we're gonna select jewelry, and then we're gonna have this awesome list. and what's cool about this best sellers list? it's updated hourly, as it says here, so it's gonna be the latest and um, latest and greatest selling products. so it's not just like, oh, this was the best sellers for last week or last month or something, and they haven't updated it since. so it's updated every hour. so, as you can see, our earrings are trending really well. right, no earrings, that's what I'm seeing mostly, and maybe like these animal pendants or something like that and yeah, so a lot of earrings and bangles and things like that. so what you want to do here, what I recommend, is just kind of take note of what products that you feel like will best suit your store for your brand and what like what catches your eye, basically that you think are gonna sell really well. so I'm gonna do some more. how about we gonna do earrings for this video? just because I see earrings are doing really well. so I'm gonna make a mental note of like these styles and, of course, you know you could take your time kind of look through these some more and see. you know what's what's doing good, what's doing not, what's not doing good. you can check out reviews and see what people like about it, what don't they don't like about it. so maybe you could find another product that is like this but better. so after you find kind of like, have an idea of what designs and stuff that you like and you kind of want to source products, I recommend going over to Aliexpress here and what we're actually gonna do is there's the jewelry and watches tab right here and we're gonna select trendy earrings. because what we want, what I want to do right now is I think earrings are doing really well, so I want to select some earrings. so off the bat right here, I think this one can do really good just because it's the same design as kind of like this, a similar design, so this could potentially do really good. it has good reviews and you know it has over 2000 sold. so I'm gonna make a note of this. but before that, you know this one just caught my eye, but normally I do want to put in my filters, so I'm going to put four stars then up- and of course it's still there because I had good reviews. and then also of you know if, depending on your profit margins and stuff like that, you can get really specific with it if you want. so you can definitely do a minimum maximum if you want to be like targeted about where you ship your product from and things such as that. maybe you want to save money with free shipping and stuff like that. so it's all up to you how you want to play around with this. but keep in mind, simple, for the sake of the video, I'm just gonna do four, four stars and up and then I'm gonna just do my own research, just because I'm gonna look for the reviews right here and then the amount sold. so I want to do, um, so you can do these mass amounts, but I think I want to do specific, like earrings, just like this one that was really cool, um, and then this one looks pretty cool, um, this might do well, actually. so we have this one and then I pick out one more, let's see. yeah, so again, take your time on this area. you obviously want to find products that really suit like your store and your brand of what you want to do. so, you know, don't hesitate if you want to spend, you know, twenty to thirty minutes on here, just kind of look into products, and of course, you can, you know, pick a few and then test it out and then come back and pick a few more, so you don't have to like, do everything right here, right now, and then just have a massive like ding the test later. so I like this one too: 4.8 reviews, 4d to done so. so, like I said, I'm just picking designs that I like and I feel like what's not really well because, like I said, this one originally- and this one originally- was on the best sellers list. I was a similar design to this one, so people are interested in it, so that's awesome. it could be a potential winner right here. so I have to be products right here, right. so next, what I wanted to do is you can add it to your Shopify store, obviously, or, if you want to use like over, low or something, and you can just put the plug, the link in and do that and then, once you have it in your store, it's basically um, running your choice of PPC campaigns. you don't need to run a PPC campaign. you can do like SEO and organic marketing, but of course that takes more time and but which I you know, up to you. you know it's your world. but I do recommend running a PPC campaign if you want to have more sales and conversions at a faster rate and then you know it gets you a product out there to potential audiences. so what does PPC campaigns? for people that don't know, PPC campaign stands for pay plate, pay-per-click campaigns, basically. so you have your Google ads, which is Google is basically like Google Ads, and then a home Facebook ads, which is Facebook's version of ads, so uses different algorithms, obviously. so Google will use the Google algorithm, like a Google search and all that stuff, to find a data for you and mark it for you and then help you show up in Google search rankings and Facebook ads uses the Facebook API and stuff like that to you know come? you have all that data is at your disposal so it markets to people on Facebook and social media and things like that. and, of course, don't forget, Facebook and Instagram are also connected, so you can do both Facebook and Instagram advertising as well. so what I'm gonna do personally right now is use add chills 1-minute product launcher just because it connects to the Facebook API and it lets me launch products at a really fast rate, as you're gonna see right now. so I'm gonna have my ad show products and then I'm this, which is my business page, and in a my business account, and then this is my business page. so I'm gonna select the.

How To Start A Jewelry Business With LITTLE MONEY 💰 2023 (new method for beginner NOT dropshipping)

starting a jewelry business is way cheaper than a lot of people might think, and in this video, I'll be giving you guys a lot of gems on how to bring down that cost and to make it even better. I am going to share with you guys the secret strategy that not a lot of people know about, where you can start your business without having to buy inventory and having inventory on hand. and I know what you're thinking, sis, that's Drop Shipping. nope, it is not drop shipping. it is a different method that not a lot of people know about and not a lot of people are using. so if you use this, you could literally have an advantage over other people that is currently in business. so if you're interested in that, be sure that you're watching this video until the very end and don't forget to like the video. if you actually learned something, okay, deal. so, with that being said, let's get into the first step. so, step number one: you have to decide what type of jewelry you want to sell. so you need to know: am I going to be selling gold-plated jewelry? am I going to be selling real gold? am I going to be selling stainless steel, waterproof or water resistant sterling silver? you need to be familiar with these terms and you need to know what type of jewelry it is that you specifically is going to sell. this is very important because it will determine how much your startup cost will be. so if you choose to go with something like real gold and things like that, it's going to cost you a lot more money for a real goal and waterproof, water resistant, non-tarnish jewelry, versus if you went with gold-plated and stainless steel jewelry. your startup cost will be way, way lower. now I know what you guys are thinking: oh, people want quality. I have to start with the best. but listen to me, people are motivated to buy by different things. not everyone is looking for a quality. not everyone has a big bag to drop on jewelry. some people, they're just looking for Aesthetiks. some people, they're just looking for something cute to throw on with their outfit. some people are just, you know, they're not into the whole jewelry thing like that, so they're not gonna drop a big bag on a jewelry. not everyone out here is a rapper. not everyone out here is trying to spend a whole bunch of money. so you don't have to think that you need to start with like the most expensive type of jewelry right. only thing that's gonna do is really Skyrocket your startup cost. but if you're someone like oh I'll do this, long term I want to have a reputation of having the best jewelry, then you know you could start with the high quality stuff. but just bear in mind that the higher the quality right, the better the jewelry, the more money it's going to cost you to start a business. so step two is to decide who is going to wear your jewelry and what they're going to use it for. so this is important for some of the reasons we were toking about earlier. different people buy jewelry for different reasons. different people use it for different reasons. you need to figure out who your people are going to be that you're going to serve. the reason why this is important is because you want your business to be cohesive. you don't want it to be a hot mess. so I'm going to pull up two accounts here and I'm going to show you one where it's like they haven't really figured out their branding or theme yet, and one where everything is cohesive and nice. this is goals. this is what I'm trying to get you guys to do: to have a cohesive brand. that's why it's important to choose a certain type of person that you want to sell to and choose a theme, because, listen to me, okay, what a 50 year old wants to wear as jewelry, it's not the same as what a two-year-old wants to wear, and it's not the same as what a teenager wants to wear. and what women want to wear is not the same as what men want to wear. so it's important, before you go out and start ordering random jewelry, to kind of sit down and decide who am I going to be selling to. for this reason, you need a level off cohesiveness once again. so I'm gonna tell you guys this, because, more than likely, you are just starting your research, so you might not have came across this information yet, so I'll be the one to fill the beans. okay, the more people that you try to sell to in business is, the less people you're going to reach. and, um, there's a psychology fact- I don't remember the name of the term that I learned about in college- and that is, if you try to tok to everyone, you will end up toking to no one. so if you walk into a crowded area and you say, someone call the cops, nobody's gonna call the cops. but if you say, hey, you in the green shirt called the cops, that person is more likely to take action. and it's the same when you have your brand that appeals to a specific type of person is that your brand will call out to them stronger than the brands that are like I'm for everyone. you know. so if you have a brand that just caters to the girls that are all into the Instagram- cute aesthetik type of jewelry- the moment they see your page or they come across your business and the type of jewelries that you sell, they're gonna feel like they're in heaven. they're gonna be like: oh my gosh, I have to tell my friend about this. I have to tell Samantha. but when you have a whole bunch of stuff going on, people are like: what is this? and they leave because everything is a hot mess. hope I made that point clear enough. so not only do you get to save money because of this, you also get to have repeat customers. so if you got this type of stuff that I know, I like I'm coming back. I mean, think about it, think about the stories that you buy from. you don't buy from them. once. if you've shopped with fashion over she and pretty little thing- uh, Zara, Sephora, Macy's. you don't typically shop with these companies one time. you typically shop with them multiple times because they have a style, they have an aesthetik, they have something that you like that makes you continue to come back. but if they only had like one thing for you, you would leave. so that's like one of the main benefit of having like a collection that makes sense together, rather than having random stuff trying to see if you could sell to everyone. so, moving on, the next step is to set up your website with Shopify. so a lot of people will advise you to use Big Cartel because it's free, and I might do a video of reviewing them or checking it out, but what I know is that Big Cartel is a little ghetto. it is a little bit not up to par. it's a little bit below the bar in, you know, 2022, 2023, 2024. it's not cutting it. it's really not cutting it for the Modern Age. Shopify is so robust. you have so many features, so many apps that you can could put onto the website and guess what? it's easy. all you have to do is choose a template. you could even get a free template from Shopify. you could get a 14 to 30 days free trial from Shopify and you could set up your website. you just choose a free template. it will already look like a website. you will upload your pictures, you will set your prices, you will change the text and things like that. it's very, very easy. like I always say, if you know how to upload a picture on social media, you know how to create a website, and that is fax. so it's time for the big reveal of the strategy that I use to sell jewelry without buying inventory up front, and it's not Drop Shipping. it's time for me to reveal that. so here we go. so let me tell you how the method goes, okay, and then I'll tell you what the method is called, because after you hear the name of the method, you might start going in your head too much. so I want to tell you the process and then tell you what that method is called. so how the process worked was I was selling personalized jewelry. that's like name necklace, name earrings, name bracelets, name ring, things like that, because this is essential to this process. so I found a vendor, a specific vendor, and after that I ordered the samples. so after I got the samples, I took some pictures for my website and I took some pictures and videos for my social m.

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hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel. if this is your first time seeing me, hi, my name is julia and i post a bunch of business and lifestyle content and i'm just bringing you guys along my business journey. and if you are a returning subscriber, welcome back. so today's video is a highly requested one. i get asked in the dms- my personal instagram, youtube comments, um, my tiktok, my email, like: just this is the most asked question and that is: how do i find a vendor for my jewelry business. and let me just say you guys clicked on the right video today because i'm going to be answering just that. we're just going to jump on into it and we're not going to waste any time. so the first thing, before you even think about a vendor, you want to have an idea of what you actually want. so i would recommend getting a notebook and writing out what your mood board is, what you want the pieces to look like. you know, maybe you want a bunch of basics or maybe you want statement pieces. you know, think about the materials you want. maybe you want resin jewelry, maybe you want, you know, gold, silver. and i will say, when it comes to jewelry material, make sure you're staying away from alloy, nickel, brass and copper. those are typically metals that over time will rust and tarnish on your fingers, your neck, your ears, wherever you're wearing it. so materials that are reliable and affordable for you to buy and affordable for your customers to buy are stainless steel and sterling silver. so if you want silver pieces, you might just want the stainless steel and sterling silver without anything on it, so that way it's just silver. and if you do want gold pieces, you can get the same base metal, so that way they're not going to tarnish and you can wear them in the water. and then you're just going to get them gold plated. so you can get them 18 karat gold plated, 24 karat gold plated, etc. and as you're thinking about the pieces you want, you want to also factor in a budget, because if you don't have a budget, it's not really going to help you in the long run. so if you are just starting out, you might have a smaller budget of, let's say, like 100 to 300. so you want to factor in the actual product cost and how many like pieces you're actually going to buy for your first collection or launch. and you want to factor in shipping costs because, depending on where you are, shipping can be very, very expensive and you also want to leave a bit of cushion room for duty fee and like taxes. um, i live in canada so i've had to pay duty fees and taxes on basically every shipment i've received. i paid a 92 duty fee today, um, so just make sure you're leaving a bit of room for that so that you don't get, you know, surprised in the end. um, so, yeah, definitely, that's like my tip. number one is: just plan out what you're actually looking for now. two is where you can actually find these vendors. so there's two platforms i would recommend. the first platform is actually google. google is really easy to use, so if you are looking for a specific jewelry vendor, you can type in, you know, stainless steel jewelry vendor and vendors will literally pop up on the google page. the only thing i will say is that i would recommend using google for those who actually have a business license or business number only, because a lot of these um vendors or wholesalers from google they want you have a business number, so they want to verify that you actually have a business. so if you are just starting out, typically you don't have that information. so i wouldn't really recommend that if you're starting out, but if you have a business number and you are looking for, you know, different wholesalers, different vendors, definitely check out google. now the next platform is alibaba. so alibaba is literally my favorite platform, just because it's really easy to use and it's very, very simple. so, with alibaba, all you would do is you would go in the search bar and you type in what you want. so if you're looking for studs, or let's just use studs as an example- you want to be very specific. so in the search bar, you would type in: like stainless steel studs or like stainless steel circular studs- whatever you had in your vision- you want to search for it and it'll just give you a bunch of lists of various vendors. alibaba themselves are not selling these products. they host various vendors, so they could be the same vendors you find on google, but alibaba just makes it easier for you to find them in one platform. now we're going to get into, like, what to really look for when it comes to vendors, because, yeah, there's a bunch of vendors, but not all these vendors are the best. so, on alibaba, what you want to look for is you want to make sure that these suppliers are verified so you can actually like filter in um. there's like a little filter section at the top where you can filter so you only see verified suppliers. i would recommend doing that. that way you're just guaranteed you find the best of the best and you don't have to like spend all the extra time looking through vendors who don't sell the best quality product. you also, when you do find a vendor, you also want to take in to consideration their moq's. mlq stands for minimum order quantity. so this is really helpful when we go back to our planning that we did and we planned out how many pieces we want and what our budget was. moq allows us to really put that in. just put that into perspective, because some brands say or some vendors say like, oh, you have to order at least a thousand pieces and that's not gonna work. if your budget is 300 and they're selling one piece of jewelry for five dollars, it's it's not going to work. so you also want to find vendors who have a lower minimum order quantity. i will say: if this is your first time ordering from a brand or whatever or vendor, sometimes they will actually give you a deal or a discount because it's your first time and they want to build a relationship and they want to, you know, have you as their client, um, but it doesn't work all the time. but you can definitely try. maybe their moq is 20 and you only need 15 or 10. you can try to bargain with them. it does work sometimes. the next thing you want to look for when it comes to the vendor you chose is the description. so this is specific for like jewelry, because you know the title might say, oh, it's stainless steel or oh, it's you know real gold, but then you go down to the description and in the description it actually tells you what the material is, and it could say alloy, it could say nickel. so majority of the times, a lot of these vendors will write like stainless steel in the caption or like the title, but then the actual product isn't made of that. so you want to make sure you're scrolling down and really reading what, um, the you know the material is, and it also tells you what the shipping time is. so by scrolling down you'll be able to kind of factor: okay, well, i need order at this date in order to get it at this time. so it's really helpful looking down all the information. you also want to look at reviews because reviews. reviews really help you um determine whether it's a good product or not. you know, sometimes some vendors are new or like they just don't have reviews on a certain product. look at the reviews on the actual store. you can go um on the actual store and there should be a reviews page on it, on the front page if you scroll down. definitely look at reviews um and see if the reviews are true to the product description. next thing i will say when it comes to finding a vendor is communicate. so when you find your vendor, let's say you find a vendor and you're like: okay, perfect, i personally tok to them all within the actual app. i don't really tok to them on like whatsapp. i just like everything to be in one place and like i feel like whatsapp i use for like my family, like my family, like they'd like to tok on whatsapp and me. i'm like i don't want to mix it. so i usually just tok on the app and when i'm on the app you want to stay very professional. you know you can introduce yourself and yo.

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Earn $5,000 a month by starting a dropshipping Jewelry Business -Spocket | CHRISTINA FASHION

hey everyone. it's your girl, christina fashion, and welcome back to my channel. this channel is all about leveling up and growing our business together, and you'll love it here. in today's video, i'm going to tok about how to start a drop shipping business. this long, weird video is finally here. i'm going to tok about how you can drop ship if you're interested in building another stream of income. i think about a year ago i introduced this topic and it catched on like wildfire. you guys were dming me about how to start one or some of you went ahead and actually tried to start a drop shipping business. maybe you couldn't figure out how to sync your products to your store, how to properly communicate with the vendors that way they're making sure that they're fulfilling each order in your store. but the biggest problem you probably had was how do you sync everything so that way you can get all your orders automatikally fulfilled and that the items do get delivered to your customer? well, i got you. i got all the tea. i'm gonna be dropping them today in this video. that way, you know, the easiest way to do it was just one click. like i said, one click, okay. so that's why i have partnered up with spock it to show you how to start a drop shipping store. i will actually be showing a tutorial on how i open the store, how to find a winning product, especially if you're looking to figure out what jewelry is winning at this moment. and keep watching to the end of this video because i will be doing a surprise giveaway. one lucky winner will have the chance to win one free year of sparky. doesn't that sound amazing, y'all? so? spaghett is an online marketplace that connects retailers or small business owners like you to suppliers and products that can easily sync to your store in just one click. so they have a lot of amazing features, such as integration to your stores that you're using, whether it be shopify, wix, bigcommerce or anything like that- and they have other features like your branded invoice, in which you can create an invoice that looks like it's coming from your store. that way, your customer won't know that they're buying from a drop shipping business- and as well as using features like ali scraper and where you can import products from abroad in overseas, like china or other countries. what's so great about spake as well? they primarily focus on working with suppliers in the us, so that means faster shipping times for your customers. that way, your customers don't have to wait 30 days, you know, to receive their items. that used to be in the past. your customer can get their items in five to seven days, or 14 days, depending on what product you're importing to your store. to build our drop shipping store, we first need to find our winning product. what i like to do is go on pinterest and tiktok and i will look up videos or trending jewelries for my market research and, from what i have found, my top three trending products are the pearl necklace, the initial necklace and the signet rings. then we'll head over to spock it, to browse around and shop around, see if there's any items that we like, and then we're gonna click on each item and then you can read the description, read the return policy, their shipping time, their processing time. after browsing around, i found this beautiful evil eye pearl necklace and once i click on the image and i browsed around, i wasn't too sure if i really wanted this necklace or how it would look like in person. at the bottom of each product image there is a product description in which you can read about the material type and the length of the chain and more information about the type of jewelry they sell. now, to order a sample, you'll click on the order sample button. from there i'll pop up a screen and then you can order how many samples you want, whether it be one or two, and you can enter a note for your vendor if you have any specifics you want to include. if you want the 18 inch, if you want the pink version of the pearl necklace or the green version, whatever variation they have, you can always order a sample. that way you can sample it at home. there is a separate product variation button. you can click to see how many colors this vendor carries in that item and it will also show you how much of that specific color that they have in stok. so for this one they have about three per necklace. now, if you're looking for a specific country or price range, you can always filter your products by clicking at the top page next to search, click, filter and from there you can change the shipping country. you can look for a specific supplier, you can look for a quicker shipping time and then filter it to how you see fit. at the top of the product description you can click the green button: add to import list. to import now to see all the items you have imported, you're going to click on the import list button on the side. this section is where you can customize the product title, the category, you can add it to a specific collection. you can change the images, change the description the way you want it to appear on your personal website. now, once you're done customizing the title and description, you're going to click on variants and from variants we are going to price our product. once you click on variants, you'll be able to see all the different type of product images and styles on the left side. on the right side, your inventory, the shipping price and the sales price. from there you're going to add in your sales price and, for an example, i'm going to do it times two and use 15, so that would leave me with a profit of and 7.72 cents. you can always mark it up to the industry level. i see necklaces like this going for like 30 to 50.. so they do all the calculation for you. all you have to do is just play around with the numbers depending on how much your expenses are and then how much you think your item is worth. to view all the products you have pushed to your store on the left side, you're gonna click my products and from there you can see all the products you have, and you can always remove any products from your store if you need to. now that i have added all my product, here is my product page. everything flowed and synced nicely to my website, so now, if you click on the product images, you'll see how our description looks like when we customize the earlier. everything just looks really, really good and our store is completed now that you're officially open for business. thank you for watching the tutorial with me and following along with me and opening up your store. okay, we're about to get to the bag, so now let's tok about how are you going to be able to market your product? so the biggest thing when it comes to job shipping- i highly recommend video marketing. so i would recommend ordering a few samples from your store. bash creating 30 pieces of content a month for your target audience, and you can use that in combination of trending videos, trending sounds or even storytelling about your products, or i also recommend creating a problem solution video as well. so, let's say, your target audience is having a hard time finding a vintage piece of jewelry, a video with a hook letting know what problem they're having and then explaining the solution that you have this new piece of jewelry that's a vintage looking, that's high quality and that you ship fast, and that could be your hook to the video. that way, you're creating a problem solution that your customer is looking for and you're filling a gap in the market. if you're interested in signing up with pocket, i will leave my link below, and now let's tok about the giveaway. so one of you have a chance to win one free year of pocket, your one free year of drop shipping. who doesn't want that, right? what i want you to do is, of course, sign up to my link and, as well as comment below, spock it giveaway and once you comment that, a winner will be announced at the end of this week, and i will be announcing it below in my comments or on the next video. i really hope you enjoy this tutorial and learning more about.

How to find a reliable jewelry dropshipping supplier?

hello, what's up everybody, welcome to my channel and today this video i'm going to be sharing with you guys some tips about how to find a like a reliable drop shipping supplier on your niche. as you may know, there are tons of profitable drop shipping issues and one of the most popular niche market is jewelry and accessories, and the niche has a very large variety of the different products that which are fringe linked to the dropshipping uvs. due to this light weight and also small size, the jewelry offers the unique advantages in terms of delivery. so if you want to start a job jewelry drop shipping business, finding a jurors reliable jewelry supplier is the most important step, so let's get into it. before starting, i think you need to know to figure out what materials you want to sell, as well as the style, so not all the jewelry drop shipping supplier will be able to provide products you want, and figuring this out can help you to roll out like a whole bunch of the aspire than to match, in addition to adding sprites. there are many places how to find the jewelry drop shipping vendors, such as the dropshipping directory site and also the google searches. do search on this winner's size carefully and check this. meet your great requirements, and price and quality of the jury is the primary concern: the difference between the price offered by the supplier and also the price offered by the retail website. if the price made a profit, you can make and maximize the profit by choosing a supplier that offers a lower price and while ensuring the quality of the products. detailed products specifications are a marks for the quality supplier. your customer may want to know the material of the jewelry and size of the frame, the length of the necklace, etc. so as you, as a dropshipper who does not have access to the product, need to get appropriate um information from the supplier in order to buy to serve your customers. besides, high quality image go a long way in promoting your product and the shipping cost and delivery times should never be look overlooked. your customer does not want to wait forever to get their products. that is why more and more people are choosing local suppliers or the drop shipping provider with the global warehouse. also, if you are interested in some jewelry supplier for drop shipping, don't refuse to build a relationship with them. instead, ask them as many questions as possible, and also quality supplier will not be shy about answering your questions and help you with your doubts. finally, i recommend to you that you always place a test order before working with that winter. it may cost some money, but it definitely worth it. by placing a test order, you can figure out the product quality, the delivery time and older fulfillment process. so that is what this video about. i hope these tips help you to find a suit for jewelry winter. and if you like this video, don't forget to give us a thumb up and also subscribe down below, and i will see you next time. bye [Music] you.

Dropshipping Jewelry In The UK | Top Jewelry Products + Suppliers 💍

hey dropshippers, and welcome back to our YouTube channel. today's video is All About Drop Shipping jewelry in the UK and whether or not it's a profitable Venture. I'll be covering the top recommended jewelry products to drop ships and the best supplies in the UK to Source these jewelry products from. so, without further Ado, let's jump straight into this video. [Music]. okay, so first up, is the profitable and worth it for you to start Drop Shipping jewelry in the UK? jewelry pieces in general are profitable products. due to the high values, we are able to set flexible prices when selling them. also, the UK Drop Shipping Market is less competitive, so that means we can gain a competitive Advantage by offering trending jewelry items. okay, so let's start straight into the top five best selling jewelry pieces that we can drop ship in the UK. suffers top selling jewelry piece are angel wing pendant necklaces, and we all know that angel wings symbolize protection, Harmony and courage. for these pendant necklaces, we can offer our customers half Wing or full Wing options. we can also sell gold or silver variations of these angel wing pendant necklaces. as a bonus, you can also offer your customers engraved texts or precious stones in these angel pin and necklaces, and these beautiful angel necklaces are available in various chain lengths and cells. next up, we have these forever love heart pendant necklaces. this is a great way to express your love to your partner or even to your friend, that you have a really special bond. worth these beautiful pendant necklaces coming various engravement Styles and you can offer different types of these necklaces, such as a solid heart shape or even a locker type pendant necklace. for more personalized look, you can offer different birthstones for your customers to choose from and, of course, you can offer these pinned and necklaces in both gold and silver options. our third trending jewelry piece are crystal drop dangle earrings. so these beautiful earrings are a great way to complete your chick outfit of the day and you can offer them in various earring Styles. these dangle earrings also known for these sophistikated crystals inside of them, so you should offer your customers a wide range of various crystals to choose from. our next trending jewelry piece which is a personal favorite of mine, is the multi-colored bead necklace. so this product consists of colored beads. that brings that Barbara into exciting and summery feeling. it's also a very special accessory because you can match it with your everyday wear. this bright necklace also comes in various bead sizes and color combinations, so make sure to offer a variety of these for your customers to choose from. not only that, they come in many styles, which is perfect for layering, so make sure to offer different necklace lens to suit your different customers preferences. our last trending jewelry piece is the Vintage gold ring sets, so this beautiful and Timeless jewelry piece is a bestseller amongst vintage enthusiasts. these Lush gold ring sets are available in various ring bands and styles, and when you have a look at these rings in the set, you'll see that there are many rings that differ from one another. for example, you'll see they are solid rings with different shapes, or rings that have crystals or pearls on the top. okay, let's now have a look at the 8 best UK drop shipping supplies that we can Source these trending jewelry products from first up, of course, we have AliExpress, and this leading china-based job shipping supplier provides the following benefits to our online business: you can find top jewelry products from millions of choices on AliExpress's Dropship Center. you can also analyze the product's sales potential and other metrics that will guide you to pick the best Drop Shipping items. I Express also offers great competitive prices of jewelry items in turn. that allows us to set reasonable prices for valuable jewelry pieces, which results in high profit margins. and a good thing to note is that AliExpress is the best Drop Shipping friendly platform in the e-commerce scene. next up, we have Amazon UK, and here are the advantages of integrating with them. to start off, Amazon is home to several domestik warehouses in the UK and, as a result, UK customers can expect fast delivery of orders. Amazon also has a diverse jewelry product catalog to choose from and for draft shippers, that means the more diverse our product listings are, the greater the chances are of sales conversions. Amazon UK also offers incredible customer service. they deal with all issues when it comes to shipping, tracking and returns. our third jewelry Drop Shipping supplier is banggood UK, so banggood provides a wide array of jewelry products to sell, which makes them extremely drop shipping friendly. the great thing about this UK supplier is that they offer low-cost products to drop shippers. that means that you will gain huge profits when sourcing jewelry products from the Strath shipping supplier. you can also expect fast shipping times when working with banggood, and the best part of it all is that banggood offers both perks and discounts to online sellers. UK dropshippers can take advantage of free membership, customized product suggestions and a credit Point accumulation system. as for VIP dropshippers, you can enjoy up to 20 discounts and a 9 cashback when sourcing jewelry products from banggood. fourth on our jewelry drop shipping supplies list, we have eBay UK, so eBay has a vast selection of products, including in-demand jewelry pieces. eBay also provides a feedback system to help dropshippers find legitimate stores to Source these jewelry pieces from. eBay offers fast and free shipping to various regions, such as the UK, and they have a high regard to offering over-the-top customer service, platform, AIDS values and tracking metrics such as orders, shipping and returns. next up, we have Wayfair UK, and here are some of the key features that you can expect. Wayfair has domestik warehouses situated in the UK, so that means that you can ship UK customers orders out within two days max. Wayfair offers their online sellers over 14 million products to choose from, which means that you're able to Source the best quality jewelry pieces out there. Wayfair offers membership advantages, such as their my way program, and this is when Wayfair extends free shipping and other perks to its members. up next on our list is cosplay UK, so cosplay offers top quality jewelry items at reasonable prices. on top of that, costway has about 8 000 soft branded Goods on its website. they also have local UK warehouses, which means that shipping will take around about three to five days max. because costway offers great deals, this is an excellent opportunity for Dropship is to achieve huge profits. for example, dropshippers can receive a three percent rebate on a Drop Shipping Store sales. coming in at number seven on our UK jewelry job shipping supplies list is feeder Excel UK. so in general, Vita Excel provides good quality products at reasonable prices. another thing about video Excel is that you'll always find 24: 7 offers on their websites. this means that you can Source high quality, great deals at lower costs. Vita Excel also offers free shipping, which means that your UK customers will benefit of quick delivery times and free of charge shipping. at the end of our list we have dhgate as our last UK Drop Shipping jewelry supplier, so dhgate has a UK Distribution Center. they also have over 30 million product ideas, which means that you'll definitely find the best jewelry pieces to Source. dhgate also ensures that its buyers are safe and protected by providing a buyer protection Pro program. this means that dhgate guarantees secured payment methods, practikal return periods and many other advantages. as we're heading towards the last chapter of this video, Let's briefly take a look at how you're able to start dropshipping jewelry in the UK. okay, so, before we jump straight into these steps, the first thing that you need to note is: