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Big Sandy's Black Friday Deals

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Despite the cold weather on Black Friday, millions of shoppers are still heading to stores across the United States to hunt for bargains. According to a new analysis, over 165 million Americans are expected to shop during the five-day stretch that runs from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. This puts more pressure than ever on big retailers to compete with record-breaking online rivals.

Niki Batiste, reporting from a Best Buy store in Paramus, New Jersey, says that shoppers are braving the cold to get their hands on TVs, which are up to 50% off. Doors opened on Thanksgiving Day, and shoppers were ready to save big. Some say that shopping on Black Friday is a holiday tradition that they don't want to miss.

However, Black Friday 2019 is expected to be less frantic than last year, as more people are choosing to shop from the comfort of their own homes. The majority of US consumers, 54%, say they will do most of their holiday shopping online. Only 36% plan to shop on Black Friday this year, down from 51% in 2016.

If you do decide to brave the crowds, retail reporter Sarah Nass Hour advises making a list and sticking to it. If you've been tracking the price of an item and it's a good deal, it's a good time to buy it. Laptops are a hot ticket item this year, with some selling for just around $200.

The big question this year is who will win the sales war: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Black Friday is expected to bring in $7 billion in sales, but analysts at Adobe Analytics say Cyber Monday could bring in over $9.5 billion, up 20% from last year.

So, whether you're in your car waiting for the store to open or on your couch browsing online deals, the hunt for holiday bargains is in full swing.

Copy of 35 Sea Shanties (57-36 full track) - AC4 Black Flag In Game Soundtrack

The following article is a collection of song lyrics that have been put together. The songs cover a wide range of topics, from love and heartbreak to life at sea and adventures on the water. The lyrics are written in a colloquial style and use a variety of idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, and other linguistic devices to create an engaging and memorable experience for the reader.


- Music Music: This song features a catchy chorus and a playful melody. It is a celebration of music and its ability to lift the spirits and bring people together.

- Sally Brown: This song tells the story of a sailor's love for a woman named Sally Brown. Despite his efforts to court her, she remains elusive, and he is left pining for her.

- Bully in the Alley: This song is a sea shanty that describes the rough and tumble life of sailors on the high seas. It features a lively chorus that invites listeners to join in and sing along.

- Drunken Sailor: Another sea shanty, this song is a playful and humorous take on life at sea. It features a call-and-response chorus that invites listeners to join in and sing along.

- Spanish Ladies: This song is a traditional folk song that tells the story of sailors saying farewell to their loved ones before embarking on a voyage. It features a haunting melody and evocative lyrics that capture the bittersweet nature of leaving home.

- Captain Kidd: This song is a ballad that tells the story of the infamous pirate Captain Kidd. It features a dark and foreboding melody and vivid lyrics that bring the story to life.

- Roll the Old Chariot: This song is a rousing spiritual that invites listeners to join in and sing along. It features a lively melody and catchy chorus that make it a crowd favorite.

- Sally in the Garden: This song is a playful and lighthearted tune that tells the story of a man's love for a woman named Sally. It features a b

This Guys So Strong, No One Can Beat Him...

No matter how strong or tough you may think you are, there are always people out there who are even stronger and tougher. From rural martial artists to Shaolin monks, these individuals have pushed their bodies to incredible limits, and their feats of strength and endurance are nothing short of amazing.

1. Wu Yongning:

- A self-proclaimed rural martial artist from China

- Demonstrates unusual displays of brute strength

- Every part of his body is conditioned for strength and destruction

- Able to smash, break, pulverize, and puncture a range of defenseless items

- Known for his deadly kicks and even deadly neck

- Considered the Asian Hulk

2. Amundeep Singh:

- Born in a small village in India

- Dreamed of becoming the world's strongest man

- Possesses superhuman strength and an amazing tolerance for pain

- Has lifted a 145-pound man with his teeth

- Resistance to multiple motorbikes tied to his arms

- Performs impressive feats that showcase his strength, pain endurance, and incredible stamina

3. Giga Uguru:

- Calls himself a ninja

- Mastered Thai boxing, karate, and Krav Maga

- Trained in gymnastics and parkour to create his own fighting style

- Shows that the human body can be pushed to unthinkable limits with enough determination

- Punches a concrete floor and a tree like they're just simple punching bags

4. Martin Ford:

- Grew up as a skinny cricket player but became a massive 320-pound bodybuilder

- Trained seven days a week with high-intensity weightlifting and body conditioning

- Turned to acting after bodybuilding alone didn't satisfy him

- Played the Nightmare in the Undisputed film series

- Love child between the Mountain from Game of Thrones and Bane

5. Shifu Yan Lei:

- Left his family's fishing village in China's Xinjiang province to train at the Shaolin temple

- Trained in bone-crunching single finger push-ups, intense combat training, and fighting drills

- Learned the ancient art of the Shaolin steel jacket

- Regularly demonstrates his ability to feel no pain when struck with objects like iron bars and bricks

- Gets up at 5:30 am every morning and runs 7 to 8 miles before breakfast

6. Anzor Suleimanov:

- A Chechen strongman known for his feats of incredible strength

- Lifts cars with his bare hands and bends solid steel bars with his teeth

- His viral workout videos are loved by many

- Pumped iron in ways your average bodybuilder could only dream of

7. Muhammad Karamanovic:

- Bosnian-born with freakishly strong hands

- Learned to strengthen and stabilize his fist while training to become a taekwondo master

- Known as Hammer Hands for his demonstrations of breaking solid objects

- Crushed 123 coconuts in a row for a competition

- Broke more than 30 baseball bats in a minute while on a Bosnian talent show

8. Pavel Trusov:

- A two-time Russian championship kickboxer from Bratislava

- Recently set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of full extension punches in a single minute

- Began martial arts training at six years old

- Combines speed training, bag work, and precision kicks to become an opponent you don't want to cross paths with

These individuals have pushed their bodies to incredible limits, and their feats of strength and endurance are nothing short of amazing. From rural martial artists to Shaolin monks and even a ninja, their physical abilities are truly awe-inspiring. So, it's probably best to stay on their good side if you ever come across them.

Amanda the Adventurer, the Bad Friend! Stay Away From Her (FGTeeV Tries to Save Wooly)

Teddy the Distracted Gamer and his friend Amanda embark on an adventure in a fun game called Man of the Adventure. However, things start to get scary when they encounter a butcher and Amanda's behavior becomes erratic.

Points to be covered:

- Amanda's love for apples

- The encounter with the butcher

- Amanda's strange behavior

- Attempts to save Wooly

- The mystery behind Ben's refusal to do things

- Teddy's love for Garfield

Despite the scary encounters in the game, Teddy and Amanda manage to come out of it with valuable lessons learned. They also discover the reason behind Ben's behavior and form a deeper bond as friends.


- The article discusses the experiences of a family in their new house, including some challenges they faced in the first 24 hours.

Experiences in the New House:

- Flooded the house due to a water valve issue

- Organizing the kitchen and drawers

- Trying out the Purple mattress

- Checking the flooring and finding out it's wood

- Dealing with a mischievous child who flooded the house again

Challenges and Solutions:

- Dealing with the water valve issue and potential damage to the flooring

- Finding ways to organize the new space effectively

- Trying out new products like the Purple mattress

- Figuring out the best way to discipline a mischievous child without reacting emotionally

- Despite some challenges, the family is excited to be in their new house and is looking forward to getting everything put away and settled.

Hocus Pocus on Halloween Night with the Fun Squad!

Three friends discover a mysterious book that leads them to accidentally revive the infamous witches from Hocus Pocus.


- The group finds the book and decide to explore its contents.

- They find a spell to revive the witches and decide to try it out for fun.

- The spell actually works, and the witches come back to life.

- The witches go on the hunt for children's souls to reclaim their youth and power.

- The friends try to find a way to send the witches back to their own time.

- They discover a missing page in the book and use the shimmering orb to read it.

- They successfully send the witches back and decide to get rid of the book.

The group learns a valuable lesson about messing with things they don't fully understand and the consequences that can come from it. They also realize the importance of teamwork and quick thinking in dangerous situations.

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Reported Him to Police

Hi everybody, I'm Jimmy, and I'm the host of the show. Thanks for watching at home and thank you for coming. What a day I have to tell you, what a night and what a day. I have the weirdest life, I really do. Once again, I find myself in the middle of a brouhaha, as I appear to have run afoul of probably the worst woman in American politics, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the congressperson from the 14th district of Georgia.

Main points:

- Marjorie Taylor Greene's unhappiness with Jimmy Kimmel

- Jimmy's response to her tweet about him

- Other Republicans' involvement in the situation

- Senator Ted Cruz's tweet about Mr. T

- World Health Day and Nancy Pelosi's COVID-19 diagnosis

- The Dodgers' opening game in Colorado

- Cracker Jack's tribute to women in sports

- Sean Hannity's coded messages about President Biden

- Donald Trump's responsibility for the current political climate

- Joe Biden's mistakes and shortcomings as president

In conclusion, Jimmy Kimmel finds himself in the middle of a feud with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is upset about a joke he made on his show. Other Republicans, including Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz, have also weighed in on the situation. Sean Hannity has been sending coded messages about President Biden, while Donald Trump is responsible for the current political climate. Joe Biden has made mistakes and has been criticized for his handling of certain issues. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has tested positive for COVID-19, and the Dodgers have opened their season in Colorado.

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