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Bill Stenzel SHARES His Youtube and Amazon Secrets

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Bill Stenzel SHARES His Youtube and Amazon Secrets

Bill Stenzel SHARES His Youtube and Amazon Secrets

in this episode of the effective
e-commerce podcast I have bill stands
along and he's gonna teach you how to
make more money he's a youtuber he's
also a teacher at the same time and so
he's got some side hustles going on here
and first off bill thank you for coming
on the show appreciate it thanks for
having me so let's get started I mean
you've been able to grow your Amazon
business on the side which is a big
complaint a lot of people say hey that's
great I'd love to start a business but I
don't have the time to do it
walk us through that how do you get
involved with this what's that process
been like well I'd say probably about a
decade ago because I knew Amazon is not
going away and I was doing things on
eBay like side hustles I teach business
master's degree in business bachelors
everything's business teaches high
school teach a college everything's
business so I started with eBay and then
I started to move this was a little over
a year ago in Amazon and I started with
it was retail arbitrage where a friend
of mine actually found a book and he and
I was like and he sold it online I'm
like oh my gosh you're selling books
online okay
so then that built up and then his and
he was an accountant making six figures
and also need Chris's job as an
accountant I know you're quitting a job
like what he's again I'm selling on
Amazon right now so then I figured out
hey there's a way if he's doing it and I
can do it when then what I found out was
with online arbitrage a retail arbitrage
I was going into places like Goodwill's
and garage sales and I I had a little
scanner and this was oh this is when no
one knew about it and I used to like
hide it in my sleep so my scan books and
then it would tell me in my ear hey this
book sells for $75 and at Goodwill
you're buying it for 99 cents so I would
work as a teacher and then get off work
and then hit the Goodwill's
you go into Los Angeles and you know
where wherever I probably have maybe for
a day and my whole car would be filled
with books and I'm listed on Amazon and
then my wife's like hey I'll do it too
and I was making six figures doing
retail arbitrage on Amazon then what
happened was I'm like you know as I'm
going you know what I could probably
make this thing and so then I went from
was about this close my buddy then moved
to Hawaii and started buying pallets of
books and toys and and selling those on
Amazon so he was 100% in and I'm like no
I think I want a more self brand I want
to design my own thing I want to create
my own product so then I started to move
into read or not retail but just oh
amazon private label and I started
probably you know doing I did baby I
then went into toys I went to in the
grilling and sort of cream my own
products and then after that I got into
YouTube and I started telling people hey
this is the you know I'm making six
figures here but didn't really you know
it's just kind of a side thing with
YouTube and with making money on Amazon
and then started helping people design
their own private label products but
then they were like I'm Brooke now how
am I supposed to come up with five grand
to launch my first product so I'm like
well what are you over so then I would
uber I'm like oh this is terrible this
isn't working what can I do what what
kind of niche can I find for you that
can generate you maybe let's get you
three thousand bucks or five thousand
dollars and that's when I figured out
about online arbitrage where they're
buying things on on Amazon reselling it
back on Amazon then I went in to drop
shipping that got flooded so it was drop
shipping online arbitrage and so that's
that was like the proof that's been my
progression of Amazon with owning
brick-and-mortar gyms Paris I mean hair
salons I'm just I've always been like a
serial entrepreneur
I like business so I'll try everything
and you know things die and other things
you know sprouts of life like YouTube's
been been fun it's been a fun go for the
last year year and a half two years
since I've been doing it probably about
a year and a half
um haven't done the palutena the podcast
like what you do I kind of nation down
in this so for me I'm like Amazon and
YouTube that's kind of and in my family
which is like hey can we go to dinner
you think who are you as you know like
business it's kind of crazy so let's
tok about you said right now a big part
of your your day is creating the course
and helping other
people launch a product so once someone
obviously the product research is a big
part of it so let's say someone finds a
product that they want walk me through a
little bit of the process obviously I've
done it but I'm always curious to see if
someone has different things you know
other than product research and we can
dive into that too if you want what are
some of the next steps how do you how do
you launch your product what do you do
to maximize sales and then the last
question I'll give you is this is
something I'm running into when you feel
like you've kind of capped out Amazon
how do you grow it for lack of a better
word because right now I feel like I've
done all the basic stuff but now I'm
thinking hmm well what do I do that's
not basic stuff so let's start from the
beginning and we can event we can go
down to the more advanced stuff yeah I
would say out of a hundred emails
that'll get I may come in - okay that's
usually it's more nodes I'm like no no
no no no the products that people are
sending me are just so wrong and and
then the good ones if they if I ever get
good ones I'm like I use this on my
channel and then because I'm not really
I'm not in it for the money I don't care
I'd rather I'm more of a TIA I am a
teacher so I just do it what I do to
show validity that I know how to do it
here look I'll watch another one I'm
happy okay you know six figures but
they're like yeah but you know it's not
seven or eight but I'm not I'm not a
worker like that I am I'm a teacher
that's that's just what I'm created to
do to help to teach to market to show
not so much to do so now what I do is I
look at everything I'm like okay that's
what like a product that I just this was
before even hit the Amazon and before it
even hit it was on shark tank
did you see the metal foldable straw
that fits in a little about about this
size and it pops out and like pink I
don't think it's about no because
there's a big thing going on right now
you can't have straws getting rid of
straws and so last year this was a year
ago I was helping design a collapsible
straw and then as we're doing it I found
the the supplier we got ever
thing and I'll send it aired on shark
tank and I'm like well looky there
I think we're gonna have some
competition so I quickly went back to
the drawing board I'm like we're ditch
in the middle we're gonna go with
something else and that's my marketing
brain is I can think different and I'm
good at like a problem solver and so I'm
like let's do bamboo so we started
creating you should like so you can see
what I'm what I'm looking at but we went
instead of the metal which also she
didn't have a patent at the time and
that's again what you need to do and
people don't understand but hey what
kind of patent is it a utility what are
we looking at is just design can we
change it by 20% and then so yeah we
decided to go bamboo but like as I'm
telling you and I guess sharing with the
whole world it's starting to it cracks
bamboo cracks so now we went from the
metal she got that and she got approve
so I can do metal so we're going with
bamboo it kind of goes away or we can do
a metal that opens differently but I
kind of like bamboo I just have figured
out a way to get it to not crack but
along with that there's other products
that I'm helping people design and and
to bring to market but it's probably the
same as you would the PVC that I think
the most important is like do you have a
good product that's differentiated hmm
that's wack you know if I had to boil it
down to two things it's one uh is it
different like completely different and
I don't mean start up a new completely
new product but did you differentiate
yourself enough they you're separate
from everyone else rather than the
bundles like here's a fidget spinner and
then we'll throw in some shoe laces you
know like that's not really
differentiating but yeah that and then
now what people really need to do is
they need to build a business behind it
like you did with your product is you've
social media and you know customers and
going on people's too like you have to
really build a business you can't just
find something on Amazon contact someone
in China and say hey can I have five
hundred units and you know slap a
different logo on it that doesn't work
anymore and these people that are buying
these course
and they think which is so sad because
these are the man they're like bills so
I went through this guy's course I paid
$1,000 right hey you know whatever X
amount and and I'm just like and like
what what are you doing it's not gonna
win and then I'll buy it and I'm like
dude I love it it's great but it's like
you can't
there's a million there's you know when
you type it in it's like 1,000 of yeah
you're like you're gonna lose you right
off the bat so that's uh that's kinda
that's kind of how I go about it and
that's been my experience now with
Amazon where can people find out more
about you and everything that you're
doing I would say YouTube Bill Stenzel I
think that's it like I don't have strong
my websites that I have are more so let
me get in contact with you so if you go
that's terrible that sounds terrible I'm
a horrible marketing guy but I think
just YouTube and then reach out to me in
the comment section and then I'll send
you you know we'll go back and forth via
email the course same thing I'll just
you know a bill Stenzel I think it's uh
bill stencil dot teachable calm but no
one's gonna remember that but it's again
it's it's kind of like YouTube you reach
out to me I send you a link we email
back and forth I help you out if you
really get stuck you make a clarity
phone call and we tok on the phone and
yeah it's well I'm personable perfect
okay bill thank you so much for coming
on the show I appreciate it
yeah you got it and yeah thanks for
having me and we'll we'll keep going
back and forth via YouTube and maybe
I'll come down to Santa Monica and we'll
do a yoga class together
sounds great

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