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best ecwid dropshipping suppliers

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How To Make Money On Ecwid in 2022 (For Beginners)

how do you make money on ecwid. now this video is going to be a complete step-by-step tutorial. i'm going to show you absolutely everything you need to know, including how this business model works, how much money you can make and how you can get started making money on ecwid as soon as today. so if you are interested in making money online and making money on ecwid, then keep watching, as this is going to be the most valuable video you ever watch. now, before we jump into this video, i just want to mention that my mentor has opened up a few spots for his free workshop. as i said, there is only a few spots, so it is a first come, first served basis, and this workshop actually allowed me to earn my first seven thousand dollar month online. so it is definitely worth your time, and if you want to sign up, you can use the link down in the description. okay, guys. so i'm going to start it out nice and simple. and once we are on the ecwid website, uh, the easiest way to make money right here is if we come down to the bottom here. we can go ahead and click into the referral program and right here, this is like the first way we can make money so, as it says, get paid to help clients start selling online. uh, you can become an ecwid referral partner today and join the only ecommerce referral partnership with lifetime commissions. so the way this actually works is: you basically refer people or you send people over to ecwid and you get a 20 commission. so this shows it here: use your insight and expertise to share the benefits of ecwid's powerful, easy to use e-commerce platform with your network and when they sign up through your link, we'll send you a 20 lifetime commission. for as long as they keep their account, you will continue to earn. so keep in mind, guys, that if we go down here to the pricing, that ecwid is free to start out, but then once you have, like, started building your storm and all of this good stuff, it's around 15 a month to get these awesome features, because most people pay monthly. so what this means, guys, is, every time you refer somebody, so this is you, and then we have ecwid, and basically, every time you refer somebody, you are going to get paid 20 of 15, which is three dollars. now, this doesn't sound incredible, right? three dollars, like is that? is that really worth it to get three dollars? but, guys, i'm literally going to show you how you can get thousands of people to sign up. and once you get thousands of people to sign up, that's where this gets really crazy. now the awesome thing is, guys, this three pound on a monthly basis, every single month, as long as they keep their account. so even though one customer might only be worth three dollars in the first month, they are actually worth 36 every single year, and this money will be paid out to you monthly without you having to do any more work, so this really turns into a form of passive income. now, as i said, i'm going to show you how you can get thousands of people signed up, and the way to do this is literally to type in ecwid into the top youtube search bar. now look at this, guys. ecwid warning- top three reasons not to use ecwid. ecwid tutorial, ecwid review. so if we take a look at this guy right here who did an ecwid tutorial- this video has, i think it's 18 000 views- and look at this, he does this ecwid review or tutorial right here. and then, if we go ahead and we go down here, look at this, get started with ecwid for free today he we go ahead and open this and for everybody who clicks through to this link, he's going to earn a 20 commission of that sale. and think about it, guys. this isn't like super untargeted traffic. all of these almost 19 000 people who watch this video are all going to know about ecwid. they're basically going to have their credit card in their hand, or they're going to want to purchase, and they just need that final decision to go ahead and buy. so, guys, let's just keep this on the low end here, because the range of people who will have bought from this tutorial will be in the range of 20 to 40 percent of the people watching. so let's just stik with 20 percent, be nice and conservative and do okay. basically 19 000, just like this. 1920 percent of that is 3 800.. so if we do that, 800 times this three dollars right here, we get an estimate of how much this channel or this video has made per month, and we can see that from these ecwid sign ups. i would estimate this video itself to have created around about 11 400 dollars per month revenue for the creator. so that is crazy, right there, guys. isn't it like how you can get paid so much money for being an ecwid affiliate? now, that isn't even taking into account the people who bought this business account or the unlimited account right here. that is only taking into account the people who bought the very basic account. now, on top of that, guys, if you have a personal brand or if you build a personal brand, you can also go ahead and promote this on areas like instagram. now we can see another of these videos right here by this guy: ecommerce gold. once again, 19 000 views. and let's take a look if he has an affiliate link in the description. yes, he does, down here, and once again, with 19 000 views, this is an ecwid review. so, once again, the people watching this video are going to have their credit card in hand, they are going to want to purchase this and they just need this final thing to tip them over the edge. just look at some of these comments. my friend and i are looking into adding an e-commerce store to his existing websites. all of the integrations are amazing. thanks so much for helping me choose ecwid. now, do you think this guy clicked this link? of course, he signed up through the affiliate link right here and earn this guy money. so, guys, that is the main word that i recommend: promoting the ecwid affiliate program. just create your own videos on youtube. as you can see, there are a bunch here already, but don't worry, don't think that they are oversaturated or anything, because you will still be able to rank with a video like this. now, the second way that you can make money with ecwid guys is actually by using this as an e-commerce website. so, as you can see, i just went ahead and created an ecwid account and to create a website. it's actually super, super easy. if we just go over here, you can see that we can build an entire store here on ecwid and basically create our own e-commerce brand. now, e-commerce brands are actually- i don't want to say easy, guys, but there are simpler to set up and simpler to run than most people think, and the method that i recommend for beginners is to use a business model called drop shipping. now, you might have heard of this before, drop shipping- and it's effectively, guys, where you go ahead and you find a product online. you then create a branded store around this product so you make it look nice and fancy, create an entire store around it and then you sell this for a higher price than what you paid for it. so if i show you an example right here. so if we go over to aliexpress right here, which is one of the best and cheapest places that you can get items from online- i just typed in humidifier as a quick example and we can see this, for example: uh, see if there's any cheap ones. okay, that looks fine. okay, so 13 and 80 cents for this humidifier right here, and this looks pretty awesome. right, i think we can sell this form much higher. so what you would do is create a branded drop shipping store around this humidifier and actually, let me see if i can find an example of this to show you. okay, guys, so i just did some digging online right here and i actually found a branded store that is based around this exact same product. as you can see, it's like a flim humidifier. i found the exact same product right here, and this is branded as the hino kiri. okay, so you can see that this looks very, very nice, it looks like a very professional brand, and this is basically what you want to do as a drop shipper is: create one of these super nice and super branded websites, and this gives your product a feeling of much higher value. so we can see rig.

Top 3 Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Fast Shipping - Dropshipping Australia 2022

[Music]. [Music]. okay, you like my new jacket. it's from from loose kids and i thought i got it because it's winter and i don't have any jackets like this, one of those like track jackets, so we'll see how we go. welcome everyone, my name is jack perotta. now, if you don't know who i am, i'm an aussie who teaches about e-commerce here in australia, mainly amazon, fba and drop shipping. now in this video, we're going to tok about the top three suppliers. if you want to drop ship here in australia now, i personally have success drop shipping in australia- uh, having one product drop shipping stores that are selling just to aussies doing about 15 to 20k in revenue per month, and that was a profit of about 1500 per week. now, some of these best-selling products i had were actually in the midst of covered right in 2020 and there were a lot of issues with suppliers. then there was things like stoking issues, there were things like shipping, and then all of this stuff went down with uh, with china and australia, and then the shipping times went from. you know you had e-packet shipping, which was like 15 to 20 days, maybe 12-20 days, and then it was it just skyrocketed up to like 40 to 60 days now. these days it is getting better. okay, the shipping times from china aren't as bad as what they used to be, but still get a lot of people who, uh, have trouble when it comes to finding the right suppliers, you know, in terms of pricing, in terms of uh, more so in terms of shipping time. so we're going to go through these suppliers and i'm toking about sort of a few pros and cons in them, but really why i've chosen them in my top three. so, without further ado, we're going to jump into my computer. i'm gonna get straight into it. before we get into this video, if you do enjoy this, please, it would mean so much to me if you were to give this video a like and even subscribe to the channel. hit the notification bell if you do like this kind of content, if you do want to see anything else, so please comment down below and let me know what you want to see. i only put out content that you guys really, really want to see, so please make sure to do that or comment if there's anything you want to learn in partikular. apart from that, let's get into it. so the first supply we have is cj drop shipping. now the reason i like cj drop shipping is not just because they have, uh, such a big selection of products. their shipping is quite good, can be a bit expensive- which i'll get into in a second- but gives you a lot more recommendations, as opposed to say, something like aliexpress, right, so it gives you recommendations on what is working well, uh, in the current market. so something that i would recommend is going onto the home page here and clicking on tiktok, because these are recommended products on e-commerce platforms- so tik-tok is a huge one at the moment- to to see what is popular. see, you know viral products, see what's trending. so we can go ahead and actually go into into the tiktok tab here and we can look at, okay, what's trending on tiktok. now, obviously, these aren't going to be all accurate on what's on tiktok, but a lot of these will be shown on tiktok and, uh, it's just going to give you a general idea of similar products that might do well on tiktok. it's pretty self-explanatory, but it's just to give you an idea of what, um, you know what the pricing is for these products. now, what we want to do, we can actually change this to aud, just so you've got the the right currency right, uh, we'll look at the prices here and let's just say, if you wanted to go for a product, let's, let's, let's, you know, be a bit realistik here and see if we're looking at a good, uh, you know, a product that we could potentially look at selling. so this is actually a product that i used to sell myself, this resistance band fitness set. so let's just go here and we'll have a look at the pricing and we'll see what we're kind of looking at. now again, some of these prices might not be the best. some of them might actually be great. so the one that i used to sell was like this: here, an 11 piece set. i think mine was 11 or 12 pieces. what you're looking at here is: okay, this is the price. now, this is where you might get caught out. okay, the pricing is 3.10. you might think, oh, that's great. now you look at the shipping, the shipping fee here, and it's 2184 aud. so this here. okay, this is from the us warehouse, so what you want to do is change this to china warehouse and you want to ship to. we start typing in australia. here, there we go and we'll look. we'll look at the shipping price. uh, here now. so another cool thing you can do is actually go through to your shipping method and you can choose which one you want to do. so, really, when you're looking at it, okay, it might not look like much, but these prices will add up over time. so you have to be careful which one you're looking at, because even though you can get 9 to 20 days- which is something that this is great for drop shipping, right. so, especially drop shipping to australia, these shipping times are great. now, if you're looking at four to twelve days, it's up at 51 dollars. if you wanted the cheapest one, it's 14- 25 days, which is 18.32. now, that is including a service fee, right? because obviously, cj dropshipping- they, um, they fulfill the order, they, they get it ready, they pack and ship it for you, right? so i would probably look at something like this: nine to 18 days, even though it's four dollars more, we can have a look and see what the total price, drop shipping price, is. now, keep in mind: when i first sold these- this was back in 2020- it was hard to get stok in a lot of places. this is just for the resistance events here. it's hard to get stok online a lot of places, so i was able to charge upwards of 45, maybe 50, right? so this right now, 25, 25.40 would be the total price if you wanted to drop ship this product from this supplier, from cd drop shipping, right, there may be more suppliers selling this product, but this is just to give you a general overview of uh, of what you're looking at in terms of costs right now. the reason that this costs so much is because it's a bit of. it's a bit of a bulkier product, a bit bigger. so we could just go through and we'll go to tiktok again and we'll find a smaller product and see if there's any difference in terms of shipping price. okay, we can go for anything. so let's go for, like, one of the smallest products we can find. uh, six colors. no, we want something that's super, super small and light, right? uh, non-lipstik cup. let's maybe try something like this and we'll have a look and see if there's any difference, right? so let's just do two style: smallest. one shipping fee is only five dollars, so it's only a dollar, right? and then we want to make sure it's from the china warehouse. unfortunately they don't have an australian warehouse, right? well, at least they don't for the majority of these products shipping to again make sure it's shipping to australia. and then we want to make sure that it is 15 to 30 days, okay. so 15, 25 days, even that's not bad. now i would try and get suppliers that, uh, don't necessarily go over 20 days, maybe a few days over 20 days, but, uh, anything from like the 15 to 20 day mark usually customers are okay with as long as you're being transparent on your website about your shipping time. so again, total drop shipping price. so the fee is a lot smaller. no, it's only 7.60. okay, as opposed to- i think it was what- 22.. because it's a smaller, smaller product. okay, it doesn't cost as much to ship. so that's something that you need to take note of is the cost of shipping or the size and weight of the product. okay, obviously, uh, you need a product that you can mark up a lot more if you're going to sell a bigger, bulkier item. but that's just something to take note of. so cj drop shipping is a great, um, a great way to. it's very easy to set up on your shopify store as well. so all you need to do is just download the cj drop shipping app and you can connect your store to it quite easy to import products as well. so that's one way they've got different kinds of well diffe.


Ecwid Dropshipping Aliexpress Tutorial | Dropshipping Guide 2022

ecwid drop shipping for aliexpress. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in today's video, i'm going to be telling you about accurate drop shipping and how you can use it to import your products from aliexpress. so, without wasting any more of your time, let's just jump into it. so, over here, as you can see, this is the website. this is how it would look like, and all we have to do is just simply sign in. so, as you can see, this is how the website looks like. now, as you can see, it's pretty simple. it's really easy. so, once you're over here, all you have to do is just simply, you know, sign in or just sign up. so, to sign up, all you have to do is click on get started button over here at the bottom or at the top right corner over here, and once you've done that, you can go ahead and start selling your products through the ecwid. so let's go ahead and get started. so, once i click on get started, all i have to do is just simply enter in my full name, my email address, my password, and then just simply click on set up your store. now, as you can see, there is no payment gate over here, so that means that you don't have to enter in any payment options as well: no credit card, no debit card or any of that. all you have to do is just simply enter in these three options and then you're good to go. or, if you would like, you could go ahead and sign up with either google, facebook or apple, but i would suggest signing up with google because it is much more easier, or any one of these. i'm gonna go ahead and sign up with google, and once you have signed up or sign in, it will take you over to your control panel over here, and over here you can basically, you know, control all of your websites. so over here, as you can see, this is a couple of things that we need to do to actually, you know, get our site up and running, but we'll just hide that for now. so over here, at the left side, you have a couple of different options. so you have my sales, and in here you can basically, you know, get everything and know everything about your sales. you have your orders, abandoned cart, customers and order details. then you have underneath catalog, and in catalog you have your products, categories and gift cards and marketing, and underneath marketing you have your overview and google ads, facebook ads and automations and stuff like that- like that's pretty important. and then, down below, you have your sales channels. now, over here you have your overview of your website and underneath website you have your overview of your exact website. you have your design, your domain, your seo. then you have facebook and instagram of shops as well. now, if you are using a free account, you won't be able to do that, but to be able to connect your facebook or instagram account, you need to have at least the basic package or higher, and same for tiktok, and then same for mobile and other channels as well. so in other channels you have google shopping, vend, ebay and amazon as well, and then in these configurations, you have your design, you have your payment, you have shipping and pickup, you have settings and apps and stuff like that. now that you know a little bit about this website, let's go ahead and click on website and on website, let's go ahead and go over to overview, where we can overview our website. so over here we can see this is our website and we can go ahead and view it over here. as you can see, this is how it looks like. edit this website: all you have to do is click on edit this site in your overview section and once you do that, it'll open up the editor and over here you can edit your website. so over here at the left side, you have all of your basic controls. now, this editor isn't like wix or anything like that. it's not that easy, it's a little bit complicated but, as you can see, it still manages to be easy as well. so at the left side you have all these different categories and different layouts of your website. so over here you have your header, you cover your power section, you have cover stories, delivery info and stuff like that. so whichever layout option you choose, you can edit that option. so, for example, i'm in the header option so i can go ahead and change my logo. like over here, i added hash productions. before it was just, you know, drop shipping website or stuff like that, so i changed that as well. then you can add in an image or a text as well. so if we add image, we can go ahead and change the logo as well. you can add any logo you want, like, for example, if i wanted to upload this png of this turtle, then i can go ahead and upload that as well. so, as you can see, it's uploading right now. once it's uploaded, it'll look pretty nice, i think. so, as you can see, this is how it would look like if i uploaded the image. i think it looks pretty good. so i'm going to keep it like that and then go back and you can go ahead and change the navigation of it as well. so in home, you can change home to whatever you want and you can, you know, add links to other pages as well. so you know this is going to be the call action on click. so whenever someone clicks on home, it'll be taken over to the home page website where you have your added, your link, and same with the about section, store and contact as well. so, and you can also add in another menu if you want to, but i think this is good for now, and then you can also change the cover or stuff like that. but actually i want to change the color, because the color is definitely not good. so if i come over here in the design section, i can basically, you know, change the background as well, so i can change it to the default color, which was this, or i can go with the solid color and change it to something a bit more. let's say, black over here. that fits our website. i think black looks pretty good, but it has this cute little turtle that i added. so i'm gonna go ahead and go with this. whatever this color is, i'm gonna go ahead and try to find it. i think it was in the green section. so if i come over here, i'm gonna go down over here. i think something like this. right, i think this looks pretty good. so, yeah, we'll keep that. and then you can go ahead and change all of the other as well, like you can change the site logo, you can change the navigation menus. you know font style and you can make it bold as well. you can change the color of it as well. you can add in the phone number, the search icon, the card icon and all of that. so, as you can see, it's pretty easy. and then the same goes for the cover as well. so if i come over cover and click on design, we can go ahead and change the layout of it as well. so i can make it look like this or this or this- this was the default one- or make it look like this or this as well, or this or whatever layout you're more comfortable with. so i'm gonna keep it like this and i'm gonna change the background color as well. so this is the background. you can go ahead and change it to whatever one you want. so i changed it to green, so i changed the header green so that match the color. so i'm going to go ahead and keep the color like that. you can add in a tagline, title and stuff like that. so if i come over here into content, you can change the welcome. i basically added the welcome before. it was something generic, so i changed it to welcome and i added the tagline as the number one website in the world- which it is, by the way, don't judge me- and then you have your subscribe button and contact button and stuff like that. so once you have edited your website, all you have to do is click on publish and you can go ahead and view your website by clicking on the link that it pops up. so now that we have our website, now what we need to do is we need to add in our products. now to add products, what you need to do is go over to catalog and over here you have products. simply click on products and over here. you can go ahead and add some of the products. as you can see, i've added some of these products beforehand, but we'll just, you know, leave that and click on add new products over here and let's go ahead and open up aliexpress. so this is the product right here now. there basically a two wa.

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Shopify vs Ecwid (2022) — All the Key Pros and Cons

Hey all, it’s Matt from Style Factory, the go-to website for ecommerce platform reviews. In this Shopify vs Ecwid comparison, I’m going to walk you through the key pros and cons of these two popular ecommerce solutions. I’m going to highlight 5 key reasons to use Shopify over Ecwid and 5 key reasons why Ecwid might be the better choice. But just before I do that, it’s worth looking at a bit of the history behind the two products. Ecwid was designed to let people sell products on an existing website by adding a snippet of code to it. In recent years, however, the lines have become a bit blurred. You can now embed a Shopify product catalog on an existing site — and use Ecwid to build a standalone online store. But which tool is best for your project? Let’s find out, starting with a look at the 5 key reasons to use Shopify over Ecwid. One — Shopify is much better for building a standalone online store with. If you want to build a standalone store on a domain of your choosing, Shopify is the better choice. Although Ecwid tiknically lets you use its ‘instant site’ feature to create standalone websites, these are very statik one-page websites. Significantly, they don’t feature any professional blogging tools — and, given the importance of content marketing these days, this isn’t ideal. By contrast, Shopify lets you build highly sophistikated online stores that give you multiple pages, a blog and advanced ecommerce features. Two — you can sell an unlimited number of products on any Shopify plan. When it comes to product limits, Shopify is much more generous than Ecwid. While Ecwid caps the number of products you can sell at relatively low numbers, on all but its most expensive plan, you can sell as many products as you like on any Shopify one. Three — Shopify is a much better choice for dropshipping. Dropshipping is a method of selling products where you don’t store or ship your stok. Instead, you pass orders onto a supplier for fulfillment. If you want to sell goods in this way, then Shopify is the much better choice, thanks to a vast range of excellent dropshipping apps and integrations. Although you can also dropship with Ecwid, the options for doing so are considerably more limited. Four — the multi-currency features in Shopify are much stronger. If you want to sell products in multiple currencies, then Shopify is a better choice than Ecwid, Thanks to its ‘Shopify Markets’ feature, which lets you define the areas you’d like to operate in and the currencies to use when doing so. selling internationally is a breeze, While Ecwid does let you display product prices in local currencies, it doesn’t facilitate checkout in them — and this can have a negative effect on conversion rates. Five — the SEO tools and features in Shopify are considerably stronger. Although Ecwid gives you access to quite a lot of useful SEO features, there are some notable omissions. You don’t get full control over URL format or redirects, both of which can be very important to SEO. By contrast, Shopify gives you control over nearly every SEO component, making it a better choice if you’re working in a partikularly competitive niche. So those are our key reasons why you might want to use Shopify over Ecwid, But where is Ecwid the winner? I’ll come to that in just a moment, but before that I want to invite you to like this video, click the subscribe button and hit the notifications bell. This gives you easy access to all our key ecommerce reviews and advice. Right, so what are the 5 main reasons to use Ecwid over Shopify? One — you can use Ecwid entirely for free. Unlike Shopify, there’s a totally free Ecwid plan available — and it’s very usable too. Although it limits you to selling ten products, it gives you a way to accept payments easily for a small product range and is a great way to try the platform out. Two — Ecwid lets you turn any website into a fully-featured ecommerce site. Although Shopify’s Buy Buttons let you display products easily on another site, Ecwid lets you do this in a much more sophistikated way. When you install Ecwid on your site, your visitors can make use of product search, multi-currency features, category filtering, product sorting and other ecommerce features that aren’t really available using the Shopify Buy Button. Three — Ecwid doesn’t charge transaction fees when you use a third-party payment gateway. With Ecwid, there are no charges for using a third-party payment gateway to process credit card transactions. By contrast, if you don’t use its built-in payment processor, Shopify will charge transaction fees on any transactions made using other payment gateways. Four — there are no product option limits to worry about with Ecwid. With Shopify, you are limited to just 3 product options for the items your selling, And although apps exist to remove these limits, they add extra costs and configuration time to proceedings. In Ecwid, however, you can work with as many product options as you need. Five — It’s easier to capture custom data for purchases in Ecwid. With Shopify, allowing your customers to provide extra information for purchases — for example, some text or images for an engraving — is not possible without either adding some code to your site or paying extra for an app. By contrast, Ecwid lets your site visitors add this information easily during their purchase. You simply add a text field or file upload button to your product, which lets your visitors provide you with the assets you need to deliver a product. So that’s it: 5 key reasons to use Shopify over Ecwid and 5 ways in which Ecwid beats Shopify. We hope you’ve found this Shopify vs Ecwid video helpful, but there are lots more pros and cons of both platforms to discover — so make sure you read our full comparison on the Style Factory website. You’ll find a link to this in the video description, along with links to free trials for both Shopify and Ecwid. To get more ecommerce advice from Style Factory, do like this video, subscribe to our channel and click the notifications bell. And finally, if you have any questions about Shopify or Ecwid, please do leave them in the comments section. We read them all and will do our best to help.

🔥🔥Best Dropshipping Suppliers USA | Dropshipping Suppliers 2022 | Automate Orders | Wholesale 2B

Hi friends, this is Prosenjit. welcome to Leadfits. Today I am here with another interesting video. basically, i used to get lots of questions and objections from the drop shipping owners. they used to ask me: we are getting lots of questions, objections from the customers as products are not getting delivered on time and it is getting delayed. okay, sometimes it is 15 days, 20 days, even sometimes one month. also, now, when a customer plays their order, they should, you know, expect it should, uh, arrive within one week, at least, some 10 days, right, uh, not more than that. but uh, the supplier. I have tried many services. they used to claim they have their warehouse in US, but when I took their services, most of the time even it took more than 10 days. but today i am going to share with you the best reliable supplier in us. if you use the service, it is 100 guaranteed. your product will be shipped and delivered to the customer, to the end user, on time, most probably within three days, um to seven days, okay, even it will not take ten days also. now why you need us drop shipping suppliers. first of all, as i told, for faster shipping, as they have their warehouses, real warehouses- and us. now of second option is better customer experience. now, if you are selling the products first of all, you don't have any warehouse, you are doing drop shipping, and in that case, if you are sipping the products in delay or if you are delivering the products in delay, then your customer experience will impact, right. so, to avoid this situation, you should have a best, reliable, faster dropshipping suppliers in us, right, and high quality products. also, important, easy integration now, if you have wordpress shopify store, if they should give the support to do easy integration, like easy to import bulk input of their products, right, uh. so if the feature should be there, and it is, you know, the best alternative of aliexpress, okay. so in aliexpress, we saw, keep the products. uh, used to come from china and when your customers are there in us, so it is a horrible experience, okay. so, without any further delay, let's get started. so, basically, i have tried many you know services like: uh. let me show you, uh, we sell who i have tried. i have tried a s pocket. i have tried cell wire. i have tried sunrise wholesalers. after then i have tried cg drop shipping. i have used us direct, okay, but let me tell you the best one is this one wholesale to be okay. now why they are based. first of all, they are giving you automate ordering. okay, your order will be fulfilled automatikally, okay, as you can see. okay, and your inventory also will be maintained automatikally. okay, suppose there is one product? okay, like there is one, let's say, mouse, okay, and that partikular mouse is not available in your supplier. so what will happen? he, uh, you will be busy in, you know, with some other day-to-day activities, business activities, okay, um, but what will happen? it, uh, automatikally, the inventory will go zero. okay, in your website, let's see, you have shopify store or wordpress e-commerce stores, so there, it will be zero. and even you can integrate with, you know, any marketplace such as amazon, ebay, walmart, also okay, now, they give you tracking. also, that is auto sync tracking, okay, so, automatikally, your tracking numbers will be updated, okay, with your order details. okay, this is a very, very, you know, useful features. i found it okay and you will have lots of time to focus on some other important drop shipping business. okay, because there are lots of work, actually, okay. so now, um, they are in this business in 2004 and they have more than 100 drop shipping company companies. they have tied up, they have one million, plus drop shipping, unique products- okay, so you can choose any niche, the best products, okay, from their um store. that is this website. i'll put the link in the description below so you can check it now, uh, they have their- you know- order folders and services also, as i told you. now, few more important thing i want to share with you: you can browse all their products totally free of cost, no credit card required. just what you need to do: you need to sign up with on their website. you just create a free account. then you can browse millions of products, okay, and you can see, no credit card is needed. okay, and they have been featured in cbs, nbc, fox and market watch. now, exactly, uh, what you can do here. you can drop ship on google facebook open card, as i told. magento, then you can download their xml file also. then bonanza: okay, so all these options are available. and google analytiks also there, okay. even marketplace also, you can connect, like i told you, ebay account, you can connect. then amazon also, you can connect. okay, and drop shipping website: you can create your own drop shipping website, okay, download csv file, uh. even, uh, shopify also available. big commerce is there, okay. uh, woocommerce is also there, that is wordpress, okay now, ah, these are the features. as i told you, they are giving course also, if you are very new in this industry, you can see their courses, okay, and you can, you know, prepare yourself, okay, uh, now, um, there, you know, create. to create account, it is 100, free, no credit card required, as i told you, okay, and you can, you know, review the products and you can start selling. so these are the very, you know, simple steps. okay, now let me tell you their price, okay. so, actually, uh, they have, uh, three, uh, price categories. actually, uh, suppose, if you have already, uh, you know, an existing store, that is, existing website, like if you have a shopify or woocommerce wordpress website, so what you can do, you can purchase their input to your existing store plan. that is um 30, okay, per month. and, and suppose, if you are selling on amazon, ebay or walmart, okay, then what you can do, you can purchase this plan that is input to marketplaces, which is 38 per month, okay, and if you want to them, uh, you know, want them to create store for you, then you have to go for there, you know, a 50 per month plan. so what will happen? you will get all the features, okay, as mentioned here, and if i would recommend you, you first you create there, you know, free account and you browse their products, okay, and you, you see how they deal and how, how the quality of the products and you know now what they are saying, uh, actually, uh, and they are delivering it or not, okay, so after that, definitely you can go with, you know their plans, okay, and i can assure you you will get. you know, uh, which is the actually value for money. okay, you will get your. you know all, uh, the investment, uh, that is not a big because, uh, you know, it is a reasonable price only as compared to other, you know, and i, i already, you know, visited some, i, i told you i took the services, so i have the experience. okay, so, this is the reasonable price and you will get all the- you know, you know benefits. now let me, uh, just to quickly tell you what are the basic questions you may have in your mind. so, basically, uh, you don't need to pay anything, okay, ah, to browse their products. okay, no credit card is required and there is no time limit for the free account. so what happened? in some websites, they usually give for 14 days free trial or one month free trial, but here there is no such limit. okay then, uh, what you can do, uh, sign up. do i need to sign up for any of the suppliers? no, so basically they have the suppliers connected already, so no need of you know individuals suppliers sign up. okay, so then, um, they also can create a website for you. but i would recommend you create you know website with, uh, any kind of you know. if you are a tik savvy, then you can create your own. otherwise, you can go for you know fiverr- i'll put the link in the description below- the best you know freelancers, uh, who can create the website for you. i'll put the link in the description and you can take service from them. okay, then you can downlo.

Ecwid Dropshipping Aliexpress Tutorial 2022 | Start Dropshipping with Ecwid

ecwid: Drop Shipping: AliExpress tutorial 2022: start Drop Shipping with ecwid. hi everyone, welcome back to another video. I hope you all are doing great and are having an amazing day. I bring you back with yet another video, and in this video we're going to be discussing about ecwid and how we can start our Drop Shipping with AliExpress using ecwid, and it's going to be very easy, very simple. I'm gonna sign you up, I'm gonna take you through all the process: what apps you integrate with ecwid and how to get started with your basic Drop Shipping and, after you've drop shipped, how you can display those items on your ecwid store. so, without further Ado, let's get right into it. first of all, let's discuss what Drop Shipping really is. Drop Shipping is basically a way in which a sailor which- or a salesperson- which is you- which- has a store- uh, basically ships a product that they have on their store on low running cost. it's much lower than a proper wholesaler, so, yeah, it's a much cheaper way to send products worldwide. so now that you've understood what Drop Shipping is, let's get into the main backbone of this video, which is ecwid. so ecwid is basically a great e-commerce website, just like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, vidcom or shift for shop. it's like all the greats, and ecwid is very good. it was made in 2009 and I recommend you start using it if you want some simple e-commerce websites. so, without further Ado, let's get straight into it now. uh, obviously you need to get yourself signed up with ecwid so you can see the great uh system it has over here- all the great interface. it's a very user-friendly interface. you can see the details that it has given about ecwid down here. you can look through them and go through them if you want to. but I'm just going to get started straight away. so, to get started, you're gonna go on get started for free now. once you do that, you're gonna wait for it to load up. now it's gonna ask you to register. so you're going to register with your full name. obviously you're gonna put that in. you're gonna put in your email- I'm gonna use a temporary email for now- and then you're just gonna put in password. there we go. then you're gonna click on set up your store. now. once you click on set up your store, it's going to take a moment to load up. now. once it's loaded up, it's going to take you into the ecwid control panel. make sure to save your password, just in case. now that you've loaded yourself into the ecwid control panel over here, you're going to start completing your registration. so now you need to give them a store name for your online store. so let's say, if your store is for electronics, I'm going to write electronics, and then you're going to put in, uh, the country you are from, your fiat currency, then you're going to click on next. now, once you click on next over here, you're going to put in your city- uh, like I'm gonna put in my city- and then you're gonna put in your zipper, postal code. you're going to click on next. once you do that over here, you're gonna have to start telling them things about yourself and make sure this is accurate, because according to this, they will optimize your website. so I'm just gonna click on. I'm just looking around: uh, what types of product will you be selling? I'm gonna go with electronics. and are you setting up a store for someone else? now are, if you are developing a store for some client, then click on yes. if not, then obviously no. now, once you've done that, you're gonna click on next and you're going to wait for it to load up. choose where you will be running your store. do you already have a website? now, this is the question. they ask you if, like, you have a domain. if you do have a domain, you click on yes and they're gonna ask you what platform you use it on and once you put in the platform, you're going to put in your domain, obviously. but if you don't, there is no worries, you just do know and it will. ecwid will automatikally give you a domain, which is so cool and it's totally for free- and once it gets verified, if it's like the correct one, then it's going to create the domain for you over here. it gives them, uh, your plans, uh, the ecwid plans. you can choose any one of these if you want to, if you want to get the full features and customize it fully, but I just recommend using free, because there is a totally free plan and it lasts forever. there is no trial. so, now that, once you're here on the ecwid main page, now what you're going to want to do is, obviously, you're going to get yourself familiarized and you can complete your processes over here. uh, now you are gonna need to familiarize yourself with the ecwid Mainframe. you can get yourself familiarized with the these regions over here and complete your processes if you want to. uh, I'm not going to do that right now because obviously I need to show you how to start your Drop Shipping. obviously, you're going to create your website over here, you're going to make your designs, Etc. and then, once you have done all that and you want to start your Drop Shipping, you're going to go on apps and you're going to go on App Market. now, once you go into app market over here, you're gonna go on search apps and write Drop Shipping, because obviously we want to do Drop Shipping now. once you come here, you can see all these Drop Shipping apps that are integrated with ecwid. so, in my opinion, sprocket is the best Drop Shipping app you can get on ecwid, but obviously spocket does charge you, which is 25 dollars per month after the free trial. if you want to use a free one, which is also good- then sub Drop Shipping is for you and I'm going to be using sub drop shipping for now. and once you go on sub Drop Shipping, you're going to install it properly and it's going to integrate it with your ecwid and once it's integrated, it's going to automatikally take you to stop Drop Shipping. so I'm just going to wait for it to load up to go to sub Drop Shipping. okay, so here you can see that it says the download was complete. you can either go to dashboard or you can see the tutorial on how to use ecwid. so, uh, you can check the tutorial if you want to, but I'm just going to go straight to dashboard because, um, I already know how to use it. now, once I'm on the dashboard, uh, this is the interface and it's like any other Drop Shipping platform you have. so this is the interface of sub drop shipping and you, uh, it's like any other uh Drop Shipping platform that you have. uh, you can get yourself familiarized with this. it's a great and a very user-friendly platform and you can just go ahead and mess around with it all you want. but the area where you're gonna be the most on sub Drop Shipping is over here, on fine product and imported products. now, over here, uh, you're gonna import your AliExpress products, so let's go over to AliExpress real quick. so, while AliExpress loads up. here you can see, this is just a demo title. I did not add this here. this is as a demo. they've added now how to add products from AliExpress over here. over here you can see. please enter 1688 product URL or AliExpress product URL. now all you need to do is go to AliExpress see whatever product you want to drop ship. so, um, let's say, I want to drop ship this. watch, right here I'm going to open that in the new tab and these lights. so I'm going to copy the URL to this and I'm going to paste it over here. I'm going to click on import product. there we go. so over here you're gonna copy the URL, you're gonna make sure the product is in stok and once you've done that, you're gonna go here and again you're gonna do that, paste it. import product. you're gonna wait for it to load up. it takes a moment loading up- and there you can see acquisition successful and here you can see your product on the AliExpress list. and that is how easy it is to import a product now from this to ecwid. how do we do that? and and that all you need to do is you're going to go unlisted to store and these options. once you click on listen to store, it's going to give you all the products that come in the bundle. over here, it gives you all the images. you can change the.