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billboard ads examples

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Billboards are a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, but how many do we actually remember? With the average attention span of humans being just eight seconds, advertisers need to work their magic quickly to capture our attention. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most incredible 3D advertising billboards that not only capture our eyeballs but also deliver their message in the best possible manner.

1. Milka Chocolate in Belgium

- Offers citizens free Milka cakes

- Share a message via phone

- Instructions written on vending machine

2. Red Gold Tomatoes in Minneapolis

- Oversized advertisement

- Two 16 feet tall by 12 feet wide tomato cans

- Enough tomatoes to make salsa for over 400,000 people

3. Miraculous Billboard in Peru

- Captures air's humidity and turns it into potable water

- Engineering department's way of attracting more students to the university

4. Jill Stewart's Fragrance in Hong Kong

- Two creative flagship shelters at a high traffic location

- Immerses passerby through scent and elegant snowy visual impact

5. Adidas Swimwear Collection in Dubai

- World's first ever liquid billboard

- Women invited to dive beyond the surface

- Footage transmitted directly onto a digital screen

6. The Economist in Thailand

- Subtle message that only deep thinkers get important ideas

- Ad follows you everywhere with mobile digital billboards

7. Citroen Mosaic in France

- Unique billboard mosaic made from almost 3,000 toy models of its range

8. Orphea Insecticide in Milan

- Unorthodox way of outdoor campaign

- Transparent glue applied in shape of jet spray from insecticide can

- Flies and mosquitoes get trapped in glue, making shape visible

9. Coca-Cola Sign in Times Square

- Recognized as world's first and largest 3D billboard by Guinness World Records

- Six stories tall

10. DHL Express Company in Amsterdam

- Huge creative 3D billboard

- Uses shortest ways to deliver packages as soon as possible

11. Skin Care Products in Sanya, China

- Amazing 3D billboard showcasing natural colors

12. The Wolf of Wall Street in Australia

- Cheeky outdoor campaign with actual $100 bills in bus shelters

- Value of $100,000

- Guarded by security staff in daytime, removed overnight

13. Ocean Waves in Seoul

- Astonishing view of ocean waves in midst of pandemic lockdown rules

14. Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan

- Smoke machine installed behind board

- Rear wheel spins every few minutes, spewing smoke for one minute burnout

15. Electrified Jeep Wrangler in South Korea

- Jeep brand has something special for Korean market

16. Dracula TV Show in London and Birmingham

- Terrifying billboards come to life at night

17. E Sky Mall in Taiwan

- Makes sure you won't pass it by

18. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer in Japan

- Thousands of sensory nerve fibers in human nostrils

- Trimming nose hair can be risky

- Precision tool needed to avoid getting hurt

19. Digital Hyper-Realistic Cascading Waterfall in Times Square

- Breaks from traditional advertising landscape

- Transported to digital waterfall over 336 feet tall across four screens

20. Boba Fett Ad in Times Square

- Better than the actual show?

21. Sprite in Brazil

- Gorilla marketing campaign

- Provides citizens with cold shower and refreshing drink for free

22. Doom Bug Killer in South Africa

- 72-foot-tall billboard made of 5,771 shoes

- Illustrates product's killing power compared to most common form of spur of the moment bug control, the shoe.

These incredible 3D advertising billboards not only capture our attention but also leave a lasting impression. From offering free cakes to creating potable water, these billboards are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in outdoor advertising. Whether it's a unique mosaic or a terrifying Dracula billboard, these ads make us stop and take notice. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Best Billboard Ads of All Time | The Most Creative Ads You Have Ever Seen

Foreign with digital taking the lead in the industry, it's easy to start wondering if other traditional forms of advertising still make an impact. However, we believe that billboards and other outdoor advertising forms are still highly effective. Advertisers are challenging themselves each and every day to stand out, and by utilizing billboards in a creative manner, not only do you get your message across to the masses, but you're also able to show clever creativity and become memorable.

We've compiled a list of the most eye-catching billboards out there. They are witty, they are gigantic, and they get their message across in a creative way. Let's get into our list of the best billboard ads of all time:

1. Levi's 501 Billboard - This billboard in LA had heads turning with its creative use of printed vinyl that is stretched around a metal framework, magically replicating the texture and look of a real pair of 501s.

2. Anando Milk Billboard - This professional campaign titled Building was published in India in June 2008. It was created for the brand Anando by the Ad Agency McCann. Considering every child lives in the world of fantasy, the idea was to exaggerate the benefits of milk into almost giving the child superhuman powers, creatively demonstrating the power of the milk.

3. Melee S8 Monster Suction Vacuum Cleaner Billboard - This brilliant billboard design was placed over a well-known tunnel, giving the illusion that all the cars that go into the tunnel are getting sucked into the power of the vacuum.

4. Museum Dinosaur Billboard - This billboard shows a dinosaur along the highway that peaks interest and might end up making people visit the museum.

5. Burger Paints Billboard - The billboard shows a painter up on the wall as he paints the canvas of the billboard with the natural sky blue color. The color blends in with the natural light of the sky and into the billboard, depicting just how natural the colors are.

6. Tyrolit Iceline Knife Billboard - This billboard is intended to show off Tyrolit's Iceline Knife range's unique selling point. Initially, passersby were faced with a mysterious sheet of metal with just the brand's logo on it. After a few weeks, the surface became covered with rust, leaving only the shape of a knife untouched by the rust.

7. Tape Adhesive Billboard - The billboard, which is on the side of a building, shows that the corners of the canvas are held up with the tape adhesive and a roll of the tape is smack in the middle, sending the message of just how strong the tape is.

8. Seat Belt Safety Billboard - The billboard depicts a guy sitting in the back seat without a safety belt. However, attached to the back seat is a slingshot ready to launch the guy at any moment, sending a message that one shouldn't sit at the back with no seat belt thinking that it is safer because it isn't.

9. IBM Bench Billboard - IBM shows up as being a leader in innovation not just in the computer sphere but also in advertising. The billboard doubles up not only as a marketing strategy but also as a park bench where the commuters can sit as they wait for the bus.

10. Adidas Goalkeeper Billboard - This billboard spans over the whole highway and depicts a goalkeeper dressed in his Adidas sponsored outfit diving across the road as he saves the ball from going through the posts.

11. Colorado Crisis Services Billboard - The Colorado Crisis Services made use of jumbled up topography to drive the point home that help is just a phone call away when life stops making sense.

12. Silberman's Fitness Center Billboard - The billboard shows a man with a pot belly standing on the far end of the billboard, causing it to tip to the side, showing just how weighty he is, suggesting that he is in need of Silberman's Fitness Center to help him shed some of the weight.

13. Tylenol Headache Billboard - This ad by Tylenol perfectly captures what having a headache feels like – it feels like having a wrecking ball banging on your head.

14. Ponds Pimple Clearing Billboard - The billboard shows a person's face hidden by the corner of the canvas of the ad, a very clever play on combining imagery and text.

15. Zappos Customer Service Billboard - Of course, customer service is still very important because if customers don't have a positive experience with your company, they're likely to shop somewhere else.

16. Facial Scrub and Pore Cleaner Billboard - The ad portrays a giant pore, and in the middle of the pore stands a man who is literally cleaning out the pore and taking out the dirt that is in it, which may be the cause of blackheads.

17. Stranger Things Billboard - This Stranger Things ad is very clever with half of the bicycle in 3D and the other half in 2D.

18. Fabercast Estelle Sky Drawing Billboard - This ad by Fabercast Estelle is outstanding, and for a moment, we almost thought that the little girl was indeed drawing the sky.

19. Mr. Kipling Cakes Billboard - The billboard ad shows a collage made of cakes and other baked goodies, relaying the message that life is better with a little bit of cake, and not just any cake, but a cake from Mr. Kipling.

20. McDonald's 24-Hour Billboard - This billboard ad shows just how convenient McDonald's is even at the odd hour of 2 am.

21. Ferdinand Rocket Ship Billboard - Ferdinand might not be as unforgettable as other movies that have come out of 20th Century Fox, but it had one of the best advertisements to be seen on the road.

22. KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken Billboard - KFC uses this metaphor to communicate just how fiery hot their hot and spicy chicken is.

23. Nose Hair Trimmer Billboard - Nobody would want to look like this man with his nose hair out of control and out of whack.

24. Sun Chips Solar Energy Billboard - Sun Chips is a brand of snacks that is committed to supporting green energy, and its parent company uses solar energy to help make the chips.

25. Coca Cola Sharing Billboard - Coke has always had this lifelong adage of sharing life's moments over a Coca Cola.

26. Chipotle Locally Sourced Ingredients Billboard - Chipotle wanted to effectively write about their locally sourced natural ingredients, but this massive billboard with the right copy highlighted did that job for them.

27. Emergency Vampire Billboard - This billboard doesn't make sense during the daytime, but as soon as night sets in, it will grab your attention.

In conclusion, billboards and outdoor advertising are still highly effective in delivering messages to the masses. Advertisers who are challenging themselves to stand out are utilizing billboards in creative ways that not only get their message across but also become memorable. The best billboard ads of all time show just how creative and eye-catching these ads can be, pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising.

Best Marketing Campaigns of the Last Decade: 2010 - 2020 - Digital Uncovered

How to Get Young People to Listen to Public Safety Messages

Young people are notorious for not listening to public safety messages. So, how can we get them to stop being unsafe around trains?

- Dumb Ways to Die:

- A song was written called Dumb Ways to Die

- Released as a YouTube video and went viral

- Within a week, had over 20 million views

- Within six weeks, over 40 million views

- Gif sharing from Tumblr generated immediate viral effect

- Became the world's most shared video

- Results: Metro saw a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths compared to the same time last year

- Pledge to Be Safe:

- Every element of the campaign drove people to pledge to be safe around trains

- Nearly a million people took the pledge on the website

- Little book and outdoor advertising designed to generate Instagram-friendly content got people to promise to be safe

- Smartphone game also got people to make the promise

- Over 200 cover versions and parodies were made and shared in the millions

- Schools started using it as a teaching tool in classrooms

Dumb Ways to Die became the most shared and most viral public service campaign in history, and most importantly, it resulted in a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths.

The Wolf:

- Cybersecurity threat facing most businesses is from their printers

- Created a dramatic episodic short film series called The Wolf

- Christian Slater played a hacker who showed how easy it is to bring down a company by exploiting vulnerable printers

- Presented HP's solution by creating The Fixer

- HP products prevent future attacks

- Results: created a conversation around printer security where there wasn't one before

The Fearless Girl:

- A statue was placed on Wall Street by State Street Global Advisors

- Symbol of female empowerment

- Became a social media phenomenon

- Results: 25,000, 80,000, 30,000 people signed a petition to keep the statue

How to Run a Business While Traveling Full Time:

- Tips for running a business while traveling full time

- Importance of staying organized and using technology to stay connected with clients and customers

- Emphasize the importance of having a routine and setting boundaries to avoid burnout.

These campaigns show the power of effective messaging and the importance of creativity in getting people to listen and take action. Whether it's through a viral video, a dramatic short film series, or a symbolic statue, impactful messaging can inspire change and create a conversation where there wasn't one before.

Billboard Advertising

In this article, we will discuss strategies for advertising on billboards. Advertising on billboards requires a balance of science and art, and it is important to make sure that your billboard stands out from the others. We will discuss how to make your billboard effective and provide tips for creating a successful billboard that can help build your business.

Strategies for Advertising on Billboards:

- Go down the stretch of road where you plan on putting your billboard and see what others are doing. If everyone else is using blue with pictures of smiling people and huge yellow letters, consider using an all-white billboard with simple black letters or no pictures.

- Use only about seven words on your billboard to create a headline. This is right in the sweet spot where people will have time to read it and still drive safely.

- Consider creating a tracking link for your website on your billboard, or set up a new splash page with a unique name for your billboard to track its effectiveness.

- Test your billboard by creating five variations and running a visual eye inspector test. This will help you see what people are looking at on your billboard and which variations work best.

Tips for Creating a Successful Billboard:

- Use smiling faces and eye-catching visuals to make an impression in just a few seconds.

- Use eye-tracking tests to determine which variations of your billboard are most effective.

- Connect with your audience by using language that resonates with them.

- Remember that you only have a few seconds to make an impression, so keep it simple and to the point.

Billboard advertising may seem outdated, but it can still be a valuable tool for building your business. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this article, you can create a successful billboard that stands out from the others and makes a lasting impression on potential customers.

Does Billboard Advertising Make Sense | Explanation with Math

- Clients often ask if it still makes sense to advertise on billboards in our digital world

- This article will break down the math and factors to consider when deciding whether to use billboards or digital ads

- Let's explore the pros and cons of both options


- Per impression cost of a billboard can be relatively low (e.g. 2 cents per impression)

- Cost per impression has remained stable over time

- Hard to track conversions and ROI

- Factors to consider when buying a billboard include location, visibility, and type of billboard (print vs. digital)

Digital Ads:

- Cost per impression can be even lower than billboards (e.g. half a cent per impression)

- More opportunities to measure and track conversions and ROI

- Digital ads are becoming more expensive over time as more businesses compete for ad space

- There is no clear answer to whether billboards or digital ads are better - it depends on the specific business and niche

- When deciding between the two, consider factors such as cost per impression, conversion tracking, and ROI

- Ultimately, make an informed decision based on your marketing goals and budget

Advertisement examples

In this article, we will be discussing advertising projects and looking at some examples of different advertisements. Our focus will be on the characteristics of billboard ads, magazine ads, and posters. We will analyze each example and provide tips for creating effective ads.

Billboard Ad:

- Twix ad as an example

- Large product image in the middle

- Short wording for quick readability

- High contrast colors for legibility

- Slogan to capture attention

- Choose font color that stands out from background

Magazine Ad:

- Twix ad as an example

- Smaller product image with more information

- Longer wording to answer customer questions

- High contrast lettering

- Visible product display to attract attention

- Consider the target audience when creating ad


- Twix ad as an example

- Can be found in grocery stores or on doors

- Incorporate symbolism to appeal to younger generation

- Add personality to the ad by showcasing product process

- Use cartoons or pop art to draw attention

- Reimagine or reshape product to make it unique

Creating effective advertisements involves understanding the characteristics of different ad types and using techniques to capture the attention of the target audience. By analyzing examples of billboard ads, magazine ads, and posters, we can learn valuable tips for creating successful ads that will increase product or service visibility.

Advertising wars - BMW vs Audi (Must see!)

BMW and Audi are two luxury car brands from Germany that have been engaged in epic advertising battles over the years. These battles have created a lot of buzz and excitement among car enthusiasts. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most memorable moments in these advertising wars.

Advertising Battles:

1. BMW congratulates Audi on winning the South African Car of the Year award, but taunts them by mentioning their own World Car of the Year award in the ad.

2. Audi responds by congratulating BMW for winning World Car of the Year 2006 and mentioning their own six consecutive lemons 24-hour races victory.

3. BMW hosts a rally in Wisconsin and advertises it with a campaign slogan, a BMW rally with two nearby service centers. Audi responds by mocking BMW's slogan with a billboard in Santa Monica.

4. BMW counters with a billboard featuring a new BMW M3 with the super confident line checkmate. Audi responds with cleverly photoshopped replies from their fans on Facebook.

5. Audi comes back with a new billboard showcasing the Audi R8 with the caption time to check your luxury badge, it may have expired. BMW responds by buying a billboard on the route to a local Volkswagen Audi dealership with the message it's never too late to change your mind. Audi replies with a simple lol billboard, spelling out the four rings of their logo.

Both BMW and Audi have engaged in some clever and witty advertising battles over the years. While it is difficult to determine which brand responded better in these battles, it is clear that these campaigns have created a lot of excitement and engagement among their fans. These advertising wars have also helped to increase the visibility and popularity of both brands.

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