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best facebook ads course

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Full Facebook Ads Course For SMMA 2022

alright. so over the past months, i probably had over a hundred requests from people on my channel that wants me to make a tutorial on facebook ads for smma. that works in 2022.. so in today's video, i did just that. now, if you're not into smma social media marketing agency, this facebook ad strategy is still gonna apply to you. so if you're running, for example, let's say, an e-commerce store or a local business, this advertising strategy is still gonna work for you. so what i did today is i spent two hours setting up a powerpoint going over how to run facebook ads, step by step, and it's gonna be a complete beginner tutorial. so in the beginning of it it's gonna be ridiculously simple and basic, but the further we get into it, the more advanced the video is gonna get. and once we get to the end of this video, we're actually gonna get into some really advanced advertising strategies that the gurus are charging two thousand dollars or more for. but, as you know, on my channel, we're keeping it real, so i'm gonna give you all the information for completely free. i don't have any course. i have absolutely nothing to sell you, and over the past year, i've been operating a marketing industry that's producing over a hundred thousand dollars profit every single month, and i'm using this channel to document my journey and i'm trying to be as transparent as possible. on this channel. i show you my results, i show my mistakes, i pretty much just show like everything on how to run this business. but i'm not going to waste your time. so let's get into the powerpoint. but before we get into it, i just have to tell you that this video is gonna be life changing. there is just no doubt this is one of the best videos on facebook ads out there. so you have to grab your notepad and set aside some time. you should really just not be the guy that just skips through the whole video and just notes down some weird stuff like. this video is really about to change your game. so if you have clients or you're looking to get clients, this is the exact strategy that you can use to get results for your clients. so do not click off and just set aside 15 minutes or 20.. i'm going to be honest. just say this at 30 minutes, because you just have to watch this like it's literally gonna change your game. but let's get inside of my computer and actually look at the presentation. all right, welcome to my complete facebook ads tutorial for smma. but as it says, i mean works for any type of business and, as you also say, it says complete facebook in one word. maybe i think that that's weird, but anyways, this is a step-by-step guide that's gonna teach you literally everything on how to run facebook ads in 2022, whether you have an agency, which this video is directed towards energy owners. but even if you have an e-commerce stores or a local business, this advertising strategy is still going to apply to you. so grab your notepad, because this is going to be one of the best videos you have seen about facebook marketing. and i'm still here. my camera just doesn't really fit the presentation. all right. so before you run facebook ads, there's a couple of things you need to know, and these are absolutely must know things. so make sure that these things are prepared. if you're working with a client, make sure the client already got all this set up. so the first thing is going to be the facebook pixel. the facebook pixel has to be installed on the client's website, and the facebook pixel is the thing you use to track conversions and the thing is to track data. so if you don't have a facebook pixel, you're not going to be able to see what's make the sales and you're just not going to get any data. the second thing you need is to figure out how to use their ad account, and what i recommend to do here is to be an admin on the client's ad account. you do not want to run the ads on your own personal account. you don't want to risk a ban or anything like that. so what you want to do is just to have the client open a business manager- and they probably will have a business manager already- and what you then need to do is you need to give your email out to the business so that they can add your email as an admin to their ad account and their business manager, and once you have admin access there, you can run their ads. now the next thing you need to know is how you're going to pay for ads and what i recommend here- and this is just a must- do you have the client put in his card or paypal, or whatever he or she chooses to pay for ads with, into their ads managers? you're not going to spend any of your own budget if the client pays you 2k. you just profit that money. you're not going to spend any of that money on the advertising. you want to make sure that the client is actually paying for the ads and have their card inside of their ad account. the next thing you want to have prepared- and this is going to be very easy, especially if you're working with a business. so if you're doing sma, it's going to be pretty simple, i would assume, at least in most cases- you want to have a verified business manager, and a verified business manager means that the client has been putting in their documents into the facebook manager, which means you know they've been putting in their business documents onto the ads manager. because if you don't have a verified business manager, you are risking getting banned and if you get banned it's just going to be a headache. you can always solve a ban. it's not really a big deal, but you just really want to have a verified business manager. so just check that with your client. you can run without it, but just know that that's on your own risk. verified managers doesn't really get banned unless you're breaking the rules- and i know the powerpoint is a little bit boring because you can't see me, but this is a study session- all right. if you're serious about your business. you should watch this even though it's a little bit boring, but anyways, let's go through the ads manager structure. so when you first get into the facebook business manager, it's going to be very confusing. i totally get it, but that's why i'm making this video and i'm making it ridiculously simple for beginners. and, as i said in the beginning of this video, the later on we get into the video, the more advanced it's going to get and just before we get into that, hopefully we'll click a like on the video and subscribe, because i'm trying to be as transparent as possible here and just create a really great channel that just helps people and also have a completely free discord group. no upsells- i don't ever try to sell you anything that's linked in the description, full of agency owners and entrepreneurs who just really wants to change your life, and i'm always in there giving out free advice. but the business manager getting on facebook and advertising for the first time can feel incredibly confusing. i remember when i first were there, i learned most of this myself, but i did have a mentor just kind of help me out, just to understand the structure. but the facebook ads manager is going to be very, very hard to understand when you first get into it. so i'm going to show you one of my ad managers that i've been using for multiple clients. so let's just get inside my computer and get into the more kind of advanced stuff- it's still very simple- and then after that we're going to get into all the strategies. you're going to see exactly how to make tons of money for your clients. but let's get inside my arts manager. alright, so we're inside my ads manager and i'm about to show you just how this whole thing works. so i'm not gonna look at the camera really, but let's get into it. so, as you can see, this is probably very confusing. but quickly, though, we can see that we have a campaign, right, so we have different campaigns. what's going on inside of all these campaigns you will be able to see here in a second. but we have different campaigns, and just let's look at one of them: spent 29 000 pounds, so that's more than dollars. probably 35 000, i don't know. it's just a little bit.

NEW Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 – FULL FREE COURSE

On-screen right now, I'll teach you how to step-by-step set up a solid Facebook ads from scratch, and, when we do this correctly, it'll mean a new ongoing stream of revenue for you and your business. Buthow am I so sure that Facebook Ads still works? If you just take a look right now on-screen, if I go to the Facebook Report- Third Quarter 2021 Results and yearly financial results, they're still seeing year on year growth on their active user base and advertising revenue. so, taking a quick look at the ad revenue right here, you can see that there is tremendous year-on-year growth and there's no sign of slowing down yet. and there are almost 2 billion active users every day that we can still reach- and, let's not forget, this also includes instagram. so this is the reason why myself and the team are spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on facebook and instagram ads across our businesses, with a pretty decent return to this day, although lots has changed with the facebook ads since my days working as a digital marketing manager in the corporate world. so let's go ahead and get stuck into the tutorial, see what's different and see how we can still set up great facebook ads. and, by the way, drop a like and subscribe if you find today's video useful, it's always appreciated. so the absolute very first thing you want to do, if you don't already have an account, is head onto the url businessfacebookcom, and then you want to create a new business account. first you need to log into your facebook account and then create a new business account. so once you have that done, you're going to head on to facebook business manager. this is a fresh account so we can follow along here, and this is your ads manager account and we want to familiarize ourselves with how to navigate this interface. so firstly, we have the campaign section. so the campaign section and the campaign view is where we get an overview of everything that's happening, all the ads that we're going to set up. then the ad sets is the ads, the ads underneath the campaign, and then finally, you have the ads itself underneath ad sets. so it sort of trickles down and we have a flow on effect from campaigns to ad sets to ads. the campaign structure is very important and i'll mention more about that in a moment. we also have the column section and this is very important in analyzing our ads, our performance and getting more detail from all our campaigns. then we also have the breakdown effect. so this breakdown column is essentially giving you again more detail about the ads and more efficiently viewing our data. so data is very important when it comes to facebook ads. and then, finally, you have reports, where you can generate reports and customer reports, and then, in this section here, once we create ads, you'll start to familiarize yourself with the data fields, and this is where you're going to see all the ad names, the delivery types, the bid strategy, the budget and all the other statistiks that we need to know when it comes to facebook ads. now, just before we create an ad together. the second thing you want to do is competitor research, and we want to run some competitor research because we want to understand what a good ad looks like in your business and find out some competitors and what they're doing in with their ads. so one of my favorite tools is the facebook ad library, and it's literally that it's a library of ads that we can see. you can reach this page on facebookcom: forward slash ads, forward slash library. but taking a look here, you can set- let's set- this to all so it's a global, and then we can start to find and click all ads and then we can start to find examples of great ads. let's just say we're running ads for phone cases, an iphone case, so all we need to do here is type in iphone cases and then click enter and then we can start to see different ads for phone cases, iphone cases specifically. and now the best way to do this is to find competitor brands, brainstorm competitor brands within your niche and find them directly in the facebook ad library. so this is a great way, initially just to use generic terms like iphone cases to find very generic ads. they may or may not be performing well, but it gives you a few ideas of what is and maybe isn't working well and some ideas for creative and and ad copy and all of that good stuff. but the best way to do this is, again, to find your competitors. so in this case, let's type in pure cases. i think it was the first- yep, it's this one here, i believe. so i know this is a great iphone case brand and so we can directly look at their ads and see what they're doing well, and a great way to find out the ads that are working for them. even though we can't exactly see all the data and all the performance data we i usually like to scroll all the way down, uh, to their oldest ads, because if their oldest ads are still running, it's usually a good indicator that those ads are performing well for them. so their oldest ads are in august 2021, and so i like to take a look and click, see our details and just take a overall look at what they're doing. you know where, where the ad directs to and what the landing page looks like. so, again, this is a great way, uh, looking at competitor competitors and getting a good idea of your ads. i think this is one of the best ways to start, especially if you're new to facebook ads or you're still a beginner. it's to do competitor research and just get some ideas from there. the second tool i want to mention, before we jump in, actually create some ads, is a new tool actually called um: campaign ideas generator. now, this is a tool that you can reach at facebookcom: forward slash business, forward slash campaign ideas generator. by the way, i'll leave all the links down below just so it's easier for you all to access, but with this tool- this is a relatively new tool- to get campaign ideas, you know. if you don't know what type of campaigns to run, this is a great way to start. it is very generic, though. just be wary of that. so all you need to do is say: i have a pick, your niche. let's say you're in consumer goods. let's just say: and then i would like like campaign suggestions for you know a specific event or a specific time in the year- let's just say easter in this case- and get campaign ideas, and what facebook will do is it'll troll through all its campaign data and give you suggestions for some campaign ideas. it will even give you ready to go ads so you can start to see, hey, what might work. well, you can also download the jpegs and images and start using them as creative. don't recommend that, though. you want to create your own creative and images, so just be wary of that. but again, it's just a good place to start, because i know a lot of people they're unsure of where to start when it comes to facebook ads and can be pretty overwhelming. so those are the two tools that i recommend that are directly from facebook themselves. now, moving on to actually creating the ad itself, let's jump back into our ads manager- so this is a brand new ads manager- and let's create an ad together. the very first thing you want to do is click on the big green button, click create and, depending on if you have a new ad account, you may get this warning message as well. nothing to be worried about. you can go complete your account setup later on. but now first thing you want to do is create a campaign objective, depending on your goal. you may want to go with any one of these, really depending on what you're selling and what your objective is, but in any case, probably the most two common objectives right here is, of course, conversions, traffic and engagement. i'm going to go set up a conversions ad just so we can push sales, but this is very broad. it really does depend on what type of business you are running and if you have,

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How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Facebook Ads Tutorial 2023

ladies and gentlemen, you truly are in for a treat today, because, for some of you guys, you're coming into this video with zero facebook ad experience. for some of you guys, you might be coming in with, you know, a moderate or intermediate level of knowledge when it comes to facebook ads. so, whatever stage you are at, i will take you from that the full-blown expert by the end of today's video. in fact, i've even gone ahead and broken everything down into timestamps below, so if you want to skip to a certain section, you can go ahead and do that. just make sure you stay around until the end of the video, because i'm doing a massive, massive, massive giveaway you will not want to miss. and, on that note, let's get into today's training. so, ladies and gentlemen, facebook ads master class, step-by-step 2022. here is what we will cover. why advertise on facebook? all assets you're going to need to basically start advertising, how to set up your facebook page, how to set up your business manager, how to create your first campaign, how to define your budget, how to value results, as well as how to optimize your campaigns. so why advertise on facebook? well, it's pretty simple. you know. we've got 1.93 billion daily active users. we have 28 billion total ad revenue every single year, and you're gonna find that you'll spend roughly one dollars cost per click and 11.54 cents cpm. now, if you don't know what cpm means, don't worry, stik around this video and i'll show you exactly why. now, why do i advertise on facebook? well, that's a great question, and and to answer that you need to look at my two main companies. so iig meter, right there is my advertising agency that i started at the age of 16, while i was still in high school, to support me and my mom. i've been running that for five and a half years. having an advertising agency is about as cool as having an accounting firm, really not, you know, like a crazy, crazy exciting lifestyle. what is crazy exciting about it is the money that it gives you the free cash flow, because the margins and the profits are so good from it that i can, you know, have my cmo, or at least now, after five and a half years of running it, i can have my cmo who runs it. i only need to work four or five hours a week on it, which, by the way, that's after five and a half years. i don't think you'll have this in the first year. okay, like it's, it's not, um, it's not easy, but it's. it's simple to build up and every year you need to do less and less to attract higher and higher paying plans. but, as i said, now, five and a half years on, at this point it makes me anywhere from 1.2 to 1.5 million dollars a year profit. uh, and with that you can do some pretty cool things with your lifestyle. so, yeah, that is my advertising agency, so that's a big reason why we advertise, even though i never touch any of my clients ad accounts anymore and haven't for like two years now. um, so that's that then. i also actually run the biggest education company on earth that helps other agency owners, primarily in non-competing industries, start and we help people who literally just are work in university or have a day job and they just want a business, a lifestyle business, that can help them have financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom and scale up to 10k a month. we help that subsection of people all the way from the agencies who are already doing half a million dollars a year profit and want to get to a million dollars a year profit and also just kind of streamline their system. so in that business we actually don't do a lot of it. pretty much 95 of our business organic- but we still do some advertising in that business to bring in new customers. ah, also, to mention at my agency, the way that we get most of our clients, except for referrals these days, i said, once you do something for five and a half years, you build up a long track record- uh is ads. so the way that we bring in new clients who don't know us is we advertise. so we actually advertise to get clients and then we advertise for our clients. so, yeah, that's a little bit about why i personally advertise on facebook. anyways, let's move on. here are some benefits of advertising on facebook. first things first, sell more. okay, you can advertise your product or service and send people to your website to purchase. you can generate leads- okay, so you can use facebook adverts to collect names, emails, phone numbers and, more directly, from your targeted customers. you can also use facebook ads to distribute content. facebook and instagram are also the ideal places to distribute the content you create and maximize your reach. you can also use it for app installs. okay, you can advertise app on facebook and instagram and generate more downloads because of it. so there are a few different value propositions. first things first is testing. all right, facebook is the perfect sandbox to mass test your offer. whether you're on a budget or you have venture capital backing up your business, you can get results in as little as a day and you can validate whether this product actually works and whether the market even wants your product. next thing: targeting. facebook is by far the ad network with the most information about their users. now this allows us, as advertisers, to micro segment our target and reach our exact ideal customers. not only that, but their machine intelligence works so well that most of the times you don't even have to use targeting at all, since it already knows exactly the type of users who are most likely to respond to your ads. then we have cpc. now the real beauty of facebook is that they only charge you once you get a click, and you can get clicks for as low as one cent, although you know that's not very common. average cost per clicks we see is anywhere from, you know, 30 cents all the way up to two dollars, depending on your market and country. and last thing is predictability on facebook, when you dial in your funnel and your offer, you can consistently put one dollar in and get two, three, five, hell, even ten dollars out. with predictability, as the saying goes, the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit. so let's tok about the assets you're going to need to actually start advertising. first things first is business management now. a business manager is the container that holds all of your business assets. so within your business manager will live the ad accounts, the pages, the pixels, as well as the payment methods. now, below your business manager, we have ad accounts- right, so you'll have one business manager and inside your business manager you can have five ad accounts. this is where you create all of your campaigns and, as i said, you can have multiple ad accounts per business manager. then we have your page: right, so the facebook page is where your ads will actually run from then moving on, we have your domain now. facebook now requires you to verify the ownership of your domain in order to drive ads to it. moving on pixel now. the pixel is simply a piece of code you put on your website that will track all the visitors actions for you, so you can actually track what sort of results your ads are yielding. then we have payment method. simple enough. now, if you already have all the assets set up, you can actually skip to the following time stamp for the campaign: creation step by step. but if you don't, let me run you through it, so let's tok about creating a facebook page. now. i will leave the link in the description for page creation, as well as the guide made by facebook on how to create it. the key here is to use real brand information, as well as giving facebook as much info as possible about your business, because this way you're creating more trust with them and letting them know that you are a real and serious business. and this will really help you down the line because, as you may know, these days it doesn't take much for facebook to decide to disable your ad account. so the more virtue signaling you can give facebook, the better. now you know, having your ad account disabled is very, very comm.

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A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to know if you want to create effective, high converting and profitable facebook ads. first, you need to nail message market match. get this wrong and it doesn't matter how smart or funny or creative your ads are, they're not gonna work. next is something called the 40- 40- 20 rule. every great direct response marketer and advertising legend lives and dies by this rule. but don't worry if you've never heard of it before, most people haven't, and i'm going to walk you through exactly how to use this with your facebook ads. and third, you need to use something called the marketing rule of seven, and not just with your facebook ads either, but with all of your advertising and marketing and everything you do from this day forward. use it and profit. don't use it and don't profit. that is a terrible catchphrase. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the ever important message market match. want to know the single biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work. i can't see it right now, but i'm going to assume you're nodding your head, yes, well, my friend, the biggest reason that most facebook ads don't work is not because they chose the wrong campaign objective or wrong placement or wrong budget or anything related to the actual setup of the facebook ad campaign. nope, the reason that most ads don't work is because they're saying the wrong things to the wrong people, or in other words, the offer that they're making is either unrelated or unappealing. an unrelated message means that they're making an offer that people just don't really care about, trying to sell something in a way that just doesn't resonate with the pains and problems and fears and frustrations of the market. this is often the result of spending too much time on the features and the actual tangible things that they're going to be getting, rather than on the benefits and the outcomes and all of the results and how their life's going to be better after they make a purchase. an unappealing message is simply a message that's packaged wrong, or in other words, it's boring. it doesn't do anything to try to catch someone's attention, and so they don't stop to read it, and if they do stop, well, they just don't care. what's that sound? oh, that's the sound of your ad dollars getting flushed down the toilet, and so money is wasted. putting these boring and uninteresting and irrelevant messages in front of people and then wondering why nobody's buying sounds harsh. i know, i don't like to be the bad guy here, but fortunately there is a solution that comes in the form of message market match, and message market match is exactly what it sounds like. it means matching your message to your market, but obviously there's a little more to it than that. essentially, message market match, also commonly known as message to market match, is really just a way of making sure that you've done your homework and you've researched your target audience. you've figured out what their pains and their problems and their fears and their frustrations are and how. whatever it is that you're selling is well positioned to help solve that for them. get it right and people buy. get it wrong and they don't buy. and this is one of my favorite things about marketing and about advertising, in that it's a literal case study of human behavior. after all, people can say all of the things about how they think they are or how they would like to be, but at the end of the day, money, toks and what people choose to buy and how they spend their time are two of the most powerful indicators that really show what someone values. so if your ads aren't working and people aren't clicking on them or signing up or buying or anything like that, well, it's simply because they don't see the value in what you're offering. so it's your job as the marketer, as the advertiser, to try to show them that value, and the best way to do this isn't by shoving it down their throats, but rather to show them that you understand where they're coming from, you understand their problems and you possibly have a solution they may be interested in. i wish i could remember who told me this quote so i could give them due credit. but one of my favorite sayings is that customers don't buy when they understand. they buy when they feel understood. okay, next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce and those special ingredients that really separates the amateurs from the pros when it comes to creating high converting and profitable facebook ads. but first a real quick message from this video's sponsor, metrocool. over the years, i've had the chance to work with a lot of different companies and software, but metricool has quickly become my number one secret weapon when it comes to creating better and more effective social media marketing campaigns, and i use it every single day. not only does it allow you to take care of everything all in one place, it also integrates seamlessly with facebook and instagram and twitter and tiktok and linkedin and google business and pinterest and youtube and twitch, as well as facebook ads and google ads and tiktok ads and data center. it's also incredibly easy to use and gives you a ton of powerful features for both organic social media and paid media like facebook ads. one of my favorite things about it is how i can watch and monitor my ads performance and get a side-by-side comparison of my ad campaigns on google and facebook, which are two of my biggest ad platforms right now, and i can see how they're doing and compare different metrics against each other, like how many impressions they got, what's my cpm, which is how much it cost me to show these to a thousand people, what's my cpc, or cost per click, my ctr, which is my click-through rate, and even the number of conversions each campaign is delivering. because, again remember, it's not just about getting likes and shares, it's about making money from your social media and your ads. so make sure to check out metricool by clicking the link in the description below this video and when you use the code atom, you can try out any paid plan for 30 days for free, okay, next, the 40 40- 20 rule. the 40 40- 20 rule shows the breakdown of the three main elements that are responsible for your ad success: 40 to your market, 40 to your offer and 20 to your copy. so let me unpack those for you now. 40 of the success of your advertising campaign is going to come down to your market, your understanding of them and your ability to identify and locate them and make sure that you're putting the right message directly in front of them. fortunately, facebook's targeting options are pretty amazing, so the ability to find them and get right in front of them is well easier than ever. as for coming up with the right message, the right hook, the right angle and the right irresistible offer, and how those all fit together, well, that's where you're gonna need to do a little bit of heavy lifting. the next 40 of this equation comes down to your offer. so what are you offering and is it irresistible enough to get them to pay attention? is it relevant enough that they're going to be interested and want to click, want to read more, ultimately want to buy? and the last 20 is your copy and your creative. this is essentially the words that you use, the images, the video- if you're running a video ad, all of the design and the way that you structure things as well as the words that you say. as a general rule, the more competitive your market is, the more persuasive and influential and more heavy-hitting your copy's going to need to be. the 40-40-20 rule is incredibly powerful because, like all things in marketing, it gets to the root of what's really important, which is your customers, their problems and your solutions to those problems. and way too many advertisers get this completely backwards, spending way too much time on fancy words and pretty pictures rather than getting to the core of their audience's pains and how they're able to best serve them. there's even some situations, and with certain target markets, where an ove

Ex-Apple Marketer Breaks Down the Best Facebook Ads & How to Make Them

as many obstacles that you can envision that- the feedback from your consumers, or what you're reading in the space. if you can speak to it and tell why your product can overcome it, you're gonna have their intrigue for them to reach out and try your product. [Music]. if you already mentioned that over 52% of the actual conversion rate is based upon the Korea that you're gonna run, let's get into some creative tok. okay, so as I scroll, it'll come into play. now again, turn the volume. [Music]. I will let her run. every time I show you new creative, I'm gonna let it go all the way through. now let's tok about the major elements. that makes it work. I'm gonna turn the volume now that because it almost scared the crap outta me. so we go to the beginning. you can already see that we're showing the product within the first three seconds. that is the most valuable information I can share with you, because the average drop off happens around second number 5. so the quicker we can get that first value proposition with the product in place. that's money. that's what we're gonna win. so let's look at this. you show the shoes already. a hundred percent waterproof knit shoes, shows them walking in the puddle. that doesn't happen and this is real. it's 100 percent waterproof. you can go jump in puddles. I promise you 100% issues as it transitions. what we like to call is at least two frames per second designed for everyday wear. again, speaking breaking out. I don't want to have to use. is this just for travel? it's lightweight and extremely breathable. a big, big connotation that we found when we're looking through our audience is: can I breathe if it's waterproof? how is it breathable? well, it is, and it's able to communicate that clearly, because that's a big, big issue that we've seen comments on. we've seen reviews of: if it's waterproof, how is it able to breathe freely? well, they've developed that tiknology to do so. as it continues on. yet, happiness- one of the biggest things we have to include. if someone enjoying it, right, you want to see smiling faces, you want to see the type of people that are actually wearing it. that's actually the founder. again, very easy way for us to show how important that the shoes is. taking this: he's taking a hose, shooting it right on the shoe, showing that it's easy to clean and get it off. diet propositions: if you can just go through and count how many times they try to inter issue, issue, issue. knock it down. all they're trying to do is convey that this product is gonna solve all these problems for you. lastly, you got a review copy. review copy is the easiest way if you're having a roadblock, if you're having trouble going, like what am I gonna write about this? specifically, nothing, reviews. do the toking and have your great piece of creative work. let me show you another one: [Music] again. the music. it's the first thing that jumps out on you. it's playful, it's upbeat. I think you're seeing a trend. the easiest way for us to put this is text overlay. we are trying to break down all the reasons why someone would not buy this product and frankly, it's a giant Snuggie. that's all it really is. but we're able to frame it such a playful light that who wouldn't want to buy this thing? perfect for morning chill. perfect for the chilly morning design for cuddling. of course you want to cut it with this thing. it comes gift-wrapped. that's important because- guess what we realized by analyzing the data: people are buying this not for themselves, but for others. how do you include that in the in the process of creative iteration? lastly, I think how they wrote they a copy is really important to highlight. if you're like me, you spend a thousand hours in your comfy clothes each year. more often than not, you're either wearing comfy clothes or you're leaving the house and not so comfy clothes. and for me, if you can look at me, I'm always in comfy clothes. I love how it toks about the variety of colors. I love o tok to you both. it has a female and male inside of it and a great call to action at the end. moving on [Music], it's took seven seconds. seven seconds to communicate what exactly that this product does. it's very impressive, and that means it can be able to show on Instagram and on Facebook. so let's tok. why is it work? nothing special about the copy, but it's okay cuz it's direct, kind is clear. the clear we can be, the more we can get them off that Facebook page and on to shopping on our store. so it's the ultimate shopping present. do you soccer-ball? if I were to click through, it'll link me right to my page. so now you might be wondering: why is this girl dribbling a soccer ball in the house? well, you gotta understand the demographic right here. the demographic is potentially in the city, potentially not having space to outdoor training and potentially showing that, like I can't invest in having a private coach, so I'll want a private coach with me in my own home and my own comfort ability. so they've highlighted to show both her training indoors and training outdoors, leveraging that the you do get to see the little bit of a stand that they provide you and it's what we like to call a mean text. so she's practiking with a smart soccer ball that might pull some intrigue. I know you're seeing the trend. it's very clear now if you're running top of funnel traffic you need to be doing is communicating why they would buy your product, why, for some reason, you're trying to pull on a single string that they would take that leap of faith and give a brand new product. they've never even heard of an opportunity and the money. so product like this- the biggest takeaway: show what it looks like for us watch lovers. I include myself in this. you want to see how big that face is. you want to see what the strap looks like, what you want to see up close- and I would come up with different various shirts and it's so subtle. it's so subtle, but they show the variation of shirts and arms and we see that text overlay. it's there every time with creative that has over a thousand comments and almost over a thousand shares, you have more opportunity for you as a brand, or whoever's monitoring your comments, to kind of reach out and reach out. reach out to the consumers and potentially sell them in that comments as well. so the more vile, the more I would say beautiful. the creative is. it makes people want to comment. it makes people want to tok about it. so if you're seeing the engagement go up, that's another great opportunity for you as a brand to reach out and try to close some sales. in the comments I got a couple more for you. it helps to save dark spots and hyperpigmentation, for radiant, easy skin tone. I could do this all day. this is incredible and what I want to really highlight here is they know who their demographic is. the content-specific, it's playful, its upbeat and with a named iron gleamin it's pretty on point. so we look at it. turn the volume a little bit. big text: the consumers are there highlighting the products that's involved there. these are all things that you can easily get. stok creative or shoot it yourself. I can wash this with the sound off, because they're communicating exactly what it is that they're saying. it's just so visual. the more you can show that demonstration, the more you can look at it exactly it's happening, the more opportunity you have to convincing a consumer. try out a brand new product. I love the copy as well, because what you're gonna do is you're gonna get a. you're gonna get someone on that emotion you're trying to resonate with as well as I want an instant barefaced glow: fade my dark spots and stain free firmly for all skin types. these are things that they've seen in the comments. these are the things, things that they've been seeing from their past purchasers, and they're directly attacking it on that prospect and creative. let's keep the ball rolling. one of the classic favorite. this is where it all began. this is digitally. [Music]. now we'll do a caveat: I would never call somebody out that has ADHD. I would never do that. it's not gonna be acceptable on Facebook b.

FREE $100K Facebook Ads Course For Shopify Dropshipping In 2022

- Hey guys, welcome to today's video. So in today's video I'm going to show you my Facebook Ads strategy. So I saw a lot of you guys asking me to update this, but the strategy mostly have changed, but not that much. but even the slow changes are very important. so I figured to this time go through everything very detail and to show you everything, And so please make sure you watch every minute of this video, guys, and take notes on paper, like basically write down everything. If you have any question, leave it down below in the comments section or DM me, "ECOM" on my Instagram right here, and we can get to it and I can help you the best way possible. So, without further ado, let's just hop onto the content. Okay, guys. so here we are at my screen. So, as you can see, here we are in one of my ad accounts. I'm going to show you basically three of ad accounts that I'm doing this same exactly method that I'm going to teach you today, And the reason behind that is I just want to show you that everything that I'm telling you, it works and I'm using exactly that same method. So currently I'm running five stores. these three ad accounts is for three of those five stores basically. and yeah, guys, so this is basically the brand I've been running Here. we can see here, from the 1st of March till now. basically we have been able to spend around 17,000 euros here We'll generate and get back 62, which gives us average ROAS of 3.5, which is pretty decent for this store. 3.5 is around like 65 to 72% margins for this store, So it's not bad. And here is basically another ad account that I have, guys, that I've been running since 1st January, as you can see here, And basically for the settings that I have here- attribution settings, since I'm running different attributions and I'm optimizing sometimes for value and sometimes for conversions. so basically, for those of you that don't know, when you're optimizing for value, value optimization- you only get seven-day click And that's basically. you get only seven-day click and that's it, yeah. And when you're optimizing for conversions, you get 7-day click or 1-day click, 1-day view, 7-day click, 1-day view. So I just let it be at this. I don't change anything else. it doesn't matter really. So we can see here: we spent around almost 100,000 euros to get back 363,000 euros, which gives us average rise of 3.9, almost 4 ROAS for this store, which is basically 70 to 80% profit margins? I don't really know, since I'm not really good with numbers, guys, but that's around that, And you can see here the spend that we have here. I'm going to refresh the screen here as well. So this was the second one that I've been doing for a couple of months now. It's not only one month that I would say, "Okay, first month, we got lucky. second month, we got lucky. third, don't do it". It's just happening on and on, and you can see here, here's the proof and here's basically the second ad account. So let's just hop on the third one. So, guys, on the third one you can see here- I'm just going to refresh the numbers one more time. So you can see here, we spent around 33,000 euros to get back almost 1/2 a million in euros. guys, And keep in mind that for this store, they are doing influencer marketing mostly, and sometimes Facebook Ads. So with Facebook Ads, we just retarget them. that's why we have such great results since 1st January. But, yeah, all of these three stores that you see here, they're all branded stores, they are not drop shipping And for this store, basically here right now, I have all of my ads turned off because we don't have inventory, so we're currently waiting on that. We got sold out, like within three days, guys. So, yeah, we're just trying to come back from that, Okay, guys. so with all that shown, now let's get onto it. let me tok about how I set up basically my columns, how I see the data, how I'll read the data, how I'll make my decisions. I'm going to tell you and teach you basically my scaling method, my testing method and everything. So, without further ado, let's just hop on it. So, guys, here we can and see here how I set up everything. Basically, we have the campaign and then we have CPC, which is cost per link click. CPM- cost per 1,000 impressions- and then we have the impressions And after the impressions I have three second video plays. So impressions. basically, what it means is when someone just scrolls down in the feed and they just see your ad and that counts as a impression. So here you want to, by having impression and three second video plays after each other, you want to know that if your thumbnail is working- because basically people are scrolling the feed and you have just three second to get their attention- So when you are doing that, when you have a good thumbnail and your thumbnail is eye catching, they're going to click on the video and basically play the first three second of it. So for me my thumbnail is pretty decent and that's why you can see here we have around 1 million impressions and of those 1 million, more than 1/2 of it have clicked on the video, which means that the thumbnail is very good and it grabs the user's attention. And from there we can see here that from those almost 500,000 people that click on the video, around 100,000 people went on watching the video through 50% of it. So I have to make sure that at least from 50,000 this gets like around to 2000,. so like the video is more interesting And basically you can have three second video plays and then after that you can have 25 second video views. So you can see like from 50,000 how much drop is to 25%. So, for example, if you see too much drop between three second video views and 25% video views, you know that there is somewhere between second at the beginning of it to like second 10 or 12, depending on how long your video is. So there is a problem there. So, for example, in one of my cases I saw that the ad was like getting tons of three second, video plays. So video plays were, for example, we said it was around 500,000, but my 25% video plays was around 100,000 only. I was like "Okay, this is not good, So what is it that make people just stop watching the video". But after I saw that I had too much drop from 3 second to 25 seconds, but from 25 second to 58% video viewers, I had like a 100,000 25%. I'm sorry, can I get like (claps thuds)? I said I have 100,000, 25% Out of those 100,000, I have almost 80,000 that have watched 50% of the video. So what it shows me here is: like at the beginning of the video, video suck but if people stik to it, the rest of the video like really resonate with them because they don't leave it. So almost all of them continue to watch the video. so you know which scenes in the video you can change And this helps you with the winning creative: to know what resonates with your audience. So this is a big tip for me if you want to know what creative is working and what can you have resonates more with the audience. beside looking at CPC, CPM or cost per content, which I'm going to go through later on the video you can have a look at here and see like, basically, okay, the video is winning, It gets purchases, but how I can improve it- and by how you can do that, is looking at here and say between which step of the process do you have the most of the drop off. So we can see here, for example, from 50% to 95%, have around 100,000 here and almost 25,000 here. So it's less than 1/2.. So I have to see, like how I can improve this process. and, guys, this was basically much less. I improved it and it got to this level. I'm trying to still, to this day, improve this, but it requires lot of testing, lots of budget to order more creatives, get more UGC and basically trying to improvise. So the goal is to make this 50,000.. So it gets like more relatable from 50% of the video to 95%. So in the middle of the video to end of it, it should be more relatable, So people stik to it and watch more of it. And this is basically here. what you have here is your vide.