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best dropshipping suppliers for amazon

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Best Dropshipping Suppliers For 2023 (3-7 Day Shipping)

so here are some of the best suppliers,that you can use for Drop Shipping,coming into 2023 now the supplies that,I'm showing you today this is going to,be for shipping to the US but also,worldwide we're going to go over the,pros and the cons of eating just what to,look out for uh depending on what sort,of level you are at as a drop shipper so,we're going to get straight into it here,the first one that I've got here for you,is USA drop and this is something that,this is a supply that I found uh quite,quite well not too long ago actually and,this I would say and again we'll go,through the pros and cons,great supplier to Dropship if you are,selling to the US okay so the thing,about USA drop is that they have quite,uh quite a decent product selection the,pricing's quite good and the shipping is,really really good for the US okay so,what I'll do like I said I'm going to,show each supplier and then afterwards,I'll go through the pros and cons and,who I think the supply is best for,depending on what level of Drop Shipping,you're at and I'm going to be using this,humidifier as a sort of reference to uh,to what the the supplier is like so,we've got the same basically the same,product or a similar product for each,supplier,and let's just say we're looking to sell,this product these are the things to,look out for so USA drop again prices,are quite decent okay I personally,haven't used USA uh drop myself I've,used majority of these other ones these,other suppliers but I haven't used USA,drop just yet okay so one thing to note,with uh USA drop is that,you have,really good shipping for USA okay five,to eight days,for USA and they use USPS okay they have,one-on-one support team products product,sourcing service so USA drop overall I,would say is good for if you're shipping,to the US but we'll go through the pros,and cons because USA drop is uh like I,said is one that I've,found only recently,Okay so,one thing to note as well most of these,suppliers have a free plan available,okay so a lot of these you're going to,have to pay if you want the better,features if you want the features say if,you're selling consistently each day,each week each month you're going to,have to pay for the service but to get,started most of these suppliers have,free options available free plans,available so USA drops the pros in my,opinion okay you can get as quick as two,to five day shipping in the US because,they have two warehouses in the US which,only thing to note with that is that,they don't have as many products as they,do if you're shipping worldwide so the,products that they stok in the US,Warehouse with the two five-day shipping,uh they don't have as much of a,selection okay you can get like they,said here,five to eight days you just have to,really keep in mind that there's usually,like a one to three day processing time,of your orders as well so keep that in,mind now eight to Fifteen day shipping,outside the US I actually was looking,around I couldn't find it on their,website but I found that that they have,eight to Fifteen day shipping outside,the US uh from a Reddit Forum because I,had to do my research on it I'll post,that somewhere here just to keep in mind,if you want to ship outside the US so,the shipping outside US is actually,quite good okay,cheap product costs as well another one,is you can work closely with an agent so,you can actually basically when you,start Drop Shipping have an agent that,shares things like order tracking info,so once you buy or once you say someone,orders through your store and you buy,the product and it gets shipped out the,agent will get in contact with you I'm,guessing they'll have a messaging system,on the website or they they'll email you,with the tracking code you can give that,to your customer through your store as,well,it's also said to be a higher quality of,product okay so that's one thing to note,if you're using something like,AliExpress the product quality is not,going to be that great but USA drop is,said to have higher quality products the,cons from what I can see here there's a,smaller product selection although you,can Source Products so they do have a,sourcing option so that is one thing to,note if you can't find a product on,their website you can also get in,contact with say the agent that you're,working with and you may be able to,source that product say from AliExpress,and they may be able to get at a cheaper,price for you so that's another good,thing that they can do but starting off,with,I do have a smaller product selection as,opposed to something like some of these,other supplies that we'll be looking at,there also may be a language barrier,with the agent with that screenshot that,I that I had there the person that was,using uh USA drops said that there's a,language barrier okay and there's also,no branding options from what I can see,on their website okay they might have,set it down here,brand building every business is Brandon,branding even if you're opting to use,USA makes it easier by handling product,branding services including branding,packages okay so they do so I'm going to,get rid of that so they do have branding,options so we'll put that in the pros,okay so branding options available,there we go,okay like I said I haven't used USA drop,myself,um so this is just something to know I,so for me I'd recommend USA drop for,beginner to intermediate drop shippers,especially if you're shipping to the US,you can really take advantage of that,because the big thing is when you're,using supplies like AliExpress the,shipping is just not that great okay and,we'll get into that in a second as well,so that's the first one USA drop now the,second one that we'll be looking at is,zendrop,so with zendrop that's these well this,supplies the one that I've been using uh,a lot as of recent on uh the current,store that I'm using I use zendrop I,just like the whole layout of Zen drop I,like how zendrop works I like uh the,interface okay the pricing's quite good,as well so this is the price and we'll,look over the quick pricing of uh this,product that we're looking at the the,air humidifier,and this is the pricing that would be,this is in USD of course uh but let's,just say we wanted to sell the white one,here so the product cost is 382 USD and,then the shipping if we go back so 382,plus the uh international shipping 10 to,15 days is seven dollars then USA is,5.50 10 to 15 days now they have express,shipping but it says here due to,stricter shipping in inspections express,shipping has consistently proven to be a,slower Channel than regular shipping so,they don't actually have USA shipping I,don't think they're allowing you to do,it I think they are if you have a higher,plan with them,uh if you're paying more with them but,they just recommend regular shipping,okay so that's one thing to note so the,product costs all up would be 10 to 11,USD uh if you're shipping,internationally a bit lower if you're,shipping to the US so zendrop is another,one so we'll go through some of the pros,and cons of this and again I have used,uh send drop sign a little bit more,about it okay so with Zen drop the pros,in my opinion,10 to 15 day shipping worldwide the only,thing is is that that's not including,the two to three day processing time as,well so you've got to factor in it might,take closer to 20 days,uh if you're factoring in prosecutive,processing especially if you are uh,starting with Zen drop for the first,time which I'll get into in a second,they have a big product selection as,well very easy to use it's very easy to,download the zendrop app and you just,connect it to your store same with us uh,USA drop as well you just download the,Shopify app connect to your store very,easy to import products there's branding,options available as you can see here,branding you've got bundles as well okay,you can import products from AliExpress,and then there also is inventory storage,options coming which is great so,if you are selling quite a lot and you,know that you'

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

if you clicked on this video you're a,drop shipper and you're looking for,better suppliers to drop ship from,chances are you're already listing on,places like ebay facebook marketplace,amazon or elsewhere but those are places,to list your products on,what are the best sites to drop ship,products from,who are the best suppliers to use and,why now before we break down these,specific suppliers and why i recommend,them i want you to understand the,importance of using several suppliers,right you don't just want to use one or,two and focus solely on one or two,because that's what everybody's doing,chances are if you look to snipe other,people other people that are listing,products on facebook marketplace or any,of these places,they're gonna be using one or two of,these suppliers and so just by using,several of them yourself and not,building your store solely around one or,two you can diversify your products,obviously increase your margins and,prevent yourself from being sniped,yourself or at least make it harder for,people to do so the first one is amazon,and amazon's a no-brainer amazon's the,one that the majority of people use when,they're first starting and even when,they like get more seasoned and they,start making sales they people still,list from amazon okay there's tens of,thousands if not hundreds of thousands,of products or millions of products on,amazon i really don't know there's a lot,it's a great supplier that obviously is,always going to give you refunds you can,rely on their shipping times that it has,relatively fast shipping times and it's,just a great overall supplier to use,right the issue with amazon that's been,happening recently,is that a lot of people's prime accounts,have been suspended mine included i,actually just got suspended i think it,was like a week and a half ago and it,hadn't happened to me for over 10 000,plus orders and i just got hit with the,ban uh recently now i honestly think,that that's a good thing here's why,the majority of people use amazon and so,those products actually were pretty,saturated and the margins were getting,slimmer and slimmer chances are if you,had a good product on amazon and you,actually searched that product into the,search bar on facebook marketplace for,example,you would see,30 or 50 or 100 other listings just like,yours with the same exact pictures and,relatively the same title selling for,relatively the same price because,everybody is marking up the same and,that gives buyers the opportunity to,choose from a number of different,products obviously decreases the chances,that you're gonna make a sale and it's,just race to the bottom pricing but now,since everybody's getting their prime,account suspended it's actually a good,thing it's gonna lower the competition,on those products it's going to increase,your margins on those products obviously,that way you can still use amazon as a,supplier and here's a little secret,between you and me you don't actually,need amazon prime to drop ship from,amazon the only products that you,specifically need prime to drop ship,from amazon are those low priced,products where you're solely relying on,the fact that amazon's shipping them for,free to keep your margins intact you can,still drop ship products that are like,25 i don't know the specific number but,i want to say it's like 25,and get free shipping on amazon or often,sellers will offer free shipping even if,you don't have a prime account so you,can sign up for an account,not use prime on it and still drop ship,95 of amazon products especially the,ones that are over 25,not have to pay the the shipping fee,anyway and then you're you're still,getting relatively fast shipping time,you can still return the products on,amazon you can still list all the,products from amazon's catalog that's a,good thing because then you don't ever,have to worry about your prime account,getting suspended you really shouldn't,be listing those those cheap products,anyway because the margins aren't that,great on those products if you're,marking a 10 product up uh with amazon,prime 40 or 50,yeah you're making 40 percent but that's,forty to fifty percent of ten dollars,whereas if you're listing something for,thirty dollars or fifty dollars or a,hundred dollars that percentage is a lot,more profit it's the same margin but,it's a lot more profit money wise in the,same exact uh effort on your part for,one sale so that's why you don't,necessarily need amazon prime anyway so,even if you're getting suspended it's,totally fine it's gonna weed out the,competition increase your margins help,you still be able to sell those products,as people drop off and start using other,suppliers and you can still use them,without a prime account a lot of people,are worried about losing like their,personal prime privileges but if you get,a prime account banned and you sign up,for another prime account and you solely,use it for personal use you won't get,that that second account banned it's,only when you sign up for another,account start drop shipping to random,addresses again that they suspend your,account so that's why amazon is still in,my opinion the number one supplier and,the competition for people using it to,dropship on facebook marketplace and,sites like ebay is going to,significantly go down now that amazon,all of a sudden is banning accounts the,second supplier that i recommend is ebay,now i love ebay i've been using ebay for,probably about a year now as a supplier,and it's been phenomenal you never run,into like issues with them cancelling,your orders or issues with them uh you,know like suspending accounts that,you're allowed to use your ebay account,the drop ship just like you're allowed,to use an amazon account to drop ship,but not one with amazon prime right you,can still get uh use ebay and get uh,just like on amazon you can get tax,exempt on ebay as well so that's also a,benefit although it's a little bit of a,slower process in my experience with,ebay um and there's a lot of great,products practikally all the same,products on on amazon are gonna be on,ebay typically not all of them but a,large majority of them for relatively,low prices you can look at all the sold,data on ebay so it's literally going to,show you what's selling and what's,selling well and you can list a lot of,products like that and literally use the,the information that ebay is giving you,to find hot products it's also a very,reliable supplier,they're gonna have your back as the,buyer you can always typically return,most things in most cases and a lot of,sellers on ebay actually drop ship,directly from amazon with low margins,which means a lot of the products that,you're going to get cheaply on amazon,are shipping with the same relative,shipping time on ebay at the same,relative price and are practikally,barely marked up because the competition,on ebay for amazon products is so like,neck and neck that the margins are,barely there so you're practikally,getting the same products and that that,seller is literally drop shipping that,product using their own account from,amazon so you're basically ordering an,amazon product amazon prime product with,your ebay account in a lot of ways so,that's the second one love ebay use it,the third one is walmart walmart is a,phenomenal supplier for so many reasons,just like amazon and ebay it has a large,amount of products in its catalog that,you can obviously use you can also use,uh walmart plus which is basically like,amazon prime the issue with walmart plus,is they also do suspend you now if you,hop into walmart and you start ordering,like you know thousands of products with,your walmart plus account you're going,to lose that account pretty relatively,fast however i've notiked that if you,have several accounts,you can basically use several accounts,and just cycle through your pr like the,orders on those accounts and utilize it,that way so walmart plus is another,phenomenal supplier highly recommend,that you use them and on top of all,these i f

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£6000 Every Month, DropShipping with UK US based Suppliers

i've been an online seller from past 10,years eight months ago i decided to,challenge myself and open a new online,store just to get this idea that if i'm,starting today right now can i really,start and scale my drop shipping,business so in this video i'm gonna be,showing you the store i'm gonna be,showing you the product and i'm gonna be,showing you the suppliers as well so,let's get started this is one of my,store i started eight months ago you can,see right here that my last 31 day sale,was 12,eighty seven pounds this is my sale for,today this is sale from last seven days,and thirty six thousand three hundred,and thirty three is sale for last 90,days when i was starting out i had three,question in my mind just like anybody,else number one is it too late to get,started number two if i'm going to start,drop shipping business do i have to deal,with old chinese suppliers which take so,much longer time to get their product,delivered to the uk europe and u.s and,number three what product i can sell so,after doing a little bit of research,answer to the first question was really,simple ecommerce industry is really,really growing especially after the,pandemic it is actually growing rapidly,day by day the simple example for this,to understand is look at how many shops,on our high streets are closing down,every single day so it is no brainer for,anybody if they want to be an e-commerce,seller the opportunity is actually right,there we just need to grab it right now,the second biggest problem for anyone,who want to start a drop shipping,business is actually dealing with,chinese suppliers especially in the time,when we have amazon prime where the,customer can order something on the 8,o'clock in evening and they will get,their product delivered next day as well,so traditional way of doing drop,shipping for example drop shipping from,aliexpress to shopify drop shipping,aliexpress to ebay or drop shipping from,aliexpress to amazon the problem with it,that's look at this product right here,that i'm recording this video in the,beginning of may and this is getting,delivered on the 5th of june it is,taking,more than a month for this product to,get delivered to the uk as well and i,don't think so anybody gonna wait that,long and the third one is the most,obvious problem is actually trying to,find the perfect product which will sell,on a regular basis so after doing tons,of research i came across a solution,which actually solved each and every,problem which i just mentioned is called,absinic don't get confused i will,explain you each and everything how it,works and it can fully automate your,drop shipping business so first of all,once you get started this is the first,page you're gonna land on what you need,to do from here is just simply click on,add new store,at the moment appsinic work with the,shopify woocommerce very soon they're,gonna start working with vixx ebay,bitcommerce amazon all other major,platform that you can think of so what,we're gonna do first we actually gonna,link our store with it so i can explain,you each and everything step by step how,it works so first of all let's connect,our store i'm gonna click on right here,and it's gonna ask me to log into my,account and i can just simply click on,add app and once i click on add app i,can simply add the app inside my shopify,store so everything will get synced up,with the shopify store after when my,store is syncing up with the shopify,what i need to do is just simply set up,my shipping settings so i'm just gonna,click on shipping setting and choose the,location wherever i want to ship from so,i'm based in the united kingdom i'm,gonna choose united kingdom if i want to,ship internationally to other countries,i can opt in for this option otherwise,i'm just gonna leave it empty so for me,i'm gonna be shipping internationally,if the order comes from other,international customers more sale is,better for everyone the next thing is to,actually set up your profit margin so,basically the way i get started with the,profit margin is just simply click on,configure the price formula and by,default it is set up to 25,and what i normally do i leave it to 25,and then slowly slowly increase my,profit margin because in the beginning i,want to have this momentum build up so,my website will get ranked well inside,the search the next thing to do is,actually start listing the product from,apps in a catalog which i will come to,that in a minute i will show you how to,list them and what products are,available there as well and how to,choose better product as well but first,of all let me show you the feature what,is mean by payment detail down there,because what we need to do is set up a,wallet for order processing inside the,app cynic so what apps and it does,anytime once you get the order on your,store it process the order by itself and,take the payment which you added inside,your wallet so everything will become,automated on the one side the customer,will place the order app cynic will,automatikally detect the cost price from,your wallet which you have already added,inside your account and then it will,actually ship the order for you to the,customer so it is a complete automated,business now let me show you the most,interesting part inside the app cynic so,what you need to do is just simply click,on product catalog inside the product,catalog absentee have tons of categories,and then multiple sub categories as well,so there are thousands and thousands of,product inside the app cynic so what you,simply need to do is for example,you need to drop ship inside the united,kingdom so you can simply choose where,you want the item to be shipped from so,you can choose united kingdom if it's,united states you will choose united,states the best thing about absentee it,actually use the local supplier within,that partikular country so if i'm going,to be drop shipping inside the united,kingdom it will use the local supplier,which are already quality tested and,they are proven to sell the quality,product as well so your product will get,delivered on time you don't have to,worry about the cheap quality of the,product so you don't have to face the,returns from the customer as well same,thing if you're drop shipping in united,state it will use the local supplier in,the united states who are already,quality tested so inside the apps in a,catalog the products have a high,potential to sell so what i normally do,because i will be selling in the united,kingdom so i come here and i simply,choose a united kingdom because i want,my customer to have the products from a,local supplier so they don't have to,wait longer delivery hours i will select,free shipping,and then after that i can just simply,pick the product from the catalog which,i need to list on to my store so for,example if i go down and i say okay i,want to list this product all i have to,do just simply click on import now,i go down and after that let's say i,want to,list this product right here i will just,simply click on import now,after that what happened is i just can,simply go to view my products right here,inside the appsonic so inside the my,product section what i need to do i can,actually push this product to my store,one by one or i can just simply select,all of them and i can push them as a,bulk action to my store as well,everything will get listed onto my store,automatikally picture title description,each and everything so it's not like i,have to manually copy and paste and then,manually process the order as well i,will show you once you get the order how,you deal with them as well and where you,actually see once you receive the order,and all that kind of stuff as well so,once you start receiving the order,everything will show up inside the order,section right here inside the app cynic,so if you come inside the order section,all of your order will be categorized on,hold to be shipped partially ship,shipped cancel completed you will see,breakdown of each and everything right,here as

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Proper UK dropshipping Suppliers for eBay Amazon Shopify

in this video I'm gonna tok about UK,based Drop Shipping suppliers these are,not retailers they don't sell to,customer directly or these are not,Market places as well so not everybody,can go there and buy the items from them,these are proper Drop Shipping suppliers,who only deal with the eBay and Amazon,and Shopify salads who are interested in,Drop Shipping so let's get started,please watch this video all the way,through because I need to explain you,how to work with them and how to select,the products from them as well otherwise,you will not be making any sales and you,will not be making any money my name is,Zen cha on this channel I tok about how,to make money online as an e-commerce,seller and I'm based in UK so if you're,somebody who is looking to sell online,and you want to make money online,realistikally from the platform like,eBay Amazon Shopify and if your first,time here consider subscribing that will,be a massive help let's jump to the,suppliers now so the first supplier that,we have is called Manchester wholesale,they are able to offer fast next day,shipping as well and the other service,which I really like about if somebody is,interested to sell on Amazon they have a,lot of products right here and the,prices for them is a really really,wholesale price but you can order them,for Drop Shipping purpose as well but if,you let's say you like some product and,you say okay well I really like this,product and you sold it he was doing,Drop Shipping on Amazon now you want to,say okay I wanna buy in bulk and I want,to send it to Amazon so they actually,take care of fulfillment and all that,kind of stuff as well so they are able,to offer the prime Services you know,where the customer actually got next day,delivery even if they would like seven,o'clock at night as well so they can,actually do this for you so this is uh,their Amazon FBA prep service you can,pick the product you know the one you,have tested with the Drop Shipping and,even a move on to doing Amazon FBA at,the scale you can do that as well a lot,of a lot of products like loads of loads,of product that they have and the good,thing about them the price is for these,products are really really good so you,can actually drop ship and make some,profit out of it as well the next,supplier that I want to tok about is,called CLC the thing about salesy that,they have Avail house at different,different positions so if you're,somebody who is in UK they have a,section called best sellers and these,are the products on a salesy website,which are proven to sell a lot of time,so they have this data where they,provide it to us make it easier for us,to actually start Drop Shipping all of,these supplier account is going to be,absolutely free it doesn't really cost,you any money to get started with them,same with the sales e as well so once,you click on bestseller you can choose,their UK invade house right here so,these are all the item which are,available in their UK Warehouse to see,the prices all you have to do is to,create a account which is absolutely,free it doesn't really cost you anything,to create account as well and you will,be able to see the prices as well so,loads of loads of really really good,products right here as well like this,cattle I personally sold it it does,really really well a lot of a lot of,other products divided into different,different categories as you can see all,of these start Drop Shipping you can do,it Amazon eBay Shopify wherever you want,to do your Drop Shipping the next one we,have is called clothes to order,c2o and this is a great company is it's,in UK as well where you can actually do,print and demand not just print and,demand you can actually do Drop Shipping,at the same time so if you wanna sell,let's say highways even a cell like a,custom bag you want to create your own,logo as well this is really really good,good for that if somebody is really,interested in personalized clothing,that's a really really good uh way to,work with these uh c201 so this is,especially if somebody is interested in,clothing it's a really really good Drop,Shipping supplier for this one as well,the next one that we have is called TB,trade,tbtrade.co.uk again this is not the,retailer as well you can just simply I,mean you can come here about their,information right here and you can click,on Drop Shipping and you will be able to,see that they actually work with eBay,Amazon and Shopify seller so this is,where they will be able to fulfill the,order the thing is there is no minimum,order all that kind of stuff with the TB,to read as well TB trade do all kind of,items so you know Sports and gym phone,cases computer DIY tool bicycles all,that kind of stuff as well this is a,really really good Drop Shipping,supplier if you're looking somebody who,is is in UK piece the next supplier that,we have is called go drop ship so go,drop ship is another great supplier go,dropship.co.uk they have variety of,different different item and the thing,about these one they always like the,time I'm recording this video the,Halloween is coming up as well so they,always let's say you want to sell the,Christmas items you want to sell other,kind of items which are seasonal kind of,item as well it's really really good way,to work with go drop shipping as well so,this is again a good Drop Shipping,supplier so I'm gonna list one video,right here which gonna tok about 10 UK,Drop Shipping supplier click here to,know about 10 more UK drop shipping,supplies right here right here

3 Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers for 2022

all right what's up guys this is mark,augustine and,in this video we're going to tok about,three suppliers to use for amazon drop,shipping in 2022 so like the videos,subscribe to the channel,also check out in the description i have,a link to um,the grindcam telegram group you want to,join that we're going to be launching an,e-commerce masterclass in the next,couple days um i've had a couple,students already and and they're doing,great so yeah so just join the group,like subscribe and let's get into the,video,so amazon dropship in 2022 is filled up,a lot of suspensions,a lot most of these suspensions come,from guys drop shipping from retailers,drop shipping from walmart drop shipping,amazon to amazon using a lot of fake,tracking numbers to try to keep things,together but if you want to successfully,drop ship on amazon 2022 and 2023 for,the next year two three make ten twenty,thousand dollars a month you're gonna,have to do a little extra work you can't,just be lazy and jump to the first,retailer and sell all the things so,three suppliers i suggest that you use,are,ace hardware,zorro and vitacos,why,these are three retailers but zorro is,actually dropshipping friendly and you,can get onto the customer service and,work out certain agreements get to the,paperwork a lot of the boxes are shipped,without a starbucks,vita cost and and,fight the cost is similar to zorro,another kind of like second tier second,level retailer,ace hardware is a retailer as well a,full-on retailer like home depot and so,on but there are certain websites you,can get discounts on and ace hardware,has,it hasn't been abused,by thousands of drop shippers so those,are three suppliers that you guys could,use in 2022 for amazon drop shipping,that would not get you suspended,like forever now don't expect to never,get suspended in the amazon game,everyone gets suspended everyone i've,been suspended a number of times i got,not suspended actually i'm working on a,client's account right now who's gotten,to get him unsuspended from the drop,ship and um,suspension this section three drop,shipping suspension and i actually have,a video about a law firm that has been,helping me to get these accounts,unsuspended i'll put a link in the,description to those videos but anyway,hopefully you guys got what i the only,thing i want to share with you guys in,this video are these three suppliers if,you are drop shipping do not use walmart,unless you're going to re-drop ship i,made a video about that i'll put a link,to the video about re-drop shipping but,you want to focus on the the more,obscure suppliers,again three of them that you can use,zorro,vitacost and ace hardware have a good,one guys like the video smash that like,button subscribe to channel,peace


in this video what I'm going to be doing,is going through the top 10 Drop,Shipping suppliers or the top 10,websites that you can use if you're,looking to start a Drop Shipping,business some of these suppliers I've,used myself some of them I haven't but,I've tried to do as much research as,possible to find out the most popular,dropshipping websites that you need to,consider using if you are a beginner,that's looking to make money online with,a Drop Shipping business so make sure,that you stik around for the whole,video so that you don't miss anything,and if you find any value in the video,at any point don't forget to press the,like button I really appreciate that,don't forget to subscribe as well hit,the Bell notification let's get right,into the video alright so we're going to,start off with the first supplier which,is Walmart and by the way the top 10,suppliers I'm going to go through in,this video is in no partikular order I'm,doing it completely randomly but the,first one is Walmart and as you guys,know they've got hundreds of thousands,of different items available they've got,a big variety of products that you can,choose from I believe that they're one,of the biggest retailers in the whole,world I myself haven't bought anything,from them because I'm based in the UK,but it's definitely a big website in the,US a lot of us drop shippers use it it,when it comes to building up their Drop,Shipping business whether it's selling,on eBay or even sometimes Shopify and,Facebook Marketplace but just to give,you an example of an item that someone,is Drop Shipping right now as we speak,I've just typed in the word tent and as,you can see they've got all of these,different tents available however if we,look at this tent over here that's,currently selling for 99 I was able to,find this seller over here that's,selling the exact same 10 I believe,they're even using the exact same,pictures that's on the Walmart website,and they're selling it for,164 dollars and they've been able to,sell nine units so this may be a product,that you might want to start Drop,Shipping on eBay but I do have to let,you know that drop shipping from a,Marketplace or retailer similar to,Walmart is not allowed and it's against,eBay's terms and conditions so you may,risk it in your account banned so I'm,not saying that you have to use them,because you can use them for any method,of Drop Shipping for example Shopify,Facebook Marketplace whatever you want,to do really this website is all about,showing you the best websites or the,best suppliers that most people out,there are using right now website number,two is Aliexpress by now you probably,definitely heard of it if you've been,researching Drop Shipping for any amount,of time one of the most popular websites,and the way it works is that you're,mostly going to find Chinese suppliers,on this website which means that,delivery may take a little bit longer,may take around 10 to 12 13 days for,your customers in the US or the UK to,receive the orders but then again,there's a lot of items that are,available they've got so many different,products that you can choose from and,there's various different pros and cons,when it comes to using AliExpress one of,the main Pros is that as I said you're,going to have multiple different options,to choose from when it comes to all of,the different products that they have,available however one of the biggest,cons is that the quality sometimes isn't,necessarily the best because you're,going to be dealing with various,different suppliers AliExpress is a,website that has multiple different,sellers it's not just one company that's,one of the biggest misconceptions that a,lot of beginners have is that they,believe that AliExpress is one company,when realistikally is made up of,thousands of different Sellers and all,of their quality varies depending on,which one you use but whatever the case,is is definitely a great option to,choose from when it comes to getting,things going and getting your Drop,Shipping business off the ground alright,so moving on to website number three,which is Wayfair now Wayfair is big in,the UK I'm not sure if you guys have it,in America but a lot of drop shippers,use it when it comes to selling High,tiket items so if you're looking to,drop ship an item that's over 100 maybe,300 then Wayfair is going to be a good,website for you to use but bear in mind,that they do mainly focus on homeware,kitchenware you know things for the,house so it's a very Niche website but,if you are looking to build a branded,store around this type of category then,Wayfair is going to be a perfect option,for you alright so moving on to supplier,website number four which is Sam's Club,so this is definitely a us-based company,or website because I myself have never,shopped there before I've never been to,a physical location as well but the good,thing about Sam's Club is that they've,got a wide variety of different products,from various different categories like,even scrolling down on the home page,they've got things like tissue roll,scrolling down a little bit more they've,got laptops and kids toys so there's,definitely a lot of products to choose,from and this is one of the most popular,websites that a lot of drop shippers are,using right now as we speak so if you,wanted to get your Drop Shipping,business up and going you may want to,use this website alright so moving on to,the next popular Dropship and suppliers,website which is this one,vidaexcel.com UK now I've personally,never heard of this company before I,started doing research for this video,but they've got really good quality,products apparently and these are their,top categories right here that you can,see Furniture Hardware animal vehicle,baby you know it seems like it's more,around the homeware kind of vehicle type,of categories now they may have other,ones let me just click on this section,over here yeah so they seem to have a,wide variety of different products,available as well and this is another,untapped website that a lot of people,are using right now as I said I never,heard of this website before I started,making this video so you may want to,check them out and see if you're going,to be able to find some good deals,moving on to the next website that a lot,of people use for Drop Shipping which is,Lowe's if I'm saying that correctly it's,another us company and it's also another,company that specializes in home type,items for example electrical items,washing machine bathroom type items now,the good thing about this website is,that apparently the prices are really,good so it means that you're going to be,able to compete with a lot of the other,sellers within the homeware niche so you,may want to go into this website double,check the items that they have available,but just make sure that you do the right,product research but that's it for this,one let's go over to the next drop,shipping supplies website okay so I,believe that we're on the sixth website,right now which is CJ Drop Shipping and,if you've been watching me for any,amount of time you will know that this,is one of the most popular easiest to,use websites when it comes to building,up an eBay Drop Shipping or even Shopify,Drop Shipping business and if you're new,to this Channel and you've never heard,of them they're essentially A Drop,Shipping agent so what they do is that,they buy items from Big manufacturers in,China hold it in their warehouses all,around the world as you can see they've,got all of these different warehouses,here the US they've got one in China,this is their main Warehouse Germany,they've even got one in Britain so if,you did want to use a website that was,built for dropshippers then this may be,your first point of contact just so that,you can go through see exactly what they,have to offer which now brings me on to,the seventh website which is banggood so,this is another one that I've not,personally heard of myself before doing,research for this video apparently it's,very similar to CJ