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bigcommerce dropshipping source

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

BIGCOMMERCE DROPSHIPPING: How to Set It Up, How to Scale It, and What to Watch Out For 🔶E-CASH S3•E4

well, that's true. one of my favorite topics is bigcommerce- dropshipping. so in today's conversation, i want to give you a big comments dropshipping tutorial. how do you set things up, how do you skill them and what to watch out for. go anywhere, you're going to love today's conversation, i guarantee it. [Music]. welcome back, folks to another edition of the awesome story kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you are doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka and let's roll in today's conversation i want to tok to you about big commerce- drop shipping. obviously, when we're speaking about big commerce drop shipping, we're speaking about having an e-commerce platform, and in this case, it's big commerce. the first step you need to do is to sign up, registration, and bitcommerce is one of the biggest players when it comes to e-commerce, besides wix, besides besides shopify, besides woocommerce, and it's very important to understand that. they have the pros and cons and you want to register first. with b commerce, you can build your own brain, you have a secure payment portal, you can offer unique value propositions to your clients and you have website templates that are already available to you. so start your free trial. bigcommerce allows you to have a 15-day free trial, no credit card required, as you can see on the screen. if you have to sign up, you put your, your email address. you have to put your situation. have you started up? we have you, do you currently have an online store? or if you're just starting out? so we chose starting out. but there are other options. you can say: i'm building a business, i'm growing a business, i have a mature and business, i have an established business. so you kind of choose the scenario that applies to you, okay, and then you can see on the screen here that it says your store is being created. so basically, bigcommerce will take a few seconds to cut, to actually uh set up everything for you, and after that, your bigcommerce store is ready. this is where the interesting things start. i love this part because here you are going to customize your store, okay, and you have to put the industry that you're in. so what's your industry? tok to me, tok to me. what industry are you currently in? so we chose digital goods and software, but this can be anything. it could be the animals and pet supplies, it can be, uh, arts, entertainment and media. it can be baby and toddler. whatever your industry is. you want to put it, and after that you have to also put how many uh marketplaces you're currently selling on. are you selling on shopify, are you on wix or you are on woocommerce? you have to specify that here and you click finish and after that you go to your email address to get an email confirmation and once you do this, you need to click get started on the email confirmation and then you log into your store. you have to update your password, because uh bigcommerce would have created an automatik password for you, but this is time to actually customize it and that's it. so once you have that, you can start off a big commerce online store with one of their 120 000 e-commerce ready templates. that's fantastik. [Music]. second step: i want you to take care of your dashboard. as you can see on the screen, here is your, your big commerce dashboard. there's a lot of things you can do, and i- and i really think you should- after signing up, you want to uh customize your dashboard. first thing, you first thing. first, you want to add a product. okay, so when we speak about adding a product, we are speaking about adding a constellation of criteria: basic information, description, imagery. do you have videos for your products? you want to add them, right. product identifiers, pricing, inventory, all this kind of stuff. you have, uh, variations, customizations in terms of the storefront. you have storefront details, custom fields- the products are related, fulfillments, dimensions and weights, shipping details, purchasability, gift wrapping and customs information. all these things will help you actually have a strong back office on big covers. so that's for adding a product. what about setting up shipping? very important. you want to have the shipping origin, that's, the address where you ship your products from. you also want to pay attention to checkout shipping options. you want to pay attention to default shipping rules. you also want to pay attention to advanced shipping roles with cheaper hq. shipper hq is actually a third-party app that costs about 50 bucks a month to kind of uh, to work with your big commerce platform, and i'm showing you on the screen right now some screenshots of the app. we're speaking about cheaper hq. so this is the first screenshot, the second screenshot, the third screenshot and the fourth screenshot. and you also have to think about shipping labels and recommended services. you got to think about accepting payments, right. so credit card processors are very important. so, uh, you have paypal- that works very well with big commerce. you have street, you have stripe, you have sizzle, you have triple, you have ftp and you have both, and i'm showing you additional providers right now on the screen. there are also online methods to kind of accept payments. you have digital wallets- here i'm speaking about amazon, apple pay, google pay and master pass- and please do not forget to enable test credit card payments- very important- and next you want to set up tax rates. so this is really important. i'm just walking you through the the steps you need to pay attention to while actually customizing your dashboard and your store and also customize your online store. you want to pick a theme and make it yours with your branding, logo and stuff. so bigcommerce will give you the templates, but it's up to you to actually push the customization process a little further by adding your branding, your logo, the colors you like, all that kind of stuff. you can see on the screen here the first screenshots in terms of customization and the second screenshot. so, all in all, you want to save or publish after finishing. you also want to pay attention to your about us page, so tell your customers about your store and what makes it great. you also want to complete your store profile- so stores with contact information get more sales based on our research- and you want to check out your storage statistiks and other information. so that's kind of cool, as you can see on the screen, that right now we have nothing as of yet because the store is brand new. so the bottom line here, folks, you want to familiarize yourself with the bigcommerce dashboard and you want to customize things as much as possible. number three: let's tok about drop shipping. right, basically, this is a tutorial about bigcommerce drop shipping, so we need to have a clear idea of what we tok about when we speak about drop shipping, right, you can see on the screen here, courtesy of overload, the drop ship model are very simple. so when you, when we have a drop ship model, it means that you're not buying products and storing the products in your warehouse, incurring the storage fees and all that kind of stuff. no, when your, your customer- places an order, that's when the order goes directly to your drop shipping supplier, who actually, as a result, we'll send the product directly to the drop shipper. this is very important, okay, because your customer purchases a product on your store. the order is not sent to you, but is sent directly to the supplier for processing, and the supplier ships the product to your customers. so all you have to do is to set up the drop shipping enchilada. you set up the process, you control it, you are the middleman, you are the middle person, if you will. okay, and this is this is a very lucrative business model, because you are basically reducing your uh initial cost while increasing the scalability, while increasing your profits down the road. this is fantastik. so there are a lot of reasons why you want to start a drop shipping business on big commerce or other platforms.

How To Make Money With BigCommerce in 2022 (For Beginners)

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BigCommerce Tutorial 2022 (Make an eCommerce Store The Easy Way)

special thanks to bigcommerce for sponsoring this video. hey everyone, welcome back to the channel. my name is mike and in this video, i'm going to show you, step by step, how to build a beautiful, professional online store using bigcommerce. now, bigcommerce is one of the tools we really like to use to build an online store, because not only does it make it very easy, but they show you step-by-step, pretty much how to make your website, and after this tutorial, you'll know everything you need to to get your store up and running. so, whether you're selling digital products or physical products, whether you're drop shipping, selling inventory, bringing a brick and mortar online, whatever it might be- maybe if you're just selling things around your house, it really doesn't matter. bigcommerce is a great solution for just about any business style out there, and this is a full tutorial for beginners. so we're going to show you everything from setting up the account in the beginning to putting products on there, to designing your website and making it look beautiful and professional- and i know i said professional, but i really do want to emphasize that this is something that not just small players use. there's big players in the industry that use this as well, such as ben and jerry's and wool, rich and skull candy and a lot of other big brands out there that are using bigcommerce to build their websites, and i'll show you some examples of that later on in this video. but with that being said, i'm going to jump over to my laptop. right now we can get started with this. feel free to take out a pencil and paper and take notes. and again, something i say in all of my tutorials is that i tend to speak a little bit quickly, so if, at any point in this video, you find that i'm toking too fast or too slow, for that matter, youtube actually has some controls, like the little setting icon. you can change the playback speed to .75 x or 1.25 x and find the right speed for you. now, with that being said, let's head over to my laptop and get started with this video. so, right here, i'm just starting off on any browser, and what we want to do is copy the link from the top of the description below or just click on it. it'll open in a new tab, or you could type in: centralmediacom- bigcommerce. that way, we can make sure we all start off on the same page and get the same free trial with this as well. so, starting off right here, you can see that they're just going to show you their home page. we want to click on start free trial, but before i do that, i just want to scroll down and show you that there are quite a few other big brands, like i mentioned, that are using bigcommerce as well. so, for example, if we just go to lark, you can see in a new tab. honestly, this site is going to be basically what we're building in. this video looks very clean, look very professional and it really gives you all the tools you need to build a really powerful website on here. now, with that being said again, let's get back to actually setting this up. if we click on start your free trial, it's going to walk you through some of the basic steps, and don't worry if this changes a little bit. they do change their their home page from time to time, but in general, you should have something that asks for the name, the phone number, the email and creating a password, as well as your store name, and the last thing here is going to ask you the size of your store. that doesn't really change a whole lot in this tutorial. it's really just going to change your dashboard and give you different things that are a little bit more accessible. but regardless, don't overthink it anything. you click it, you can follow the rest of the tutorial, exactly the same and, just like that, bigcommerce is creating our store, okay. so next it's going to ask you a couple fundamental questions about your store. first, i'm going to ask if we have an existing website. right now i'm just going to say no, what we're going to be selling. and again, this is going to really kind of help you, or help to guide you when you're finding like a template, for example. so again, don't overthink this, it doesn't really matter that much. i'm going to be selling coffee, so we can just go and try to find something that's kind of related to coffee, food and beverage. i think would really tie in with that pretty well and what best describes? uh. okay, so we're just gonna say i'm not selling it, we're just setting up a brand new store, and then i'll bring you over to the home page, which, as i mentioned before, is really going to be the only thing that might change depending on the answers you gave earlier on. so, right here, it's going to show you a nice little checklist, because we're brand new here, and it's going to have us add product, set up to ship, accept payments and then set up our taxes- really the four fundamentals for any online store- and we'll get through those in this video. but i just want to give you a quick little overview of your home page here and, of course, of the menu on the left side. just you kind of have a layout of the land here and understand what your dashboard is really doing. so, starting off right here on the right, you'll see that they're going to suggest a couple different things that people commonly do, like setting up an instagram checkout, which is a great resource for bigcommerce. one of the great integrations i really like about them is that you can natively sell on instagram and just sell directly through bigcommerce. it works really really well. additionally, you can list things on google and of course, they have tons of other integrations and plugins we'll tok about later on in the video down here. we can customize the theme, we can customize the page, we can fill out our profile and they're really going to kind of walk you through some of that stuff early on, but hopefully this tutorial already shows you that so you don't need to worry about those. anyway, then we have some quick little store performance metrics down here and, of course, the orders listed on the bottom as well, and this is a nice little layout, but you can customize it if you need to, and we can tok about that later. but, looking at the left side, if you look on the very top left, it says view store. if we click on that, it'll open a new tab and show us what our store currently looks like, and by default, they're going to give you probably a template that looks something like this: we can change the theme, we can change how this actually looks, of course, but just right off the bat, without doing anything at all, they're giving us a template of a store that already looks pretty decent. they're selling like weird little things that are completely unrelated, but nonetheless, this is something. well, maybe not completely unrelated- these are related to coffee, for sure, but we're going to customize everything on here. but it's just nice that you don't do any coding. you don't have to do anything from the start. you already have a shell of a website that you can then go and customize. so let's text out of this and go back to our dashboard. really, the first thing i always do when i'm building an online store is. i configure the products so from home. you can see on the left side, right here, we can go down to products and if you click on products, they already have a lot of products, as we saw, that are kind of related to coffee, but they're not the products i'm actually selling. so before we go and delete these, i want to actually just add a new product. let's go through the process of adding one. so if we just click on add the little blue button right there, it'll bring us to this little checklist right here and it'll kind of walk us down each individual item. so, starting with basic information, dewey wants us to be visible on storefront. yes, it's going to be one of my first products and we're going to call this, let's say, one pound bag of coffee and we're going to have a stok keeping unit, if you want. this is a skew and this is something that i generally do, just so you can have a better idea when you start to have a larger pro.

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BigCommerce Review – Pros And Cons (What You Must Know Before You Join)

in this video, i provided in-depth big commerce review from the perspective of a seven-figure ecommerce store owner who has helped many students with their big hummer shops. now this video is sponsored by bigcommerce, but all opinions are my own and i tell it like how it is, including both the pros and the cons. enjoy. if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to hit the subscribe button and be sure to hit the bell button to be notified when new videos come out. now, when it comes to selecting the right ecommerce platform, a common question that i get asked is: which apps do you need for your shop? but in my mind, the real question should be: why doesn't your base ecommerce platform offer you what you need out of the box? why should you install a hodgepodge of different apps that may conflict with one another and pay recurring fees when you can simply sign up for an ecommerce platform that does it all? now, when it comes to platform stability, an in-house solution is almost always more robust and stable than a third-party add-on. now, if you hate getting nickel and dimed, bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform that is adopted in everything you need. out-of-the-box philosophy and, unlike other shopping carts that force you to pay for apps, bigcommerce offers a suite of e-commerce features that are available right out of the box for one flat fee per month. now, this in-depth bigcommerce review will outline the pros and the cons of the platform and help you decide whether bigcommerce is the right shopping cart for you. but first off, what is bigcommerce? well, bigcommerce is a fully hosted ecommerce platform that allows you to easily set up your own online store to sell physical or digital products online, and, by paying a low monthly fee, bigcommerce will host your website on their servers and handle all the tik. as a result, you don't need any tiknical skills to begin, nor do you need to install any software on your own machine. as long as you have a web browser and access to the internet, you can sell online. web design skills are not necessary either. bigcommerce offers a wide variety of themes, both free and paid, and a suite of ecommerce features designed to help you effectively sell online. now, bigcommerce is a public company and hosts many well-known brands such as skullcandy, clarks, hush, puppies, camelback and more. now let's start out by toking about pricing. unlike other fully hosted ecommerce platforms, such as shopify, bigcommerce's pricing is fully transparent. for one flat fee, you get access to an entire suite of features without the need for plugins to run a powerful ecommerce store, and you're not going to get nickel and dime with separate apps with monthly recurring fees, and what you see is what you get now. the only caveat is that bigcommerce's monthly fee is based on the revenue that your store generates. so on the standard plan, it costs 29.95 a month for a store that generates up to 50k. on the plus plan, you pay 79.95 for a store that generates up to 180k in yearly revenue. the pro plan costs 299 for a store that generates up to 400k in yearly revenue, and anything higher than that is the enterprise plan, where you must contact bigcommerce for custom pricing. now, getting charged based on revenue can either be good or bad depending on your margins. so, for example, let's say your net profit margins are only five percent. so if your store generates 15 k in revenue per month, that leaves you with a profit of 750 bucks and at this revenue level you would be placed on the big commerce pro plan, which cost 2.99 a month, and that would basically cost you 40 of your profit. so for low margin businesses, you are probably better off going with a platform like shopify that doesn't charge based on revenue. however, most of you in the 20 to 40 profit margin range will not have this problem now. the great news about bigcommerce is that they do not charge transaction fees on any of their plans. in addition, you are free to use whichever credit card processing company that you want without incurring additional charges. now, in contrast, shopify charges up to a two percent transaction fee if you don't use shopify payments. now, by default, bigcommerce offers payment processing out of the box using braintree. and here are the default payment processing rates based on plan: on the standard plan, it's 2.9 percent plus 30 cents. on the plus plan, it's 2.5 percent plus 30 cents. on the pro plan is 2.2 plus 30 cents, and on the enterprise plan, you can negotiate lower rates. now, when it comes to credit card processing, i want to stress that the freedom to choose your own payment processor is a big deal, because credit card fees can quickly add up as your revenue grows. so, for example, you can often negotiate rates lower than 2.2 percent on your own store once you cross over 50k a month in revenue. now, the ability to use any credit card gateway without transaction fees is an even bigger deal if you are outside the us. so, for example, if you're on shopify and you live in thailand or any country where shopify payments is not supported, you have to pay a two percent transaction fee in addition to your credit card processing fees. but with bigcommerce, you can use any payment provider without any additional costs. all right, let's tok features. while bigcommerce offers a fully functional shopping cart out of the box, there are a couple features that are only available on the higher plans. but let's start with the standard plan. as mentioned earlier, bigcommerce offers a full suite of ecommerce features out of the box that are more than adequate for you to start selling online. so here's a list of the prominent features that are included in the standard plan and hire plans. you get a drag and drop page builder. if you're not tik savvy, their drag and drop page builder can help you design great looking web pages without touching a single line of code. free templates: bigcommerce offers a variety of free themes that are mobile, responsive and look great. payment processing: bigcommerce offers an out of the box integration with braintree. search engine optimization: bigcommerce has superior seo features compared to other shopping carts because they allow you to manually adjust the titles, meta descriptions and the url slugs for all of your products and categories. image optimization: bigcommerce will automatikally shrink down your images for fast page load speeds. discounts and gift vouchers. you can offer buy one get one free promotions to your discounts, repeat customer discounts and more. in fact, bigcommerce's discount engine is very powerful. product reviews: bigcommerce can automatikally solicit product views to be displayed on your shop, and these reviews can also show up in the google search results. you can also generate detailed customer reports, customer acquisition reports, search engine reports, financial reports and more from the backend interface. and then, finally, you also get automatik currency conversion. this feature is very important if you sell in different countries, and bigcommerce has fantastik international support. now bigcommerce's cheapest standard plan is only 29.95, but it's missing four main features, and by upgrading to the plus plan for 79.95 a month, you'll receive the following: an abandoned card saver: this tool automatikally emails your customers when they begin checkout but don't complete the process. now, most seasoned ecommerce entrepreneurs will be using clavio or an equivalent tool to handle abandoned carts, which makes this feature less important. you also get a persistent shopping cart: when a customer abandons their order, their shopping cart contents are saved until they return. now this feature is obviously important for abandoning card recovery. now the next feature is credit card storage. now this feature stores credit card information on bigcommerce's pci compliance servers, so a customer doesn't have to enter in their payment information again for subsequent purchases. now, this is important for mobile transactions, because no one likes typing on a small keyboard.

Flipping Websites on Shopify Vs. BigCommerce

what is going on there: YouTube, Brian, with tactikal investing, and today I'm going to be toking about the difference between Bigcommerce and Shopify. now, I've used both of these platforms. I've bought, built and sold stores from scratch on both of these platforms um for the past decade. so I know each platform in and out. I know how to build a website from scratch, buy a website, buy an existing e-commerce website, increase the conversion rate, flip it for more money. so basically, what you're going to do to look at, say, you're getting ready to start a potential e-commerce site and you don't have this data. you don't know what the conversion rate is, you don't know how many orders per month, you don't know how much per month it's making. you're gonna sit there and run this formula. let's you run the visitors times, the conversion rate, the estimated conversion rate and average conversion rate is about: uh, one percent is a good average conversion rate. if, if your site is doing any less than one percent conversion rates, then you have to pay for some conversion rate optimization. uh, there's a couple of people around, um, you could do a quick Google search. I think there's one called uh, convertly. yeah, I believe convertly uh is one of the top ones that works with major online uh retailers. so check them out, um. but here's what you can do to analyze. so let's say you're getting ready to enter, build a new website from scratch. you take the monthly visitors. so let's say it's 20 000 people a month. times it by the conversion rate. you expect to get a one percent conversion rate at least. that means you're gonna get 200 sales per month. then you can look at your supplier, look at your profit margins and say, okay, if we got 200 sales per month, what would be the average order value and what will be the average profit per sale? then you can say, okay, it's 30 bucks a sale times 30. you're going to make that store is going to make 6 000 a month net profit, minus expenses, of course. if you're paying for marketing or SEO or guest posting or link building or display ads or pay-per-click or whatever Facebook ads, whatever. if you're paying for marketing for your e-commerce store, you're going to subtract that out before you analyzing that profits. you could be spending 2 000 a month on ads, um. and then you're only net profits four thousand a month. but sites are selling for 35x multiple. so you jack this site up. you can say: or whatever that whatever site to 20 000 visitors a month. you get 200 orders. average order value or average profit per order is 30 bucks and and you're paying 2 000 in advertising. so your net profit's four thousand bucks. like this example site here, it's going to be worth 35 times that, so that site's gonna be worth 140k. you make a site that makes it's making four thousand a month, it's immediately going to be worth a hundred and forty thousand dollars right off the bat, maybe even more, maybe even up to 40 times the monthly profit. and that's on a low end site. let's just imagine you have to say doing ten thousand a month, pure profit. times that by 35 monthly multiple. now, all of a sudden you got more than a quarter million dollar site here. all right, so this is the big benefit. with site flipping and building an e-commerce store from scratch, all you have to do is find a supplier. uh, there's a supplier: worldwide Brands. you can go there to find suppliers or you can just Google. one great way to find suppliers for e-commerce sites is to just go on Google and type um supplier, type hoverboard supplier. you know, if you're looking for hoverboards, you just go on Google, type in hoverboard Dropship supplier and you'll be able to find something. okay, here's Shopify: um, some people say that because it's all about SEO on your big Commerce platform. now I'm going to tok about the best e-commerce platforms for SEO from an SEO perspective. I have heard people say that they don't like Shopify from an SEO perspective because of how they- um, how they categorize the website. I tend to think that they're category Pages, tend to rank very well and they're pretty responsive to link building. so if you Interlink the site properly and you utilize the on-site blog to post topically relevant content, that then links back to your product pages and links back to your products from within the review artikles at long buyers guide artikles and best of this category, best of that category style blog posts on your eCommerce Blog Page and then you link build back to those posts, funnel some Authority and some link juice through your on-site blog and then that juice funnels back to your category pages and your product pages and then your product pages and Cat Pages rank in Google. um, so I I tend to kind of like Shopify for link building in Google, although it can get complicated. try to Interlink everything and you have to don't change your categories. one big piece of advice I'll give e-commerce site owners is: you don't want to really change the url structure of your categories. you want to pick this when you're first building your website and pick something that you want to stik with, because sometimes people can get over optimized for a couple of keywords. let's say they make their e-commerce category category, you know, bird cages or something, and then they build too many anchor text links that have the bird cage in The Birdcage word in the anchor and then they're over optimized. then they want to go and like, change the url structure on like a five-year-old website. this is an SEO nightmare. this is why you have to watch your exact match anchor text on your e-commerce category Pages. don't build too many exact match anchors. it's that simple. just put the key word that you're trying to rank for next to the brand anchor in the artikle that you're building it on. just put it next to it, because Google owns a patent on that on uh, on keywords that are next to Anchor text. so why are you going to try to um cook your anchors and over optimize your anchors when you don't even need to? Google doesn't even need to see your money keyword in the anchor. just put it next to the naked URL or the brand name and use that as the anchor. all right. so I think I beat that dead horse to a pulp because that's the way to get the rankings, all right. so, yo, that's, that's the way you can analyze it. so you're looking at a one percent conversion rate. you're looking at 200 orders a month if you're getting 2 000 visitors, or Twenty Thousand visitors, all right. so a site like this doing 179 orders per month- let's just see 179 orders per month- 30 profit margin- uh, the revenue is 21k. so we're probably looking at- you can also do it by the revenue too, if you already have that data, because I know I have a 30 profit margin, which is going to equal out to about six, six thousand a month on this store times a 35x multiple. the store currently is worth about two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. it was worth more. the store was worth double that. but uh, the the rankings have taken a hit. in the May core algorithm broadcore update, there were some redirect chains. there was a 301 redirect chain, um, on this website, which basically means there was one 301 redirect directing to another 301 redirect and then that 301 redirected back to this site. so I've done a lot of testing with 301s in the past year. Google doesn't. my conclusion is that Google does not like them anymore and this is an unbiased perspective. I have no uh incentive or Reason to say that 301s don't work. I've done a lot of 301s in my SEO career and I've done a lot of testing with 301s. now, with that said, 301s still work. if you point them to parasite Pages, you can still Point them to, like a guest post, a parasite page, a Web 2.0. I even got creative. I pointed a 301 to a Google Chrome app that I created in the Chrome web store, which you can no longer do, which is was an amazing SEO hack, because both of the Google Chrome apps that I created are ranking number one for their money keywords because it's it's hosted on googlecom and I got my money keyword in the URL, so my G.

Seller Insights: How to Integrate BigCommerce

hello and welcome to amazon insights. my name is mark and today i'm going to tok to you about integrating a woocommerce site with your avasam account. as you know, once you've logged into amazon for the first time, created your account and source some products, you need to list them in order to sell them. this can be done on the marketplace or a website. in this case, we're going to be toking about a woocommerce website. so once your woocommerce website has been set up, you go to settings and sales channel integrations. now, as you can see, any you already have integrated there. we're going to click on add sales channel. we're going to find woocommerce on the list of available options. now the woocommerce help documentation button will take you to our knowledge base and show you any woocommerce related documentation. once you're happy how to proceed- or you're watching, or you've watched this video- you want to click on add- add new site, because you can have multiple integrations for different sites of the same type. you want to give it a descriptive name, so i'm just going to call this one the amazon test store. this will help you to tell the difference between them later on and identify which site the orders come from. so the website endpoint is the address at which your account is stored, so we're going to take that from here and paste it now. we also need a consumer key and at least consumer secrets. so, as you can see from the help, it tells you how to find these. so we go to our wordpress admin page, we go to woocommerce and we go to settings. now, when you're first doing this on your site for the first time, we need to go not just to advanced, but we need to go to the legacy api tab and ensure that the enabled legacy rest api option is enabled. if it's not, if you click it and click save changes, we'll then go to the rest api tab and we're going to click either add key or create an api key. what we need to do now is to tell it what this key is for, so you can- and, if necessary, you can- revoke it, which user is for and permissions it will need: read, write permissions. so we're going to click generate and, as you can see, that gives us the consumer key in the secret. so i'm going to copy the consumer key and i'm going to paste that in there, and then i'm going to copy the consumer secret and paste that in here. then i'm going to click. next, the site will connect and hopefully you'll see this nice green message there with no errors. it will then refresh and show that the woocommerce integration is in place. as long as it says yes, there it's active and we can download orders and update stok levels for things that are mapped. now, if you click on the title from here we have the options so we can test the channel if we're not sure if it's downloading almost properly and, if necessary, we can use re-authorize to reconnect it. shipping mapping allows us to make sure that any shipping services we have defined are mapped to amazon shipping services. this needs to be done before you start downloading orders so that amazon knows which shipping services to invoice for. otherwise we can't obviously charge you for the order properly and we can't pass it on with a shipping service for the supplier to ship it. so you select the service map it, click on that field. if you have made a mistake or if you want to change it later on, we can just delete it. so click save. when you've made your changes, then we have skew mapping. so this is where you make sure that any products already on the store that need to equate to products in amazon are connected or if you've listed new products to make sure they're connected up. so under action available, it's always good to start off with a download because that will grab the latest available report. if we then jump into the skew mapping tool, you'll see anything that we currently have in amsterdam and anything that's currently on site. so this is an empty site. if you have products on the site that have the same skew as in amazon, then auto map will still be connecting for you. otherwise you have to click the check link box on each side for the correct pipe item and then it will map it. as you can see at the top, it will tell you how many skews you've got, if there are mapped and if they're mapped. ideally you would like zero unlab skus and 24 match keys on on that side and you would like to have no unmapped skus here, unless you are selling products that aren't on amazon, obviously. so if you're using woocommerce, it also has the option to map the amazon categories to types that you've defined on the website. so this works. the same shipping mapping. so you select an option and select an option here, then click map. lastly, we have additional settings, so this is quite important. there's the split orders option so that if some of the products you're selling aren't on amazon, it will break the order into two and invoice for the products that are actually linked in amazon. if you exclude non-amazon orders, then we won't see those orders come down at all for any products that aren't already there. products for non-msm items will be in system for a couple of days and then will be removed. stok updates should be turned on once things are mapped so that we can control the stok level and try to avoid overselling. price update can be turned on if you want us to be updating prices automatikally. this goes very well with the pricing rules. functionality, as you can imagine, to avoid you from selling at a loss or overcharging max quantity advertiser allows you to control the max level of stok that shows in your site, so you can say that it will, for example, show no more than 50, no matter how you're in stok. the stok threshold value, on the other way, and allows you to control at which point the items will be shown as out of stok on the site. so you can use this to avoid over selling by sitting at a higher value. but it applies to all products on the site when you've made changes. obviously you want to save. if later on you want to remove the integration because you know you'll be using that site, firstly, make sure that all the orders that have come down have been processed because obviously once you remove an integration, we will no longer be updating stok levels or order statuses and click remove account and then confirm that you want to remove it. i hope this has answered all the questions. you have a moment about integrating your comments. if you have any more questions, then don't forget. you can also reach out to us via live chat. you can raise a support tiket or you can email us on support amazoncom. thank you very much for watching this video. [Music].