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best dropshipping marketplaces

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

My TOP 6 Dropshipping Suppliers For 2023 [Facebook Marketplace]

dropshippers are really blessed I mean,what other business model offers you so,much Freedom let's say we're coming into,a recession or something right which a,lot of people are toking about well if,you are a regular seller that sells,stuff online you're stuck with the,inventory you purchase for the year what,do you can do sell for a discount maybe,that's that's one of way of handling,business but you might be losing money,dropshippers you don't have inventory,you can just sell whatever you want if,these products on sale you'll switch it,to a different products if this supplier,doesn't work anymore you go to a,different supplier so much flexibility,it works great it's just a great,business plan and in today's video I,want to tok about suppliers that I plan,to use in 2023 for my Facebook,Marketplace dropshipping business model,okay so I'm going to tell you which,suppliers I'm gonna use for Facebook,Marketplace I'm gonna show you them I'm,going to tell you which one is the best,because there's a clear winner in my,opinion but I'm also going to show you,how to find obscure suppliers that are,not as popular like for example Amazon,or Walmart I'm going to show you a trick,and if you want to I have a list of 637,of them which is available to people,that join mine drops being guilt which,is the course that I have for Facebook,Marketplace and eBay right now the,courses on the 40 off until December,26th if you join now you're gonna get a,40 off use the link down below under,this video to get the 4 percent off so,Facebook Marketplace dropshipping you,know what it is it's the best business,model you list products from different,websites like Amazon for example that's,what a lot of people are doing and sell,them on Facebook marketplace with a,higher price great business model a lot,of flexibility that's what we do here,okay and speaking of Amazon,I had a supplier that I intend on using,in 2023 okay I have few products from,Amazon but just because of the the kind,of hassle that comes with Amazon it's,just kind of not worth spending too much,time in my opinion on using Adam on a,Ziploc I know a lot of people do use,Amazon as a supplier and that's fine,it's you know it's your choice I know,why you do it it's just easy a lot of,products fast shipping and easy with,return so I get the idea but Amazon has,a lot of problems that come up later,when you use them which is they might,shut their account down unless you do it,in the proper way which you can find out,on my YouTube channel just Google how to,Dropship on Amazon you will see the way,the actual way the right way of doing it,okay but it's just too much for me and I,usually try to use different suppliers,which are way better less hassle and,after doing this for the couple of years,I kind of find perfect system that works,for me I find good supplies that work,for me and have a really really good,supplier that in my opinion is the best,for drop pushing on Facebook Marketplace,and you know who it is it's my best,friend eBay yeah eBay in my opinion is,the best Drop Shipping supplier for,Facebook Marketplace and there's,multiple reasons why I'm gonna tell you,okay but you also know that I do Drop,Shipping on eBay as well eBay is a Drop,Shipping platform that I use too so I,use it for both as a supplier and as a,selling platform because eBay is another,Marketplace that people are selling on,and eBay is great eBay is great in in,both sense or in sense of selling and a,sense of buying Okay the reason being,why I think eBay is the best drop stream,supplier for Facebook Marketplace is,that has a lot of products that are very,unique you're not gonna find them on,Amazon or maybe some other websites the,reason being why is that is because eBay,has a lot of small business owners Okay,small businesses that sell on eBay and,they very often still very like vintage,old school products that you won't find,anywhere else and you know where is the,similar crowd they're looking for a very,simple product like that Facebook,Marketplace Facebook Marketplace is full,of local buyers people that want to buy,stuff locally at least that's the,premise a lot of people they go on,Facebook Marketplace they think they,buying locally but very often they also,ship products from you know someone else,but the Facebook Marketplace things,started as a local Marketplace and kind,of grew to a more National marketplace,now so products that sell on eBay very,often sells on Facebook Marketplace just,because of the crowd very similar crowd,and eBay also has great pictures,dedicated to Facebook Marketplace and,what I mean by that is that there's a,lot of small business owners very often,they take pictures themselves of the,products they're selling which looks,like this product is being sold more,naturally it's not a white background,image which you can find on other,websites like Walmart or Amazon it's,actually a picture from someone's house,which gets more credibility and gives,that garage vibe that Facebook,Marketplace also likes people that go on,Facebook Marketplace they expect buying,from another person and they look for,pictures look naturally taken from their,somebody's house so eBay and Facebook,Marketplace both have very similar,products so in that sense eBay has a lot,of good pictures and good products but,you know what also eBay is great at they,have a lot of cheap products so a lot of,products on eBay are super super cheap,if you're looking for products in the,price range of like one to twenty,dollars you'll find a lot of them and,you can almost like charge double on,Facebook Marketplace if something costs,four dollars on eBay you can sell it for,eight on Facebook Marketplace and it,happens a lot of time eBay very often,also has a lot of free shipping items,which is another benefit so for me eBay,is my number one supplier and I'm,definitely gonna use this in 2023. all,right another supplier that I really,like and I think it's very easy and it's,also very popular is walmart.com Walmart,is a massive company they have massive,amounts of products great customer,support quick returns quick shipping,tons of products Walmart is great if you,want to use them as a supplier that's,the one I started with and I still use,it up until this day as long as you you,don't use their Walmart plus program you,can use them as a supplier as long as,you want and you shouldn't get in,trouble period I never got any of my,Walmart accounts shut down the only,issue I have sometimes is when I drop,ship Electronics it seems like they,don't really want you to buy a lot of,electronics because they're afraid of,fraud so they might be canceling your,order sometimes when you order too many,electronics but guess what just stay,away from Electronics don't use Walmart,plus and you should be fine Walmart is a,great supplier very popular as well,another one that I started using pretty,recently it's called Zoro xor.com has a,lot of products that are in the,construction home decor furniture space,which are great products for Facebook,Marketplace crowd on Facebook,Marketplace is always looking for some,Furnitures and items related to,Construction and building sozor is a,great supplier that you can use they,have thousands of of products and most,of the products offer very quick,shipping too and Zoro is not that,popular not a lot of people are using,Zoro so if you want to try it out you're,gonna find a link for it down below,under this video as well as the links to,other suppliers that I mentioned here as,well and if you enjoy what we discussed,so far please like this video and let's,continue with our list of best suppliers,for 2023 another supplier that I really,really love is Home Depot Home Depot,it's not just construction stuff but,also Furniture home decoration they even,have some clothing if you really want to,sell that Home Depot is just massive and,they have so many products that sold,very well on pretty much any Marketplace,I use Home Depot a lot for eBay and I,have listings for Faceboo

Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace Today! (Detailed Guide)

in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how you can start drop shipping,on facebook marketplace today,what's up everyone paul here from,dropshippingtitans.com where i teach,regular people just like you how to,start your first successful drop,shipping store now drop shipping on,facebook marketplace is relatively new,it actually wasn't even possible just a,few years ago but as you can see from my,students results it is absolutely,possible now and i have some students,who are absolutely crushing it with,facebook marketplace drop shipping so i,want to show you in this video an,overview of exactly how you can start,doing this yourself now there are,multiple ways to do this multiple ways,to drop ship onto facebook marketplace,but i'm going to show you what i think,is without a doubt the simplest way to,get started and definitely the fastest,way so that you can get started selling,products drop shipping on facebook,marketplace today all right so now we're,inside my computer and i want to show,you kind of like over my shoulder click,by click exactly what to do this is my,normal teaching style this is how i,teach my students how to drop ship,because i don't want to just tok to you,guys and tok about drop shipping i,actually want to show you click by click,exactly what to do exactly what this is,so if you're not familiar with what,facebook marketplace is it is attached,to facebook and it's very similar to,like craigslist it's a place where,anyone can come and sell any things they,have buy anything they have i mean just,come in here scroll around you can see,such a huge variety of items for sale,from cars to a weird bigfoot tree statue,to a barista machine to,smart watches so you can sell and buy,anything and everything here on facebook,marketplace now originally when facebook,marketplace came out if you wanted to,sell someone something you had to put it,up for sale here and then you had to,meet up with them in person hand them,the item and then they would hand you,cash that obviously doesn't work for,something like drop shipping where with,drop shipping we want to be able to ship,the items to the customers never have to,touch or handle the packages at all well,luckily a few less than two years ago,now facebook made a big change on their,website for facebook marketplace where,they now allow you to ship items to your,customers so you see this one right here,this tree statue if i were to buy this,the seller would ship it to me so the,seller doesn't have to meet up with me,in person they can instead get the money,that i pay through facebook and then,they will ship this statue to me now,that now unlocks drop shipping for us,because now we can list up items for,sale once they sell we can then buy them,from our supplier who will ship them,directly to our customers so check this,out as an example here's an item i found,on facebook marketplace you can see it's,this bookshelf right here being sold for,68.86,with free standard shipping which means,if i were to buy this i would pay,through facebook with this buy now,button or any buyer would pay this way,and then the seller would get that money,but what's the seller doing here well,this item is right here on walmart this,is the exact same item right here all,they are doing is copying everything,from walmart and pasting it into a new,listing on facebook marketplace now once,this item sells all the seller is going,to do is buy it here on walmart for,49.88,to the cart enter in their own credit,card information but for the shipping,address they're going to enter in my,shipping address because i'm the buyer,this is what drop shipping is in a,nutshell it is this this simple take,everything from one retail website like,walmart.com paste it into a new listing,on facebook.com for facebook marketplace,rather and then once it sells turn,around buy it from their retailer who,will then ship it directly to the,customer and it's that simple all right,so let's take a few minutes now and i'll,actually show you how to do product,research and how to find these items,that you want to drop ship onto facebook,marketplace now our goal here is to,really find items that are popular and,already selling well now facebook,doesn't give us that data but we can get,similar data from ebay and if items are,selling well on ebay then there's a,really good chance they're going to sell,well on facebook marketplace as well so,all i'm going to do this is one of the,ways i teach my students to do product,research i teach them several different,ways but this one's pretty much the most,straightforward just come over to ebay,and search on ebay for a brand that only,your supplier sells so for instance if i,search here for mainstays mainstays is a,brand that walmart owns so if there's an,item that is being sold on ebay that is,a mainstays brand then there's a really,really good chance that someone is,dropshipping that product from walmart,onto ebay so here's an item i just found,it is a mainstays six foot folding table,seven of them have sold so this is an,item that is successfully being drop,shipped from walmart onto ebay and if,that's the case then there's a really,good chance it's also going to sell well,on facebook marketplace so let's,actually list this up for sale now so to,find this item on walmart all you have,to do is come down to the description,down here highlight a chunk of the text,and just search for it on google and it,should come up right at the top the,listing on walmart so open that up and,here it is right here let's make sure,this is the right item that is the,correct one right here so this is the,item i want to drop ship because we,already know this item does well on ebay,so now all i have to do is create a,listing for this on facebook marketplace,so i'm going to come over to facebook,click facebook marketplace click on,create new listing blank listing and,then normally what you have to do is,copy everything from walmart paste it,onto facebook marketplace but actually,i'm gonna cheat a little bit because my,team developed a chrome extension that,does that for you so i'm just gonna use,that chrome extension all right so you,see it's bringing over all the photos,right here i'm going to make sure that i,move them around so that the main image,is one that i think will really stand,out so i like that one it brings over a,title now the default title that they,use i never keep that i would go ahead,and change this optimize it i'm not,going to do that right now but that's,something i would do the chrome,extension automatikally increases the,price as well i just have to choose the,correct category the condition will be,brought in and the whole description as,well so that is all done for you just,with a one click if you don't want the,chrome extension you want to pay for,that you can just copy and paste,everything yourself download the images,and upload them yourself it's really not,that bad but chrome extension does save,you a lot of time so now we just created,that listing here on facebook,marketplace now once this item sells,i'll get notified by facebook the money,will be inside my facebook account that,do hold it for a short period of time,but they'll also give me the shipping,address so then all i'm going to do,literally is just come over here to,walmart add this item to my cart i'll,enter in my billing address and my,credit card information but for the,shipping address i'm going to enter in,the buyer's shipping address that way,walmart will ship the item directly to,the customer i never have to touch or,handle the package at all now normally,when i make a video like this i get a,lot of questions in the comments section,asking me questions like what happens if,the price of the item changes on walmart,or it goes out of stok or won't the,customers get angry if they find out,you're doing this or people just want,more information about how this whole,process works so i do have a course that,teaches you everything you need to know,about facebook mark

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Top 2 BEST Emerging Dropshipping Marketplaces In 2021

so the year is 2021 and there is a lot,of new things coming about,in the e-commerce world specifically new,platforms that are emerging as some of,the better ones that,might even take on amazon at some point,in time in the future in this video,let's go over to my two,favorite new platforms that are coming,out this year or that are really,flourishing this year,and why i think they're going to take on,amazon or at least give them a run for,their money,all right so right off the bat when i,say new platforms these are not,brand new platforms these aren't new,websites or anything really that new in,general,you know there's nothing i don't think,in the next couple years that will be,completely brand new that just comes,onto the scene,and blows other platforms out of the,water but what i mean by new are,maybe websites that have been popular,for a while now,that never really offered marketplaces,or anything like that,that now are offering the marketplace or,facilitating the ability that others can,sell,on their website and then from there,they are now getting popular because of,it,so think of the large brand retail,stores in america,like the walmarts the targets the home,depots things like that,as they realize that e-commerce is,becoming the way of the future or,already is the way of the future,you know they're probably realizing that,they should up their game,and and start trying to compete with the,amazons or anything like that you've,seen,the toys r us which i think actually,kind of got bought out or something like,that,the sears and other things like that,that you know were once retail,powerhouses,are now pretty much gone and i think,there's a few sears left in america,kmart's gone,uh bed bath and beyond i don't think,that that one's gonna last too long,uh in the retail space but they are,pretty large in the online presence but,that's what i mean,so which platforms do i think are going,to be the biggest ones out there,i think by far the one that's picking up,the most steam right now,is walmart marketplace it is hard to get,accepted on that is one thing i want to,say right off the bat you do need to,have you know at least a lot more,credentials than,getting started on something like,facebook but the one thing about walmart,is that,they've already taken on ebay they've,taken over ebay for market share i,believe,the marketplace has been open for a few,years now but it's really starting to,pick up speed in,2021 and you know there's a lot of,people that are getting started,selling on it but that does not mean at,all that is anywhere close to being,saturated where i believe,ebay has about six percent or a couple,years ago had about,six percent of the u.s marketplace in,e-commerce sales,there was about six million sellers on,ebay in the united states,you know a lot of them probably are,selling their antiques or,things from garage sales that you know,they're probably not the active,making their whole entire living doing,this might just be on the side,which ebay kind of did cater towards but,walmart took them over,recently i believe it's in 2020 at being,seven plus,percent of the us market share in how,how many sales are going through walmart,every single year and the last number i,heard was that there's something less,than like 100 000 sellers on walmart's,marketplace so not only do they sell,more on walmart than on ebay,there's like multitudes less people that,are on,walmart selling so they're getting a lot,more bang for their buck,larger pieces of the pie in general so i,do think walmart is going to be huge,i've seen tons of people start taking it,on,and you know their first items are just,drop shipped from amazon onto walmart,which,i don't want to get started doing at all,i'm going to be drop shipping with,wholesale,suppliers onto walmart strictly and the,margins are much higher,in the beginning with any platform any,platform out there that's just getting,started we saw this with facebook,marketplace,you know they're really going to you're,going to get the the 30s the 40 to 50,profit margins on items that on amazon,probably aren't getting,more than 10 to 15 percent profit margin,it's just the way that it is,with less people on the platform there's,going to be higher profit margins until,people start,you know being humans and undercutting,each other and being greedy,which is you know kind of what always,happens but walmart right now is really,what's on my radar to take to undertake,in 2021,we do have a plan to go forward with it,with strictly wholesale drop shipping,and we want to make sure that,the whole entire base is set up properly,on ebay first,and make sure everything's automated,completely properly with the right,software,and then from there it's just gonna be a,couple clicks of a button to move it,over to walmart not saying it's gonna be,easy,because there's gonna be a lot of things,that you do have to you know put in,place with walmart and especially the,settings and learning the marketplace,and the different,you know little quirks about it which,i've heard there's a few with walmart,but i do think it's going to be a,massive thing,to take on and it's really cool because,in the last couple years we've just been,toking about drop shipping on mainly,ebay and amazon,and it's great to have other platforms,coming to the forefront,because it really is something that you,know not only do you get bored with it,but it's just a great opportunity to add,if you already have,other software other marketplaces that,you're selling on it's really not that,much different to add another one where,you're probably getting higher profit,margins to begin with and,secondly so that's that's it with,walmart there's other things like target,i think is opening one up and things,like that but,it's it's it's not on it's not on my,radar right now but number two,is going to be facebook but not in the,facebook marketplace sense we already,know facebook marketplace is great i've,been toking about it for the last,five six months now at this point maybe,seven months i think six we know that,face of marine place is great but what,is even,better and which i think is going to,happen and i did,just actually make my first sale doing,this is,the facebook shop onto facebook,marketplace combination so what's the,difference facebook shops,are pretty much where you have a,facebook business page you can sell,on your business page list your items on,there people can find it i had no idea,where people were finding these items,but there is a shop button on facebook's,on,app on your phone so i believe that's,where they're finding the items,so facebook marketplace is when you're,selling on your personal profile you're,using your tom cormier facebook page or,whoever's facebook page you know it,doesn't really leave much anonymity out,there people know who you are,what you're selling and everything like,that the shop just adds not only more,customizability,like you can add in different shipping,and handling times different return,policies different,just everything coupons discounts all,sorts of stuff,on the shop you can't really do that on,marketplace at the moment maybe by the,time,you're watching this video there's been,a massive update which i'm,not i wouldn't be surprised about,honestly but with facebook shops,you can now list onto facebook,marketplace,from your shop so now it'll show that,it's a business page on marketplace,instead of your,personal profile and it gives you the,ability to buy more than one at once,more than,one different type of item in the cart,at a time you know it's,pretty much a real marketplace like it,would be on,amazon where you can just go shop around,and do whatever you want add it to your,cart,that's pretty much what facebook's,getting into it also the shops go on to,instagram as well,so they are updating their analytiks at,this point in time the analytiks aren't,really updated as to,are you getting views on instagram did,this sale come from instagram did it,come from facebo


I Tried Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace for One Week (Does it Work?)!

i tried drop shipping on facebook,marketplace for one week,there were some lows nothing's going,exactly according to plan here some,highs,this actually works and i'll be showing,you all of it in this video,plus how much money i made after just,one week,if you're here then you've probably,heard about drop shipping before and if,you follow my channel,then you've probably seen some of my,videos about drop shipping on ebay or,amazon but for the past six months the,number one,most requested video i've been getting,from my viewers is one,all about drop shipping on facebook,marketplace and because i love you guys,want to make you happy here's that video,day one,now getting started with facebook drop,shipping seemed easy enough,i'd use facebook marketplace in the past,when i sold some old junk when i was,moving,and i had a ton of experience drop,shipping on ebay and amazon,so combine the two how hard could this,really be but i wasn't sure,how scalable facebook drop shipping,would be but you know what i felt like i,had nothing to lose i already had a,facebook account and since i already had,a facebook account i also had access to,facebook marketplace so i started to,poke around on facebook marketplace to,kind of get an idea of how it worked,and i also wanted to see what people,were actually buying because in the past,the stuff i sold on facebook,was just old junk i didn't want anymore,but what i'm more interested in now,is what people actually want to buy once,i felt a little bit more familiar with,facebook marketplace i decided to just,get right into it and start listing up,some items now i wasn't really sure,what to sell at first so the first items,i listed up were just some items that i,had already sold,on ebay and amazon and honestly some of,the other items were just,amazon's best sellers which you can find,right on amazon.com,and wouldn't you know it less than one,hour later,i made my first sale and honestly i,could,not believe how fast that happened,honestly i can't believe how fast that,happened,i made my first sale after just one hour,this,actually works facebook drop shipping,does work let's see how much i can scale,this up so if you couldn't tell i was,pretty,excited at this point so i hopped back,on my computer bought the item from,amazon,shipped it to my customer on facebook,and i was done for a total profit of,eight bucks not too bad i spent the rest,of the day,listing more items i did get some more,orders so i fulfilled those,orders so i ended the day with a total,profit of 26,day two good morning everyone,so this is day number two of my drop,shipping on facebook challenge,this morning we parked over here on this,beach in titusville,florida because late tonight there's,going to be a rocket launch so i'm just,going to sit here all day,listing items hopefully fulfilling some,orders and then tonight we'll watch the,rocket launch i already checked my phone,so we have a couple of orders so let's,jump on the computer and see what it's,all about,i started out by fulfilling the orders,that had come through overnight and was,pretty happy to see that they were all,still in stok on amazon and walmart i,then spent the rest of the day just,adding products onto facebook and i,really concentrated on items that i had,already been selling on ebay and amazon,because those were the ones that were,selling the fastest for me on facebook,all right guys it's 4 30 p.m on my,second,day and i've been sitting here listing,items all day long,i've been getting some sales throughout,the day maybe like once every hour every,two hours but in the last,20 or 30 minutes like holy moly i've,been getting a ton of sales,like just five or six like right after,another a lot of people send me messages,asking about items as well so i'm,definitely feeling a little bit,overwhelmed definitely feeling really,excited as well i'm doing this all by,myself at this point so,i definitely have to get to work to get,all these orders fulfilled,and kind of put this to rest for the,night so i can go watch that rocket,[Music],launch,day three on day three i was so blown,away by the rocket launch the night,before that,i didn't record any videos but i pulled,another 12 hour day just listing,products,fulfilling orders and ended the day with,a total profit of 94,to date day four what's up guys it's the,fourth,day it's actually saturday morning,around seven a.m i'm already up,on my laptop doing work because i got a,bunch of orders last night it's kind of,the reality when you're starting your,own business,even got to work on the weekends but,that's the best time to hustle,it gives you the most amount of time,especially if working a nine to five job,so,let's get these orders done,[Music],so that is a wrap for day number four,total profit for facebook drop shipping,so far is over,250 i think it's 263,and it would have been more than that,but i did sell some items that were out,of stok,from my supplier so i had to find them,somewhere else and,order them at a loss so i actually lost,some money on some sales but overall,we're,up by a lot because yesterday we were,at less than a hundred dollars profit,now we're over 200,profit so we're definitely scaling,things in the right direction right now,and the crazy part is that about,one third of my listings are actually,selling which is a huge,chunk of them and i think a big reason,for that is because i'm really focusing,on,as soon as i sell an item listing up a,bunch of similar items to that one so,that it's just kind of full of these,items that i,know people are interested in and that's,that's been working really really well,for me,now one big struggle i had today was,just how overwhelmed i started to feel,with all the orders coming in and just,being able to keep up with that while,still,adding products into the store as well,so tomorrow i really need to focus i,really need to find a way to automate,this some more whether that's using some,software,or hiring a virtual assistant because,i'm not gonna be able to do this,sustainably i don't think and run my,other businesses,unless i find a way to automate this so,that's gonna be my focus for tomorrow,hopefully that works and yeah that's a,wrap for tonight day,five when i woke up on day five i was,really excited to find a way to set up,my facebook drop shipping automation and,i spent the whole day,setting up the software connecting it to,facebook but,on the very last step i ran into a big,issue,all right so nothing's going exactly,according to plan here so,first the automation to set it up it was,a lot harder than i thought it would be,i did manage to get it despite all the,moving parts it did take me a full day,to do it,but i'm not even sure if it's going to,work because there's one final step,that facebook has to approve and they,say it could take up to a week for that,to happen,so maybe it works maybe it doesn't i,don't even know yet what i do know is,that it wastes an entire day setting it,up that was the day i could have been,listing more products,and since doing that i've definitely,notiked that my sales slowed down i,think you constantly have to be adding,products into your store especially this,time of year i'm doing this right before,christmas and a lot of the more popular,items are now selling out so i think,that that factored into it a lot as well,i'm not sure what the exact numbers are,so i'll just put them at the bottom of,the screen what they are right now but,my focus right now i'm going to put the,automation on the back burner while i,wait for facebook to approve me,and i'm instead going to just double,down on listing more products and really,put the focus in that because i know,that works and i can always,set up the automation later so i'm,trying to keep this seven days of drop,shipping i did kind of lose out on an,entire day for the automation but i,still have a couple of days left so i,definitely want to make the best of it,day,six and day,seven over the next few days nothing,really new happened i just

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

in this video you'll learn where to find,the best Drop Shipping suppliers to work,with if you want to start a drop shipped,online store,now first off there are three main ways,to find a Drop Shipping supplier,depending on your budget time,constraints and the types of products,that you want to sell first off you can,use a Drop Shipping supplier directory a,Dropship directory is a database of Drop,Shipping suppliers organized by category,and the directory owner typically,screens out potential Dropship suppliers,to ensure quality and charges a fee for,Access you can also use a Drop Shipping,Marketplace a Dropship Marketplace is an,e-commerce site that connects sellers,with Buyers sellers can find interesting,wholesale products to sell and have them,sent directly to the consumer and then,finally you can attend a drop shipping,and wholesale trade show by attending a,local wholesale and Drop Shipping trade,show you can form a direct relationship,with wholesale suppliers by meeting them,face to face now there's no right or,wrong way to find a Dropship supplier,but each method has its own pros and,cons which will be discussed in depth in,this video by the way if you're,interested in starting your own online,store sign up for my free 60 mini course,below,now what do you want to look for in a,Drop Shipping supplier because finding a,reliable supplier is crucial to running,a successful Drop Shipping business,here's a list of criteria to look for,when evaluating your supplier you got to,check the supplier reviews make sure you,check online review sites like the,Better Business Bureau to view any,outstanding complaints or negative,reviews against the supplier you also,want to check customer reviews does the,supplier sell high quality products and,make sure you check the consumer reviews,for the products that you want to sell,you also want to ask about the return,policy always ask your supplier how the,handle returns defective merchandise and,shipping and how quickly are shipments,made once an order is placed you also,want to ask about drop shipping fees,drop shippers will often charge a per,order Dropship fee to pack and ship,individual orders and make sure you,understand all the extra fees involved,and how they will impact your bottom,line,you also want to check product quality,before you sell any product you should,buy it yourself to see the quality and,observe the Fulfillment speed firsthand,be your own customer and make sure the,shopping experience is exceptional,finally you want to check for inventory,automation now managing inventory and,stokouts is an important factor when,running a profitable Drop Shipping Store,higher tier Drop Shipping suppliers,support EDI which allows for real-time,inventory tracking now with this,criteria in mind here's how to find the,best Drop Shipping suppliers online so,method number one is to use a Drop,Shipping directory A Drop Shipping,supplier directory is a database of,prevented wholesale suppliers who offer,Drop Shipping for their products now,directory can save you time and energy,by giving you instant access to,pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers who,are willing to fulfill orders on your,behalf now most supplier directories,charge a small fee ranging from thirty,dollars to three hundred dollars now the,primary disadvantage of using a,wholesale supplier directory is that,many of your competitors will likely be,searching the same database and using,your exact same suppliers it's also,important to note that A Drop Shipping,directory is just a listing of companies,you are still responsible for creating,your own Drop Shipping business,relationships and negotiating your own,pricing and payment terms now the first,Drop Shipping directory is worldwide,brands worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted,directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers,that collectively offer over 16 million,certified wholesale products for sale,including a apparel consumer electronics,pet supplies beauty products home goods,and more they also offer training,classes that teach you how to run your,own Drop Shipping business now while,you'll find suppliers from all over the,world most of the Drop Shipping vendors,in the worldwide Brands directory are,based in the US as a result almost every,drop shipping hold seller offers fast,shipping it's also important to note,that you can Leverage The Drop Shipping,suppliers that you find on worldwide,Brands to sell the US customers even if,you live outside the US now worldwide,Brands charges a single lifetime fee of,299 dollars,the next directory is called cell who,now sell who is a Drop Shipping,directory that is based in New Zealand,and unlike worldwide Brands salehu,provides a directory of international,dropshipping suppliers outside of the,United States so in other words you can,find Dropship and wholesale suppliers,all over the world now currently there,are over 8 000 trusted drop James,suppliers in salehu's database that span,over 2.5 million products and brands in,various niches such as consumer,electronics Personal Care clothing pet,supplies and more so who also offers an,AliExpress Drop Shipping integration,which will be discussed in the next,section now access to salehoose database,costs 67 per year,the next directory is called doba doba,is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that,acts as both a directory and a,marketplace now as a directory Joba can,connect you with thousands of Drop,Shipping suppliers to Source Products,for your online store in addition doba,provides a complete Drop Shipping,Solution by managing all of your,ordering and fulfillment operations as,well here's how adobo works you search,dobis catalog for products that fit your,criteria you add these products to your,eCommerce store and then once a customer,places an order you make a purchase,through doba doba then passes your order,to the Drop Shipping supplier who then,fulfills your order now the main,advantage of doba is that they act as a,bridge to legitimate wholesale suppliers,and handle everything for you the,downside is that doba hides your,supplier information from you so you,can't contact suppliers directly as a,result it's difficult to form a,relationship with quality suppliers and,you must rely on the dobell platform to,fulfill all of your orders doba can,interface with all the popular,e-commerce platforms including Shopify,big Commerce and woocommerce now doba,charges a monthly fee ranging from 24.99,a month to 299 dollars a month depending,on the plan,the next directory is called wholesale,2B wholesale 2B uses the exact same,online business model as doba and that,they handle your Drop Shipping needs,from end to end there's no need to sign,up with any individual supplier,wholesale 2B handles all orders returns,and correspondence from the supplier for,you order fulfillment is essentially a,black box all you got to do is sign up,connect your eCommerce platform and,import products from wholesale2b to your,shop at the click of a button when an,order comes in wholesale 2B charges your,credit card and delivers the product to,the End customer there's full order,tracking and syncing with your shop and,you can instantly get access to over a,million Dropship products now access to,wholesale 2B costs 29.99 a month to,connect an existing online store 39.99 a,month to connect to a Marketplace like,Amazon or Ebay and 49.99 a month to have,your store hosted on their platform the,next directory is called spocket now if,you don't want to drive ship any,products from China spocket allows you,to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the,US and the EU using in the spocket app,you can instantly add spockets products,to your online store at the push of a,button and spocket also offers print on,demand options similar to printful,spocket's main advantage lies with their,product quality fast shipping and,real-time order tracking and in fact,spocket handles your inventory by,electronically linking your shop to,their inventory management platform as a,result you'll never accident

The Best Dropshipping Platforms To Maximize eCommerce Sales

selecting the right ecommerce platform,to run your drop shipping business on,can be a very difficult decision to make,that is because there are so many,different platforms that you can drop,ship on with so many benefits pros and,cons that's why in this video i'm going,to make this easier for you guys to,understand what are the best drop,shipping platforms that we can use today,with their benefits and advantages for,us dropshippers quick intro and let's go,[Music],hello everyone glad to have you joining,us here today to learn in this video,about the best ecommerce platforms to,use for your drop shipping business for,those of you who don't know if you're,new here that's completely fine and a,drop shipping platform is where you're,actually creating your drop shipping,website so you want to sell products and,you're getting them from drop shipping,suppliers but you need to sell them,somewhere so that somewhere is your drop,shipping platform one second before we,get to the best platforms that you can,use if you have not done so yet,subscribe to our youtube channel to,always stay updated on all of the latest,and all of the hottest topics that we,have coming out in the world of,dropshipping that being said let's go,ahead and start with the list of the,best ecommerce drop shipping platforms,for your business starting with the,first one on the list this is one of my,personal favorites and that is ebay ebay,supports a drop shipping business model,and,thousands and thousands of drop shippers,have been using ebay as their number one,drop shipping selling platform now most,beginner drop shippers like to start on,ebay because they are very user friendly,it's very easy to start all you need to,do is head over to ebay click on,register register for your free account,and start listing your items now today,on ebay if you are signing up for their,manage payment option solution then,you're going to get 250 free listings to,start listing from day one if it's a new,seller account you may have boundaries,of seller limits about five to 10 items,to list and up to 500,of listing and selling together but you,will be able to open those limits and,increase them as time goes on and you,start selling and shipping out your,products besides that it's very easy to,get started on ebay as i mentioned you,just need to register your account start,listing items and you're getting free,organic traffic which means as long as,you've got a good product title and it's,something that people are looking for,then your shoppers you're going to get a,warm audience to see your listing,enter it and purchase your listing when,they search for it on ebay's search,engine so it's actually very very simple,and while there are promotion tools on,ebay you do not necessarily have to use,them and you don't have to pay any,traffic sources in order to bring,traffic to your ebay store and get,people to start buying and for you to,start profiting so it doesn't cost money,to start selling on ebay only when you,want to start listing more than 250,items in your store you'll have to go,for an ebay store subscription which,starts at a very very low price and the,more you go on the more listings you,want to have the bigger your store,subscription needs to be but the best,part about drop shipping from ebay is,that you do not need any initial,investment to start when you start,getting your first sales on ebay ebay,may put your payments on hold until they,get to know you the seller better until,they start seeing that you ship out your,items so you may have to pay out for,your products for about the first month,maybe so depending on how many orders,you have you may have to put in 50 100,maybe 200 to pay for your orders until,you start getting those payouts from,ebay and then you'll start using that,cash flow to pay for your new orders and,keep withdrawing the profit to your bank,account so drop shipping on ebay one of,my personal favorites that's why i went,on for a couple of minutes toking about,them their seller accounts start at a,very low price of about eight dollars a,month or five dollars if you're doing it,annually and like i said from then on,you can get so many listings and with so,many listings with the right amount of,product research you will definitely,make more sales and more profit as time,goes on so that pretty much sums up ebay,pretty quickly and if you guys want to,learn how to dropship on ebay just check,out our blog page we have a full artikle,on how to dropship on ebay step by step,beginner's guide it will definitely help,you guys out and by the way guys if you,do not have the time or you don't know,how to enter our blog page and search,for these artikles everything that i'm,going over in this video i'll leave a,link to a blog artikle below so you can,go over it one more time again and also,get all of the links to all of these,extra blog artikles that i'm toking,about that will help you guys more in,your dropshipping journey so ebay is,number one on the list coming up i'm,number two and this is another one of my,personal favorites it's facebook,marketplace now this has been trending,like crazy in the last year and because,we notiked this trend we also support,facebook marketplace drop shipping on,autods so if you're using autods you can,automate your price and your stok and,importing your products pretty easily,using our facebook marketplace,dropshipping helper and autods so if you,are a us citizen and you've got a social,security number and you can pass ssn,verification with facebook you can,definitely start dropshipping on,facebook as long as you have a us ip,address just log into the marketplace,you already have a facebook account go,to your marketplace start creating your,listings and if you want you can also,connect to autods to really automate,your business and help you scale really,easily but if you want to try it out,without automation first that's also,perfectly fine see that it works well,and then understand how high you can,scale when you will start using,automation tools but that's not the,point the facebook marketplace has,started trending,really really high in the last year and,the numbers that we're seeing the sales,that we're seeing is increasing as time,goes on now one of the best things about,the facebook marketplace is that there,is little to no competition there so in,order to sell products in order to be,able to make those sales all you got to,do is head over to drop shipping,suppliers websites list their best,selling items on your facebook,marketplace account and you will notike,that many of those items will actually,start to sell the only thing that you,need is to enable shipping options when,you are creating your listing what,shipping options enables is all 50,states in the united states to be able,to see your facebook marketplace listing,and then anyone will be able to buy it,facebook will give you your payouts,within a couple days to a couple weeks,depending if you provided tracking,information that facebook can read and,if so you'll get your payments even,quicker so once again the biggest,benefits of the facebook marketplace is,that there is low to no competition,you're getting free organic traffic so,just like ebay you don't have to pay any,traffic sources to bring traffic to your,store and have that traffic purchase the,products if they're even interested in,it there are low selling fees on,facebook marketplace this is another,great advantage that i like you're,either going to pay five percent of the,transaction fee or 40 cents,whichever one is higher that is the only,fee that you're going to pay when,selling on the facebook marketplace so,if you guys know about other drop,shipping platforms you can easily make a,comparison and understand how cheap it,is to sell on the facebook marketplace,and you don't have any selling limits on,the facebook marketplace so you can,pretty much list as many items as you,want from day one which is much better,than what ebay has to offer so th