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best tools for dropshipping

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Top 10 Dropshipping Tools You Gotta Know | eCommerce Hacks

Hi guys! ,Welcome or welcome back to our channel ,if you are new here ,just know that in here we constantly share useful info ,and tips about online business ,And today we are going to tok about a never get old topic - tools ,that can help you start and scale your business,Ecommerce is a gold mine - ,but to dig your piece out of this mine ,you need the tools ,cause dropshipping is not just simply build a website ,and wait for the products to sell themselves ,So ,if you'd like to grow your dropshipping business ,with us together ,don’t forget to subscribe to this channel ,and hit the notification bell to stay in the loop ,Okay ,enough introduction ,let's take a look at today’s content first,In total 10 tools from 5 differnet yet very important aspects in dropshipping ,Let's get started,Your website is the foundation of your business ,a good structure makes things easy and smooth ,So if you are a total dropshipping newbie ,and are still hesitating about which tool to build your store with ,here are three recommendations ,#1 Shopify,No need to say who's the top online store builder now - Shopify ,the most well known ecommerce website building tool ,you don't need any tiknical knowledge to use it ,It allows you to set up your online store ,and sell whatever you wish ,We've made a video about the tools ,which can optimize your Shopify store ,if you are interested, click here to watch,#2 Wix,Wix is another popular cloud based website builder software ,it offers ease of use combined ,with a powerful set of features to easily build your website ,#3 Squarespace,Squarespace is known for it's great design and ease of use ,it incluedes tons of website design to get started with ,compeletely ready for all types of content,here's a quick FYI ,CJ is able to be connected to all three platforms I mentioned ,and so much more,It's important to find trending products on the rise ,but not over-saturated ,with many competitors selling the same product ,That's where product research tools come into play ,Product research tools help you find winning products ,and see data in sales numbers ,competitors ,and the best supplier available,With AliInsider ,you can get analytiks of any product on AliExpress almost instantly ,spot the most profitable produc right away ,Besides product research ,you can also use AliInsider to check the list of your competitors' stores on Shopify ,Amazon ,and eBay ,And get a list of all the suppliers of any product on AliExpress ,which saves you tons of time on checking the suppliers separately,Aliinsider has two versions ,there's a free one and a premium one,Salesource is also not just a product research tool ,it also enables you to analyze other stores and suppliers ,This simple tool can help you find products very quickly ,can help you analyze any product you want on the supply platforms ,and help you spy on your competitors' ads or even their strategies ,Their AI-powered features are partikularly useful for dropshippers ,you can identify the most trendy product ,with multiple methods Salesource provides ,And you also can see how much other Shopify stores are making ,with this product ,and track down the best supplier ,By the way Salesource is now available on CJ ,so if you wanna go ahead and give this combination a try ,the link is in the description below,And there are three pricing plans you can choose with Salesource,Inventory management is very important cause you don't want to wake up ,and find out that you've sold one product twice ,No sell is painful ,but oversell could also be a huge headache ,So here I suggest try Stoksync ,you can easily set up new feeds ,add or remove products ,set your own pricing ,and all file formats are supported,There are four pricing plans including a free one for Stoksync ,so go check it out,For marketing tools today we are gonna narrow it down to email marketing tools ,Why? ,Because email marketing is the most old-fashion yet ,also the most cost-effective marketing strategy ,especially we are now currently in the holiday season ,sending out gift idea or cart abandonment emails ,is definitely a great method to boost your sales during Q4 ,Worst case scenario in email marketing ,is getting your email sent to someone's spam folder ,No matter what kind of marketing strategy you use ,the core is always be accurate ,put your energy on the right direction ,And Unspam can rate your emails to help you ,whether your emails are effeciently delivered or not ,it also gives helpful tips on improvement,After targeting the audience right ,you'd also wanna serve them with the right content ,People are always visual ,so your conversion rate would be much higher ,if the emails you send out has a good looking ,Canva is known to be one of the most versatile ,and affordable tools to creat great designs for your email campaign ,There are free version and pro version ,but trust me ,the free version can already cover everything a beginner needs ,An extra tip: ,if you are not sure about how good-looking emails look like ,go to Pinterest and get inspired by others' work,Loading speed is also a very important part of your store building ,People ,especially someone who’s new to your store ,will leave imediately if it takes a long time to ,wait for your website to load ,Having a fast dropshipping store equals having a better conversion ,less chance of visitors bouncing ,There are a lot of free speed check tools ,here I'm just gonna share two most well known ones ,The first one is GTmetrix ,and the second one is PageSpeed Insights by google,Alright ,that's all for today’s video ,thank you so much for watching ,and please give a thumb up if you do like the content! ,Leave any question in the comment below ,and don't forget to subscribe,Thank you for watching and see you in the next video

Shopify: How I Found A $1M Dropshipping Product In 10 Minutes (Product Research)

a ton of reviews obviously making a lot,of money 213 000 a month the leather,toiletry bag on amazon is making,over 960 000 a month and by the way this,is,accurate hey what's going on welcome,back to the channel in today's video i,decided to do another product research,video specifically for shopify,and i woke up today i woke up this,morning i was like you know what,let's make a video and we are going to,be going deep into some shopify live,product research finding,profitable products to sell and to build,successful shopify stores from,so you can follow along and you can also,see the absolute best ways to actually,find a profitable product as opposed to,so many other videos out there,i don't uh show bs research methods i,show things that i actually do myself,and that i would do if i were to find a,new product,you know right now so let's get right,into it i'm super excited today i,honestly love doing product research i,love seeing all the different kinds of,products out there that,i can sell and potentially make six,figures and seven figures in passive,income because,you know you find one product uh from,any of these methods,and you go and you build a brand around,it you build a store around and i'm,going to tok about how to do that,um it's not super hard i think it sounds,a lot harder than it is uh but,you do that and you can really take one,product and build it into a six-figure,multi-six figure and seven-figure empire,and that's what so many people around,the world are doing with e-commerce,every single day,um you know and every single month every,single year nowadays is because,e-commerce is booming it's rising,there's never been a better time to get,into e-commerce get into shopify,no matter where you're from no matter,how much experience you have no matter,if you're from canada the states,from europe from asia right online,business and the internet has opened up,a world of opportunities,to people all around the world so i'm,happy you're here with me today as you,can see,i am excited if you don't know me,welcome to my channel my name is dan,vass,i do e-commerce it's basically what i've,been living and breathing for the past,four years almost i've been selling,products online on amazon fba and,shopify,building physical product brands since,2017 when i first got started,reason why i got started is because i,wanted financial abundance in my life i,wanted to make passive income,and i also wanted location independence,most of all and these three things i've,achieved and much much more,and i honestly love it you know i love,my life i'm very happy like right after,i film this video i'm about to take my,motorcycle,i'm gonna take it to las vegas and i'm,gonna go and bet 5 000 on black on the,roulette,and i'm gonna film that as well so you,guys can watch that video as well um but,you know,it's allowed me to have this freedom,where i'm able to just take my bike,cruise across the desert and just hit up,vegas whenever i want and that's just,one of the things right,it's also allowed me to become a,multi-millionaire early on in my 20s and,uh,you know there's it's a huge,accomplishment it's massive this is,something that if you really wanted this,for yourself if you have that desire,and that's what i had when i started i,had this deep deep desire to succeed to,build a successful business to,get rich and to have financial abundance,so i never have to worry about money,for the rest of my life uh if you have,that deep desire that's the first step,now the next step is to actually,you know put it into practike and follow,um in the proven steps of people who,have who have done what you want to do,before,which i have done what a lot of people,want to do you know i've sold millions,of dollars in,physical products online uh i just,recently posted up one of our brands uh,we posted up the numbers the revenue,numbers,we did like 2k 1.5k a day and we also,recently hit a million dollar evaluation,the brand is called bro day you can,check it out broday.com we're all,selling on amazon,so you can check that out on my youtube,it's in my community tab um so,you know i'm always investing in new,brands and growing new brands so,this is kind of what i do on the side of,the youtube thing but uh cool i'm really,excited,let's get right into it alright so for,today's product research we're going to,be using a free tool called ecom radar,this is a tool that our software team,created at econ freedom which is my,company where we help people all around,the world start successful online,businesses with shopify and amazon,and you know we've been in business for,several years we've helped thousands of,people around the world,so i actually created this tool for free,honestly because for my own product,research there were other tools out,there,uh there's like turbo ad finder that,existed before they were really buggy,and glitchy,and so we have a world-class software,team we have incredible developers,and so i just got them to build this,it's completely free so make sure to,grab it the link is down below,so once you have it the next step is to,go on facebook which i'm on and then you,just want to click on ecom radar,and it's going to ask you to create an,account so you can just fill in your,information to create that account,and again we never abuse your personal,information believe me i hate spam i,hate,uh all that bs and like you know we,don't clog up people's emails,i'm not about that uh you know if we are,to send you an email it's gonna be pure,value and it's gonna be,i basically send like once a week i send,it an email of pure value of like things,that actually,are helping me in my own journey to um,to success and,increasing my success and you know,growing my e-commerce empire as well,so um there you go so let's go ahead and,enable e-com radar and what this does is,it will only show us ads on facebook,this is basically the opposite of,ad blocker most people they don't want,to see ads on the internet,but for us e-commerce entrepreneurs and,e-commerce sellers aspiring e-commerce,sellers we want to,see ads because ads are um the best way,to actually,find new products that we can build,shopify stores from so right away i,already see a product here,uh looking for a better way to declutter,your bathroom let's check it out,okay so it's a stiky shelf boom it's,59.99 it's a great price,so you know what you're looking at is,you're looking at the website,you're looking at how professional it is,so this one looks like it's brand new,they just launched the homepage is,pretty nice i'm pretty impressed,so uh one amazing tool that also you're,going to need to use,that's going to really help you in your,product research journey is alexa site,rank,so it looks like this now what alexa,side rank is is it's amazon's free tool,you can also just go on google and type,in alexa site rank and what that does is,it shows us,the traffic rank of the website and why,that is so important is because,basically how it works is it ranks all,of the websites around the world,from a scale of one you know up until,like in into the millions however many,websites there are,so if we see that there's an alexa,traffic rank of 180 000,well that means that you know we can we,can kind of say that yes this website,could potentially be making money,the thing about shopify is that with,this tool we don't know exactly how much,money a website is making,there is no way for us to actually see,how much money any shopify site is,making because,obviously store owners aren't making,that information available that's why we,want to use something like alexa site,rank,which basically gives us a binary answer,meaning that either the website is,making money,if the traffic rank is decent and decent,means under 200 000,or it's not making any money meaning,that the traffic rank is going to be,above 200,000 so if the site rank was like 500 000,or 700 000,we can assume that the website's not,making any money and the product,potentially could be a no-go but in

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Top 11 Dropshipping Software and Tools To Scale Your eCommerce Store

drop shipping software tools and,services are a great way to help us,escalate and skyrocket our drop shipping,businesses that's why in this video i'm,going to be going over the top 11 drop,shipping software and tools for you guys,to use that will help you with many,things like product research product,importing automatik orders price and,stok monitoring knowing how to handle,your finances and expenses optimizing,your product pages and getting videos,for your products and so much more so if,you want to scale your drop shipping,business this is not a video that you,want to miss quick intro and let's go,[Music],hello everyone i'm lewand from autods,and in this video we're going to go over,the top 11 drop shipping software and,tools for you to use to escalate and,scale your drop shipping business,we cannot handle all of the workload on,ourselves on our own because we are just,one person even if we have virtual,assistants that help us run and automate,some of our daily tasks we still need,the help of drop shipping tools and,software,to really help us scale our drop,shipping businesses and reach new,heights and new profits month by month,and year by year by the end of this,video you will see exactly how all of,these drop shipping software and tools,can help you escalate your drop shipping,business so without further ado let's,jump straight into the action but one,second before that if you are new to our,channel subscribe to our youtube channel,to always stay updated on all of the,latest and all of the hottest topics,that are coming out in the world of drop,shipping along with so many drop,shipping tips and strategies to help you,run a successful online business having,said that let's go ahead and get started,with the video everything that i'm going,over by the way you can read about it in,the blog which i will leave a link to,right below this video so go ahead and,check that out if you are the type who,likes to read,so what are the top 11 drop shipping,software and tools for 2022 let's take,it from the top the number one tool that,i want to recommend in this video is,none other than auto ds and the reason,behind that is because auto ds is really,the number one e-commerce platform for,drop shipping that you have out there,today you have so many things included,in auto ds like automatik product,importing automatik order fulfillment,automatik tracking number updates price,and stok monitoring over 25 reliable,drop shipping suppliers compatibility,with the top selling platforms like,facebook marketplace ebay shopify wix,amazon and so much more coming soon so,you can drop ship and have full,automation from over 25 drop shipping,suppliers giving you access to millions,and millions of products that you can,then resell on those selling channels,that i just mentioned and of course you,can do it in multiple regions worldwide,so if you see someone one of your,competitors doing a really good job on a,specific market you can do the same,thing on a different market around the,world so you don't always have to drop,ship to only one region like the us you,can also drop ship in different regions,like uk australia new zealand germany,and so many more countries around the,world those are some of the things that,help rods stand out so much more we also,have a great blog page that's updating,at least twice a week with new artikles,coming out that will help you out with,dropshipping tips and strategies product,finding case studies success stories and,so much more and an updated youtube,channel with videos such as this one to,help you gain more knowledge in drop,shipping and of course help you scale,successfully if you don't know about,auto ds yet just head on over to,autodesk.com see all of the features and,benefits try out your one dollar trial,and see how it works for you i'm sure,that you will like what you see one of,the things that's worth mentioning is,autods's new product research tool that,simply helps you find the best products,to sell on your stores and you can,simply import it in just one click from,the auto ds system to your drop shipping,stores with full price and stok,monitoring automation quick product,importing as i just explained and of,course automatik orders and automatik,tracking number updates check out the,new product research tool because soon,you're also going to have private,wholesale drop shipping suppliers that,only you can work with as an auto ds,member this is going to be an exclusive,benefit and will give you the drop,shipping contracts that many drop,shippers are looking for and once again,to work with private wholesale drop,shipping suppliers so you can work with,retailers you can work with private,suppliers you can work with whatever you,want and scale your business to new,heights everything is very flexible on,auto ds and if you're ever having any,trouble with anything we have full live,chat support and a tiket system if you,do not want to wait for the live chat or,if it's not available at the moment you,can always open up a tiket and of,course any problem that you're having,will get resolved as soon as possible,head over to autods.com see everything,that's going on over there and then,you'll know exactly what i mean and why,i put us at number one on the list,number two on the list is oberlo oberlo,is another drop shipping automation,software that will help you with things,like price and stok monitoring help you,semi semi-automate your orders and,that's pretty much it you can only,integrate oberlo with shopify and,aliexpress as your supplier so it's,pretty much just limited to that one,supplier aliexpress and that one selling,channel shopify so if that is what,you're looking to do and you're not,looking to expand your drop shipping,business any further you can give that a,look one of the things that's also worth,mentioning about automatik orders,they're using your buyer account to,purchase your product for you on,aliexpress so for example you imported a,product from aliexpress to shopify and,now you got a cell on your shopify store,somebody purchased that product now,oberlo can help you fulfill that order,and fulfill it for you automatikally but,they're going to use your buyer account,on aliexpress meaning they're going to,need your login details and they're,going to use your credit card or,whatever payment information you,submitted in aliexpress so the credit is,on you and that's what it's like using,the automated orders method on or below,when you compare that to auto ds autods,can also help you semi-automate your,orders using your buyer accounts but,better than that there's also the,fulfilled by auto ds service which,completely fulfills your orders 100,automatikally not using your buyer,accounts meaning rods has enough buyer,accounts of their own and they will use,them to fulfill your orders all you have,to do is top up your manage balance and,enjoy the special benefits that you will,get using the auto ds and payoneer,partnership if you want to use pioneer,as your payment solution you can also,use paypal credit card and others with,auto ds but in any case let's go back to,oberlo so we know that they have one,supplier which is aliexpress and one,selling channel which is shopify and a,semi-automatik order fulfillment method,and that pretty much sums up what they,can do their pricing for the starter,plan starts at five dollars a month,basic plan thirty dollars a month and,the professional plan at eighty dollars,a month allowing you to import thirty,thousand products but of course all of,them have to come from aliexpress those,are the top two drop shipping software,that you can use to automate your drop,shipping business now keep in mind there,are much more drop shipping tools out,there but none of them come close to,these so keep that in mind and now let's,move forward to the best product,research and spy tools that will help,you gain a competitive edge over your,competitors because with these spy tools,and product research tools you can,reall

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The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tiktok drop shipping is a different,game winning product life cycles are,shorter creatives that are performing,very well might only be profitable for a,matter of days and with the amount of,people who have shifted their efforts,over to drop shipping on tiktok,competition is fierce if you want to be,successful you must do what others are,not willing to do you must sell products,that are yet to be sold by the masses,you must cleverly craft your marketing,angle offer and product in a way that is,unique branded and unlike anything,anyone has ever seen before but on the,flip side of things the amount of users,and shoppers on tiktok is growing,every day by the second tiktok drop,shipping has taken the world by storm,it's unlike anything i've ever seen,before and in a matter of just days you,can build a soar up to multiple,thousands of dollars per day just like,this one here,and it all starts with finding the right,product,[Music],what's popping youtube welcome back to,the channel if you're new here if you're,old here my name is nathan nazareth i'm,a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur,based out of vancouver british columbia,canada and just before we get started,here i do want to remind you that every,single week i do a giveaway for a custom,built dropshipping store built by me and,my team all you have to do to enter this,giveaway real quick is go ahead and,smash a like on this video comment,something insightful down below and,subscribe to the channel those three,things you're automatikally entered for,the chance to win your very own custom,mail drop shipping store in which i'll,announce in next week's video now let's,get straight into showing you guys,exactly how i go and find my seven,figure winning products to sell with,tiktok drop shipping all right so,before i show you exactly how to find,seven figure winning products to sell on,tiktok,first things first you need to know what,a seven figure winning product looks,like and it's pretty straight,straightforward so we're gonna use this,four-step framework that i personally,use to validate every single product,before i even test it on an initial,launch so first things first we're,looking for a wow factor okay so this,product needs to be able to catch,somebody's attention in less than three,seconds people have the most ridiculous,attention spans now due to tiktok and,obviously because we're advertising on,tiktok we need to really hit home,with this product in one two possibly,three seconds another point here is it,needs to be easy to market you need to,have different marketing angles and,creativity with the product you need to,be able to make really cool and unique,video ads if it's like i don't know,maybe some just basic pen how are you,gonna make a bunch of really cool video,ads around a basic pen i mean i'm sure,it's doable,sell me this pen,but the cooler and the more unique the,product that'll also contribute to its,wow factor and how easy it is to make,creatives around that product now the,next point here is price,typically we're looking for a product,that can sell between 15 and 45,with at least a 3x markup that's going,to give us a solid profit margin across,the board when selling on tiktok and,what i typically find is anything over,45 dollars yes you still can sell on,tiktok but it's very very difficult,and that's because the large majority of,the user demographic on tiktok is,younger people so they don't have the,same purchasing power that customers on,facebook ads do in general now of course,times are changing and older people are,hopping on tiktok as well but it's,still the general consensus but lower,tiket products tend to serve you better,step three how exclusive is the product,okay and by exclusive i don't just mean,how many of your competitors are selling,the exact same product i mean can you go,over to your local walmart or target and,pick the product up cheaply and easily,and also do they have it on amazon prime,you know nine times out of ten your,products gonna be on amazon that's,totally fine but if it's in every single,warehouse and everybody everywhere can,get that product in less than a day,shipped to their house and for cheaper,than you're selling it might not be the,most unique and exclusive product so i'd,probably look somewhere else and then,lastly how broad is the product broad,audiences have been crushing on tik,tok so that's why i like to keep the,product as broad as possible and also,have it be an evergreen product meaning,that you can sell it year round and not,just in a specific season or a specific,point in time and also no age,restrictions okay as i said older and,older people are coming on tiktok so,it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on,there anymore so you want to keep the,product open to as broad an age range as,possible that being said you can kind of,focus in on the younger demographic a,little bit more with your creatives the,way that you're marketing it but you,want to keep it as open as possible in,that regard and then gender you can sell,a male or female product and still find,success uh but again the broader the,better now for the methods on how to,actually uncover these winning products,to sell you've probably seen some of,these before if you're watching this,video you probably watch other product,research videos so i'm gonna do,something different and i want this,video to be as valuable as possible for,you so what i've done is i've taken the,top three methods that i personally use,and i put them through a ranking system,so you can see exactly which one will be,best for you to use and i'll show you,what i mean okay so there's four,categories to this ranking system we,have cost product ease of use and speed,now i'm going to put more weight on,product i'm going to give product 20,points and each of the other categories,10 points so each of these three methods,i'm about to go over will score a total,score out of 50 and that way you can,easily see which method will be the best,and i'll also have the ranking under,each category so you can see which one,will be best for you all right so,starting with method number one we have,what i like to call the organic method,so this one is very simple you may have,seen it before it consists of going to,tiktok and searching up amazon fines,tiktok made me buy it and unboxing,those are three terms or three hashtags,that i like to use the most and that i,typically find the best products with,now you want to go to the filters and,you want to click on most liked and less,than one month so you're going to get,all of the videos that have the most,amount of likes that are going super,super viral and that have just been,created less than one month ago so that,way you're going to get untapped fresh,winners that you can start selling i'm,gonna quickly run through and quickly,run through exactly how to do this uh,first of all quick shout out to your boy,on tiktok the nathan nazareth go toss,them a follow uh next thing that we're,gonna do is we're gonna go over to our,home page i'm gonna go to the search bar,here and we're gonna type in tik-tok,made me buy it,okay so from there we're gonna get this,top kind of feed here but what we wanna,do is go over to the top right hand,corner to these filters or these slider,looking things and then go to date,posted and click this month and then go,to sort by and click most liked then,just go ahead and click apply and you're,going to see all these product videos,that are going absolutely viral right,now so click on this,so one on this one as you can see it's,some sort of mini home projector with,the right creative obviously this,product is going to sell well on tik,tok it's going to fly the next one here,is looks like some really cool toy that,people can put in their office or,somewhere and play with it at home,almost like a fidget type toy um but,that is pretty cool like that's going to,catch someone's attention it's catching,mine right now so what you can do is you,can just scroll through all these videos,

9 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

hey what is up guys it's brennan here,and today we're going to be going over,the nine,best drop shipping product research,tools,now before we dive in i do want to,mention i have the,links to a drop shipping course such as,the shopify drop shipping mastery course,and the product plus,course down in the description box go to,brennenvilleski.com forward slash join,so you could join in on the courses so i,just want to mention that before we dive,into the video,so without further ado go ahead and,check that out linked,first link in the description so the,first tool we're going to be taking a,look at,is ecom hunt this is the first one the,top of the list here so,before we dive into exactly the,specifics of each of these different,drop shipping,product research tools you guys should,already know that it's so,important to be able to find the best,type,of products for drop shipping because,whether or not you have a good product,is really what makes or breaks a lot of,drop shipping stores if you can find a,winning,product that's going to set yourself up,to do much better,in this space if you can find a winning,product it's going to set yourself up so,really,digging through these research tools is,going to help you out a,whole lot so ecom hunt is at the top of,the list here they have a lot of,different uh,products of course they sort through,these every single day they have a lot,of various,types of products here available on,their website so this is really,key when you're finding product research,it's good to look at a lot of different,tools which of course i'm going to be,mentioning a lot of other tools in this,video here today so make sure you watch,to the very,end of course if you want to see all the,various different tools,so as you can see they manually add,winning products on a daily basis,obviously stop wasting uh money on bad,products that's their product pitch here,and you can actually set up with a free,account now they do,also have a more premium version i,believe that you that you do,pay for on a monthly basis but at least,with their free tool you can get,set up and and try it out and see what,types of products they have available in,here so as you can see they have a few,different examples such as a,purse insert organizer a boiled egg mold,so whether or not some of these products,are necessarily trending right at the,moment,it depends on their most recent,updates so obviously it's important to,have updated products because you don't,want to be looking at trending products,from a long time ago so that's why it's,important that they add,daily basis on a daily basis uh the,products because,you want to find winning products that,are currently on the up and up currently,trending on social media,online that's how they uh source a lot,of these products is from various social,media,uh resources and that's how they,consistently add,new products so i don't want to spend,too much time here on ecom hunt they are,the first,one in this list so moving on to number,two,we have sell the trend so this is,another tool where you can find the real,products in 10 seconds flat that's their,sales pitch here so as you can see you,can find trending products to sell,thousands of new products added daily,so as you can see they have a pet selfie,stik uh makeup brush cleaner,an easy salad uh cutter bowl,that's a pretty popular one from back in,the day you've probably seen this one,before,a baby handprint footprint pad so,there's a lot of different products this,is really just showing you,uh that they have trending products,available listed,in their tool now if you want the most,current,up-to-date products obviously you need,to get signed up with an account with,them,now the a couple these both of these,tools have free trials and free versions,there are going to be a few different,free tools,like completely free tools mentioned in,this video but a lot of the free tools,have free versions,and then they have obviously a paid,version for more premium features,uh that does cost additional uh money,that you could scale,up to in the future maybe you try out,the free versions then you're like all,right let me get the premium version,that's totally up to you but i just want,to mention that even some of the free,tools here they do have a,premium paid plans that are available,so it's just something to consider with,each of the different tools although,most of them do have the free trials or,something to at least get you kind of,set up with their with their research,tools so as you can see with sell the,trend,uh they have a it's a nine in one drop,shipping tool so they have a nexus,research machine,they have a drop shipping product,explorer so you can search for different,products you have a store explorer,which is nice because you can kind of,take a look at specific drop shipping,stores outside of just the products,uh they also have store intelligence so,you can look at a competition,on another level they have a retail,trend explorer amazon trend explorer,this is good so you can kind of see just,general ecommerce trends as well,within uh the aliexpress products more,specifically,of course they have a video ads creator,they also have,various engagement calculators so really,everything that you need as far as,social media,uh selecting what types of products that,you want,so that really just depends on what you,need now as far as their pricing goes,uh they do charge a decent monthly rate,but it's not too bad they also have,a yearly plan where you can save a,little bit more money,if you go with the yearly plan versus,their monthly plan and includes all,these,various different features so that's,pretty much sell the trend,very similar once again all a lot of,these tools are very similar to one,another,uh it really is good to take a look at,various different tools because some,might have,one winning product that you find,valuable and,and might find it good and other,products uh that you see is like ah,not the best but it really just depends,it's kind of uh,it's a research tool for you to do the,research of course,now looking at the third one here we,have niche scraper,niche scraper is your reveal winning,products on our powerful,niche research bot so a lot of these do,take advantage of ai,as you can see cell the trend also is an,ai product discovery software,so niche scrapers somewhat similar there,they have a product scraper,so you can find uh various winning,products of course,uh within shopify woocommerce amazon and,ebay,so they are a top product research,software,for looking at various types of products,that are currently trending and doing,well,uh once again similar type of sales,pitch here,they do have their product scraper so,you can sort through various aliexpress,products as well as shopify products,really just depends on what your fancy,is for the day,on what you want to look through of,course they do have a free version and,then a paid version as well they have,store analysis a video ad maker,and various different resources to get,started so that's niche scraper,like i said not spending too much time,on each of these just trying to get them,all,out there so you can make a decision on,which one you actually want to go with,as far as the different product research,tools a lot of these first couple,are pretty somewhat similar some of the,ones later in this video here today will,be a little bit more different,uh so that is something to consider,there so moving into the next one here,we have sales source,so sales source uh ecommerce made simple,analyze competitors,this was a little bit more of the,competition analysis versus,the ai product finders or the even this,one's a more of a manual product finder,where they add,uh products to the platform on a daily,basis,these two are both about ai with uh sell,the trend and niche scraper,and then we have sales source of course,which is a little bit more of the comp,competitor analysis,there are a couple of other tools that,we're going to menti

Find $100K Winning Products in 5 Minutes! Top Dropshipping Product Research Tools for Shopify 2021

hey it's rafael cintron here and in this,video i'm going to show you,two product research tools that can find,you a drop shipping product that can,make you up to six figures and more,i'm not getting paid by these tools and,many many people are not,toking about these tools i haven't,really seen any videos about them,and there's not that much information,out there they're pretty good they're,inexpensive,pretty cheap specifically for beginners,let's check them out,before we go into the tools and i show,you how they actually work,if you're interested in learning how to,grow or start,your shopify business take it to the,next level directly from me i'm holding,a,live shopify training that's gonna last,for five,days it's coming up in two weeks from,now in a private facebook group if you,want to join that group and learn,everything you need about shopify,for free you don't need to pay anything,about it make sure to click that first,link,down in the description and sign up for,the private facebook group,now to the tools the first one is called,dropship rabbit,so this tool what it does is i'm going,to go through here you just have the,home page it tells you,find a winner today you can also hear,how product lists include and they give,you the different things,that the product lists have this,partikular product research tool,is 15 per month you can also upgrade to,the,20 per month so it's it's a cheap one i,didn't get one for 200,or anything like that so you get the,title obviously you get the manufacturer,so people that,are selling the product on aliexpress,everything that you need,within that process you also have linked,to other competitors store,which a lot of different other tools,have all of these features they have the,products they have the pictures,linked to the best suppliers ad tiks,targeted audiences,tools like ecomhunt ali shark knee,scraper all these tools have these,products,the thing is with this tool and with the,other tool that i'm going to show you,they can show up products that don't,show on those other tools so it might be,a really good one,for you to go and check out so what,we're going to do is we're going to,click here on,winning products and then what's it what,it's going to give you it's basically,last week's bestseller,top 50 what you can also do is click,view,all products here and then it's going to,show you all of the products that they,recently,added to the tool so it doesn't have any,specific searches,all you can do is click on the niches so,let's say you're selling car accessories,you're selling home and kitchen for,example,which is a really big niche you're,selling health and beauty so home and,kitchen for example,if i want to click on that it shows me,the best products for home and kitchen,now,a lot of products that show up here do,show up in other tools they are a little,bit saturated but once in a while you,find a really,really good product that you can sell on,your shopify store for example,this partikular one this solar powered,fountain pump i've seen it a couple of,times,but i didn't really think much of it,until i saw it in this tool and then i,checked,the aliexpress supplier the first one,and then i checked the order volume on,it had 4,000 orders i then went to use assify as,if it's basically,a chrome extension that allows you to,see how many sales,an aliexpress product gets per day so we,can click,on the sales statistik chart here and,it's getting about 22,sales per day 150 per week so a product,that can do let's say 600,up to a thousand dollars per day,consistently if you go and sell it,i didn't really think much of it didn't,think that it could do really really,well but it's selling on aliexpress,selling really well and it also popped,up,on the spy tool so what you can do is,find a spy tool like this,you can either use drop ship rabbit or,use whatever you want or the second one,that i'm gonna show you and then they,also give you the store selling this,item so you can then go and,watch that store and model it i wouldn't,recommend copy pasting it into your,store do not copy or steal,other people's stores you can also check,the facebook ad,that they give you here and then you can,check what kind of facebook ad is,running for this it started on 6,july and already has 20 000 likes or 20,000 engagement,4.3 000 comments that is a great,indication that this product can do,extremely well,in the coming let's say one or two weeks,this is a product for,summer though so be careful selling it,into winter i wouldn't partikularly sell,this partikular,uh product going into let's say october,or november or more,so let's go back to the tool and then,let's go to winning products again,and we can keep going through the top 50,for example,and here we can find this partikular one,i found it,and it looks really really good it's a,car camo cover so basically when people,have,a car that they want to protect or cover,when they go camping,hunting or any outdoor sports this,partikular product can do really well i,found it here,if we go to the aliexpress supplier it's,selling about 2447 per day,what this basically is is just a car,cover with camouflage so it looks really,cool first of all,second of all if you're going hunting,camping or any outdoor sports,you can cover your car like this and,another cover might just be you just,want it in your house you want it to,look cool,as you cover it it's an inexpensive,product depending on the size,and it's also selling pretty well doing,about 13 to 15 sales per day,or about 100 per week this partikular,product you can sell it for let's say,50 to 60 so a product that can do 5k,or so per week so we found this product,and then you can go through,all these products right here for,example this one is showing up on a few,spy tools,this one is pretty good the magnetik,stress release fidget fin,spinner or fidget you can check the,aliexpress link and they also give you,the the actual product page look what,you can put on the product page,the little video the gif is pretty good,that one is not,this one is not found as well so they do,have some glitches not the best tool out,there,definitely i just thought i would share,with you because i share with my private,students and we did find some really,cool products on here,so definitely not the best tool out,there definitely not the best tiknology,out there,but still a good one to use you can go,through the all the the segments that,they have here,smart smile electric head lice comb and,so on so that's all for,drop ship rabbit now we're gonna go to,another one called drop,trends drop trends dot site and,this tool is also owned by the company,that makes,drop point that site and drop point is,basically a tool that allows you to,check facebook ads so for example as you,can see here there's a lot of facebook,ads popping up,and if you want to click here on the,keywords you can do for example kitchen,and drop point will tell you the ads,that pop up for,kitchen so let's say i sign on sign in,i'm going to show you,drop point too just i'm going to show,you three tools here so for example,let's say i want to find a kitchen,product then i can just go and put,kitchen here,on the keywords instead of worldwide i,can do united states because that's,obviously,where i'm targeting and then i can go,and filter this,and it's going to show me facebook ads,for the kitchen keyword that actually,have that kitchen keyword or you can put,anything else baby,pet parents whatever the niche is,that you're actually selling so for,example here we can now offer you,this is an automatik dispenser for soap,this is,uh radish kids i think this is a,meal prep company then you have this,partikular product you have this other,one,this product this cutter here these,covers,film what is this every kitchen film,storage,that seems pretty cool last scene two,weeks ago it tells you the engagement as,well,and then you can click on the actual,product or the actual store,that is selling this product and then,you can go