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best dropshipping products right now

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads


these are my top 10 favorite products on,month of January 2023 and all the,products on today's list are going to be,New Year bangers and hidden Valentine,gems hey guys welcome to the YouTube,channel my name is Kamil sanon is The,e-con King and I want to first off by,saying Happy New Year to everyone that,subscribed to the channel and everyone,that's watching this video so what I'm,going to be doing in today's video is,I'm gonna be giving you my you my 10,favorite products for the month of,January and for Valentine's Day and,these are also going to be forever green,products the method that I've,the days I've gone to the,industry-leading websites like Peaks to,sell account and those are all indexes,that have already got great products on,there and they're doing extra research,and due diligence by heading over to,Amazon and looking at the sales volume,I've gone to Google Trends to see if,they're trending I've also gone on to,tiktok to see how many organic views,there are for the product as that is a,leading indicator right now to see,success in products we've even gone to,the Facebook ad library to see how many,competitors are running ads for each one,of these products because the whole,purpose of this video is to give you a,list of 10 amazing products for this,month but products that are also not,saturated and have massive potential to,the upside now what I've also done for,you guys is I've created a free Google,doc sheet that's going to contain all,the information for each one of these,products and you're going to be watching,me use it throughout this video and if,you want to get access to this because,it's going to have ad copies thumbnails,links to other stores it's going to have,absolutely everything on there then we,do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video,and it'll be in the pin comment and in,the description below so guys if you're,looking for a great product to start,your new year then you're definitely in,the right place let's get straight into,the top 10 list of products,[Music],on today's list is the gesture sensing,smart robot if we look at the AliExpress,link you can see it's almost got 600,orders 4.8 star reviews on 89 people,meaning that people are happy with the,product now what this product is it's a,smart robot that is based on gestures,from you so based on the gesture that,you show the robot it will do a certain,movement so you can see here sidewalk,sidewalk walk forward intelligence,programming so it will do different,commands based on the gesture you use,with the Smart Control and the gesture,hand now the reason why I love this,product so much is because I know,there's been other dropshipping products,that are gestures sense like these ones,that have blown up and generated,multiple seven figures so if we take a,look at the product price and,recommendation I'd recommend this other,product for 44.99 it's going to cost you,24.37 and your profit margin is going to,be roughly 20 now with any product that,you sell I'd always recommend that you,make around about twenty dollars after,you pay for the product cost and the,shipping cost as that will leave you,good margins with the product price,recommendations that I'm giving you this,is the base standard meaning that once,you see success with these products you,can increase the price over a long,period of time so you could potentially,start selling this for 79.99 if people,are willing to pay that price for the,product so if we take a look at the,product description it reads,groundbreaking gesture control,tiknology smart robot is the toy kids,go crazy for signing and dancing in,response to your actions it's truly,unlike any tour you've seen before this,is the best gift for children or RC,Fanatiks it promotes creativity fun,activity for kids that doesn't revolve,around mobile screens it says features,playful robotik the robotik that will,perform dance moves by moving back and,forth dance music you can follow his,movements together at any time and then,it says here educational multi-use,although mainly used for fun you can use,this robot to respond and create a fun,way for your child to learn the basic,numbers and grammar and language and,then it gives you an example here,lifelike joints and movements it has,like life joints throughout knees neck,elbow and even fingers so it can dance,and jump or move around like a new best,friend and impressive thing to witness,even as an adult so if we take a look at,a Shopify dropshipping store selling,this product we're only looking at the,store to see what they've done whilst,you can add it in your store so the,first thing that I like is the way,they've got these bundles the more you,buy the bigger the discounts and then,they've got here a sales that's always,good to offer a sale then they've got,these giffies These giffies are really,important for a product like this,because you're toking about it being a,gesture based product people are going,to want to see that in real life so by,showing them giffies like this by,showing them diagrams and explaining how,the controller Works how kids can use it,is really important if you want to get,sales now if we take a look at a,Facebook video that's got over 250 000,views the opening scene shows a kid,walking with the robot and then it shows,the robot picking things up and it also,shows somebody unboxing the product and,then it shows them giving the mic to the,robot and it starts dancing and this is,really crazy because when you watch,something like this it's going to make,you think wow this is impressive I want,one for myself now if we take a look at,a tiktok video for the product you,can see the opening scene says this toy,robot is awesome and then it shows the,controller that you're using and then it,also shows you the gesture while moving,your hand forward or backwards makes the,robot move forward and backwards and,then they go over it can walk and dance,to the music so you can see that this is,designed in ugc content POV content from,your point of view and these work really,well on tiktok now the countries I'd,recommend that you target for this,product are going to be the e-packet,countries minus Mexico Brazil in Italy,as I do find that I get a lot of high,fraudulent charges from those countries,if you don't do the epocket countries,then I'd recommend the top six which is,the UK the US Canada Australia New,Zealand and Ireland and if you're doing,tiktok ads I'd only recommend that,you Target Canada and the US now the,interest I'd recommend for this product,is Hot Toys toys Gadget Geeks kids and,then suggested interests now they're,ready to go ad copy read smart robot is,the toy kids go crazy for signing and,dancing response your actions the best,gift for children's and it will reduce,screen time shop here then it shows the,thumbnail of somebody's hand with the,gestures showing that the robot is,moving based on your commands and then,also shows the controller in the bottom,left now when it comes to season success,with these Drop Shipping products the,advertising pot is the most important,part so when you run ads on tiktok,Facebook you need really good videos and,that's why I'm recommending launch ads,launch ads are a group of video editing,experts that will deliver really good,quality videos in one to three business,days and if they don't then you will get,your money back and those videos will be,completely free and they will still,deliver the videos and the reason why,I'm recommending these guys is because,the main benefits are there's a,professional team of video editors,there's a professional team of script,writers there's a professional team of,designers and they're going to create,engage in first three seconds and,they're also going to get you a really,good thumbnail for your videos and most,people that start Drop Shipping really,struggle with making really good video,ads because they don't know how to edit,videos in ways that are going to be,really impulsive for people to watch and,it can take months and m

Top 10 Winning Shopify Dropshipping Products For January 2023 [$100K+ Potential] 🌟

what's going on guys I know why you're,here you know why I'm here so let's do,this finding when he thrives to sell as,a beginner can be one of the most,complicated and stressful things when,starting off Drop Shipping that's why in,this series which I do every single,month I hand pick and analyze the,products that you should be selling,right now I'm going to be covering the,selling price of the products some,marketing angles that you should be,running on your ads and I'll even have,some examples of ads that are doing,really well right now so make sure,you're watching closely because you're,not going to want to miss any crucial,information all right let's get right,into the first product on the list so,the first product that I picked out is,in the productivity Niche it is,tiknically a kitchen timer right it's a,smart timer for I guess mainly marketed,or used in the kitchen space I guess,right so when you're cooking your food,and you want to set a timer and you,don't have a timer on your microwave for,some reason or your oven then you get,like a separate kitchen timer but this,one just looks nicer it's more modern,how I want to Market this product is,actually by marketing it through,productivity so I've actually seen a lot,of tiktoks and where people are using,this and people keep asking where they,got it because it just looks so nice,it's really minimalistik it's modern and,a lot of the text in these videos have,it set up so it's like 15 minutes of,work followed by five minutes of the,break where you can go on your phone or,whatever and then repeat and it's only,three dollars and 22 cents with 3.79,shipping so it's fairly cheap it's about,six bucks and I actually found this tik,tok it says you're getting distracted,again make those dreams you have come,true right so you can really hit a large,audience size people that need,motivation people have goals for New,Year's resolutions you just scroll it,hit the timer and then work for 25,minutes take a break for five that's the,whole idea but I think people just like,it just because it looks so cool and,it's you know I guess like unique it's,really nice to have on your desk this,video got like 6 300 likes let's just go,on to their website and see what they,got going on see how much it costs,there's some this kitchen timer,specifically for 34.95 so it's a pretty,big Market but they're marking it up,about five times I think that's a little,bit overpriced to be honest for this,timer I'd probably sell this for like,19.99 to 24.99 Max and then probably,trying to make up some of that extra,average order value with some upsells,all right so the next product on the,list I actually found on tiktok as,well it's a really cool product I I,think I'm going to order one myself,honestly I say that about a lot of,products but I really like them so this,one is a mini Bluetooth compatible music,Tesla coil but it's really cool I just,have to show you what it is because it,explains itself better than I would be,able to with words it's like this little,box that shoots out these little,electronic pulses but the thing is with,this it's really cool because it,connects to Bluetooth where you can play,music and it'll match the beat so it's,just a really cool product to have like,on your desk or in your room or buy like,a record player or something it's just a,cool product I found it here in,AliExpress for 28.28 with free shipping,so not too too overpriced I think 28,bucks to Source this product isn't too,bad because it seems like it'd be worth,more than that so this is The tiktok,account that I actually found to show me,this product I'm not going to pick one,here that's not the most viral but I,really like it because the guy puts like,a fruit on it like it puts like a peach,on it or something or an orange let's,see what they're selling it for honestly,because at 28 dollars they're probably,sourcing it for a little bit cheaper too,I think that you could probably get this,product down to like 20 to 25 if you,find a good supplier this is a weird,little link tree thing here okay let's,just click on this one all right so,they're selling it for 54.99 so they're,only marking it up around two times,which I think is pretty realistik,because I think 54.99 for this product,is probably a good selling point yeah,I'd probably try to Source it for 20 to,24.99 give or take messaging that,supplier and then sell for about 50 to,60 dollars have a little bit lower of a,markup but if you're running organic,traffic it's not going to matter too,much your profit margins will still be,high all right on to the next product I,actually found this one on Mania I like,to use it a lot uh it's like a product,research tool it shows like the top 10,Facebook ads and tiktok ads it's,really good tool I check it every single,day honestly for the new top 10 so which,ones are performing the best if you want,to try out Malaya for free and you want,to get 20 off premium plans then check,the link down below because I've got a,discount code for you but anyway this,one is like a red light uh it's called,micro glow it's like a red light uh,therapy thing for your chin specifically,I guess and also for your forehead it's,a product that's doing really really,well right now on tiktok it's got 935,000 plays on it it's basically like one,of those regular red light you know,Beauty tools I've toked about before,but this one's got like a nice like,curve to it it's specifically for your,jawline I pulled up their website here,they are signed in for,56.98 great website uh there's a couple,things could be improved but it looks,really nice to me I had purchase,something from here so I couldn't even,find this exact product on AliExpress,but this is one that I've toked about,before these sell for them anywhere from,like 15 to like 25 theirs is a little,bit bulkier and bigger probably got a,little more power to it I'd probably say,they're sourcing it for 25 to 30 dollars,would be my guess and they're selling it,for 56 so again only like a two times,markup but it looks like they're really,focused on organic traffic coming from,tiktok so that margin is still there,next product on the list is an ice cream,machine so you might be thinking ice,cream in January it's not the best time,to eat some ice cream but I'm taking ice,cream with a Twist here so it's an ice,cream maker but the idea is that you'd,want to use a marketing angle like,Health and Wellness in January for,people that have New Year's resolutions,and working out eating healthier and if,they still want ice cream and they love,sweet treats or whatever you can Market,this as an ice cream maker but healthy,ice cream right so I've seen people put,like frozen bananas frozen strawberries,and basically mash it up and create ice,cream out of the fruits I'd also make a,tiktok page and really actually say,nothing about ice cream I'll just make,it all about the health and wellness of,the product use there was a couple,different variations that I found on,AliExpress and you get this product for,like 18.80 this one has 37 shipping so I,think you'd probably want to find a,different supplier it depends on the,quality of the ice cream machine there's,like some big industrial ones on there,and there's also some like smaller ones,like this but the average price for like,the smaller ones was about like 18 bucks,to 35 dollars is what I saw I think that,you could probably mark up this product,like 50 to 60 dollars is my guess and,it's not like a revolutionary product,but I think that the marketing annual,that I just toked about selling this,product as a health and wellness kind of,thing would actually do really really,well from like January to April and then,even when April comes then people are,wanting to get ready to go to the beach,and it's pool season essentially and get,back in shape so you could run this up,at the same marketing angle at that time,as well all right on to the next like,this one I also found on manea again,this one's actually this is a spec

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Top 10 Dropshipping Products To Sell In January 2023 (FULL Analysis!) 💰

here are my top 10 favorite Drop,Shipping products for the month of,January 2023. we're finally starting a,new year and I'm going to help you start,this year with a bang and make much more,sales in profit than you did in any,previous year now not only am I going to,show you what products you need to sell,but I'm also going to share with you,these sellers top secrets including what,Facebook ads they're running on this,product how much sales and engagement,they are making where they're sourcing,these products from how much profit they,are making and what you can do as a,seller to do a much better job than what,they're doing so that you'll be able to,rake in much more sales and profit than,the successful drop shippers that I will,share with you in this video the top 10,products for January coming right up,quick intro and let's start this year,with a bang,foreign,[Music],from rods and as you know in this video,you're about to learn about the top 10,most popular products that you should be,selling for the month of January 2023.,now obviously we're starting a new year,here and we're gonna jump start it the,right way and maximize ourselves in,profit by learning what are the right,products to sell and what are the best,practikes to use when sourcing these,products alright so let's waste no more,time and get right straight to it and to,help you out even more if you want to,cheat sheet with links to everything,that I'm toking about in this video,including all of the sellers websites,all of the ads that they're running all,of the source links where they're,getting their products from and more,just leave a comment right below this,video asking for the cheat sheet and,I'll be more than happy to send it to,you and help you start this year the,right way but do stay tuned in this,video because I always like to throw in,extra bonus value and content alright so,let's go ahead and get right to it,product number one for the top 10 Drop,Shipping products for January 2023 is a,fast charging USB cable now you may be,thinking what is so special about this,USB cables since most of them charge,fast anyway while this one not only,charges quick but it's also made up of,high quality material and you also have,regular USB connection USBC or whatever,it is that you want to sell let's dive,in and take even a deeper look at this,product alright so this one is selling,for around 25 including shipping it's,being sourced for just a few dollars The,Source price here is 63 cents but it's,only for new users on AliExpress let me,show you exactly what I mean in just,about a minute but your potential profit,here will be around 20 okay so let's,take a look at the stats here is the,seller's Facebook ad I'm also going to,open the seller's website and I'm going,to open the suppliers website now once,again just comment right below asking,for the cheat sheet and I'll send it to,you which includes all of these links,with everything that I'm toking about,okay so here's the seller's Facebook ad,and as you can see he has a video ad for,this product it looks pretty good he's,got almost a thousand engagements right,here so you can see that this one is,actually pretty popular 120 watt fast,charge silicon data cables increases,speed by 90 Ultra thick skin compatible,with iPhone Android and other USB type-c,phone tablets and laptops not the best,creative that I could think of but he is,toking about the most important things,here which is how fast it charges and,which phones it supports and of course,what connection types it has okay so,let's take a look at his website now as,you can see here everything looks pretty,nice and clean we have the different,variations right here so we've got,different colors we've got cable type,for iPhone which is the lightning,connector type c and micro USB and,specification which in other words he,means what is the cable length that you,are looking for so these of course are,things that you can change and make,better on your website and then he's got,these plugins that's trying to win the,customer's trust and give them more,confidence to continue to the checkout,process like for example 5000 visitors,are currently looking at this product,don't really believe what you're seeing,but that does help with some customers,and then he's also got bulk discount,pricing so if you buy two save five,percent buy three save ten percent and,so forth and as we scroll down we can,see the product's description he's got,some nice animations right here and,images showing the product connection,toking about it and pretty much going,over everything that this product does,along with the specifications and,everything else now one thing that I do,like here that does stand out is that he,has this plugin showing the card at the,bottom of the screen the whole time so,no matter where I am on the product page,I can always add it to my cart and move,straight to checkout instead of well,let's say I scrolled all the way down,here and now I'm convinced to buy the,product I can't do it I have to scroll,all the way back up and look for that,add to cart button so it is nice to have,a stiky add to cart and I definitely,recommend adding something similar you,can add it to the footer you can also,add it to the header and you can also,add it to the left or to the right side,I think that any one of those will work,well as long as it's stikied and,there's another plugin right here,showing what products other customers,are purchasing right now on the website,of course it's not true but it does help,gain the confidence of some customers,that we want them to check out on our,stores okay so we know that he's selling,it for 22.99 now this seller adds,another couple dollars in shipping so,it'll come out to 24.99 but let's see,how much we can actually buy this,product for so here we have have the,supplier's website with the same exact,product and as you can see here we've,got the color variations we got for,iPhone the type C and the micro USB,connectors and that's pretty much it we,are paying 4.25 and we also want to add,in tracking information to our shipments,so for that we're going to spend another,57 cents so 57 cents plus 425 comes out,to about four dollars and eighty cents,for this product to ship it out with,tracking information so that's actually,very cheap considering that he's selling,it for 24.99 leaving us with a potential,profit of about twenty dollars for every,time we sell this fast charger which as,we can see right here is popular it's in,demand and this seller is doing an okay,job selling this product you can do a,much better job alright so that's,product number one before we move on to,product number two do not forget to,subscribe to our YouTube channel because,this is a small example of the type of,content that we deliver if you like it,if you appreciate it give this video a,like a share and subscribe to our,YouTube channel so that you can always,learn about your next step in your,eCommerce business alright this is going,going to bring us to product number two,neck supporting round pillow not just,your everyday pillow this one comes with,memory foam and not just your regular,memory foam pillow but this one is,really out there to support your neck so,no more neck pain really really,comfortable pillow nice design let's,take a look at the statistiks let's open,the seller's Facebook ad the seller's,website and the source website now let's,start with the Facebook ad now as you,can see in this example let's play the,video Turn Down the volume so once again,the product in action and this seller,just by looking at the Facebook page it,looks like a Chinese seller right who's,just created a Facebook page I can also,tell by the punctuation here so but in,any case the lowest price but the best,quality get your now it didn't even,spell he didn't even write get yours now,correctly and there's a spacing issue,here so yeah English is not his language,and that already gives you a small,opening of how you can do a better j

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these are my top 10 favorite products,the month of December 2022 and for the,new year 2023. and all the products I'm,going to be mentioning in this video are,going to be fire for the end of the year,and the start of the New Year hey guys,welcome to the YouTube channel my name,is Camille Simon as the e-com Kink and,in today's video I'm going to be giving,you my top 10 favorite products for the,month of December but they're also,designed for the new year and for q1 of,2023. so this is the process that I've,taken today to come up with this list,I've gone to the industry living,websites like cell account peakeda and,I've gone through all of their top,performing products and then I've gone,on to tiktok Google Trends and even,Amazon to do some more due diligence to,see how well the order volume is I've,even gone to the Facebook ad library to,see how many ads are running for them,and how successful Those ads are I've,even took time out to see how well,they're doing organically on tiktok,as that is the leading indicator for,this year and next year to see how well,the products are performing so buy me,spending hours and hours doing that due,diligence and research this is how I,come up with this list for you today and,what I'm all also going to be doing in,today's video is I'm going to be giving,you guys the AliExpress link I'm going,to be showing you the product website,I'm going to be showing you the Facebook,ads I'm even going to be showing you,some tiktok videos for some of these,products I'm even going to give you my,product price and recommendations ad,copy examples thumbnails everything that,you need so you can fast track your,success with each one of these products,now I'm not just going to be showing you,these products live on today's video,I've also created a free Google Docs,that's going to contain all of that,juicy information that I've just,mentioned and as soon as we hit 2 000,likes on this video it'll be in the pin,comment and in the description below so,if you appreciate all this free,information make sure you smash a like,button subscribe to the channel and,leave a comment and let's get straight,into this top 10 list of winners for,December and the new year,[Music],the first product on today's list is,going to be the funny shocking roulette,party game and if we look at the,AliExpress link you can see it's got 231,orders 4.9 star reviews so what this is,it's a six slot party trick game that,you play with your friends and you put,your finger into these slots and you,click here to start and it's basically a,roulette game where each person puts one,of their fingers in one of these slots,and if it picks you then your finger,gets a little shock to tell you that,you're out of the game the reason why I,think this is going to do extremely well,for the end of the end the start of next,year is because it's going to be,Christmas time and people only spending,a lot of time together and they're going,to want to play board games or fun,activities like this from home the,reason why I think it's going to do,really well next year is because people,are going to spend less money going out,and they're going to try and do things,from home to keep them entertained and I,think this is a great solution now this,is my product price recommendation I'd,recommend that you sell it for 32.99,it's gonna cost you 11.13 and your,profit margin is going to be roughly 20,so my overall recommendations you to be,making at least twenty dollars after,your shipping costs and after your,product costs on each one of your,products now the productscription reads,the most thrilling game of the season is,here this game is perfect for those fun,occasions where friends are getting,together and need some entertainment the,thrill starts when all friends insert a,finger into the bucket and the light,indicates start moving screaming starts,when the buzzing sound stops and one of,your friends get hit by a vertikal,current note this shock isn't very,intense but it's enough to make you jump,a little bit and nervous antikipation,that makes it so much fun make your Game,Nights Fun expecting and then it goes,over how the game works what's included,and the rules to play the game now if we,take a look at a Shopify Drop Shipping,Store selling this product there's a few,things on this site that are really good,that you can use for your store now the,overall store looks pretty bad but you,can see it's been recommended by twelve,thousand people is really good and then,it shows you how many people are,watching it right now then they've got,this giphy which really helps and,they've also got this stiky add to cart,button that I like and it's got some,images explaining the different types of,people and the different scenarios you,can use to play this game apart from,that the website is not very good and if,you want to make really good websites,I'll leave a link in the description to,one of my other videos teaching you how,to make professional looking websites so,make sure you check that out at the end,of the video now if we take a look at a,Facebook video ad for the product you,can see the opening scene shows six,people around the table ready to play,the game and it's a shocking roulette,and if we play the video you can see the,light glows red until it hits somebody,with the vertikal electric current and,you can see here they have a laugh and,they joke showing that they got hit with,the current so it shows loads of,different people having fun and laughing,at the shop feeling with them playing,this roulette game and when people watch,this ad and see the interaction and the,facial expressions it's going to make,them wanna buy the game so if we take a,look at a tiktok video for this,product you can see the opening scene,says tiktok made me buy this zap,roulette game and it's 50 seconds long,and it shows him unboxing it putting the,batteries into the game and it goes over,how it works and then he shows the,different options on the board and then,it shows them at the end playing the,game together with six people around the,table and then it gives them the call to,action at the end now the reason why I'm,showing you this tiktok video so you,understand how this video could work,really well on The tiktok platform if,you're going to run ads on this social,media platform now the countries that,I'd recommend for this product are going,to be the e-packet countries minus,Mexico Brazil and Italy as I find I get,a lot of high risk orders and a lot of,fraudulent orders now if you're going to,be doing Facebook ads you can do things,like ePacket monitors those countries,you can do the top five or you can do,European countries if you're going to be,doing tiktok ads I'd only recommend,Canada and the US and if you want to be,able to Target those countries you just,need to use a VPN and if you're going to,be doing Google ads I would recommend,doing the top five countries now the,recommended interest for this product is,house party alcohol board games home,entertainment and family and then you,can use suggested interests then the,ready to go example ad copy reads shock,roulette party game let the streams,laughs and jumps at the game nights,begin with the shot roulette get yours,and then it shows a thumbnail of,somebody putting their finger in it and,then showing electric current above the,finger so before I move on to the second,product in today's list I want to go,over some bonus features and things that,you guys can do to increase your sales,and some more product is going into,Valentine's Day and going into gift,Seasons like Christmas a great Niche for,you guys to get into is the customizable,Niche so that's basically creating a,customizable product let's say a t-shirt,let's say a coffee mug let's say a pair,of socks or you can put a quote on that,product that resonates between a certain,group of people but these personalized,gifts like canvases about people's pets,do extremely well during Christmas and,for Valentine's Day and the


if you're looking to finish this year,making some serious money with your,online store then this is the video that,you're going to need to actually make,that crazy money with your Joshua store,you have to have a product that,customers actually want to buy and,that's exactly what I'm going to be,giving you today with my top 10 winning,products of December 2022 so without,further Ado let's go ahead and get right,into it what's going on everyone my name,is AC Hampton and I'm an eight-figure,marketer who gets to help students from,all across the world start and continue,their eCommerce Journey successfully and,some of these products that you guys,will be seeing today in this list of,products that you need to be selling,this December I found through my own,product research methods and I'm,currently selling them where my students,are currently scaling or I found them,currently training on the market today,on top of this I've dug deep into,product research and validation using,methods like ad spy AliExpress Google,Trends and more market research they,give you the best top 10 winning,products that you should be selling,right now and as you can see I'm,currently on this Google Document that's,going to give you all these winning,products and everything you actually,need start selling them today and that's,going to give you the competitor,Facebook ad the ad copy the headlines,the competitor product page the,AliExpress product page profit margins,five interest tests and so much more and,if you smash that like button down below,and get this video to 2 000 likes you,guys will have full access completely to,this cheat sheet and I'm gonna go ahead,and leave it in the pin comment as well,as in the description down below and,before I dive into these products you,guys know I give out a free one-on-one,Consulting call every single week to one,lucky winner who's looking to be able to,get all their questions answered and,streamline their success while doing so,and for you to get the opportunity of,winning this week all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and,also in the comment section down below,comment the word Supreme December with,your goal that you have this December,2022 and I will be announcing the winner,from last week somewhere inside this,video so make sure you stay tuned the,entire way alright let's go ahead and,jump right into product number one,product number one is the magic mat,let's go and check out the competitor,Facebook advertisement and see what,we're working with alrighty this bath,mat is a game changer absorbs water in,seconds huge problem solver no more wet,slippery floors designed with quality,materials I mean I could probably think,of at least 10 people who would buy this,product right now so also has an,anti-slip base which is really nice to,have it stays perfectly in place and,even has a sleek and modern look hey,this product is going crazy on the,market especially if you take full,advantage but you do not have to listen,to me let's check out the engagement on,this ad and see what we're working with,1.8 000 comments 463 shares and it's,only been in the market for a couple,weeks and all these products are things,that are working right now not a month,ago not a week ago but right here right,now and this is how you can validate,that so if you come over here to most,relevant and you come over here to,newest you can see that they're getting,comments on it today I mean an hour ago,two hours ago 14 hours ago 21 hours ago,16 hours ago they are flooding the,comments section and people are actually,wanting to buy this product and when you,all know when there's a demand behind a,product it's time for us as marketers to,give the supply let's go and check out,the competitor potty page and see what,we're selling this item for so on the,competitor product page they're selling,this item for 35 I really like how their,product description shows in images and,in text why people will want to buy the,product in the first place so this is,great right here like prevent slipping,and it shows exactly how that's going to,be done with this picture perfect for,anywhere in the house and it shows that,right here in this picture and so on and,so forth so one thing I'll say is like I,do like the reviews but I want to make,every single one five stars you want it,to be believable so you want a good,range of five stars four stars you can,even maybe add a couple three stars in,there but you want it to look believable,when you're actually adding these,reviews to your store let's check out,the AliExpress link and see what we're,going to be buying this product for on,AliExpress so you can see we're gonna,get this item for 9.87 with free,shipping they're also showing other,colors and variants that are available,the competitor was not doing that so,that's another advantage that you,definitely have over 1200 orders 229,reviews 4.5 star rating the quality is,definitely there with that being said,the competitor was not charging shipping,so the selling price stayed at 39,dollars the product cost was nine,dollars and 87 cents with free shipping,which gives us a profit margin of 29.13,every single time you just sell one of,these and the five interest I would test,out with this product is bathroom Bath,and Body Works kitchen shower and bath,and before I hear about all the long,shipping times or working with,AliExpress check out this video right,here so you have a better understanding,of how to find a great supplier and the,best suppliers that you should be,working with to get the best results,with your online business and in my,one-on-one mentorship you also get,access to my private supplier who's,going to give you five to ten day,delivery on any product that you sell,and speaking about my one-on-one,mentorship there's now 10 new limited,spots that are now available for the,month of December so if you're looking,at me grab by the hand no matter your,experience level and be taught tested,and proven winning strategies that can,help you generate results with your,online store just like my current,students are doing right here I'm taking,10 dedicated people who are ready to,take action and learn how to create a,side hustle that can bring in an extra,five to ten thousand dollars back into,your pocket every single month if you're,looking to apply for these 10 limited,spots you can deem me the word,mentorship on my Instagram my AC,underscore Hampton or apply with this,link down below alright with that being,said let's go ahead and get right into,product number two product number two is,a full leg massager let's go ahead and,check out the competitor Facebook ad and,see what we're working with alrighty,Muscle Recovery relieve pain encourage,blood flow regain Mobility this,ultimately improves circulation elevates,stiffness and actually helps relax tight,muscles so we already know that this,solves a problem it has a great wow,factor it's being scaled to a mass,audience and there's a high perceived,value behind the product a 10 000 common,7.6 000 shares in only a couple weeks,let's go ahead and check out the,competitor product page and see what,we're gonna sell this item for as you,can see there's selling this item for,169.99 and this is not with shipping,included one thing I really love about,the store is it definitely looks like,it's professionally done I mean it has a,nice clean store layout only focusing on,three colors Max black white in one,separate color there's no real pop-up,all over the place all the text is black,everything is congruent with the images,and ultimately you can see that they put,a lot of emphasis on the store and one,thing I'll say is they're not upselling,anything to even increase their average,order value so I always recommend two,different apps to do that one is,frequently bought together which allows,you to cross-sell cross-related items,and second is quantity Break by discount,which allows you to incentivize people,to buy more on your store by actually,givi


listen up it is time to start making,some sales on your online store and the,way you're going to do that all,throughout November is by having a,product that is trending and scalable,with that being said I'm about to give,you the top 10 winning products that you,need to be selling this November but I'm,not gonna just leave it there I'm going,to be giving you absolutely everything,that you need to start selling these,products today from the competitor,Facebook advertisement the ad copy the,headlines the competitors website the,AliExpress link five interested tests,profit margins and so much more so that,you have absolutely everything that you,need to start selling these products,today and not just starting but making,some serious profits throughout this,month without further Ado let's go ahead,and jump right into it what's going on,everyone my name is AC Hampton I'm an,eight figure marketer who gets to help,students from all across the world start,and continue their eCommerce Journey,successfully now some of these winning,products that you need to be selling,today in this list of products that you,need to be selling this November I found,through my own product research methods,and I'm currently selling my current,students are scaling or I found them,training on the market today on top of,this I've dug deep into product research,and validation using methods like ad spy,AliExpress Google Trends and more market,research to give you these top 10,winning products that you need to be,selling right now now as you can see I'm,currently on the Google Document that's,going to give you everything that you,need to start selling these products,today from the Facebook ad the ad copy,the headlines the competitor product,page the AliExpress link five interested,tests profit margins and so much more so,if you want to take advantage of this,list and this cheat sheet smash that,like button down below because once this,video reaches 2 000 likes I'll give you,full access completely to the sheet and,before I dive in as you guys know I give,out a free one-on-one Consulting call,every single week to one lucky winner,who's looking to have all their,questions answered and streamlining,their success while doing so and if you,want the opportunity winning this week,all you have to do is in the comment,section below comment the word Supreme,November with your goal for your online,business this November and trust me I,will be announcing the winner from last,week somewhere inside this video so make,sure you stay tuned with that being said,let's go ahead and jump right into,product number one so Prime number one,I've been seeing absolutely everywhere,it's a giant Leaf blanket let's go ahead,and check out the advertisement and see,what we're working with all right so it,looks like it's a big heavy blanket it,has plants as pillows which is,automatikally going to be a great upsell,if you do sell this blanket it,definitely solves the problem we know,the winter time's here so we're going to,need some big blankets it has a wow,factor and definitely giftable for the,upcoming season with Christmas when I,say I've been seeing this product,everywhere I mean tiktok Instagram,Facebook it's everywhere right now and,trust me you do not have to listen to me,look at this 1.3 000 comments and 1.4,000 shares with 6.7 000 likes and it's,only been on the market for two weeks,and trust me you do not have to listen,to me if you want to validate that this,is somebody who's actually running these,advertisements today you just need to,check out the comment section so you're,coming over here to most relevant you,would go to newest and you can see it's,been having comments in the last 24,minutes two hours two hours three hours,four hours is getting comments literally,every single hour and this is a product,that's going crazy it's time for you to,take full advantage of it let's go ahead,and check out the competitor product,page to see where you're gonna be,selling this item for it alright so here,we are you can see that they're selling,this product for 139 dollars with free,shipping remember how I literally just,said in that advertisement that you need,to be upselling those pillows as well,they're taking advantage of it so now,taking a selling price from 139 now up,to 179 dollars by upselling other,cross-related items and this is one of,my favorite apps that I definitely,recommend you use on your store it's,called frequently bought together but I,will say there is a lot of images that,are just sitting here right on the left,side of the store which is making people,scroll forever without actually seeing,the product description which shows that,right away you can go ahead and wipe out,the competition while doing so let's go,ahead and check out AliExpress and see,what we're gonna be getting this item,for alright so on AliExpress you can see,that we're gonna get this item for,twenty dollars and eleven cents and this,is the biggest and most costly variant,and you're still making some serious,profit off of this which actually they,have this size right here this size,right here which ultimately changes the,cost of goods as well which I definitely,recommend if they do have other sizes,that you upsell with that too and you,can see that this flyer is going to give,us free shipping hey they even have,videos that you can use as well with,that being said the competitor was not,charging shipping so the selling price,stayed at 139 the product cost was 20,and 11 cents with free shipping which is,going to give us a crazy profit margin,of,118.99 every single time you just sell,one of these and the five interest I,would test out with this product is,winter blanket nature natural,environment and leave and before you,guys tok about all the long shipping,times and what suppliers you should be,using to get the most competitive,shipping with these products check out,this video right here where I break down,all this in complete detail make sure to,go and check it out after this video and,we have officially opened up 10 more,limited spots for my one-on-one,mentorship so if you're ready to learn,tested and proven strategies that can,help you generate results just like my,students right here I'm taking 10 10,dedicated people who are ready to take,action and learn how to create a side,hustle that can bring in an extra five,to ten thousand dollars back into your,pocket every single month if you're,looking to apply for these limited spots,head over to my Instagram AC underscore,Hampton DM me the word mentorship or,apply with the link down in my,description all right we're officially,on product number two product number two,is a liquid lash extension mascara it's,growing crazy on tiktok let's go,ahead and check out this product when I,say this product is going crazy I mean,look at all of these different,advertisements that are going out for it,it is never ending and there's huge,demand behind this here's one example,right here the best mascara on the,market this is like a review ad that's,working really well on tiktok these,beauty products that actually solve a,problem always have huge demand as this,one has magical mascara that makes your,eyelashes look longer and any woman,would love this product I'm not gonna,lie I might know somebody who's selling,this right now as you can see on their,website they are selling this item for,24 plus shipping as you can see it says,free shipping on orders over 35 one,thing I really love is that they have a,gift showing how the product actually,works so nobody including myself and,most likely you want to go to a website,and just see all texts we want to see,the product working and how it can work,for us so not that they just have text,explaining the product but they also,show how the product works what which is,very very important to do to continue to,keep convincing the customers to shop,from you now one thing they can,definitely improve on is the reviews,though yes these reviews have text but,it doesn't c