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biaheza full dropshipping course

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Biaheza's UPDATED $294 Dropshipping Course (Honest Review)

by now. you may be aware what drop shipping is, but you may not be aware that the meta has changed. that means that the way in which dropshippers are being successful today has evolved. as long as the list has gotten of dropshipping gurus that are teaching you how they make their money drop shipping online, one name has typically stood at the top of that list for, i'd say, a couple years. now that's right. we're toking about one of the most trusted youtube ecommerce experts of our generation. the mighty biahezza biajesa has completely revamped his drop shipping course and we're going to be looking into it. i'm tyler with course ranks. let's get into the video first. as always, let's cover the basics. who is biaheza? if you watch our first video on biehes course, you'll learn a little bit about who he is, where he came from, the type of money that he does month over month. but today we're going to be toking specifically about what has changed. as of today, bia has his youtube channel has just recently surpassed 1 million subscribers on youtube and he's about to hit 150k on instagram as well. across all of his platforms, he's known to be the youtube and e-commerce millennial specialist. if you've seen any of his videos, you know that he's tried his hand at many things, including drop shipping, the stok market, nfts, bitcoin mining, to instagram theme pages, to youtube growth. he pretty much does it all when it comes to making money online. if there's a funny meme, scam or any new crazy way to make money on the internet, chances are he's made a video and he's tried it out. it seems like he's done just about everything and it's always fun to watch. but today we're toking about his fully revamped drop shipping course- toking about how he dropped ships in 2022.. the cost of this course is 294 dollars, which is a very reasonable price. we'll get into a little bit more about why it's priced right at that price point, but bia has himself says on the title page that this is the lowest price the course is ever going to be, not saying that he's going to necessarily raise the price, but he doesn't antikipate any price drops in the course. so if you're interested in the course, now would be the time to get it. you'll see in a second. as a bonus in the course, he includes some of the videos from the previous version of his drop shipping course- uh, just to kind of fill in the blanks of what he doesn't cover in the revamped course. but other than that, there's no facebook group, there's no discord group, there's really no direct contact with biager himself other than just dming him on instagram. so if you thought that there was going to be those added in the revamped course, i'm sorry to disappoint but it's not there. let's hop in and take a look at exactly what the course covers. okay, so here we are on the introduction page of viaj's course. as you can see, um still kind of follows the same template as the original course. um, just the content itself has been updated in right. here, you'll see, we have the introduction. he toks about how drop shipping really works, the four pillars, which are kind of the modules that he goes over here, and then if you should outsource anything, as far as like what you want to be doing yourself in the beginning versus what you can do to scale it ultimately in pillar one. he toks about the checklist for products that actually sell. this video is actually pretty key because he outlines the list of eight or nine things that each product that you look for in drop shipping needs to have. so anytime you go through the course, you can always refer to this video with the original list and kind of check box and make sure that it crosses off every one of these things before you actually go with that product. he continues on to tok about where he finds winning products, both through software and through his organic research methods, and he even reveals some of the products that he has sold in the past. in pillar 2- this is the longer pillar of the entire course- he toks about what type of store you should start. i will mention that in this course, one thing that biahasa really focuses on is a niche store. so if you know much about drop shipping, you'll know there's different types of stores you can have- whether there's a multiple product store, a single product store or more of a niche store. and for this course, in partikular uh, bia has a chose to focus on: a niche store and he explains why in the course, but that's kind of the route that he goes and leads you down. he'll tok about creating a shopify website from scratch, step by step. this is, as it was in the previous course, probably the longest video in the entire course, but it's him walking you through step by step how to create the site itself. throughout the rest of this pillar, he's kind of toking about how to create and optimize that web page to make it stand out for when customers do end up landing there. in pillar 3 he starts to tok about tiktok ads a little bit, but it's more of the organic side of tiktok. he kind of toks about now how tiktok is kind of the promised land for e-commerce advertisers right now. it's probably what facebook ads would have been back in like 2016-2017. it's sort of the wild wild west where advertisers can get away with reaching a massive audience while not needing too much understanding about your specific target or audience, and the ad spend or the cost of the ads is still relatively low compared to what you would be paying on facebook or instagram, for that matter. so pillar 3 starts to tok about how you can create some organic marketing content, setting up your tiktok account for your business and how to get some of the first post started. in pillar four, this is really where he gets into the woods about tiktok ads themselves, about using the ad manager. b has it will say himself, and i believe too, that the tiktok ad manager is much, much simpler than the facebook ads manager right now. it's very easy to navigate and very easy to start and get going and launch your first ads within probably the first couple you know hours of use. he'll continue to go over how to set up your tiktok ad account, dealing with disapproving ads. in this video he also shows you how he went about getting his first 1 000 day um in advertising. he toks about scaling the tiktok ads both vertikally and horizontally and other forms of social media marketing. i will say in his video about getting a thousand dollars in one day through his advertising. he was going pretty heavy on the ad spend. in that video he spends about 500 a day on tiktok advertising, which isn't everyone's budget, and he toks about how you go through a cheaper method and potentially spend less per day. but if you're familiar with advertising at all, especially in the e-commerce world, you understand the type of money that you need to spend on advertising in order to see a return on that, especially in the early days of your product. in the everything else section he toks about how to mass fulfill these orders. uh, he toks about how to use fulfillment software step by step, the taxes and legal stuff, how to set up customer support and conclusion. all these videos are very, very quick. if you're looking for more in-depth information about these topics. you probably won't find it here but, as i'll explain a little bit later, i believe that biahasa believes you can find this information in other places on youtube. now, down to the bonus section of the course, which is actually just videos from his previous course that he kind of threw into the updated version just to kind of fill in any cracks or anything that might be missing. uh, down here he does go over, you know, installing your facebook pixel, how to use the pixel, and then he goes over his full facebook ads marketing strategy. but you're gonna have to keep in mind that this was his old strategy. these aren't any new updated strategies, which is a little bit of a bummer, because it would be nice to know what he is doing, if anything, on facebook ads these days or if he really has just abandoned facebook and

I Tried Biaheza's Dropshipping Course And This Happened...

yo. what's going on, guys? my name is bieja. if you've ever searched up how to make money online, you've probably heard about a guy that goes by the name of bieheza, whether you know him. for trading, reselling, flipping, he has done every single side hustle. but, more importantly, he's made millions of dollars from something called drop shipping. and i don't know about you guys, but i also want to make millions of dollars and i think there's only one solution: a whopping 294 drop shipping course by the legend himself. i dropped the course. baby, grab your popcorn because you're about to see me become rich. [Music]. it's about seven o'clock right now. time to spend the rest of the night binge watching this course. uh. [Music]. i was binging his course like season four of stranger things, but eventually you gotta grab a snack and refuel. [Music]. obviously, in the beginning of the course, there is some stuff i already knew about, like what is drop shipping, how does it work and how you can make money from it, but there was some stuff that i did not know about before watching the course. the climate of e-commerce has changed a lot and things are a lot different. one of the biggest things he toks about in his course is the power of tik-tok and different trends that are always changing in 2022. i'm also glad that he's not toking about old methods, about drop shipping with facebook ads, because i see so many gurus say: you know you need to spend thousands of dollars into facebook ads and do all these things, but in reality, drop shipping nowadays seems a lot more simple than it is. but look, bias might be the goat of drop shipping. i mean, he might even be the god of drop shipping. he's all the way up here and i gotta get on his level. but sometimes he really does make drop shipping way easier than it really is. i mean, we gotta find a product, we gotta make the logo, we gotta make the website, we gotta make some money now. in his course he toks a lot about different product research strategies, either going on facebook or either going on tiktok. but one of the biggest things he really stresses in his course is he goes in depth on the power on tiktok and how you can find really good products. so for the product of this video, i actually found this butterfly glow earring and i think a lot of women on tiktok are gonna love it, and now it's time to make the website. [Music]. the website is now complete, so let's go check this bad boy out. obviously it is not a crazy looking professional website, but it looks simple, it looks clean and that's really what matters nowadays. plus, we don't even know if this is a winning product yet. so how can we really spend more time perfecting the website if we don't know if this is going to make us any money? as far as advertising goes, bizarre toks, a lot about outsourcing videos and getting it made from professionals. so boom, i got three creatives made for this earring and we're gonna go ahead and test out some paid ads. it has been one full day since we have left the ads running. we actually were able to make three sales, but let's find out if we were actually profitable. as you can see, we were able to get two orders right here, one order and then two orders right there, so we spent 25.89 to get back six add to carts and we had three conversions from this ad group. so the total sales we ended up getting was 64.45. advertising cost was 25.89 and we're getting each earring for around three to four dollars a piece. so we ended up having product cost of 16. so the total profit ended up being about 22, and that's only after testing ads for a day. now, 22 might not seem like a lot, but you guys got to realize that we only were testing for about a day and we're already profitable, which means this could be an actual winning product. if i were to test more interest, scale up, you know, add more budget, then i could have probably gone up to 100 days and even 500 days eventually, and even though i did not make the money back for the amount i spent on the course, i now have the knowledge to run tiktok, ads, research products and tons of different strategies that biezea toks about. honestly, this video was a success and buying courses is not that bad at all if the person you're buying from has real results. but if you guys were looking to learn, drop shipping and start your own store and you want to get mentored by me personally, i have my own group discord server where i mentor people down below. don't forget to drop a like and subscribe on this channel and i'll see you guys in the next one. peace.

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I tried Biaheza Dropshipping course for 30 days (Made $7,942.83)

over the past 30 days i've been trying to do shopify drop shipping using beerhead's dropshipping course. i was struggling with my shopify journey, burning thousands of dollars on failed stores trying to do shopify drop shipping, so i decided that i wanted to stop burning cash and instead buy some type of course who really teach me how to learn and maybe even change my approach strategies when it came to drop shipping. so i bought the 294 drop shipping course. i watch hours and hours of content from the course and by the end of it i formulated a plan based on everything he had said. literally type everything down on my laptop. i picked this product right here- the sunset lamp- and spent hours creating a great website around it, spent even more hours trying to make video ads for the product and then i followed behind the tiktok ad strategy. after the first week of trying it out, we made 200 in revenue- kind of good- except we actually made a loss of a hundred dollars because we spent about two hundred dollars on ads and then we spent another hundred dollars shipping the product with different customers. also, the product was kind of terrible because we were trying to sell it for twenty dollars and they were people already selling it for four dollars and tiktok. so for week two i decided to change everything up and find a new product. we were now selling the own lighter product. we created a new website around that and then use some of the video ad tips detailed on the course to get video ads from different freelancers. okay, so we just made a profit this week and i'm pretty excited because we've been making losses over and over whenever i do these challenges, but now we finally made a profit. this week has been absolutely great and i can't wait for next week when, hopefully, we make a ton of sales and get some more profits. i mean, this week we spent about 300 or something dollars on ads and we were able to make like 500 dollars back, meaning we have a clean profit of around like 100 or so, which is not that much, but it's still a lot for me because i was not expecting to be making a profit, especially after like just week two, and so after that i was completely motivated. i mean, making a little bit of money meant i was working as hard as humanly possible because i knew the potential that the store had. i was even going as far as to be sleeping at two o'clock in the morning because i was literally working on the website and working on getting more sales for the school. that week was insane. and then we took that momentum into week three, where we were spending a ton of money on ads and it kind of worked out okay. so now is the end of week three and we are moving on into week four and, i won't lie, i've literally been following beer- here's a strategy to the absolute t, doing everything that he has done for myself and so far, for the end of week three, it is all paid off. we've made a grand total of around three thousand dollars and i will not lie, i can't even believe it. like my paypal is going absolutely crazy, like we're getting notifications literally every single day and our live things are looking good so far. and for this week, the fourth week that we're going into, i'm literally looking to fix up everything that i can fix up: literally my website and my ads. those are the only two things that i'm gonna be focusing on for week four, but literally i'm excited and i can't wait to see what this channel is going to look like at the end of like 30 days. and i won't lie, guys, the ads marking portion is one of the hardest parts of drop shipping. that's why the best brands and dropshippers literally pay someone else to work with them. they pay the best marketing agencies in the world, making it impossible for our small drop shippers to compete. what if i told you that there was a company that's worked with brands like unilever, kendall and kylie crocs- literally some of the biggest brands in the world- and they could work with you for as little as nine dollars? meet grow a, the only one marketing platform for e-commerce. it's literally five apps rolled into one, basically replacing five apps. grow wave allows you to reward customers for reviews, encouraging them to give more reviews and therefore increase your conversion rate, because reviews are like the most important factor in the buyers experience. grow wave has affordable pricing- like i said, nine dollars are built exclusively for shopify, meaning no coding, is 100 customizable and works simply. they have a 24: 7 live chat supports and they don't slow down your website. they also have multi-language support, with languages ranging from spanish, german to french and portuguese and so much more. their loyalty and rewards options let you generate sales through promotional options like discounts and promotions, and growwave allows you to connect your store to your social media, increasing the conversion rate by adding a buy option on your instagram account. they also have a wishlist feature that allows customers to save a wish list for a later date or to even share it when the product is on sale or back in stok. an automated email will be sent as a reminder. they are rated a 4.9 out of 5 on shopify and are a definite no-brainer. link will be in the description where you get one month free trial. they're also the reason we're able to spend so much money on this challenge. so, please, okay. so for week four, i decided to work on the store a little bit more and literally make it better and better. firstly, hiring some professionals to work in the stall, professionals that were better than me and could increase my conversion rates and evidently make me more money. okay. so i've basically spent almost about 400 this week on basically fixing up the store. spend some money on getting someone who knows how to copyright. i paid another guy to basically get some product photography of our photos, so he's gonna order the stuff on amazon, basically take professional photos of our products to get more sales and more conversions. and then i paid another guy to basically just fix up the website, basically just to make the website better than i could ever make the website because he's a professional, and that's what i've done this week so far. and then i also decided to spend more on ad creation and make more ads or creatives to show to potential customers and obviously make more money. that way, by increasing the amount of ads we can post and increase the amount of people that see our product and, evidently, buy our products. now, when it's coming to the ads, basically i've just rewatched beer has a whole ad module and how to run ads on tiktok, and then, after doing that, what i've also done is basically just copy his strategy exactly, obviously with a little bit of a smaller budget, and that's pretty much been it. that's exactly what i've been doing for the ads module over and over again, and those things that i implemented literally make sure that we made a lot of money, and we ended that week with literally like four thousand dollars, which is kind of crazy. everything was going great until something bad happened. yeah, sadly, something happened that changed the trajectory of the entire video. we had problems with our paypal account. okay, so i literally hate paypal because they've literally had our account on hold for like two thousand dollars, which is quite a lot of money, and the worst part is i don't even know when i will get it back, meaning i can't take that money and then go ahead and spend it on ads. it's literally like this one big mess that i am trying to fix and i'm trying to call paypal so that they can kind of solve it for me, but whenever i call they basically just don't care because it's only two thousand dollars compared to like other dropshippers literally have tens of thousands of dollars on hold with paypal. i've even gone ahead and tried to create a completely new paypal account, but whenever i do that, every single payment that goes into that account has to wait for like two months because it's a new account and paypal does.

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Biaheza's $294 Dropshipping Course [Honest Review]

just a side note, do you guys feel like Bia has? it looks like Ryan Trahan. I definitely thought they were the same person for about a year. hey there, and welcome to the course Ranks YouTube channel via heza. this guy- you've probably seen him in your YouTube recommendations. you've seen him mining Bitcoin out of the back of his Tesla and tiktok. he's 20 years old and he makes 80 to 100 000 per month. so how much does that do just on the average month? probably around like 80 to 100 thousand. yeah, what? just off of a 294 dollar course. so that means that he sells 275 of these courses every single month, and the question we're going to answer in this video is: should you be one of those 275 people that buys his course this month? as always, let's start with the basics first, Vlad Bia. heza is a 20 year old internet personality that got his start making Instagram theme pages and then drop shipping different products on Shopify stores. what Drop Shipping is basically just means you put up pictures of a product that you don't actually have any inventory for and then, when people buy that product, you just go buy it for China and cheaper and ship it directly to the person that bought it within about six months of bieheza starting his first successful Drop Shipping Store, he had a six-figure profit month, which is insane compared to what most people are able to do with Drop Shipping. today he doesn't really do much Drop Shipping because his store got shut down because of kovid and he hasn't gotten around to putting it back up. instead, he tests out different side hustles on on YouTube, invest in real estate and, as I mentioned before, mine's Bitcoin in the back of his Tesla. so around the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, he released a course on how he had found so much success Drop Shipping. the course, as I mentioned before, is 294 dollars, but here's the kicker: it only has two hours of Total content split between 21 videos. now that might seem like a lot, but most of the courses we review here on core strengths are eight hours plus, so they're more than four times as long as what Bia has putting out and arguably have a lot more value in them. now they're also typically a little bit more expensive, but we'll get into differences in just a minute. first, let's hop in and take a look at everything he covers in the course. alright, so here we are in the course. as you can see, Bia has his full Drop Shipping course. we'll click view product. this is hosted on kajabi, by the way. so the first section he covers is how to find real winning product. goes over his winning product checklist at the end of this and toks about different websites where you can view other competitors products that have been selling well for a while file. then the next section is about creating a Shopify website from scratch, step by step. the longest video in the course is actually this one- the full website build here, and it's over 30 minutes, which means that this is one-fourth of the course and just one video of Bia has a building a Shopify store. then we've got company social media Pages. he goes over why this is very important for your Shopify store. creating ads: this section was really good, to be fair. the Facebook pixel, Facebook ads versus Instagram theme Pages. his full theme page marketing strategy. the Facebook ad strategy he outlines is only about an 18 minute video, but it was really comprehensive and, as someone who's run a lot of Facebook ads myself, people tend to over complicate it, so I appreciated that it was short. then we've got how to fulfill Mass orders. he uses de-essers and then everything else you need to know he gives a little section on taxes, customer support and then a conclusion. so typically at this point in the video we go over the bonuses that the core seller includes, but there are none in this course because it doesn't include a Discord Community or a Facebook group or any form of support. it's just these videos. and he says you can DM him on Instagram, but I think he's just looking for success stories, not looking to help you out, and when decides his audience has grown, I doubt he'll be getting back to a lot of people in the DMS. so, with that said, let's go into the pros and cons and really break down if this course is actually worth it. the first pro I see here is the credibility of the instructor. biazza has made over seven figures Drop Shipping. he's not just some Fly by Night guy that had one successful store and now he's creating a course about it. he actually does know what he's doing and that's apparent in the course. it's pretty high level information that explains how people typically fail and why he's been successful. the second Pro about this course- and it's really a pro and a con- is the length of the course. it's only two hours long and you really can't teach all that you need to teach a beginner, and that short amount of time. if you go check out our review of Sam Evans Consulting Excel generator, of course he has over 100 plus hours of video in there and it's tons of high value content. but it takes him forever to say what he's trying to say and it's really good for beginners. but after you get through about half of the course you don't feel like watching another 50 hours of video when you already have success with what he's taught you at the beginning of the course. so Props to our man, Vlad, for not adding a lot of fluff into this course, but I still feel like there's some information missing here that would be really easy for him to add. we'll go over what that is in the next section. so the third thing I really like about this course is how concise each video is and how well the editing was done. I've been through a lot of courses recently where the marketing looks really good- tons of editing in the YouTube videos- but the course is just them sharing their screen and there's no production value whatsoever and it just feels cheap. viajesa did a good job at making this a concise course for each video that he put out. and the last thing here, guys, is that the content and the structure of the course is a 10 out of 10.. what he he did include in there is in a logical, step-by-step order, and at the end of the course I was like, yeah, I know exactly what to do to start my Drop Shipping Store. but that leads me to my first con about this course, which is the lack of updates. there's nothing about covet in here. there's nothing like, hey, this is the next step. after you have a successful Drop Shipping Store, you can grow into a better e-commerce company. nothing like that. it's literally just: this is how to create a Drop Shipping Store and no other information. so really, how hard is it for him to record a five minute video saying: Hey, covet affects Drop Shipping in this way, this way and this way. don't worry about it too much, but make sure you do this. not hard at all. so disappointing that it hasn't been updated at all, especially because the majority of the time it's been out there, it's been during covid. the second con is: we just need more examples. I know this is hard, as a drop shipper in the e-commerce world is kind of like: no, I need to protect my product Secrets, but we need more examples, especially as beginners. I was a beginner once when it came to everything making money online line and you need as much help as you can get, and there's only like two or three examples of products in here, so more depth on that section would have been highly appreciated. the next con I see with this course is there's no mindset section or supplemental content to help people get over their own issues when it comes to starting a business. anyone who started a business knows that they're going to make excuses and they're going to go into self-sabotage before they can actually have success and according to our man Vlad here, none of that happened to him. at least, that's what it seems like in the course. I just would have loved to have a little bit more information about what it was like for him mindset wise and what advice he has for people just starting out. the next con is: there's no

I Tried Biaheza's Dropshipping Course For 1 Week (SHOCKING RESULTS)

foreign. if you're watching this video, you're probably here for Drop Shipping and chances are. if you're here for Drop Shipping, you've probably heard of the YouTuber named diehessa and ever since I started watching him, I wanted to get into dropshipping. recently I came across this video by this channel. he basically bought his dropshipping course for 300 and try Drop Shipping out for that and I was like you know what? it would be a great idea if I try that as well. so I ended up buying VSS course and I ended up going ahead and going through every single bit of that course- basically just different modules in the course- and he toks about everything from finding the product, setting up the store to even like doing taxes and everything I wanted to see if I could build my next door and possibly at least get some Revenue. so in this video I'm going to show you guys how that went and I'm gonna show you guys every single bit of it. now, of course, I'm going to start by showing you guys a product that I came up with, basically a volcanic Stone roller. so the oil absorption. it helps with acne, gets rid of blemishes on your face and everything. it's a beauty product, um, so this was the product that I chose. you can see the rest of the AliExpress page here as well. now I'm going to show you guys the website and, as you can see, this is the website. this is the name I came up with. It's called Skin Celia. this is the home page. this is basically what my homepage is. it's fairly simple. if I click on the shop now button, I can show you guys a product page: volcanic Stone roller. I'm selling it in three colors: black, white and pink. I'm selling it for 20 USD, listed at for 19.99, and I'm also charging 2.99 for shipping. a bit of description before and after. uh, there's a few tabs. never used tabs before, but here we go. there's a video in here as well. um, and Then, followed by that is all reviews. this time I imported a lot more reviews compared to before: 600 reviews. before I started making the website, I placed an order for ads and I've got my ads made by another website, like always. so I'm going to play the ad right here. so you guys can see what I was working with. fairly simple, and I wasn't too happy with it because I could have made it myself as well. uh, so I I it. this cost me 25 bucks, which I think is a bit overpriced for what? the quality that I got? I mean, it's not even the best quality of clips that they used, but it is what it is. I mean, it saved me a little bit of time. yeah, it's time for results. I'm gonna go ahead right here. I'm on my Shopify analytiks. I'm gonna show you guys everything. it's fully raw and I'm not refreshing it so you guys can see that everything is accurate. from the 5th of July to the 12th- it's exactly one week. I started on the fifth as I'm recording this video. it's the 12th of July. as you can see, I generated 404.67 in Revenue. this is my first store that actually generated some Revenue, which is a big, big dub for me. every single time, this number has always shown zero dollars for me. you guys can check the rest of the analytiks as well. almost a thousand sessions in total in one week. average order value is 26.98, so 27 conversion rate is 1.43, which I think it's not bad, although it could be a little bit better. I personally think if it's two percent, that's a really good conversion rate. um, but you can see the rest of the numbers and everything. 16 orders: a bunch of people ordered two quantities, which was the best thing ever, um, but yeah. so did I make any profit when it comes to advertising? short answer is no, I did not. I'm actually down by almost 300, actually a little bit over 300 Canadian dollars, which is about 250 bucks in USD. if I generated her 400, how am I down? well, the thing is, if I go to my uh tiktok ad manager, you can see 5th of July till the 12th of July, as you can see, in total, I spent 794 Canadian dollars, about 800 Canadian dollars, which is a lot of money. and so basically what happened is the first day I ran about 130 dollars in ads and I didn't get any sales, and I found out that I was actually running the wrong uh add on my tiktok account with the wrong caption and everything, and that's why I didn't get any sale whatsoever, which was very unfortunate because that literally just put me down 130. now, after the first day, I changed up the ad, I changed up a few more things and after that, the ad, the sales started to roll in. even after that, there were some days that were very profitable and some days which are not profitable at all. I'm going to show you guys in a quick example. if I go to my ads manager and I click on the date and I select the 6th of July and only for that date, uh, how much money I spent, you can see I spent over 200 Canadian dollars in advertising. if I go to my analytiks and I select 6th of July, right here on my Shopify analytiks, you can see I generated only 134 dollars in sales. so that's the reason why now I'm going to show you guys another example. um, the Saturday which was the 9th of July was a very profitable day because if I go on this day, you can see I spent 122 dollars only in advertising. but if I go on my Shopify analytiks and I'll select the 9th of July only, you can see I generated 154 dollars in sales. so this is in Canadian dollars, about a hundred dollars, uh USD, and I generated 154 USD in sales. hypothetikally, if every single person brought two, bought two orders in ones, or two products in one order, I would have made a lot of money. some of them ordered two products at once, which every time they ordered two products, it really brought my profit margins up. now, in conclusion: uh, for this video was getting beer. has this course worth it? the short answer to that is yes, it was. if you have this course or if you get the course, you're gonna see that the website that I made that I showed you guys. I followed a step-by-step tutorial. it will look awfully similar to what she does inside his course and for something that I just pretty much copied off, I would say it's some pretty good results. but this store, it taught me so many things. I mean, I was about to quit on my first day when I spent almost 130 dollars in advertising, but after that we- just I had this intuition mission where I to get up and do some things and fix up the ad. so after I did that, the sales started to roll in. I mean, I think if I stopped after the 130, sure I would have lost less money, but I wouldn't have learned all of this. I mean, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments down below. and yeah, and for all of you new people who are here and you want more dropshipping content, definitely leave a like And subscribe. uh, also, if you have anything to mention or any suggestion, leave them in the comments. I always reply to comments, but, with that being said, that is pretty much it for this video. I will be back after I work some more on the store. until then, peace out.

How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch

this is probably gonna be the most valuable in-depth drop shipping video that i've ever posted on this channel. we're gonna go through step by step as to how you can start a drop shipping business today. i'm really excited about this video at this point. i've made quite a variety of different drop shipping videos in which i've tried new marketing methods, started new stores and challenges, but i don't think i've ever actually sat down and clearly explained how someone can start their own dropshipping business from scratch. i've made videos where i started them up and gone through the whole process, but in this video i'm gonna explain step by step how you can do the same, even throw in some case studies. i helped a friend set up the kind of business we're toking about here just last week and they were able to get sales when they launched. so everything in this video, everything i'm toking about, is up to date and should work very similarly for the foreseeable future. let's not waste any more time and jump straight into what aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is and clear up any misconceptions people may have. what is drop shipping? aliexpress, shopify dropshipping is a business in which you find a product on a chinese website called aliexpress. there's other websites you can turn to, but aliexpress is the biggest and most popular one. for example, you find this face cleaning, a pimple removing vacuum- a really old, winning product- but, just as an example, it costs 12.39 on aliexpress. once you found your product, you would then head over to shopify, which is a platform that allows you to create an ecommerce website and accept payments and orders. you create a website on shopify in which you sell this face vacuum for a higher price- let's say you sell it for 34.99. now we'll get into more details later, but you would then advertise your website on social media and when someone orders this product from your website, they gave you the 34.99 as well as their shipping information. you take that and head over to aliexpress, where you proceed to order this product directly to your customers address for 12.39 and, just like that, your customer paid you 34.99. so after paying for the product, you're left with 22.60 profit for basically being the middleman then marketing the product. once you found out that this product is actually selling, you would start paying more money for ads and scale this operation up. i've had multiple products that i was able to scale into the hundreds of thousands and even into the seven figure range. so don't worry, you're not doing all this for 20. it's a scalable business. so that's just the overall summary. this is an easy concept that's a lot more difficult than practike, so before you go out there, you're gonna need to know a few more things to do this successfully. there's four pillars to successful drop spring business, so we'll break this down into four sections. pillar one is your product. pillar two is your website. three, you have your advertisement and for your marketing. so let's start with the first pillar, your product. pillar one: product- arguably one of the most important parts. if your product sucks and no one would ever impulsively buy it from an online store, you won't get very far with drop shipping. you're usually selling stuff on social media, so you have to have a product with some sort of wow factor that people could see think, hey, that's really cool, and buy it right there on the spot. it also helps to start with products that solve some sort of problem. that poor vacuum helped clean people's faces and remove blackheads. when people first started dropshipping it, no one had really seen it before, so it had a wow factor to it. people would see it on their instagram feed, they'd stop scrolling and would want to check it out this pet hair roller. pet owners would see this ad where remove pet hair in one swipe, boom, a little wow factor and it solved the real problem. now your product doesn't absolutely have to solve a problem, but my best products and ones that have been the easiest to sell usually would solve a problem for people- kind of help with an insecurity or make their life easier. you can sell products that don't solve a clear problem if the product is very novel and has a huge wow factor or if it's something people have a passion for. these ceiling stress balls, as an example: they just seem kind of fun and unlike anything people have really seen before. this penguin board game: most people have never seen it before, so when they see it pop up they might be a little intrigued because it's so novel. this dog toothbrush solves a problem and people are passionate about their pets so they're willing to drop money on them. this baby cushion chair helps newborn babies sit down and play with their toys without falling over and hurting themselves. parents are usually, hopefully, pretty passionate about babies and wouldn't want them falling boom. so- and i'm not saying you should sell any of these products right now, but all these products at one point or another, have been hot selling products, and it should give you a better idea of what really works. if you haven't had any success with drop shipping and are trying it for the first time, i would recommend not reinventing the wheel on finding a brand new, untapped, revolutionary product. instead, i would hop on a product that is currently selling. well, you can search for ads on facebook and instagram, find current ones that are performing well and see the product they're selling and pay attention to the products you get ads for. there's websites that compile lists of potential winning products. you can look at aliexpress products with a lot of orders and cross-reference to see if any drop shipping stores are selling and, just in general, do a lot of research, and i'm going to leave this section off by saying you want to find a product that either you yourself, the person who just smashed the like button, can see yourself being interested in, or at least know someone in your life who you can see buying the product. if you can't think of anyone and can't imagine anyone in your life that would want to buy it, well, congratulations, you played yourself. pillar 2 website, not going to spend too long in this part. you basically have to create a store that doesn't look like a five-year-old just scribbled crayons all over their screen. shopify's templates that you can use to create a nice, simple, clean, easy to use website. you don't need anything too fancy, just make sure it looks like a legitimate online store. shopify also makes it very easy to buy a domain through them. so think of something clean and simple, and you usually want to go for the dot-com ones, as people trust those domains the most. now, that's the design aspect of it, but you also have to choose between making a general store that sells everything, a niche stores that sells products in a partikular niche, or a single product store that only focuses on one single product right off the bat. i'm not a fan of general stores. i think the conversion rate is a little low on them. it's tough to sell car products and beauty products on the same website. i just personally wouldn't recommend it. single product stores have the highest conversion rates. they feel very branded. you can make it look very sleek, but it's hard to test products on them, since you have to create a brand new website every time you want to test a new product, which is very time consuming, can be discouraging, and those new domain costs can add up. now, niche stores are what i would probably recommend to a beginner, since you can make them feel like a brand and have a really nice fitting design throughout the entire store, while being able to test new products in the niche very quickly. if you have a baby store, you can name it munchkin bloom- something broad but fitting to the niche, and then you won't have to create a new website for every product, but instead just add new products into the store that you want to test and just build up the product pages for them. and then, if you have a